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In the Vice 4

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; infantism; cons; X

In the Vice by Rbbral

Chapter Four

Kathy was happy to oblige. It was Dee who called her in the late morning and Kathy smiled to herself when Dee asked her if anything else was “on”. Kathy had Anna in the background, waiting. At very short notice Dee could be “prepared” for Anna. Dee now had that familiar sense of excitement, she realised she was less nervous now, but more excited. Kathy told her to come over.

Dee phoned King and the stake out was set up. Kathy hugged her when she arrived; their relationship seemed to be changing now – less employer/employee and more friend/confidant.

“So how is my superstar? The phone’s off the hook Dee, your three clients have been demanding to see you again. So are you ready for Anna now?” Another woman, thought Dee, this didn’t seem to concern her any more. 

“Sure, I was getting a bit bored,” she smiled at her own remark, “but the others may have to wait a bit, my body needs a bit of time to recover.”

“We have to be quick, we only have ten minutes before we have to leave, and I’m driving you to her place. She wants an overnighter, okay.” Dee didn’t even think, just nodded. “I pick you up at nine tomorrow. She pays well, Dee.”

“That’s okay by me. So what is Anna’s kink, tell me.’

“You know better to ask, Dee,” Kathy grinned, “half the fun is the anticipation. Okay, she likes latex.” 

“That’s it, come on Kathy, they all like latex, the fact is….I…well I like it too.” There was silence for a second. Kathy chortled. 

“Well, it’s amazing what can happen in a week.” 

“Yes, indeed, now come on, what’s the costume today?” Kathy pointed to the bed. Dee did a double take, well now that was a bit different. It was a flesh covered full-bodied latex suit, similar to the one she wore for John, but with a couple of significant changes. It had breast cups and only holes at the nipples, but the strange stuff was at the crotch. Located there were enlarged solid but flexible latex vaginal lips with a two inch slit between. It was not really “life like” as they were so enlarged. At her arse there was also a hole, she was not surprised about that. The suit had attached feet and also attached fingerless and thumbless mittens. She wouldn’t be able to do much with those on. She found it a little strange, but noticed she was, again, a little excited.

Without any prompting she stripped and talced herself. Kathy helped her ease into the flesh coloured rubber, she breathed slowly as Kathy zipped up to her neck and she heard the click of a lock. Her hands were pretty useless so Kathy, a little embarrassed, adjusted her nipples through the cut outs and aligned up her vagina and rear. She felt between her legs, it was strange, this large set of labia lips, but she noted there was plenty of room for access to her pussy hidden behind. 

“That’s it?” Kathy nodded.

“Yep, but more to come later, you’ll see.” She draped the same long cape over her shoulders and pressed the studs closed from throat to ankles. Dee shivered at the touch of cool rubber on rubber. They exited fast to the car, Kathy, without comment, put the blackout sunglasses on her and Dee settled back in anticipation.

It took them forty minutes or so, again going out of London until they were well in the country. Dee found herself almost unconsciously feeling herself through the latex lips with her mittened hands. She couldn’t understand it, but she just felt hot! She heard the wheels crunching on gravel and then Kathy helped her out, her arms well trapped inside the cape. She led her to a door, removed her sunglasses, hugged her tight and then whispered as she rang the bell.

“See you tomorrow, Dee dear…enjoy.” Dee waited, facing the door, breathing evenly, and feeling like a strangely dressed present, ready to be unpacked and enjoyed, which on reflection was exactly what she was! The door opened and Dee took an intake of air. Despite this being her fourth client, she was still capable of being surprised. Facing her was a girl (?) of no more than twenty, maybe 22 at the most. She had a jet black pageboy haircut, level with her eyebrows and nape of her neck. She had a pretty (and young) happy face with bright vermilion lipstick and heavy eye shadow. The clothing was what raised her eyebrows. She was dressed as a nurse…a nurse in latex – high heeled white leather pumps and then stockings, tunic with long sleeves and tight wrists and neck – all in brilliant white rubber. On her head was a cute little nurse’s cap and just below her protuberant breasts a large red cross. 

“Ah, so here is Dee, hello and welcome. Come in Dee, my you are gorgeous, Kathy did not exaggerate at all. So are you into rubber too, Dee?”

Dee smiled at the question, “into rubber” she thought.

