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In the Vice 5

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; plastercast; enclosed; latex; cons; X

In the Vice by Rbbral

Chapter Five

Kathy called in a day later at Dee’s apartment, she said it was on for that afternoon, but did she want to go shopping? Fine, Dee thought, and Kathy smiled as Dee, in a t-shirt and jeans left with her. As they drove away, Kathy’s cell phone rang and, smiling at Dee, she answered it. Yes, yes, fine, no problem, Dee tried to make the conversation out. Then Kathy hung up and looked at Dee.

“That was Tom, number five, he wants to bring your……meeting forward, is that okay?”

“I suppose so, yes, to when?”

“Now, my dear, now.” Dee looked a little alarmed, she couldn’t contact King now; she was on her own. Was this done, very cleverly, on purpose or…just by chance? It all seemed very slick, if she said no, Kathy might suspect something. And if she said yes, and she was without cover….she could just disappear, just like the others. Suddenly she didn’t have such a good feeling about this. But she did feel she was getting closer and her professional integrity was on the line, maybe even promotion if she was successful. 

It was a risk, a hell of a risk, although she did feel she could handle herself. But if she was all mummified in rubber - although she was getting to like being tied up in rubber - it may be impossible to get out, if your client doesn’t want you out of it! It was a calculated risk, and she had to calculate that risk, and the reward. What was the worst thing that could happen? Well that wasn’t one option she wanted to think of, so she moved on. The bottom line was she knew she was going to do it, because more than anything else she wanted to meet this new man……and see what kind of pervery he was into! Was her lust for rubber and all things perverted overcoming her good judgment? Perhaps it was, she thought, but she was now prepared to take the risk. 

“Okay okay, I guess so. Though it seems a little rushed, what about my clothes? I don’t have any rubber. Should we go back to your place first?” She ventured, but Kathy, with a smile quashed that. 

“Oh no dear, he’s got plenty and he’s even a little more private than the others. So would you…mind the sunglasses?” Now Dee felt really uneasy, but she could do nothing. She put them on, blacking out her vision, and they drove in silence, Dee starting to second guess herself. And they drove a long time, maybe an hour, and well into the country. Finally the car entered a gravel driveway, a long one as she heard the gravel under the tires. Kathy stopped. 

“Here we are, out you get Dee; I have to leave now. Good luck, bye.” And off she went. Dee stood at the door, her glasses still on; she could have removed them, but in all the rush didn’t think of it. She was getting quite nervous but she was managing to keep it under control. The door opened and a deep upper class voice said.

“Ah, there you are Dee, welcome to the pile here, my abode, come in now.” An arm took hers and she was led in, the large door slamming behind her. 

“Do take the glasses off Dee.” She did so and found herself in a baronial hall! Talk about money, she thought; there were suits of armour along each side and guns and swords along the walls. 

“It’s beastly to heat in the winter of course, but fine in the other seasons. I have other places in warmer climes during the cold here.” He had a friendly smile; he didn’t look like a white slave trader, but then Dee thought, who did? She noted he was about 45, greying but quite good looking, slim and tall. 

“Kathy did not embellish, you are indeed stunning Dee, and I understand you are getting to like a bit of….rubber pervery too?” He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Yes, I do, is that what you have in store for me?”

“Oh yes Dee, and lots more too, you’ll see. I don’t suppose Kathy told you about my particular….kinks? No she didn’t really have time did she? We decided to push the meeting forward. I hope it didn’t spoil any plans you had.” So Kathy didn’t have time, and yet “we” decided to move the time forward, now she really thought she was being played along, and she had to be careful. 

“No, and I wanted to meet you anyway.” 

“You did? Super, well I think you will have a very interesting time with us (us?). We should get started, I think. Come down into the cellars, Dee, don’t look so worried, all these houses have big cellars; you can hide an army down there!” Or maybe four girls, thought Dee. There was a long corridor and doors off to the sides; Dee thought dungeon would be more appropriate. They entered a room, which was all white with a big bench in the middle and sinks to the side, there was also a motor with a hose attached close by.

