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Jessica Darling Chapter 17: Hello Kitty!

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; D/s; bond; collar; gag; gummi; insert; encase; display; toys; nc; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 16


Chapter 17: Hello Kitty!

Jessica could only watch through an internal foggy haze as she was carted away and taken into the bowels of Brulée's facility. Several times during her seemingly meandering trip she thought she could feel the magnets holding her limbs together loosen only to be reminded when she tried to work her limbs free of the hogtie which kept her helpless even if the cuffs had been inactivated. After trying for what seemed like an eternity to do anything to get away from her candied fetish caretakers, Jessica finally gave in to the throbbing pain which had remained in her head from when Brulée bounced it off the floor and passed out, collapsing onto the cart as it trundled towards Laboratory ‘3’.

Jessica remained unconscious for the rest of her journey, assisted by an injection given to her by one of Brulée’s dutiful assistants moments after the immobile detective had trundled past her assigned post in the Mistress’ vast underground complex. The injection consisted of only a mild sedative which was intended to keep “our dear Ms. Darling”, as Brulée had referenced in her instructions, docile. However, in Jessica's current physical state it had the additional bonus of keeping the investigator unconscious while she was transported through Brulée's massive underground complex of fetish confectionary laboratories. It wasn't until she reached the bowels of the complex that Jessica began to stir, the result of her being jostled and roughly moved from the cart and rather abruptly deposited onto the floor of the room. If she had been fully conscious Jessica would have reprimanded Brulée’s minions that they should have shown their ‘guest’ better manners than their inconsiderate and heavy-handed treatment offered; yet in her mentally sluggish state Jessica could offer little resistance, either physically or mentally, to whatever Brulée's assistants attempted to do with her.

While she couldn’t provide any resistance, the fog in Jessica’s mind had cleared sufficiently for her to determine the assistants had positioned her in the center of a large, tiled alcove in some large room. “Must be Laboratory ‘3’…” Jessica murmured to herself through the gag still glued between her lips, as she pieced together the fragmented memories of the events between when she had last seen Brulée and her current situation. The details began to resolve in the detective’s clearing memories when a sudden sharp spray of barely lukewarm liquid impacted the still hogtied Jessica dead-center between her semi-spread legs.

Several giggles echoed off the walls of the alcove while the tormentor directing the spray of solvent used it as more than just a means to clean the tied detective, as semi-muffled yelps, squeaks, and screams emanated from the squirming and twisting tormented subject. Jessica closed her eyes as several more similar, though not as powerful streams joined the one playing over and between her feet and legs to assault her body from all sides. As she continued to squirm on the floor of the alcove, Jessica failed to notice that her wiggling fingers and toes had begun to free themselves from their gummi encasements. It wasn’t until one of the shoes which had been glued to her feet hours earlier bounced off her head after been flung off her flailing foot that Jessica began to concentrate on the changing state of the situation of her ‘attire’.

Jessica's 'clothing', and the glue which sealed it to her supple body, was being dissolved by the mild solvent which was being sprayed over her, leaving it to pool and then flow down away from her towards the drain in the corner of the alcove. The same was true of the liquorice ropes which had been holding her in the tight hogtie since the time she was wheeled out of Brulée’s sitting room. As her limbs gained more movement, Jessica tested the extent of their regained motion only to find her wrists and ankles, while free of the hogtie still held firmly to their opposites by their restraining cuffs. The only movement Jessica could enjoy was enough to roll around as the assistants continued to hose off the remains of her gummi uniform, using their opposing sprays in a perverse game of ‘nude-hostage-hockey’ each one attempting to move the goo-slicked detective into an opposing corner of the alcove.

Eventually the assistants either grew bored of their game or there was insufficient material left to slicken the tile floor underneath, and they redoubled their efforts to effectively pressure-wash their captive clean. This left Jessica totally nude save for the metal bands on her limbs and the matching collar around her neck, leading one of the assistants to comment that "at least the collar and cuffs match on this one" referring to Jessica's being a true blond. After a final rinsing with a series slightly warmer sprays of water, two large magnetic pads hanging from a track in the ceiling of the alcove were lowered and attached to the wrist and ankle cuffs and Jessica was hoisted up four feet off the floor and pushed by her feet towards a large metal examination table.

A gasp and shiver rattled through Jessica’s body as she was lowered onto the cold metal surface tits first. In what seemed like an instant, Jessica quickly found her wrists and ankles unlocked, and then just as quickly locked, not to each other, but into a new position of her wrists magnetically latched to each ankle such that her ass pointed towards the ceiling. Before she had a chance to reflect on the vulnerable position, one of Brulée’s assistants quickly stepped forward and snapped a hose into the opening in Jessica's anal plug. A sudden increase in pressure and warm sensation filled Jessica’s ass as the assistant depressed a trigger and began to feed more of the nutrient paste into it, effectively topping off Jessica's nutrient fuel tank.

