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Four Play 10: And More Rubber Games

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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story continues from part nine

Part 10: And More Rubber Games

I wasn’t exactly the sleep of the innocent, but I slept well, snuggled up tight to my perfect rubber dolly. During the night we explored each other a little more without having sex again, but it was delightful just to hold her skin-tight rubber encased body. As the early sun was beginning to peep through, she stirred, mumbling to herself, saying my name, and it was a mumbled voice I knew well……

I held her rubber masked head in my hands and kissed her between her rubber lips. I took off her blindfold and whispered.

“Morning darling, well, what a coincidence. What gave me away? The suit?”

“Hhhmm, what do you think? Sucking your lovely cock of course.” She said, hers a little debilitated by her rubber teeth covers. “I know that anywhere. Ha ha.” And snuggled up to me.

“How are you feeling? How have the last three days been?” I looked deeply through the small holes in the mask and into her eyes.

“Okay, fine, it’s been…. interesting, fun really.”

“Phew, that’s a relief. I was worried you, and well the other girls too would find this a bit too much.”

“No, no it’s okay so far, not too heavy…. not yet anyway, but two days to go. The hard thing is not the sex but the suit, we are really hot in them. But at leash I got a nice swim in the afternoon and some sex, cooled down a lot.” And my heart took off.

“Oh, oh that’s nice.” I said - all innocent. So she had been my partner all yesterday, I didn’t know the odds of having her all day, and night, but I sure got lucky. Then she gripped my cock…. hard, my delectable rubber slave was taking the initiative here.

“Oh give me a break, you silly liar you, it was you! Don’t you think I know you? Oh, and by the way, it was a fantastic day for me.” She hugged me, snuggling her rubber face into my shoulder.

“Gee, I’d have never known, she was just an anonymous dolly to me, fun though…”

“Oh you! Well try this dolly for size!” And she slid between the covers. There’s no better way to get the day going than having a latex clad beauty happily gobbling between your thighs. Once I was hard, which was no time, she rose up and planted herself on me. And what a sight she was in the dim light of the morning, leaning forward in her squat breathing in short bursts. Every line of her body was enriched by the black rubber and the tight corset, and her rubber doll face remained expressionless, but I imagined her own face… trapped underneath, and with an evil smile I was sure.

When we were finally done she licked me dry, taking her time, as she always did. But we had to get going, and so I slapped her rubber rump playfully and helped her downstairs and outside. No one else was up yet and when we got to the stables I whispered.

“This is all loads of fun of course, and only two days for you girls to go, then I suppose you have a few ideas for us, haven’t you?” And she giggled.

“Oh yes my sweet, some really nasty ideas.” Great, I thought. Oh well, we were in for the long haul but I knew Sophie had a really fertile imagination. I held her tight, my rubber arms wrapped around her shimmering black body.

“Well I hope I get lucky and have you for company again.” She kissed me and I ran my tongue over her rubber covered teeth. “I can’t wait.” I didn’t want to leave her like this but had to get on.

“Me neither.” She hugged me and went in to join her friends. They had their ablutions to do and so did we, and soon we all assembled in the living room, dressed and ready for action. Firstly we had agreed from now on, no throat spray, we would have the next two days to appreciate all the marvels of gagging our dolls and we had purchased a good selection over the previous weeks.

As I had mentioned to them I was ready to watch some girl on girl action, and I was sure our adventurous lovers would not disappoint. So we set up a little contest for them. Swiftly, we had them lined up in the basement playroom, four identical dolls in black rubber and corsets, impassive rubber mannequin faces, with hands demurely clasped in front of them. They were not blindfolded yet, nor gagged, for what we had planned would not require gags, quite the contrary, we wanted their mouths and tongues free and available. We quickly explained the scenario and the rules.

They were to be suspended in couples from the rafters, facing each partner, however while one girl would be spread-eagled off the ground but upright, the other would be upside down. By binding one girl’s legs to the other’s arms and also tied at waist and chest they would be as if glued together, But that was just part of it of course. And so the fun bit was that each of the girls would wear a head harness of strong rubber straps and by a further strap this would be tied to the back of the opposite girl’s corset. When pulled tight each girl’s face would be clamped over her partner’s stretched wide pussy, with no possibility to escape, and just enough play for her to breathe and move her tongue.

And the contest? Well with all four girls in action it was essentially two semi-finals, the winners to meet in the final. The winner of each contest would be the girl who brought her friend to orgasm first, and while they might think they could fake this we were pretty sure, all four of us, if one of the girls was faking. So the lucky winners got to do it again, but the losers of the semis would get a stretch in two transparent latex vacuum beds that we had suspended from the limbs of a large tree in the garden. A couple of hours in the shady sun would be a good incentive to get to work on their partner and win, we thought. For the winner and the runner-up, we had suspension plans for them too, also in the garden. But for the winner alone there would be a reward, which we would keep secret until the contest was over.

