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Jessica Darling 15: Care for Some Gum?

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; collar; gummi; corset; encase; maid; toys; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 14


Chapter 15: Care for Some Gum?

Jessica slowly stirred from a deep slumber, stretching her legs and arms as if she were at home in her own bed. Suddenly Jessica bolted upright, and scanned the room. Instead of four cement gray walls, her eyes beheld an immaculately adorned bedroom with fine art on the walls and beautifully restored, it couldn't be original, antique furniture. The base of Jessica's new world was a wonderfully decadent four-poster canopy bed complete with the finest linen sheets, which felt heavenly against her bare skin.

"Bare skin? What the hell?" Jessica threw the covers aside and realized that instead of the IM catsuit she was now fully nude save for the silver cuffs and collar, which remained firmly locked to her. Jessica padded over to a full length mirror on the opposite side of the room and took inventory of her body.

Turning around and viewing as much of her as she could, checking for needle marks or other signs of drugs or injury, Jessica noted that her body had been treated quite well. In fact, she noticed that someone had taken the trouble to rub some type of oil or lotion from head to toe which left her skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

Jessica recalled the events of the previous evening - Jessica really wasn't sure what time it was anymore, she hadn't seen a clock since she was captured - and remembered the devices embedded inside her. Sitting on a lounge in the corner of the room by a large fireplace, Jessica reached between her legs and attempted to withdraw the large vibrator insider her pussy. However, no matter how hard she tried she couldn't pull it out of her, eventually pulling hard enough to cause her some measure of pain. Jessica decided maybe she would have better luck getting the plug out of her rectum and using the mirror to guide her, grabbed the flange and pulled. Again, Jessica couldn't seem to withdraw the offending sex toy from her body.

"I'm sorry Mistress Jessica, the devices cannot be removed without Madam Brulée's permission." Came a soft, articulate voice from somewhere in the room.

Jessica immediately snapped into a defensive posture, raising her hands to prepare of a potential attack from this unseen threat.

"My deepest apologies if I startled you Mistress!" came the response to Jessica. "Please understand, I did not mean to come in unannounced Mistress." The voice remained as soft as before, seemingly unaware of, or unconcerned with Jessica's reaction." Madam Brulée commanded me to stay here quietly and to see to your comfort and any of your needs."

Jessica quickly locked into the source of the voice and conducted a threat assessment to plan her next move.

Standing in the far corner of the room, was what Jessica could only assume to be, based on the uniform she was wearing, yet another of Brulée's house maids. She was just a little taller than Jessica, given the 6" heels she was wearing compared to Jessica's bare feet, trim in build, with black hair that appeared to be pinned up in a bun on the back of her head. She was covered from neck to toe in a pale pink suit, accented by a white apron. Her hands, also covered in matching gloves, were folded in front of her, and her head was slightly lowered as if she was looking at where she would next place the clear plastic spike heeled pumps encasing her feet.

"Please excuse me for concerning you Mistress, and I humbly submit myself to any punishment you see fit to enact upon me." the voice continued, still maintaining the same soft, soothing tone.

"Punishment?" Jessica queried.

"Yes Mistress" the voice replied. "I failed to address myself to you when you first arose and caused you undue stress and concern. That calls for me to offer myself to you for atonement."

Jessica remembered that the maidens had all been schooled by Brulée in the art of obedient submission and this one, much like the redhead previously, had been directed by Brulée to regard Jessica with the respect afforded to any Mistress of the house.

"Come over her." Jessica directed the maiden. As with her previous designated servant, Jessica again hoped to sound as dominant as possible regardless of her normal submissiveness.

As trained, the maiden quickly responded and glided over to Jessica barely making any sound at all despite the hard plastic shoes on her small feet. As she approached her, Jessica noticed that what she had first thought was a pale pink latex suit was in fact some other semi-transparent material with a pinkish tint. She finally recalled where she had seen it before...

"Gummi bears!!!" Jessica exclaimed... her memory finally retrieving the data she needed.

The hand maiden continued until she stood a foot from Jessica, and then stopped directly in front of her. Her hands had never moved from being folded in front of her, and her head never looked up to make anything that could be construed as eye contact with her assigned Mistress.