“If this were any other situation, I might find this arousing…” Jessica thought to herself before the nozzle was removed from her ass with a metallic ‘pop’.

Having been suitably refilled, a warm and slimy substance was applied to Jessica's pussy and massaged in by one somewhat enthusiastic assistant whose fingers rather aggressively made sure that the material had been pushed and poked into every possible nook and cranny of Jessica’s sex. A warm tingling sensation began to build in Jessica’s pussy as the assistant continued ‘massaging’ the material around. After a few minutes of this process of alternating poking and massaging, the assistant removed the vibrator that had been glued inside Jessica's sex ever since she had first been captured. As other assistants moved in and cleaned the solvent, glue residue, and juices from their captive, Jessica noted how empty her pussy felt now that the vibrator was gone. That sensation quickly became a fleeting memory as the first assistant returned and slammed an even larger vibrator deep into Jessica's vagina, twisting it slightly before the glue it had been slathered in took hold and solidified.

Once the re-violation of Jessica's sex had been sufficiently completed, the assistants quickly deposited her into a chair where a stylist quickly dried and styled her hair. That complete, the stylist then proceeded to apply makeup to Jessica's face, finishing with a coat of bright yellow lipstick before presenting the results to Brulée.

Satisfied with Jessica's appearance, Brulée directed the process to continue and the assistants quickly returned Jessica to the metal examination table and positioned her again in the 'ass-up' position. Once secured, a bright yellow cat tail was inserted into Jessica's anal plug and firmly locked into place. The tail, made of a flexible gummi material, was adorned with a large 'jingle' bell in bright gold. After Brulée confirmed the security of Jessica's new tail, Jessica was helped to her knees on the table and a matching set of bright yellow cat ears were added to her recently styled hair by one assistant while another attached a short leash and a bell, matching the one on Jessica's tail, to her collar.

Jessica, even in her sedative-induced haze, could see Brulée smiling as the assistants brought one of Jessica's kinky fantasies to life. Jessica had no idea what Brulée had in mind, as the assistants glued her eyelids open. "Wouldn't want you to miss anything my crumpet." Brulée whispered into Jessica's ear as the assistants first placed lubricating drops and then plastic lenses into each eye. The lenses resembled cat's eyes, the irises in the same bright yellow color as Jessica's new ears and tail. Once Brulée had signaled her satisfaction with this step, the final touch was added as the assistants glued a set of whiskers to each side of Jessica's face.

There was a moment of silence before Brulée erupted with a jubilant "YES! She's absolutely ADORABLE!!! They will eat her UP!!!" and commanded the assistants to help Jessica onto all fours and position her so she could see herself in the mirror on the back wall of the lab room.

Jessica looked at herself in the mirror and did admit to herself that she was quite impressed how she had been made into the type of cat-girl she had seen on various Japanese websites and at some fetish balls in the past. It may have been the light drug altering her thinking, but Jessica couldn't help but recall a long-standing fantasy she had of herself dressed in this fashion, happily scampering across the floor chasing after her Dom, bells ringing and tail twitching the entire way.

Jessica's daydream was interrupted with Brulée's announcement: "Finish getting her ready! I have a party to plan!"

The assistants immediately moved Jessica away from the mirror and repositioned her on the table so that her face was cocked upwards. As two assistants held her head steady, a third approached with a cordless drill containing a rather large diameter bit. Jessica attempted to free herself, but her cuffs had again been activated and she was stuff fast to the metal examination table. Jessica's cat-eyes grew wide as the assistant placed the drill bit on the large gag still glued in Jessica's mouth and began to drill.

"I wouldn't move if I were you..." advised one of the assistants.

After several moments, the drill broke through the gag leaving a large hole through its center through which an assistant quickly threaded a clear tube. Once it was determined that the tube had sufficiently pierced Jessica's oral cavity, the tube was sealed in place with glue and an extra layer of glue carefully painted along Jessica's yellow-painted lips to further insure that Jessica's air intake was limited to that which she could gain from the tube only.

The final piece of Jessica's costume was fitted, these being tiny radio receivers, into Jessica's ears after they had been coated with a small amount of sealant. The combination of the receivers and the sealant effectively cut Jessica off from hearing anything transpiring around her. She nearly jumped when she heard Brulée's dusky voice in her head for the first time...

