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Housewives New Hobby

by Rubberking

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Warning: this story is intended for Adults only and should not be read by persons under eighteen years of age or the age of consent in whatever state or country you reside in. This story contains extremely graphic depictions of alternative sexualities including aspects of; Rubber fetish, vaginal, oral and anal sex, B&D, S&M, power exchange and homosexuality (ff, mm, group sex Ect.) and should not be construed to be anything other than a work of fiction. I.E. don't try this at home folks! Warning: this story and characters and storyline are copyrighted by the author and should not be used without the authors consent. Feedback is always appreciated.


Roberta Teagarden sat sipping her hot coffee, watching the neighborhood through the glass of the atrium and sighed unhappily.

Her husband Tom had called from the office again to say he was working late and she suspected he was doing more than just figuring up peoples taxes, this was the third time this week and it was only Friday. She had known about his philandering ways when she had married him, Hell, she liked to sleep around too once and awhile, but she thought this was ridiculous. She knew if this kept up, either he would divorce her or she would have to put a stop to him fucking around at work. Either way she was going to have to gain the upper hand. He hadn't screwed her in two weeks and she was getting stir crazy and her vibrator had conked out last night just as she was starting to have a really nice feeling grab ahold of her and right then it died, she wasn't a happy camper.

There was a chime as the doorbell sounded and she just waved in her next-door neighbor Cynthia Ryan and barely looked up at her in her funk, undeterred, Cy plopped down opposite her and said cheerily. "Hi Bobby, whatcha doing moping around for? How about we get out of the house and go shopping, that'll cheer ya up, don't ya think?"

Bobby gave Cy a withering look, as if this twenty-eight year old chippie with her Nordic good looks and swelling bust knew what it was like trying to keep an oversexed man like Tom from trying on the local talent. Her husband Kyle was a brain dead ex-football player cum male underwear model for Christ's sake! She knew her drooling lap dog would come faithfully home after bearing his sheathed genitals for all the women to admire as they shot hundreds of pictures of his muscle bound but well built body and be content with whatever she wanted to do to him. She had seen through their window one night as Cy stood crushed inside a tight leather outfit and tall spike heeled boots towering over him, whipping his ass until Bobby could see the blood running down his thighs and still he adoringly licked her friends shaved clean, pink pussy eagerly enough as she had ground his big cock under one of her heels until it shot his spent seed all over her boots, then Cy had made him lick it up. It had made Bobby feel excited and uneasy to watch their neighbor's antics and she had cum really well that night with Tom. But, she couldn't do anything like that could she?

Maybe that was part of the answer! No she couldn't bring herself to that level just to keep her marriage and besides, she didn't know the first thing about kinky stuff. She was a good northwestern farm girl, they took their liquor strong and their women upright, staid and they didn't do perversions like these Californians seemed to like to do. Oh, she wasn't a prude by any means; she sucked or fucked the odd man or woman here or there. Sex was a gift from god and meant to bring his creatures pleasure, she didn't believe in the swindling preachers that traveled the church circuit or have boring TV shows, but she did have some religion that guided her life and kinky stuff had never been a part of that before.

May be she should go right to the source.

"Cy, can I ask you something personal?" she asked, unsure herself where this was going to lead.

"Sure! Ask away."

"Cy I saw you one time through the window. Doing something with Kyle and I had never seen anything like it before and I wanted I... I wanted to know why you were doing that to him? I could see you both liked it and you looked really hot and sexy in that leather costume you were wearing. I just wanted to know more about it, that's all."

Cy at first reacted as if slapped, her head snapped back and Bobby wondered if she had gone too far, asked too much of her friendship.

Then Cy relaxed and putting her head down smiled shyly, looking at her and then away as she said in a clear voice. "What you saw was me dominating Kyle, right? And I haven't worn the leather outfit in several weeks so it was a while back, am I right? Well, don't ask me to apologize, 'cuse I won't! Kyle and me have played like that since before we met. We both enjoy bondage games and S&M in our relationship, I love the feel of the power exchange when I take command of his body and soul and take him places that bind him to me for as long as I wish to keep him there. It feels like nothing so much as the utter possession of another human being. He is mine to command, he obeys me and I rock his world, or he leaves and I find another to take his place. I like it when he takes me too, sometimes he's the master and I'm the slave and my body becomes molten and wet for him and his touch, it's the most tender feelings combined with the most sexual power I've ever experienced. I'm proud of who I am and I don't expect you to understand us. But, please, don't spread it around or move away because we like great sex. All right Bobby? And I'll tell you anything you want to know ok?"

Bobby held her hands up, palms out and cried. "Whoa trigger! I didn't mean to sound like I was judging you or anything like that, so don't get you're hackles up, I didn't mean anything by it. I was just curious, that's all. I'm having a problem with Tom and I was grasping at straws. But, please tell me. That looked really painful, you grinding his dick under your boot-heel like that, why would he like you to do that anyway?"

Cy's smile softened her sharp angular face and she laughed out loud, clasping her palms over her mouth before dropping them to her lap, saying. "Ha ha ha! That was a good night! Kyle has developed a high threshold for pain and he gets masochistic pleasure from such abuse, he came on my boot as I remember. Well, how do you describe the indescribable? In domination, the giving of ones mate to the other or to strangers for their sexual pleasure gives the given one, called the slave, bottom or submissive pleasures by having their mistress or master, or top or dominator take total control of their abilities to have sex or pleasure and to lead them in an almost spiritual journey, where the dominate also receives pleasure from having the services of the submissive for their own gratifications. There's also an element of homeovestism for the women, they get to dress the part of their partner's most perverse fantasies and that's fun as hell! I thought I looked like a succubus that night, didn't you say you thought I looked the part?"

They both chuckled at that and Bobby went and got them a coke apiece and sat back down. "And so you both get your rocks off and everybody's happy? I don't buy that." She said, making her statement softer with a grin.

Cy pulled a cigarette from her pocket and lit it up, then said airily. "It makes the world go 'round. I'm sure we could make Tom tow the line if you wanted to learn about it. I'll give you the short course for free, Whatta ya say Bobby? It could wind up being great fun? I'm going out shopping now, want to come along? Do you know that Kyle says that Tom has a thing for rubber bondage? Want to rock his world and make sure he dumps that hussy from work? Why don't you give it a try, you might find you like it as well? Didn't you tell me you used to get turned on when Tom used to spank you once and awhile? That means you liked the flood of endorphins from the stinging of the blows and who knows? You might take to this better than me even, it'll be such fun, come on! You aren't chicken! Are you?" Cy reached across the table and poked a tickling finger into Bobbie's ribs, she had always been terribly ticklish and the jib had the desired effect, she laughed and squealed until Cy quit and she calmed down.

"Ok, let's do it. Toms not coming home anyway and we can pick up some wine while we're out all right? Good." She said and responded to Cy's nod as they grabbed their purses and locked up.

The place was downtown, in the club district. The sign over the dark brick storefront read: INNER WORLDS LTD.

Inside was a young woman behind a desk in a closed off area that greeted them cordially and led Bobby through the curtains into a warehouse sized room full of clothes and mannequins and displays showed off the strange wares. There was clothing made of leather, rubber in may styles and colors and plastic and the usual but more risqué kinds of lingerie that you couldn't find except in places like this anymore. She blushed as they passed by a case full of dildo's, whips and restraints of various kinds and other blatantly sexual devices for both men and women and the woman took Bobby to a changing room and asked her to disrobe.

A little frightened, she slowly took off her workout togs and underwear. The woman was quick and efficient, using a tape measure and a small note pad to take all kinds of measurements from her shoe size that she checked with a shoe store sizer to measurements of her face and head as well, jotting them down until she was finished and rising asked her. "Now, what would you like to try on? Perhaps you would like to browse a little before you try anything. This is a closed store, if you wish to walk around bare, no one will see or say anything."

A cry from Cy came across the room. "Rubber! She needs rubber and latex to enslave her husband with! And high-heels as well, get her some tall boots to try on. She'll like that!"

Bobby and the woman snickered and the saleslady said. "All right, rubber it is! Do you want a particular color or would he prefer simple black like most men do?"

"Black is fine, I guess? I don't know anything about what I'm doing here anyway. How can rubber clothes get a man so that he doesn't play around on you too much and remembers where he's supposed to use that thing anyway?"

The woman brayed with snorting laugher, then calming down said amusedly. "Honey, if you show up dressed like a sexual goddess and fuck him half to death all the time, he won't have anything left for the other woman and will come home where he knows he belongs, and after that, you can use it to keep his eyes from straying by being more woman than most of those silly bitches out there and soon enough, he won't even bother looking around anymore. Your friend sounds like she knows the score, listen to her and you'll wind up on top and get more kicks than you ever have dreamed about before, trust me hon. I tell you what, look around, get yourself something as a ladies home companion and I'll pick out something guaranteed to knock his socks off, how about that? Be back in a few minutes, have fun." Then she strode of purposefully up an aisle and disappeared into the back of the store.

Self-consciously, she hugged her arms around her bust and wandered up towards the case she had seen on the way in. her mind boggled at the size and to the purposes of some of the things in that case. It seemed to draw her like a moth as she touched the surface of the glass, yanking it back as if stung. Then forcing herself to put her hands on the clear surface as she gazed inside.

There were dildos and vibrators in sizes from tiny finger-like vibes that would fit in your closed fist to ones ranging up to at least a foot and a half long and bigger than she could wrap both hands around, dildo's with double and triple shafts sat beside one that had to be fully three feet tall and had thick bands around the increasing sizes of the four inches at the top and plate sized at the base, no human being could take that and live could they? There were rubber and latex strap-on's of all sizes and she found herself staring at several pairs of rubber pants, one pair had a dildo and a butt-plug molded inside, one had twin rubber sleeves that she guessed went inside the wearer, another had a molded strap-on as well as one inside and a butt plug and little nubs and fingers as well around the clit area. She wanted them all. They looked like fun!

She saw as well, men's rubber pants with a sheath for his equipment and a butt plug also and one pair had little inflatable bulbs hanging between the legs too. There were penis cages to keep him from getting erect and belted on sleeves that would vibrate and suction devices that would make him cum over and over until they were cut off.

She saw breast stimulators and manipulators and little wheels with needle sharp spikes. The whips were easy enough to figure out, same thing with the paddles, canes other painful looking devices. She shuddered, unsure if it was fear or lust that made her shake in the warm building. She definitely would like to try out some of this stuff if she could make Tom stay home more often, and if not, she would have plenty of fun by herself, maybe Cy would like to play around a little? Bobby bet she would at that.

She leapt a foot when the saleslady spoke from over her shoulder. "Would you like to try something from the "pleasure chest?"

"Whoa, you scared me there. Uh, yes I think I'd like all of these rubber shorts here and tell me about these devices if you would be so kind. Kind of embarrassing, isn't it?" she blurted out.

"No, not at all. These things are designed to stimulate the human body, there's nothing wrong or shameful about that is there?" from there she went on and after a lengthy explanation, she got Bobby several items and some vibes and several dildo's as well, this lady sure did know her customers! Eventually, she put her workout togs back on and wondered if all this trouble was worth it, she hoped so.

Bobby wanted to get back to the house and so the sales lady said if anything didn't fit, just bring it back and tossed in a big bottle of a clear body lube to aid in getting into the outfits she said and Cy brought a huge pile of stuff and she did too, they had to put what wouldn't go in the trunk in the back seat there was so much of it. And it was expensive too, she had smiled as she used Tom's card to pay for it all with. The woman who said her name was Stacy pushed a stack of catalogs in her hands and some cards as well and they were off again.

They got the wine and went back to her house, Tom still wasn't back yet and she doubted he would come back at all tonight. Well, she would give that bitch a run for her money!

They hauled in the bags and boxes and sat them on the settee and couch and Bobby took the wine in to sit in the fridge to chill.

She put some soft music on to fill the dead air and came back to find Cy sitting like a little girl on Christmas on the floor tossing packing into the air as she pulled her new things out, squealing happily as she held up a tight looking blue leather corset with a multitude of stocking garters hanging from the edges.

