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Jessica Darling 12: She's Got That Glazed Look...

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; bdsm; susp; encase; emerse; toys; cons/nc; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 11

Chapter 12: She's Got That Glazed Look...

Brulée led Jessica through several hallways in the expansive underground complex, the whole time telling the tale of 'Crème Brulée's ascent' through the art and cooking worlds, of her favorite inspirations, and particularly of Brulée's favorite subjects. Clearly Brulée was relishing the chance to act as master instructor to Jessica's seemingly willing curiosity. As they arrived at another set of doors, Brulée reached into the pocket of her apron/lab coat and entered another key sequence into her ever-present phone/remote device. Hitting the 'send' button released the locks and the two white doors slid open revealing what Jessica realized was yet another set of workshops. There were alcoves lining one entire wall, six in all Jessica counted, all lined with some type of grayish material. Jessica could see some technicians working by the far alcove.

"Ah, excellent! We've arrived just in time for you to see the start of our next project!" Brulée exclaimed with glee. "Now you'll get an up close opportunity to see one of our processes done on a live subject!"

Brulée led Jessica into the work area by the alcove and bid her to sit down on a stool in the corner of the area "to get a good look" Brulée commented. The moment Jessica sat on the stool, Brulée hit a familiar key sequence and Jessica's ankle cuffs again clapped together.

"Now, I believe you're properly situated so I can begin my work." Brulée noted as she began to put on a pair of latex examination gloves and began barking instructions to her latexed minions.

Jessica's curiosity only grew as the doors to the work room slid open again and a single assistant walked in with Brulée's latest subject in tow. Jessica gasped as she realized Bobbi Brennan was to be Brulée's latest artistic endeavor. As Cocoa approached Brulée, Jessica took in Bobbi's predicament. The songstress was stripped naked save for a steel bondage collar, more ornate in design to the one Jessica had locked around her own neck, and a pair of 7" spike heeled calf-length ballet boots in pure white.

Something struck Jessica as very odd; save for the collar and the attached leash which was being used to lead the singer into the alcove, Bobbi was not restrained in any other way. It was almost as if she were either a willing participant or her spirit had been broken enough that she thought her situation was hopeless. Bobbi didn't look up to view anyone until the assistant positioned her directly in front of Brulée, who took Bobbi's chin her her hand and raised her head up to look into her eyes.

"Ah... yes... you will make a very tasty treat for one of your wealthy fans my dear... very tasty indeed!"

Jessica couldn't believe her eyes, but the singer actually smiled back at her captor. Brulée turned and instructed her assistants to prepare Bobbi for her "session" and then turned to Jessica.

Jessica spat out the first words... "So, what do you do? Drug them so they're 'docile' or 'willing' Brulée?"

Brulée actually managed a look of surprise before responding to Jessica's venom-laced questions. "Ms. Brennan? Drugged? My heavens no you sourpuss! That would not give her the right emotion for my work! I much prefer that my subjects be willing participants in order to fully convey the impact of my efforts! I've only applied a little 'persuasion' to our lovely songbird here so she's a more than willing participant.”

Jessica watched as Brulée held out her hand and Bobbi softly rubbed her cheek against it, as if she were a kitten snuggling it's new owner. The remaining questions Jessica had lined up would have to wait as Brulée quickly turned back to direct her assistants who had been preparing the alcove and its equipment for the session. Once Brulée had been signaled that everything was ready, Bobbi Brennan was led into the alcove and guided to her position. The assistants directed her to bend over, at which point a large plug which had been coated in some substance - "glue" Brulée commented to Jessica as it was coated - was firmly pushed into Bobbi's ass. A look of pleasure took residence on the singer's face as the assistant ensured that the plug was firmly seated with a couple of firm twists and tugs.

Once the plug was firmly and rigidly locked into its position, the assistants added the second part of the display, which for Bobbi meant a large tail of feathers that snapped into the recently installed plug. As the feathered tail was fitted, Brulée walked into the alcove and whispered something into the singer's ear, which enticed a large smile out of Bobbi's face. Brulée walked out of the alcove as the assistants placed the singer into the final pose for her statue. Bobbi's legs were gently spread until they were shoulder-width apart, and her upper body bent as the waist until she reached approximately a 60 degree angle to the floor with her upper body. Bobbi's arms were then maneuvered until both reached down between her legs, both hands placed firmly on her pussy.

Brulée then made the final adjustment to the pose, positioning Bobbi's head so that it was looking slightly upwards as if wanting some invisible something that was being dangled in front of her just out of reach. The assistants made sure that Ms. Brennan's pert breasts were squeezed between her arms, creating a nice view of her cleavage as Bobbi began to finger herself with both hands.

Working quickly, the assistants quickly inserted a balloon like Jessica had seen used to make the oral mold at Heather's first session into Bobbi's mouth and pumped the molding paste into it. Once that had been accomplished, a second assistant quickly pulled a 3" diameter round flexible tube from a receptacle in the wall of the alcove, and after smearing some goop onto it, fitted it into Bobbi's mouth and had the singer close her lips around it once the breathing tube in the middle of the balloon had been mated to it's corresponding attachment.

