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In the Vice 6

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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In the Vice by Rbbral

Chapter Six

So Dee was left alone, imprisoned, peering out at the large hall; big chairs, statues, rugs, paintings – and her in a rubber lined suit of armour! She actually laughed out aloud; she wondered what King or the rest of the crew would think. Well, they didn’t know anything about this, for she was on her own. They couldn’t save her now; she had got herself into this and would have to get herself out; that is if she wanted out! What would she be “saved” from - Tom or herself? She dwelt on this for a while, the journey she had taken in the last ten days and the voluntary journey to come to Tom’s place, knowing full well what it may mean.

Dee was now warm and a little damp, but really quite comfortable. Tom returned and proudly held up two large transparent dildos. They were very irregularly shaped, and then Dee realised they were the casts from her insides!

“Soft, pliant rubber Dee - of you and for you. So what do you say, want to be plugged?” He was asking her, which she thought strange; he could do anything he pleased with her, but she gave a small smile, sure, why not, she thought. He took the steel crotch piece from the hall table, opened it out and twisted the two dildos into firm rubber mountings on the inside. He lubed them up, she thought she didn’t really need it, she was so moist, and then he squatted between her legs, and very gently eased firstly the front one inside her. She gasped…ffff.....mmmm…he stopped but he noticed her reaction was with pleasure and that she was very moist so he pressed on up to the hilt. He then repeated it at her rear. This was a lot tougher and she asked him to take it slower, so he massaged her sphincter until it relaxed and then pressed firmly and without a break into her. She let out a whoosh of air and he raised the front and rear flaps and locked them at her abdomen and small of her back. Now she knew she was well and truly stuffed. 

“How do you feel?” He eyed her face closely. 

“Woo, fine, okay, just getting adjusted, yeah, I will be fine, just need a few minutes to work up some juices. It’s so weird having such a….perfect fit.” Tom laughed and kissed her gently.

“You’re something special Dee. But it’s own up time again, I’m afraid.”

“Oh, no, now what have I let myself in for?” She groaned. He tenderly tapped her nose.

“No more than you deserve my dear, only the best for you, our…my star pupil. I’ve not told you the rubber suit here is in fact two connected suits, which can be inflated. So….as I am inflating you here with this hose at your hip, the suit inflates and squeezes you nice and tight…..yes?” And the suit did inflate, and started to press into every crevice. She started to moan as the pressure began to increase. The suit began to pop, finding crevices to fill and shortly Dee was held rigid in a vice of rubber. 

“Enough, enough, I can hardly breathe in here.” She said quietly, Tom however noted she did not scream or panic. Oh yes, Kathy was right, this girl was something special - one to be pampered and savoured. Her face was now squeezed by shiny, rubber. Her cheeks were compressed, with just her eyes, nose and mouth held within a small triangle. The inflation had stopped and she now breathed calmly, she was warm, she was protected, she was what – almost back in the womb. 

“Well done Dee, you are quite a sight, and now for one final addition.” He held up her clear plastic mouthpiece, the perfect gag, formed to the exact contours of her mouth. Tom fixed the base plate to the face piece of shiny steel, still raised above her face. Dee started to look concerned again. 

“Don’t fret Dee, you can breathe through your nose, and there is the small tube through the gag, which we can use for breathing or feeding, it’s connected to a small hole in the face piece. You will be fine Dee. Open up now!” She waited a second, but there was no reason to fight now, so she opened her mouth as best she could, with the tight rubber inner helmet holding her rigid. Tom smiled reassuringly and lowered the face piece, and the big plug entered her mouth. She wiggled her head slightly, and matched her teeth with the indents in the gag. Oh yes, it was a perfect fit; perfect for the job for which it was designed, to keep her mute! At first she mmmffed and then mmmed and then silently endured. 

She could breathe in fairly easily but her nose was the better route. She heard two clicks and the face piece and the perfect gag were locked on. She peered through the mesh and could see a good part of the hall. Tom peered in at her, smiling at her silent eyes looking to left and right. Well, she was truly cooked now, there was no point in panicking, and so she overcame her last vestiges of nerves and tried to enjoy this “experience”. She could move her arse and crotch very, very slightly and so she started to clench those muscles and ride the dildos. 

She had a sense that she was not going to be a passive observer for the evening, for something was on! But was she to be a willing or unwilling participant? Things, she felt, were on the move. 