“Yes, I suppose I am now, I’m getting into it.” Again she smiled at the strange way she put it. 

“Excellent,” said Anna, taking her by the arm through the cape, “because there’s lots of it here. I’m Anna and I am very rich and very weird,” she laughed, “and I like role playing and dressing up and playing, and you, Dee, are going to be my baby today. Now,” she held up one finger, “one big rule, from now on, no talking from you…not until I say the game is over or you leave. Okay? Otherwise you will be punished, and I like giving punishments.” Dee nodded, wow, she thought, another seriously kinky woman; okay, she thought, let’s play along, I might get some fun out of this, who knows?

“Let’s look at you, you’ve got the flesh coloured suit on, yes?” She undid the studs and stood back. 

“Wow, well, Dee what a great body you have.” She took her nipples in her white gloved hands and rolled them slowly, watching her reaction. Dee winced a little and then to her surprise felt moist between her legs. This was the strangest thing; here she was with a woman – a girl – about seven or eight years younger than her, playing with her!

“Let’s get to it, then, I want to get some make up on you and then dress; come into my boudoir.” She moved to a bedroom on the main floor and Dee settled into a chair facing a mirror. She leaned her head well back and Anna went to work, humming to herself. Dee closed her eyes and felt her whole face subjected to Anna’s ministrations. When Anna finally stood back and Dee sat up, looking into the mirror, she stared back at the image she presented. Bright pink rouge on the cheeks, bright red ruby lips in a cupid kiss and blue eye shadow. She was a parody of a baby doll with accentuated features. What was this girl into infantilism or just play-acting? But she wanted Dee as a baby. On the bed were her baby clothes.

“Up you get, we’ll get you dressed, baby.” 

“Oh, jeez.” Muttered Dee quietly. 

“Did baby say something? Did I hear something?” Anna threatened, Dee shook her head; she didn’t want to cross this girl already. She stared at Dee, then turned and picked up the romper suit. This was in shocking pink with pictures of Winnie the Pooh all over it. She stepped into the tight elasticised gusset and Anna pulled it up over her hips. Dee pushed her mittened hands through the ruffled sleeves, then Anna zipped her up to her frilly neck where a firm collar was embedded, and locked! She peered down at her breasts and adjusted them, feeling her nipples strangely harden. The suit was tight around her breasts and her body in general, it looked so bizarre. As with other rubber costumes she had worn she did note rings embedded at strategic locations and in the ruffles of her collar and wrists. Anna now placed two ruffled ankle length bootees over Dee’s feet, again with steel rings embedded in them. 

“Hands,” she ordered and Dee held out her hands and even though she was already mittened, Anna slipped on tight mittens over them and under the wristbands, again Dee noticed rings on the ends and the inside. Oh God, thought Dee, as next came a frilly latex bonnet. 

“Oh, no.” She whispered. Anna glared at her. 

“What was that?” Dee shook her head but too late as Anna dropped the bonnet and picked up a dummy with a very large teat at the end. 

“Open up now, I told you no talking. I’ll let you think on that for a while.” With some violence she crammed the dummy into Dee’s resisting mouth. Arrrggh….aargh....mmmfff. Dee wriggled as Anna pulled the thick strap tight over her head. There was a large see-through plastic plate at the front extending from under her nose to the cleft of her chin. Attached to this at the front was a large ring which Anna cruelly pulled, but the dummy gag hardly moved, so tight was the strap round her head. Dee glared at Anna and mmffed but Anna simply grinned back. With her hands double mittened Dee could do nothing but stare mutely at Anna. 

“Well baby, you look wonderful, all the fleshy latex and then the pink, mmm I could just cuddle you. Is your pussy wet in there? I hope so, mine is.” Anna approached and pushed her fingers through the romper crotch and the fake lips. Dee closed her eyes, trying to resist, but her body was yielding. She was already damp in the transparent suit and she sucked hard on the big dummy, breathing hard through her nose. Anna took her arm.

“It’s nice and sunny outside so let’s go into the garden.” She led Dee out to a pleasant and, thank goodness, private garden. On the patio was a lounger and…….a large pink cot with high gated sides, and inside a pink rubber mattress and baby toys, a dolly, numbered blocks and rattles. Attached to a cot leg was a long length of pink rope maybe a hundred feet long and with a snap hook at the end. 

