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Jessica Darling 11: Caught by Taffy!

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; machine/f; capture; encase; latex; catsuit; cuffs; collar; cell; toys; reluct/nc; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 10

Chapter 11: Caught by Taffy!

Jessica quickly crouched as the florescent lights in the ceiling came to life and flooded the room with their harsh, white glare. She expected the door on the opposite side of the rectangular room to suddenly open and have security personnel pour towards her. Jessica's heart started to race as she began to steel herself for a fight.

A fight which never came...

After several minutes, Jessica cautiously stood back up and looked around again. No security guards, no alarms she could hear or see, no movement of any kind. Save for the four cameras hanging from the ceiling in each corner of the room.

“Nothing…” Jessica commented out loud. She knew that if anyone had found or replaced the guard she had incapacitated an hour earlier, Jessica was sure to have been spotted by those cameras at this point. Yet, still nothing happened.

“Come on... what's taking you guys so long?” Jessica looked up and asked the nearest camera rhetorically. She wasn't about to get caught without at least making her way further into the restricted area, but she wasn't going to be foolhardy about it either. Jessica wasn't about to throw away what might be her only opportunity by being stupid. She quickly ran through her options and decided that the only way she'd know if she'd been spotted or not was to push further into where she wasn't welcome.

Jessica continued her assessment of the room and its contents and noted that each camera in each corner seemed to be focused on her, examining each and every move she made. To test her theory, Jessica slowly extended her right arm from her side and watched each camera track the motion. She repeated this a few times, making slow motions while standing in place. Each time the cameras followed her movements, but nothing else happened. Jessica thought it was rather strange to have so many cameras in such a small location, particularly ones that were motion sensitive and motion tracking.

Jessica quickly analyzed the risk and decided that since the guard at the front desk was the only obvious person who would be monitoring those cameras and thus the only obvious person who could send someone to intercept her, there was little risk in moving further towards the door sitting about 20 feet in front of her on the other end of the room.

“If they haven't stopped me by now...” Jessica mused.

Jessica strode towards the door and hopefully into the some resolution of the mysteries that were rolling through her mind when a sudden impact in her stomach quickly shattered her control over her situation. Jessica barely had enough time to look down and see a large, pink blob spread all over her mid-section before she felt near simultaneous impacts to both her left and right sides as well as to her lower back and ass. Stunned, Jessica stopped and began to carefully probe the pink goo on her stomach with her fingers. Pushing slightly, she noticed the goo was quite warm and very soft, but otherwise seemed quite innocuous in nature. It was when she attempted to pull her fingers away that the nature of the goo became clearer, for the pink material remained stuck to the tips of the fingers that had touched the substance, drawing thin strands with them as she attempted to pull them away.

No matter how much she pulled, the strands not only remained stuck to both her fingers and her midsection, they also didn’t break. Jessica didn't understand where the bombardment could have originated from, the only equipment she saw were those four security cameras, but she was determined not to become a sitting duck for another assault so she began to move at a much quicker pace towards the door. However, her forward motion was rather restricted as the goo that had oozed between her legs provided just enough restraint to prevent her from breaking out into a run. Not that it mattered much - Jessica didn’t get two steps before a second barrage connected. Same as before, she was hit from all sides with more of this viscous ooze, only this time the projectiles appeared to be deliberately aimed at areas not hit by the first barrage. A well-placed, precision-guided, hit to her left shin in mid-stride was sufficient to knock Jessica off balance and caused her to fall forward onto the floor.

Quickly rising up on all fours, Jessica looked down to see numerous strands of pink goo connecting her body to the floor. Sudden simultaneous impacts on the floor around her hands and directly on both boots escalated Jessica's need to locate her assailant. Jessica looked up just in time to see another ball launch from the lens of the security camera in the right-hand corner of the room. Quickly panning to the left, Jessica glimpsed another ball leaving the lens, or more correctly it seemed, barrel of that camera as well. Impacts to her right shoulder, left calf, and dead center in the cleft of her ass further reinforced her sudden realization that she had stumbled directly into a trap. As more goo-balls landed on and around her, Jessica tried to struggle to her feet only to be met with tremendous resistance. Flailing her arms about only managed to stick portions of strands onto other parts of her body. It was at this moment that Jessica began to notice something very odd about this substance. It smelled vaguely familiar. Reaching out with her tongue to a strand that had stuck to her cheek brought a childhood memory flooding back:

“Taffy! This tastes like taffy! What the fuck? I’m covered in taffy!”