"Is there something you desire Mistress Jessica?" She questioned.

Jessica could only respond with a somewhat unintelligent "Huh?"

"Does my Mistress desire Gummi Bears?" The hand maiden politely defined the context of her question...

"Oh... no. Oh! God, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." Jessica half stammered, half laughed. "No, I just was thinking the the uniform you're wearing reminded me of the same material Gummi Bears are made out of."

"Yes Mistress Jessica, it is."

Jessica was about to question the maiden's sanity, you can't wear candy, until she remembered the incredible sight of Taffy being encased in a thick rubbery coat of what Brulée called a "marshmallow construct" until Taffy was barely able to wiggle. And that white suit Jessica first had found herself in. She remembered Brulée mentioning to her that it was made out of the same material Taffy had been immersed in. So, it could easily be possible for Brulée to make clothing out of Gummi-material.

"Turn around and let me see your outfit completely" Jessica semi-commanded.

Dutifully, the maiden complied by slowly turning 360 degrees to give her assigned Mistress a complete view of her uniform as if part of a military inspection.

Completing her turn the maiden inquired: "Was that satisfactory Mistress?"

Jessica, still marveling at the same smooth, seamless construction as the catsuit Jessica had been wearing barely managed to stammer out "Oh... yes... that... that was fine."

"Thank you Mistress." Again came the maiden's soft voice, her head never shifting it's gaze from the floor about an inch in front of Jessica's bare feet. "And has my Mistress decided on my punishment?"

"Punishment?" Jessica had forgotten that she was supposed to be the dominant one in this instance... "Oh, yes... I think I'll forgive you. You obviously saw I was busy and didn't want to disturb me." Jessica pulled from her own experience to find an answer that fit her needs.

"Thank you Mistress. You forgiveness is most gracious and shall strive to be worthy of it." The maiden responded while she performed a flawless formal curtsy, and then returned to her original position in front of Jessica.

Jessica could only marvel at the discipline of the maiden. Jessica had been in some relationships with women who were formal Dominants, but they had never taken the Dominant/submissive role this far. Jessica had always resisted by claiming that in her professional life, her life depended on her ability to take command of a situation and of people. Yet it was that very fact which had pushed her to seek a submissive role in her sexual life. Jessica found it to be a release to let someone else be in command in the bedroom. Her life outside of her relationships consisted of of always having to keep her guard up, never completely trusting anyone but herself to look out for her needs or security. Yet, with the right person, Jessica found she could relax mentally and physically through submitted to them.

"What can I do for my Mistress?" the maiden inquired. As Jessica took several seconds looking for a response, the maiden provided her with some options...

"Madam Brulée commanded that I ensure you were bathed, dried, brushed, and dressed before presenting you to her this evening. Anything else is at your desire Mistress."

"Well..." Jessica was struggling with this role reversal. "I would like something to eat I guess."

"With respect Mistress..." the maiden bowed slightly "I do not believe you require food."

Jessica was about to correct the maiden by telling her not to argue with her Mistress until she realized that the maiden was correct. Jessica wasn't hungry. For that matter, she wasn't thirsty either. She began to blame it on the events of the past day until her memory brought back the information Brulée had provided while Taffy was being entombed.

"That nutritional paste!" Jessica finally understood.

"Yes Mistress" the maiden confirmed. "Madam Brulée did not instruct me to ensure the Mistress was fed because there is no need to do so. Your nutritional requirements were seen to before you were dressed and afforded the hospitality of Madam Brulée."

Jessica was about to disagree with the maiden's use of the term "hospitality" until she realized it was pointless to argue. If she had been assigned to treat Jessica as her Mistress, the maiden would simply agree with Jessica and that would be the end of the argument.

"Ok... so no food... and nothing to drink either..." Jessica worked down her list. "Then help me get these toys out of me."

"I am sorry my Mistress, but those cannot be removed without Madam Brulée's permission."

Jessica took a more direct approach: "Maiden! Perhaps I wasn't clear! I want these things removed from my body immediately!"

