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Kate's Going to Sea

by Druid5

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© Copyright 2016 - Druid5 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF+/ff; MF/f; bond; hogtie; gag; toys; cruise; club; latex; vaccube; display; hood; inflate; sendep; tease; torment; climax; cons; X

Kate sat looking at the brochure, she had never been on a cruise before and the glossy pictures were making her regret that now. She had met Simon a year ago in a club and they had connected straight away. Simon was very much a free spirit and his small amount of personal items had merged into her flat with ease. He didn't need much as for months at a time he worked as an entertainer on board ships. The first time he had been away from her was hard, she had been lonely and bored without his little jokes and laughter. They had spoken daily but it lacked any passion that had cemented their romance. She had in the end had a couple of one night stands without his knowledge, they had been satisfying but we're nothing like him, and the guilt had just built up in the back of her mind. The first night Simon had come home they had spent the entire night together. She had eventually told him the truth and though he was hurt he quickly forgave her, she had been honest and 4 months was an eternity. Besides he could hardly criticise when he had entertained a couple of ladies in his cabin while away.

From that point they had made the most of all the time together before his next deployment. They also began to experiment in various new ways, Simon had brought some rope in one night and Kate had ended up hogtied for the night. Strange at first, she had been uncomfortable and the rope dug into her skin. However when Simon had moved her knees apart to place a vibrator right below her clit, the mood began to lighten. She had wriggled and twitched as the plastic vibrated, at the same time Simon had begun running a finger gently down her spine causing her to bend back even more pushing her clit down onto the vibe.

She had been so close to a huge orgasm when he pulled the toy clear and left her on the edge. She rocked and fought her binds but without success, Simon even had to use a pillow to block out her screams and curses. After she had calmed down he opened up her legs and again pushed the toy up to her clit, but this time he pushed a pair of her knickers into her mouth using the excess rope to hold it in. When she cursed him for taking away the toy early this time, her cries were muffled, no worries about the neighbours. Only on the fifth cycle of this did Simon begin to massage her moist pussy with his other hand, while unzipping his trousers. Finally as she was building up to a climax, he began to slip his hard member in and out. Both hit a huge climax at the same time, all Kate had to do was recall the moment and she could feel herself getting wet.

Their play had become more varied and exciting, Simon had turned out to be quite inventive as well as finding new toys. Not every attempt was a success, Kate’s first experience of anal play had been too much for her, the plug Simon had got was quite large and even lubed it had stung. It was many weeks before they had tried again, the next time was easier, Simon produced an inflatable plug, and it was easy to push in before it was inflated to the edge of comfort. Now Kate didn't think twice about it, it wasn't uncommon for her to be tied up with all three holes plugged in some way. She thought about the drawer of toys under the bed, she had never thought that so many could exist, even now she had a pair of knickers on that held a remote controlled vibrator, except the control was wireless and linked to a phone app. At the press of a button Simon could change any of the settings, it was off at the moment as he knew she would want to concentrate on the choice at hand.

Simon had been at his practice sessions before the next cruise and had announced that there was a new opening in the crew team and that his manager had offered Kate first refusal. It would be as a performance artist in a club on ship, she had the body for it helped by her close attention to lifestyle. She wouldn't even need any prior training. She would have jumped straight in however the offer was more than a single sailing, it was a full permanent position. True her current job wasn't as exciting, but it was steady and well paid. And she had always thought of club dancing one step away from some of the lap dancing clubs down the end of her row of houses, and she could never see herself as one of them. She may have made sure to look after her body but she was still very self conscious, groups of people eyeing up every detail was very different to showing off to Simon.

She walked over to the wall mirror on the other side of the room, she was on a day off and had been in no hurry to dress, she was just in a satin bra and knickers set. Her skin was pale, too many days in an office for getting a tan, she was tall with long legs that had a nice slender shape though curves showed where her gym sessions had paid off. Moderate hips created a pleasing hourglass shape, good childbirth hips her mum had always said, though children had never entered her life plans so far. Her underwear flowed round her rear, a slight bulge at the back where part of the receiver was held. Round the front a leaf shaped pad hid the dormant device that could tear into life at any time, her slender pants revealed the edges of her shaven lips. Kate ran her hands up her thighs and gave a little shudder, continuing up to her chest, her stomach was tight and slim showing the muscles below, her breasts were not the biggest but they curved out well, they were certainly large enough for Simon to wrap the base of each in rope turning them purple. She fondled her mid length blonde hair, she had thought of dying it, she wasn't a typical blonde and hated the stereotype but Simon liked it and talked her out of any change.