Unfortunately for Jessica, this taffy seemed to be getting harder to stretch. And it kept coming! Impact after impact rained onto her, around her, effectively coating her and a patch roughly three feet square surrounding her. A sudden impact to her shoulder brought Jessica to the realization that the only part of her that was not under bombardment was her face, which prompted Jessica to drop her head down so only the top of it was presented to the two camera-cannons in front.

With each passing minute, Jessica’s struggles became weaker and less productive as she began to tire and the onslaught added yet more material to the pile coating her until, finally, her attempts ceased. Panting, sweating, and near exhaustion, Jessica finally collapsed her full weight back onto her hands and knees with the only movement of her body coming with the impacts of the unrelenting bombardment of what, Jessica was close to admitting, was quickly becoming a taffy tomb.

The sudden cessation of the bombardment brought renewed hope, and prompted Jessica to renew her efforts to break free. However, her movements were even more limited than before. She could barely move at all and had to apply almost all her strength just to raise herself up a few centimeters. Mustering all her remaining strength, Jessica began to rock back and forth, side to side, back and forth, hoping to at least move enough to get momentum to work in her favor. Unfortunately, this only prompted a new attack from the cannons. Now, rather than shooting projectiles of goo at the increasingly frustrated Jessica, the cannons began to spray the Jessica-blob in the middle of the room with a continuous stream of pink taffy, concentrating on building a lattice of the material across and over her body to firmly root her to the floor.

Seeing the stream from the two forward guns in her peripheral vision, Jessica’s heart sank. She knew it was only a matter of time before even her head was fully encased and she would suffocate in warm pink death.

Finally, before the taffy spray reached her face, the fusillade once again ceased and left Jessica to nervously wait for what would happen next. Jessica was afraid to even breathe for fear that any movement would re-engage her electronic assailants and convince whatever or whomever was controlling them to finish her off.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jessica attempted to move but failed miserably. The taffy had hardened to a point where she was effectively encased, able to only twitch her nose and lick her lips. The taffy had even covered her head to a point where she appeared to anyone who might see her as if she were wearing pink hood. In another time and place, and with a teasing lover tormenting her instead of an unknown and yet unseen antagonist, Jessica would have found this highly arousing. In fact, Jessica now had to fight not only against the taffy and her unknown assailant, but now also against herself as images from Heather's modeling session came flooding back into her conscious thought.

“Well, well, well… what do we have here my little pastries?” Brulée's voice echoed through the room, snapping Jessica back into reality.

“How do you like my newest invention? I call it ‘Capture Taffy’. Quite ingenious if I do say so myself, it’s just like normal taffy except for a few important details which I’m sure you have figured out by now my dear Ms. Darling!” Brulée cackled at her helpless opponent.

“Well, since you obviously love hearing yourself gloat why don’t you just get it over with you overexposed media whore.” Jessica tried to remain defiant, but the realization had sunk in that she wasn't going anywhere without assistance at this point.

“Very well my dear, you are so right I do love an audience so I’ll indulge you.” Brulée effortlessly shifted into her full showman's persona: “You have obviously seen that my wonderful taffy is very sticky, and it stretches up to 100 times its original length, which means that even if you had managed to move faster than my security cannons could track and fire at you, step in one little pile of my taffy and you’ll be stuck to it for a city block at least.” Brulée continued to parade around Jessica as she explained the specifics of Jessica's situation. “Something else you may have deduced my little crumpet, keep it warm and worked by stretching and it stays pliable. But… and I KNOW you’ve figured this out… let it cool below 110 degrees Fahrenheit and it solidifies into a rigid plastic-like substance that will keep even the most determined investigator contained and corralled.” Brulée walked directly in front of Jessica, slowly knelt down and took face, or what was accessible of it, and quietly whispered... “and I do so love seeing you contained and corralled my tasty morsel.”

As she released her grasp on Jessica’s face, Brulée finished off her taunt with a final: “Oh and just to make you a little more docile… a little something for you.” And with that Brulée placed what looked for all the world like a chocolate éclair on the floor under Jessica’s face and turned to walk away.