“You do look worried Dee, don’t be; now I am going to change, and if you could take your clothes off too, that would be great. You’re not shy, are you?” Even Dee had to chuckle at that and began to take off her clothes. She stripped and then sat and waited. Ten minutes later Tom returned – in full black catsuit with gloves, and mask, with eye, nostril and mouth holes. He looked a bit sheepish. 

“I expect you have seen a latex suit before.” 

“Oh yes.” She smiled.

“Excellent, well Dee, one of my…kinks is I like making full casts of….women. I have other interests as well which you will find out…if you wish, but what I want to do today is to make a full body cast of you. Okay?”

“Well I guess so, is that it?” 

“No, not exactly Dee, when it hardens a plaster saw will cut it off you, and then I can make moulds of you. You will make a wonderful model, ready?” Things were going very fast, but Dee nodded, so far it didn’t seem too frightening. 

“Great, now first I will put on this apron and gloves s the plaster tends to slosh around a bit.” He did so and now looked a bit foreboding. 

“First here, I will paint you with this liquid so the plaster won’t stick to you. I’m glad to see you are shaved, a good idea.” Slowly and very erotically he began to paint her body with the glossy paint until she was covered from under her chin to her toes with a glossy black sheen. Dee shivered as the cool paint warmed and hardened to her body. Although she was still nervous she had to admit it felt wonderful and when she looked in the mirror to the side, she did look pretty good too! He had left small cut-outs at her vagina and arse. She had noticed the two large paper sacks on the floor by the bench and Tom opened them, poured the plaster into the sink and after adding water used a large mechanical mixer to stir it into an even consistency. 

“We have to do this quite quickly, Dee, it sets in no time, so stand erect , arms a little out at your sides and feet a foot apart. I’ll hose it onto you and you can help me smooth it out.” Too late now, thought Dee, if you disappear now, you’re gone for good! She nodded and he started to spray the heavy syrupy consistency onto her. She shivered as she smoothed it over her body to a thickness of about a quarter inch. 

Soon she felt it beginning to harden about her torso, and become more restricting, her breathing becoming a bit strained. 

“Legs wider Dee, about two feet, and arms out about six inches from your waist, now hold that position, good. You are hardening nicely. My, you look super.” She was now quite stiff but could breathe all right. She could look down and she did notice that her nipples were also uncovered. He smoothed out the hard white covering, but now she felt nothing, just cool air at her labia, arse and nipples. Now she felt very vulnerable, and two minutes later he tapped her shell and it was rock hard. He looked very pleased. 

“Excellent Dee, step one over (step one?). Now I suppose I should have mentioned earlier, that I like to make casts of the whole woman……inside and out. That was naughty of me!”

“What do you mean….inside?”

“Well, what I need to do is make a cast of your pussy…mmm? And one of your bottom, and also your mouth, so I have a perfect replica. By creating a mould a perfect mannequin of you exists, either solid or hollow inside for….well never mind about that. So Dee, the next few steps won’t be very comfortable for you, but I’m told you are a very brave and resourceful woman. So first things first, we must have you breathing easily, so these narrow tubes go up your nostrils and down into your lungs and end up sticking out half an inch from your nostrils. Easy now Dee, easy.” She rocked her head from side to side but it was futile, as he expertly slid each tube up her nostril and down her throat. She nearly gagged but remained silent, glaring at him. He took no notice as he produced a round rubber pad and held it up.

“This pad here I will place at the back of your throat. I’m going to fill your mouth Dee so I don’t want any goop going down your throat. You will be able to breathe through your nose. Open wide.”