"Well my little pussy... I think you're ready to get dressed for the party now... I hope you enjoy what I picked out for you to wear." Switching off the receivers, Brulée directed her assistants to begin the next phase of Jessica-kitten's party preparations.

As one assistant left the room, the others quickly corralled the cat-girl without much struggle. Jessica was still feeling the effects of whatever sedative Brulée's goons had injected her with, which made her very compliant and responsive to commands. The one assistant returned to the room pushing a large cart that appeared to be made of clear acrylic plastic. The cart had four rings molded into it, and Jessica was quickly lifted into position onto the cart between them. With flawless precision, the assistants quickly lashed Jessica to the cart threading clear liquorice rope around each ankle pulling them apart to a little more than shoulder width apart and securing them firmly by anchoring the rope to the rings.

A thinner gauge rope was threaded around the base of Jessica-kitten's tail and also lashed to the ring directly behind her. This rope was pulled tight until Jessica-kitten's thighs formed a right angle to her calves on the cart. At the same time, the assistant directly in front of Jessica-kitten quickly lashed Jessica-kitten's wrists together with about a half-dozen loops of rope before threading the rope between her wrists and winding several loops between her wrists to help prevent Jessica-kitten from wiggling her wrists free. Satisfied with her expert rope work, the assistant threaded the remaining length of rope through the ring on the front of the cart and pulled hard. The result was Jessica-kitten's arms were pulled directly out in front of her until her face and breasts were a mere centimeter from the surface of the clear cart.

The imagery Brulée had intended was evident to everyone in the room save for Jessica-kitten. From the side, it appeared as if Jessica-kitten were stretching after a long nap, her ass in the air her front limbs stretched as far as they would reach in front of her. The assistants turned the cart around several times, giving Brulée an opportunity to view it from every angle. Jessica-kitten could feel the cool laboratory air on her prominently displayed pussy as she was spun around like some good on sale at an auction house. Although Jessica-kitten couldn't hear it, she assumed that Brulée had approved her appearance when the assistants began to wheel her out of the room and down the hallway to another part of the lab.

Jessica-kitten must have blacked out briefly as the next image she saw was Brulée waving to her from behind a pane of glass. The tube in her mouth had been attached to some device out of her view as it was feeding her a steady flow of air, flavored or laced with something since it had a definite taste to it. Jessica-kitten couldn't move more than a few millimeters as Brulée activated the receivers in her 'human' ears.

"So my pretty pussy... its time for you to be dressed for the party. I hope you enjoy it, I picked it out especially for you!" Brulée left the receivers on so Jessica-kitten could hear a series of pumps activate and something begin to flow through the various pipes in the lab. Jessica-kitten expected a shower of glaze to erupt all around her when Brulée's voice again registered in her head.

"I bet you're waiting for something my pussy!" Brulée giggled. "Oh no... not so quick my little kitten, I want you to savor what I have in store for you." Jessica-kitten stated intently at Brulée as the voice in her head continued...

"You are to be a very special part of my party so I thought your 'attire' should be equally special for you." Brulée's tone turned back to her instructor's voice... "Those pumps you heard a moment ago are right now injecting a clear molten candy resin into the mold you are at the center of. The resin, once dry, forms a very hard candy plastic that is crystal clear. In fact the cart you are currently tied to is made of the same material. If my assistants have followed my instructions correctly, when the candy sets you will appear as if you are floating in a solid block of candy without any visible means of support. Even the ropes binding you in your current position will disappear!"

Jessica-kitten began to see the gelatinous molten candy spread across the floor of the mold in front of her. The drug in her system prevented her from fully appreciating Brulée's plan until a few moments later when it dawned on her: "I'm being encased alive!!!"

Brulée must have recognized the look on Jessica-kitten's face when she understood Brulée's plan. "That's right my pretty pussy, I'm encasing you. You'll be trapped, completely unable to move at all! I remembered how you reacted when you saw dear Taffy enveloped in the IM and how hard you came for me. I also know from sources that you've had a fantasy about being encased for some time. Well, as a special gift to you for being such an integral part of my party, I'm going to fulfill that fantasy for you my tasty kitten!"

Jessica-kitten wondered what Brulée's game was, as the molten candy crept ever closer to the top of the cart she was lashed to.

"Oh, but I'm afraid it won't be immediate pleasure my dear!" Brulée taunted. "I have other plans for you than just the fulfillment of your fantasy. But you'll have to wait until the party to find out that part!"

Brulée switched off the receivers as the goo reached the top of the cart and began to engulf Jessica-kitten.


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