“Maybe you would like to go for a wander?” Said Anna, Dee was not sure what to do so just nodded, and Anna clipped the fastening to Dee’s collar, smiled at Dee and then sat down on the lounger. Dee felt not a little silly, but wandered across the lawn, her feet well cushioned by the two layers of rubber. She admired her small cottage and fine garden; although it was early evening it was still warm and sunny. There was little point in trying to escape, dressed like she was, the folks in the village, wherever that was, would think she had escaped from the nearest asylum. Her whole body was hot and wet inside her flesh coloured suit now and the bonnet was scant protection against the hot sun. Anna shouted.

“It’s time for your late afternoon nap, baby, come over here.” Dee eyed the cot and thought there was no point in fighting this and returned to a grinning Anna. Dee sat on the cot and Anna released her tether, then leaning down she took each mitten and clipped it to the side rings of Dee’s collar. With her arms useless at her sides Dee was pushed back onto the mattress and Anna raised the side panel, locking it in place. Dee lay back, the cot was too short for her to stretch out so she lay on her back and had to raise and spread her knees, in a far from innocent pose!

Anna leaned over and playing the attendant nurse now, massaged Dee’s prominent breasts. Dee mmmmed into her effective gag and looked up at Anna, like an innocent child. But there was nothing innocent about the wanderings of Anna’s fingers, she undid a small zip at the crotch of Dee’s romper suit and slid her fingers in and past the rubber labia…..and into Dee. She was already wet there and under the ministrations of Anna’s rubber fingers Dee drifted off into a kind of strange reverie, warm and wet in the slowly dying sun. So calm was she that she must have slept, for when she awoke it was almost dark and the lights were on in the house and garden. Under a small rear light Anna was lowering the side panel and holding in her hand a large feeding bottle. 

Dee mmmmed into her dummy, this was so weird, she thought, but at the slightest hint of her reluctance Anna laid down the bottle and said.

“One, no talking, and two, complete obedience. No second chances.” She pulled Dee up to a sitting position, sat next to her and then, in a flash, roughly pulled her over her lap! With her hands at her shoulders Dee could barely wriggle. She felt one firm hand at her bonneted head and then….suddenly another came down, hard, on her buttocks. She was going to get a well practiced spanking! This is crazy, thought Dee, I am a policewoman, experienced, smart, respected, and here I am, dressed as a baby in layers of rubber, getting a spanking from a twenty year old dressed as a rubber nurse. Despite the two layers of rubber, Anna spanked very hard. Dee felt so humiliated again, as she knew she was meant to as the slaps rained down on her now tender buttocks. She screamed into her dummy, but only a mmmm could be heard. 

But Anna was even more devious, as the pain increased she moved her hand down between slaps to Dee’s arse and then her open pussy, and not so tenderly squeezed and massaged those areas. The connection of pain, humiliation and sexual pleasure was clear. Dee had long given up struggling and Anna had removed her hand from Dee’s head and moved it under her torso to squeeze her breast. Dee just moaned and raised her buttocks slightly, as if offering herself to Anna. 

Finally, after Dee had shaken through a deep orgasm, Anna raised her up. Looking at her, Dee wondered how this girl of twenty could know so much about other women, and particularly her!

“Now, you will behave.” She said holding Dee’s chin, and Dee nodded mutely. Anna released her bonnet and then, with some difficulty pulled out the large dummy, soaked with Dee’s saliva. Dee groaned and was about to thank her, but clammed up! The bonnet was then replaced, Dee obediently raising her chin so Anna could tie it underneath, an act not unnoticed by Anna, who then patted her lap. Dee turned and lay back on Anna’s lap and looked into her smiling eyes. She opened her mouth to accept the big teat on the feeding bottle.

“Suck hard now, baby, I want nothing left.” Anna grinned and crammed it into Dee’s mouth. The goop tasted awful but Dee knew better than to fight it so she sucked hard, like a trusting baby; glaring up at Anna, who clearly enjoyed this power. It was evident that Anna just couldn’t resist Dee laid out on her lap like this, and while one hand held the bottle to Dee’s mouth, the other began to explore her body again. From breasts and rubber covered nipples her hand went down again to Dee’s pussy, hidden away behind the folds of rubber. Dee had trouble keeping her composure and almost snorted into the bottle. She wanted so hard to repel the assault but this girl, this young thing, was such an expert! Her nipples became rock hard and her channel moist as Anna continued, while Dee tried to finish the bottle. 