It was of course impossible to see the reaction from the girls as they were all wearing their identical doll masks, but from their body language I could tell that they seemed to be all for it. I really did admire their willingness to try anything. The next fun part was drawing lots for who would be paired with whom, and it was here that the first bit of fun started. Sophie would be paired with Gerda, which I thought would be a tough draw for Sophie as Gerda seemed to me to be the most adventurous and experienced of the four. But perhaps more interestingly Mandy would be paired with her sister Suzi. Now I didn’t really know how close these sisters were, but pretty close I was sure. But close enough to have their faces secured over their sister’s pussy, licking and lapping, no perhaps not! But it was to be. As this was announced they turned and looked at each other, and despite the fact that they were ungagged, said nothing.

So it took us a good half an hour to have them suspended from the various rings and hooks in the beamed ceiling. For the girl upside down it was clearly more uncomfortable but perhaps a good incentive to work harder! Well-cushioned cuffs were attached to wrists and ankles, and also to the corsets for a more balanced support. Legs were stretched wide (for the right side up girls we used spreader bars) allowing the opposing heads to be pressed down hard over the opposing pussy and the strap tightened at the back of the opposite corset. Arms were attached to opposite legs until there was very little movement between the rubber clad figures. After final adjustments, accompanied by some aarrgghing and uuummmpphing from the girls, we were satisfied that lips were firmly pressed against lips…..

And we were off!

The reality of the performance was so much better than even my imagination. The pairs were separated enough that we could pass between them and get a really close view of the action, complete with the heavy tang of rubber and female musk, and of course panting, groaning and grunting. They were certainly taking this seriously, for no quarter was asked or it seemed given. Unfortunately for my dear Sophie, I figured quite soon that she was outmatched with Gerda. Sophie gives a sublime blowjob but her experience with another woman is fairly limited, I think, or at least I hope!

But Gerda is experienced in all things sexual and ravenously she went at Sophie. And Sophie likes being given a good licking, as I can vouch, so it really didn’t take long for her to begin to shake and grunt under Gerda’s expert onslaught, in fact Gerda was so expert, both in denying herself pleasure and expertly giving it, that she now began to take her time. This was cruel indeed for Sophie, being played with like this but I could see Gerda simply holding herself off while keeping Sophie on the edge.

Gerda was in no hurry at all, just leisurely enjoying herself, while Sophie moaned and grunted under her expert onslaught, so I approached Gerda and placed a gloved hand on her masked head.

“Gerda,” I whispered, “we might have to disqualify you for not entering into the spirit of the contest, and that could prove painful for you. We know you are a bit more qualified in this field than the other girls, but your behaviour here is truly cruel and unusual, you must let Sophie come, she’ll be a wreck if you don’t.”

And Gerda let out a chuckle, well muffled by her head clamped over Sophie’s crotch. She raised her head an inch from Sophie’s inflamed and glistening love channel, laughed again and returned to her pleasurable task. And we all had a quiet chuckle at the antics of Mandy and Suzi. We certainly got the sense that they had not shared in this pleasure together before, but were now up to the challenge. I had a feeling that their sisterly relationship was to change forever.

So they went about their “work” with a constant banter, muffled again, cajoling and mocking each other.

“Come on big sister, you can do better…”

“Oh yeah, well if you spent less time talking…. oh oh ooo…”

“You are a tasty little muffin….”

“Oh, oh well quit talking and aaahh get eating…”

And so it went on, quite the entertainment. It was wonderful to see two sisters really giving each other a good licking. Mandy came first.

“Oh, oooohhhh, huh huh, you cow, oh oh.”

Suzi chuckled, her head still firmly clamped over her sister’s now very wet vagina. She seemed well satisfied with her performance. So we released them, stood them up and fixed their wrists behind their backs. They were both a bit groggy and had their sister’s juices over their masked faces. They got lippy again, sisterly mockery, so we quickly gagged them with inflatable gags, with just the inflation tube extending from their rubber lips. We sat them down, but Suzi, the victor, was not deterred, mmmmffing and giving her vanquished sister a playful kick.

Gerda had now decided to end her contest though in truth it was mismatched from the start. She brought Sophie to a violently shaking orgasm, both of them now swinging from the beams. We released and also gagged them, Sophie seemed too exhausted to offer any resistance, just taking deep gulps of air. We would allow Gerda and Suzi a rest before the final, and so we took Mandy and Sophie up and out into the garden. There was an old oak tree there, with long horizontal branches, so old and heavy they were supported by timber posts. One branch was perfect for suspending two transparent latex vacuum beds, just a few inches above the lawn. They were in dappled shade but the day was warm and soon I was sure the girls would be sweating buckets glued inside the tight vacuum.

Sophie watched as we removed Mandy’s gag and released her wrists then helped her step between the two sheets of rubber. She sucked the mouthpiece between her lips and gripped it as we zipped her in. We told her to get comfortable (?) and she spread her legs and arms and nodded, then Pete, Mandy’s guy, started the compressor that ran the vacuum. In no time at all the air was sucked out and the two leaves of rubber gripped Mandy in a remorseless embrace. She grunted in discomfort, but Pete ran his hands over her defenceless breasts, whispering.

“You’re fine, sweetie, breathe nice and easy”, and soon she was whimpering under the seductive touch of Pete’s fingers on her nipples. Quickly she began to rest and breathe in comfort, yet unable to move at all. I removed the air hose, ready for Sophie’s turn. So I then went to Sophie, who had seen all this, and by her body language seemed a bit nervous. I removed her gag, released her wrists, and kissed her though her mask, hugging her tight.