After a while Tom returned back into her view, dressed in a bright red catsuit with knee high leather boots, he peered through her face piece and held up one thumb, she grunted once for okay and he went out of view. He returned with platters of food, which made Dee very hungry, and then bottles of champagne, which made Dee very thirsty! Well, she thought, the guests will be well fed and watered but what about me? The food was arranged around a large table with couches surrounding it. Then the doorbell rang!

Dee held her breath, and who should enter but….Joan!

She was dressed as Dee remembered her, in her superb rubber riding outfit and she looked fabulous. But Dee’s eyes then moved to the person with her. It was a tall woman who, like Dee before, was dressed as a pony girl. But the costume and the predicament of the girl were slightly different. Dee’s startled eyes began at the girl’s feet and worked up. She wore similar thigh length boots but the foot was shaped as a horse’s hoof, with the foot inside held in a high heel. She wore no panties, or gusset piece, just a tight basque in shiny black rubber. A tail sprouted from her bum, clearly attached to a dildo. Dee noted the poor girls bottom was brightly striped, clearly the result of the attentions of Joan’s whip. 

But the girl’s front intrigued Dee. Her vulva was shaved and fully exposed, her labia had been pierced on both sides twice with gold eyelets, through which two small rings had been passed and joined. From both rings bells jingled as she moved. The effect of the rings was to almost close the girl up, maybe she could pee, Dee thought, but no one would be able to get inside her! The girl’s boobs were exposed, with nipples pierced with rings, and two more bells. A high neck brace held her head erect. And her hands had been pushed into single mitt and pulled behind her and attached to the collar. The girl’s head now caught Dee’s eye, she was completely bald! And round her neck was a wide silver collar with, in gold letters the name Michelle. 

So, at last Dee had found one of the girls, and not by chance. She was now well aware she was part of a big set-up and she was now very nervous. Although she was proud that she had found one of the girls, this was small comfort if she could do nothing about her. She now had a sense that she would be seeing the other girls this night! She was now aware that the woman was being paraded in front of her, for her benefit. Dee was now in their “clutches” just as powerless as Michelle, and with her fate now in their hands. As she thought on this, she noted a large gold ring through Michelle’s septum and it was from this ring that a chain was pulled, not too gently, by Joan. In addition Michelle had a large red rubber ball crammed in her mouth attached to a single strap around her head. 

Joan kissed Tom affectionately and admired his red suit. 

“Michelle has been disobedient this evening, so I had to gag and quirt her, she’s calmed a little, I’ll chain her here by the fireplace, she can watch the evening from here. Michelle dear, open your legs, now see that statue over there,” she pointed at Dee, “well I want you to be as still as that, if I hear one jingle from your bells then you will feel my quirt again.” She brushed her finger across Michelle’s ringed vulva then sat on the couch as poor Michelle quietly whimpered into her gag. Tom served Michelle some champagne as Dee heard a familiar voice.

“Sorry I’m late.” And Anna entered! She looked a divine as when Dee had left her, this time in a canary yellow catsuit, which showed her slim, hard body very well indeed. 

“I had the devil wheeling Lara’s cot out of Joan’s horsebox.” She pulled in a baby’s cot and curled up inside, Dee assumed, was poor Lara. Anna dropped the side gate.

“Out you get baby, you can crawl around here for a while, although you won’t get far like that,” she chuckled, “ can you imagine if we had been stopped, Lara in the cot and Michelle strapped in the box, all rubbered up, the cops would have had a fit.” And they all laughed loudly. Lara slithered backwards out of the cot wearing a similar outfit to the one Dee had worn – bonnet, big dummy gag, bootees and mittens, all in pink with cute animal pictures. But the romper suit was different. While it covered her full torso and upper arms her legs had been doubled at the knees and stuffed into the short legs of the suit. Dee could see below Lara’s buttocks the outline of her feet and her calves were tightly pressed back against her thighs, it allowed her no movement at all. 

Anna kept her on a leash but allowed her to waddle uncomfortably around, dribbling from her dummy. Anna admired the other’s dress and moved to Michelle; and smiling tenderly fondled her breasts, Michelle was unable to do anything and tried hard not to jingle her bells! They helped themselves to food, now ignoring their two captives, but making small talk; just like any other party – without the bizarre costumes, and slaves!

