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Jessica Darling 13: Death by Chocolate

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; bond; latex; encase; chocolate; nipple; mannequin; toys; cons/nc; XX

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 12

Chapter 13: Death by Chocolate

Jessica couldn't help but consider Brulée's statement as she continued to move ever deeper into the bizarre world Brulée had brought her into, consider just what Brulée had planned and just how Jessica would respond to it. The battle had been joined in Jessica's mind; would she respond as an unwilling victim or, as she had seen with Bobbi Brennan, a more than willing and eager participant?

Jessica's sex had continued to twitch since they had left the redheaded maid to her punishment, exacerbated by the repeated thrusts of the dildo and plug embedded in her crotch with each step she took as she marched next to her eccentric and kinky tour guide. The studio complex was massive, spanning thousands of square meters of the landscape underneath Brulée's palatial estate and the factory next door and Brulée ensured that Jessica got a full tour. By Brulée's own admission it was 'unprecedented' access to the deepest, darkest secrets of her artistic enterprise. Which meant to Jessica that she certainly would not be leaving Brulée's careful attentions anytime soon. This fear was further reinforced when Brulée announced that they had reached the final stop on the tour.

“Well my little crumpet, I do believe that this is the final stop on our journey today.” Brulée sighed as they reached yet another nondescript locked door in the facility.

Jessica had been in difficult situations before, both during investigations as well as her previous life. But this was the first time that she had ever felt a shudder run up her spine. Jessica didn't want to admit it consciously, but a part of her understood that the shudder wasn't one of fear; it was one of anticipation. And it continued to race up and down her spine as the door to the final stop on the tour slid open and revealed another studio.

Noticing her reluctance, Brulée took a position behind Jessica and softly whispered into her ear; “Come my sweet, certainly you must be at least somewhat curious to see what I've waited all this time to show you...”

Jessica barely flinched as she felt Brulée's hands run through her hair as the demented pastry queen lightly flicked at Jessica's earlobe with her tongue. “There's no use in denying it my crumpet, I can see it all over you.”

Brulée punctuated her observation with a nip at Jessica's neck before gently pushing Jessica forward into the room.

The studio itself wasn't any different than the others she had progressed through during her 'tour' yet, after seeing the vat of sexual mucilage stored under the floor ensnare her redheaded maid, Jessica couldn't be sure of the true innocence of any room in this vast underground world Brulée had constructed. Jessica noted the large glass booth she was being herded towards in the center of the room and hesitated.

“What's the matter my precious little treat? Afraid of what I want to show you?” Brulée softly giggled in Jessica's ear as she pushed her captive forward again with far greater ease than Jessica intended.

Jessica watched the gaggle of latex assistants scurry about, in and around the booth, setting up equipment and machinery, in the now familiar pattern of preparing it for something or someone. Jessica quivered at the thought that they might be preparing it for her this time as Brulée continued to gently push and prod her along in a slow march to the box in the center of the studio.

As if sensing her approach to a critical point, Brulée reached her hands around Jessica's waist and drew the investigator back towards her, preventing any further forward progress.

“Now my sweet little morsel...” Brulée's voice softly dripped into Jessica's ear once again; “I want to show you something very special, something which I know you've been looking for ever since you came to me.”

Jessica flinched slightly as Brulée's hands slid down onto Jessica's thighs and then pushed inwards gently before sliding back up to her waist again. Brulée used her hands to turn Jessica slightly towards the right and forward to a metal stool which one of the assistants had brought up and placed a few meters away from the booth. Brulée turned Jessica around and gently pushed her down so she was seated on the stool, which had an unobstructed view of the booth and whatever show would be presented within it.

“Now my dear crumpet, I wouldn't want you to walk out before the finale...” Brulée giggled as she spread Jessica's legs and magnetically attached each ankle cuff to each the metal legs of the chair.

Jessica, relieved that she wasn't to be on center stage this moment, didn't admit to Brulée that she wouldn't walk out even if she had been allowed to, for despite her best efforts she was becoming fully entranced by the show Brulée had put on.

“Now that our audience has been seated...” Brulée spun around and announced to the latex assistants in the room; “Let's bring in our special guest star!”

As if rehearsed well in advance of this moment, a second door on the wall of the studio began to slide open and the echo of high-heeled shoes could be heard echoing up the dark corridor beyond. Brulée had obviously left the lights in the corridor off to delay Jessica recognizing whomever had been deemed to be 'fortunate' enough to become Brulée's latest 'model'.

Jessica's eyes widened as they finally locked onto the subject of Brulée's attentions: “Linda Cardinalli...”