“Come on, you’ll be fine, you trust me don’t you?”

“Not sure…”

“You’ll get a kick out of it, you’ll see.”

“You speak from experience?”

“Ah, no, but I just know you’ll like it, completely helpless, exposed and vulnerable, and….”

“Sounds like your fantasy, not mine.”

“Well yes actually it is, but too late for you, I’m afraid my love.” And we helped her into the suspended bed. She gripped the breathing tube between her teeth, spread her legs and arms, grunted and nodded, and I turned on the vacuum. Again it took only a few seconds for the rubber to clamp itself on every inch of its victim, rendering her statuesque. She grunted and groaned, like Mandy, but quickly her breathing calmed.

And so side by side, they hung, unable to move at all, just breathe slowly. Their superb bodies, encased in their black latex catsuits, save for exposed pussies and arses, and perfect latex-model doll faces, now trapped unwaveringly in transparent latex. We took pleasure in this sight for a while, circling them slowly. But we had work to do, the final was yet to be contested, and I had a feeling that Suzi would not be quite so self-satisfied under the attentions of Gerda.

We returned to the playroom and prepared the girls for the final. As Gerda was clearly the favourite, we had her suspended by her ankles and tied to an upright Suzi, although I didn’t think this would make much difference. Once we had then comfortably suspended, and faces pressed down on pussies, we let them get to it, and it was now Gerda, full of confidence who wanted to give us a commentary.

“Hhmm, you are a delicate one, so different from Sophie, who was equally…. tasty, hhhmm.” And Suzi entered into it, perhaps realising she was out of her depth here, and might as well have some fun.

“Oh, well thanks, you’re a little loose for my… ah aaahh.. preference.”

“Ha ha, ooohh, you are good, very nice, where did you…. ah ah, learn that? Your sister? What a bad girl you are, oh oh that’s nice.”

And so it continued, Suzi, was giving almost as well as she was receiving, but you always had the feeling Gerda had another gear and was extending this for her own entertainment. She must have taken at least fifteen minutes before she decided to let Suzi come, with a series of grunted aaaahhhs, and a satisfied chortle from Gerda. We separated them, and cuffed and gagged them as we did the others. They stood exhausted and Suzi turned and rested her head on Gerda’s shoulder, a nice gesture I thought. But we had plans for them too, and took them out to the garden, now hot in the summer sun.

Under the one branch of the oak tree the two vacuum beds hung, their occupants motionless, breathing evenly and no doubt quietly simmering in the hot windless air. And suspended under a branch on the other side of the tree were two identical inflatable rubber bodybags. We had set these up earlier and were looking forward to how the girls would take to them. In each bag there was a hole at the top for the head to poke through and a zip down the side for access. Heavy horizontal rubber straps at six inch intervals extended from below the shoulders down to the ankles. It was suspended a foot above the ground by a series of chains attached to D rings at the shoulders and waist. The bag was tapered to the feet, so once inside there was very little room for movement, and absolutely none at all when fully inflated. But the really fun part was a four inch diameter hole strategically placed opposite the occupant’s groin, making this accessible and wonderfully vulnerable from the outside. We would have a lot of fun with that. The head of the captive would remain exposed, to be dealt with separately, at leisure.

Quickly we released their wrists and helped them into the bags, me telling them to push their heads through the narrow opening at the top of the bag and keep their arms at their sides. Once their heads had popped through, still gagged, they wobbled a bit and swung in the chains from the branch. It was easy to zip them up and then begin the inflation, Suzi first. Within a couple of minutes the bags were tight as drums, swinging slowly from the branch and accompanied by muted wails from the impassive rubber doll faces of the occupants.

So having taken care of the girls for now we decided to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We sat for a while in the sun, drinking by the pool. But I couldn’t resist the temptation of the women, and glanced over to the tree to see them suspended and now silent, very gently swinging in the light breeze that had got up. I went over to Sophie silent and breathing evenly in the vacuum bed. I knelt in front of her and rested my face between her spread legs. I placed my nose right over her latex covered labia and breathed in the warm pungent aroma. She flinched at my touch and whimpered through her breathing tube, but of course could do nothing else.

I ran my hands over her firm thighs and then up to her breasts and nipples. I looked to my side and saw that Pete had just joined me and was now working on Mandy. I gripped the tubular sides of the bed and pressed my face deep into her groin, pushing my tongue as hard as I could into the impermeable latex, with only limited success. I even sucked it as hard as I could but it remained as if cemented to her. I carried on however, undeterred, having fun in trying to prise her lips apart, at least perhaps a little.

After a bit, she began to breathe harder and I noticed she was trying to lean her body into my face, not easy when bonded inside two sheets of rubber. I stood and ran my hands over her statuesque frame – breasts, buttocks, thighs and her face behind the impassive doll mask, and she began to moan in pleasure. She was the ultimate plaything, utterly powerless and subject to anything I could choose to do. I returned to her imprisoned pussy, rubbing it hard and licking the taut rubber.

And I was succeeding, for a few minutes later she started to jerk – as violently as the vacuum encasement would allow, and with a long groan she came. I knelt back and saw the moisture around her pussy, trapped behind the transparent rubber. I stood close to her now, and whispered in her ear.