Dee watched the strange tableau in her tight rubber cocoon, and then the doorbell rang again. Kurt or John she thought? Dee held her breath as John came in, looking very handsome in a cool long sleeved white rubber t-shirt and black tights, with a very large bulge at the front. God, he looked good, Dee thought and felt a stirring in her already very moist channel. Behind him walked a girl, completely encased in form fitting green latex, her vulva, arse and nipples only being exposed. Over her head was a full head mask with pin holes at her eyes, small nostrils and a large hole opposite her mouth. Dee was well experienced in John’s control fetish and the girl was well controlled. Her feet were in knee high ballet boots, with seven inch heels which elevated her instep to the vertical and forced her to walk on a stretched tiptoe of steel. 

She took tiny, wavering steps, for her ankles were fettered with a nine inch chain. Her hands were drawn back in a single bondage glove attached to a chain which passed between her buttocks, through a ring poking out of her arse, between her legs, and which was then attached to the lower of two rings through her labia holding two eyelets tight. Ouch, thought Dee. The girl’s elbows were also drawn back and tied, touching each other. Dee knew that any movement of her arms would pull on the ring attached to whatever was up her arse, and on the lower vulva ring. It was very clever, and cruel she thought, wryly appreciating John. Round her waist was an excruciatingly tight corset which gave her an hourglass figure and round her neck a high posture collar to match. In her mouth was a large ring gag, exposing her mouth and drooling tongue. John slowly pulled her along by a chain which split into two and attached to her two nipple rings. 

Of all the girls, so far, this one was suffering the most. Dee felt for the poor girl wobbling behind John, as he joined the others, but then again she felt just a little aroused. Barely looking behind him he casually unclipped the vulva chain and pushed her back onto the couch. She let out a big aaahhh as she landed; clearly whatever was up her rectum had given her a jolt, but she soon settled herself into an upright position, looking down at Lara kneeling on the floor and then at Michelle, standing still by the fireplace. They helped themselves to more drink and food, again making small talk, commenting on one or two of the women…in appreciation or criticism, the three trussed women silent and subdued. 

Then it was Kurt’s turn to arrive, beautifully turned out in evening dress, and Dee knew that underneath he would be wearing latex. He was quite a dish, thought Dee, so urbane and cool. The woman he led in looked the most “normal” of all the unfortunates. She wore the familiar long rubber cape from neck to ankles, which Kurt took off, revealing a full length velvet dress with spaghetti straps and dipping bust line. Dee knew that this would be lined with latex, as would the shoulder length white opera gloves. She had a page boy hairstyle low on the brow, but Kurt unceremoniously pulled this off, revealing her bald head. Dee saw the same silver collar as Michelle’s, but with the letters Marj. So Jo must be the girl in the rubber suit, Dee thought. 

The velvet/rubber dress was split enticingly up the front and back, and Dee wondered if she was wearing panties at all. Kurt hugged the other four, ignoring the other captives, as if they were furniture.

“Sorry, I’m late, Marj had a little tantrum at the opera, so we left early, and we can all look forward to punishing her later. Look how lucky she is, not even in bondage, and she becomes silly. You know I think she does it sometimes on purpose just to be punished, she’s such a submissive,” Marj held her head low, her bald dome shining in the candlelight. Dee looked again at her collar and then at Michelle’s, she could see no noticeable seam, were they welded or soldered on? Her question was answered very quickly as Kurt pulled her shoulder length gloves down, revealing two similar silver bands at her wrists, each about an inch wide and with rings on the inside and outside – and no noticeable joint. So they had been soldered on and buffed to perfection.

Marj and Michelle had perfectly fitting slave collars and cuffs and could not be removed without metal torch or cutters! Very efficient, thought Dee, and she was sure that the other two women would have the same “jewellery”. Their ankles were covered but knowing the brutal efficiency of these five, Dee had no doubt at all that they too would have permanent silver banding. And, like Michelle, they all most probably had septum eyelets, nipple rings and vulva piercings and rings. So all the women would be pierced, ringed and banded – like chattels, which was of course what they were! They were nothing more than packages for the enjoyment of their super-rich owners. 

Kurt clipped Marj’s wrists behind her back with a small self locking ring and pushed her back onto the couch to sit next to the rubber covered and dribbling Jo. Everyone was now assembled, the captives in suitable bondage and the captors in comfortable and attractive latex – and Dee knew that one of the reasons they were here was herself!

“Welcome everyone, to our weekly event of fun and frolic.” Tom raised his glass with the others.