At this point, Brulée directed her assistants to leave the alcove and within mere seconds it was empty save for the masturbating singer/subject. Taking one last careful look, Brulée tapped the appropriate key sequence into her remote, which caused a clear door to lower and lock into place in a groove in the floor in front of the alcove. Brulée glanced over her shoulder at the intrigued Jessica and inquired: "Can you see alright my little crumpet? You wanted to see how I do this..."

Before Jessica could answer, fortunately she could see everything perfectly from where she was sitting, Brulée then hit a button on the wall by the alcove. Jessica shuddered as multiple showerheads embedded all around the alcove, including the floor, suddenly burst forth and spewed a liquid throughout the entire alcove, instantly covering the posed singer. The shower continued for a several moments before Brulée shut it off. Jessica struggled to see what the result would be, waiting for the liquid to slowly clear from the transparent alcove door. Brulée smiled as the view cleared "Yes! Very tasty!! She's perfect!!"

Then, beaming, Brulée turned to Jessica and with a showman's flair presented her new statue to her. "Ms. Darling! You are the first to see my latest masterpiece! Albeit in raw form, none-the-less you can see the beauty I have now brought into the world!"

Jessica took in the sight before her. The singer had been completely covered in some sort of semi-clear, whitish substance that had adhered to every inch of her and her feathered tail. Despite the appearance, the singer did not appear to be outwardly harmed by the spray.

"What is that? Some type of low temperature wax? Jessica finally inquired.

"Nothing so unsophisticated my sweet!" Brulée admonished her unimaginative captive. "Wax doesn't dry quickly enough to capture the subtlety of my art, nor does it allow for multiple uses of the same form."

The word 'form' brought the realization that Jessica was seeing the creation of a master mold, from which Brulée created her final statue.

"No my dear, that is another wonderful invention of mine! 'I call it ‘Sculpting Glaze'!"

"Of course! Glaze! Confectionery-based! As in the glazing you find on donuts" Jessica snickered.

"A crude observation at best Ms. Darling, as 'glaze' is also used in much more sophisticated culinary concoctions. But, if that is the limits of your tastes then, yes... as in glazed donuts." Brulée acquiesced with a roll of her eyes. "Except in this case, my glaze quickly forms a hard resin shell which adheres to and captures every intimate detail of the subject it is sprayed onto. Not only does this capture the very essence of the subject, the compound’s fast drying quality prevents the model from shifting her position."

Brulée had just finished her sentence when the computer-controlled process took over and started the spray again, inundating the singer in another coat.

"As with the molding butter, it takes as few coats to get a mold rigid enough to use more than a couple of times and, in our savory songbird's case, I intend to make multiple copies from different materials. She's just too tasty to use for a one-time production!"

When the computerized process had finished its run, the singer had been encased in a glaze shell several millimeters thick.

"Oh don't worry your pretty head my crumpet!" Brulée soothed. "She's able to breathe just fine. When we use the glaze, we usually coat the nasal passages with a grease-like substance that the glaze can't stick to, and that tube in her mouth is an oxygen feed...”

Brulée walked over to Jessica and began to lightly stroke the investigator's blond hair.

“She's perfectly safe in there, just unable to move a centimeter much less bring herself to orgasm despite the fact she appears to have several fingers buried deep inside herself. And once the glaze dries completely, in about 30 minutes, my assistants will carefully cut the shell into two halves and return our lovely songstress to her 'cage' to prepare for a very special performance I have planned for later this evening." Brulée then leaned over and whispered into Jessica's ear: "I'd bet you would look just as delicious covered in glaze my crumpet... or covered in most anything else." Brulée punctuated her observation with a light nip at Jessica's earlobe.

Before Jessica could respond, Brulée had released the magnetic force that fused her ankles together and bid her to continue to follow Brulée on the guided tour of her fetish candyland. Brulée led Jessica deeper into her confectionery-inspired fetish world, showing the investigator every type of bizarre, erotic, arousing, use and application of candy and confectionery-derived products that Brulée's demented genus could conceive. Jessica noted that Brulée took great pride in her ability to craft devious uses for her inventions, be it for artistic or ‘other’ purposes.

One of the 'other' purposes Brulée made sure that she showed Jessica, were the ways in which she leveraged her inventions to punish those who had in some way run afoul of Madame Brulée's graces. The first demonstration involved one of the numerous house servants, a stunning (in Jessica's own opinion) brunette, who had made the mistake of giggling at one of the statues in Brulée's art gallery in the main house. The servant was stripped nude, bent over so she was on all fours with her arms and legs inserted in four empty teflon-coated molds. As the servant begged for mercy, Brulée instructed the assistant in charge of administering the commanded punishment to place a large jawbreaker gag in the maid's mouth. Suitable quieted, warm caramel-colored material was poured into the molds until each were filled up to the servant's knees and elbows.

Jessica understood that it wasn't the heat of the caramel that was causing the maid to beg for forgiveness from the Madame, rather what was to come next. Once the caramel had set to a rock hard consistency, Brulée called it 'caramel concrete', a large paddle made of some type of enhanced liquorice was used to spank the servant's ass until tears streamed down her cheeks. Once that punishment had been extracted, and Brulée had deemed herself satisfied with the servant's contrition, the girl's legs were spread and the cemented servant was speared with a large, pneumatically-driven phallus (also made of liquorice Jessica concluded) and left to squirm as she was repeatedly, rhythmically, forcefully rammed.