She rocked forward holding onto the mirror as below the vibrator suddenly kicked in, he always seemed to know when she was just day dreaming, still it was better than excusing yourself from an office meeting as your pants begin to force you into an orgasm. Never again had she allowed her phone to be in range if she was in a meeting. Then again the crowded train home one night had been another trying time. She was only glad the wet patch hadn't shown on her dress when she got off while in a tunnel.

She hobbled back over to the table with the magazine and began to look through again while one hand began to explore inside her pants.

An hour later she threw herself into the shower, the wet pants on the floor and a completed job form on the table, though the handwriting was a little haphazard. It would be a scary few weeks as she finished at the office and threw away all her training and qualifications to follow Simon. In the end it was getting to spend all her time with him that had tipped the balance for her. Several contracts were signed and sent off and the big day soon came round. Her work threw a big party for her leaving, Mark had been particularly sad, she knew he had feelings for her but she just didn't feel the same way. Maybe if she hadn't met Simon things may have developed between them. Still no good looking back now. She cleared her desk and left it all in her flat. Waiting that night at home a parcel had come with a few pieces of clothing from the entertainment company ready for the next day. Over the Internet she modelled the very small garments for Simon who approved very much, it was a maroon coloured set, a bikini top with matching pants, but made from latex. She had a couple of latex items herself, gift's from Simon, but they were a far cry from being a uniform. The enclosed plans told her to wear the garment for her first day of training tomorrow under her casual clothing.

The next day Kate showered and changed into a shirt and jeans, under which her new underwear gave the occasional squeak. She looked in the mirror and noticed how the latex colour stood out under the white blouse, she couldn't worry about that though, soon she would have a lot more on show. The training centre was an hour away and she was already warm under her new garments, sweat building under the latex. The centre was just a set of hired rooms, she met some of the land team, the rest already out at sea. She was given the normal safety talks and basic service training before entering a studio with mirrors all the way down. A small red head ordered her to strip off and stand in front. Kate nearly turned the same shade as her uniform as she stripped off her clothes in front of this stranger.

Carla was fiery in her temper and Kate was bossed around through exercises and movements to assess her for what training she may need. Kate’s problem was not looks, in that department she excelled but her job would be to mingle with ships passengers and help them enjoy their experience. Though none of her papers actually explained what the entertainment was in the club on the ship. From her sessions Carla was stuck, Kate would be brilliant on the team, but she couldn't dance, struggled to get across the appearance of a seductive walk and had a poor repertoire of sexy lines for mingling. The solution was to offer Kate a role that was more static, the training focusing solely on striking a sexy pose.

It was only a week later Kate was on a flight to meet the ship in a port on the Mediterranean islands. The ship was a smaller vessel but still larger than any Kate had been on, she was surprised at the people getting on and off as she queued up to board. She imagined lots of old couples and well off single tourists. This ship seemed to be a floating Ibiza, clearly a party cruise. Simon was there to meet her on the walkway and she flung her arms around him as they met, happy to have him there on her first few steps into a new world.

The first night was just an orientation evening and Simon had permission to show her round making up his hours later. The ship had huge rooms dedicated to clubbing, discos, casinos, it was one big Vegas on water. She felt a lot less nervous as she passed all manner of women all dressed in skimpy bikinis and men in shorts. No wonder Simon loved this place. The shops on board sold all manner of drinks and items, some she realised were in a bag she brought from home. Clearly part of the pleasure cruise happened back in cabins. It certainly did for Kate and Simon as they made out several times, the rocking of the ship a strange addition to the mix.

The next day Kate was introduced to the team in Simon’s club, they had some team building exercises which were both fun and silly, at one point they brought out twister and Kate ended up with her head stuck between Simon’s thighs, not the first time, but different in public. Then from the back room the team leader began breaking off groups to set up for the evening. It was left to Becky to take Kate away and show her her role for the evening. First they both changed out of their clothes leaving only matching latex bra and thong, Becky was barely holding in her large breasts in the bra, it looked like she would burst out at any moment, jiggling about as she moved.