“Guess who?” And she groaned, happily it seemed.

I slapped her rock-hard rubber buttock playfully and returned to the pool. While all this was happening Tom and James had gone over to their girls, suspended in their body bags. They had each acquired a ball-headed vibrator and were applying it through the hole in the bags to the girls’ pussies. This had elicited loud mmmmffing into their inflatable gags, rocking of heads and very energetic rocking back and forth of their tightly sheathed legs, which must have taken great strength, all to the amusement of their lovers.

Eventually they took a break, and we spent a relaxing hour at the pool. But once rejuvenated the vulnerable beauty of the girls in their body bags and vacuum beds got me aroused again, and Pete with a lascivious smile challenged me to a paddling match on our partner’s buttocks. I knew neither would like this, but their backsides would have two layers of rubber protecting them, so there would be no harm done, a little pain and discomfort, but then…….

So we gripped a couple of short handled paddles, and approached the gently swinging latex trapped beauties. I gently ran my finger over her quim and she grunted through her breathing tube, then gave her a sharp thwap, and Pete copied me. After a few hard whacks they were both aaaahhh, aaahhhing loudly and trying, quite uselessly to avoid our attentions. We gave them maybe ten or twelve each, enough to get them panting and swinging. As a reward I again knelt and snuggled my face into Sophie’s crotch, pushing my tongue as firmly as I could into her tightly captured labia. The warm rubber, now very warm indeed, had its intoxicating aroma and it encouraged me to continue to lick, suck and gently bite her. Soon her panting was not in pain but pleasure and I could feel her try to thrust her self at me. I massaged her double rubber-covered breasts and tweaked her nipples and it did not take long for her to come, accompanied by a series of long, drawn-out groans.

I slapped her again on her now tender backside, and as a further reward for her I dragged over the garden hose, twisted the head to a strong even spray and played it on her. She must have been boiling hot in the multiple skins of rubber for her reaction was immediate, a squeal and convulsive shudder. But this was a reaction of pure bliss for she yelled through her breathing tube yaaah, yaaah, ngore ngore, which I took to be “yes, more”. So I aimed the hose at her for a while, careful to not have any go through her breathing tube. As a special treat I turned it to a narrow jet and aimed it at her pussy and that got a good shaking reaction from her. After I was done I handed it to Pete and he gave Mandy a good hosing down, while I leant over Sophie and whispered.

“I love you, I love you.” How could I not? And I saw her shake with a giggle.

For the next hour or so as the afternoon waned we stayed at the pool, occasionally glancing over to our captives. Suzi and Gerda could of course see us through their masks, but still gagged, they couldn’t communicate their feelings to us. As early evening approached we decided they’d had enough and leisurely extricated them from their unyielding rubber bondage. We deflated and removed the gags from the stretched mouths of Gerda and Suzi, and quickly we had the four identical rubber dolls freed. They were clearly very hot, sweaty and tired, and they embraced each other as if they had just finished a marathon, which I suppose of some kind they had. Interestingly they didn’t say anything, either fully playing the role of the mute doll, or maybe they were just too tired.

But rewards were in order, and so we each took our rubber slave by her hand and led them to the pool. I slapped Sophie’s backside again and pushed her not too gently into the deep end, together with by a squeal, of pleasure I’m sure, from her.

Quickly all four were in the pool, cavorting around, and immediately I lost track of who was who, for again, the suits, corsets, and doll masks had rendered them virtually identical, and it was only the squeals and shouts from them as they tackled each other and frolicked around that identified them - and even that was hard to do.

It was a sublime early evening, still warm and the sight of the rubber dolls fooling around in the water was something that I will never forget. But finally it had to come to an end and we returned the girls to the stable block, telling them to have a restful dinner, unfortunately for them probably another liquid one. No doubt when their term was over they would get stuck into some steaks and other “real” food. We said we’d pick them up at eight, which we did after we’d had a shower and couple of drinks ourselves. By now I was pretty well addicted to the full body and head catsuit, every pore of my body covered in latex. The others mixed it up, leotards, shorts and t-shirts, lounging pants and tops. I was quite often the only one masked, not always by any means, by I, along the Tom, was the more adventurous. A couple of times one of them would wear a gas mask, which was always an interesting addition.

Our dinner was to be leisurely, with some “entertainment” thrown in by the girls. We could all cook a bit so there’d be a couple of courses and some god wine. At eight I collected the girls, who seemed in good fettle, chatting in their funny-ish way. They’d be glad to get rid of the mouthguards too, and probably floss and brush for an hour after!

“We’re having our dinner and you’re going to provide the entertainment.” I said with a wide grin to the four identical expressionless rubber doll faces staring back at me. “Hands behind backs, please.”  Quickly I cuffed their unresisting wrists with the self closing D rings. It is an amazing feeling having a bright, articulate woman powerless in your hands, but having four - well you can imagine the effect on me.

“Now you are to be completely silent all evening – our mute rubber dolls, but we require the erm… use of your mouths so you have an option, I can administer the throat anaesthetic or we can go on trust, it’s….”

“Trust.” One doll said immediately and the others nodded in agreement.