“This evening we have a new DVD to watch,” he touched a button on a handset and a portion of the bookcase slid sideways to reveal a large screen and bank of DVD’s and videos, “which we can watch in leisure with our….four companions; eat and drink please, and as usual help yourself to our ladies! Once the movie has finished we do have a mutually important topic to discuss and a possible offer on the table. But we’ll discuss that later. So let’s get comfortable and we will watch the movie.”

The couches were arranged in a large U shape, and each of the captors took a woman of choice, except poor Tom, the odd man out. Resplendent in her riding gear, Joan took Michelle by her nose ring and pulled her down next to her. She placed a rubber covered hand at her vulva and fingered the jingling bells; Michelle moaned around her wet ball gag and closed her eyes. Anna sat wide legged, unzipped the crotch of her yellow catsuit and pulled on Lara’s lead, drawing her face between her legs, saliva dripping from the dummy stuffed in her mouth. Lara began to nuzzle Anna with her nose.

Kurt sat beside a nervous Marj, his hand up the slit in her dress. And Dee watched closely as John sat next to Jo, clad from crown to toes in black latex, and casually twisted the rings in her vulva, Jo gasping open mouthed through her ring gag. As Dee stewed in her juices in the suit, part of her wanted to be in Jo’s place right now! The lights dimmed and the video began.

Dee stared through the mesh at the big screen as the masters and mistresses settled own with their slaves to watch, and on the screen was…..Dee! Finely dressed in latex, livery and thigh boots, a tail sprouting from her bum, bells jingling at her nipples and clit, she walked, then pranced and then galloped under the sharp whip of Joan. She was at first faintly embarrassed, even ashamed; but then she heard the comments from the audience….stunning, wonderful form, just look at her go, what a beauty…and within her rubber cocoon she felt a sense of growing pride. Even the four slaves nodded in approval as Dee pulled Joan around, prancing proudly. After what seemed like forever the film ended, to loud applause from the audience – even Lara and Marj clapped, and all nodded in appreciation. 

They replenished their glasses but Dee knew what was next, for the second portion of the video showed her suspended in John’s creature, tubes and wires hanging from her and her breasts sucked into the clear plastic domes. She watched fascinated as she fought, wriggled and struggled against the machine, and then she heard again the appreciative comments from the audience – how superb she looked, how hard she fought the machine, how special she was. She then saw John approach her and fuck her, and it all came back to her. She remembered the assault on all her senses and how exciting it was….to be utterly powerless and sent to sexual heights she’d never imagined. Now she was reliving it, watching herself, and she was getting wet again inside her warm cocoon. She saw John pumping away at this strange jerking puppet and she wanted that feeling again!

The video ended and there was silence for a while, all of them in the room, including the slaves were now clearly highly sexually aroused. It was Tom who spoke.

“Perhaps in honour to Dee, we can all have a bit of…..relief before we get to business.” The others nodded and there was a flurry of movement as the captors proceeded to take advantage of their charges, who in truth didn’t seem to put up much of a fight. Dee could hardly keep track with all the movement, but in no time at all, with well practised moves she noted the following. 

With quick dexterity Joan removed the bells and rings from Michelle’s vulva, then unzipped the crotch of her riding britches and what should pop out but a large pink strap-on dildo! Michelle flapped her arms uselessly as Joan gripped her basque and aligned her up then dropped her onto the rubber cock. She let out a moan as Joan bounced her up and down, her tail swishing behind her between Joan’s outstretched thighs. 

Dee now glanced at Anna who had grabbed Lara’s bonnet and was rubbing her nose firmly up and down her exposed vulva, poor Lara barely being able to breathe. 

Both Kurt and Tom were taking care of Marj, who was perhaps now paying for her earlier behaviour. Kurt had lifted her dress above her hips and, naked underneath, she had been impaled of his member, sticking out of his dress pants. Tom knelt by Kurt and had taken Marj’s shiny dome in his hands and plonked it down on his dick, so now Marj was busily sucking away!

But it was John again who Dee paid most attention to. Jo was now kneeling between his thighs and John gripped her shiny black dome, pushing her down on the cock emerging from his tights. With the ring gag keeping her mouth wide open, Jo had no defence to his thrusts. At the same time he was tenderly rolling her ringed and belled nipples. Through the mesh Dee watched this unabashed orgy, powerless to do anything, and what did she want to do? She wanted to join? She wanted to replace Jo, she wanted John, right now, and if he wasn’t available then…...any of the others? 

