Latex Stories E-K

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  • Eager to LearnBrad Lee

    MF; costume; pvc; latex; bond; cuffs; blindfold; gag; tease; torment; fantasy; catsuit; mast; sex; climax; true; cons; X

  • An Easter Wishtied2thebed

    F+/m; FF; latex; catsuit; bond; mitts; hood; blindfold; toys; insert; strapon; tease; enema; cons; X

  • EighteenDorian

    F/m; D/s; wrap; vacbed; encase; tease; breathplay; ice; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

  • Eisanna's FantasyEisanna Maria

    F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; hood; strapon; bond; susp; bdsm; captive; enslave; breathplay; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons/nc; XXX

  • Elisabeth of NegipthReblatex

    F/f; latex; pvc; magic; transform; mum; bagged; cons/nc; X

  • Ella's Vacation - Chapter 1William

    MF/f; latex; kidnap; bond; bagged; crate; packaged; hum; toys; cons/reluct; X

  • 2

    M/f; F+/f; latex; bond; electro; straitjacket; crate; toys; cons; X

  • 3

    M/f; F/f; MF/f+; latex; bond; straitjacket; waterplay; susp; toys; cons; X

  • Eltie 1: Preparing for BattleKrokR

    Solo-F; FF; fpov; latex; toys; buttplug; sleepsack; catsuit; scifi; gag; inflate; scuba; climax; enclosed; cons; X

  • Encased for a LifetimeSpike Jones

    F/f; M/f+; MF/f; latex; catsuit; bond; enema; susp; outdoors; toys; cons/nc; X

  • EnclosedCpdx

    F/f; latex; catsuit; hood; bond; bagged; inflate; sendep; basement; encase; cons; X

  • End Of DaylightM88

    Solo-F; outdoors; M/f; capture; kidnap; drug; prepare; latex; catsuit; cell; bond; corset; harness; conditioning; submissive; ring-gag; dildo; oral; reward; trick; boxed; frogtie; transport; enslave; nc; XX

  • Enslaved by the NipplesEdrubber

    Solo-M; M+/m; rubber; hood; cuffs; bond; enslave; enema; toys; insert; bdsm; paddle; torment; display; used; oral; anal; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • Entering Rubber Society ContinuedLampar

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; gasmask; boots; corset; hair; public; cons; X

  • EntrapmentChevron

    F/m; D/s; kidnap; bond; cell; vacbed; latex; toys; tease; denial; ice; sex; climax; reluct; X

  • The EpidemicUltraprene

    F/m+; latex; catsuit; cocoon; encase; sendep; machine; program; suction; tease; susp; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

  • The EssenceDarqside

    MF; tomb; orb; latex; envelop; transform; bodymod; merge; mythical; cons; X

  • Eternal BlissLobo De la Sombra

    F/fm; drug; kidnap; bond; susp; liquid-latex; dipped; encase; sealed; display; revenge; nc; XX

  • Eternal Latex VirginLayertext

    M/f; bond; latex; D/s; piercing; kidnap; chastity; nc; XX

  • Et Tu, Jennifer?Unknown

    Solo-F; F/f; latex; catsuit; hood; stockings; boots; cuffs; gag; caught; tease; torment; bdsm; crop; nipple; armbinder; rope; bond; revenge; cons/reluct; X

  • ExchangeDarkraptor1

    Other/f; latex; tentacles; engulf; submerge; mind-control; cons; X

  • The Exhibition of JadeKinkyme

    Solo-F; F/f; vacbed; display; susp; tease; toys; cons; X

  • The ExperimentRubber Doll Jessica

    MF/f+; latex; bond; prepare; intubate; stand; encase; mannequin; display; toys; climax; cons; X

  • The ExperimentRubber Ballet

    Solo-F; F/f; kidnap; latex; mind-control; conditioning; mast; M/f; toys; sex; cons; X

  • The ExperimentLobo De la Sombra

    Solo-F; M/f; laboratory; experiment; latex; liquid; accident; stuck; naked; hum; discovery; tease; cons/reluct; X

  • 2

    Solo-F; MF/f; laboratory; statue; discovery; caught; drug; shave; prepare; latex; liquid; stuck; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

  • 3

    F/f; F/fm+; laboratory; latex; liquid; catsuit; tease; kidnap; captive; bond; corset; drink; spike; gag; blackmail; cons/reluct; X

  • 4

    F/f; FM/f; laboratory; latex; liquid; tank; susp; naked; encase; solid; display; climax; cons; X

  • Explore IncSteff

    M/f; F/f; bond; leather; harness; latex; machine; electro; vacbed; hood; cuffs; armbinder; toys; insert; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 2: Back Again

    M/f; F/f; Sbf; latex; machine; bond; electro; cuffs; encase; toys; insert; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 3: The Island?

    Machine+/f+; M/f; latex; bond; encase; web; snare; capture; electro; cuffs; corset; toys; insert; tease; torment; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Entering Rubber Society

  • 1: The AssignmentLatexLadyLL

    Solo-F; F/f+; D/s; latex; catsuit; clothing; bond; bdsm; corset; hood; fetish; party; display; objectify; inflate; armbinder; first; cons; X

  • 2: The Atelier Sutcliffe

    Solo-F; F/f+; D/s; latex; clothing; catsuit; corset; hood; bond; susp; armbinder; bdsm; electro; surgery; display; objectify; toys; climax; cons; X

  • 3: The Fitting

    Solo-F; F+/m; D/s; store; display; latex; clothing; catsuit; corset; hood; mask; surgery; objectify; statue; gimp; cellar; cons; X

  • 4: The Streets

    Solo-F; MF; D/s; street; public; latex; clothing; catsuit; corset; hood; mask; multi-layer; chastity; hotel; bar; cons; X

  • 5: The Office

    Solo-F; FF; F+/fm; D/s; latex; clothing; catsuit; corset; hood; mask; multi-layer; office; chair; slave; forniphilia; objectify; bdsm; crop; climax; cons; X

  • 6: The Flat

    Solo-F; F/f; D/s; latex; packaged; maid; clothing; catsuit; hood; mask; multi-layer; strip; bathe; mast; insert; climax; cons; X

  • 7: The Dress

    Solo-F; F/f; M/f; D/s; latex; maid; clothing; catsuit; corset; dress; hobble; hood; gasmask; multi-layer; restaurant; waiter; toys; insert; cons; X

  • 8: The Ride

    Solo-F; M/f; D/s; latex; clothing; cape; hood; gasmask; multi-layer; restaurant; waiter; toys; insert; vehicle; transport; tease; encase; climax; cons; X

  • 9: The Evening of the First Day

    Solo-F; F/f; D/s; latex; clothing; cape; maid; hood; gasmask; multi-layer; gag; blindfold; vacbed; encase; toys; insert; shock; climax; cons; X