“Okay, good, let’s go.” And I led them back to the dining room, it required no chains, they followed me obediently, arms cuffed behind them. The guys were already into the wine and Tom produced four blindfolds which we placed over their eyes, pulling the thick rubber strap over their rubber heads. The girls remained unresisting, perhaps more interested in seeing what was coming. We got them on their knees and led them to the table and under it, where they sat on their haunches, heads bowed. Now we sat down, felt for a doll, took her by the shoulders and drew her to our now exposed cocks, softly pressing their rubber covered heads down. They got the message quickly, or at least mine did, and a smooth pair of rubber teeth and moist tongue settled on my cock.

And so we chatted, drank and ate convivially, as we were sucked and licked under the table. After ten minutes or so Pete rang a small hand bell and said loudly. “All change dolls. Move one partner clockwise, get to work again and wait for the next bell!” And they did!

This was fabulous fun – good food, good wine, good company, and… well…..

We had agreed that just as any one of us was about to come he would ease the doll off and take a little break, we wanted this to last the whole dinner, and truth be told these girls were good. So this continued for well over an hour, the dolls under the table, silent and blindfolded with heads bobbing over our cocks. I pondered what they were thinking. Blind and obedient, did they know at any time who they were sucking? Maybe, they had had a lot of practice over the four days so far. But I certainly didn’t know at any time who my partner was, no, not even my beloved Sophie.

We finished our meal and drew our chairs back away from the table, and calmly raised our dolls up, turned them round to face each other, took off their blindfolds, released their wrists and firmly planted them on our cocks. So there we were, eight good friends facing each other across the table, but instead of erudite conversation each rubber clad male was giving a good fucking from behind to his fully rubber covered doll. The dolls remained impassive of course on the outside, but they could now see their friends across the table and this seemed to spur them on. My doll, now her hands were free, slid fingers between her legs and flicked at her clit, the other hand gently pinching her nipple as she cheerily bounced on my cock, grunting quietly to herself. And this provided incentive to the others, who were all getting very animated, not passive dolls at all. After I don’t know how long, a sort of tsunami orgasm finally was achieved and everyone sank back in their seats, nothing being said. I rose first, lifting my tired dolly off me, turned her around and lowered her onto my cock to give it a good clean.

This she did, setting an example to her partners and they all were soon back on their haunches licking our mutual juices and leaving us sparkling clean. We led them to the u shaped arrangement of couches we had in the living room and sat them down. I then got some well-earned wine for the girls, which they gulped down greedily. We sat for a while, a very strange tableau, the dolls leaning on the shoulder of their partner but nothing being said, everyone with their thoughts. The girls knew who their partner was, but we didn’t, tables turned I suppose. My doll placed her gloved hand on my cock, now well zipped away, affectionately, but in an almost asexual way, and I kissed her rubber-covered head. We were clearly all exhausted and Pete rose and called out Suzi, Mandy and Sophie’s names and they extricated themselves from their partners and stood submissively. So my partner had been one of them, but which one?

But to the victor goes the spoils, and Gerda deserved her “reward’ for her well-practised skills on her female friends earlier in the day. Knowing that Gerda was insatiable, we had discussed her reward earlier, and so we placed our names in a fruit bowl and allowed her to pick one out. The lucky guy was to be her companion for the night, although I didn’t think any of us had the energy to keep up with her. And guess whose name she picked out? Yes, I was really living a charmed life all right. Now I know it should have been a night of sexual Olympics but after the day we had just experienced I really was dog tired, but not Gerda. The guys gave me a good ribbing, Tom especially which I thought was a nice touch and so Gerda took my hand and we left for bed.

When I closed the door she turned to me, her blank rubber face looking up to me. She placed her hands around me, gripping my rubber-covered buttocks, and said, slurring her s’s, her rubber teeth guard turning her s’s into sh’s.

“Well what’s it to be? More your passive rubber doll to play with, or rubber fun as equals?” I felt her finger press hard into my anal cleft.

“Equal rubber fun I think. I don’t think I can keep up with you, Gerda, love.” She expelled her throaty laugh and kissed me hard. It was all a bit strange at first, we were like a couple of first timers - although both fully rubber-clad from top of head to tip of toe, and faces covered too, and perhaps the fact that we were both rubber masked made us a bit more comfortable after a while. She couldn’t see my expression behind my black rubber mask, and I obviously couldn’t see hers under the impassive doll face of hers. So we did it more by feel so to speak. I think she could sense a bit of my nerves, for this wasn’t just a short interlude but for a whole night, so we took our time. Nothing was said except the occasional giggle and sigh, the only constant being the squeaking of our rubber bodies pressing against each other.

She knew it was for the long haul too, and being a practiced lover she took plenty of time, but soon we got a kind of rhythm and it got to be a lot of fun. We went through the whole gamut, my face between her thighs and hers between mine, she had a gorgeously flexible tongue, but knew when to stop and let me catch a breath, otherwise I would have been done in five minutes.

She also took an interest in my anal passage, unzipping my suit there and pressing first one finger and then another around my sphincter, playing there for a few seconds and then easing inside me, to my surprise with great ease. At first I found this a bit uncomfortable – more psychologically than physically. Sophie had not done that a lot to me, but again to my surprise – and her expertise, after a while I found I actually didn’t mind it. I reciprocated by pressing my finger on her anal ring and she relaxed herself, and as I pushed my fingers inside her and roamed around her entry I could tell straight away that she actually liked this anal play. But then I thought, was there anything Gerda didn’t like?

