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Jessica Darling 14: I Love Little Marshmallow Chicks

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; bond; susp; latex; encase; emerse; marshamallow; toys; mast; reluct/nc; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 13

Chapter 14: I Love Little Marshmallow Chicks

Jessica sat on the 'bed' in her cell, trying to process everything she had seen during her tour of Brulée's candyland. And despite Brulée's obvious penchant for egocentricity and outright sexual perversion, Jessica couldn't help but be enticed by what she had been exposed to while in the candy queen's clutches. Brulée's technologies offered an entire new world to Jessica; one of complete, total, helplessness and domination. If it wasn't for Brulée's potential for abject cruelty, Jessica could find herself enraptured by the possibilities of this fetish candyland. But after having to intervene in Cardinalli's situation, Jessica had to commit herself to putting an end to it, regardless of how much the images presented to her inflamed her passions and slicked her inner thighs.

She had come to the realization that as long as Brulée kept those polished silver cuffs on her, Jessica had little hope of escaping directly. She would have to either somehow gain Brulée's trust long enough to get the remote that operated the cuffs from her, or somehow incapacitate Brulée long enough to effect the same strategy. That meant putting herself, at some point, under Brulée's control or dominance. Something which both worried, as well as excited, Jessica. It was only a matter of choosing the when and how to play the game. But deep inside her mind, Jessica suspected that she would have little choice in the matter.

Jessica sat in her cell for a few hours, with little to do but replay the images she had seen over and over again in her mind; The caramel greeters at the charity ball, the statue of Cardinalli with every intimate detail preserved, the latex maids and house staff, Bobbi Brennan not only being cast in glaze but also seeming to physically enjoy her predicament. But the images that haunted her most were those of her friend Heather being voluntarily helpless, immobile, as she was encased from head to toe in goo for Brulée's enjoyment. Even the thoughts of Jessica's helpless red-headed maid being slowly enveloped in that sexual orgy of worms and slime and what it must have felt like to be so thoroughly ravaged conspired to build the sexual tension in Jessica's body to critical levels. Jessica had to fight her growing desire to fondle herself to release, trying to keep herself focused on the need to attack, to escape, which was not only critical to her own survival but also to that of Heather, Bobbi Brennan, and Linda Cardinalli as well.

Jessica held out as long as she could, but it was only a matter of time before her hands began to wander over her body in the attempt to release the pressure that continued to build inside. It was only the now familiar echo of high heels down the hallway outside her cell which snatched Jessica away from release. Unbeknownst to Jessica, even escape into pleasure and some measure of sexual gratification had been masterfully denied her. By the time Jessica had noticed the sounds, there was just enough for her to sit upright on the 'bed' as she heard the keys rattle before being slid into the lock and Jessica's wrists slammed together as Brulée activated the magnetic binders once again.

Jessica again was following Brulée and a gaggle of her seemingly indispensable assistants down hallway after hallway towards some destination unknown. Jessica tried to recall any salient landmarks along the trek, in the attempt to place herself within the vast complex of studios and laboratories. However, as she followed behind Brulée up a few flights of metal stairs Jessica realized that there was yet more to Brulée's underground fetish dominion than she had been shown on her tour earlier. As they walked up another passageway, Jessica noticed that the assistants had dropped off from the procession.

“Aren't you afraid I might get out of your grasp Brulée?” Jessica taunted.

“Why not at all my little morsel.” Came Brulée's more than confident reply. “I know you are more than just a little intrigued by my work here, and just as eager to see what else I have to show you. Face it my little tidbit... I have you bound by more than just locks and cuffs...”

“Really? And just what would you have me bound by that would prevent me from escaping here if you didn't have these cuffs around my limbs?” Jessica snickered.

Brulée stopped at the foot of several nondescript steps which led up to an open doorway and gave her soft reply... “Curiosity my little crumpet... I have you bound by something infinitely more powerful to you than chains and locks; simple curiosity.” Brulée's voice dripped with satisfaction before she motioned Jessica to follow her up the steps to the unknown.

As they reached the doorway, she pulled Jessica into her and whispered: “Are you ready for your little treat now my dear?”