  • 10: A Day for Rubber

    Solo-F; F/f; FM+/f; D/s; latex; clothing; maid; vacbed; hood; gasmask; multi-layer; restaurant; group; enslave; marriage; bdsm; fist; lesbian; climax; cons; XX


  • The FactoryTr_Veller

    Solo-F; Machine/f; FM/f; prepare; process; bond; latex; corset; rubberdoll; packaged; crate; reluct; X

  • FactotumPete Lowery

    Solo-M; F/m; delivery; latex; catsuit; handcuffs; drug; bond; straps; interrogate; vr; vacsack; encase; tease; cons; X

  • 2

    F/m; latex; vacsack; catsuit; cuffs; collar; helmet; vr; encase; tease; denial; machine; cyborg; cons; X

  • 3

    F/m; MF/m; latex; catsuit; cuffs; collar; hood; vr; encase; bond; tease; denial; bdsm; machine; cyborg; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • The Fall of Mistress DianaWorzel

    F/f; D/s; latex; leather; bond; shave; piercing; display; club; bagged; oral; cons; X

  • 2: Arwen's Turn

    F/f+; D/s; latex; bond; susp; shave; piercing; display; club; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

  • 3: Mistress Francesca

    F+/f+; M/f+; D/s; latex; bond; bodymod; electro; tattoo; torment; denial; cons/nc; XX

  • 4: Getting back to Business

    F/f+; D/s; latex; bond; susp; shave; piercing; display; club; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

  • Family SecretsForeverdm

    Sbm; vacbed; electro; caught; F/m; oral; sex; toys; cons/reluct; X

  • FantasiesSeneca

    F+/m; D/s; femdom; maid; machine; enema; latex; suit; hood; bodymod; tv; enslave; oral; climax; cons; X

  • Fantasy made RealityMyBootGirl

    M/f; latex; bond; rim; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

  • Fantasy or Reality?Unknown

    M/f; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

  • Fantasy UnlimitedBlackfive

    F+/fm; latex; bond; X-frame; rack; nylons; doll; fem; cons; X

  • 2

    F+/fm; latex; bond; X-frame; rack; nylons; fem; toys; cons; X

  • 3: The Second Visit

    MF; F/fm; latex; bond; nylons; catsuit; toys; insert; public; travel; denial; climax; cons; X

  • A Fare To RememberMarcus

    Sbf; F/f; fpov; latex; public; electro; denial; mast; armbinder; bond; chain; chastity; corset; cuffs; gag; head-harness; hood; posture-collar; boots; catsuit; climax; corset; dildo; pvc; rubber; toys; cons; XX

  • 2

    F/f; F+/f; bond; latex; tease; denial; electro; toys; buttplug; hood; blindfold; catheter; enema; urine; feet; collar; posture-collar; head-harness; chastity; armbinder; gag; straps; frame; oral; spit; catsuit; cons; XXX

  • The Farmslavepaul8

    F/f; latex; slave; bond; bagged; wrap; electro; isolation; reluct/cons; X

  • Fetish.comM88

    Solo-F; dream; fetish; fantasy; latex; catsuit; sleepsack; bond; straps; hood; gasmask; toys; insert; sarcophagus; encase; torment; sendep; cons; X

  • 2

    M/f; kidnap; captive; bond; cartrunk; latex; catsuit; sleepsack; bond; straps; hood; gasmask; toys; insert; sarcophagus; encase; torment; sendep; long term; sexslave; cons/nc; XX

  • Fetish FactoryShawna Summers

    Solo-M; factory; Machine/m; conveyor; stuck; prepare; process; latex; corset; boots; collar; gag; rubberdoll; FM/m; sissy; oral; anal; climax; denial; packaged; crate; reluct; X

  • The Fetish PartyMarcus

    Solo-M; F/m; femdom; leather; collar; padlocks; leash; cuffs; latex; hood; gag; stuck; caught; susp; cons; X

  • Figure TrainingUltraprene

    F/m; F/f; M/mf; latex; encase; mum; bodymod; machine; cons; X

  • First ContactPhantom

    F/f; Alien/f; abducted; capsule; encase; sendep; test; arousal; hum; latex; catsuit; hood; D/s; worship; caress; oral; cons; X

  • First DateCoated

    F/f; project; offer; naked; latex; leotard; straitjacket; hood; tease; toys; wheelchair; bond; straps; gag; paddedcell; display; stuck; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • First Fetish Ballanaerobe

    Solo-M; latex; catsuit; hood; party; fetish; FM+/m; F+/m; domme; bdsm; tease; photo; denial; cons; X

  • First TimeMarcus

    Sbm; latex; catsuit; hood; collar; harness; hogtie; attic; stuck; mast; climax; cons; X

  • First to the WaterDarkraptor1

    FM+/m; bond; bagged; rubber; encase; wetsuit; stuck; bodymod; water; cons; X

  • Fishy BondageM88

    Solo-M; hum; public; revenge; F/m; capture; drug; latex; encase; gag; straps; bond; liquid; smell; boxed; susp; objectify; stuck; cons/nc; X

  • A Fitting MountRubberwolf

    Other/f; bond; pony; leather; nc; X

  • Flesh, Metal, RubberPhantom

    Solo-M; F+/m; confession; NuFaith; nun; rubber; catsuit; mask; cybernetics; bodymod; D/s; pain; torment; bond; electro; machine; ai; sendep; denial; oral; scifi; cons; X

  • FleshtexTalon

    Solo-M; fem; latex; cd; M/m+; kidnap; bond; bodymod; nc; X

  • Flight of FantasyJennifer Wilson

    F/m; latex; public; fem; cd; oral; mast; cons; X

  • 2

    F/m; latex; public; fem; cd; corset; oral; mast; sex; cons; X

  • Flying into Her New RoleDruid5

    Solo-F; latex; harness; toys; mast; climax; M/f; capture; wrap; encase; packaged; transport; FM+/f; enslave; prepare; toys; insert; machine; enema; sexslave; cons/nc; X

  • Fly with me, my Black SwanEdyta Zaborowska

    F/m; D/s; latex; corset; bond; blindfold; cuffs; bdsm; crop; femdom; fantasy; cons; X

  • 2

    MF; F+/m; D/s; latex; corset; bond; bdsm; crop; hum; femdom; fantasy; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 3

    Solo-F; MF; D/s; latex; catsuit; gloves; corset; tease; fantasy; first; cons; X

  • Football Follieslatexsubmale

    F/m; D/s; game; latex; catsuit; hood; bond; chair; oral; cons; X

  • For AOzFet49

    Sbf; latex; catsuit; M/f; bond; oral; bagged; toys; cons; X

  • ForeplayEdyta Zaborowska

    F/fm; latex; catsuit; hood; corset; gloves; boots; gasmask; bdsm; strapon; slave; true; cons; X

