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In the Vice 3

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; susp; breathplay; cons; X

In the Vice by Rbbral

Chapter Three

“I’ll pick you up at four, just wear street clothes and I’ll bring you here to change. I have some clothes for you, see you then.”

She said no more which made Dee a little apprehensive. She advised King of the arrangements and spent the rest of the day basically killing time. At four, Kathy picked her up and they drove to the office. As Dee stripped off she said.

“Come on Kathy, you’ve said nothing, can’t you tell me anything, how do you think I feel. Just give me something to assure me, please?”

“Okay, okay, well his name is John; he’s 35’ish, a bit of a mechanical and electrical genius. How do I put it, he likes testing women’s sexual reactions, their capacities? He likes testing his…er…equipment on them.”

“So, he’s like some kind of mad scientist…who likes to test his gizmos on the sexual parts of women?”

“Oh God, don’t make it sound like that; Judy and Michelle both liked him. Michelle really did, so he’s not going to torture you to death.”

“Except maybe death by a thousand orgasms, eh?” Kathy looked at her as if to say “whatever!”

“Okay, let’s get on with it. I want to meet this mad torturer.” She chuckled, more in nervousness.

“Good for you. Have you been to the loo? Do you need to go for the next few hours or so?”

“No, no I’m fine. Why, am I going to be plugged?”

“Yep, afraid so. Your clothes are quite restricting although you will wear street clothes over them. He likes the illusion of freedom, but his women are…well controlled.”

“Sounds a bit like Kurt.”

“Well yes, I suppose but John takes it …a little further.”

“Okay, let’s get on with it, what’s first?”

“He is quite original; you have this transparent, super-thin latex suit.” She held it up, and Dee felt it’s smooth, cool skin.

“Mmm, doesn’t hide much does it? Least of all here.” She pointed to the cut-outs at the boobs, bum-hole and pussy; all with reinforced steel bayonet-type edging. 

“Yes, well these are for…er…connections.”

“Well, I figured that out for myself! Come on then.” Kathy helped her to powder herself; Dee was used to this now. Dee sat down and slipped her foot into the suit leg. 

“Easy now,” said Kathy, “for God’s sake don’t rip it, it cost a fortune.”

“Okay, okay, I’m getting better at this.” And Dee slipped it up to her waist and then pushed her arms into the tight, transparent sleeves, then eased her breasts through the reinforced breast openings. She shivered at the cool cling, yet she was aware that she was now getting used to the tight embrace of the rubber. This was different though; it was so thin and flexible, yet it still enhanced all her curves. She heard a click at her low collar.

“Don’t tell me, I’m locked in, well, that’s a surprise. Jeez, nothing much is hidden, you’d hardly know I was wearing it. I have to admit, it really is quite comfortable.” 

“Not for too long Dee, have you ever worn a corset before?”

“I consider myself a woman of the twenty-first century.” She said somewhat haughtily, but with tongue in cheek. 

“Well that’s going to change, sweetie, you’re going back to Victorian times, you’re not going to be too liberated for a while!”

“No, I figured not somehow. So this is the mad scientist’s first instrument of torture, is it?” She raised her arms as Kathy wrapped the heavily boned rubber corset around her torso. Steel rings were embedded at her sides and belly button. It took Kathy ten minutes to fully draw in the laces, with Dee, in the end, gasping a little.

“There, quite the hourglass, you will get used to it within a few minutes. You feel okay?”

“Phew. A little light headed, but it sure does wonders for the figure. It’s weird, I feel submissive and yet empowered. So what is next?”

“Something you probably won’t like very much. A rather special bra and panty set, bra first.” It was a reinforced black rubber bra, which cradled her exposed boobs, on the inside she noticed padded metal cones that touched her nipples. Kathy adjusted the shoulder straps and locked it behind her. Dee wriggled in its grasp.

“Not very demure, is it?”

“Never mind that, the panties are next. Now Dee, no arguing, you are committed to this now and you will not like these.” She opened out a pair of high-waisted black rubber panties. In the crotch there were two four inch rubber protrusions with two metal strips running lengthways along them. At the base of the vaginal insert there was a further half-inch protrusion with metal end. Dee saw that this would rub up against her clit. 

“These clients of yours, I don’t know. Their imaginations! Okay, come on, are they lubed? I know I had a pony tail up there the other night, but I don’t think I’m that wide yet!”

“They’re well lubed, we’ll take our time. Now just squat a bit, okay easy now.” And Kathy and Dee worked together, easing the probes into her orifices. 

“Oh, aahh, phew, is that it?” She could feel them both move within her.

“Yes, that’s it, just your street clothes now. We have silk stockings and garter belt, slip them over your rubber legs, no one will ever know.” Dee noticed that the stockings, complete with seams down the back, did indeed look perfectly normal. Next came a long sleeved red satin dress, tight and shiny with full sleeves and high mandarin collar. She slipped her feet into red four inch pumps as Kathy zipped her up. Dee applied some make-up touches and she was ready. 

“Voila, and no one is the wiser of your…predicament.” As if on cue, the bell rang. Here was her date. 