From a set of drawers Becky produced two matching leaf shapes, Kate knew instantly what it was as one was currently sat in her cabin, Becky explained the staff used remote vibrators to issue instructions to staff as they would never hear over the music, it was just a few simple changes in tempo or ferocity that Kate would answer to, it would take practice but it made nights more interesting. Kate slid the small device down into her thong front where a small clip held it slightly on show at either side. Becky placed her own and touched a button on the wall panel, instantly a short burst of power hit Kate enough to make her stagger.

Next the pair headed out into the club floor. It was much like what she had expected apart from some of the furniture. Some of the tables had cutouts in stools, for people's heads to be locked into at crotch height Becky explained, it was a club with a number of fetishes accounted for. Kate was reassured that the stools were for different employees, each color uniform said what customers could expect them to do and what could be requested of them. So the green latex sets belonged to a group who were more akin to sex slaves, they could be ordered to do a range of sexual acts

Kate had never liked the colour green and was relieved to be wearing maroon. Close to the stage there were several raised areas for dancers including poles but on two of them were sat strange rectangular pipes. Becky introduced Kate to her first look at the new latex fashion, the vac cube, or more specifically here the vacuum tower. A latex sheet would surround a plastic pipe box, then when all the air is sucked out it leaves the person inside completely immobilised, and because it's a cube it can stand up unaided rather than a horizontal vac bed of old. It was these that Becky and Kate would be using tonight, rather than the metal cages she had been introduced to at the studio. Clearly this was what Carla had meant by Kate not needing to move around much.

Becky turned to Kate and asked her if she wanted to try it out now, intrigue got the better of Kate and she was soon climbing in through the open flap. Unlike the tall one for later this vac cube was just that a standard cube, in front of her a small opening took a fair amount of force to squeeze her head through, it felt like the cube was giving birth to her. With a slight pop the latex slid over her ears and snapped back in round her neck. Behind her Becky zipped up the latex sheet and inserted the non leak pole slider. Now even if she changed her mind it would be impossible to break out from inside. Being an active room the space could not have trailing wires all over so a powerful pump ran through pipes in the floor, short retracting hoses would seal the device before a second pole slip sealed the inlet leaving an airtight seal.

With the flap shut Kate could feel the air around her body warming up, but at the same time it felt draughty, all around the latex had begun to close in on her, as the air was removed. Unable to turn her head, Kate could only go by feel to tell what was going on, positioned on all fours she could feel the latex begin to curve round her knees and hands heading up, it was a strange feeling, like someone was slowly massaging her thighs from knee to crotch, a short while later and suddenly the latex was pressing all round her rear, a gentle pressure from all sides growing and coating her body. She felt herself gyrating her rear against the coating feeling it's ever increasing grip, at the front her hands were now immobilised under the latex, the layer beginning now to creep over her breasts, she felt a little disappointed she had kept her underwear on as the feeling would be so sensual if it was all on her naked skin.

Still at least it held back some of the moisture gathering in her crotch. The final moments the latex was really quick, the last of the air taken with little warning, Kate's body now completely coated and held in an iron grip. She wriggled and flexed but couldn't move more than the material would allow, she felt both safe and vulnerable at the same time. Becky didn't need to ask how she felt, the huge grin gave that one away. Becky walked round behind and knelt down out of sight, her own fetish of tickling meant it was too good an opportunity to pass up. She placed a finger on the exposed heel and drew it down gently. Inside the cube it was sending waves of senses crazy for Kate, she tried to move her feet away from the torturous motions but the latex just held her in place, she couldn't help but let out a giggle as fingers began to move up her legs and feet, she was ticklish all over and the latex just enhanced the feeling. 

Soon she was bucking around screaming in hysterics drawing laughter from staff setting out equipment around the room. Kate was writhing around when her back felt a familiar torture, a lone finger running the length of her back. Yet she couldn't turn her head round enough to see him, she knew Simon must be there. Now the bucking got even more extreme as two pairs of hands ran along her body furiously tickling away. Then after a minute they stopped, though Kate’s body still jerked on for a short time. Simon and Becky had a few more tricks to share with Kate.