  • Forever Means Foreverrubbermark

    F/m; D/s; captive; slave; latex; maid; hood; stockings; bond; harness; cuffs; collar; gag; susp; tease; torment; train; catsuit; heels; chastity; permanent; arousal; electro; shock; denial; cons/nc; XX

  • ForgePhantom

    MF+/unisex; latex; sleepsack; neoprene; machine; coated; process; electro; insert; hood; gag; cons; X

  • For MeAnon

    F/m; latex; bond; breathplay; cons; X

  • For Services RenderedAndy Latex

    F/f; F+/f; D/s; latex; pvc; hum; public; uniform; display; catsuit; doll; reluct/nc; X

  • Four Prison CellsM88

    Solo-F; M/f+; factory; capture; cell; rubber; catsuit; mask; bond; harness; vacbed; barrel; encase; enclosed; bdsm; objectify; fpov; cons/nc; X

  • Fox & Spice 1: The Sacred FoxTigerstretch

    F/f; latex; bond; club; wax; first; cons; X

  • 2: Trish, The Waitress

    F/f; latex; catsuit; costume; bond; X-frame; sendep; tease; rom; cons; X

  • 3-1: Rental

    FM/f; latex; pvc; club; objectify; cons; X

  • 3-2: Rental

    F/f; MF/f; latex; club; vacbed; sold; feet; blindfold; pvc; collar; oral; voy; sex; cons; X

  • Freedom, LimitedDarqside

    M/f; latex; mind-control; magic; cons/reluct; X

  • Free FallLee

    M/f; latex; bond; susp; toys; cons; X

  • Frizo's InventionsPhileas

    MF/f; latex; bond; gag; toys; cons; X

  • 2

    F/f; latex; bond; gag; toys; public; cons; X

  • 3

    F/f; latex; bond; gag; toys; enema; public; cons; X

  • From the Fire into the RubberpanSean Ingham

    Solo-F; F+/f; latex; nightwear; sheets; tease; fondle; breast; toys; lesbian; mast; climax; cons; X

  • The Full Body SuitMichelle

    M/f; latex; catsuit; hood; blindfold; gag; boots; sendep; party; beach; sex; climax; cons; X

  • The Future of the Slave TradeChevron

    Machine/m; shave; bodymod; M2f; latex; sexdoll; packaged; encase; nc; X

Finishing School

  • Finishing SchoolRbbral

    F+/f; latex; bond; D/s; FF; reluct; X

  • 2

    F+/f+; F+/m; latex; enema; bond; fem; cons; X

  • 3

    F+/f+; F+/m; latex; bond; fem; cons; X

  • 4

    F+/f+; F+/m; latex; bond; bagged; susp; fem; cons; X

  • 5

    FM+/m; latex; bond; fem; bagged; cons/nc; X

  • 6

    F+/f+; M/f; latex; bond; fem; cons; X

  • 7

    F/f; F/m; latex; bond; pet; fem; cons; X

  • 8

    F+/m; latex; bagged; fem; cons; X

  • 9

    FM+/f; F/m; latex; bond; kidnap; fem; cons/reluct; X

  • 10

    F/fm; latex; bond; ponygirl; fem; cons; X

  • II Part 1

    F+/m; latex; bond; fem; cons; X

  • II part 2

    F+/m; F+/f; latex; bond; enema; bagged; fem; cons; X

  • II part 3

    F+/f+; F+/m; latex; bond; bagged; susp; fem; cons; X

  • II part 4

    F+/m; F+/f; latex; bond; susp; fem; cons/reluct; X

  • II part 5

    F+/m; F+/f; latex; bond; piercing; fem; pony; cons/reluct; X

  • II part 6

    F+/m; F+/f; latex; bond; cube; enclosed; cons/reluct; X

  • II part 7

    MF+; F/f; latex; bond; cube; enclosed; fem; cons/reluct; X

  • II part 8

    F+/m; F/f; latex; bond; cube; enclosed; fem; toys; cons; X

Four Play

  • Four PlayRbbral

    MF+; pub-talk; fantasy; latex; costume; maid; kidnap; captive; slave; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; cons; X

  • 2: An Evening at Home with Sophie

    M/f; F/m; latex; maid; tease; bdsm; spank; bond; cuffs; revenge; shopping; costume; catsuit; hood; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 3: Decision Time

    M/f; F/m; latex; costume; nun; catsuit; hood; tease; bdsm; spank; sleepsack; encase; gag; dildo; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 4: More Games With Sophie

    M/f; F+/fm; latex; catsuit; stockings; gloves; heels; cape; handcuffs; public; shopping; tease; gag; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

  • 5: I Take Control - Again

    M/f; latex; catsuit; rompersuit; hood; gag; blindfold; bond; breathplay; tease; oral; mast; anal; climax; cons; X

  • 6: Sophie Relates her Adventure

    M/f; Solo-F; F+/f; latex; catsuit; public; hood; gag; bond; tease; torment; hum; mast; cons; X

  • 7: Sophie is as Good as her Word, and Better

    MF+; latex; catsuit; hood; dinner; scenario; tease; terms; contract; group; cons; X

  • 8: Acquisition, Transportation and Rubberisation

    M+/f+; capture; strip; bond; hood; armbinder; legbinder; toys; insert; hogtie; truck; transport; prepare; susp; mask; gumshields; corset; collar; objectify; rubberdoll; voy; cons/reluct; X

  • 9: Let The Games Begin

    M+/f+; captive; latex; catsuit; rubberdoll; enema; bond; hood; armbinder; straitjacket; inflate; susp; tease; pool; objectify; voy; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 10: And More Rubber Games

    M+/f+; latex; catsuit; rubberdoll; hood; bond; susp; vacbed; inflatable; game; tease; torment; bdsm; paddle; tens; pool; objectify; voy; oral; anal; group; sex; climax; cons; X

From Lab Rat to Slave

  • From Lab Rat to SlaveEdrubber

    M+/m; clinic; bodymod; enema; feed; bond; straps; latex; catsuit; sheets; fem; conditioning; training; breast; oral; anal; group; cons; X

  • 2

    M/m; D/s; bodymod; transsexual; latex; catsuit; swimwear; hotel; bdsm; spank; cruise; enema; rom; oral; anal; cons; X

  • 3

    MF; M/m; D/s; transsexual; latex; catsuit; swimwear; hotel; boat; cruise; enema; rom; oral; anal; cons; X

  • 4

    MF; M/m; M/f; D/s; transsexual; latex; boat; cruise; enema; toys; inflate; bdsm; spank; hood; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

  • 5

    M/m; M+/m; D/s; transsexual; latex; captive; cell; bond; bdsm; spank; paddle; punish; hood; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • 6

    M+/m; D/s; transsexual; latex; captive; cell; bond; bdsm; punish; hood; boxed; transport; club; used; force; feed; oral; anal; enema; slave; reluct/nc; XX