Bobby shook her head at the sight and came and sat down smiling at her pulled over her largest box and opened it up.

Her eyes bugged, the big box was stacked with flattened bags containing rubber articles of all kinds. She pulled out several bags that said "body suit F" and opened one up and pulled the slithery black rubber out. It flopped almost out her hand like a living thing trying to get away and she quickly used the other hand to grasp the other side, it was a woman skin, that was how she saw it, it had molded breasts and nipples and was masked, gloved and footed, a long zipper ran from over the top of her buttocks, between it's legs and up to the neck, the mask had a long bib around the neck that would go inside the zip and seal the wearer inside the suit. She shuddered again and Cy saw it, but didn't say anything as she was looking around too, holding up a pair of long boots with unnaturally high heels. But Bobby knew she had seen.

Bobby dug into the box until she had found the rubber shorts with the sleeves and the ones with the twin dildo's and the butt plug.

Showing it to Cy she asked frankly. "How does this work?"

"Ever had anything in your ass before?" Cy answered matter-of-factly, cocking an eyebrow at her.

"Only a finger or two. Does it hurt?" she asked back.

"Not if you use enough lube and you go slow and build up to being able to take it, it doesn't. Want to try?" Cy asked cynically.

"Sure. That's what we bought all this stuff for isn't it?" she said and they both busted up laughing.

"So strip, and I'll find the lube and we'll go to town. Horny yet? God, I know I'm feeling wet just holding this stuff. We'll open you up and get them on and then we can play dress up, oh boy! I haven't had this much fun in a long time." Said Cy getting to her knees and hopping up and down. Bobby started taking her top and bra off, her nipples stood out from her excitement as she squirmed out of her pants and underwear. Cy found the bottle and ran to get a towel she said.

Bobby took the perverse looking shorts out of the bag and turned them inside out, looking at the plug that would soon go where no one had gone before. She snickered as Cy laid out the towel and rolled Bobby onto it.

Bobby had started shaving when she was ten and hardly any stubble or hair hid her pink pussy from Cy's view as she lay back on the cloth and felt her friends fingers start to spread the cold lube on her wet lips and the crack of her ass, teasing the crinkled hole before easing a slim lubed digit up her and working it around inside.

Tingles started making gooseflesh on her skin and she sighed as Cy used her other hand to slid three fingers up her sloppy feeling pussy and started plunging them in and out as she added a finger to her ass, Bobby gasped as a sudden cum erupted in her, squeezing Cy's fingers as her muscles contracted. Cy continued and Bobbie came again, now with three plunging digits in her ass and thrashing around on the towel as she growled, both women looking hard into the others eyes as Bobby grasped one of Cy's breasts and gave it a squeeze, making her moan back at her, their eyes getting heavy-lidded with the rising lusts both of them felt.

Cy made her get to her feet and held the rubber shorts for her to step into, pulling up on them until the dildo lodged a little ways in her steaming cunt and the plug sat inching in and out of her relaxed rear hole as it pulsed around it, then Cy bent her over on her hands and knees and she felt Cy working the shorts higher, putting more tension on the shafts and working the plug slowly deeper into her at the same time.

It was big, really fucking Big! She felt it spreading her open and grunted and rocked back wanting more suddenly, it was giving her a dark delicious feeling as is worked in and out, little sparks shot out from her clit and she heard herself shriek as it went past the wide part and sank all the way in as the muscles closed around the tapered end, the dildo sank all the way in as well and she felt the little knobs make contact with her clit and collapsed on her belly as she became a shuddering, convulsing mass on the carpet, her mind unable to handle the waves of sensation that gripped her in it's fist and squeezed her blinding, maddeningly terrific orgasms from her.

She howled and wailed, panting through orgasms that blotted her mind out with their brilliant white lights and feelings. She couldn't stop! She humped her loins against the floor and her own and Cy's thrusting hands as they strove to find ways to drive more of the plug and rubber dick into her molten, gushing core between her legs. She forgot about Cy, she forgot about Tom, she forgot about everything as she came and came, scooting her haunches around the floor and babbling like a mad woman as she mauled her own tits and drew blood pinching the throbbing nipples with her fingernails and wailing. "OOOOHHHH Godddd! Oohhhh goddd! Ohh god! Cumming! Cumminngg! SHUT! FUCK! Fuck me somebody, fuck Me!!! Fuck, cum, shit, piss on me, fuck my hot ass! Shoot ropes of burning hot spunk on me, make me cum! Oohhh Ccyyyy, lick me, fuck me! Oohhhh Ggggodddd!"

She must have passed out. She came back to a humming sound in her ears and riding out a cum that wasn't as strong as the others she had been having. Her vision seemed strange and she brought her hand up to feel her face and found it smooth and bare and black, there were clear plastic pieces over her eyes and she found that her hand was encased in shiny black rubber. She panted through another cum and saw her feet and legs were encased in crotch-high rubber boots with spectacularly tall looking heels on her feet.

Looking around, she found Cy on her couch driving a rumbling large vibrator up her ass and using her other hand to drive an even larger one into her glistening, sloppy pussy as she quaked and shuddered in orgasm not two feet from her friend's rubber encased face.

Evilly, Bobby reached down and wrapped her hand around the thick shaft of the dildo that shot out from her groin over the one in her pussy and gave it a pull, she shuddered deliciously as it plunged back inside, making her erupt again as she got up to her knees.

Cy didn't know she was awake until Bobby ripped the fat dildo from her juicy box and replaced it with the one she was wearing, Cy screamed in surprise and rut as she drove the whole thing in, in one push and started pounding the hell out of her, both of them creaming and crying out in the sheer lust of the moment as Bobby slapped her hips forward and back, screwing her friend as the dildos worked in and out of them both.

It went on for hours; Bobby didn't know or care how long. All she cared about as cumming again and the power she felt when she fucked her friend in the ass and pussy or made her lick her rubber cock clean of her own juices. She had an epiphany; this was the answer she had been seeking.

They both stood behind the curtains when Tom came in about dawn and watched as he found the bags of clothing she had laid out for him. She left a note saying she "understood about his need to wear rubber clothing and had left these for him to try on and perhaps later" that was all it took, she had never seen him strip so fast in his life as he muttered something under his breath as he quickly used the lube and pulled the rubber on with fast, expert movements and stood admiring himself in the mirror she had placed with it's face away from the windows, now was the time.

He did look good in his sheath pants and bodysuit. She had to admit as she watched him pull a gasmask on over his face she had found in his stash of clothes that she and Cy had found hidden in the bathroom and had laid out for him. He ran his gloved hands over his rubbered skin and heard him sigh in pleasure just before they stepped out from behind the curtains, rushing him and pushing him down into the easy chair and she straddled his already erect prick through the thick rubber and held him down with her weight as Cy attached cuffs to his ankles and wrists, he was captured.

"Do you like the new me, dear?" she purred, running a gloved finger along his jaw line under the gasmask. "I hope so, since you paid for it, and you're going to keep paying for it, aren't you? You like what you have at home and you're going to ditch that trash at work and I'm going to make all your rubber dreams come true. Isn't that right?"

His eyes were panicky at first through the lenses of the gasmask. But he slowly nodded and she got up off his lap, his cock outlined through his suit. He seemed drawn to the bouncing dildo at her crotch and she grabbed it in her fist and said huskily. "You want MY cock dear? I'll be glad to give it to you since I've been breaking it in on Cy all night waiting for you to get your cheating ass home, now that you're here, maybe I'll fuck you with it next. If you're really good and stop seeing this bitch altogether, I'll fuck you with it every night, would you like that?"

Tom shook his head no, but his cock throbbed visibly in his suit and she wagged a finger at him and said. "Naughty, naughty. You mustn't lie to your mistress. I know what's good for you and I'll take care of all your kinky little rubber needs from now on. I'm sure you'll come around. Now heel I said heel! That means you get the fuck up and come with me, Now! You little shit!" she yelled, taking him under the arm and dragging his stumbling over to the towel on the living room floor from earlier and forcing him down on top of it.

Her and Cy sank down over his chest and legs and Cy handed her the long black bag that she had bought and she unzipped it and started feeding his legs and feet into it after clipping them together, quickly pulling it up his torso and feeding his arms into the restraining sleeves and zipping it up to his neck. She switched places and sank back down on his chest as Cy strapped the milking device on his cock and balls, rubbing her sloppy pussy over him through their suits as she held his head in her hands and purred with growing lust. "Now you're my perfect man, nothing but a living dildo for me to ride to my hearts content. But, for now, I think I'll just drain you dry so that you won't have anything left for the office tomorrow. Enjoy it my dear, I know I will. And if you can sleep, I'll wake you later with something special for breakfast."

Cy checked the batteries and looked at Bobby, she nodded and Cy twisted the control to full and attached it so that he couldn't drag it free in the night and they watched as the vacuum started and the vibrations swelled his usually large enough cock to new dimensions and he squirmed in the rubber sleep sack, already shooting a load in his sheath as they turned, watching over their shoulders and went into the kitchen for some coffee, eggs and bacon. She would leave him in there until long after he was spent, when she wanted to feel him in her later.

She sent Cy home a little later and pulled a chair from the kitchen over and sat over the back as she watched his struggles getting weaker and weaker. She bent down and pulled off his gasmask, sweat drenched the towel as it came free with a sucking smack and he gasped with bleary and bloodshot eyes. "Please make it stop! I can't cum anymore, it hurts! Aaarrrgghh! Ohhhh. Please, please Bobby, I won't see her any more, I promise, Ohhh Gggoddd! Uuuhhh! I swear! Please just shut it off!"

She got off the chair and squatted over him, massaging her pussy through all the rubber and plugs and dildo's that were plainly visible to his sweat-soaked eyes.

"Tut, tut, tut! I decide when you're punishment's over, not you anymore. Just think about this", she said rubbing herself through the rubber in front of his eyes. "And what we could do together now that I'm a convert to the cause, baby. You never told me about your secret, I had to hear it from our friends and I'm really disappointed in you for that. Didn't you think you could tell me, your own wife that you had a kinky thing for rubber and latex? Did I have to find out about this strange new world from books like this?" and she held a copy of "Screw the roses, give me the thorns." Up in front of her so he could see it too.

"You've been very naughty and I'm going to have to be hard on you for awhile until I think I can trust you again after this, and from here on in, you're to tell me if there's anything you want to try or anything you want to do with me and I'll do the same. The questions I have are legion and until I say otherwise, you're now my slave, any problems with that? Tell me now and I'll go file divorce papers, I won't like that and you won't either. Now that you know I'm finding out about a whole different lifestyle I never knew about before. You'll help me learn about it won't you dear?" she cooed, running her gloved hands over his hypersensitive body, he grunted and shot off lazily again into his swelling sheath, it budged now stretched and filled with his many cums.

He looked at her, his face a swirl of emotions. Finally, he said grimly. "You're right, you didn't deserve this. I just... I just couldn't help myself. Louise was just too eager and one thing led to another. I found myself hooked and I've let you down, I'm truly sorry. Now would you please, please turn this damned thing off? Uuuuhhh! Shit! I never told you because you came from such a conservative background that I just knew you'd be out the door to a lawyer in two shakes and I'd be living at the damned YMCA if you knew, and you would have too, you know it! But, again, I should have trusted you and told you. It's just that you would hardly even give me a blowjob before and overnight this! Wow! Don't get me wrong, I love the look, believe me! But what the fuck happened between then and now? Did someone slip you some drugs or something? Ffffuuccckkk! Aaarrgghhh! Let me out, damnit! I can't take this anymore! It feels like it's ripping my balls up into my stomach for Christ's sake! Uuuuhhhhh! No not again, shit! Don't do this to me, Bbbboooobbbbyyyyyyy! Aaaaahhhh!" he wailed, twisting under her and his cock thumping against the crack of her ass. She shuddered and came hard from his submission, which was almost complete.