Panting and unsteady she was glad the latex was holding her up or she'd have collapsed to the floor from all that. Then her view of the room began to move upwards, she could feel her whole body tipping backwards as her tormentors tipped the cube onto its side with her back now vertical but still held in a kneeling position. Kate could see more around her except the latex hid most detail from view, what was less comforting was Simon and Becky were still behind her out of sight. Then from nowhere her crotch lit up as the vibrator pad jumped into life. It was left on with short sharp bursts, supposed to be the signal to head backstage, Kate was just hanging, her hips swinging in and out with the rhythm.

From her position she could see dozens of workers, tickling was one thing, but public orgasm was definitely not what Kate wanted, that was private, intimate, not something to share with the world. Her face began to turn red like her bra, she would punish Simon for this. Then the cube lurched again, Simon and Becky appeared at either side of her and began to tip the cube backwards again, Kate was now upside down, held on all fours with hands and legs stuck up to the ceiling, at the same time her hips were bucking as the vibrations kept coming, her spasms more violent than before, but the pair didn't keep her there long they made one last rotation so her head was now underneath the cube, the blood began to run to her head and she could feel a buzzing in her ear.

She had been upside down before, at home her flat door had chips in the paint where a spreader bar had held her open for Simon to lick and fondle while she had sucked him off. This was different though, she wasn't held nice and straight she was still kneeling and her brain was not happy about what was such an unnatural feeling. Though at this point her arousal was the main element in her mind. For a moment she was tilted slightly as Simon’s arms appeared to push something soft into her lips, she gasped and felt the ball gag slip past her teeth followed by the feeling of a strap behind her neck before the cube levelled again.

The latex in its inwards angled shape hid her face from the world, and she slightly relaxed into the feeling of being pleasured in this room. Kate knew Simon would only gag her if he intended to go all the way, he knew how loud she could be at climax. Outside her prison hands began to fondle her, Simon was gently kneading her arse cheeks and clit as Becky played with her nipples, both with hands and tongue. Kate was in a moment of bliss and when she came she screamed into her gag as she felt the best ever orgasm she had ever felt, such was it's power that she blacked out.

Kate awoke on her back, still inside the cube but the vacuum had been released and it was all back to a square, she could feel herself in a damp puddle, a mix of sweat and her own juices, a cold blast of air woke her up more as Becky undid the zip and folded back the opening. Her head was sat in Simon’s lap, his hand stroking back her hair, the gag removed she gave him a smile. It took both Simon and Becky to lift Kate’s limp body and walk her to the showers. After a good soak and towelling she was left to nap on a sofa. If this was her new job it was going to be a floating paradise.

Evening came around and the music started playing some fast paced club anthems as people began to enter into the room, every few minutes a couple of the crew would head out to entertain, Simon gave Kate some encouragement for her first night both verbal and alcoholic, then Becky came to walk with her out into the stages. The two vac cubes were in the same place though each had three male attendants to help the girls into their places, the two girls split and walked over to their own cubes. Looking round Kate could see the place was full, people were dancing and drinking, all around there were various entertainment stages, girls swinging round on poles, muscular men showing off to groups of women, a pair of women in full latex cat suits were being cheered on as they caressed each other. In amongst the crowd she could see one or two of the girls who had been preparing in back with their green bikini outfits walking through the crowd, they had picked up a couple of male followers and we're heading to some private back rooms.

Close to the cube one of the men beckoned to her and she saw it was Simon. She realised that her nerves were getting to her and she chose to focus on Simon not the crowd. The transparent latex opening was being held open for her and after a smile from Simon she gently pushed her way in, straight away she was separated from the watchers by the latex, while it remained loose it hid her from them, but it was only temporary, she knelt down and slowed her breathing, her heart was pounding in her chest, for a moment she regretted this whole change of career, but it was a little late to back out now, her public as she chose to call them was out there waiting.