  • 7

    M+/m; D/s; transsexual; captive; hospital; bed; nurse; recovery; bodymod; surgery; recapture; punish; oral; anal; climax; latex; bagged; cons/nc; XX

  • 8

    M/f; M+/f; D/s; postop; captive; cell; latex; bond; punish; bubble; conditioning; mind-control; hood; catsuit; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • 9

    M+/f+; D/s; postop; captive; slave; cell; latex; bond; punish; hood; X-frame; dungeon; enema; torment; test; experiment; oral; sex; climax; reluct/nc; X

  • 10

    M+/f+; D/s; postop; captive; slave; cell; latex; poncho; bond; enema; building; plan; oral; sex; climax; reluct/nc; X

  • 11

    M+/f+; M+/m; captive; slave; rubber; hood; dungeon; force; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

  • 12

    M+/f+; F+/m; captive; slave; dungeon; rubber; hood; force; chair; bond; vr; toys; insert; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

  • 13

    M/f+; M/f; F/m; surgery; mistake; revenge; captive; slave; rubber; catsuit; force; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • 14

    M+/f+; M/f; captive; slave; rubber; catsuit; force; enema; torture; susp; harness; electro; probes; insert; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

From Top to Bottom

  • From Top to BottomRbbral

    M/m+; latex; catsuit; hood; club; tease; cd; fem; dress; corset; sideroom; condom; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons; X

  • 2: Getting to Know You

    M/m; latex; catsuit; tv; cd; fem; skirt; blouse; stockings; mask; corset; tease; condom; mast; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

  • 3: From A Different Perspective

    M/m; D/s; latex; drug; gimp; dogsuit; encase; collar; pet; train; enema; tease; chastity; toys; insert; oral; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • 4: A Frustrated Pet

    M/m; D/s; latex; gimp; dogsuit; encase; collar; pet; tail; insert; tease; chastity; voy; straitjacket; hood; inflate; denial; oral; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • 5: About Time

    M/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; gimp; encase; collar; pet; tease; chastity; hood; enema; denial; oral; anal; first; climax; cons; X

  • 6: Close and Personal

    M/m; D/s; latex; gimpsuit; encase; collar; pet; cd; tease; chastity; club; display; M+/m; threesome; oral; anal; first; climax; cons; X

  • 7: Another Encounter, with Unexpected Results

    M/m; Solo-F; MM/f; D/s; latex; gimp; collar; caught; emb; bond; armbinder; strappado; buttplug; gag; nipple; tease; mast; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

  • 8: More Steps to Subjugation

    M/m; D/s; naked; cream; depilate; tease; latex; steel; toys; stuck; cons/reluct; X

  • 9: I Go Clubbing and A Mistress Is Born

    M/m; F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; bond; steel; cuffs; collar; gag; club; display; bdsm; paddle; gasmask; strapon; anal; climax; cons; X

  • 10: Clothes Maketh The Man

    M/m; D/s; latex; cd; stockings; gloves; corset; corselette; breastforms; heels; hood; bond; susp; strappado; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

  • 11: Transformation Completed

    M/m; MF/m; D/s; latex; cd; tv; corset; stockings; panties; dress; wig; fem; tease; chastity; cons; X

  • 12: There's Nothing As Sweet As Candy

    M+/m; D/s; latex; cd; tv; corselette; stockings; panties; dress; wig; fem; club; public; tease; playroom; surprise; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

  • 13: It Really Can't Get Any Better, Or Can It?

    M+/m; D/s; latex; cd; tv; corselette; stockings; panties; wig; fem; club; public; tease; playroom; gag; toys; insert; oral; anal; climax; chastity; cons; X

  • 14: Role Play and Back to School

    M/m; F/m+; cd; tv; latex; uniform; maid; nurse; schoolgirl; headmistress; bond; rope; strappado; gag; spreader; bdsm; tens; electro; paddle; cane; femdom; tease; cons; X

  • 15: More Schoolgirl Japes

    F/m+; M/m; cd; tv; latex; uniform; schoolgirl; headmistress; bond; rope; gag; spreader; tease; bdsm; tens; electro; bagged; inflate; susp; chairtie; straps; anal; oral; denial; climax; femdom; cons; X

  • 16: Epilogue - La Vita E Bella

    M+/m; cd; tv; latex; catsuit; bond; bungee; hood; gag; blindfold; hotel; tease; chastity; maid; discovery; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons; X


  • Gail's Night OutRawn

    Sbf; latex; corset; boots; hood; outdoors; toys; cons; X

  • The GameAnna

    F+/fm; latex; bond; furniture; cons; X

  • Gary & KristinKim Manners

    M/f; Sbf; latex; bond; outdoors; gift; cons; X

  • The GiftMefraley

    Solo-M; F+/m; D/s; latex; chastity; piercing; corset; vacsack; tease; denial; toys; insert; cons/reluct; X

  • The GiftDarqside

    Solo-F; F/f; latex; magic; transform; cons/nc; X

  • Girls NightMikel

    F+; F/f; F+/f; latex; catsuit; boots; toys; insert; armbinder; collar; gag; enslave; transport; cartrunk; store; display; bdsm; ponygirl; tease; torment; denial; cons/reluct; X

  • The GloopSuggs

    Other/f; latex; transform; bond; scifi; military; reluct; nc; XX

  • God Seal the Queen!Darqside

    M/f+; latex; encase; hist; cons; X

  • 2: Kyrios the Experienced

    FF+; latex; encase; hist; MF; cons; X

  • Going out with a BangHazard

    F+/f; latex; bond; jail; execution; cons; X

  • Going to the BallLeahBMe

    Solo-F; MF; latex; clothing; breathplay; mast; toys; cons; X

  • Good Girl ChristmasSteff

    Solo-F; Other/f; M/f; latex; corset; stockings; hood; gag; cuffs; armbinder; toys; insert; bond; hogtie; gift; oral; climax; cons; X

  • Good Help is Hard to FindBob Bond

    F/f; bond; latex; leather; sleepsack; chastity; toys; nc; X

  • The Good SlaveMaster Fish

    M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; susp; display; electro; bdsm; toys; cons; XX

  • The GorgGarsponlin

    M/f; MF/f; exhib; scifi; latex; bond; gag; death; cons; X

  • Got Toys? Don't Leave Home Without Them!anaerobe

    Sbm; hotel; latex; gloves; straps; padlocks; mast; caught; F+/m; captive; bag; enslave; bond; mount; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Grants Pass Walklatexcheeks

    Solo-F; latex; enema; catsuit; corset; hobble; toys; outdoors; caught; cons; X

  • Green Pile of GooOneone

    F/m; latex; goo; cons; X

  • Gwen's New SuitMoonwriter

    F/f; latex; catsuit; starwars; enslave; captive; corset; boots; collar; hood; gag; toys; insert; transport; bond; straps; denial; climax; cons; X