The maiden immediately dropped to a kneeling position and bent forward with her arms stretched out fully in front her, her face pressed to the floor. "I am sorry Mistress, please understand that I cannot do as you command for it is forbidden by the 'One to whom I am bound'. Please... I beg forgiveness of you. I will do anything you command that is within my permitted boundaries. Please Mistress, command something else of me so I may demonstrate my worthiness to serve you or else I will have failed my assigned duties and must return for disciplining."

Jessica suddenly understood the untenable position she had just forced this sweet creature into. She had been commanded by Brulée, or the maiden's trainer, to see to Jessica's every need. But the maiden was bound to, 'owned' in a manner of speaking, by Brulée and couldn't disobey anything Brulée had forbidden the maiden to do regardless of wishes of the person the maiden was assigned to by Brulée or the trainer to serve. And if the maiden couldn't satisfy Jessica's needs, then the maiden would have to immediately return to her trainer or to Brulée and admit that she had failed to satisfy her assigned duty.

It sounded harsh the first time Jessica was introduced to the concept by her first Dominant during her final year in college. But, as was pointed out to Jessica at that time, it was the responsibility of the Dominant to never put the submissive into that type of position. That it was irresponsible, possibly even reckless, to force the submissive to accept discipline for a failure not of her own doing. Jessica was taught that the cornerstone of any Dominant/submissive relationship is the trust the submissive places in the Dominant to ensure the safety and care of the submissive.

Realizing that this maid was not as undisciplined as the redhead assigned to her earlier, Jessica quickly addressed the poor maiden still kneeling prostrate in front of her.... "I understand you must obey Madame Brulée's instructions, so please get up off the floor and stand in front of me." Jessica knew that didn't sound very 'mistress-like' but it was the best she could do.

"Thank you Mistress..." the maiden replied as she returned to her kneeling position and then her feet "It is my pleasure to serve you Mistress, please tell me what you desire of me." She had returned to her trained position of head bowed and hands clasped together in front of her.

A satisfied smile crossed Jessica's face as she decided that if Brulée wanted Jessica pampered, the Jessica would be pampered. "Well... I could really stand a nice... hot... relaxing... bath."

Even with the maiden's head bowed, Jessica could see the satisfaction on the maiden's face. "Yes Mistress! As you desire, I will provide you with a hot relaxing bath. If you permit, I will see to it immediately!"

"By all means!" Jessica laughed.

"My Mistress may stay here if she wishes until the bath is prepared or I may take my Mistress to wait elsewhere if she wishes."

Jessica understood the formality, the maiden did not have any idea of Jessica's preferences, habits, or idiosyncrasies, so she had to ask Jessica how she wanted the maiden to proceed.

"Why don't you lead me to the bathroom, I really need to relax!"

"Yes Mistress! Please follow me." And the maiden smoothly pivoted on her heels and began to make her way to the bathroom with Jessica in tow.

The bath was as Jessica had come to expect; luxurious, ornate, relaxing, and wonderfully relaxing. It was in stark contrast to her treatment over the previous days which puzzled Jessica, and remained in the back of her mind throughout the thoroughly decadent bathing she was being treated to.

Jessica was carefully dressed in the outfit which her maid indicated; "Madame Brulée instructed me to dress the Mistress in this...". Jessica noted that the entire outfit appeared to be made of the same 'gummi' material which adorned the house staff only the major piece, the corset, was much more ornate in decoration. Jessica sat, fascinated, as the maid began to dress her in this new outfit.

The most obvious issue with fitting the 'gummi' stockings and gloves had to do with the silver cuffs Jessica had worn since she had first been captured. This was quickly resolved when the maid pulled a chain which dangled from her collar from under her bustier. At the end of the thin silver chain was a small, round, metal object which the maid placed against the cuff on Jessica's left ankle. With a soft 'click' the cuff snapped open and the maid pulled it off her Mistress' leg and placed it on the floor next to her.

"Isn't Madame Brulée worried that I might escape?" Jessica asked somewhat surprised.

"I don't know what Madame's desires for the length of your stay are Mistress." The maid replied without skipping a single beat in her scripted preparations for Jessica's dressing; "I only know that according to my instructions from Madame, I am to dress you accordingly. In order to do so, I must remove the cuffs from my Mistress until you are fully dressed."