Jessica's eyes focused on a nude Taffy, hanging suspended from a harness, bound by what looked like colored rubber bands at her ankles and knees. In fact, if Jessica wasn't mistaken Taffy also must have had her arms bound behind her back with her elbow tied together as well as her wrists. Jessica recognized the position from some of the times she had been bound by lovers and teased with various implements until she couldn't take anymore and would explode the moment her lovers fingers or tongue or lips made the slightest touch to her pussy.

Taffy was positioned over a bubbling vat of a white substance, which looked all the world like liquid marshmallow. Jessica could see that Taffy was still awake and alert by her struggling, but a weight hanging from her bound feet helped to keep her relatively centered over the large vat.

"Ahhhh...." cooed Brulée into Jessica's ear... "I see you're very interested in what's about to befall my disobedient assistant. Well, let me explain the process to you. You might find this particularly enjoyable since from what I understand from the various fetish circles you inhabit you enjoy strict bondage and encasement in your playtime."

Jessica barely flinched as Brulée planted a kiss to the nape of her neck before beginning her lecture on the process Jessica was about to witness.

Taking on the tone of a lecturer in a seminar, Brulée began: "You see, my lovely pastry there is about to be severely disciplined for her continued insubordination. She simply must learn to be more of a team player."

Jessica continued staring at the nubile Taffy hanging no more than 10 feet away now as Brulée and Jessica made their way around to a control panel on a catwalk surrounding the vat. Jessica wasn't quite sure what Brulée had in store for Taffy, but Jessica did know that between the image of the struggling bound female form in front of her, and the toys still embedded inside her own body she was having serious problems keeping her concentration on possibly escaping this mad-woman's demented factory.

As they reached the control panel, Brulée continued her lecture: "Now then my little crumpet, let me explain: You see, that vat there is full of my special Immobilization-Mallow, or IM for short. Its another carry-over from my days as a non-lethal weapons designer. Now, don't worry your little head, that bubbling isn't indicative of boiling heat rather its indicative of air being fed into the vat to help keep the IM from settling and solidifying, You see once IM is mixed and prepared, if not kept heated or agitated, I imagine your pussy is both right now my dear, it becomes semi-rigid and very difficult to cut or remove.

Jessica tried to avoid the thought but Brulée was right, her pussy was getting hot and "agitated" by what was unfolding before her...

"But, when applied correctly it makes for a very effective full-body restraint method. In thin coverings, so long as you don't get your limbs stuck to each other that is, it makes a very nice body covering. In fact my dear, that outfit you're wearing right now is made of IM. And IM is so durable it can be left applied for weeks on end. In fact, we're not quite sure how long IM stays intact. The longest we've run an experiment was 6 months." Brulée elaborated.

"Six months?" curiosity finally getting the better of Jessica: "how does she eat... or breathe... or go to the bathroom? You can't stay encased for months on end. The longest I've ever been..." Jessica had to cut herself off for fear of giving Brulée more information than she already had about her extracurricular activities.

"Now I didn't say we've encased someone that long... yet" Brulée responded, her eyes shifting to the suspended Taffy and a cruel smile crossing her lips. "You see that hood covering Taffy's head? That's not any ordinary bondage hood silly. That hood has a breathing mask and hose incorporated into it so our dear Taffy will have plenty of air to breathe." Brulée's eyes then glanced down to Jessica, "but I imagine you're familiar with those aren't you?"

Jessica tried to ignore the comment, but knew that Brulée had done her research.

"But this is the really amazing part my dear." Brulée then turned her eyes to the console in front of her. "You see one of the benefits of owning and running a multi-national candy and confectionery company is that I get to do research into all types of alternative forms of nutritional materials. And what I've developed is a substance, well its more of a really thick paste really, that is very slowly absorbed by the human digestive system."

Completing the last sentence, Brulée pressed a button on the console "Now watch dear Taffy there..."

Jessica's gaze intensified, attempting to discern any change in Taffy's status. After a few moments, Taffy's body began to jerk and twitch "There, I'm forcing some of that nutrient paste I just mentioned into sweet Taffy's mouth and rectum. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I had a plug and vibrator inserted into Taffy before hanging her up there. In fact the same that you have in you right now my dear." Jessica continued to watch the hapless Taffy react to being force-fed from both ends in front of her.