“What? You’re going to taunt me with a pastry you dietetic loser? I’m scared!” Jessica hoped she sounded more convincing to Brulée than she actually was as Brulée and her entourage turned to leave.

The door slid closed, which left Jessica in the center of the room encased in a solid mass of taffy and staring down at what looked for all the world like a large chocolate éclair.

“So... what the hell is this? Brulée thinks this will cause me to drool to death?” Jessica couldn't help but laugh as she had no clue what the value of Brulée's 'gift' was.

That changed when the initially innocuous pastry began spewing gas directly into Jessica's face. Instinctively, Jessica closed her eyes and held her breath as the first wave of gas hit her square. As the gas continued to spew out, Jessica couldn't hold her breath any longer and began to gasp, fully inhaling the fumes. It didn't take long for Jessica to understand the purpose of the gas as she quickly began to lose consciousness and drift to unconsciousness. The last thoughts racing through Jessica's mind were of the wicked cackle Brulée let loose as she left the room.

Jessica awoke with a start, her eyes snapping open and quickly focusing on the recessed fluorescent lights in the ceiling. Jessica panned her eyes from side to side, quickly realizing she was not somewhere she recognized. "Must be in a cell somewhere..." Jessica surmised, "but where?"

She cautiously sat up on the bench/bed she found herself laying on, having learned the lesson of not trying to jump off these things since the last time she did she ended up almost dislocating the hip on the leg that had been chained to the wall. As her feet reached the floor, she looked down to see that her feet had been placed in ankle boots, with what must be 5" or 6" inch spike heels. Not only that, but she could see that they had been locked around her lower legs with the same stainless steel bands that had been put on Heather before her session.

Jessica held up her hands and noted that similar bands had been locked around her wrists. It was then that she noticed that she was no longer dressed in her black bodysuit and cargo pants. She appeared to have been stripped and redressed in what looked to her to be a pure white latex catsuit. Jessica had several latex outfits in her wardrobe, but this one was the slickest, tightest she had ever seen; she couldn't even pull the latex away from her skin it was so tight and form-fitting.

Moving around, Jessica quickly found that something else had been added to her besides the new outfit and accessories. Sitting up, Jessica felt a vaguely familiar fullness in her pussy and ass. "Well Ms. Brulée, I should have expected it from you, you're one a kinky bitch. Wonder just what you had in mind when you put these in me." Several of Jessica's lovers had inserted plugs, dildos, and vibrators into Jessica's holes before, usually when she was tied and helpless. Jessica had learned to enjoy it, even relish it, especially when she was instructed to leave them in during her daily activities. She loved the constant teasing they provided, knowing that she'd be taken care of later when she was with her lover. Jessica had heard the various rumors circulating the social circles that Brulée had seriously twisted sexual habits, but if this is all it was then Jessica wasn't enthralled.

Surprisingly, Jessica found herself unrestrained and worked her way over to the sink and mirror on the other side of her cell. Her eyes widened when she noticed the polished silver collar around her neck, identical to the ones surrounding her wrists and ankles. Jessica's thoughts quickly spun back to Lady Alexandra, who took great pleasure in using similar cuffs and collars to secure Jessica in very tight and compromising positions. Jessica caught herself emitting a slight sigh as she recalled the nights of intense pleasure she had at the hands of her last Dom.

"Get your head in the game Jessica!" Jessica slapped her thigh as she tried to refocus on her current predicament.

After she returned to study her reflection in the mirror, Jessica couldn't help but marvel at the craftsmanship that went into the suit she was now wearing. She turned herself to one side and then the other and, as with the uniforms the housekeeping staff and her assigned domestic wore, noted that there wasn't a single wrinkle or sag anywhere to be seen. In fact, it looked like it had been custom tailored for her specifically.

"Wonder if she'll let me keep it once I kick her prima-donna ass" Jessica pondered as she turned one way and then the other as she tried to view herself from every possible angle.

In fact, there didn't even appear to be a seam. "That's really odd" Jessica thought, "I wonder how they did that, they must have zipped me into it and then sealed it somehow."