  • Halloween HuntingMumman

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; corset; club; F/m; D/s; neoprene; bdsm; bond; dungeon; mast; cons/reluct; X

  • Hand-Maid by Local ProducersPhantom

    F+/m; captive; gag; bond; cuffs; catsuit; latex; chastity; maid; tease; collar; X-frame; mast; climax; reluct/cons; X

  • Hard and FastPete Lowery

    Solo-MF; M/f; latex; catsuit; harness; susp; gag; toys; insert; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Hatsu Can't Catch A BreakPhantom

    F/m; latex; drug; cuffs; milking; anal; insert; hood; gag; bond; collar; mitts; party; condition; display; enslave; forniphilia; iso; nc; cons; XX

  • Have I shocked YouAndy Latex

    F/m; boardroom; tease; fondle; hum; latex; femdom; enslave; transfer; owned; latex; maid; cd; fem; servant; cons/reluct; X

  • Hazel's Last CallAllatex

    F/f; FM/f; latex; dress; stockings; gloves; bond; straps; gag; captive; rubberdoll; video; enslave; cons/nc; X

  • Headgear from Hellanaerobe

    Solo-M; F+/m; D/s; domme; dungeon; cell; latex; catsuit; hood; inf; gag; bond; breathplay; mast; climax; cons; X

  • 2

    F+/m; D/s; domme; dungeon; cell; latex; catsuit; hood; inf; gag; bond; breathplay; vacbed; catheter; facesit; cage; coffin; encase; mast; climax; cons; XX

  • Heather's Halloween HellKim Manners

    MF; latex; costume; transform; party; bond; cuffs; sex; climax; stuck; cons; X

  • Heather's Wild VacationLastdirewolf

    Solo-F; MF+/f; F/f; captive; latex; bond; catsuit; corset; hood; gag; enslave; torment; conditioning; ponyplay; sybian; objectify; chair; sold; group; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • Heavy Rubber MoviesIn Full Attire

    M+/f+; latex; catsuit; bodybag; gag; gasmask; encase; cocoon; entrap; breathplay; voy; video; cons/nc; XX

  • Helen's RaincoatsJennifer Wilson

    FF; pvc; latex; rainwear; tease; fondle; breast; mast; climax; cons; X

  • Hell in a CellM88

    Solo-M; F/m; concert; drug; capture; latex; catsuit; vacuum; cell; bond; cuffs; chain; hood; cbt; insert; breathplay; torment; electro; cons/nc; XX

  • Henry's Rubber PlaceLatexx

    M/f; latex; bond; robots; bagged; toys; cons; X

  • Herb and Ada's Hidden RoomNorthernWolf

    M/f; MF/mf; collar; bond; latex; roleplay; crop; sendep; drug; cons; reluct; X

  • The HerdMiss Nyssa

    MF/f; latex; bond; hucow; bodymod; slave; revenge; drug; feed; lactate; transform; trick; nc; XXX

  • Her First Rubber AdventureLobo De la Sombra

    M/f; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; blindfold; sendep; bond; tease; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Her Last RoleAllatex

    Solo-F; M/f; latex; dress; stockings; gloves; coat; stand; glue; stuck; caught; bond; rubberdoll; boxed; captive; cons/nc; X

  • HersNeo Socrates

    F/m; D/s; bond; naked; cuffs; latex; suit; bdsm; whip; tease; torment; oral; climax; denial; femdom; cons; X

  • The Hidden Face of Doktor Lydia von SklavereiDen Sethos

    F/f; kidnap; bond; latex; slave; machine; reluct/nc; X

  • 2

    F+/f; bond; latex; slave; straitjacket; bodymod; toys; reluct/nc; X

  • His

    MF; roleplay; bond; bdsm; sex; climax; M/f; capture; drug; kidnap; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; collar; gag; rubberdoll; hood; cons/nc; X

  • His Wife is a RobotGarsponlin

    MF; MM; offer; prepare; surprise; M/f; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; shave; trick; cage; basement; captive; android; replacement; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Hobson's ChoiceRubber Ballet

    F/f; latex; bond; enema; catsuit; corset; tease; toys; cons; X

  • Holidays at Homel8texallover

    F/m; D/s; latex; bond; inflate; breathplay; toys; cons; X

  • Hollys' RunGnjal

    Machine/f; M+/f; latex; bond; susp; cocoon; oral; anal; sex; scifi; reluct/nc; X

  • The HoodLPnR

    Solo-M; latex; magic; cons; X

  • Hope Floats Part 1: Table ServiceNate Walis

    MF+/f; latex; bond; hogtie; stand; objectify; table; display; hotel; toys; insert; tease; fondle; mast; climax; cons; X

  • 2: Pool Toy

    MF+/f; latex; bond; objectify; costume; inflate; display; pool; hotel; toys; insert; tease; fondle; mast; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • 3: Mermaids

    F/f; F/m; latex; objectify; costume; inflate; hotel; mermaid; femdom; tease; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Hope in the ForestKromus

    F/f; latex; bond; kidnap; enslave; permanent; catsuit; plug; toys; anal; inflatable; force-feed; catheter; torment; nc; XX

  • A Horse Without a RiderNate Walis

    F/fm; latex; bond; ponyhood; objectify; toys; display; stage; tease; insert; strapon; sex; cons; X

  • Hot DateRubberking

    F/m; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

  • House of ServitudeEdrubber

    M+/m; bond; enema; drug; rubber; bdsm; electro; oral; anal; reluct; true; XX

  • 2: House of Torment

    M+/m; bond; enema; rubber; leather; bdsm; outdoors; oral; anal; reluct/cons; true; XX

  • House of SlimeJack130

    Solo-F; party; invite; latex; catsuit; hood; heels; gloves; booth; bond; restraints; neckbrace; tubes; insert; slime; swallow; immerse; F+/f; oral; climax; cons; X

  • 2

    Solo-F; party; latex; catsuit; hood; heels; room; dildo; deepthroat; suck; cum; challenge; swallow; tubes; slime; immerse; outdoors; cons; X

  • House SittingSteff

    Solo-F; M/f; leather; latex; clothing; catsuit; machine; program; toys; insert; breast; milk; lactate; mast; oral; sex; anal; climax; cons; X

  • Housewives New HobbyRubberking

    F+/m+; F/f; F+/m+; D/s; femdom; latex; catsuit; boots; hood; conditioning; mind-control; toys; insert; oral; anal; sex; group; vr; climax; cons; X

  • How Lisa Learnt to Sleep Standing UpRubberwolf

    MF+/f; bond; pony; leather; blackmail; nc; X

  • How They MetRubbernun

    F/f; latex; bond; cons; X

  • Humiliation SuitM88

    F/m; tease; drug; strip; shave; tattoo; latex; catsuit; hood; chastity; insert; sissy; slave; femdom; hum; public; cons/reluct; X