"Now, the paste will completely fill her entire digestive tract from her throat to her rectum. Since the paste is completely digested, leaving no discernable waste aside from water, there's no need for her to expel her bowels. And since water is a by-product of her digestion of the paste, her body will take its water from that..." A light on the console suddenly lit up a bright green, "Ah! She's full!" Brulée pressed the first button which began the force-feeding to turn off the feed, then flipped a toggle switch elsewhere on the console.

"Now I'm withdrawing the tubes from her throat and rectum... And don't worry, the paste solidifies quickly so there's no chance of it oozing out of her ass while she's encased, she's effectively plugged solid."

Taffy's body hung from the harness barely moving after the trauma of having an indeterminate amount of what Brulée referred to as "paste" shoved into her body both orally as well as rectally.

Brulée pulled the microphone on the console closer to her and flipped it on. "Well Taffy, I think you're ready for your retraining. Maybe while you're locked into your cocoon you'll think about mending your disagreeable ways."

Flipping off the microphone Brulée looked at Jessica and cackled "Now comes the really fun part..."

With that final taunt, Brulée flipped a switch and slowly Taffy began to descend into the bubbling vat of IM. Jessica could barely contain her sexual response as she saw Taffy's feet slowly disappear into the white goo.

"Mmmm... delicious isn't it?" Brulée, having shifted to stand directly behind Jessica pinning her between Brulée's body and the catwalk railing, softly whispered into Jessica's ear.

Jessica could only watch and think of how it would feel if this were happening to her instead of Taffy as the goo gobbled up Taffy's ankles and then knees.

When the white IM reached Taffy's shaved pussy, Jessica inhaled sharply.

"Oh yes my little crumpet, you enjoy this don't you?" Brulée softly inquired.

Jessica could only watch helplessly as Taffy continued her immersion into the vat, her thrashing now gone as the IM had a firm hold on her nubile form. Taffy had sunk up to her stomach before Jessica felt Brulée's hands on her hips, slowly reaching around and upward towards Jessica's own breasts.

"Now, for Taffy's pert little tits..." Brulée whispered almost inaudibly as her hands slowly reached Jessica's breasts, rising in unison with the goo engulfing Taffy. Jessica inhaled deeply as Brulée's hands gripped her breasts just as the IM claimed Taffy's nipples.

"Oh yeah, I bet you would have climaxed by now if you were in Taffy's place" Brulée murmured, her tongue lightly teasing Jessica's earlobe.

There was no denying it, Jessica's body had betrayed her completely. Her nipples were erect and her breathing was quickening as Taffy's neck and then finally her entire head sunk beneath the surface of the white, bubbling lake.

"And that's just the first act, Sweetness..." Brulée commented in one final whispered tone before releasing her hold on Jessica's body and stepping back towards the console. Reaching it, Brulée grasped the switch that lowered Taffy, and flipped it to the "off" position before flipping it fully up. The winch that moments before had lowered Taffy began to draw up the chain suspending her, slowly raising her up. Before Taffy broke the surface, Brulée reached into the pocket of her labcoat/apron and pressed a sequence of buttons on her cellphone. Jessica nearly collapsed to her knees as her vagina and rectum both began to tremble with the familiar sensation of toys buzzing inside her. The simulation of the vibrating plastic lovers inside her coupled with the sight of the white blob that was Taffy begin to emerge from the vat would have been more than enough for Jessica to begin fondling herself if her hands weren't locked behind her back.

"Oh yes, she's got a nice initial coat!" Brulée commented matter of factly as she looked over at Jessica.

Jessica could only stare as Taffy emerged, a feminine blob of white, rising like some fetish Venus from the sea of IM. Glops of IM slowly dropped off of Taffy-blob and back into the vat as the IM dried into a solid layer.

"Something else that you need to know about IM" Brulée returned to her lecturer's tone "is that as it dries, and it dries quickly at room temperature, it contracts. So Taffy is being slightly squeezed right now, the IM getting tighter around every single inch of her body."