The plug and dildo filling her were managing to get Jessica slightly aroused as she moved about, the tightness of the suit was helping to gently grind them into her as she walked about her confines. Jessica was housed in what appeared to be a cell, fully 30' by 30' in size, cinder block walls and ceiling, gray indoor/outdoor carpeting, and a single metal door. There was a sink, toilet, mirror, and the bench/bed Jessica had found herself on when she first woke. The only window to the outside was the one in the door itself, reinforced with a metal grid to resist any attempt to shatter it. Jessica's thorough examination of the room didn't find any surveillance devices, cameras, or other mechanisms.

"Well, guess they won't see me jump the next person who comes in here" Jessica thought as she realized there didn't appear to be any simple method of escape. Jessica also had concluded that there were no viable weapons locked in with her, so whenever someone did come to check up on her, she knew that she'd have to strike quick and hard. It would be quick and hard as Jessica fully intended to leverage the extensive martial arts training she'd been given in a former life. The trick would be knowing exactly when someone would come and hope there weren't too many of them, and that they weren't armed.

Jessica lost track of time as she continued to wander around her cell, checked and rechecked the environment for any avenue of escape or concealment, occasionally settling down on the 'bed' to think and plan. She had no idea how long she'd been unconscious, no idea how long she'd been her cell, and no idea exactly what day it was. Regardless of how much training she'd had in the days before she became an investigator, Jessica still found this type of situation somewhat unnerving and she had to rely on various mental exercises she'd been taught to keep her focus and her connection to the here-and-now.

The best mental exercise came when Jessica heard the unmistakable echo of stiletto heels coming down a narrow hallway; “a narrow hallway that must lead past this door...” Jessica jumped at the realization.

Jessica carefully, quietly, sat up and moved off the 'bed' and positioned herself in the corner of the cell next to the heavy metal door. She noted the direction that the door opened up in, ensured that she was not going to be blocked in as the door opened, and crouched down to be below the normal line-of-sight of anyone who would enter.

Jessica's heart rate climbed as the echo of heels drew closer and closer, louder and louder, until they stopped directly in front of the door to Jessica's cell. Jessica began to draw up her fury and rage, using it as fuel for her attack, as the unmistakable sound of a lock being released reached her ears. The moment the door began to open, Jessica matched it with movement of her own as she began to launch herself at the first unfortunate soul who happened to enter.

Suddenly, just as she started to leap into her attack her wrists and ankles slammed together as if someone had slipped an invisible snare around them and pulled them tight. Jessica, unable to check her forward momentum with any limb, crashed to the carpet of the cell and bounced a good meter before coming to a rest directly in front of a set of black platform boots.

"Awww... little girl fall down and go boom?" laughed Cocoa, as she entered the room followed closely by Taffy and then Crème Brulée.

Jessica's prone position on the floor only served to further exaggerate her height as Brulée took up a position almost directly over Jessica.

"Well, well. I guess you thought those were just standard-issue bondage cuffs didn't you my dear." Brulée's cackle filled the cell as she glared down at Jessica.

"They looked somewhat unoriginal to me, very similar to some I have at home if you must know" Jessica snorted, hoping to salvage some measure of pride.

"Well my dear, these were crafted especially for little girls like you who think they know everything" Brulée's tone turning a bit more stern. "These are another creation of mine, magna-cuffs." Taffy rolled her eyes and gave a slight sigh of disgust as Brulée referred to herself as the creator of the cuffs.

"Each cuff, and that collar you're wearing too my little crumpet, contains a very small but very powerful set of electromagnets that are controlled by a remote device" Brulée explained. "In fact a device like this one I happen to have in my pocket..." Brulée took what looked like a standard cellular phone out of the pocket of her lab coat/apron. "See my little tidbit? And with this I can not only turn the magnets on and off, I can also turn selected ones on and off depending on exactly what I wish to do to the unfortunate soul who happens to be wearing them."

"You must tell where I can buy some, I can think of a few friends who wouldn't mind a set or two of these" Jessica dismissed.

"Oh, they're not for sale silly" Brulée laughed "I have too many things to do with my expanding candy and pastry empire to screw around with all the legal aspects of producing these little toys. I merely make them for my own purposes, and as you have already discovered; they do come in handy."

Before Jessica could think of a witty rejoinder Brulée knelt down beside her and grabbed the hair on the back of Jessica's head to force Jessica to look straight into Brulée's light brown eyes: "And you'll find out fairly soon just what my 'other purposes' are my crumpet." Brulée sneered.