The cuff was removed from Jessica's right leg and carefully placed next to its companion on the floor. The process was repeated twice more for Jessica's wrist cuffs, however, the collar remained in place. Jessica remained somewhat puzzled by Brulée's decision to have her restraints removed, even if only temporarily. Either Brulée figured Jessica wouldn't run, or the collar would be sufficient enough incentive to keep Jessica on the property.

"And what about the collar? Does that also come off?" Jessica finally asked the question.

"Oh no Mistress! I can't remove the collar. Only Madame Brulée or Lady Taffy are allowed to remove the collars." Came the prompt response. To further reinforce the statement, the maid quickly sat up onto her knees and ran her 'key' around the front of Jessica's collar, which remained firmly locked around Jessica's neck.

Jessica wasn't disappointed for she knew the moment the maid initiated the demonstration that the collar would remain bound around her neck, as well as for the simple reason that something insider her burned; wanting to see what Brulée was planning.

"First, I must smooth this onto my Mistress' legs so the stockings don't pull as I slide them onto you." The maid mentioned as she warmed some clear goo between her hands before beginning to smooth the substance onto Jessica's left leg and foot. The gelatinous substance warmed Jessica's legs slightly as the maid smoothed it over her leg up to her mid-thigh. Jessica took a closer look at the gelatin material as it began to smooth down from the peaks and valleys the maid had left in it's surface. It reminded Jessica of the Aloe Vera gel Antonia always slathered on Jessica whenever she had stayed out by the pool too long and got slightly sunburned. Before she could poke the surface of the material, the maid issued some final instructions to Jessica:

"Now Mistress, please hold your leg directly out in front of you and please point your toes while I put your stocking onto you." The maid had retrieved the first bubblegum pink gummi stocking, rolled it down to the foot, and was holding it out for Jessica to thread her left foot into. Jessica did as her maid asked and inserted her goo-coated foot into the top of the stocking and then, in a well-trained movement, pushed her foot deep into the gummi stocking to seat it firmly as her maid pulled the stocking upwards unrolling the stocking as she climbed Jessica's leg until she had reached her thigh. Jessica then stood so her maid could smooth out and wrinkles or bunches.

Jessica examined the results as her maid pulled and tugged on the few bunches that existed, marveling at how smooth the results were before being instructed by her maid to again sit down so she could finish fitting the remaining stocking.

The maid repeated the process on Jessica's right leg, slathering a coat of the gel onto her leg and foot, helping Jessica thread her long leg into the material to ensure a smooth fit, and then quickly moving to smooth out any flaws once Jessica stood up. The final result was a perfectly smooth finish on both of Jessica's legs, as if they had been dipped in light pink paint and left to dry.

The process for Jessica's gloves were the same and when completed Jessica's arms to the mid bicep were similarly covered in a smooth gummi coat. The maid then reached into the bag where she had retrieved the lotion and pulled out what looked to Jessica like a heat gun.

"What the hell is that for?" Jessica quickly insisted.

"Sorry Mistress, I did not mean to frighten you. This is merely the final step in fitting the stockings and gloves onto your limbs. It is nothing more than a heating element." The maid calmly informed Jessica as if she had done this thousands of times.

"I didn't ask you what it is, I goddamn well know what it is! I instructed you to tell me what you plan on doing with it!" Jessica insisted as she took a step towards her servant.

"Yes Mistress! Please forgive me! Let me explain" the startled maid stammered: "The material the gloves and stocking are made out of do not reach their optimal fit to the body unless a light heat is applied to it. The material is designed to shrink slightly so as to fit more tightly against the body than traditional latex."

"They look fine right now..." Jessica began to observe, examining her legs and arms...

"Yes Mistress, but if the material is not properly set wrinkles and bulges will appear as you move. And the more the Mistress moves, the more will appear..." the maid interjected... "See Mistress? Your movements have caused some wrinkles in the crook of your elbows and knees. If you will permit me to complete the process, those will not occur for as long as you wear the items."

Jessica looked down at the maid's big brown eyes. She remembered how she had marveled at the seemingly perfect presentation the maids and house staff had made when she first got there in their uniforms, and she had just been outfitted with the same material.