After a while they were all sated and even the slaves seemed content. It was Anna who spoke. 

“Well, I think we owe Dee for that bit of exercise, she got us all excited just watching her on the screen.” Tom replied.

“Yes indeed, we have all enjoyed her talents and she has exceeded all our wishes. Have any of us any doubts about her joining our little throng?” Tom searched the room. They all shook their heads, even the four slaves!

“So, we lay out the offer for her, yes?” They nodded again, including the silent slaves. Dee knew something big was going to happen and could feel her heart pound in her wet latex prison. The five of them stood up, leaving the four girls by the couches, and approached the silent suit of armour. Each grinned at the wide eyes behind the mesh. Tom spoke. 

“Hello Dee, we all loved your performances on the screen, as you can tell, the others were aware of your attendance this evening, not the girls, just we five. The girls were now all looking over at the suit of armour and then between themselves, a little surprised; now in on the little trick that had been played. 

“Dee, I think it is time we explained the exact situation you are in right now.” Oh God thought Dee, shit, that’s what I am in, shit.

“We’ll start by telling you we know who you are….detective sergeant!” Dee groaned into her gag, and the five heard this and saw alarm in her eyes. Tom continued.

“Don’t worry Dee, we knew a long time ago, after you met Kurt, so while you thought you were watching us…we were watching you! Dee, we are very organised, we have a lot of money and a lot of contacts, some in high places. We have been following your tracks and those of your associates. We have allowed you, and them, just the right amount of information.” Tom took a breath and then John smiled and took up the story.

“And without making anyone too suspicious, nothing that would in any way get them closer to us. We leave no trials, well, only the ones we want to leave. We admire you Dee, you had a job to do, and you did it well, way beyond the call of duty.” John put his hand on top of her helmet, and they all laughed. But Dee right now did not feel like laughing, she had been played like a fish, and now she was well and truly in their net! But now Joan took over.

“You found the women Dee, here they are, those women who had mysteriously disappeared, into what, the white slave trade? But you found them alive and…...well.” She turned round and looked at the four women and they all nodded. Joan continued.

“All kinds of things are going through your mind right now Dee, we know. What we are going to tell you is the truth, and nothing but, okay? And it will be confirmed by Marj here, and Jo, Lara and Michelle later. This process will probably answer all your questions. Firstly, your life is not in danger, and it never was, nor will be. Do we run a sexual slave ring? Yes, I suppose we do, but with a difference. You see Dee, these women are here of their own will! These four wonderful, talented women here,” she smiled at them, “are here of their own choosing. Now initially perhaps they were not quite so willing, but we have made it all quite attractive for them.” She allowed her comment to sink in and then Anna took over, holding Joan’s hand.

“Dee, dear, these women have now volunteered their….services, their bodies, themselves to us each for a period of three years. They each have a three year contract, believe it or not. We do with them what we wish, and in return in a Swiss bank we have placed the sum of one million pounds, which as we speak we hope is acquiring interest. Now at the end of the three years they shall be released from their contract, to go wherever they want and to do whatever they want with their money. However should they enjoy our….company so much, they will be offered a further contract, the terms to be negotiated. Now believe me when I say this Dee, they will not be permanently harmed or scarred.”

“You will see that they are pierced and eyeleted.” It was Kurt who continued. “And shaved, collared and cuffed. With careful surgery and a little bit of home hardware, all these can and will, if they want, be removed. Joan here is a plastic surgeon, and worked on all the girls and may continue to do so, if we come up with some fresh ideas. They endure some discomfort and some pain, to satisfy our odd desires; they were made well aware of this at the outset. There will be times that they may think they made a big mistake, but a million pounds is a large incentive.” Now it was John who at last spoke.

“So there you have it Dee, we knew all about you and D.I. King. Tailing us to a couple of houses will not rescue these women. One; they don’t want to be “rescued” and two; well he simply won’t find them. As they will tell you, we move them around a lot, between us and between our various houses. We have companies, Kurt an import/export company, which are ideal for moving “cargo” and “packages” such as these beauties. We move around a lot, even abroad, and we like to take these “packages” for entertainment. And now Dee dear, we come to you. What are we to do with you?” 

Dee swallowed as best she could, she could feel her heart pounding like a hammer, she had digested all that was told her and knew that she was well cooked, and they could do anything with her they wished; she was comforted by them saying they wouldn’t harm her, but what were the other options?