“Okay, let’s roll.” She said and took a deep breath, as deep as she could with the tight corset. Out the back was a green Porsche; jeez, she thought, another one who’s loaded. The passenger door opened and she slipped in, carefully sitting down on the rubber plugs. She winced as they moved within her, and she looked across at her “date”. She was pleasantly surprised to see he was a very handsome man of maybe 35. He was tall, slim, with mousy hair and nice even teeth, which were smiling at her. He didn’t look like a maniac, but then what do maniacs look like, she thought.

“And you are Dee, hello Dee, I’m John, I expect Kathy has told you a little about me.”

“Well, I’m wearing your rig, complete with underpants and plugs, so I know you must be seriously kinky.” He laughed out loud, which eased her fears a little.

“Indeed I am, and you will find out later more about that. But do not fear Dee, I see a little alarm or perhaps nerves in you, I will not harm you, but it will be an adventure for you, I guarantee it.” He winked at her and then drove with an easy confidence and arrived at a restaurant in the west end.

“I thought a nice meal, light meal for you, and then back to my place, okay?”

“Sure, you’re the boss.” Dee said and he grinned as they got out and entered the restaurant. 

“How’s the corset?”


“It’s meant to be.” He laughed again, and as they were taken to a table she noticed eyes on her, her tight, firm figure poured into the red dress, she enjoyed the attention. As she sat down, feeling the probes move within her, she gasped. She looked across as he placed what looked like a TV remote on the table.

“Yes, you have seen my little gizmo, I made this; I like tinkering with electrical and mechanical things. I made quite a bit of money doing it. This Dee, is not actually a phone, or for the TV, or for a model airplane. Its battery operated and can work up to two hundred feet. But Dee, my dear,” he leaned forward, “it doesn’t control a plane or the TV, these dials and buttons are here to control you.”

“Somehow I didn’t think that the two plugs were there just to fill me.” She said sarcastically.

“No Dee, how perceptive you are. You are…radio controlled, by me. And for this evening I will play with this device and you will…enjoy, or suffer or whatever, right here with me. The shocks you will get can be pulse or constant, high or low voltage and at various intervals. Here, I’ll show you.” he turned a dial and suddenly felt a pulsing in her vagina. 


“Quiet now Dee, we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Now I will try this….” and then Dee felt a shock at her nipples, “….so you see you are in my control. No use in running, not that you would, but I can control you from two hundred feet. Anyway, let’s order.” The waiter came and they ordered, Dee trying to keep calm as the probe buzzed inside her. 

So the evening continued, Dee in torment and trying desperately to keep herself under control. She was rubbered, corseted and plugged. On three occasions she actually bounced from her seat as John calmly played with her, all the time making small talk. They talked about her employment – she needed the extra money, she had come with Kathy’s high recommendation. John, like the others, showed no signs of knowing what had happened to the others. He knew all four, but again commended Dee on being quite the most attractive. 

She came three times during the meal, and between those, he kept her on the edge. John revelled in watching her reactions; he told her how much he loved women, controlling their sexual responses. He couldn’t remember where it started and, like the others, thought Dee, didn’t feel guilty or even stop to analyse it. 

As she wriggled in her chair, now sweating profusely in her thin rubber suit, and trying to eat without spilling anything, she admitted to herself that here was a very attractive man – bright, funny articulate…oh, and rich! Yet he had to, needed to achieve his sexual enjoyment through the subjugation and control of women. She figured he could have any woman he wanted, and he chose Dee. His kink controlled his desires; she found him attractive, frankly she could happily have sex with him, but she thought he probably didn’t want that.

“You look wonderful when you orgasm, Dee, well I have to say you look wonderful, period. Do you find the anal probe particularly…intrusive?” He chuckled.

“I don’t know, no, I guess not, not really. I’m getting more used to it. I have met some of Kathy’s more specialised clients. Like you, they seem all very civilised, very rich and very kinky!” He laughed aloud at her forwardness, and she, even though she was being horribly tormented, couldn’t help but smile herself. 

He thought here was someone special, the others were fun and responded to his games, but this girl was everything – beautiful, witty, fun, and tough – he liked that! They finished their meal, Dee was now in quite a lather; he had twirled the dials up and down and she had been played like a violin. She was in a pool of sweat and was worried it would show through her dress. They stood and left, Dee again receiving approving glances. As she walked she could feel the dildos move in and out of her orifices…and she found that she enjoyed that. 

She sat in the car, gasping as he kissed her on the cheek and drove off. He handed her sunglasses – exactly the same as Joan’s, which she found curious. ‘As a precaution’ he asked her to put them on, and immediately she was plummeted into darkness. They did not speak and very shortly she was at his house. It seemed big, or at least the driveway was long. He helped her out and into the house. It was only 9 o clock, so the night was still young! He led her to the basement and through a heavy door, turning on the light. 

It was like a small stage, six or seven chairs arranged in a semi circle with a video camera in the middle. Dee gulped as she saw what was at the centre of the semi circle. It was a complex arrangement of chains, springs, tubes, hoses and wires attached to the ceiling and the wall behind. There was a clear bottle above and an empty one below and several wires connected to a control pad, almost like a recording studio pad with dials and buttons, located in front of the central chair. As she looked at him there was a genuine look of fright on her face.