“Look Tom, please, I think tha…..arrghh…nnnkkk” Her pleas went unnoticed as he held her jaw down and pushed the thick pad to the back of her throat. She nearly retched but breathed through her nose slowly. In the centre of the pad was a small hole and through this small hole he eased another narrow tube, this one down her gullet. It ended between her teeth and behind her lips and he told her to bite on it gently. She saw him ease her lips apart and push another tube in and squeeze the pump. A quick setting gel was injected and started to fill her mouth and cheeks.

Keep biting on the tube Dee, good.” He kept squeezing on the inflator until her mouth was full and gel started to seep between her lips, he wiped this off, pursing her lips. 

“Excellent, this will take a minute or so to harden, you look perfectly normal, mouth a little open, but close your lips and no one would know that you are thoroughly gagged.” She stared in open-eyed alarm at him, breathing through her nose tubes, her mouth crammed full, but outwardly normal. Tom was now concentrating on the next step. He was easing a dildo onto a thick latex condom. He approached her.

“As I said; a cast of inside and out. Now I will just slide this up your front here, shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.” Not for you, maybe, thought Dee, as she felt him slide the dildo inside her. She mmmmed into the gag, and then he slid it out, leaving the end of the condom drooping down between her legs. He now went behind her and she knew what was next. She was beginning to appreciate the buggering that she had asked Anna to give her, as the dildo slid past her loosened sphincter without much difficulty and then he withdrew it, again leaving the condom inside her. 

“Now all I do is fill the condoms to a reasonable pressure. I don’t propos to split you apart Dee, just fill you up nicely.” He pushed in the tube and slowly began to inflate her! She wailed into her perfectly fitting gag but he continued to pump, until she was nicely plugged…a perfect fit to her insides. It was fast setting and she felt it harden quickly. At her rear he repeated the exercise, she shook her head slowly, it was all the movement she could manage; but the plug in her arse expanded, filling her to perfection. He withdrew the inflator tube to the end and allowed the sphincter to grip it until it hardened so that the end of the arse plug was narrower, but hard. He placed a hand on her cheek.

“You’re doing very well, Dee, I know it is hard for you but it will be only a couple more minutes.” But he hadn’t finished yet, and he saw Dee reading his thoughts.

“I know what you are thinking Dee, and you are right. I, of course must have a cast of your face, your beautiful face, and your head. You’re not claustrophobic are you?” She shook her head.

“Good, good, now here is the crunch Dee…your hair. It is beautiful hair, but you see in order to get a perfect replica, well…” She screamed into her gag, not my hair, my beautiful red hair!

“In the past I have used a skin-tight bathing cap, but it never leaves a perfect fit, it covers the ears. So I have thought up a refinement.” Again she wailed and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

“Now Dee, calm down, I had thought of shaving you bald, I know you would not like that, not right now anyway, so Dee, I have decided to make a compromise. I am going to cut your hair down to half an inch so you will have some left. I don’t want any more argument Dee; I feel I have made a reasonable compromise. You are getting paid extremely well for this.” Dee, strangely, almost felt relieved, a crew cut she could handle, for now, so she nodded.

“Good girl, don’t fear Dee, it will always grow back, and if you need hair for public appearances then you can always use a wig.” What did he mean by public appearances, thought Dee?  She stood unmoving as Tom, with sharp scissors cut off her fine red locks. He was actually quite good at it, she thought, but when he had finished she couldn’t help but be a bit shocked at her appearance in the mirror.

“Now I am going to rub this gel on your dome so the plaster won’t stick to you, and then apply the cast. But first I will put these plugs in your ears, like so and these two small pads onto you eyelids, like so. You are doing very well Dee, not long now.” She felt him spread the gel on her head and smooth it down her shorn locks, and then came the plaster. Poor Dee could do nothing as the heavy mixture encased her head; she tried to overcome the panic rising within her. She told herself that if he wanted to kill her then he would have done it a long time ago. 