The second victim, whom Jessica instantly realized was her redheaded maid, was similarly striped of her uniform, gagged and spanked, before being bound at the wrists and ankles with liquorice ropes that had been attached to four electric hoists in the ceiling. On command, one assistant operated the hoists until the poor girl had been lifted by her limbs and suspended a full meter above the metal table which she had been dumped onto after her paddling. A second assistant then maneuvered Jessica's suspended maid while a third removed a panel in the floor to expose a vat filled with what Jessica could only comprehend was some thick glutinous substance thickly laced with what Jessica, given Brulée's pattern, assumed had to be 'gummi' worms.

"But... They look like they're moving!!!" Jessica could barely get the words out before Brulée began to laugh.

"Yes my crumpet! They do look that way don't they!" Brulée cackled. "They really aren't alive of course! They're the same 'gummi' worms you would find in any candy store privileged enough to carry my products, but for your erstwhile little playmate there they will certainly feel as if they are alive as they squirm over every crack and crevice of her nuble little body!"

Brulée continued Jessica's education as the suspended redhead's jawbreaker gag was replaced with a ring-gag which had a long tube attached to the opening. "You see that gelatinous slime in the vat? That happens a very thick semi-solid semi-clear sugar mucilage which, not only will prevent your little redheaded sex toy from thrashing about, also contains a compound that is absorbed through the skin... a compound which is a very powerful sensory stimulant."

Brulée paused to let her statement sink into Jessica's thoughts.... “Once the unfortunate, or fortunate depending on how your preferences run, person has been sucked into that sticky ooze the vat is set to vibrate at very high frequencies, ones high-enough that you really don't see it as anything more than a slight blur on the edges of the vat itself..." Brulée paused to see if Jessica's investigative intuition could put together the clues Brulée had fed to her in bite-sized chunks... "The vibrations not only reverberate through the mucilage, they also cause the worms to move, which in turn further stimulates the embedded victim..."

Jessica began to understand... "Correct Ms. Darling! The vibrations and the movement of the worms against every crack and crevice of her nubile young body will combine to drive your unwitting little partner there wild!" Brulée finished Jessica's analysis...

As if on clue, Jessica's maid was then slowly, tortuously, lowered into the vat; the girl's eyes widening in panic as she crept ever closer to the surface. She thrashed against her liquorice bonds the entire duration of time it took for her to be sucked under the surface, until only her feet and hands were left unencumbered above the goo. "I love watching this part..." Brulée giggled as she pressed the appropriate key sequence into her remote to start the massive vat's vibration mechanism. It took a few moments before the vat's mass began to resonate and the full measure of the girl's torture took effect.

Jessica wanted to turn away as the hapless servant's hands and feet began to twitch and flip back and forth as the worms and the gooey pudding did their merciless work. But for every part of her that wanted to look away another, stronger, part kept her keenly focused on the maid's every twitch and spasm. Jessica tried to keep control of her thoughts, fighting the temptation to imagine the complete stimulation her unwitting assistant's entire body must be going through. Jessica had to pinch herself out of the dream as she felt her own sex begin to drip as she delved too deeply into the fantasy of what it would be like to be on the other end of those liquorice ropes, deep in the glutinous embrace of Brulée's vat.

After a few moments of entertainment, Brulée motioned for the assistant controlling the winch to lower the thrashing servant until she had been completely absorbed; every square millimeter of her nubile body, including her hands and feet, completely buried in the writhing mass of paste and gummi worms. The girl's breathing tube, fed through her ring-gag, was attached to a device that would keep her well supplied with oxygen as the panel over the vat was slid closed, plunging Jessica's unwitting and unknowing accomplice into complete darkness.

"I know it seems cruel to you my crumpet, but good servants must remember to always respect the Madame of the house and obey her and only her rules. This little one failed to remember exactly who her Madame is, and thus failed to demonstrate her absolute obedience to me and only me...” Brulée explained as she led Jessica down yet another hallway in her underground sugarcoated fetish fantasy world.

Jessica reflected on Brulée's comment on discipline in the household, remembering one of the very few times she had to reprimand Antonia. Although nothing nearly as twisted, Jessica had punished Antonia by making her spend the better part of an entire day parading around the house clothed in nothing but a bit-gag, ballet boots, and a pony-girl's tail stuffed in her ass. Antonia's punishment had been demanded as an effort to teach a her a lesson about making sure she kept Jessica's motorcycle boots clean after Jessica had seen them sitting in the garage by her red Ducati for several days, caked in mud and dirt; the aftermath of a ride around the winery through an unexpected downpour.

Jessica's memories were abruptly interrupted as Brulée suddenly stopped and turned to face her... "And my dear Ms. Darling, while that may seem cruel...” Brulée bent over to whisper the last point in Jessica's ear... “it is nothing compared to what I have planned for you my tasty little morsel.”



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