Finally she finished and Anna gently rolled her over, slapping her buttocks playfully. She raised the side bar and then rolled the cot back into the house, Dee a prisoner inside, and into Anna’s bedroom. Now what, thought Dee! Anna disappeared leaving Dee on her own. Dee could have maybe leapt out and made a run for it, but dressed like this! No way, she thought! I’d be the laughing stock of the station, or nation! Tough cop kept as baby prisoner in rubber. She even chuckled at the thought. So she settled in. 

Anna returned after an hour and slowly stripped off her clothes – tunic, stockings, gloves, panties and bra, all in white rubber. Dee watched mutely as she wiped them dry and powdered them, all the while showing off a hard athletic body and, Dee could hardly miss, a shaven vulva. With no embarrassment Anna went to the shower and returned shortly, then from a cupboard took out a white rubber catsuit with attached gloves and feet. She powdered herself and smiling slyly at Dee, who she knew had been watching all the time, eased it over her body. Despite her position Dee found all this strangely sexy, this little minx parading in front of her. She wanted to give her a good spanking, the problem was she would probably love it, and so Dee thought ruefully, so would she. As she zipped herself up the back, she was very flexible, Dee noticed a pouch hanging down between her legs with a zip and lock. Dee thought it strange, maybe a urine container or maybe a douche, she didn’t know. Anna approached the cot and dropped the side, resplendent in all her white latex, and she had such a fine, young body with small pert breasts. 

“Well Dee, you’ve been, generally, a well behaved baby. Now you can sleep here or….in my bed here…up to you.” Dee ruminated, after her adventures with Joan, she did not fear the advances of women, and frankly the cot was small, so, remembering not to say anything, she nodded to the bed. Anna grinned and drew her up. 

“Goodie.” She said, giggling like a teenager and removed her bonnet. Dee flapped her arms frustratingly, wanting them released, but Anna said. 

“Oh no, can’t have you running off dear, anyway, I like you in bondage.” She lay on the latex sheet, with a single sheet for cover, and patted the place next to her. Dee sat and then lay next to her, feeling a little nervous, of all things. Then Ann tapped her tummy, saying.

“Lay your head here Dee,” which Dee did, “the little baby has come from the womb, maybe it is time for her to get acquainted with it again.” Dee wondered what on earth that meant and then Anna raised the pouch and unzipped it and gripping Dee’s hair firmly….ouch…pushed Dee’s head into the pouch! Dee struggled but Anna laughed and wrapped her rubber covered legs around her torso and with her arms useless, Dee was soon overpowered. She heard the zip drawn down and the telling click of the lock. She was in a black clammy prison. As Dee struggled for breath, and in a slight panic she felt a gentle hand on her head.

“Easy now Dee, take it easy. There’s plenty of air in there. There’s twenty or thirty holes, and one big wet one for you to get to know!” The hand pressed further down and opposite Dee’s mouth and nose was Anna’s love lips, shaven and, Dee was surprised to find, quite sweet smelling and wet. She wriggled to get comfortable, she now realised she was there for the night; Anna’s hand tenderly rubbed her latex hood.

“Night Dee, lick, sniff, kiss and rub, do what you want, I will get a good eight hours, I think.”

And so, for the next eight hours or so in her dark pungent rubber and pussy scented prison, Dee ministered to Anna. She’d never, ever dreamed of licking pussy, but there is always a first time for everything! As the night moved on, she would adjust her position, she knew she would get little sleep and she would feel Anna move too, then her hands would be on Dee’s nipples and then inside her latex suits, seeking out her sweet spot, and unerringly finding it!

She was not horrified by her behaviour; she was now becoming unshockable, considering what she had experienced in the last week. In fact she was quite enjoying herself, particularly when she brought Anna to orgasm. She actually felt a strange sense of pride at this. Through her hood she could hear her moan as her tongue went deep inside Anna. She was not pungent, but sweet smelling and the taste on her tongue and lips did not displease her at all. She continued to nuzzle with her nose and explore with her tongue, not even feeling like a prisoner any more, but just a participant. And so was Anna, whose expert fingers, so young and yet so expert, brought Dee to her climax. 

She was asleep, breathing easily, when she felt the lock being opened and the zipper drawn down, and she withdrew her head to bright light in the bedroom. Anna looked at her matted hair, and cum-streaked face, pink and sweaty, and chuckled. 