Jessica murmured under her breath as the supermodel was led into the studio by one of Brulée's assistants, with two more flanking her on each side, and Taffy bringing up the rear. Cardinalli was nude save for the Brulée's standard-issue silver cuffs and matching collar around her neck, to which was attached the leash being used by the first assistant to lead her into the room.

“Yes my little crumpet! Ms. Cardinalli! The very person you were hoping to see while you were here.” Brulée cackled as she walked towards Jessica. “And now we can say that your investigation has concluded, as here she is...”

The assistants, which had been scurrying in and around the booth, finished their preparation efforts and quickly moved out of the way as the procession containing Cardinalli reached the entrance to the large glass cubicle. Cardinalli's 'keeper', motioned for the other assistants to help her move the model into the 'pose' that the Madame had defined for this latest piece. As with Bobbi Brennan before, there was no protest from Linda as she was led into the box and slowly pushed and prodded into her final stance.

“Now you will see how I deal with my more 'difficult' models my dear. Our dear Ms. Cardinalli may enjoy it almost as much as I suspect you will...” Brulée whispered into Jessica's ear before she called out further instructions to her assistants to get the model positioned.

Brulée's assistants redoubled their efforts to settle the nude supermodel onto the display post set in the center of the glass booth. Impaling Brulée's latest artistic inspiration onto the display took the technicians several minutes, which fed Brulée's growing impatience. Brulée hated to wait when the bolt of inspiration had struck. Finally, Cardinalli was been positioned and locked into place. Brulée had demanded that Cardinalli have her long legs locked at the ankles into a spreader bar 4 feet long, and her wrists secured to the metal collar circling her neck by a ring which ran from the cuffs on each wrist to a ring on each side of the collar.

But true to Brulée's nature, there was more to this than simple bondage. For this artwork, her subject had been placed in saddle-like contraption that was mounted on a center pole like the cheap mannequins you would see in lower-tier stores in the millions of strip malls across the country. Of course to torment her captive, a powerful bullet vibrator was attached to the tip of the pole. Another protrusion in the saddle went into Cardinalli's ass, and Jessica calculated that it too must have some type of vibrating function given Brulée's penchant for inflicting serious sexual torment on her captives.

Once Linda had been properly positioned in the spray booth, Brulée began the sequence of readying the booth for processing. The most recognized supermodel in the world barely knew what hit her as the spray arm erupted in a shower of chocolate and began it's task of coating the beautiful woman.

Watching closely, Jessica noted that the chocolate appeared to dry solid the instant it came into contact with Cardinalli's skin.

"The secret is in the substance we smeared onto Ms. Cardinalli's skin. It's one part of a two-part epoxy polymer. The chocolate contains the second part. The result is a rock-hard coating that dries instantly." Brulée commented to Jessica taking on a tone as if she were a trained clinician.

"Epoxy???" Jessica could barely get the words out...

"Well, yes my dear! Our lovely model is about to become a department store mannequin for me!" Brulée cackled.

By this point the spray arm, following its carefully defined computer program, had completed coating Cardinalli's feet and legs and was just beginning to spray the model's pussy and ass saving the sensitive inner thighs for last.

Cardinalli looked down with her eyes, as the arm sealed her pussy and ass completely to the pole she had been mounted on.

Brulée had designed her latest work "Bound to Fashion" expressly to make the vacuous model, the current queen of the fashion industry, look as spread and as exposed as possible "like the over-hyped, overpaid coat hanger you really are" Brulée had spat at Cardinalli when she informed the model of her fate.

Jessica watched as the arm continued spraying, now having moved up the model's torso, completely covering her stomach and lower back in the chocolate epoxy before swinging back around to coat Cardinalli's medium-sized breasts.

"But, if the chocolate dries as solidly as you say, then it'd stop those nipple clamps." Jessica observed as the arm slowly sprayed across the model's distended nipples, gluing the vibrating clamps to Cardinalli.

"Now my dear Ms. Darling!" Brulée admonished Jessica..."Surely by now you know that a genius like me thinks of everything!" Brulée continued: "Those clamps don't vibrate like the ones you're used to my dear. Rather they emit their torture through ultrasonic waves, directly into the sensory nerves in the nipples themselves! I'm sure my assistants can find another pair if you'd like to try them for yourself, I can assure you that our semisweet chocolate statue in there is having quite a bit of fun with them right now! And it will get 'better' as the epoxy cures and she can't move them a single millimeter!"

Jessica squirmed as she felt her juices begin to trickle down towards the bottom of her seat as the robotic spray arm worked its way around the back of the now brown mannequin, coating her hair and upper back before spinning around to directly in front of the cast model's face to finish it's programmed task.

"My dear Ms. Darling!" Brulée laughed as she looked back over at Jessica's predicament, momentarily taking her eyes off the final act of drama as it played in the spray booth before her, "I do hope you're enjoying our little show..."