She rubbed her body over his and whispered huskily. "Hush now Tom, I'll let you out. But you'll have to wear rubber from now on and I think I want to meet this little slut of yours, maybe I can find room in the stables I'm going to have for her too. Would you like that, a little filly all your own to play with under my direction of course. Just submit to me and I'll take the stimulator off and then in order to seal our pact, I'll fuck you once more before I let you up, what do you say to that loverboy? Humm?"

He came again and almost unseating her then panted. "Anything, anything, I submit, I submit to you mistress, I love you, I love you, I submit"

She slid down him and undid the straps around his pulpy sheath, his cock made squishy sounds under her rubbered thigh as she rubbed it up and down over it to keep it hard as she laid the box and wires off to the side on the carpet. The ballooning sheath made a farting sound as she fisted his cock with one hand and shuddering, pulled the rubber pants down and away, pulling the dildo and plug suckingly free of her ass and pussy sheath pants Cy had put on her when she was blacked out and had put on under the suit itself and poised his rubbered cock at the entrance to her own sleeve and slid down him, the cum sloshing around inside her along with his still rigid penis.

"Ooohhh Tom! This is what I've been longing for. You never fuck me, your wife anymore and I'll forgive you just this once since I've found out about this new experience of wearing rubber and dominating you and you'll love it! I promise you that, you'll have more pussy that you've ever known and all of it will be rubbered. I've got big plans, my love. We're going to spread this far and wide! Soon the whole area will be doing what we are right now and everyone will be getting what he or she wants out of life. This is so fantastic! Aaaaaahhhhh! Yes! That's it my slave, thrust your cock up so I can get more of it in me! And Cy and Kyle will be in on it too. We'll rule the neighborhood and turn them all into our rubber slaves. We've got a plan! Yyyessss, Ooohhh yessss! Can you feel me darling? I'm juicing on your cock, can you feel it? Aaaaahhhh Ffffuucckkkk! Cuuummmiiinngggg! Aaaarrgghhh!" she screamed, spasming, falling down on his chest as she felt her pussy quivering and fluttering around his shaft and felt him shoot off weakly inside the sheath one last time.

"Yesss dear heart! I can feel it! Oooohhhh godddd! Baby, I'm yours!" he yelled before relaxing, totally exhausted, his head rolling on the towel, passing out under her as she panted her way down from the mountain top she had been on and caressing his masked face through the rubber, she kissed him wetly, thankful that they could work something out. She paused and called Harry at Tom's work and said he wouldn't be in until Monday because he had "caught" something. Harry observed that there was a lot of that was going around this week, and she chuckled as she said goodbye and hung up.

She grunted, tired and sore from all the action as she got up and went to shower up and slip into bed, Cy and her had something planned for that night and she wanted to be rested for it.

She awoke feeling refreshed and horny again, she idly fingered her juicy slit and biting her fingertip as she waited for Cy to call her back.

She heard a moan from the other room and smilingly got up to go see to Tom.

He was still hard and his sheath was almost twice as large as it had been when she had gone to bed, he was still getting off on wearing the rubber, she thought to herself as she sank down beside him and started unzipping the bag.

"Still at it dear? You must really have a thing for this and I'll make sure you never are without it again. Now go get washed up and wash out both our suits and hang them to dry before you come back and I'll have something laid out for you when you get back, ok?" she said, grinning patiently down at him as he struggled free of the bags restraints and got to his knees.

He mumbled something. "What did you say, slave?" she demanded.

"I said, yes mistress. Will there be anything else," he said with more than a little sarcasm in his voice.

"Do you want me to leave? Do you want me to not do this to you anymore? Would you like me to turn you out for some other bitch to find and fuck over? You better speak nicely and differently to me unless you want me to leave you right fucking now, do you hear me Tom? I mean it! Now, get your lazy ass in gear and take care of our suits and be quick about it!" she snarled.

Tom hung his head, defeated and getting to his feet unsteadily, walked off to take care of the duties assigned to him for now. His cock gave a lurch she saw as he looked back over his shoulder at her rubberized figure, he would do as she asked.

The phone jangled and she picked it up. "Hello yourself. Did Kyle fall into line with our plan? He did? Great! Ok, have you started phoning the ladies and did you tell Mrs. Spears so that the grapevine could spread it around? Good, good. Great! I'll swing by the shop later and then join you at your place about seven then ok. See ya, bye." She said in answer to Cy on the other end. She went and fixed some coffee for them both and caught him as he came out. She handed him the bags and lube and used her finger to indicate that he was to go get changed back in the bathroom again and sat back down at the table in the kitchen. She had changed into a simple but elegant black latex catsuit with feet and some five inch heels she had laying around in her closet, she would buy more shoes and boots another time.

When he came out, she marveled at how well the masked, gloved and footed suit hugged his ageing body, making him look younger as well as kinky as hell. She could tell he was nervous about the fact that she was taking him out in full daylight in his rubber, but so was she and she loved the idea of people watching them in their strange costumes as they walked along the streets. She walked over and kissed him, hugging him through their perspective attire and pulled a set of fishing hip waders from the hall closet and put them on his feet so that he wouldn't ruin his new suit and led him out the door to go to inner worlds. They had to have something to make their party look legit tonight and she could get him some more to wear as well. It looked like it was going to be fun night and she wanted everything to work out right.

They arrived back at Cy's to find a similarly black rubber attired Kyle at the doorway and he let Bobby in with a nod from under his gasmask and went outside to help Tom haul in the large bundles of rubber goods they would be selling momentarily.

Cy smiled at her as she came in. Cy was dressed in an all covering suit with a mask with red trim and long boots shot up her legs showing red lighting bolts leading to her six inch spiked stellitto heels. She tossed a clipboard to Bobby who caught it in one hand and began looking it over. "I see you've combed most of the neighborhood Cy, you've done very well. I'm beginning to think that we have a chance after all. Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Do we know them?" she said as she took the proffered glass of wine from Cy as the men came lumbering in bearing the great boxes between them and set them down by the two facing couch's and heading back out to get some more, and there was a lot for them to haul inside.

"No. We don't." Cy said as they pushed the big crate into a more out of the way space along the wall. "They're the new people that moved in on "Stella & Washington Irving" Streets. But she got really excited when I told her what we were planning and said she'd be here dressed for the occasion, whatever she meant by that. Mrs. Crumbrye said she 's too old and her husbands too tired for this sort of thing, but she might just come anyway since she hasn't had a good cum in years, I like her, she's funny I bet, once she lets her hair down. They should start coming over soon and I could use you're help with the refreshments if you would help me?"

"Isn't that what we have slaves for? Let them finish and then tell them what you want them to do, this is our party and they should be glad we allowed them to come along at all, we could've just as well left them rubbered and bagged for the night. Come on. Let's unpack and get this puppy ready to roll!" she cried as she grabbed Cy and spun her about dancing her across the room as the boys came back in with the rest and dropped it complaining until Bobby yelled at them and slid a gasmask on Tom too to shut him up, then Cy showed them what she wanted them to do and left to come back in as the doorbell rang.

The giggling group of women got deathly quiet when Bobby opened the door and they took in her suit as it glistened and hugged her figure more flatteringly than anything the women had ever seen before. She greeted them all by name and led them inside where Cy had the two men on their knees before the women and they chuckled nervously amongst themselves until they settled into chairs and couches, the men got up and started passing trays of white wine and appetizers around, the women marveling at the size of their equipment as they bobbed erect, the men excited about being the centers of attention in this intimate little gathering. The odd woman darting a hand out to feel the smooth, sleekness of the rubber suits they wore, and cackling as they drew their hands back as if the men were forbidden fruit that would burn them if touched.

More arrived, and soon the place was standing room only, the men black eels that passed through the crowd with their trays as Bobby called the room to order.

"Ladies, ladies, Please, quiet down back there. I've called you all here because I found out something that will keep your men at home and make you lives as full of sensual bliss's as mine and Cy's are. We felt we couldn't keep this kind of information to ourselves and we wanted to share it with all of you so that we could form a concerted effort here in our neighborhoods to make sure that none of our men stray anymore, and they won't I promise you, if you introduce a little kinkiness into your sex lives. Do you follow me so far?" she asked the assembled crowd of women that shook their heads and whispered to each other about her statement.

One of the ladies, Mrs. Tucker, said warily. "This kinky stuff is illegal, isn't it? And why should we care what those rotten bastards want to do with the slutty bitches anyway? We could own them in divorce court and they know it, that's what keeps them at home, not this shit!"

Bobby held her hands up for silence and the women quieted, wanting to hear what she had to say. "No, it's perfectly legal now and let me ask you this, when was the last time you had great sex? Anywhere or with anybody? I feel great and look great and as you can see, my husband is more than willing to please me however I wish. Rubber and kink have made this possible, if he hadn't submitted to my authority I'd be far away right now as you said, living on his money yes. But I would still be alone and horny and any man I met I would think was just out to get my cash and so I wouldn't be able to trust anyone like that. This way, I get my cake, my husband and all the sex I could ever want, and get to eat it too since he never strays because I make sure he has nothing left to cat around with. A better deal all around, wouldn't you agree Mrs. Tucker?" she reasoned.

The woman thought it through, the smiled and asked. "Ok, maybe so. But what do we have to do with it? And what if our husband's thing isn't rubber, what if it's infantilism. Or coprophilia or any of the other sick things they want god-fearing women to do to them. How can you reconcile those with the scriptures?"

Bobby laughed out loud, that was a good one. "Try this one on for size. Old testament: however a woman cleaves onto her husband and pleases him, so shall she be pleased and their house blessed with the fruits of their love. Solomon, I think. Or this one, New testament: in my fathers house are many rooms and place for each soul is made manifest as to their wants. Ok? Enough scripture for now, I just shot those off the top of my head. First ladies, Cy and I and the men will walk amongst you and take some measurements and jot them down on a card, once everyone has one, we'll start selling the clothes we have here. If our small selection of sizes don't match yours or if we run out before everyone get some to try out, just go to the shop on the front of the card and we've made arrangements with the management. Now gather around ladies and we'll tell you the rest of our plans for neighborhood conquest. We also have books and videos as well for you to be able to read up on the subjects we'll talk about here tonight. Think of it as a Tupperware party gone twisted and kinky!"

The giggling horde of women stood still as the four of them started taking the sizes and giving each woman a card, luckily, they didn't run out and soon the women started going in the back to change under her or Cy's instruction and they explained the scheme to each as they changed from being frumpy housewives into rubber-clad vixens and went back out to the "Ooooo's and Aaahhh's of their sisters, when not passing trays around the men stood, their cocks saluting the rubbered femininity all around them.

Teasingly, the rubber-wearing women started feeling them up as they walked by or stood there dispensing drinks, sometimes brushing up against the two lone men in the room as the room started to fill with the smells of rising female heat and the smells of warm rubber encasing exciting looking bodies, one of the women, Mrs.Crumbrye, whose suit reveled her more than ample curves and heavy breasts grabbed Tom by the dick and growled low in her throat as she gripped in a hand like a vice and rubbed his stiff cock against the crotch of her suit, pushing it between her sealed pussy lips and shrieked in a overpowering orgasm as he throbbed in her hand and his cum squirted into his protective sheath. Unsteadily, she held her palm on his rubbered chest until she turned and walked away, laughing at the tops of her lungs and looking happier than she had in ten years and everyone saw it and was getting turned on by it.

The party degenerated from there, women who had no sexual feeling towards other women threw caution to the winds and embraced each other, the room quickly became a writhing mass of bodies as women threw themselves down on one another and started kissing, sucking, fingering and licking, both through their rubber suits and clothes and through hastily opened zippers as the room rocked as women came and came again for hours on end it seemed. Cy and Bobbie walked through the press of bodies tossing out dildo's and strap-on's like they were party favors and had to hold their hands over their ears to shut out the din of screaming, rutting women as their new social mores changed in a few hours what had been the ways of building up nothing but sexual frustration through all the years before now.

These women simply weren't going to put up with not having lots and lots of sex now on a regular basis. And the rubber simply sealed the deal was all. They were going to change the world, one neighborhood at a time. The men were bound in rubber sacks and the mass of womanhood made sure they were never soft for long and making damn sure that they all had a turn on the "baloney ponies." As one of the women called the enclosed men jokingly.