We had all night, but we both took our time. Through the night we would wake, snuggle again and get it going, it would be a relaxed marathon, not a sprint. I loved gripping her hard rubber body, moving my hands over the smooth, shiny covering, slapping her bum, kneading her breasts, holding her rubber head between my thighs. And she reciprocated, as an equal, gripping me, teasing me and also giving me a hard, loud slap or two; it was all good fun. Then we’d both come, she’d lick me dry and we’d sleep for a period and start again!

Near dawn she snuggled me and whispered. “Okay Al, now I want you to give me a good buggering, eh?”


“Come on Al, I know you want to, every guy wants to, it’s the ultimate in dom/sub, you know that. And I’m inviting you. Come on, get a condom and some lube.”

Well who was I to argue? I know some women tolerate it, but how many actually like it? Well it appeared I had one. So in the dark I slipped a condom on, I was hard already with just the thought of bumming Gerda. She turned doggie style to me as I lubed my cock and rested it against her tight light brown rosebud.

“Now, nishe and eashy, let me relax.” And I could see her take slow breaths and just by an inch lean back into me. There was resistance at first as my thick head tried to prise her open.

“Okay, let me adjust, gently now.” And I could see her muscles loosen up as my head pressed forward by a half inch. This was the hardest bit, once past the head, the shaft would be easier, and she pushed back again into me. She was taking all the initiative, which was fine, I didn’t want to hurt her and she was seemingly more practiced than I was. Finally with her anal ring fully stretched my cock head plopped inside her and she let out a quiet aaaaah.

“Okay give me a second here, ooooh, phew, aaah, oh that’s lovely, in you come now.” And I very slowly slid my shaft into her, allowing her a few seconds to adjust. She was supporting herself on one arm, the hand of the other now between her legs rubbing herself. Inch by inch I pressed into her, finally her buttocks were resting on my haunches, and we both stopped there, me fully implanted to the hilt. It was a very intense feeling, I was gripped much harder than if I was in her pussy, the hold at the base of my cock almost, but not quite uncomfortable, and I could feel her clench her muscles and grip me even harder. Then she moved slowly forward, until only my head was buried, stopped a few seconds and moved back, now beginning to pant. I did very little, one hand gripped her hips the other underneath her, rubbing a nipple. This seemed to be more than enough as she was now starting a rhythm, in and out, back and forth to the base of my head.

We continued like this for maybe ten minutes, two fully rubber-clad animals making a bear with two backs. I was really enjoying it now, knowing that Gerda was too. Sophie and I had done this a number of times and she told me that it was okay, sometimes fun depending on her mood, and a bit of a change, but I got the sense she was not as keen as me, and certainly not Gerda. I could feel Gerda on the edge and so I gave a final quite violent thrust and with a loud series of grunts she came. I waited a few seconds, getting my breath and then prised myself very slowly out of her rear, which was still quite tight and we lay on our backs, breathing hard. After a few minutes of silence she said, slurring her esses.

“I know women, ladies, ha ha, are not meant to like that….. but I do. The feeling is entirely different, like I’m full to bursting, and the nerve endings around my bum are very sensitive, so I can feel every millimetre of you. I love it, I don’t know why but I do and thank you, that was great, and now we need sleep, I know tomorrow is the final day for you…. and then we get our turn, and I have a lot of ideas for you guys, ha ha. We only have 2 days so it will be intense. And I’ll let a little secret out, we’ve been on quite a number of shopping trips and you might be surprised what we have bought., ha ha. She purred.” This made be a little nervous for I knew Gerda had a very dirty mind and if she gave it some thought we four guys might be in for a hard time.She leaned into me and I hugged her and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning we started early, after a long hug I took Gerda back to the stables.  We all had our showers and breakfast during which I was asked about the night with Gerda. Being a gentleman I said nothing but wonderful things of her, which happened to be true. Tom was in no way jealous, his relationship with Gerda was rock hard and would last the ages.  We discussed our plans for the day, and then put them into action. It took over an hour to get the girls exactly as we wanted them in the basement playroom, but once set up we were all very pleased with ourselves.

For sisters Mandy and Suzi, we had them suspended from the ceiling beams, facing each other a few feet apart. They were dressed identically in heavy rubber inflatable straightjackets with the supporting chains attached to D rings on reinforced horizontal straps and buckles at six inch intervals. Once inside, there was not an inch of wriggle room for them.

Mandy was upside down, her expressionless doll face and mouth at cock height and her legs spread wide, her exposed pussy gaping and vulnerable. Her sister was right side up but essentially identical, and her pussy, stretched by a spreader bar at her ankles was also vulnerable to abuse. She was suspended on steel coils giving her some buoyancy. Neither was blindfolded and could look across at each other’s fateful predicament.

Gerda was firmly strapped into what we had termed a milking frame. This devious structure had been designed by James, where the unfortunate occupant was trapped immovably within a contraption of tubular steel and rubber straps. Her torso was horizontal, her hand pulled behind her and cuffed to her corset, all supported by a cradle of straps and curved steel tubes. Her legs were vertical, stretched wide and strapped against vertical steel posts, her feet off the ground. Her head was raised and pulled back by a head harness and chin support, and a strap had been pulled back and attached to her corset so she now looked straight ahead, rather than down.