Quickly it hardened, and Dee stood there, a snow woman, but with brown nipples exposed – a featureless white statue, her only contact with the outside world her nostril tubes. He left her for a few minutes to harden. Then she started to fantasise her vulnerable position and slowly appreciate the sexual parallel. And it got stronger; anyone could take advantage of her now, just pull out the plugs and plunder her! She couldn’t understand her own feelings, but now she was not fearful, but enjoying her complete and utter vulnerability, completely in the hands of another, to do as he wished. 

She had come to a point in her existence when although she didn’t understand this inner hunger that was driving her, she felt she somehow had to satisfy it. In her complete and utter darkness, immobile and plugged and listening to her now calm heartbeat, she had time to reflect on her past week. Before, she would have been shocked at her reactions but now, as Anna had said, you only come around once, and she had experienced more in the last week than in her previous life, which hadn’t been dull. It was as if she was made for it, the others had said that, and while she was always a little nervous before meeting her next client, she soon embraced all their rubber pervery!

All the pain (temporary), pleasure, humiliation, and subjugation did not frighten her anymore; in fact she now seemed to seek it, to even crave it! Her shorn head did not concern her even; trapped in the plaster cast, and plugged, she should have been terrified, but she realised she wasn’t. Would she ever be let out? She didn’t know, but that didn’t even seem to worry her now, for she seemed to unconsciously have put her trust in her captor.

She was brought out of her introspection by the feeling she was being lifted up off the ground. Then she felt the dildos being removed. This was a quite painful as the portions inside her were larger than the entrances they had to exit! But he did this very slowly, almost tenderly and she felt him wipe her lips and sphincter. Then to her complete surprise she felt something hard at her pussy lips, hard, warm and familiar! 

Now this was more like it, she thought, as he slid right up inside her wet channel. She felt him roll her nipples and then fingers rub and massage her sphincter and she mmmed with pleasure into her perfect gag. She came in a crescendo, something he could not tell as she swung slowly, a stiff statue impaled on his cock, and then he came too and shortly withdrew. 

She heard, as if in the distance, the sound of a saw. She was going to be released after all! Up the arm, over the shoulder, across her head and down the other side it went. Soon she felt a slight release as Tom eased the rear portion of the cast off her. It came off quite easily; the liquid had done its job as had the gel on her scalp. Then the front came off, the nose tubes coming out slowly with the cast and she stood once again just covered in the liquid latex and with only the plugs in her ears and the gag. He laid down the two halves of the cast as she pulled the plugs out of her ears. 

Then he helped her wipe off the second skin, which she quite enjoyed, emerging as a butterfly out of the chrysalis. She tenderly felt her head and the matted, gelled half inch long hair, but in truth she really, on reflection, had no huge regrets. It was gone and that was it. 

“Thank you for the sex Dee, I know you think it all so weird but I thought it was amazing. Let me get your gag Dee, we’ll make a cast of that too later.” We, she thought, who is this we? She opened her mouth wide as he eased it out. 

“Arrggh…aaahhh.” And out it came, together with the tube. She licked and swallowed and then coughed, he handed her a glass of water, which she gulped down. She looked at him ruefully. 

“Well, that was an experience, although I don’t suppose that’s it for tonight, is it? What else have you planned for me? More pain?”

“And pleasure, Dee dear. We…..I want to give you pleasure, and of course take pleasure. Dee, are you up for more experiences? I and my friends want to cross new boundaries…..extreme sports we’ve heard of; well this is extreme sex, Dee. No half measures, it will be the Everest of pleasure. I have money and resources…as do Kathy’s other clients, and as you have found out, endless imagination. And what role do you want to play in all this?” She sat on the bench behind her, naked and shorn, but without shame. 

“I…I don’t know, I can’t deny I don’t enjoy all…well, most of this. I do get turned on by it all. I don’t know what you want, you sound like you want some kind of commitment, but Kathy has four other clients who want the same thing. So what am I to do? I can’t please everyone all the time can I?”

“Well, maybe you can Dee. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We have tonight and I will share some of my other…kinks with you…if you wish, that is?”