Unlike men, when the party was over and the women got ready to leave for the night, they cleaned up as they went along and thanked both the women and their "slaveboys" for all the fun they had, had together and many left still dressed in their new rubber clothes carrying books and bags of garments home to try out on themselves and their men. It was a huge success; they actually made more money than they had spent and everyone went home well fucked and rearing to start the "grand experiment" as Bobbie had called it. The two women jumped up and down with happiness, they were going to change the face of their neighborhood.

The women chatted for a while, the boys not being able to do anything but gaze at them with leftover lust in their sacks. Bobbie and Cy were a wreak, Bobbies hair was disheveled and matted with all the love juices of their new friends and even the new woman, who had come in late in her own rubber catsuit and spike-heeled shoes had left happy and carrying a bag of new things, well fucked even though she arrived late in the evening to an orgy of writhing rubber-clad women squirming around on every inch of open floor space. She had laughed on the way out, saying she was glad they had moved into such an open minded area for a change, and about how the last place had driven them out for their perversions and they had still been gun-shy about living here until she had seen what was happening around here tonight.

Tired, she kissed Cy goodnight and let Tom out of his sack and making him carry it with him over to their house.

She made him undress her in the shower and had him hang up their outfits to dry before eating a quick sandwich apiece and slipping happy and content between the rough feeling cloth sheets, she would have to get some rubber ones soon, she thought to herself as she turned to Tom and asked frankly. "There now honey, wasn't that more than you could ever handle? You and Kyle had more then you're share of hot pussy and no one got hurt, right? Now lets get some sleep, we have more to do tomorrow and you'll need your strength. Monday may come soon enough, but I'm going to make sure you haven't got a cork let to pop before I let you out of the house that morning. And I think you're learning your lessons well enough by now, not to fuck around when you have better and hotter at home, right?"

He looked tiredly at her and gave her a slight smile and said softly. "Yes dear Bobbie, you're wearing me out, keep this going and I'll never even look at another woman again if this keeps up. I really just want things back the way we had them before all this happened is all."

She pulled his head around firmly by the jaw and said throatily. "That was the old ways that led you to stray and cheat on me, those days are gone for good and you better get used to that idea buster! From here on in, we women say what's what and you guys better just lay back and enjoy the ride, got me? Good." And he blinked rapidly as he nodded, awake now and knowing that he could really fuck this up if he wasn't careful. She kissed him hotly and snuggled up against his back, falling into a dreamless sleep. He was hers again and she was going make sure to keep him that way.

There was a difference in the air around the neighborhood the next morning. Bobbie stretched and yawned, luxuriating in the warm morning light as Tom came in with a tray of eggs and a minute steak and her morning coffee. She ate happily and noted he had already dressed in a catsuit and some short rainboots even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky, his cock lazy and hidden behind his suit's zipper but still plainly visible.

When she was ready, he led her into the bathroom and helped her into an unfamiliar suit with built-in sleeves for her front and rear that were hidden behind natty little snap-on crotch pieces that hid her privets from public view and eased her tired feet into the crotch high tight fitting rubber boots with their tall heels and grinning, bent low and kissed and sucked lustily at her booted feet and heels as she giggled down at him, getting more and more turned on by his slavish adoration.

They walked out on the back porch and saw their next door opposite neighbor, the chatty Mrs. Spears, dressed in a figure-hugging black rubber full-body catsuit she had bought last night from the two girls as she worked pulling weeds and puttering about her garden. She waved and they waved back, watching as the local society crumbled and the new ways were starting to take hold. She caught him watching the older, busty lady and watched his cock stiffen and whispered, jokingly. "If you want, I'll drop you over the hedge, I'm sure she wouldn't mind a tumble since her husband died all those years ago, she could certainly do with having someone stick something in that big mouth of hers?"

But he just looked at her and laughed and led her back inside, his intent as clear and manifest as the cock under his rubber suit.

Later that day, she took him in hand and drove him back over to "Inner Worlds" and there they gawked at the overfilled store full of their female converts and a few male friends of theirs from last night. The harried looking saleslady flashed them a tired grin of thanks as they looked at the picked over sections that were let hanging on the now almost empty racks.

She stopped at the "pleasure chest" and had a few more items out of it and Tom found a suit in his size that he just had to have and they also used the store catalogs to place a few more orders as well. The saleslady said it would take awhile to get them in, since she had been decimated by the rush and buried under all the orders she had taken since this morning. She threw her hands up crying in mock anger. "And I have you two kinky bitches to thank for all this hard labor I'm being put through because of your sick and twisted desires. I just wanted to say thank you so very, very much. You've advanced my cause twenty years in a day and your orders will be free from me, since you all were so helpful to my store and me. I even may have to expand if this gets any busier than it already is. If you can handle it, I'd like you two to help me with a fetish fashion show after I get re-stocked if that's all right with you and your friend Cy, again, you both can keep whatever you wear for your help if that's all right with you?"

Bobbie said she would have to check with Cy about it, but that she thought it was a wonderful idea and promised to call around and drum up enthusiasm about the event in any case. The woman hummed a happy little tune as she crossed their items off her stock list and placed them in a large bag along with a box she insisted on them taking home and not opening until a special event or celebration sometime in the future. They happily accepted the heavy bundles and thanked her again as they left.

As they walked to the car, Tom was scanning the streets and said. "Did you notice that more than a few women are wearing rubber outside today like we are? Do you think that you made such a big difference here in this town this quickly? This is almost frightening."

She grinned at him and pecked him the cheek as he helped her into the car. "Get used to it dear, it's the wave of the future in our little corner of the world and I don't think anybody's going to go back to things the way they used to be. Enjoy it my love, soon the whole town will be wearing rubber and latex or leather or something just as outrageous. Let's go home and I'll fuck the shit out of you and maybe I'll leave you in your sack for a while if you're good. If you're bad I'll attach the "sucker" to you and just leave you like that for the rest of the day. So you better be good, for goodness sake."

He groaned at the joke and went and got in other side and she keep him alert by idly keeping her hands busy in his groin as they drove home.

Cy greeted her when she got out of the car, chatting excitedly about all the wonderful feedback she had received so far, men all over the neighborhood were letting their lawns go and the Elks Lodge was all but empty, the men "tied up" at home doing "odd jobs" and getting more sex that they and their wives and girlfriends had, had in years. Mr. Plaint had, had a heart attack from fucking his wife until dawn, but he was expected to recover and his wife Daisy was clearly ready for more, making a spectacle of herself by using a dildo on her gaping cunt perched in front of him perched on a gurney as they wheeled him into surgery.

The normal people were horrified by all the latent desires that were busting out around town, Mrs. Speers had paraded her husband, dressed as a rubber woman with huge breasts through the A&P as they picked up groceries and they had had a tumble among the fruits and veggies section that had the town cops breaking up their affair as they fought back chuckles and then lost it, falling to their knees as they laughed and screamed their sides sore. The perpetrators got away and nobody minded in the least, how would they write that up in a report anyway?

The arousing Mrs. Spears had boldly walked up to Mr. Clump, the streets lonely old man and grabbed him by his hair and all but drug him, more stunned than any thing else, in his house and the poor man hadn't been seen since. Cy thought they should go and make sure they hadn't injured themselves or something. They all laughed hard at the thought.

Cy went on to say that Ms. Layette and Mrs. Thorn, her live-in companion, had been seen playing in the mudhole that they had been trying to get workmen to fill in and concrete over for the last two years and had been doing the nasty with strap-on's as they screamed out their love for each other and they orgasmed loudly. The crowd of people that had appeared out of nowhere to watch had lustily joined in the fun and the mud dried up finally, the Dickerson brothers had nicely stayed behind to do the work for them in exchange for a nice dinner with all four of them in attendance that night.

Something was definitely happing around here, Cy observed to the assembled group as they turned and watched the high-school principal, Mr. Fields and his wife, Amanda coming down the street, she waved and winked at them, her fully rubber suited body looking lush and ripe as she teased her masked and also rubberized husband following at the end of his leash as she walked him around the corner towards their home, he was quite visibly hard under his tight suit and the assembled group just knew what fate awaited him once she got him behind those closed doors.

They stood there and snickered that the whole world seemed to be coming around to their way of having fun and the boys followed Cy and Bobbie inside her and Tom's house and the men sat uneasily down in the living room and turning on the computer, began surfing the web as the ladies went into the kitchen to fetch some coffee for themselves and left the men to talk amongst themselves as they did the same.

Bobbie took the time over their Java to inform Cy about her conversation with Stacy the saleslady about the upcoming fashion show. Cy seemed excited about the prospects but added that they might need more ladies to model that night since it took time to change from one rubber outfit to another and they couldn't waste the opportunity to spread the good word further into the community than it already had gone.

They heard the men giggling in the other room and Bobbie grinned an evil grin and called out to Tom and had him and Kyle bring in the few bags in the car, which they did, Bobbie picked up a small sack and returned to the kitchen as the men went back to looking the rubber porn sites and sat back down across from Cy, opening the bag, she withdrew two alien looking rubber masks with tubes running from the faces and another pair that had lines running to pump-up gags for the wearers mouths and having no eye-holes at all, as well as two pair of rubber long-legged shorts which had inflatable dildo-sheaths. Cy watched stoically as Bobbie got up and took them to the bedroom, returning a few minutes later.

"Cy, I promised Tom I'd rubberfuck him if he was good, want to join in." she asked.

"Surely, I know Kyle hasn't had any relief today, or I, myself for that matter. Shall we go get them?" Cy said stretching, cat-like in the chair.

"Lets go see what they've found on the net and then we can take them into the back for some fun, ok?" stated Bobbie as she rose

"All right by me." Her friend Cy replied with a smirk.

They found the men engrossed and looked over their shoulders for a few minutes before the men tore themselves away and looked up at the two rubber-clad women expectantly. Bobbie motioned them to bookmark their discoveries and they rose to follow their wives as they strode off up the hallway, unsure of what would happen next.

Entering, Bobbie picked up a group of restraints and tossed the sleep sack to Cy and said. "Ok boys, you've been rather good today. So we're going to give you a treat, after we get you properly harnessed, me and Cy are going to get you both off and then we'll give you each a good fuck in the ass and if we like how you fuck back, we'll ride you each off into the sunset. Now Tom, come here please so I can get you ready for the first part of our fun-time, slaveboy."

Tom obediently sauntered over and Bobbie gave his slowly inflating cock a squeeze as she pulled up the inflatable pants and tucked his cock and balls into the sleeve and fitting the anal sleeve into his quivering asshole with her fingers, she fitted ankle and thigh restraints on him and fitted his rubbered arms inside a long rubber bondage sleeve and locked him up. Cy did the same to Kyle with the sleep-sack and both men stood as best they could, watching as the ladies tucked their hair away under some swim-caps before drawing the masks with all the tubes onto their heads and faces, hiding their pretty faces behind them and adding a menacing air to the group inside the bedroom.

The alien rubber women hopped the men over to stand facing away from the end of the bed and eased them down to their knees and let them watch as Bobbie handed Cy a thick strap-on and both women belted them on their waists where they bobbed as though agreeing with everything the women said.

Cy took the mask Bobbie offered her and they let the men have a good, last look before pulling the masks over their heads and fitting the pump-up gags in their mouths and inflating them. The men murmured from underneath but that was all they could hear from their rubber men.

Bobbie pumped up the sheath on Toms cock and so did Cy, the men's normally impressive sized dicks grew to unheard of size as they were pumped up and made ready for their mistress's pleasures.

They eased the men back on their heels until the small of their back leaned against the bed and then, with a look of pleasure and satisfaction on under their masked faces and holding each others hands, they unzipped and sank down on the boys enlarged and engorged pricks and started riding them blissfully, rubbing the men's rubber skins as they shuddered above them, squatting on their high heels.

The ladies rode out several quick and powerful cums and barely stopped before the men themselves came inside the tight sleeves. Chuckling, Bobbie took Kyle's rubbered and restrained form and turning him, placed him face down over the edge of the bed and opened the access zipper in the rear of the bag and inched Tom over in behind him.