Her mouth was plugged with a thick cock gag pushed through her red rubber lips. Her bum (well used by me) had been plugged with a long butt plug, which I had applied, easing it into her, as I had done my cock only a few hours earlier. Her pussy was exposed and defenceless. Her nipples were receiving attention from two small milking suction cups and attached tubes, held in place by the reinforced rubber of the suit around her aureole. We had turned the pump on and now it was gripping and sucking her nipples as Gerda moaned through her gag, the only movement she could muster was a feeble wiggle of her feet.

Sophie would probably not forgive me for what I had thought up for her. And I thought that perhaps I would pay for it, when it was the girls’ turn on us. We had strapped her into the gyn/ob chair, her legs raised and spread, straps at strategic intervals – ankles, knees, thighs, wrists, elbows, chest and waist, and a final one across her forehead. All she could move were her fingers and toes! I had pulled her suit away from her breasts and slid underneath a four inch diameter shaped rubber pad with a hole in it. This was positioned around each breast, allowing her nipple to poke through and the suit re-positioned. The pad was then wired to a TENS unit. Then we repeated this with two rubber strips either side of her labia and under her suit. There wires were also attached to the TENS unit. She was not blindfolded, or gagged but stayed silent as we prepared her, her expressionless rubber doll face clamped to the headrest. And so for the next couple of hours until a late lunch, we leisurely shared our spoils, moving from one to the other as the mood took us.

It was rather like an old-fashioned dance, changing partners with a light tap on the shoulder, all very civilised. Early on we blindfolded them again. And they had to guess, for the 100th time who their partner was at any one time. As time rolled on and the grunts and groans got louder we gagged them again, always a very pleasant experience. Again we used inflatable gags, and I enjoyed pumping out Sophie’s rubber cheeks to the max. I think it was a bonus for both of us, the girls could scream their lungs out and we got a relative bit of peace. We had bought a batch of pencil vibrators and we each armed ourselves and approached our victims. Sophie mmmmphed and moaned, her feet and fingers waggling in a frenzy as I ran the vibrator over her clit, and the TENS units hummed over her breasts and labia, she was now dripping with her juices. When they were all aroused to the point of exhaustion it was time for a good fucking. It was interesting comparing the feel and grip of each of the girls, some were a touch tighter, and some wetter, but all it need not be said, were sublime.

I got pleasure from pulling Suzi onto my cock and then releasing her and allowing the spring coils to raise her to just the end of my cock. And then I pulled her down again, it was almost effortless. Mandy was fun too, as I slid my cock through her rubber lips and into her succulent mouth, at the same time pressing my face into her pussy. Poor Gerda was nearly being sucked dry by the milking tubes, but she was still wet as I leant against her thighs and slipped into her with ease and as I thrust in and out I could feel the butt plug close to my cock, a quite strange sensation for me, and no doubt Gerda.

I left dear Sophie for last, and now she actually was dripping. I spread my legs and pushed myself into her. I immediately felt the vibrations from the two TENS pads on either side of her labia - fun for me, but perhaps a cruel torture for her. Although efficiently silenced she still growled behind her gag. This was exquisite pain and pleasure, I knew she was in discomfort, perhaps even a bit of pain, but her body was also betraying her, the evidence of this being a small puddle on the floor between her thighs. We were bringing things to an end for the morning, and so before I was to come, I deflated her gag and pulled it out, then released her blindfold, and she saw who her tormentor was.

“Oh oh aaaah, you fucki…. aaahh.” And I clamped my rubber encircled lips on hers. I pinched her nipples and I could feel her convulse, but she was too far gone. With a high squeal she came. I withdrew, turned off the TENS unit, released her forehead strap and held her rubber head to my chest, stroking it. Having got her breath she whispered.

“Oh, oh you bastard, that was awful.” Which I thought was a bit cheeky, seeing her juices on the floor. I held her for a while longer.

“You wait till we have our turn.” She whispered with a chuckle.

I was phlegmatic about this now. The girls would have their day, or days, and they I’m sure would be very inventive. So it didn’t matter whatever we did to them, within reason of course – we had set the parameters I now figured we were in for it, so we might as well have some fun on the way, appealing to their sympathy would not work. And so we left them and went to lunch, later we would prepare some healthy smoothies for them, after all we had to keep their strength up.

We had a very leisurely lunch, although we were not getting bored - how could we be – after five days or so we were perhaps running out of ideas. It was mid-afternoon by the time we returned to the playroom and during lunch Pete had devised a game. We arranged our dolls, still in their tight black suits and mannequin masks, in a square facing each other, on all fours doggie style. Pete attached short chains to the rings on the sides of their steel collars so that they were two feet apart, in a tight square, facing inwards.

By now I think they had a pretty good idea what was to happen but said nothing, the emotionless expressions of the masks staring at each other, hiding everything. I had no idea who was who but after donning my condom took my place behind the closest kneeling doll. The other guys soon copied and so now we had the eight of us, friends all, in a tight square, ready to roll. Not much was said, as we each looked at each other and with an imperceptible nod we leaned forward and eased our cocks into our captive dolls. There was a short chorus of moans as we entered them and I gripped the hips of my beauty. I looked down and was happy to see mine was already wet, god these girls were incorrigible. This went on for a while, the girls whimpering quietly, I hoped with pleasure.