“Well, yes, I think so. Depends on what you have in mind.” He chuckled at her reticence.

“Dee I like inflation, I like a woman in a cocoon, a chrysalis, I like a woman to be encased, mummified….alive. Is that too weird for you?”

“It might have been ten days ago, but not now, no. Just as long as we concentrate on the “alive” bit. I’m getting to the point where I can handle most things, I think, but I would like to come out of this alive, if that’s all right with you!” He laughed at her dry comment.

“We’re here to have fun, Dee, you’re not going to be any fun dead, and I am not into necrophilia.” 

“Well, that’s a relief.” She laughed again and was feeling more relaxed now. 

“How would you like to be a living statue for a while? Similar to before, but let’s say a silent onlooker on the world. I have to confess I have some friends coming over later and I would love to display you, and yet hide you, if you see what I mean. I have a special suit of armour in the main hall that I’ve adapted. You said you like rubber now,” she nodded, “well this is a steel suit, just like all the others, but with a skin of rubber inside. So the wearer is cocooned inside, yet all those outside do not know. I find that very exciting, I don’t know why.” Dee was still naked, sitting on the bench, this sounded all right, she thought. He’s no kinkier than the rest, and well, she rather liked the idea of spying on the party!

“Sure, seems kind of interesting actually, pity you didn’t mention this before cutting all my hair off.” She passed a hand over her skull, feeling the short crew cut. He helped her off the bench and up the stairs.

“Yes, well Dee, but if I had told you what I wanted to do to you would you have let me?” Dee thought on this for a minute as she examined the suit of armour.

“Actually you know I probably would. I’m surprised I say this myself but well, I have changed a lot over the last while…believe me.”

“I do, Dee, so here it is, pretty straightforward really, arms, hands, legs, torso and helmet of steel. The face piece lifts outwards like the real ones, and the crotch piece comes out, back and front, exposing or…enclosing your…nether regions. You have to wriggle into it, the head, arms and legs are in one piece but the rear of the torso is in two and locks here at the side. The interesting thing of course is the inside, see…lined with rubber; the whole body area, except the crotch, arse and this little triangular area around the face. It allows eyes, nose and mouth to peek out, but then the facemask can be dropped down and all the wearer sees is the tight mesh here, and life on the other side; actually vision looking out is very good. So do you want to have a go?”

He held open the rear of the torso and Dee leaned over into it; she could smell the shiny black rubber, that now familiar and slightly intoxicating aroma. Once in, Dee knew, and he knew she knew, she could be kept there for as long as he wished. She was not as fearful as she thought she would be, or should be, the idea sort of excited her. To be powerless, completely in the hands and under the control of another, her body his to play with, why was she not frightened at the thought of this? They stood next to each other, she looking in, it was a moment of no return, yet she knew that in her heart what her answer would be. She thought maybe twenty seconds, twenty long seconds, and then with a nervous smile, said. 

“Yes, I want to try it, now.” And Tom put his hand on her shoulder.

“Great Dee, okay now step into the torso here, feet first.” She shivered at the now familiar cool tingle of the rubber, then dipping her head and bending, she slipped her hands down the sleeves and her head through the narrower neck and into the helmet. She peered through the small triangular face piece, just her nose, eyes and mouth exposed. 

“Well, I guess I am the fly in the trap now. I feel quite vulnerable, but then….that’s what makes it exciting isn’t it?”

“Indeed it is.” Tom closed the rear of the suit and Dee was now trapped in solid steel. Images passed through her mind as she tried to calm a slight feeling of concern. There was some play in the suit and she wriggled inside it as it slowly was warmed by her body heat. Only her small area around her face, her shaved crotch and arse now was exposed. Tom looked very pleased and tweaked her labia; Dee gasped and bit her lip in pleasure. 

“I have to leave for an hour or so Dee, things to do with the casts we made…enjoy!”

story continues in Chapter 6


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