  • Institute for Complete Rubber ImmersionJane D'oh

    F+/f+; bond; latex; slave; prison; breathplay; catheter; drug; catsuit; sleepsack; gloves; hood; gag; cuffs; cons; X

  • 2

    F+/f+; bond; latex; slave; prison; breathplay; catheter; drug; catsuit; sleepsack; gloves; hood; gag; cuffs; scuba; cons; X

  • 3

    F/f; latex; prison; bond; straps; hood; gag; catsuit; sleepsack; corset; breathplay; scuba; horse; toys; sendep; mittens; boots; cons; X

  • 4

    F+/f+; latex; bond; straps; gag; blindfold; ponyplay; prison; cons; X

  • 5

    F+/f+; bond; latex; prison; breathplay; sleepsack; hood; gag; cuffs; collar; cons; X

  • 6

    F/f; vag; bond; sleepsack; latex; gym; prison; toys; ballet; cons; X

  • 7

    F/f; bond; latex; prison; wheelchair; cons; X

  • 8

    F/f+; latex; rubber; enclosed; scuba; hum; chair; bond; gynochair; punish; cons; XX

  • 9

    F/f+; latex; rubber; enclosed; scuba; enema; gag; catheter; chair; bond; gynochair; punish; cons; XX

  • 10

    F/f; latex; rubber; bond; chain; prison; catsuit; enclosed; scuba; cuffs; enema; sendep; mask; cons; XX

  • 11

    F/f; FF; fpov; bond; sleepsack; bedtie; cell; prison; torment; cons; XX

  • 12

    F/f; latex; rubber; catsuit; blindfold; straps; buttplug; gag; strapon; anal; mittens; gasmask; cons; XX

  • 13

    F/f; latex; rubber; prison; naked; straps; depilation; dream; cons; X

  • 14

    Solo-F; latex; rubber; prison; cuffs; mittens; catsuit; inflatable; gasmask; padded; cell; cons; XX

  • 15

    F/f; fpov; latex; prison; oral; bodybag; hood; clinic; future; cons; X

  • 16

    F/f; fpov; latex; bond; prison; nurse; catsuit; drysuits; hood; vacuum; mittens; cons; XX

  • 17

    F/f; fpov; latex; bond; prison; nurse; mittens; breathplay; drysuit; cons; XX

  • 18

    F/f; fpov; latex; prison; denial; cocoon; clinic; sendep; cons; XX

  • 19

    F/f; fpov; latex; prison; scuba; hood; mask; mittens; inflatable; suit; toys; mast; messy; cons; X

  • 20

    F/f; fpov; latex; prison; catsuit; hood; mask; mittens; scuba; breathplay; messy; cons; X

  • 21

    F/f; fpov; prison; latex; catsuit; drysuit; gloves; cons; X

  • 22

    F/f; fpov; prison; latex; catsuit; toys; gag; boots; mittens; sleepsack; cons; X

  • If Things could go this way...Chryslerman

    MF;m/ latex; mannequin; bond; cons; X

  • I Made a Mistake…S M Ackerman

    Solo-M; factory; latex; mold; machine; encase; statue; display; cons/reluct; X

  • Impulsive Purchaserichardthrown

    F/f; latex; costume; catsuit; hood; oral; mast; breathplay; F2doll; toys; sheath; cons; XX

  • In at the Deep End with Ms. MackayLudwig

    Solo-F; FF; latex; clothing; catsuit; wardrobe; tease; kiss; first; lesbian; mast; oral; toys; climax; cons; X

  • Industrial EspionageJezziebelle

    M/f; kidnap; bond; susp; wrap; latex; catsuit; collar; machine; insert; toys; torment; climax; reluct/nc; XX

  • Inescapable EmbraceR U Latex Bound (Mrs)

    M/f; F/m; latex; bond; vacbed; mast; oral; sex; toys; reluct/cons; X

  • Inflatable Prison SuitM88

    F/m; journalist; hotel; latex; bond; camera; video; hum; M/f; revenge; kidnap; captive; catsuit; inflatable; hobble; cell; gag; hood; intubate; stuck; cons/nc; XX

  • The InheritanceAllatex

    Solo-F; M/f; attic; latex; dress; stockings; boots; coat; caught; rubberdoll; captive; bond; straps; pole; gag; enslave; cons/nc; X

  • InheritanceLatexx

    F+/m; D/s; latex; bond; electro; bagged; cbt; cons; X

  • The InheritanceRubberH

    F/mf+; tg; M2f; latex; bodymod; conditioning; drug; catsuit; bond; gag; mittens; buttplug; toys; machine; kidnap; reluct; nc; XXX

  • The InitiationDollMaster

    MF/f; latex; bond; enema; bagged; wrapped; rubberdoll; toys; cons; X

  • Innocently Incarcerated & TransformedEdrubber

    M+/m; drug; kidnap; captive; prison; bodymod; fem; latex; catsuit; display; enhanced; enslave; cons/reluct; X

  • 2

    M+/m; D/s; captive; prison; fem; latex; catsuit; hood; toys; insert; bond; stocks; bdsm; bullride; anal; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • Instant Vacuum Bed SurpriseColnorth

    Sbm; F/m; D/s; latex; vacbed; oral; sex; anal; cons/reluct; X

  • Internet RubberLatexx

    F+/m+; latex; bond; bagged; vacuum; electro; toys; cons; X

  • Internet Rubber BondageThe Latex Girl

    Solo-F; M/f; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; bond; tape; chairtie; gasmask; toys; inflate; climax; cons; X

  • The Internet Rubber LadyRubberone23

    F/m; latex; true; catsuit; buttplug; gloves; boots; mast; gasmask; climax; video; cons; X

  • Interview with the CartersRubberH

    MF/m; bond; latex; gag; cuffs; chain; catsuit; oral; anal; strapon; pegging; hood; collar; corset; whip; training; hum; bodymod; reluct; nc; XX

  • In the BalloonDruid5

    Solo-F; naked; latex; balloon; lube; insert; encase; toys; mast; climax; caught; F/f; voy; photo; vacuum; stuck; cons; X

  • In the ShadowsLatexi

    M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; hood; blindfold; tease; denial; control; torment; voy; cons; X

  • Into Your Birthday Suit...!Shinyhood

    F/m; latex; hog sack; hood; enclosed; tease; torment; collar; bdsm; crop; cons/reluct; X

  • Invisible RubberUnknown

    M/mf; latex; slave; cons; X

  • Invitation to a Fetish PartyRubberwolf

    M/f; rubberdoll; bond; latex; boxed; reluct/nc; X

  • The Iron MaidenLatexx

    D/s; latex; encase; enema; breathplay; cbt; cons; X

  • The IslandBishopFan

    F/m; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; corset; toys; cons; X

  • 2

    F/mf+; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; corset; mum; wrap; bagged; mermaid; toys; cons; X