The spray emitted by the arm had been constricted to a very thin, almost pinpoint stream by the computer as the arm began to work its way around Cardinalli's face, deliberately leaving her mouth, still attempting to expel the pink jawbreaker Taffy had used in place of a ball gag, for last. Jessica would have blushed if she wasn't so enraptured by the scene playing out in front of her.

The near complete statue instinctively closed her eyes as the spray arm moved across them, the chocolate epoxy sealing them shut. The arm reversed direction and moved in a similar path back across the statue's mouth, turning the model's red-painted lips and pink gag a dark brown. It was at this stage where the fantasy shattered for Jessica, as the spray arm paused directly in front of Cardinalli. The spray arm had positioned itself for one final pass, at the conclusion of which it would spit a small wad of chocolate into the openings in the statue's nose, which would the seal off Cardinalli's only visible means of oxygen as well as seal the model's fate and making this her final session.

Brulée hit the 'pause' key on the computer-control panel, and in the fashion typical for maniacal egocentrics, decided to savor the moment.

Jessica looked throughout the room for some type of weapon, something, anything that could be used as a means of disabling Brulée, before she completed her mad act of sealing Cardinalli's fate both literally as well as figuratively. But with her hands bound and her legs fettered, Jessica knew she'd never be able to make any substantive type of attack that would have any positive result.

In a final desperate act, Jessica played the only card left in her deck. "You know, you're missing a golden opportunity here Brulée..." Jessica commented, attempting to feign further interest in the display.

"Hm? What 'opportunity'?" Brulée stumbled, her thoughts interrupted by Jessica's mention of 'opportunity'.

"Well... nah... it's nothing..." Jessica murmured... "I'm sure you've already thought of it, given your obvious genius and all." Jessica hoped the clear play to Brulée's ego wouldn't be seen through.

"I just thought..."

Brulée stared intently as the investigator... "No, tell me. I'm always open to suggestions from my audience... please, if it intrigues me I might humor you."

Jessica thanked her lucky stars, God, whomever, whatever, that she had learned long ago how to tweak ego-obsessed people and that Brulée was predicable in her response.

"Well, its just that you've gone to a lot of trouble to set Ms. Cardinalli up to be tortured endlessly with the vibrators and clamps, which is obviously fitting with the imagery you're looking for in this art piece."

"Quite astute my crumpet! It's my homage to the inequities of the fashion media keeping women bound to the whims of tastes and styles which may be in this year but totally passe a year later."

Jessica hoped this worked... "Yet you're in a tremendous rush to finish it. You of all people, given your reputation in the art world, understand that great works take great time to and sacrifice to craft and perfect. After all, you are the only artist in the world who recognized the inadequacies of Michelangelo's David and rectified it so many years ago".

Brulée, furrowed her brow as she contemplated Jessica's comment, inquired intently "What do you mean?"

"Madame Brulée, you flatter me. I shouldn't have to tell the master that just as any great artist must suffer for their art, so should the model! So think about this: Has that model suffered adequately enough for one of your masterworks? I mean truly suffered? If you look at her, does her body scream that she's suffering?" Jessica hoped Brulée took the bait that would at least by Cardinalli some time.

Brulée turned and stared at the coated model, her mind processing what Jessica had just stated before turning back to the diminutive investigator...

"You think so? You don't think she's conveying my statement... that she's not adequately prepared to really convey the true weight of my statement of her enslavement to fashion?"

"Oh, sweet fucking Jesus..." came a somewhat exasperated, and slightly too loud comment from behind Brulée.

"You know something Taffy? I'm getting more than just a little tired of your constant questioning of my decisions lately!" Brulée turned and was now standing directly in front of her unrepentant partner, balling her hands into fists as if Brulée intended to strike the woman right there.

Taffy took in a deep breath and paused before she finally spewed forth a tirade of her own: "Well... I'm getting just more than a little sick of your fucking 'statements' and fucking 'themes'. We make good fucking money just holding these bimbos, airheads, and porn whores and selling statues of 'em and stuff. Now you've got to start making freakin' everything thing a god-damed 'statement'! And now you want to kill someone?! That's just totally fucking stupid! Jesus Crème! Kill them and we've got the police and God knows who else on top of us. Hell, this little twat creaming in her pants knew we had Cardinalli! How much do you figure the police know? ”

“Taffy!” Brulée cut her off in mid tirade, “I'm Crème Brulée! Nobody can touch me! I'm the darling of the celebrity circuit! I'm world renowned! Nothing can happen to me!”

Jessica began to panic as she feared Taffy had pushed Brulée too far and forced the woman into proving her point by finishing the mannequin off right then and there.