“I know it looks pretty frightening Dee, but please, it is not designed to torture or kill, but to please! Yes, it is a control suit if you wish. It controls all your senses for pleasure…and pain. You will learn to associate the two together!” Dee hesitated and took a step back.

“Oh no, now come on, you can’t expect me to …willingly be strapped into that, you’re crazy.”

“Yes, I do Dee,” he took her arm, “how can I say this, to trust me. I know it sounds insincere, but please, others have been in all this. All have survived, and even come back for more. Believe me.”

“I don’t know - Kathy mentioned nothing like this. I mean, well…the rubber is…fine, okay? Actually I’m getting to quite like it. Well, anyway…but all this? How long would I…..?” John grinned, understanding her nerves, yet now knowing, inside, he had hooked her….now it would take no time to comfort her and then have her trapped like a fly in a spider’s web. But he had to be careful. She was exquisite, smart and tough, and he did not want to lose her now. 

“For the first time, well, let’s say an hour, maybe a little longer, see how it goes. Believe me I am a pro at this, and we will have a safe sign, and a let me out now sign, like all practicing BDSM folks. When you hold your hands out, your palms out flat and fingers extended, I’ll have you out of this in a shot, no questions asked. If you are unhappy or hate it, then I will be very sorry, we call it a day and we don’t see each other again. I do hope this doesn’t happen, because I want to see you again. So far anyway I have had a great evening. I realise that your evening has been a little…strange however. Okay, so what do you think?”

He held his breath, he could of course overcome her, although she was well muscled and fit, and put her in it. But that would be the last of her, and he wanted to attract her with honey, and not vinegar. She inspected the contraption – wires, springs, tubes and in the centre a full head gas mask with tubes at all angles. She was bright; she had a pretty good idea where everything was going to go! She bit her lip; she had to know more about this man, his set up, was he involved in the missing women? She realised she was not going to find out more if he drove her home now. And anyway, she had to admit that despite all this stuff, she found him interesting. She took a breath and fixed his eye.

“I suppose if I asked you to be gentle with me…well, it would not be appropriate.” He laughed and took her arm, kissing her cheek. 

“No Dee, that is not really the point, is it? But you have the safe sign, and let me say you will be in good hands, you will not come to any harm.” Again she took a breath and with a wry half-smile, said.

“Okay, let’s get on with it, what do I do?” She walked to the contraption, waggled the springs and looked at the tubes rocking gently.

“Dee, you just do as I tell you, that’s all.” That sounded ominous, she thought, but he said it with a nice tone and a boyish smile…and she bought it. 

“First, let’s get your street clothes off, and the bra and panties, okay?” she stripped quickly and stood as he unlocked the bra; she wriggled out of it, her nipples just a little tender. He hesitated for a second, admiring her fine breasts. 

“My, you really are beautiful, Dee, you must be fighting the men off.”

“And you the ladies?” she retorted.

“Touche,” he smiled, “very well, no personal chat, none of my business, sorry.” She hadn’t quite meant it to be a shot at him, and was surprised at his considerate response. He smiled again.

“You’ll be happy to get out of these, I expect. But I’m afraid they will be replaced.” She was not surprised to hear this, and said nothing as she eased herself out of the panties. With two slurping plops, the dildos, glistening with her juices, came out. They didn’t hurt but she she sighed and stepped out of them, then with a wry smile, handed them to him. He took them without comment, looked at the glistening shiny rubber and laid them on a chair.

“Ah, I see you’re shaven, excellent, did you do that yourself?”

“No, I was order…asked to, by another of Kathy’s clients. I’m getting quite used to it now.”

“Okay, first, step into these bootees.” They were like a thick pair of rubber socks, knee length with straps at ankle and below the knee. Steel rings were at the toes, ankle and mid calf; she wasn’t stupid, she knew these were for attaching to the chains and springs of the hanging contraption. The gloves were the same, of tight black rubber, with rings at the wrists and elbows, stretching to her shoulders. She pulled them on with care, over her thin transparent suit. He noticed she was quite without embarrassment, standing in front of him, virtually naked.

“You’re very good at that, you like rubber now?”

“Yes, I suppose I do. It is very....flattering to the figure. I remember that actress in that Underworld movie saying in an interview that it holds everything in, in a good way, and pushes everything up to where it should be!” She laughed at this. “But you sure sweat a lot.”

“Dee, you don’t have to worry about everything being pushed into the right place. Believe me, it already is. But rubber enhances even great bodies such as yours.” She knew he was flattering her outrageously, but despite the situation, she actually liked it. If truth be told, she knew she looked stunning in the rubber suit and she did like its soft caress over her body. He asked if she wanted to go to the toilet.

“No, no I’m fine, I didn’t drink or eat much; you might recall I was otherwise engaged.” 

“Ah, yes, of course.” He chuckled. “Okay Dee, now step into the middle here. What I’m going to do is suspend you from all these springs, see here; it’s like a tiny toddler rig. You can bounce around if you want; it’s evenly distributed, mostly by the corset but by the arms and legs as well. I also have a collar which I will put on you now, this takes no weight, too dangerous, and it’s simply to support your head.”