Jessica's mind raced with the thought of what it must feel like to be in Taffy's place at that moment. Wondering what it felt like to be bound, encased and then compressed from all sides and angles. She had experimented with encasement with a few partners before, but the most that she had ever been able to try were various forms of mummification. And unfortunately, she had determined that the reward simply didn't match the effort required. So Jessica's sexual fetishes were destined to be satisfied more by bondage and submission to her partners. Somehow Brulée must have learned of her encasement fantasy from someone, an ex-partner/lover, otherwise why would she be showing all this to her?

Jessica barely had time to complete that thought when she saw the winch begin to lower the Taffy-blob back toward the surface of the goo again and felt Brulée's hands running up and down Jessica's thighs and ass.

"You see, that was only the first act my sweet..." Brulée's lips were barely touching Jessica's ear as her hands continued their soft caressing,,, "there are several more to follow. We're going to get Taffy nice and encased... and I've set her toys to start working in about 30 seconds so she'll be in the same state you are except she'll slowly be less and less able to move more than a few centimeters after the third or fourth dip. And by the final one, she'll barely be able to move at all..."

As Brulée's last word dwindled away into Jessica's senses, she felt Brulée's hand move to her crotch as her other one tightly gripped her ass... A moan escaped Jessica's lips...

"Oh yes.... you're nice and hot aren't you?" Brulée's grip on Jessica's pussy and ass tightened further, beginning to grind into her.

Again, after Taffy had been fully immersed for a few moments the stopped winch came back to life and withdrew the taffy-Blob from the vat. Brulée had set the controls to 'automatic' as she had been grinding, caressing, and teasing Jessica the whole time. Jessica's mind and body had retreated into that wonderful world where torture and pleasure merge, as the taffy-Blob continued the process of immersion and retrieval. By the time the Blob-taffy had completed the third cycle, Brulée had brought Jessica to the threshold of climax twice only to pull her back in denial. Jessica hated to admit it, but this twisted media whore knew how to push her buttons.

As the Blob that was once recognizable as Taffy emerged from its fourth dip, Brulée again reached into her pocket and increased the frequency of the vibrations inside Jessica's body.

"Oh GOD!!!" Jessica squealed as the most powerful vibrations she had ever felt from any machine aside from a hardware store paint-shaker (and what an experience that was) wracked her body. If it hadn't have been for Brulée's grip on her, Jessica would have fallen to her knees from the sudden force.

"Now for the final cycle" Brulée cooed into Jessica's ear before beginning to nip as her neck as she brought one hand to grip Jessica's tit as her other hand began to roughly dig into her further pushing the vibrator deeper into Jessica's tunnel.

Brulée had by this time used her weight to pin Jessica against the metal railing of the catwalk so Jessica could spread her legs and grind herself into Brulée's ministrations. This position gave Jessica her best view yet as the Blob made its last slow path to envelopment in the goo. As the blob disappeared the fifth time, Jessica knew she was about to explode, if Brulée would let her... and Jessica was positive she would explode anyway, regardless of Brulée or not...

Her uncertainty was answered when the Blob started to emerge from the vat for the final time. Taffy had long since ceased being recognizable, she was nothing more than a mass of white goo, not even the outlines of her breasts, hands, or feet were discernable at this point. Taffy could barely wiggle more than a few millimeters in her cocoon by this point, which Jessica could imagine would drive her crazy with lust if the positions were reversed.

"I imagine Taffy has cum at least four or five times by now... What's holding you up my tidbit?" That was the final drop of rain that caused the dam to burst. Jessica threw her head back into Brulée and exploded against her.

"Oh YES!!! That's it!!! Cum for me!!!" Brulée whispered as Jessica climaxed again and again and again.

Finally, long after Jessica had lost track of climaxes, her knees collapsed and she slid to the floor, her boots dangling off the edge of the catwalk and her head slumped into Brulée's lap as Brulée followed Jessica's limp body down to the catwalk floor. There, Brulée wiped the sweat-soaked hair from Jessica's forehead before dialing up her assistants to come and collect the Blob and Jessica and take them to their respective storage locations.


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