  • 3

    F/mf+; D/s; latex; bond; slave; auction; cons; X

  • 4

    MF/mf+; D/s; latex; bond; slave; auction; cons; X

  • IsolationNeo

    F+/f+; jail; latex; vacbed; transport; storage; toys; reluct; X

  • I Tricked MyselfRedneck Rubber

    Solo-F; discovery; latex; leggings; mast; F/m; potion; catsuit; bodymod; transform; sexdoll; oral; anal; sex; climax; cum; tricked; switch; sextoy; cons; X

  • It's Going to be a Long EveningTom H

    Solo-F; vacbed; toys; caught; M/f; F/m; tease; climax; cons; X

  • It Suits Mandy and it Suits MeR G Bargy

    M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; toys; oral; cons; X

  • I Will control youSpike Jones

    M/f; D/s; latex; bond; reluct/cons; X

  • I Wish...RubbermanBD

    M/f; majick; latex; catsuit; transform; mind-control; mast; reluct; XX


  • 1: MannequinCdpx

    MF/f; wrap; plaster; mold; mannequin; latex; display; mast; cons; X

  • 2: Mermaid

    MF/f; latex; bodysuit; mermaid; display; mast; cons; X

  • 3: Jellybaby

    MF/f; latex; encase; jello; display; mast; toys; cons; X

  • 4: Ice Queen

    MF/f; latex; encase; ice; display; mast; toys; cons; X

  • 5: Furniture

    MF/f; latex; forniphilia; display; transport; sex; cons; X

  • 6: Puppet

    MF/f; latex; puppet; susp; display; toys; cons; X

  • 7: Carcass

    MF/f; latex; encase; susp; display; transport; enema; toys; cons; X


  • InstitutionalisedRbbral

    Solo-F; reporter; clinic; MF+/f; inpatient; rubber; underwear; tracksuit; investigation; gym; challenge; sweat; shower; kiss; tease; fondle; lesbian; oral; climax; discovery; cons; X

  • 2: Caught!

    Solo-F; reporter; clinic; inpatient; MF+/f; F+/f; discovery; caught; rubber; video; playroom; medical; fetishwear; underwear; captive; restraints; straitjacket; gag; gynochair; straps; force; costume; cd; lesbian; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 3: A Close Shave

    MF+/f; reporter; clinic; inpatient; captive; rubber; underwear; straitjacket; inflatable; hood; wheelchair; straps; buttplug; insert; tease; electro; shock; drug; hearing; sectioned; tricked; sweat; kiss; lesbian; oral; sex; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 4: Adjusting To An Institutional Life

    F+/f; MF+/f; clinic; captive; inpatient; hunger-strike; rubber; clothing; straitjacket; inflate; bond; intubate; force-feed; tease; playroom; saddle; machine; toys; insert; cuffs; hood; breathplay; lesbian; mast; oral; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 5: Threesome without Tyra

    MF+/f; F/f; F+/f; clinic; inpatient; captive; latex; costume; catsuit; hood; latexdoll; playroom; ponytail; insert; escape; recapture; punish; schoolgirl; bdsm; spank; paddle; lesbian; oral; mast; strapon; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 6: My Turn

    MF+/f; F/f; clinic; inpatient; captive; latex; costume; catsuit; hood; playroom; punish; bdsm; spank; paddle; petgirl; hucow; milk; video; lesbian; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 7: Knowing My Position

    MF+/f; clinic; inpatient; captive; restraints; hucow; intubate; force-feed; F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; playroom; tease; torment; costume; corset; bond; susp; buttplug; nipple; spank; lesbian; strapon; denial; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 8: A Snug Plug

    MF+/f; clinic; inpatient; captive; F/f; revenge; rubber; costume; corset; bond; nipple; mask; buttplug; torment; pain; bdsm; spank; paddle; MF+/f; gimp; video; anal; oral; sex; cons/nc; XX

In The Vice

  • In the ViceRbbral

    M/f; latex; bond; cons; X

  • 2

    F/f; latex; bond; ponygirl; reluct/cons; X

  • 3

    M/f; latex; bond; susp; breathplay; cons; X

  • 4

    F/f; latex; bond; inf; cons; X

  • 5

    M/f; plastercast; enclosed; latex; cons; X

  • 6

    M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; bond; encase; cons; X

  • 7

    M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; bond; piercing; vacbed; cons; X


  • Jack & MonicaGeisha

    M/f; bond; latex; packaged; doll; cons; X

  • Jack's Rubber RendevousRubee01

    F+/m; drug; latex; catsuit; bond; toys; oral; anal; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

  • Jade's SecretLeahBMe

    Solo-F; M/f; latex; catsuit; public; emb; oral; mast; cons; X

  • JailbirdM88

    Solo-F; M/f+; warehouse; break-in; discovery; cell; slave; voy; gimpsuit; caught; drugged; bond; latex; catsuit; hood; bdsm; whip; torment; urine; oral; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • Jane, Susan & MaryJennifer Wilson

    FF; latex; first; mast; cons; X

  • Janet's Experiencemcthor05

    MF+/f; bond; wrap; spandex; unitard; vacbed; tickle; tease; cons; X

  • Janet's Latex SelfbondageRawn

    Sbf; latex; cons; X

  • 2

  • 3

    Sbf; latex; susp; cons; X

  • 4

  • Jennifer's Holiday 1: The JourneyRubberised

    Solo-F; FF; latex; catsuit; gag; corset; hood; collar; hobble; public; airplane; oral; cons; X

  • 2: The Hotel

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; toys; buttplug; hood; mast; public; cons; X

  • 3: Jane

    FF; latex; toys; catsuit; hood; gasmask; bond; cuffs; strapon; sex; bedtie; shave; corset; dressing; pvc; raincoat; cons; XX

  • 4: The Club

    FF; F/m; latex; club; catsuit; public; oral; hood; cons; X

  • 5: Steve and Miranda

    MF/f+; latex; maid; costume; hood; catsuit; toys; buttplug; display; dressing; gag; cons; X

  • 6: Maids

    MF/f+; latex; maid; costume; hood; gag; messy; food; shower; cons; X

  • 7: Slave Jane

    MF/f+; latex; catsuit; toys; buttplug; armbinder; transported; breathplay; inflatable; enclosed; insert; climax; cons; XX

  • 8: The Factory

    MF/f+; latex; catsuit; hood; corset; armbinder; catheter; enema; insert; electro; toys; buttplug; cons; XX

  • 9: Jane's Decision

    F/f; latex; catsuit; collar; leash; public; catsuit; oral; gasmask; enclosed; transported; cons; X

  • 10: Reunion

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; toys; buttplug; hood; sendep; gasmask; breathplay; inflatable; hotel; caught; cons; XX

  • Jennifer's ToyDrInflator

    FF; F/m; rubber; catsuit; insert; toys; inflatable; suit; outdoors; hum; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • JennyMikel