She nodded, she was quiet now as he fixed the collar round her neck, it slightly raised her chin and was about three inches high, but it was padded and comfortable. 

“You okay, mmm?” She nodded.

“I will give you one last chance, there’s no going back from here. Do you want to go on?”

“No, no let’s do it, I’m no quitter.” He breathed a sigh of relief, which she thought was a bit amusing as she was the one about to endure this “instrument of torture”

“Good for you, Dee, okay, now spread your legs and I’ll clip these to your bootees, and here to your corset here, and at your shoulders. Raise your arms now, good, now I’ll clip these to your wrists and elbows. Finally, we’ll put these straps around your thighs here and clip two springs here. Okay, now I’m going to winch you up Dee, evenly on all the springs. Don’t struggle. It will be fine.” He winched slowly on the various springs. 

“Aaahhh.” She said nervously. At first she was at a strange angle, then she righted.

“It’s okay, you’re doing fine Dee.” And she was, she noted, she swung very gently about six inches off the ground. Now she realised she was truly at the mercy of this man, and he could do anything to her, anything he wanted. And now he approached her, with two dildos!

“Don’t look so horrified Dee, these are similar to the ones you had before, and the only difference is they are attached to some wires and tubes I’ll put on later.” She was going to ask what for, but bit her lip. It’s too late now anyway, she thought ruefully. She felt him at her crotch, tenderly parting her shaved lips, pushing in the steel and rubber dildo. She moaned as he pressed them into her. She felt a small thimble-like device settle over her clit and as he pushed further, clamp down on it. John twisted the bayonet connector to the suit and the dildo was locked into her. He tenderly touched her cheek.

“You are doing wonderfully, Dee, everything is fitting well, you have nothing to fear, really.” He passed to her rear and gently separated her buttocks. Here we go again, she thought, she tried to relax her sphincter, which naturally tightened; then she felt it at her entrance, easing in, pushing past the firm door, which slowly yielded. She breathed slowly as it moved up inside her, and yet she found it wasn’t painful. Within a minute it was fully embedded within her rear passage and he twisted the bayonet connection.

“Aaahh…oooohh, phew.” She gasped.

“Good girl.” He kissed her cheek, tenderly. What an enigma he was! Next he showed her the breast cups, with steel bases to fit the bayonet fastenings of the suit, and with clear plastic cones. He carefully took one breast. Almost shamefully she noticed the nipple harden, place it in the plastic dome and twist the bayonet connector, then repeat the procedure with the other cone. There was about a one inch gap between breast and cone. A metal thimble was opposite each nipple in the cone and there was a connector for a tube or hose. She looked down at them, a little sadly, pink breasts in their clear plastic coating. 

“A penny for them?” He asked, a sympathetic look on his face. 

“Well, what do you think? She said as she swung slowly. “Feeling a bit of a fool really, getting talked into this, look at me, a..…puppet, a marionette; and you the puppeteer. I feel, well, just plain stupid, you could kidnap me…I could disappear….just like those other girls……is that what happened to them?”

John put his hand on her cheek.

“Now Dee, don’t start getting worried like this. Just calm down. You don’t look stupid; you look wonderful, although the gears a little odd,” he smiled, “and you should not be frightened, you are not going to be kidnapped or disappear, and I’m sorry but I don’t know what happened to the other women, I can’t help, sorry. Now, enough.”

“I guess it’s too late to say stop?” She looked, almost pleadingly, at him.

“Oh yes Dee, it’s far too late for that! Now here is the helmet, it’s like a gas mask but a bit more sophisticated. It encloses your whole head and locks onto your collar at the back. Glass portholes here can be blocked out with these pads on the outside; so that you don’t bite your tongue, this protrusion here, its well, shaped like a cock, goes into your mouth. There’s a hole in the middle for…well, never mind that for now. This separate nose section is connected by this corrugated tube up to that canister. All straightforward, really.”

She didn’t think so, but hanging helpless in front of him, she thought it pointless to ask about the hole in the gag and the canister. She would find out soon enough. 

“I’ll say goodbye, Dee, for an hour, at least. I’ll plug your ears first with these wax plugs; it heightens the senses being deafened. Now, be strong and try to go with it.” He kissed her firmly on the lips, she could do nothing but swing in his arms, but he was a good kisser! I could get to like this guy, she thought – handsome, witty, and rich – but the kink, I don’t know, she thought. 

He opened the zip of the mask; she took one last breath as he pressed it to her face and she dipped her head in. She peered through clear lenses as she felt the rubber cock at her lips. She opened slowly, accepting the hard member. It rested on her tongue and she gripped it with her teeth, she didn’t gag, for it was short and stubby, but thick! She could breathe through the hole in the gag and did so, tasting the pungent rubber. She heard the zip at the back and the click of a lock; the mask was now pressed tightly to her face. He came out in front and shouted at her.

“I’m now going to connect everything now Dee and you are on your way. First are the vacuum tubes to your boobs; these work by sucking air out of the cups, pulling your boobs out. There are metallic contacts at the nipples that will give you a shock of varying degrees. So you can get inflated and deflated…and zapped…it is quite a device, I have to admit.”