“The police know nothing! Interpol knows nothing! And Ms. Darling's attempt to determine my operation was pathetic at best, as evidenced by the fact that she's locked and secured and going nowhere!” Brulée had moved behind Jessica and grabbed her long blond hair in her right hand and painfully pulled sharply back, forcing Jessica to stare at the ceiling as Brulée concluded her point about the investigator being completely helpless.

“Fine! You think you're untouchable, then think about this you fuckin' moron! If you kill her, we've only got the one fuckin' statue to sell! Use your god-dammed head you stupid bitch!" Taffy spat back before realizing she may have gone too far.

Jessica had locked onto one element of the argument as it had escalated in front of her; "'holding these bimbos, airheads, porn whores...' That's GOT to mean that they're here somewhere. They're alive, and here somewhere!"

Brulée had finally had enough of her recalcitrant assistant; "That's IT! I don't care if you are my lover, NOBODY questions my decisions! OR MY ART!"

Brulée's face was full of rage by this point.

"Take her and throw her into some dark, empty cell somewhere until I can think of what to do with her!"

The gathered assistants, knowing they could just as easily join Taffy in whatever punishment Brulée would eventually inflict, did as commanded and took the stunned Taffy en masse.

"You fucking strip her, hang her by her ankles, find three of the biggest dildos you can find, shove one into both her holes, and then glue the biggest one into that little shit's mouth!" Brulée fumed.

"You fuckin' BITCH!" Taffy spat she was dragged from the room "You fuckin' BITCH! I gave you EVERYTHING! YOU'D BE NOTHING WITHOUT ME!"

Taffy's final words were cut off by one of the assistant's latex hand over her mouth as they dragged the struggling ex-assistant down the hallway and out of sight. Brulée turned and stared at Jessica, causing Jessica to worry that Brulée might decide to take her festering rage out on the still helpless and almost completely sealed supermodel positioned a few feet away.

Brulée stood in front of Jessica, her face red, her hands shaking in rage until Brulée finally erupted into a spree of violent epithets and hurled any object she could find throughout the room. Until finally, after several minutes, Brulée slumped back against the wall and slid down to the floor coming to a seat.

"Why is it that whenever I have inspiration someone must always criticize and find fault and flaws? Why can't people just recognize my genius? Why?" Brulée muttered as she rested her head in her hands.

Jessica watched, waiting for some indication of her next direction. Jessica was torn between saying something to try to tip the balance of emotion to her side and save Cardinalli, and not saying anything for fear that, as it had in fights with her own lovers in the past, it just might make things worse.

Finally, Brulée looked over at Jessica... "I'm sorry you had to see that my dear crumpet." Brulée finally affirmed. "Lovers can be so jealous when their partner becomes a much greater success then they are, or ever will be. And she's been in my shadow for oh so very long that I guess she just couldn't live take it anymore."

Jessica actually did understand what Brulée meant, as several of Jessica's own relationships had broken up over the high demand for Jessica's services over time and her subsequent new-found status as the investigator of the celebrity circuit. But Brulée's ego had blinded her to the fact that Taffy was the developer, the planner, the brains of Brulée's plans, and without that Jessica had gained a considerable advantage.

"Yes..." Brulée murmured, "I think our model needs to suffer considerably more to be worthy of such a statement to the industry. You don't see 'torment' in her."

Turning to her assistants Brulée pointed to the model and reflected; "She doesn't show 'torment' on her body, her face. I want people to look on her and see the torment the industry puts people like me and her through. I want them to see the suffering we go though to make them happy."

Finally Brulée appeared to have settled on her action, and announced her instructions to the technicians in the room "Take her out of there and clean her face off. But leave the rest of her coated, she'll suffer more if she's not able to move for a while."

Brulée turned to Jessica and with a smile of satisfaction stated "Thank you for making sure I was providing my best work to the world my little crumpet."

Jessica returned the smile and then silently breathed a sigh of relief. Brulée stood up and released Jessica from her attachment to the legs of the stool before she motioned her follow her out of the room.

Brulée chatted the entire way back to Jessica's cell, about what she could do to further enhance Cardinalli's torment, what she could do to ensure that she'd be suited to pull off the piece Brulée intended; "I'll have our dear model placed in the 'mirror room' where she can see herself tortured again and again. I'll 'whip' her into shape for her final session." Brulée laughed at her clever comment.

Reaching Jessica's cell, Brulée reached over to release the padlock holding Jessica's wrist cuffs. But before releasing her, Brulée leaned over and whispered into Jessica's ear... "And because you were such a great help to me, I'll give you a special treat later on my little crumpet."

And with that Brulée released Jessica's cuffs and closed the door once again locking Jessica in her gray-walled cell.



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