It had been part of the plan for all of us to come at the same time, a pretty hard feat to say the least. But with lots of head nodding and shaking and holding back we managed to do it, to a crescendo of grunts and groans, from the girls as well, I was gratified to see. We eased out and left to clean ourselves, leaving the girls still unable to move, kneeling, panting, their masked faces hiding any emotion staring into the eyes of the other. Like us, I assumed that they didn’t know who was who either, which I found both bizarre and amusing. We left them there for a while, Pete taking a sip of wine and saying.

“Well, near the end and the it’s our turn to be the subbies, not sure I’m looking forward to that, but a contract’s a contract, so big finale, or just cruise to the finish?”

“I think we should reserve our energies.” I said. “I have a feeling the girls have a few tricks up their sleeves. So I’m ready for a quiet bed down with a nice compliant rubber doll for the last couple of hours.”

“What a wimp.” James chortled. “Well you do as you wish, old mate, I have some last ideas for my rubber subbie.” He said with more than a twinkle in his eye.

“Each to his own.” I said. “So the changeover is midnight, I suppose, well have fun guys, I’m going to pick myself a juicy plum and take her upstairs for the rest of the evening.” I took an extra wine glass and a half bottle from the table and returned to the playroom. The girls had managed to rearrange themselves and were now kneeling with hands on thighs, but still in a tight square. They had been whispering amongst themselves but when I entered they went quiet and looked up at me. It was a bit eerie having four rubber masks staring at you, not knowing who was behind them. I was alone with them, four compliant rubber dolls, I felt a bit strange as I moved around them feeling their blank eyes following me. We had stopped using the throat spray for a while now, but none of them seemed in any way interested in saying anything, so I spoke.

“Hmm, well we’re on the home stretch now, I hope…. I really hope that you have had fun and it hasn’t been too, erm, strenuous.” I heard a quiet snigger from a doll; it had to be Gerda I figured, for surely this whole exercise over the five days had been a walk in the park. She was a very, very bad girl was Gerda.

It wasn’t that I felt I needed to ask for forgiveness, or act contrite, I just wanted to feel that it hadn’t all gone wrong and they had had as much fun as the guys had, but it seemed that they weren’t going to give anything away, as they remained silent. They knew of course that very soon they would have the whip hand, literally.

“Okay, suit yourselves, so,” I held up the bottle, “who wants to share this, and more, with me upstairs? I have no idea what the others have planned, but I’m pretty pooped. So a quiet, well relatively quiet night suits me.” The impassive faces stared at each other and then all of them, all of them, raised a hand. Well I was very touched, was it me they wanted to be with or perhaps the idea of a quiet end to the five days as rubber dolls compared with, well who knew what?

“Ha, hmm, well thank you ladies, I’m flattered but I think it’s better the devil, and his works, you know than the one you don’t, so I suppose…. I’ll have to choose, and an impossible task. So….. eany, meany miney..” And so I continued until I picked my dolly. I detached her collar chain from the rest and she rose silently and took the bottle from my hand, then looked up to me with her inscrutable rubber face and placed her hand behind my head pulling me close to her and kissed me hard through her tight rubber lips. The others silently watched as she took my rampant cock, which I had not returned back behind the rubber suit, in her rubber-covered hand and gently led me, yes led me upstairs.

For me the last hour or so was a gentle, loving session, which I hoped my dolly enjoyed it as much as I did. I tried to detect who it may be, Gerda perhaps or, I hoped, Sophie but she remained coyly silent, playing her little game, and me getting the feeling that in fact it was she that was in command and not me. Nonetheless we sipped on the wine as we lay on the rubber sheets. I kneaded her wonderful tits under their rubber casing and kissed her hard through her drum tight mask, while she unzipped my crotch and my hard cock sprung out. She sucked on me expertly and tantalisingly, this had to be my Sophie. We took our time, knowing very soon that the tables would be turned and after a very protracted foreplay she laid back and I stared into her expressionless face as I entered her. Our two rubber bodies were now as one, just the squeaking of rubber on rubber and the gentle sighing of my partner being the only sounds.

The time whipped by in a blur and all too soon I saw the time on the bedside clock was approaching midnight. We were all to meet downstairs for the “transfer” from dom to sub and vice versa. She took my hand and we stood, hot and a little sticky, leaning against each other. In a few minutes, the tables would be turned and we would change rooms, the guys now in the guest stables and the girls in the main house.

I heard her give a quiet chuckle, perhaps she was thinking the same as I was. We were no doubt in for a torrid time as their rubber playthings; they had clearly taken the challenge to heart with their extensive shopping campaign of latex gear and other “goodies”, and now they were to use all their skills and imagination on us.

She laid her hand round my waist as we descended to the living room and our role change. The next days would be an intoxicating cocktail of pleasure….and possibly pain. But having been top dog for a long while although I was a bit nervous I was quite looking forward to having my masochistic desires fulfilled.

But that, as they say, is a story to be told at another time……


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