He looked so calm, the mad bastard; she shouted at him through the mask and realised the cock was an effective gag, and only an mmmm came out. No point in that, she thought! He grinned again. 

“So, you’ve found out there’s no point in shouting. Now down at the front here there is a wire attached to your clit clamp and your dildo that can be activated separately, clit on, clit off, vibrator on, et cetera. Now this tube here is a catheter, I’ve always liked the idea of total control, so this slides up the probe and into your urethra and your urine passes into this bottle on the floor here. I know I asked if you wanted to go to the toilet earlier, really as a courtesy but this will take care of everything anyway. Right, now, this will not hurt too much, just a little sting…and it is through.” There was no real pain, but it certainly was undignified.

“Now the rear again, this wire is for the electrical current, on and off, same as the front. And Dee, this tube goes through the dildo and up into your intestine. Through this I propose to give you an enema!” She screamed into her gag, to no effect.

“Yes Dee, this pump will push water into you under pressure, then I turn the switch and it slowly vacuums you clean into this container here.” Dee shook and swung and shouted as he pushed the narrow tube up inside her. 

“Ah yes, now finally,” as he came in front again, “another tube serves to gag you further, it goes through you gag and down into your stomach, Dee, there’s no point in struggling Dee. Accept your fate, we are nearly there now; obviously this will stop you breathing through your mouth, so you will have to breathe through your nose. I’ll open the vent here that is attached to the canister; I call it an aroma canister as it is filled with smelly rubber pieces. So if you didn’t like rubber before, well you will get plenty now!” He opened the vent and Dee automatically breathed in, God, it was so strong, so pungent, she almost retched at first, and then calmed down. 

“Good girl, now try not to gag, just try to keep swallowing as it passes down your gullet.” She retched and coughed, but as instructed she kept swallowing and once past the back of her throat she got more used to it. He turned a locking device on the mask and stood back smiling at her as she slowly swung in her bonds.

“And there you are. In my spider’s web, my creature, with my control pad here I control your breathing, your movement, your bodily functions, your sight and hearing, your sense of smell and taste – and I control your sexual pleasure areas, your breasts, nipples, clit, vagina and arse. You realise I could leave you here an hour….or three…or a day. I control your intake; I can change your water tube to take liquefied food, and I control all your excretions. You could, it is entirely possible, stay there for a week, or think about this, even a month! I find that very exciting, you probably do not. Over the next half hour I’ll fill you with, let’s say, two pints of water through your throat tube. That will feel very tight with your corset on, but you are cathetered so it will pass through you in time. Then the enema, only one pint for you, you are probably a novice at holding enemas. Anyway, we’ll give you five minutes and then flush you out. All the electrical devices I will leave to my whims – some on, others off and so on. So Dee dear, let’s begin.” 

He kissed the side of her mask and then turned the video camera on. Dee gently swung, feeling so humiliated. Shit, shit, shit, she thought, this was worse than Joan, this was one seriously kinky guy. What was with the video, God, she thought, I hope I don’t end up in a video store! At least I am masked and people won’t recognise me - small consolation. She breathed in the rubber scented air slowly and tried to keep calm, tough to do with all the tubes and probes inside her! 

She looked across at him, and to her astonishment he began to strip. She stared with fascination as under his tux he wore a brilliant white full catsuit with attached feet and low neckline. Like hers it had been undetectable under his clothes. There was a zip at his crotch and she could detect an outline of his erection, a big erection. What a waste, she thought, what a waste, would he use that on her? He sat down with a glass of what looked like whisky, looked up at her, barely five feet in front of him, smiled and turned a couple of dials. She felt cool water inside her gullet trickle down to her stomach, it was the strangest feeling, but not unpleasant. That’s the first of two pints, she thought ruefully. 

Then warm water starting entering her rear, automatically she tried to squeeze her cheeks but the dildo kept her sphincter well spread and she realised the futility of it. Jesus, she thought I’m going to be filled to bursting from both ends. She shouted at him through her gag, but that was pointless too, just a faint mew came out. Then the suction started at her breasts and they were sucked away from her body, and squeezed into their plastic cones. Her nipples pressed against the metal thimbles and then…zap…a shock ran through her breasts, she screamed into her gag and then the suction subsided. She breathed in the rubber air and tried to stay calm, but after twenty seconds or so the suction started again; she wiggled her tits, he smiled at this, but they were sucked out, pressed to the plastic again and…zap…again! She chomped down on the rubber cock gag and still water poured slowly down her throat, and warm water was injected into her arse.

Suddenly the clamp on her clit began to warm and then twitch, she tried to cross her legs…oh, you stupid woman, give in, she said to herself. The vaginal dildo then gave her little buzz every three seconds or so and then her arse dildo! Everything was now on and working! Dee swung and twitched in her bonds, doing a silent dance for her puppeteer. She was his puppet indeed, a good word for her complete lack of control. 

Within five minutes, despite water pouring in at both ends and her stomach under the corset becoming very tight, she had an enormous orgasm, shaking and jerking on her springs. He smiled at this, she wanted to deny him this “victory” but her body was yielding, in every way, to the assault. She did not know where the next one would come from and in any event she had no defence against it. Finally the water stopped entering her arse, she felt like bursting, but that wasn’t going to happen with the corset holding her like a vice. God, flush me you bastard, clean me out! 