“My, you’re quite a mess aren’t you Dee?” She went to the bathroom and came back with a face towel and gently bathed Dee’s face. It was a touching scene, Dee sitting on the bed and Anna next to her, washing her face and then combing out her damp hair. Dee was feeling much better now.

“You have a wonderful mouth Dee, and tongue, you have a natural talent. I’m trying to think of a way I can reward you for your skilful efforts. Now what can I offer you?” She smiled and began to remove the bootees then unlocked the mittens and took them off. Then she removed the romper suit and Dee was now back to the flesh covered suit she arrived in. Her body was hot and wet, pink under the semi-transparent suit. Anna looked saucily at her and said.

“Now don’t run away, I need to give you your reward.” She went to the closet and stripped off her catsuit, glancing back at Dee, who was watching in silence. Quickly she dried herself, for she too was covered in sweat, and after putting talc on, then stepped into another catsuit! Dee gulped when she saw this all-over black suit, complete with full hood, with eye, nostril and mouth holes, and gloves and feet. Dee had no idea what she was up to, but she was going nowhere, so she watched as Anna drew it over her lithe body and dexterously zipped it up to her crown. She was now covered in shiny obsidian latex, only her eyes, nostrils and lips uncovered. 

She now approached Dee, who realised she was now panting, and placed a high rubber collar around her neck, locking it in place. Dee did not wriggle or struggle then, or when Anna slipped a chain through the rings embedded in the wrists of her suit and pulled her hands high behind her back and attached them to the back of the collar. Dee was breathing hard as the black temptress asked her.

“Now, are you going to behave when I give you your reward? No talking now Dee.” Dee didn’t know what the “reward” was, but now she really wanted to find out! She nodded and Anna grinned, and then turned to the closet and unzipped the crotch of the catsuit, her pink lips immediately peeked through. Dee stood silent and then gasped quietly as Anna withdrew from a drawer a double strap-on dildo! Staring at Dee and watching for her reaction, Anna stepped through the straps and pulled the strap-on up her thighs. Then she squatted and with a lascivious chuckle she eased the inner four inch probe inside her. Letting out a large breath of air she stood and tightened the straps. Dee stood transfixed; she knew where the other side of it was going! She couldn’t change her mind now, and she didn’t want to, but the rubber cock was big all right!

Anna sat on the side of the bed, her cock sticking obscenely in the air and motioned for Dee to join her. Dee did so and spread her legs either side of Anna’s thighs. Anna gently held her hips and then moved one hand up to her rubber labia, eased it apart and felt up and inside Dee’s love nest. She smiled up at Dee, as she withdrew her fingers and looked approvingly at the tell tale moisture, no need for any lube at all, thought Dee. Without Anna pressing her, Dee slowly lowered herself onto the probe. Anna aligned it up with her bulbous outer lips and eased it through. Dee could feel it at her entrance and continued to lower herself and with a gasp she was impaled! With her arms pinioned behind her she could do very little, but Anna was happy to do everything for both of them. 

Dee’s breasts were just below her head and she leant down, and at the same time gripping her hips, she lifted her up off the dildo and took an exposed nipple into her mouth, then dropped her on the dildo again. She bit quite hard and Dee squealed, not in pain but pleasure. So it continued, as Dee bounced and shook on Anna’s lap, the cock slurping in and out of her, Anna nuzzled and sucked and nibbled at her hard nipples as Dee’s breasts jiggled in front of her. Dee must have come three or four times, and Anna too, when Dee whispered to her.

“Please, please, in my arse, please.” She could not believe herself, saying this, but it was what she wanted, right now. Anna panted.

“I…should give you a good spanking for talking…you bad girl. You really want this?”

“Go ahead and spank away, I don’t care…but fuck me in the arse…hard….come on!” Anna lifted her off the shiny, wet probe and Dee quickly turned around. Anna closed her thighs and Dee straddled them then lowered herself, with her back to Anna, onto the dildo. Again she gasped, it was tight, but her own juices helped her embed it inside her. 