She closed her eyes and began to push her head through the thin hole and into the waiting hands of Simon, he gave her cheek a rub with his thumb while behind her the men closed up the seals. At the other side Becky had already been sealed up but they had waited to vacuum the pair at the same time, Becky was grinning across, the way her eyes kept darting about it was clear someone was playing with her vibrator, so she could wasn't surprised when her own began to hum lightly, just a gentle touch to heighten her arousal. The hoses were hooked up and Kate got herself into her kneeling position.

The suction was rapidly reducing the room she had to move, Simon was clearly aroused by her situation, his member all too obvious in tight latex Shorts. She remembered the first time he'd worn something like that in front of her, the memories of that night and the positions they had tried brought a new flush to her cheeks, in a moment of sexual madness she decided to change her position. Instead of kneeling she moved her knees, backsliding so her chest was on the latex bottom, she reached back and managed to grip her feet forcing her back to arch in a hogtied position, it was slightly easier with the latex resisting to manoeuvre, once the latex had been sucked in enough to prevent her legs flipping back she brought her arms down crossing them behind her back, her knees she wriggled until they were spread apart, she wasn't sure if she would regret her choice but it was too late, the latex was now in the final stage of coating her body, her legs were encased on all sides, the sheet below pulling her body upwards to meet the top sealing her arms behind her back and compressing her breasts almost flat. Simon just grinned, she was a natural.

Across the way Becky was also now completely immobilised, she had been unable to see through the latex before, but now it was taught against skin it was completely clear and Becky smiled at Kate’s sudden inspiration, she also sympathised with how agonising it would be after so long in the cube, Becky had also chosen to go for a different position, rather than kneel she had used the poles to keep her feet at each corner and pushed her round arse into the air, as the latex had closed in, her legs had bent in slightly but the bottom latex had risen to support her, it left her arse more exposed and like Kate, her splits also left her crotch fully accessible. Becky had also given up her attempts to hold her breasts in a bra and it was lying next the cube, her position meant they weren't quite as crushed in like Kate’s and coupled with their size it meant the latex underneath had two large bulbous curves, the tops of the breasts facing Kate were also quite visible, she wasn't a lesbian but the sight was making Kate much wetter in her pants.

One of the men had brought a mask round and began to feed Becky’s bright orange ponytail into the gap of a breather mask, as it went in her contagious smile followed and soon her head vanished, only a tube for breathing remained, with a small tube at the back for some other reason. Before she could figure that one out she felt Simon bunching up her own hair, he had the same mask in his hands for her. It was thick rubber and had a breather tube that he now began to offer to her mouth, she looked at him with slight unease, he reassured her saying it would help drown out some of the noise and make her other senses come alive, with little choice she gripped the plastic tube in her mouth as he slid the rubber down and over her head securing it in place.

The mask had no eye holes so Kate was plunged into darkness, all the sounds of the club were reduced though not completely. It meant she was feeling the music through her body rather than hear it. Then a noise revealed the purpose of the small tube, it was an inflation tube. Around her head the hissing of air filled the void, the material clenching a little while it filled outwards first. It wasn't long before the bladder was getting full and the sides began to press in on her, her ears pushed in painfully, this was one device she had never experienced at home and she was afraid it would hurt her or prevent her breathing. Just when it got uncomfortable the hiss stopped and all went quiet. Inflated the air just stopped all noise.

She was immobilised and now without sight or hearing. All she had left was feel. And her crotch reminded her of its attachment, the remote vibrator was now pulsing happily, her clit was being massaged and it felt good. So good she just grunted when her latex world turned backwards, she was tipped so her head was now looking out from above, her crotch now faced the crowded room, opposite Becky was also tipped so it now looked like she was trying to cuddle anyone in front of her, her crotch flexing like Kate’s in time with the vibrator.

The next feeling Kate had was of something massaging her body, not hands but cloths, they were polishing the latex up to shine with her inside. She could imagine Simon and the others wiping all over her body, they spared her no area, someone was focusing solely on her breasts, giving them both a good circular rubbing, the others continued until the cube shone before returning to some detailed areas, one began to slowly rub up and down on her crotch, the feeling in there growing, meanwhile another had returned to her arse and was rubbing down her cheeks as well as running fingers down her outlined crack. They began to rub harder and faster, Kate’s body was rocking all over, she thrust her hips into the hands outside and the feeling grew and grew until she felt the spasms break inside as she came in front of hundreds of people. The hands left her quivering body and she felt the cube lifted and moved, beyond that she cared little still riding the feeling of pleasure as she groaned into the tube.