Both women gripped his rampant cock and placed it in the crack of Kyle's ass and Cy slapped him on the butt to give him the right idea, they heard a grunt as Toms cock forced it's way into his fudge tunnel and Bobbie wrapped a wide belt around the both of them to keep them together. Tom started getting into it unawares of whom he was sodomizing and he thrust savagely away into Kyle as the other man arched his back and tried to accommodate him. The women embraced as they watched their husbands fuck each other, their suited shoulders and masked heads shaking with mute laughter.

After a period of time, Tom's actions gained speed and he arched his back as he hosed the sheath in his friends ass down with his spunk and lay exhausted over Kyle's back trying to recover. Both men's breath was wheezing out their masks nostril holes.

The two women unbelted the men and Bobbie spread Tom out like Kyle, over the bed was and the ladies got down on their knees and placed the heads of their fake rubber dicks at the entrances to their asses and pushed inside, working quickly up to a punishing rhythm while they reached around and both fisted their husband's own cocks, masturbating them off several times into their sheathes before withdrawing from their abused butts. They placed the boys on the bed and used long restraining belts to place Kyle, in his sack, over Tom and easing Kyle's stiff prick into his nether-hole and chinching them both down tightly on the bed.

Kyle immediately started sawing away and they watched Tom trying vainly to help his friend along in his unknowing anal rape, unaware that it was Kyle's cock that was fucking him and not his wife's dildo doing the deed inside him.

The ladies closed the door and left them like that, they would trade out shifts to check on them or reposition them every few hours or until they fell asleep from exhaustion. Returning to the living room, they drew off the tubed masks and laughed out loud, holding their sides as they shook from laughing at the easy way they had turned their men bi-sexual without them even knowing it. It was a good joke on them.

Bobbie hugged Cy with sadistic glee and said chuckling. "We'll take their masks off and show them what they have been doing to each other later while we sodomize them again. Bet that takes the wind from their sails for awhile, what do you think?"

"Oh yeah but then we'll have to be extra nice to them afterwards so they don't freak out from all we've done to them tonight. Poor men, they'll have to face the fact that we own them body and soul after this. We're so wicked, Bobbie, but it was so damn fun doing it, god forgive us." Cy snorted as she looked over Bobbies shoulder as she sank into the computer chair and started glancing at the sites the men had been looking at.

One was called the "IAR: The international association of rubberists." Bobbie was very conscious of Cy's bobbing strap-on as it rubbed occasionally against her elbow as she clicked and looked around the site. It held a wealth of info and she vowed to return to it later, turning the chair around, she said with a hot fire growing inside her rubbered pussy. "How's about a little fun of our own? Come here lovergirl, I think I want you to fuck me with that thing for a while. Watching them made me so damn hot and I need some relief, then I'll return the favor, Whatta you say?"

Cy licked her dry lips and held the fake rubber dick out to her as Bobbie leaned down and started sucking on it, moaning softly as Bobbie eased several gloved fingers up her sleeve and stated driving them around inside her friend's juicy cunt.

The rubbered women eased down to the carpet and got each other off several times in quick succession before taking turns driving the rubber dicks into the others lined pussies and screaming out in rut as they came and came again.

They let the men up sometime later, waking them as they drew the hoods from their faces and listening to their cries of alarm and revulsion as they realized what had taken place. The women swiftly pulled a pair of gasmasks on over their shocked faces and rolled them over on their backs and rode them until they came one last time as they had promised them before laying down on their rubber suited chests and finally falling asleep as the men murmured indignantly under them, still hard in their sleeves.

Bobbie dreamed of a world of rubber bliss and sex that made white light blot out the skies when she came. She and Cy were stunning looking in glossy rubber and looked like they had been dipped in the smooth covering, cocks bobbed from their waists and they sat on dais's in thrones watching as long lines of rubber covered men and women made daisy chains leading from one end of the world to the other and as Kyle and Tom used mask mounted rubber dildos on their hungry pussies. The world was rubber and sex and that was how it should be, no war, no acrimony, just blissful and peaceful cries of lust and love and cumming people. This was how it should be in the end and she sucked on one gloved finger plaintively as she considered how fortunate she had been to experience all she had for the last few days, it had saved their marriage certainly, and it could save the world if they made it popular enough.

She cried out loudly as her pussy clamped down on Tom's rigid fuck-pole as her hips danced around it as she jerked awake. She growled low in her throat as she arched her back and squeezed him tightly with her loins and kept slamming her pussy down on him, cumming hard and humming happily as she toyed with him, running her rubbered hands all over his body until she felt him swell and had to shut her eyes as a massive orgasm swept her away in it velvet arms. She heard another cry and looked over to find Cy doing the same thing with a jerking Kyle and took her hand in hers as they rode their men dry for the morning and then got off of their deflated penises and sat on the bed taking the gasmasks off them.

The men were not amused by the antics of the night before, but said nothing as they were released from their bondage and Cy kissed her hotly before leading a sheepish Kyle away to their own house to get ready for work.

He got dressed after she helped him shower and made sure that he was wearing a rubber catsuit under his street clothes and placed a small padlock on the zipper to make sure he couldn't get out of it before he came home, before locking his prick away as well, she fitted a set of straps and clipped a small pager to his waist as well. "This will tell me what you do and will allow me to reward or punish for anything you do today with your whore. You'll find out more about that later, hand her this and say nothing else to her all day, got me? If you must, claim you're still under the weather and come home if she tries anything, ok? Love you, my darling rubber man, have a good day at work and come to me when I call you. Bye lover." She said sultrily as she kissed him wetly goodbye, slid a small invitation into his hand and sent him on his way out to work. He grumbled, but looked at her tight body in her rubber longingly before getting the car and driving away as she stood in the doorway, posing for his benefit enticingly.

"Poor sucker," she thought to herself. "He has no idea what he's in for, does he?"

The phone jangled and she skipped across the carpet and picked it up.

It was Cy. After seeing Kyle out for the day (she had no problems keeping him in line, Bobbie thought with a slight smile) several of the ladies from their party had called and asked them over for brunch at Julie Smiths place, they said it was only fitting since they had done them all such a good turn two night ago and would they come?

Bobbie said she didn't have anything planed and so Cy could just come over and they would head out when they were ready from there. Cy chirped "ok." And hung up leaving Bobbie wondering what might be in store for them, she didn't know but she would welcome the chance to get to know the Smiths better and was actually looking forward to it.

Cynthia came over a few minutes later and told her that everyone was going to meet up over at Julies place about ten and that they were supposed to be "dressed" for the occasion. Bobbie said simply "Rubber?" and Cy answered her with a grin and by opening her housecoat to reveal a opalescent catsuit complete with feet and gloves and a fun looking mask hanging down from her throat. The mask seemed to have an attached wig of massed rubber tubing and had meshed eyepieces; nose tubes and a snap-on mouth cover that looked like a pair of rouged lips made out of red rubber. It looked to be as skintight as her suit was and above the snap covered sleeved linings for her pussy and ass bobbed a thick dildo with bristly looking fingers around the head. On her feet were padlocked ankle boots with towering six-inch heels and she smiled at Bobbie as she tucked her hair up under a black swim cap as she told Bobbie to find something special to wear.

Bobbie was at a loss, all the things she had were standard black, and then she remembered the first box she had bought and went up the hall to shower and slip into her suit from last night and simply add a few accessories to add some highlights.

Twenty minutes later, she emerged, wearing a sex suit. That was the only name for it she could think of. A tight rubber bodysuit hid her pale flesh behind a black glossy skin, she to had linings in her orifices, hidden behind snapped closures and she had a small cup attached to her urethra and from it ran a small black tube leading to a urine bag strapped to her rubbered thigh, a massive ten inch long and four inch wide dildo wagged in front of her hips as she walked. Her waist was partially nipped in by an un-chinched black rubber corset with blue trim and tried to hold the bulging inflatable torpedo shapes of her crushed titties in the cups as she asked Cy. "Would you help me please? I can't do the corset on my own, do you mind?"

Cy lead her over to a thick support beam holding up the edge of the kitchen cabinets and showed her how to hold tightly onto it as she gathered the strings in her gloved hands and started pulling them tight. Bobbies breath whooshed out of her as Cy placed a booted sole on her ass and hauled back on the strings, crushing the life out Bobbie it seemed as she looked down and watched her already small waist getting smaller and smaller as she grunted and tried to hold onto the pole with all her might.

When Cy was through, she stood panting in the restrictive garment trying to get used to the lack of air and feeling light-headed until Cy lead her over and placed her easily down in a chair and disappeared into the other room as Bobbie tried to catch her breath.

She heard Cy looking around and just tried to focus on her shiny suit as she came back and knelt down before her friend. Detachedly, Bobbie watched her take first one, then the other of her rubber sheathed legs in her hands and pulled the matching black with blue trimmed, calf-high stellitto boots on her feet and tightly strap them in, placing little square blocky padlocks on each of them so that she was unable to get them off, the floppy mask she would wear hung limply from her throat and she took the proffered swim cap Cy handed her and placed it on her head so that she was ready to don her own mask when they were ready.

Cy wheeled in her dressing mirror from their bedroom and she vainly got up to inspect her costume for wrinkles. She was amazed at how small the corset nipped her waist in; Bobbie swore that she could place her small hands around its circumference if she only tried to do so. Bobbies titanic torpedo tits jutted obscenely out of the cups of the corset, ripe for suckling and playing with, she grew hotter just looking at her reflection and fought to tamp down the urge to pounce on Cy and fuck the living shit out her.

The two women nodded to each other and donned their respective masks.

Bobbie helped Cy fit the tubes into her nostrils and marveled at the wig made of tubing that wagged around and, from the hissing sounds, seemed to supply her with all her friends needed air supply as she tucked the nape and zipper into the back of her suit and used a gloved finger to smooth the seal around the neck. Bobbie pulled her own mask on, the thick, bobbing dildo dancing in her vision as Cy returned the favor and tucked everything away under the neck of her own suit, the breathing and nose tubes were quickly fitted and the snap cover over the large o-ring gag in her mouth discouraged further conversation so they simply hugged each other, reveling in the tingling, arousing feeling of the rubber they both loved wearing now as Bobbie utilized the D-rings of her corset's removed suspenders to hang a small bag from, into which she placed her cell phone with which to check up on Tom, her drivers license and a credit card and a few bucks in case of tolls on the road even though it was only a mile or so away, better safe than sorry.

Arm in arm, they shut the front door behind them and walked out to Bobbies car and headed off to meet the ladies and have what promised to be an extremely interesting luncheon.

* * *

The Smith's house was set off the street behind a high row of hedges and topiary, the two-story brownstone looked both comfy and menacing in a sense as the two women sidled up the walkway and rang the bell. A rubber being that nether woman could tell if it were the real thing or not or even if it were male or female, ushered them silently in, it's face hidden behind a thick, tubing covered mask, dressed over it's suit as a rubber maid with it's cap and shiny short maids dress, it led them through the house and opened a down leading down to what seemed to be the basement of the luxurious house.

Driving disco music thumped through they're masks and tingled their skins through their suits as they descended and looked at the plush rubber dungeon they found themselves in. rubber beings of indeterminate sex hung and were being entertained in numerous and erotic ways as the rubber maid picked up some restraints and knelt to place them on Bobbie's and Cy's ankles and wrists. Since everyone in the dungeon was masked and rubber suited, nether woman could tell where his or her host was. About twenty women were restrained across sawhorses, on inclined pallets, trussed up like hogs or were hanging from cuffs or swings from the ceiling, walls or floors. Many were attached to strange looking apparatuses with thin wires leading to their crotches or breasts and all had long clear tubes that were inserted into their mouths that hung from the ceiling dripping something into them as they squirmed in their bonds.

Done, the rubber maid stood and pulled out a small, folded sheet and handed it to the two women. It read:

Hello ladies!