She grunted out loud and didn’t care any more if she would be punished for making noise, as she rode the rubber intruder. Anna’s hands came round her and one twisted her nipple as the other expertly found her nub. Within seconds Dee screamed out in pleasure as Anna bounced on the bed, thrusting the cock in and out of her. This continued for ten minutes before they were both exhausted and fell to the side in an ungainly heap. Anna gently withdrew and held Dee in her arms for twenty minutes as they drifted in and out of a dreamy sleep. 

Without saying anything, but just smiling at the stains at Dee’s crotch, Anna helped Dee up and released her arms; then unstrapped her strap-on and stepped out of it, again smiling at her own secretions. She took Dee’s mittened hand and led her to the bathroom. She filled the large sink with warm water and motioned Dee over to the chair in front. Dee sat and Anna took her head and leant it over backwards into the water, and began to tenderly wash her hair. Dee hadn’t had this done quite so sexually before, or by a woman dressed from head to toe in black latex, but it was wonderfully soothing. She looked up at the masked face as Anna’s rubber covered hands massaged her scalp, she really felt great now! 

Anna drained and rinsed, repeated and then gently took a washcloth and wiped Dee’s face. Then she grinned evilly and squatted, commanding. 

“Open your legs…wider…mmmm….that’s better isn’t it?” And it certainly was, as Anna rubbed inside the fake rubbery lips of Dee’s suit, up and down her tender labia. Then she gently swabbed her sore bottom, yes, it was sore, but Dee felt wonderful inside. Dee now stood as Anna said quietly.

“Next time I shall do it properly, in the shower, the both of us. I would like there to be a next time Dee. You can answer now; our role playing is pretty well over now.” She said almost sadly. 

“Thanks…yeah, well…that would be okay, fine by me. It’s been amazing really, not an…experience I’ve had before…obviously.” Anna laughed; she was so pretty (even with a mask on!) and so young! She leaned into Dee, holding her by the hips and looking her in the eye.

“I did so like mothering you, Dee. I don’t know why I have this…thing. But I see no point in dwelling on it. I was left a lot of money and I plan to enjoy it!” She took Dee’s hand and they went to the kitchen. Dee sat at the table, her arse a little sore, and she was sure she was wetting the chair, as Anna, still in her all-over catsuit and mask, made breakfast. It was a strange scene to say the least.

“Kathy tells me you are trying to find a couple of friends of yours that disappeared,” she turned to look at Dee, “I knew them, they came here, separately, and we had some fun, then had a cup of tea and then they left. Never saw them again, probably frightened them off.” She chuckled. Dee found it odd that she would volunteer this without prompting, but said nothing – maybe she had been warned and had her story all ready. All the girls had seen the four clients Dee had seen; there must be a connection Dee thought, but how to get closer to it? Anna sat down by Dee, whose hands were still mittened. 

“Can you cope on your own, or do you want me to feed you?” She smiled as she looked down at Dee’s still erect nipples.” Dee laughed.

“Still playing mother? I don’t think I can handle tea and toast with these mitts, so, yes, you can feed me, strange though it feels.” And Anna lifted a cup to Dee’s lips and she drank; it was a very strange scene, like mother and child, but with two women dressed in rubber, one from head to toe and the other with her nipples showing through!

“You must have lost three pounds in that suit, you look fabulous Dee. Do you like rubber now?” Dee looked down at herself, her nipples poking through the breast cups, and her strange enlarged rubber pussy. She could feel the wetness underneath her, seeping out of her suit at her crotch and arse. 

“Yes, yes, I do now. It’s so tactile, the cling is like a….caress; and the way it flatters every curve. And I actually……well this is strange, I actually am getting to like the smell!”

“Careful Dee, you’ll become one of us. You’ll be doing it for the fun and not the money.” But who is “us”, thought Dee immediately. 

“I do…enjoy it, I do now. That is what is so odd, as I am so new to it.” 

“Like a duck to water, Dee,” and Anna laughed, “and do you want to see your other clients, I hear you are quite in demand.” Anna was quite inquisitive, and Dee realised she was a very subtle interrogator. Without even hesitating Dee surprised herself by saying.

“Yes, yes, I do….strange as it may seem after all I have been subjected to.” 

“Not so strange really, go with your feelings Dee, you only have one time around. So junk the guilt and get on with it.” Did Anna know what she had been through? Dee thought she must know something, there must be some sort of collusion going on but this was only a hunch. Dee finished her breakfast and Anna leaned into her again. 

“God Dee, you really do look great in that. I could just eat you.” Dee glared at her, and then they both laughed at the pun.