    M/f; invite; dinner; discovery; Sbf; latex; dress; gag; cuffs; submissive; service; corset; collar; chain; bond; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Jessica's Decision and a New JobRubber Doll Jessica

  • Jessica's Fondest WishWorzel

    F/f; F+/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; oral; anal; toys; pony; slave; cons/reluct; XX

  • Jessicka's New RoleLastdirewolf

    F/f; furry; latex; encase; bond; hood; corset; gag; gasmask; breathplay; toys; insert; machine; tease; torment; denial; cons/nc; X

  • Jody Rubber TeaseUnknown

    F/m; latex; cons; X

  • John's SeductionRubee01

    M/m; M/m+; D/s; latex; fem; hormones; enslave; chastity; denial; mind-control; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

  • Journeys Into LatexThe Latex Girl

    Solo-F; MF/f; F/f; latex; catsuit; collar; cuffs; gag; bodybag; straps; bond; corset; transport; crop; bdsm; climax; cons; X

  • The Joy of WindsurfingLatexi

    MF/m; MM; neoprene; D/s; cons; X

  • 2


  • Julie and Thomas's Weekend ExperienceNeo

    F+/fm; bond; latex; toys; anal; mast; cons; X

  • Julie's PartyDogsBody

    F+/m; latex; vacbed; display; susp; electro; oral; toys; cons; X

  • June's Experimentvirtualstories

    F/m; latex; cons; X

  • Jungian SlipZephrum Cockrun

    MF/mf+; latex; catsuit; bond; armbinder; costume; brand; cult; group; orgy; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

  • Just One Little ThingJo

    MF; F/m; latex; bodybag; encase; pills; tease; oral; sex; climax; mpov; cons; X

  • Just RewardsCoated

    Solo-F; F/f; latex; catsuit; sealed; transform; succubus; wings; hooves; reluct/cons; X

Jessica Darling

Jillian's Mouse Trap

  • 1: The WillRbrBill

    MF; F/m; latex; SBR; bond; cons; X

  • 2: Paulsen House

    F/f; D/s; latex; enema; electro; entrap; reluct; X

  • 2.1: The Training Continues

    M/f; Machine/f; latex; bond; susp; enema; electro; encase; stimulation; conditioning; mind-control; toys; nc; X

  • 2.2: Embracing a Life Style

    M/f; latex; bond; enema; electro; conditioning; outdoors; public; toys; sex; oral; reluct/cons; X

  • 2.3: The Fly Paper

    M/f; D/s; latex; bond; susp; enema; electro; drugged; vacbed; encase; stimulation; toys; reluct; X

  • 2.4: Finding Reason

    F/m; M/f; D/s; latex; leather; bond; vacbed; electro; conditioning; public; cons; X

  • 2.5: Justice for All Things Rubber

    F+/m; Machine/m; D/s; latex; bond; susp; enema; electro; piercing; torment; conditioning; toys; cons; XX

  • 3: Reinforced Rubber Encasement

    Machine/f; M/f; D/s; latex; bond; susp; enema; electro; piercing; encase; stimulation; mind-control; toys; nc; X


  • Karen's Compartmentalizationtrembleevermore

    MF+/f; F/f; D/s; vacbed; public; display; latex; bdsm; toys; cons; X

  • Karen's PunishmentTed S

    F/f; D/s; latex; hood; catsuit; bond; cuffs; susp; bdsm; crop; punish; torment; nipple; toys; insert; climax; reluct/nc; XX

  • Karen's WeekendTed S

    F+/f+; D/s; latex; suit; corset; gag; hood; bond; chain; cuffs; hood; bdsm; punish; susp; enema; toys; insert; oral; climax; reluct/cons; XX

  • Kate's Going to SeaDruid5

    M/f; MF+/f+; MF/f; bond; hogtie; gag; toys; cruise; club; latex; vaccube; display; hood; inflate; sendep; tease; torment; climax; cons; X

  • 2: Still Afloat

    M/f; MF+/f+; cruise; club; harness; leather; chastity; frame; gag; susp; crowd; touch; tease; fondle; tickle; discovery; hum; revenge; bond; oral; lesbian; first; climax; toys; insert; transport; latex; vacbed; display; public; torment; climax; cons; X

  • 3: Missed Duties

    MF+/f+; cruise; club; cuffs; leather; chastity; chain; gag; susp; crowd; touch; tease; fondle; tickle; game; bowlingpins; rubberball; encase; played-with; M+/f+; wrap; gag; punish; electro; enema; force; display; public; torment; hum; climax; cons/nc; XX

  • Kat in TroubleDarkShadow Eternal

    Solo-F; M/f; spandex; catsuit; latex; corset; hood; boots; burglar; dungeon; chastity; capture; armbinder; hogtie; enslave; cons/reluct; X

  • Katja The Toy at The House of LustKatja The Toy

    Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; gloves; corset; boots; breast; fondle; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

  • 1: Ready, Set, Squeak!

    Solo-F; latex; stockings; garterbelt; gloves; corset; gloves; breast; jiggle; shirt; skirt; hobble; heels; toys; mast; denial; public; hum; bus; passengers; cons; X

  • 2: Sign in for the Duty

    Solo-F; FF; latex; stockings; garterbelt; corset; gloves; breast; jiggle; shirt; skirt; hobble; heels; latexdoll; maid; reception; electro; kiss; interview; cons; X

  • Kat’s MistakeMiss Celine

    Sbf; F/f; latex; leather; bond; slave; toys; cons/nc; X

  • Keeping Up With The Lennoxes 1Neo Socrates

    FM/m; latex; gloves; bond; crop; blindfold; sendep; scarves; anal; buttplug; hood; mask; X-frame; cd; cuffs; oral; strapon; pegging; cons; X

  • 2

    MF+/f; latex; gloves; electro; buttplug; hood; gag; corset; armbinder; public; remote; display; tease; costume; chair; straps; catsuit; cd; collar; anal; bodymod; piercing; tattoo; infant; drug; hum; diaper; cons; XX

  • Kirsty, a Descent Into Slavery 1PaganWriter

    F+/f+; bond; latex; anal; gag; buttplug; corset; hood; mittens; ring-gag; boots; heels; catsuit; toys; armbinder; rubber; leather; pain; cons; reluct; nc; XXX

  • 2

    F+/f+; bond; latex; rubber; hood; anal; breast; chain; collar; corset; gag; boots; catsuit; dildo; electro; punishment; heels; hobble; maid; bodymod; piercing; pain-slut; torture; urine; cons; reluct; XXX

  • 3

    F+/f; bond; torture; punish; dungeon; latex; rubber; enema; hood; anal; armbinder; breast; chain; corset; enema; electro; torture; extreme; reluct; nc; XXX

  • KittyUkeseme

    F/m; bond; kidnap; latex; reluct; X

  • Knightley EnjoymentNofate301

    Solo-F; M/f; latex; stockings; gloves; shower; mast; cons; X