Welcome to my humble abode. Please allow my rubber slut husband to lead you to a place I have made in my "fun room" that I have made especially for you, our benefactors. No bondage for you unless you wish it by so indicating to my little cross-dressed hussy hubby. Instead, I want you to join me in my "control room" so that we all can have our jollies by having fun with rest of the guests you see in various positions around you. Everyone is here already and are enjoying their meals as you can make out from the clear tubing, it dispenses a nourishing fluid and a mild hypnotic drug that allows me to "suggest" whatever reality I wish for them to experience. Along with the drug, earpieces and eye-monitors send subliminal and post-hypnotic commands to them so that we can unleash their potentials and as you can see, they love every minute of it!

Please follow my hubby and I will see you presently.

Julie Smith.

Cute. Bobbie and Cy had walked in on another subversive rubber woman like they themselves were. Slightly afraid, but more than a little curious, they followed the high-heeled rubberized she-male around a dividing wall and through a doorway.

In the small offset room was indeed a room banked with computer monitors and reams of thick cable. Three chairs sat in the sound-proofed room in front of three screens, reams of data and computer generated profiles of the women in the outer room danced from screen to screen, drawing closer, they saw a red rubber suited woman seated in the middle chair, like the women in the outer room, she was anchored in the chair and wires ran to her crotch, little clear cups sat over her nipples and tubing ran both to her breasts and one ran to her clit, drawing them out into the little caps as vacuum was applied to them. A thick tube jutted from Julie's masked mouth and ran off down the cable of wires and tubes and away under the table and out of sight.

The hermaphrodite maid (Bobbie saw a glimpse of his sheathed cock secured in a balled sack that kept him from getting hard under his uniform.) pulled the chairs away from their places and both women saw that attached to the seats were twin black rubber dildos that would penetrate them when they sat down on them. The maid knelt again in front of first Bobbie and then Cy and un-snapped their crotch coverings and laid them aside as he stood up and motioned Cy to place herself over the twin invaders.

Cy rolled her asscheeks back and forth under her as she sat down and felt the dildos enter her body. The maid clipped Cy's restraints to rings on the legs of the chair and pushed her chair forward up to a keyboard and attached her wrists to the desk, leaving just enough freedom for her hands to type and spent several minutes with a bottle of liquid rubber and some strange tools as he attached the same kinds of suckers and wires Julie and the other women were wearing to her and hooking them up to the computer. Over Julies shoulder, Bobbie watched fascinated as a picture of Cy appeared on the screen before Julie and then the maid stood up again and motioned for her to come and sit also as she was attached as well.

Bobbies mask absorbed the moans she uttered as she sank down on the twin cocks and she was quickly attached, plumbed and presented to her keyboard like Cy and Julie were. She shrieked and came hard as the vacuum started sucking at her rigid clit and throbbing nipples and found herself unable to even wiggle around, locked in the chair as she was. Thick neck corsets were strapped unto her and Cy's neck, holding them rigid, upright and still as she watched a line of text appear on the computer screen in front of her.

<Goddess Julie> Hi stranger in a strange land. Welcome to my abode and log in please. The computer is developing baselines for each of you as you read this and in a few moments and with a quick tutorial, I will let you both assist me in making life fun for the rest of our guests. Enjoy!

Bobbie chuckled under her mask, so that was it! Julie wanted their complicity in her little experiment as was going to recruit them both into helping her brainwash the women of the neighborhood. A little quicker than what she and Cy had planed, but effective nonetheless. She followed the prompt and signed on as what she was already calling her new rubber persona. She figured Cy would do the same and then they would see what they were in for.

<RubberQueen> Hi yourself. This is a little over the top don't you think? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea. But mind control? And drugs? Cy and myself were well along in changing these bitch's morals and making them rubbersluts and mistress's without them. Why bother?

<Goddess Julie> I just thought that this would be easier and quicker. We can re-program them in only this one afternoon and they won't be able to tell that anything other than a wonderful rubber fuck session happened to them until we're ready to let the cat out of the bag. All I'm doing is instilling more dominance and lowering their morals a little. They won't be trying to screw kids or dogs or that sort of thing. That's not what this is about, although I could make them love doing that as well. No, what we're doing today is just lowering their resolve and making them bond tighter to the rubber you introduced them to already. Their husbands won't know what hit them. J And they're having the time of their lives, believe me. Oh, and their pain and pleasure thresholds will be altered slightly as well. Pain will be transformed into pleasure and pleasure will become mind-blowing. I love technology, don't you? Tee-hee.

<CyberBitch> and what about us? Are you going to re-program us also?

<Goddess Julie> no, not at all. Unless you want some of the mods yourselves. (What would you like?) Watch awhile and if you do, I can add them into your command programs. This is going to be great! All those rubber sluts are thinking they're having the times of their lives. I'll show you.

A virtual room appeared on their screens, the realism and suddenness of the change was frightening and left Bobbie reeling in shock as she struggled momentarily to re-gain her equilibrium.

In the large expanse, men and women and beings of both sexes were engaged in all kinds of rubberized bondage and S&M. in this reality, the women's faces were revealed and they watched an idealized version of a younger Mrs. Crumbrye standing over a restrained Ms. Thorn. Laying a multi-tailed whip across the back and ass hard and with a loud smacking sound. Lynn Thorn squirmed and shuddered in orgasm as the whip landed again and again across her rubber covered flesh. Daisy laughed with unconcealed delight as she continued to thrash Lynn to orgasm after orgasm as they moved past.

Mrs. Spears was at the center of a large group of faceless rubber men as they stuffed her full of shiny, black cock. The ones she couldn't get in her, she jerked off or the owners jerked off, spraying streams of black gooey cum that coated her rubbered body as she screamed with unrestrained lust, trapped in a world of rubbery sex and come as the three women passed by her as she took a massive cock down her throat, her cheeks sunken as she drew as much from it as she could swallow and kept going, shuddering all the while.

A common area was filled with a massive, looping daisy chain. Women that they knew as restrained or prudish used hands transformed into giant dildos on each other as they sucked and licked the next woman in line and the sounds of sex filled the area. All the women from their party as well as others they didn't know had caught on to the rising wave of kinkiness that Bobbie and Cy had started shuddered and squirmed as they rutted together, their minds filling with new and perverse thoughts and ideas that would slowly be incorporated into their everyday lives.

The sights and sounds were making Bobbie hot and wetter by the second. A thrumming vibe reached through her fog shrouded mind and she felt the suckers attached to her body draw her sensitive parts out and sent thrills of pure lust radiating out from her weak flesh, she had to hold onto Julie until the wave passed.

When she spoke, a line of text appeared in the air in front of her.

<RubberQueen> they do seem to be having fun. That's for sure. How will the programming affect them after they leave?

<Goddess Julie> they will become more and more aggressive sexually over the next ten days and their desires will be altered subtly. They will now need to wear rubber as often as possible and whenever they do, they will feel more submissive or dominant, whatever their inclinations. They will take the lessons they have learned here home and use them on their husbands as well and enslave them to our cause. If the men won't have any of it, they will either divorce them and find new mates that feel the same as they do or they will bring their men over for a men's night in this virtual reality suite. But, no one will be forced or coursed otherwise. Their pleasure/pain thresholds will be expanded and as you can probably feel now, an encyclopedic knowledge of all the types of sex in the world are being instilled in their minds. You both will receive this as well, so that any and all questions will be answered in your minds and you can give and receive pleasure better than any streetwalker or concubine ever in the history of the world. We will coerce, not by force, but by sex and pleasure, two very effective triggers. We shall throw a party like this every week and others that are willing will be brought here by our friends to be "trained" and so on and so on. Pretty neat, huh?

<RubberQueen> but otherwise, their minds are unaffected? And how will they act in public? If scores of rubber clad women start roaming the streets looking for fresh victims and dragging them here off the street, the cops are sure to step in. what do you plan to do about that?

<Goddess Julie> they'll act normally for the most part. It'll only be with their husbands and with other rubber women that their sexuality will rise to the forefront. And unless something I missed in my programming brings out some kind of female gene that makes them do what you say. They shouldn't even dream of doing anything like that. However, this is mind control, even on a limited basis. So I'm just about ready for anything. My husband and several other rubber men are ready to drug and return them here if something unforeseen should happen. Oh, Bobbie. I took the liberty to hooking up your cell phone to the computer bank so if you have a call to make you will receive it here in this reality. Was that ok?

<RubberQueen> that's fine. I'm using it to monitor Tom at his work. This gives me an idea. Can this be used on an unwilling subject?

<Goddess Julie> yes, it can. Why do you ask?

<RubberQueen> I want to bring his mistress into our fold and turn her into a rubberfuckslut. Are you both with me on this, if you're not, just say so and I'll find another way if you're not comfortable with this. I want to replace her desire for my husband with something else. He's mine and I want to make her realize that for herself.

<Cyberbitch> fine with me, I hate home-wreckers.

<Goddess Julie> fine with me too. I have a program that should do the job in spades. I'll show it to you later. Oh, and you both will be getting new computers and the same apparatus that I have here, free of charge of course. I love having a computer geek for a husband! This way we can monitor our charges on a twenty-four hour basis in case something goes wrong. This will only be necessary for a few weeks until their programming becomes a permanent part of their personalities. Then we will rule the world! (Bwaaaha haa haa haa! Silly huh?) Another aspect of this is that the women will take home and unconsciously install cameras in their homes so we can see all the fun their having at the same time. The ultimate voyeur-cam. You can put the boys in charge of watching if you like, they'll gladly go for it if my man is any indication at all. Hell, strap them in and hook them up and they can feel the whole thing for themselves, not too shabby, eh?

<Cyberbitch> cool! Kyle will love that, the slut! Man, I'm so horny just watching and thinking about this. Can we get fucked now you guys?

<Goddess Julie> ha ha! Sure, jump right in; we'll join you in a minute.

Bobbie and Julie's virtual selves watched as Cy dove into the long line of rutting women and was soon linked into the chain, shuddering and cumming and squalling at the tops of her lungs like the rest of them.

Julie touched Bobbie on the shoulder and the room disappeared around them and she found herself disoriented and shrieking through a powerful orgasm as she came back to reality, the twin cocks and suckers hard at work on her. She shuddered and tried to move her hips to force more of the fake cocks inside her and watched tiredly as Julie was freed from her chair by her cross dressed husband.

Julie rose unsteadily and then helped her hubby free Bobbie from her bonds and ease her up off the twin shafts. She was soaking in her sweat in the suit and had to lean against a wall for support until she gathered enough strength to follow them out of the room and back up the stairs.

Julie sat her down in a comfy chair and helped her remove her mask and did likewise. Her hubby came back with a tray filled with sandwiches and electrolyte drinks, which they gobbled up, by the handful. Bobbie could never remember being this hungry in her life and sat patting her overfilled belly as it bulged under her suit. She sighed, fat and happy and thinking hard about the future.

Julie finished too and spoke first. "I let you out early because I wanted to talk to you alone, I hope you don't mind. She'll be well taken care of in VR while we're gone. You sounded like you really wanted to do a number on this bitch that's been fucking your husband. I wanted to ask you how far you want to go with her re-programming?"

Bobbie worked her tired jaw a moment before answering. "I'm not really sure. I really no longer hate her for what she has done since it led me to all this. I'll know more later after Tom comes home and I check his monitor as to wither she has been at it again. I no longer think he's doing it on his own, she seduced him and I want to show her the error of her ways. And enjoy myself a bit at her expense and also maybe make her one of my own stable if I can."

Julie laughed at that idea and said with a grin. "Oh yeah. You can have her any way you want her, you can even lock her regular mind in her head and let her watch as she does whatever you want her to do for the rest of her natural life if you wanted too. But, you strike me as not being that cruel. How about I just alter her and make her submissive to you and make her only receive pleasure from getting pain from the both of you. If you want also, I can make her dominant over Tom as well and you both can keep him in his place at home where he belongs? Would you want that?"

Bobbie's eye lit up at the thought. Then she said evilly. "Oh, I'd want her to enjoy a good fuck. But the rest sounds marvelous! Tom already knows I want to bring her into the fold. Her dominating him will only add the icing on the cake. Let's do it!"