But he must have waited fully three or four minutes, while cold water continued to pass down into her stomach and all the electrics continued to do their dastardly deeds and her breasts were sucked and nipples zapped, before he flushed her out. As another orgasm passed over her, and she jerked in her bonds she was evacuated. The relief was enormous, almost as good as an orgasm in itself. Jesus, she thought, an orgasm with an enema, what next? The cold water at last stopped and as she swung she hoped that it would pass through the catheter fast.

The shocks in her anus now increased in power, and she wanted to eject the beast, but no. It kept throbbing away, punishing her. Her clit was on fire, and then her body, not her mind, began to respond and want more. It was an extraordinary transition; she was now starting to work with the machine, not fighting it. And so it went on, thirty minutes must have passed and she was soaked; her thin rubber suit sliding over her hot body. Now she began to ride the dildos, to anticipate the next vibrating sensation, to prepare for the next zap at her nipples. She shook and jerked as each orgasm overtook her, how many, she did not know. 

She realised she could feed off this creature and it was then, after maybe an hour, that she bit down on her gag and said to herself…no, you are not going to defeat me, I’ll ride you and I’ll take all you have got, I’m not going to open my palms in supplication and defeat, no, you’ll have to take me out of this without me yielding!

John looked on, in fascination at the transformation, he saw it in her eyes and heard it in her garbled mmmmfff’s of resistance and in her body movements as she rode and thrust against the assault. At once he was impressed and almost horrified. He’d had six other girls in this and they all had called a halt after anything between twenty minutes and an hour. Now Dee was approaching ninety minutes and despite him increasing the current onto the two dildos it seemed to make her stronger, more determined!
He watched as she writhed and swung and mmmffed into her gag, her sweaty pink breasts ballooning in their plastic cups, the urine now slowly seeping out of her.

His erection was as hard as a rock, had been now for maybe a hundred minutes. She had thrown down the gauntlet, the challenge, he didn’t want to hurt her, but the currents were as high as he wanted to go. He’d never seen anything like this; he’d lost count of her orgasms. Then he thought of the suffocation orgasm, was she up to this, he had to be very careful. Slowly he turned down the valve on the rubber aroma canister. Obviously he didn’t want to harm her, but some people, men and women, got off on auto asphyxiation. She was still writhing in her bonds and he moved closer to her, looking into her mask. The eyes were glazing and drooping a bit but there was still a determined look in them. As she tried to breathe, the mask squeezed into her face and he heard her mmmfff into her gag, probably an obscenity. As her eyes began to close and her chest barely rose, he saw her shake through another orgasm. Her eyes opened and the strangest thing happened…she slowly raised her head and…winked at him! 

It was now nearly two hours and he was soaking in his suit; he turned on the rubber scented air again and she took in a huge breath. She opened her eyes and focussed her eyes on him; he read a faintly triumphant look in them. She looked down at his dick and nodded, then nodded again and thrust her hips! My God, he wanted him to fuck her, there and now. He’d never done this to any of the other women, never really wanted to, but Dee, well she was different all right. She was inviting him, asking him, not taunting him. And how could he refuse her? 

He turned off the pussy dildo and the clit clamp, then bent down and turned the bayonet connection; then withdrew it slowly with the catheter tube connected from her succulent love channel. She winced and nodded as if to thank him. He was going to turn off the boob vacuum and the dildo in her arse, but he heard her mmmfff and she shook her head, no, she wanted them kept on! He felt as if he was losing control, he was the dominant wasn’t he? Well, he thought, I have to put some variation in here. An idea came to him, and he began to raise the springs attached to her toes. He continued to do this; now her legs were horizontal, stuck out at a ninety degree angle from her torso; she was well supported by the thigh straps and the connections at her corset and arms. But she started to look a little alarmed when he continued to winch on the toe springs, now her feet were level with her head and stretched wider than her arms. She mmmffed into her gag and waggled her head as best she could; he felt a bit better now he had the initiative again!

She started to think she was very grateful for all the yoga and stretch classes she had been to over the years, she was not double-jointed but she was very flexible, and it was certainly paying off now! She was still quite comfortable in the suspension harness but she must have looked a sight! Her feet were now either side of her wrists and stretched what must have been five feet apart; her boobs were still in their plastic cradles and being sucked at regular intervals and her nipples zapped (which, truth be told, she quite liked now!). Below her the wire and enema tube snaked out of her arse and behind her. And there, for all to see, was her exposed, pink, shaved pussy; wet, inflamed and stretched – ready and willing to accept his assault. Despite being stretched to the limit – despite all the plugs and the attack on her breasts and the sucking on the cock gag, she was ready for him!

He watched her nod her head and then thrust herself, as best she could, at him. He approached her and almost nervously, unzipped his crotch zip, his cock swinging out. Oh, yes, she was right, it was a good size and still rock hard. He leaned into her gently, avoiding all the tubes and wires, and he was eye to eye with her. He seemed almost embarrassed, she thought, how strange after all he had done to her. 