Jessica knew she wouldn't get far even if she could get past Brulée's minions, all Brulée had to do was press a single button on that remote control of hers and her ankles would snap together and she'd come to a painful halt on the floor again. "Besides" Jessica thought "maybe if I play along I just might get an idea what happened to Cardinalli and the others."

"Well from where I sit you've got me trapped and out-smarted..." Jessica adjusted her strategy... "there's no way I could get out of here and even if I did you've got me with that little remote of yours. So I guess I have no choice but to play your game by your rules."

A broad smile appeared on Brulée's face as she stood up again. "My sweet little crumpet, I'm so glad you see things my way. You're right, I have thought of everything and I would soooo hate to have you leave before I had a chance to get to know you a little better." Jessica's ploy to play to Brulée's ego had paid off, Jessica was helpless and Brulée knew it.

"But Crème!" Jessica heard Taffy vehemently protest. "She's a threat and she should be kept locked up and guarded"

Jessica gave Taffy credit, she was right. If Jessica had an adversary this helpless she'd finish the job. But Jessica hoped she had judged Brulée's ego correctly and that, like all self-appointed geniuses, she would feel compelled to brag about her accomplishments in order to demonstrate to their opponent their greatness.

"Taffy! I don't racall asking for your advice, much less tell me what to do!!" Brulée admonished her recalcitrant partner.

Jessica walked behind Brulée, closely followed by Taffy and a gaggle of latex-clad assistants, as they moved through the underground passages of Brulée's massive studio complex. Jessica's wrists remained locked together only this time by a padlock which connected the bands together. As Brulée explained it, running the magnetic system was more than the batteries could handle for long periods of time, so a padlock had been run through the integrated "D" rings on the bands and locked. Jessica was still dressed in the same white latex catsuit and ankle boots she had been locked into when she was first captured, but oddly the catsuit didn't have a single stain on it. In fact it was still just as tight and smooth and shiny as it had been the first moment she saw it.

Brulée took great pleasure in showing Jessica the various parts of complex under her factory, spending time to highlight the laboratories where Brulée's various confectionery-based materials were created and the testing facilities where items were tried out on selected 'volunteers' to determine their effectiveness at doing whatever the substance was designed to do. However, the greatest pleasure was reserved for the tour of the private 'art gallery' where Brulée took great pride in showing off the various life-size sculptures and statues of the celebrities who had been 'granted' sessions. Each statue had been crafted in what Brulée clarified as being "confectionery-based media". Thus, there were statues made out of numerous candies or other sweet substances. Brulée took great pride in pointing out each and every one to Jessica, as if Brulée were a tour guide conducting a private tour of the Louvre. Jessica was being given a private tour of Brulée's personal gallery by the egocentric artist herself, Brulée having dismissed her entourage to another part of the studio facility despite Taffy's overly aggressive objections.

Roughly three-quarters of the way into her gallery, Brulée stopped at the vestibule to a darkened chamber and began to brag; "And this is recent production of mine. I'll say that while it won't garner the type of money that the statue of Ms. Cardinalli fetched a few weeks ago, it will still no doubt bring a tidy sum at my next auction to someone with a 'sweet tooth'... and a fat wallet."

Jessica's jaw dropped once Brulée hit the hidden switch that brought up the lights in the chamber.

"Oh my God...." Jessica could barely stammer.

Perched on a short pedestal in front of the two women was a life-sized statue of Heather.

"You fucking BITCH!!!!" Jessica screamed. "If you've hurt one hair on Heather's head I swear I'll rip your fuckin' head off and shit down your goddamn neck!!!!" Jessica prepared to charge the entrepreneur, who had taken up a position behind the statue of Heather, placing it between herself and the raging investigator. Even with her hands bound behind her back, Jessica figured a bull rush aimed to throw her shoulder into Brulée's midsection would be more than enough to knock the older, less fit, business woman down and from there Jessica could easily kick Brulée into submission.

"I bet you would my little crumpet, but you'd never get within two feet of me." Brulée taunted in a dismissive tone and a waggle of her finger as she held up her fancy cellphone/remote again. "Did you forget that all I have to do is hit one key sequence and you'll find yourself flat on your face? And who knows? You might crash into this lovely piece here and damage either it or your luscious self."