The cubes had both orgasmed together to applause, before each was lifted onto a section of dance floor, there the cubes could be handled by the onlookers watched closely by the attending staff.

In her latex enclosure Kate was aware of being fondled numerous times, some on her breasts others more intimately, however the mask meant it was just more hands, and she simply withdrew into her own little world, the vibrator kept her at the height of climax as the hands kept her cuming time and time again. It was near the end of her shift when the world she was in was shattered, something cold hit the top of her breasts and neck, someone had poured an ice slush into the top of the latex where it settled right on the side of her neck, the sudden change made her thrash about in shock, but the cold wouldn't stop. She tried to thrust out her chest but it hurt her shoulders with her arms behind her back, it only made her aware of the aches starting to kick in there and her knees, not from supporting her but just being locked in place.

It must have sparked something as the next hands she felt had begun to slap her arse cheeks, not excessive but enough to cause her to jump about as much as the latex would stretch, as she couldn't tell when one would land, she had to tense her cheeks together only making them more of an appealing target. Her torment went on for ages, the ice melting on her front leaving a puddle that waved with her every moment sloshing away and back over her breasts. Below her crotch didn't escape either as a piece of solid ice was pressed into it, the sudden cold causing her to thrust backwards into the slap on her arse. She went back and forth as the cold and impact of ice and flesh provided a violent reaction from her hips, and yet she still found herself climaxing to it, even when more ice was brought and everyone began to rub her down with it.

She writhed with pleasure and anguish as the cold blocks slid across her skin, she climaxed a final time before her head began to nod, she couldn't take much more, she was burnt out. The attendants knew the signs and both girls were lifted encased back onto their platforms. After another feeling of flying Kate was relieved to feel the mask begin to recede, the air being let out gently to give her ears time to adjust. Slowly the rubber was slid over her head, sweat dripping down her face. The lights around the platform were dimmer and her eyes could adapt quickly, Simon held her chin up smiling at her, whatever he was saying was far away and Kate was struggling just to stay awake.

Behind Simon, she could see Becky’s hair tumble back down her head as it came free from the mask, she was panting deeply, clearly just recovering from another orgasm. Kate could see the men undoing the seals and the vac cube and at the same time the pressure against her own body began to relax, she gingerly unclenched her fists and slowly brought her arms round to remain limp at her side, it was her legs that took the longest to be freed of the latex grip, even when it did release her, her legs could only rest upright against the side of the cube due to its size.

Her team undid the seal and carefully let her legs slide out, they gave her a moment to recover as Simon ducked his head in to restore her modesty noticing her arms had dragged her bra down, he cupped her breast in his hand as he gently pushed it back into its latex cup, for good measure he squeezed it a little so she knew he was there before they began to push her head through its gap, she was far too weak to help so Simon pulled from the inside as another man pushed from outside, her head came through with a plop and he rested it down on the floor. She laid in a pool of her own juices while Simon got a towel to dry her off a little, despite fans in the floor the cubes were very warm inside especially with this length of use.

When she was suitable the men pulled her out and up from her captivity and they held her upright between them, both girls were flagging and the men quickly brought them to the stage edge, bowed to great applause, more so with the way Becky's free breasts swung out from her chest. The girls were then helped away, one man picking up Becky’s bra on the way back.

Backstage the teams helped both girls into a small room, inside a hot tub sat waiting with muscle relaxing chemicals added to help their sore limbs. The teams began placing inflatable grips to both girls necks so even if they fell asleep they would be held above the water to breath. Slowly both girls were slid into the pool and left to soak, their vibrators had been turned off and they could just soak away and rest. Kate could feel the warm water already easing up her shoulders, she floated around before her hand found Becky’s, they held hands and smiled both still coming down from such a great high. Kate couldn't speak but Becky knew her look, she had only been here a week and still wore the same smile of wonder. How had they ever done anything else with their lives. If this was her first day Kate couldn't wait for the rest to come round, well maybe she could soak a little longer first.

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