He gently gripped the sides of her thighs and raised her slightly then bent slightly himself. She could feel him at her entrance; then quickly he allowed her to drop and stood up. And he was in to the hilt; she was so wet there was no problem at all! Yes, this was more like it, she thought, oh, yes. He released the springs and she gently rose six inches to the end of his dick, and then he pulled her down again. She’d already had thirty orgasms, she didn’t know, but this was different. She screamed into her gag, gripping it in her teeth and breathed in the pungent, yet sweet aroma of rubber. He bounced her up and down on his hot hard cock, and she squeezed him as hard as she could, which was tough considering how stretched out she was. 

The vacuum sucked at her boobs and her nipples were zapped and her arse was still subject to the throbbing dildo. She sucked on the cock and bounced and bounced in her tight rubber suit, mask and harness. Did it look ridiculous? Probably, did it feel wonderful? Oh, yes! She did not want it to end and rode his cock, panting into the mask and breathing in the rubber. Their eyes did not leave each other, he could see that despite the rubber cock in her mouth, she seemed to be smiling at him, or at least her eyes were. Then he came, and she could hear his shout of pleasure. Who was the puppet now, she thought?

He withdrew from her and shyly zipped away his cock, then turned off all the controls at the panel. She was sated, exhausted but not defeated, oh no. He turned towards her and removed the plastic breast cups. Her breasts were red and soaked in sweat; he gently lowered his head and kissed each sensitive nipple. Interesting, she thought, being so tender and yet so cruel. Next he removed the anal probe and enema tube; she groaned as her sphincter puckered back to its supposed position. He gently rubbed the raw red puckered hole and she leaned back into him, as best she could as his other hand cupped her tender breast. She found this a little odd, such concern after such cool cruelty. She must have impressed him with her “performance”.

In honesty, she had shocked herself; her insatiable sexual appetite, she didn’t believe she had it in her, and how much she enjoyed it all! After Joan, she shouldn’t have been surprised, but she still was. Finally he slowly withdrew the feeding tube; she nearly gagged but was happy at its removal, and she could breathe air through her mouth, a strange change after all the rubber-scented air. He lowered her legs to the vertical; they were sore now, with the severe stretching. He unlocked the helmet, unzipped it and slowly pulled it off her head, the big black cock slipping out of her sore mouth. He withdrew her earplugs; her hair was matted to her head, she stared at him for a second.

“Oh, aahh, aaahh.” She breathed hard, licked her sore lips and swallowed a few times. He unfastened her collar and her head sagged in exhaustion. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she looked down at her red breasts and burning nipples. Her arse was sore and her pussy and clit throbbed, and all in all, she felt…….great! How could she explain this? She couldn’t – she was a changed woman, maybe the same woman who had met her true self? How could she analyse what was really incapable of analysis?

He slowly winched her down to her feet, she was happy for the harness as she found her legs a bit wobbly. For the first time she spoke.

“Jeez, I can’t even…stand.” She was troubled by her speech, her mouth was still sore, her lips felt a bit puffy and throat inflamed. She was still tied to the harness but now a little steadier. John had not said anything; he seemed deep in his own thoughts. He offered a large whisky to her lips, she was still held captive in the harness. She didn’t ask to be removed; there was a strange air of comfort and yet discomfort in the room; she seemed quite at ease in her bonds, completely without shame or embarrassment despite her position – stewing in her rubber suit, all her parts exposed. But he seemed to be the one who was discomfited. She looked at him as he tilted the glass. She took it in three gulps, and coughed as it warmed her throat.

“Thanks, I needed that.” John thought for a moment and said.

“I think I need one too, but I haven’t quite earned it like you have.” He filled the glass and gulped down a good inch, then offered her more, which she happily took, already she was feeling a little light headed – whisky or rampant sex, she wondered?

After all the pain, and the pleasure, the screams and muffled swearing and the raw naked (well, rubbered) sex, there was a strange quiet that enveloped them. John came out of it.

“Well, I must get you home Dee, otherwise you, or is it me will turn into a pumpkin.” It was a poor joke but she smiled at it anyway. He released her wrists and elbows, and her arms flopped to her sides. She groaned as the blood flowed to her hands. Tenderly she inspected her sensitive nipples and then her throbbing clit. He bent down and released her boot connections and she released the ones on her corset, and now she was free! She pulled off the gloves; her hands were wrinkled and sweaty; then pulled off her bootees. He gave her a towel and she took it without comment and rubbed her thick red hair and then, tenderly her boobs, arse and pussy. She looked at the towel without comment and tossed it onto one of the chairs. 

He passed the stockings and garter to her and she stepped into them without comment. She noticed she was used to the tight corset; it felt looser, maybe she had lost some weight in the suit. 

“I don’t expect you want…the rubber panties and bra.” He said rather nervously; she gave him a look.

“Er, no, not right now I think, you keep them, for now, I’ll keep the corset and suit, okay?”

“Yeah, sure, sure.” He handed her the satin dress and she slipped into it. She was now covered again, the sweat soaked rubber suit underneath invisible again. She took her handbag and stepped into the red pumps, then stood in front of him, as if to say, well, now what?