Jessica calculated how long it would take her to cover the distance between her and Brulée, given the circuitous route she'd have to take around Heather's statue, and compared that against how fast she thought Brulée could immobilize her by activating the magnetic cuffs around her ankles. Despite Jessica's true heart-felt desire to fully follow through with her threat, her assessment told her that she'd never make it.

"And besides my crumpet" Brulée quickly added, a smile dripping from her face... "Your friend hasn't been harmed in any way whatsoever. In fact you can join her quite soon if you wish."

Although she didn't fully believe Brulée, Jessica had to hope that Heather was alright, at least as 'alright' as one could be in this madwoman's clutches. Jessica still wanted to rip Brulée's head off, but given the impossibility of that in the current situation, she worked on tempering her rage so she could be better prepared to take advantage of the first chance she had to do some damage to her twisted captor.

"Ahhh... see? There's no need to worry your pretty little head my sweet!" Brulée cooed... "Perhaps spending some time here in my private gallery taking in the art will help you relax. I find it very relaxing myself. And if this statue is any indication, I'd have to state that your 'expressive' little friend is enjoying modeling for me. She was quite 'eager' to do this second pose here.” Brulée slowly ran her fingers up the back of the Heather-statue, beginning with the high point of its ass, moving up the back, over the shoulder, and then finishing as a light stroke of the cheek of the statue's face.

Upon closer examination of it, Jessica did find herself taken with the statue of her friend. The statue had Heather laying on her stomach with her ass in the air, her legs spread wide as she pleasured herself with an impressively large dildo. The entire statue was done in a single block of peppermint candy from the locks of hair on Heather's head down to the red toenails on each bare foot. The dildo itself resembled a large, thick piece of peppermint candy, and was being thrust deep into the porn starlet's pussy by her own candied hand. The dildo curved around with it's other end buried deeply in Heather's anus.

Apparently in reference to the candied double-penetration, and the material which made up the statue itself, Brulée had titled Heather's sculpture: 'On the Second Day of Christmas'. Jessica moved closer to the peppermint Heather's slit and surveyed the work; so far as Jessica could tell, every intimate detail of Heather's pussy and were accurately recreated, right down to the fine hairs Heather kept meaning to have lasered from between her legs.

In fact, Jessica couldn't help but marvel at the intricate detail on the statues Brulée had throughout the gallery. The statue that replicated the actress Anastasia Moore had pubic hairs sculpted into it. The effort that it took to create such detail had to require incredible endurance on the part of the models to pull off the poses Brulée had required of them. Moore's pose had her straddling what Jessica could only conclude was a Sybian device, her ankles held in place by brackets that were bolted to the floor, or whatever surface she had been posed on, with her arms folded and tightly bound behind her back in a reverse prayer position. Moore's head was tossed back in the throws of ecstasy as if either on the verge, or in the middle, of climax. As Jessica had witnessed during Heather's first session, even Brulée's 'molding butter' required several applications and some period of time to set. Attempting to capture poses like Anastasia Moore's didn't seem possible with what Jessica had seen so far.

"Exquisite isn't she?" Brulée inquired as she noticed Jessica staring at the work, which Brulée had named "Moore Left to Cum". Jessica had tried to ignore the somewhat tacky double-entendre.

"I'll say this Brulée, your attention to detail is amazing. But this couldn't have been done by your 'molding butter', there's no way you could get a highly trained model, much less a soap opera actress, to hold such an 'emotional' position for the time it would take for it to set.” Jessica was intrigued enough to actually be curious about Brulée's process. “So, high-resolution photography? Or just your imagination?" Jessica realized the latter could be true since she really had no actual idea what the genitalia of these celebrities looked like; Jessica only knew Heather's intimate details from a couple of 'moments' the two had shared since Jessica had been adopted by the starlet.

Brulée, relishing the role of instructor, walked over to her inquisitive captive: "Well, my delicious little morsel, in some cases I used a molding of the subject and in other cases I used 'other' methods." Brulée put added emphasis on the 'other' comment, as if she took some measure of satisfaction from it. "Since you appear to be so interested, let me show you how I craft my more challenging endeavors."


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