They both chuckled and then Julie added. "I bet that she's trying to get him to fuck right now as we speak. If he does as you say he will and intrigues her into meeting with you. It will be easy to hook her up to the computer that will be delivered today and I can remotely program her then. I'll go get started on the modifications now and Henry will go fetch Cynthia from downstairs and you both can go home and get ready for her arrival. We'll take care of letting the others out of VR later and send them home to start their new lives. Cy mentioned something about a fashion show, can I help too? It'll be great fun and we can make some mock-ups of the trainers and place them there as well. We can soon embed rubber fetishism into the whole city at this rate. Well, I hope you had a good time and I better get started if we're going to do this thing. Yours and Cy's new computers have the VR world installed so you can come and see me again at any time. I spend most of my days there anyway and we'll all have fun together as more and more women and men join the hub. Say goodbye for me, will you? I'll see you soon, bye."

Julie rose and leaned down over an amused Bobbie and kissed her lustily on the mouth, sliding her some tongue as their lips parted with a smack and retreated across the room and up the long stairs, waving with a grin as she disappeared around a corner.

Bobbie sat digesting both the food and all that she had gained from her new friend and her mind slowly begin flooding with a universal knowledge of sex that she knew had to be part of the programming she had been imbibed with in the VR world. She shuddered and came without having touched herself as images and ideas for kinky and perverted sexual activities brought her to the brink and washed her over the top again and again. Wow, what a ride! She felt really hot and bothered and wanted to have Tom to pounce on here with her now. He wouldn't stand a chance in hell and she shivered in lusty delight as she thought about getting her hands on her rival and making her one of them. The growing cult of rubber women that was going to take the city by storm before they even knew what hit them.

A little while later, a silent Henry led a staggering Cy up the stairs and sat her down with Bobbie, she pulled her mask away from her sweat-soaked face with a slurp and seeing the food, dove in with a will. They chatted about what had taken place since Bobbie had left the VR world for a while and then Bobbie helped Cy out to the car and took her home.

Cy's own pre-programmed sexual imprint struck her about a block from their homes and Bobbie had to pull over as Cy dove for her titties and stuck several gloved fingers up under her pussy cover and got her off quickly before Cy regained control of herself and they made it back home. She carried her with an arm over her shoulder into her house and laid her out on the bed in a fog of lust and had to use the restraints alongside the bed on her to keep her from jumping up and raping Bobbie on the spot. Cy moaned into a red rubber ball-gag as she squirmed on the bed and came as Bobbie closed the bedroom door behind her and left a note for Kyle to take care of her once he got home and left as a group of black clad rubber men entered and begin setting up the new computers Julie had sent them and walked next door to make herself ready for the confrontation with her husbands mistress.

About an hour later, a sheepish looking Tom came in to find Bobbie re-masked and re-suited in a simple black suit, gloved and footed with a diamond cover hiding her sleeves from view. Her glossy calf-high stellitto boots moved up and down on her crossed legs and simple red-trimmed black mask hiding her face from view.

"Is she here?" Bobbie demanded.

"In the car. I'm sorry Mistress; she succeeded in getting my pants down before I could stop her. Please don't hook me up to the sucker, it wasn't my fault." He pleaded.

"Enough! Does she want to talk to me?" Bobbie said, rising, her heels clicking across the tile as she walked up to him and undid his pants, letting them drop in a puddle around his ankles as she checked his monitor. Sure enough, he had cum in his sheath and recently too. She playfully slapped the hardening member as it rose slowly from her attentions, it bobbed and swelled as she gripped it and gave it a twist, he groaned.

"I told her that you controlled me through my fetish and went on to tell her what she wanted to know. She thinks she has the upper hand and that she can free me from your control if she can manipulate you through fear. I told her I would remain with the strongest one that wanted me, as you said I was to say. She thinks we're perverted and that she can simply get you to relinquish me to her care if she has sex with the both of us. Please don't punish me for cumming, I couldn't help it, she has a mouth that just won't quit, Bobbie." He hissed as she led him into the living room by his throbbing dick.

She showed him the new computer system and told him what to do. He nodded morosely and shuffled out to bring the woman inside to her doom.

Louise MacGintty was very good looking, Bobbie had to admit. She was tall even in her four inch heels and her blue blazer suit hugged her ample curves well, her bosom was large, a D-cup at least and her hips were wide and well fleshed. She had reddish-brown hair and her features were almost oriental in structure, giving her face an exotic appearance that added to her whole and made her very desirable in Bobbie's eyes.

She took the chair that Bobbie indicated with a slightly superior air and got right to the point. "All right. What the fuck is wrong with all you people! I've been seeing people dressed in that sick, kinky looking rubber shit all weekend long and I want to know why? Your "husband" says you want to talk to me, so talk. I want him, by the way. You don't and so as far as I see it, now he belongs to me. Do we have to have a scene about it? If so, I'm you're worst nightmare. I could take you out so fast; your head would still be spinning long after you woke back up after I knocked you on your fat ass. So what the fuck, why do you want to talk to me?"

Bobbie considered her for a moment, and then said with a smile. "You want him, you take him away. I don't think he'll go. I'm the one that gives him exactly what he most desires. You seem really to simply be using my property and I think you deserve to give me an explanation as to why you think you can do any better by him. As to what's going on, get with the times bitch! Rubber and rubbersex are the wave of the future and from what I see of your scanky ass, you've fallen far behind the times. Doubt me? Well, how about a little contest? You try on one of our "Kinky" suits and we'll have a dual all right? One in cyberspace if you think you're bad enough, that is. If you defeat me, you get him and I'll be your slave for as long as you want, if you want me. If I win, I retain him and you come live with us and serve us for as long as I say. Oh, and to make it interesting, I'll bet $10.000.00 bucks on it, what do you say now slut?"

Louise blinked once or twice, then pulling her body erect and thrusting out her tits, she said angrily. "If all I have to do is kick your sorry ass in a video game to take your money and your man, you're on. As to this "slave" shit, you must be one sick cunt to think you can control anyone like that, much less me! Show me this fucking rubber shit you want me to wear, you're on bitch!" and shook her fist in an amused Bobbies face as she leaned over the kitchen table threateningly.

Bobbie snapped her fingers and Tom quickly came over to stand behind her. She smirked and told him calmly but shortly. "You heard her, the suits in the bathroom, help her into it and show her how it works and bring her back. I'll be changed myself and we'll hook into the hub as soon as I call up Julie and get us jacked in. good luck Louise, you'll need it."

Tom looked uncomfortably from one to another of them and with a flip of her hair, Louise stood up and went with Tom to get changed and join the battle for her husband. What a moron! Thought Bobbie as she watched the pissed off woman leave and she reached for the phone, automatically dialing Julie's number. She picked up on the other end with a low moan Bobbie knew had to be from her cyber-sex and asked huskily. "Bobbie? Are they coming into our world yet? I've got the program ready, you'll be released right after the game simulation starts and can watch as I manipulate her mind on her screen. She'll think she's beating you and that will do the strongest imprinting. It won't be until she beats the game that all her programming will go into effect. I added some modifications that I thought you might like as well. Have fun and try not to hurt her too badly, I want Daisy to have a crack at her sometime after you're tired of her ass. Ta-ta!"

Bobbie placed the phone back into its cradle and getting up, went to go change.

Bobbie emerged fifteen minutes later and found Tom hooking Louise's cabling up to the computer. Bobbie checked to make sure he had done everything correctly and hooked herself up also. She visibly shuddered as she sank down on the twin dildos and called up the "Battle Sluts" program and looked once more at Louise and said evilly. "You sure you want to do this to yourself. You can leave right now and get out of town as they say, or you can face me and suffer the ultimate defeat and live the rest of your days at my feet bitch! He's been my man all along and you've just been grazing like the cow you are, just in my pasture and on my grass is all. Probably because you're too pushy to find one of your own. Last chance, leave or pay the piper, because I'm really much brighter than you are slut!"

Furious, Louise shook in her bonds and snarled. "I'm better, faster and sexier than you are any day of the week! Let's get this over with, I can't wait to shit down your throat and make you say you love it, whore! I'm gonna kick your sorry butt from here to Fresno motherfucker!"

With a grin, Bobbie keyed in the start of the game and felt the room melt away. Before Louise could get herself oriented, Bobbie couldn't help but reach out and slam her fist into the woman's face with a sickening smack. Then she reappeared in her own living room again and looked over at the screen. Louise had recovered and was beating Bobbie's virtual self in the ribs and face with what would have been punishing blows if she were still in the program. She looked at Louise's face and saw a look of surprise on her features as her mind started filling with her new commands and a low purr poured from her lips as the suckers and dildos started kicking in as well, adding to her imprinting and making her body squirm on the fake cocks as she slowly was brain washed into being Bobbies plaything.

The game continued with Louise wielding a sword and slicing Bobbie's simulacrum almost in half, instantly to be repaired and ready for more as Louise went into a red rage and jumped on her bodily and started tearing at her, ripping away chunks of flesh and tissue with her bare hands as she howled with bloodlust and came at the same time.

Bobbie watched the woman shuddering continually now as her body went into overdrive.

The scenes on the screen switched to one of Louise engaged in sadomasochistic acts that were clearly evil and perverse as she sodomized, raped and murdered nuns and man after man, ripping their heads off and drinking their gushing blood from the bloody stumps of their torsos as she rutted like a fiend from hells lower levels. Cumming over and over, with gore and drool dripping from her lips in both worlds as she fucked and killed with equal ease and her mind was being reshuffled into being someone better than who she obviously was, taking away her bloodlust's and replacing it with a simpler form of lust and the desire to serve in any way Bobbie wanted her too.

At last, Louise stood alone in the virtual room, surrounded by piled up corpses and blood running like rain from her as she threw her head back and screamed. "I Won! You bitch, I killed you and now everything you have is mine! Mine, do you hear me Slut, I won!"

At that moment, the room changed again. Louise was shown on her knees as she was shown her own actions and she grasped the enormity of her past crimes and the feelings that were being introduced into her brain gave her an epiphany as she buried her face in her hands and wailed, trying to come to grips with her new programming. She crawled over to Bobbies resurrected simulacrum and placed her head at her rivals feet, begging her to forgive her, to let her serve her to try to make up for all she had been in her past life. To be her slave and to serve her in anyway she saw fit if she would only allow her the option of living again to atone for her offending Bobbie as she had. Louise understood at last that she had been the home wreaker and was willing to do anything she had to, to make it up to Bobbie. Her submission was now complete.

Bobbie nodded to Tom, who came over and released her from her chair and together, they did the same to the semiconscious Louise.

With decidedly unsexy slurp, the stunned woman pulled free of the dildos as she fell forward out of the chair and slumped to the floor between Bobbies legs and begin licking and sucking on Bobbies boots and heels, begging pitifully to suck on Bobbies clit or tits and make her mistress cum if she might only be allowed to do so, tears ran from her eyes as she sobbed and cleaned her mistress's boots willingly with her mouth and tounge.

With a chuckle and a lusty sigh, Bobbie reached out and took Toms cock in her hand, he had gotten quite hard from watching Bobbie subdue his mistress and turn her into a groveling rubber-clad slavegirl and he throbbed excitedly as she purred to her former rivals prostrate form. "After you're done on my boots, suck this and make him cum for me. Then take him into the bedroom and await me, slaves. I have to report this to Julie before I can take my pleasures with the two of you. Now, hurry up and get out!"

Louise's tongue redoubled her efforts and she was soon sucking on Toms wagging prick and taking him down to the root as they both groaned as she tried to pull his soul out through his dick. Bobbie watched with a pleased expression as she turned back to the computer and typed an overview of her first impressions of Louise's responses for Julie to review. She turned back as she pushed to "send" button and simultaneously heard Tom grunt as he filled his sheath with cum. Louise moaned and came herself before letting his cock free of her mouth and rising with a smile, the first one Bobbie had seen on her face, and pulled him away towards the bedroom.