"Please Mistress, it is what I do every morning for the senior handmaidens..." the maid murmured as she lowered her head towards the floor in her practiced submissive pose, "and Madame Brulée will be most displeased if you are not adequately prepared for your time with her this evening."

Jessica understood fully what that meant; punishment for the maid responsible for dressing or, in this instance, not dressing Brulée's guest. And after seeing the treatment of her previous maid for actions not entirely her own, Jessica gave into her lingering guilt and acquiesced.

The maid quickly scurried to her feet and again smoothed out every wrinkle and seam that Jessica had put into the gloves and stockings. Then after making one final detailed inspection, she asked Jessica to stand straight with her arms out from her sides and her legs spread shoulder-width apart before she began to play the hot air from the heat gun over the material on her arms.

While the air flowing over Jessica was not unbearably hot, her servant performed her duties perfectly to ensure that the air was never on a single part of her Mistress long enough to become uncomfortable. Jessica could feel the material shrink onto her body as the maid played the hot air over her, tightening the material into a perfectly form-fitting set of gloves. Jessica could feel the gloves tighten and contract onto her arms and hands, but not to the point of being either uncomfortable or immobilizing. She also noticed that the material had taken on a much higher gloss than before the heat treatment, much as normal gummi candy does when heated.

The maid, her work on the gloves complete, asked Jessica to sit on the chair and stretch her left leg directly out in front of her. Again, the maid expertly played the heat over and around every square millimeter of the pink gummi stocking, shrinking it sealing it against Jessica's leg, foot, and toes. Jessica began to enjoy not only the look of the stocking, but more the tight caress of it against the entire length of her leg down to the tips of each toe as the heat continued to form fit the material against her. Jessica watched as the finish of the stocking took on the appearance of being a single coat, painted onto her, as if her leg and foot were constructed of the substance. After what Jessica felt was a too short period of time the maid asked her to extend her right leg for completion. Jessica closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations being replayed up and down her remaining leg; heat, constriction, tightening, restraint. It was difficult due to the restricted movement her fingers now enjoyed in their encasing gummi gloves, but Jessica gripped the arms of the chair to prevent them from straying onto her body.

The maid ensured that the heat treatment had been successfully applied before moving on to finish Jessica's right leg. Jessica examined her finished left leg, and admired the way the material had even dipped ever so slightly into the cleavage between her toes as a result of the processing. She carefully tried to flex them, as her maid admonished her to be still, but found it difficult. As with her fingers and arms, the material had tightened and become more rigid than she was used to in latex garments.

Her maid completed processing Jessica's right leg, then refit each silver cuff back to it's original location on Jessica's limbs with a loud 'click' that reverberated through the cavernous bath suite. "Now we must fit your corset Mistress..." her assistant announced as she stood and held out her hand to assist Jessica to her gummi-coated feet.

Jessica found as she stood up that, indeed, some assistance was required given the resistance she now had against her long legs. The stumbled on her first step, falling against the maid's shoulder before being steadied.

"If you permit, Mistress, I would recommend shorter and more deliberate steps..." The maid offered Jessica as she guided her the few feet to the triple mirror where she would fit Jessica with the corset and panties selected by Brulée.

"See Mistress?" She quickly demonstrated the movements required, as a practiced master, to Jessica; "The materials require one to move with quicker, shorter movements until you get used to the limited flexibility Mistress' limbs now enjoy."

Jessica only half concentrated on the demonstration, as the other half of her was focused on her appearance reflected in the triple mirror around her. The effect was stunning: Her arms from her fingertip until halfway up her biceps appeared to be made of the highly reflective substance, with not a single seam or wrinkle to be found anywhere. Her view dropped to her legs and feet, where from the tips of her toes to her mid thighs, the effect mirrored those of her arms. The sensation of the hands of her maid on her waist reminded Jessica that, save for the gloves and stockings, she was essentially nude and there were still several other items that needed to be fitted to complete her outfit.

As the maid began to slather more of the 'lotion' onto Jessica's torso, breasts, and back she explained that the corset, being made of the same material as the gloves and stockings; "...requires the same preparation and finishing Mistress..."