“But I thought I already ate you.” She laughed and Anna blushed and then kissed her gently on the lips. Dee did not resist, quite the contrary, but opened her mouth and pressed herself onto Anna’s lips. Anna’s tongue explored her mouth and then she gripped a nipple again. Dee moaned and thought she just didn’t want this to end. Rather than repel this assault, she was inviting it, lifting her mittened hands to cradle Anna’s head. Suddenly the front door bell rang; they parted, panting a little. 

“Pity, pity, saved by the bell, eh Dee?”

“Maybe I didn’t want to be saved.” Dee said, licking her lips. 

“Then Dee, there must be other times when……you don’t want to be saved, yes? I would want that very much.” She draped the cape over her shoulders and snapped all the studs shut; Dee shivered at the cool embrace again. 

“So innocent under all that, if people only knew, eh Dee.”

“We all have secrets, Anna.” And Anna seemed to think on this. 

“Yes, I suppose we do, I do, why Dee, do you want to share in them. Maybe you can, but there must be a commitment from you that they stay with you. Sometimes people....society frowns on what are perfectly harmless and mutually pleasant pastimes, just because they don’t understand or agree with them. So it’s necessary to keep them secret.” And now Dee thought that maybe she was getting just a little closer, she didn’t want to take Anna off her train of thought though.

“Only when we have complete confidence do we…I mean society…or those on the edge of it…let someone into the fold. And then of course they are one of us, and can’t or don’t want to expose that secret. I’m talking in riddles Dee, I’m sorry.” Dee was sad she did not go further.

“That’s okay, Anna, I got the general drift, and you can rely on me to keep a secret,” Dee thought hard before she continued  “sometimes society may…require you disclose it…but if a secret becomes important to me, then well….no matter what the regulations…it stays with me.” At last Dee felt she had made some progress. As Anna opened the door it was Dee who leaned into her.

“Thank you, for everything, the night’s entertainment…..” she kissed her again, she tasted so good, so soft, “and thank you for your trust, I hope I will see you again.” Kathy was in the car and Dee, with difficulty, using her mitts, got in. Kathy held up the sunglasses as Dee waved to Anna, who shouted.

“She won’t need those Kathy.” 


“Yes, really Kathy; Anna and I had a nice chat and we talked about secrets. And yes, we had a good time together, and yes, I would like to see her again, now let’s get going.” 

“That’s great Dee, I’m so happy you have taken to these people so well. I’m not lying when I say they are really struck with you.” And then she smiled conspiratorially. “Actually I have one more special client, a gentleman who is desperate to meet you. Another client by the way who in the past had hired the four girls. He has extremely specific interests, some of a semi-permanent nature, but you may be interested, it’s up to you. Frankly my dear you have them eating out of your hand.” 

Dee wondered what was up here. Kathy had now disclosed that the next client had seen the girls. Was she being led by the nose here? Just who was investigating whom? And what was this semi-permanent nature topic?

“Well, with this one Kathy, I have to know what his…..interests are, in detail. I seem to be developing more say in this, so I’m going to use that bargaining chip. The money I leave to you, but I don’t suppose that after the last week or so I can be that shocked now.” She eyed Kathy, who showed no reaction. 

“Maybe, we’ll see,” she smiled, “but first you have a couple of days off. Then we can discuss client number five, okay?” Dee nodded, a little reluctantly; she wanted to keep on the trail, and to meet number five. What kind of weird fetish had he, she wanted to know. 

For the next three days she didn’t hear from Kathy, and she waited for the phone to ring. She had three meetings with King, who informed her that three of the four clients she had met were squeaky clean. Super rich, discreet, pillars of the community, Kurt was in imports and exports, houses in England and Germany and the south of France; Joan had two houses, one in London and one in the country; and Anna had inherited millions when both her parents died, a bit wild when younger but now a bit of a recluse. They valued their privacy but King admitted that with their money it was entirely conceivable they could lead double lives. He could find no connection, other than using Kathy’s services. 

Dee, for her own reasons, did not disclose their fetishes, feeling no real need to….girls were missing, that’s all that mattered. Straight or kinky sex, it had no bearing on the case, she thought. She told King of the fifth client, and said she would contact him when it was set up. She thought she was getting a bit closer, perhaps. 

story continues in Chapter 5


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