Bobbie scooped up a thick strap-on and attached it around her waist, unsnapping her crotch cover as she walked into the room to find Louise grinding her rubbered pussy into a reclined Toms face as she fisted and sucked him back to hardness. Bobbie stood behind her and pried her ample asscheeks apart and set the head of her fake cock into the sleeve in Louise's ass and whispered. "Take it, you bitch, take my cock and suck my husband off again with your dirty mouth as I fuck your ass off. You were not much good as an opponent, maybe you'll be a better rubberslave slut. Now rock back and take me, whore, I own you now!"

With a moan and a shudder that told Bobbie she was cumming, Louise arched her back and Bobbie watched fascinated as Louise's ass opened like a black flower and the thick head disappeared into her sleeved shit tunnel. A higher pitched grunt came from around Toms cock as Bobbie rammed the rest of the dildo inside and started fucking her brutally with it, feeling a sadistic pleasure from doing this to her new slave as Bobbie felt her own pussy clinch as she orgasmed and spasmed and fucked Louise's ass.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she reveled in her new found power over her rubberized slaves, she squatted over toms face and spasmed as she came on his hard driving tongue as he lathed her pussy through her rubber sheath and stuck at her clit, bringing her off once again. This was glorious and she never wanted it to end, she wanted to exist like this forever and ever.

The days following passed swiftly, Louise sold off her possessions and moved in with them, she now lay on the floor at the foot of hers and Toms bed, happy as a cat and probably as content as one too. Her programming had been more complete than even Julie could have hoped for, now totally addicted to rubber, she was slavishly docile and submissive with all the other women as well as with her and Cy, but she was a holy terror with the men, once Bobbie had come in to find Louise driving her whole fist up Tom's ass and viscously twisting and yanking on his cock and balls, screaming insults and invective at him. She had put a stop to that or so she hoped, but Louise bore watching nonetheless and she had other things on her mind.

Tonight was the night of the fashion show.

Cy, Kyle, Louise and Bobbie stood backstage with the other women broiling around as they readied themselves for the opening display. The VR-booths had been doing a land office business as had Stacey's rubberware booth and Julie and Henry had everything wired up for those that wanted to try out "Rubber World 2.0" or wished to have a little extra stimulation as they waited for the show to start.

The house was packed; the ladies had done a bang-up job getting the other women around town to attend until they too, were hooked on rubber and rubbersex was now a part of their everyday lives. Everything was going according to plan, only a very few would leave here tonight unchanged and the more subtle subliminal programming would slowly draw out even these die-hards into the fold soon enough. Many of the women that had been a part of the first gatherings were now holding rubberware parties like her and Cy had, around town and more and more shipments of rubber clothing and accessories were being shipped to Stacy at "Inner Worlds" with each passing day, hundreds of thousands of dollars changed hands daily now and their group was in the inner circle where it had all begun. A revolution was starting to take shape, first hundreds, then thousands joined them to shape it, one that might well lead them to the top of the power structure, one that might change their whole world forever.

And it would be ground zero right here. The mayor and most of the city fathers were in attendance as well as the heads of all the major religions in town, thinking that they were "investigating" the smut peddlers and their "Kinky" ways so that they could attack them all later from their "bully pulpits" with impunity and from a position of strength and self-righteousness. Too bad for them, their wives had come to various ones of the parties sometime in the past weeks and only awaited the signal from Bobbie to whip off their overcoats and reveal their rubber clad bodies underneath, ready to put their men beneath their bootheels and to have themselves "voted" into office as the new council and mayor. Their men were kept at home where they belonged, safely rubbered up and left in milking devices to milk their cum all day long as their women made all the new laws and regulations, as they should, since they were the dominant sex in their new households. And besides, times had changed, for everyone involved.

Tom sidled up behind them all and tried to see through the small lenses of his suits incorporated Russian style gasmask, the hose dangling from it's snoutish facial area down to his waist belt and a small filter. High-heeled ankle boots gave him a womanish appearance except for his bulky snap-on codpiece over his pelvic area. He looked comical and alien. Contrast with Bobbie who's skin-tight fitting semi-transparent suit with black accents around her masks eyes and mouth and her pussy and anal sheaths and clear vacuum bulb nipple cups left no room for thoughts other than wanting to stick your cock in her and to drink in her sexy looks. She was almost regal in science fiction story like way, totally naked, yet totally protected at the same time; she was the ultimate in fantasy fetish. Her seven-inch heels ran smooth down her feet and were molded in as part of the suit she wore, the black of her heels shot through with a blood red line.

Cy wore a red one-piece suit with sky blue and black accents, thigh-high red and black spike heeled boots shod her feet. Kyle was suited in five layers of suits, the outer one, a Russian heavy chemical suit, was inflated and bulging outwards, making him look like a man-shaped balloon in glossy, polished black rubber, a vacuum pump sucked him off every ten minutes and he would grunt through his gags air holes when he came.

But Louise was in the worst way of all, a twisting steel, mercury filled and vibrating dildo was plumbed, as was the double balloon anal catheter and urine tubes that ran to bulky bags on her calves, under seven layers of tight fitting rubber, running to a battery powered control that attached to her heavy bondage rubber corset that crushed her waist down to nine inches around, her snorting breath coming rapidly through the nose tubes of her inflatable rubber helmet that crushed her head under the three tight masks she wore as well as the one stuffing the nine inch rubber dildo gag down her throat. Her mittened hands chained to her corset at the waist, ineffectually she tried to hold the curtain back as she staggered around in her ten-inch ballet boots, her toes aching from supporting her weight for the last hour. She was in utter heaven and shook continually as she rode out her orgasms on her feet as she did what her mistress desired, to hold back the curtain.

They jumped slightly as Stacy came out to announce the opening act. Mrs. Crumbrye dove a submissively dressed Mrs. Spears out onto the catwalk and started by whipping her around the floor before doing her with a large red dildo as the happy group looked on from the wings. They would take the stage for the finale and then join in the fun for the rest of the evening. They were just warming up.

The crowds of people were horny and restless by the third acts end. The group of rubber clad acrobats bowed off the stage and Julie was installed on a quickly set-up throne and dais, Henry bounced out, in an inflated suit like Kyle's, to the laughs of the masses and handed her a mike, Julie reached out and pulled a tab on his suit as he turned to go and the loss in air pressure made a farting sound that was only dispelled by the roar of the crowds guffaws and howls.

Julie waited for quiet and got it, she raised the black phallic shaped mike to her lips and purred. "Well my friends, are we having fun yet?" after the crowd died down again, she smiled beatifically and said. "Most of you here have come to our parties, some of you haven't. So I thought I'd bring a little of our parties here for you tonight. After the first number, you that have been there, help the ones that are new to see what it is we're so excited about! Come on everybody, rubber it up! Rubber love is bliss! Join us!"

A fast thumping beat pulsed from the heavy wattage sound system and drove through the people, making their bodies jerk and their fingers snap to it's hypnotic rhythm as singularly, in pairs or in groups, rubber people came from the back and engaged in wild sex as scenes of more of the same in multi-colored tints played against the curtain behind them and off the walls and ceiling, smoke rose from the stage lending a theatrical air to the scene. The crowd was riveted and almost all felt their sexual drives kick into gear as they watched the rubber people having sex in ways they could never have dreamed possible in their worst nightmares, and they wanted to do it themselves.

They wanted to be the ones getting fucked in every hole and coming so hard they thrashed around like fish before finding another slit to fill or to be filled by everhard cocks or to suck on rubber covered titties. They wanted it more than they ever wanted anything in their lives, no matter what they had wanted to say or do when they came in, now they wanted to feel lovely, sexy, sensual rubber on their bodies and fuck like their lives depended on it. They wanted it more than life itself and it was going to be a part of their lives from now on. They understood finally, what everyone else did. That there was no need for war or money or power, rubber would give them everything they ever wanted and they could make their lives complete by wearing it and having the greatest sex they ever had.

And they could live like that always, from now on. They swore it so loudly the din shook the rafters. Julie doubled over on her throne as she cackled with evil glee as they fell under her spell. After ten minutes, the first song ended and the dazed and tranced people were led away by those that had already been programmed to change into their new skins and return for more, the addled reverend was led away by his lovely rubber clad wife by the bulge in his trousers, a grin on his sappy face.

Thirty minutes later, the reassembled crowd, now dressed in any and every possible combination of rubberwear and cocks and titties flopping hard and erect all around the room, the music and visuals begin again. This time implanting command and code words and reinforcing their new found love for rubberism and opening up their libidos to accommodate their enforced lifestyles and the demands their bodies needed to have to turn pain and pleasure into bliss and happiness in they're new lives in rubber. People stroked and fondled the ones sitting next to them as they watched enthralled, unable to take their eyes off the screen even to cum or to fuck or to suck off their neighbor next to them.

However, by the time the third song came on and Tom and the others came on to join in onstage, the crowd was slithering around like snakes, finding places to fill or shafts to be filled by as they all sang Julies praises and promised to do everything they could to spread the good word about rubber. The sights, sounds and smells were so involved, intense and mind warping, mere words pale trying to describe them all here. Men and women and others not so easy to identify as to their sex plowed men and women and the women returned the favor with equal relish and fervor, the floor swam in glistening rubber covered bodies and screams of pleasure and pain pierced the din of music and noise until long after the house lights came up and most of the group broke up and went home to carry on their activities in couples and in small or large groups. Not a piece of rubberwear was left in the booths and the moonlight glistened off the new converts and the old as they wandered off into the night, exhausted and drunk with pleasure and new desires.


Bobbie screamed around the shaft of Cy's big dildo, cumming hard. They were tangled in an elaborate grouping, Bobbie riding both Tom's and Kyle's cocks in her ass and cunt as she used the imputes to drive her own dildo in Louise's ass as she rammed the dildo mounted on her heavy rubber bondage helmet into Cy and made the circle complete. She wasn't thinking about anything except her next massive cum and the one to follow that one. The show had been a big success, the city had fallen like a leaf as they took over and spread like locusts, from city to city now, across the globe, spreading their new religion better than any missionaries ever in the history of mankind. She could care about that, really, she was getting fucked here!

She shrieked again as her muscles milked another load from the men beneath her and she rammed her fingers and then her whole hand into the pussy that fed her friend Cy full of stiff rubber above her, Louise shook like a leaf in the wind as her cunt clutched Bobbies hand. Growls sounded from her throat and the throats of the women and men with her as they strived to cum as many times as possible before they had to part and return to work for the rest of the day, then they would return and the whole thing would resume again, with anyone that wanted to join in. the tired would clean and make the meals and then join in after they had rested up for the next act in their play. Their was no animosity anymore between them, they all loved their new lives, rubber had brought them all together and they were all a part of the whole now, their lives intertwined by their loves, lusts and pleasure seeking and rubberism.

She certainly didn't think about how much she and all of them had changed in the past few months and about how far they had fallen from their previously boring, generally sexless lives and moral underpinnings and how they had embraced ideas and perversions that would have made them run screaming for the hills back then in terror for their lives. Her mind was on how lovely Cy's pussy looked getting stuffed full of hard rubber cock and how hot it would be to be in her shoes right about then. She quivered and quaked through another orgasm and felt the dicks inside her stiffen some more as she rode them up and down and fucked her female slut slave with her fake cock and her hand. Feeling the power and pleasure of her friends, husband and lovers around her got her off again as she lurched around on her sore knees, never wanting it to end.

Cy all but collapsed on Louise's face as she rode out a mega-cum and slapped the bound woman and screamed at her to get fucking again as Cy grinned lustily down at Bobbie and asked. "Want to switch? This bitch gives good face, come on, I want to be double penetrated for a while, do it for me, please Bobbie?"

Instead of any of those other silly things that might have crossed her mind at the time, her love for her friend won out, smiling beautifically, Bobbie came one last time and pulled herself free with a slurpy sound and gave Cy a lingering kiss as they changed places. She shuddered anew as Louise slid the dildo home in her pussy sheath and Cy sank down on the boy's cocks and started riding. She would do it again later without a doubt, she never had to worry about Tom leaving her or anything like that ever again and it was more than worth the world to her mind, rubber made her world go around and soon the whole world would know it's sensuous power and that was good enough for her.

With this knowledge in mind, she shuddered and came on her slaves face; it was promising to be a good day after all.



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