“Okay, right, ready?” It was as if nothing had really happened between them, or too much, they were both burdened with their thoughts, seemingly not wanting to say anything stupid. 

“Sure, let’s go.” She said and they moved through the house, a nice house, she could see, to the garage. When in the car he handed her the sunglasses. She looked at them and then at him. 

“Would you mind if I asked you to wear them?” 

“No, I suppose not, we all have to…protect our privacy, don’t we John?”

“Yes, I suppose we do.” He drove in silence, it was now past midnight and the traffic was light. As she sat in his car she could feel she was already staining the dress. Although she had wiped herself, she was still hot, inside and out and could feel dampness between her legs. She chuckled at this quietly; he’ll be cleaning the Porsche tomorrow! He phoned Kathy on his phone and she was there waiting for them. As they approached the office he told her to take off the glasses. She had almost drifted off, she was so pleasantly tired. As he stopped he looked at her and said.

“Look Dee….tonight…I’ve never met….well, experienced, such a …look, I mean, I…must see you again.” She looked at him with an enigmatic smile.

“Must, John?”

“Well, no I mean I would like….can I see you again?” She enjoyed watching his boyish nervousness; it was in such contrast to what he had subjected her to earlier. He really was an enigma.

“Why, John, you’re not getting all tongue tied, are you? Is putting a woman in the creature the only way you can communicate with her? Is that it?” She was being a bit cruel with him, watching him wriggle.

“Well no, no….although I would love to see you…perform in the machine again, Dee.” He looked out of the window, almost not wanting to make eye contact with her. She almost felt sorry for him.

“Well at least you’re honest, John. You’re a funny guy, tender and cruel. You enjoy watching me squirm and struggle for two hours playing with me like a toy, and then…then you show such concern. Frankly John, you’re the strangest of Kathy’s clients I’ve met, so far that is. God knows who else she has.” He grinned rather sheepishly.

“Well thanks. Yes I won’t deny I have some odd tastes, but they don’t harm anyone, and I am lucky to be rich enough to satisfy them. Dee, I was honest with you all along, I did not deceive you. If you had indicated a wish to quit I would have released you straight away. I’m not an ogre. I don’t recall you requesting to be released.” He looked at her with a sly, knowing smile, which she found hard to resist.

“Oh, I think you would have, yes. But John, I wasn’t going to yield to you…oh no…you would have had to take me out on a stretcher. I’m not a quitter.” Then she thought for a moment. “If we are being candid….and I hope we are…then, well…….I had a hell of a time. I discovered things about myself that I never knew were there. I am very sore and tired; my boobs are tender and my nipples and clit are burning but I have also an inner…warmth that I have never had before. It’s very odd.” She stepped out of the car and came round to the drivers door and leant down. He said.

“Look, I must…..” She looked at him with raised eyebrows. “I want to…when can I see you again? This evening….” She placed a finger on his lips.

“Sshhh, John, I’ll leave you with this thought. I went through a lot to please you tonight, although that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself either, not all the time but…well. So you think you may be falling for me, or are you falling for me in the creature, but what would that do for me John? How about this, would go into the machine for me? Eh? Would you design a…cock sheath and catheter, and breast cups, and would you trust me to put you in it, John? Think on that John. I won’t see you for a little while…don’t pout…I have to recover, I’m sore and tired. I have been fucked royally, and more, thank you. Now go home John.” She pecked him on the cheek and before he could say anything she was gone.

As Kathy opened the door, Dee raised her hands.

“Before you say anything, I’m exhausted, sore as I just said, royally fucked, but otherwise fine, thank you. I don’t want to talk, I want to undress, shower and sleep for a day, okay?” so nothing was said, she undressed, showered and Kathy was smart enough to leave well alone. They would talk later, for Kathy already had a fourth client wanting to meet Dee. Word was getting around regarding Dee’s talents and how well she was taking to her role playing. Kurt and Joan (and soon John) were already pestering Kathy to see Dee again. 

But poor Dee was nowhere nearer to finding out the fate of the four women. Next day King said they were running checks on John. King commended her on how well she was infiltrating the agency, but it was Dee who was frustrated at there being no movement in the case. He told her not to worry; he was very understanding she thought. She was surprised he didn’t want quicker results but he seemed quite happy…so far. She gave a (very) brief description of the evening, all clumsy fumbling and sex.  She said she didn’t mind it if it got them to the girls. They would carry on background checks on Kurt and John. For the rest of the day she slept – not exactly the sleep of the innocent, but a well earned one anyway. 

The next day she was much rejuvenated, she was not sore at all; in the afternoon she found she was getting bored, King advised her to relax, for she was not wanted for the paperwork or checks. Evidently volunteering up her body in the line of duty was seen as more than enough! And he didn’t even know just how exactly she had offered it! She went to bed early and thought about John, in fact found it hard to get him out of her mind, or the creature. Part of her was shocked at a mind that could think something like that up, but part of her was also just a little mesmerised by it, and maybe wanting to “challenge” it again!

Next morning she found she was bored….she didn’t used to be like this….she was quite happy to stay in, but now she found she was getting fidgety (or was it horny?) She realised she needed some more action!

story continues in Chapter 4


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