Jessica flinched slightly as the maid began slathering the gelled goo onto her waist, stomach, back, and breasts. The warm tingling sensation Jessica had experienced earlier when the gel had been applied to her legs and arms only served to further arouse her as the tingling sensation went to work on her nipples. The maid quickly wrapped the ornate pink corset around Jessica and began buckling it tight. Jessica looked down as her breasts were progressively compressed and pushed upwards, along with a glob of gel, as her assistant buckled each fastener from her waist up to the base of her shoulder blades.

Her maid quickly interceded as Jessica was about to wipe away the glob which had formed in her décolletage, asking her Mistress to not assist her in her duties; "My Mistress should not be allowed to lift a finger while I am responsible for dressing her..." was her comment as she used a tissue to carefully remove the offending glop.

The heat treatment for the corset took longer than the gloves and stockings; "As the material is thicker and requires more time to cure properly Mistress." A very light sheen of sweat had appeared on Jessica by the time the corset had been fully cured and tightened around Jessica's body, which was quickly soaked up by a light touch of a powdered cloth by her maid over her remaining exposed skin. As she was being dried, Jessica examined herself again in the mirrors. The corset had taken on the same high-gloss sheen as her stockings and gloves, and had tightened to provide a uniform compression against her entire upper body. It was unlike any previous experience she had ever had when wearing any of her corsets, and Jessica wondered what an entire bodysuit of this material would feel like.

The hands of her maid smearing the gel across her ass and sex did little to distract Jessica from her enjoyment of the sensation of compression being felt over her body; it wasn't until the assistant asked her Mistress gently to step into the gummi thong that Jessica moved out of her inner world and back to the task being asked of her.

"My Mistress likes what she sees?" Jessica's servant asked as she began to quickly play hot air over the panties which had been snugged tightly against Jessica's sex, the hot air adding to the heat Jessica was feeling inside. Jessica could barely murmur her concurrence before the panties suddenly jumped what seemed like one size smaller than before. An audible 'urk' popped from Jessica's mouth as the gummi material shrank again, pushing the two sexual toys deeper into her.

"Does this make my Mistress uncomfortable?" Came the obvious question from Jessica's maid as she continued to fan hot air over the thong, watching it continue to shrink.

"Not... too much... eep..." came Jessica's squeaked response as the thong jumped another half-size smaller. It reminded Jessica of a crotch rope, given how it was driving into her. And after her maid finished the heat treatment and Jessica took her first step towards the chair to be fitted with her heels, she recalled how the last time she had been fitted with just such a rope before Lady Alexandra took her to a formal dinner party had driven her mad with passion by the end of the evening.

Jessica stiffly turned and sat back in the chair as her assistant fitted the pink and white peep-toe heels onto her gummi-encased feet. She couldn't feel the clear rubbery glue the maid had smeared into them earlier through the soles of her gummi-feet, instead, Jessica simply ran her eyes from the tips of the shoes up her pink legs and then over the top of her corset which all had been surreptitiously cemented to her body. The 'lotion' which had been spread over her prior to each piece of gummi clothing being fitted was, unbeknownst to Jessica, a heat-activated rubber cement which served to keep the material firmly locked onto the wearer's body. The heating did shrink the gummi material, but without the cement the material would eventually stretch and sag. The cement also prevented the wearer from removing her clothes until permitted to do so by the Madame, when she would provide the solvent.

None of this would have mattered to Jessica, she was too stunned at the way everything simply adhered to every single curve and nuance of her body. Her legs, arms, everything looked as if it had been sculpted out of one solid piece of latex. And as she knew, every step and bend Jessica caused the tight panties to push the embedded toys deeper into her pussy and ass.

"Just like a crotch rope..." Jessica smiled as her assistant wiped away any smudge or smear on Jessica's attire, before she was led out of her room and escorted by her assigned servant to what she was informed was "Madam Brulée's private receiving room". Her maid further commented that it had been explained to her that Jessica was to be the guest-of-honor at a very special reception with Madam Brulée.

"Just who else is attending this 'reception'?" Jessica inquired of her escort.

"I do not know Mistress." came the reply. "I was only instructed to bring you to Madam Brulée's private room at 7:30 PM sharp."


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