“I’ll come right to the point. Dee, we want you to join us!” Oh, my God, Dee thought, oh God.

“Yes, call it what you want, sign up, join up. We all are incredibly impressed and excited by your….talents and your….willingness to try anything, to take us on, so to speak. Dee, you seem to have a true desire for all this….weird stuff,” he smiled, “and you seem to have a real fire in you, to accept it, and welcome it and even push us further in turn. Dee, I can only say this one way, you are born for this. You may not feel it now, but we are sure of this. We could have some amazing times. You would be extended to your limits and then further.” He waited a second.

“For me, I would love to have you in my machine again….and you challenged me last week, didn’t you? Well, I am prepared to take up that challenge. I…we don’t want to lose you.” Then Joan interjected.

“He speaks for all of us, I have some ideas I would like to try with you, some equestrian options. And Tom, we can assure you, has some fertile ideas too. Kurt, ever the gentleman, can take you to all parts of the globe, out in public but secretly trussed and in sexual torment. And Anna, well this minx here can get up to all sorts of naughty things with you.” She smiled and raised her glass in acknowledgment. 

“So it can be an adventure, pain, yes, some, and pleasure…undoubtedly.” John now continued.

“But what it means of course Dee, is that you must disappear, just like these four girls here. You understand you can’t go back and say goodbye to your friends and colleagues, it doesn’t work like that. It may be hard on them, and you; but it is the only way it can work for us, and you. King will obviously come looking for you, and the press will have a field day for a few weeks but then it will all die down. Happily you have no family to worry about, yes Dee, we know you were an orphan. From our perspective that is good, we don’t wish undue pain on anyone. King will give up, frankly he will have less success than you, for Dee, he surely doesn’t have your talents.”  He grinned at her through the grill. 

“What you do after three years is up to you, the same with the other girls, but you will have to have a good story if you go back to your old life, for where have you been the last three years – no one will believe this will they? Anyway, that is a problem we can think about years from now. It is all very strange and sudden; I’m sure Dee - your life will completely change for the next three years, and then another new life, but with a million pounds. The option is we release you now, let you go, unharmed. And rest assured you will not hear from us again, nor will you be able to “pin” anything on us, for you will have proof of nothing. We will be strangers to you. Kathy will move on, there will be no trail to follow. Believe us, we are good at this. But we hope it won’t come to this, we want you here, with us. Dee, you have done everything asked of you, and more. You have found the girls, unharmed; you have completed your assignment. So, what happens, you go back to your job, are you so much in love with your job, your present life that it is a better option, and one with no million pounds at the end? You are a natural at this; in fact I can see you in our positions, doing this for the fun and not the money. The girls over there will admit there are times when they think they made a mistake, but then there are also times when they are having a hell of a time.” He gave them a knowing look and they looked back, all a little sheepishly in acknowledgment. 

“And that is fine by us; we do not expect five compliant and happy slaves – would they then be slaves? Sometimes the fun is to have a little resistance, a spirited fight. But you are different Dee, right from the start we knew that, the other girls want you to join them, company is always good, and you can share some of the punishments and reduce theirs. Five between five has always been our goal and we need you to make us complete.” He grinned and Anna came forward again.

“If you don’t believe us, we’re sorry, so we’ll leave you for a while with the girls, and you can ask them any questions you like. We know it is a big decision; for us of course we think it is an easy one.” Anna released the two catches and removed, very slowly and tenderly the two dildos from Dee, smiling at the secretions on them. Meanwhile the others returned to the four girls and began to release Lara from her dummy and bonnet; Michelle from her ball gag; Jo from her ring gag and mitts. 

Now they stood, rubbing their arms and flexing their chins. Jo remained in her full rubber suit and mask, but she at least had her arms free; Lara still had her hands in mitts and could still only crawl, but she seemed happy to have at least the dummy out of her mouth. Michelle remained mittened but her arms were free and Marj had her arms free from the cuffs. 

Anna now pulled up Dee’s face mask and out popped Dee’s perfect gag. With a sigh Dee said thanks and Anna pecked her pink, wet cheek and whispered, out of earshot of everyone. “Please stay”. With an admonishment to the girls “to behave” the five of them left. They approached her, almost warily, poor Lara on all fours, Jo wobbling in her ballerina heels and ankle chain. They examined in silence Dee’s predicament; her wet, pink vulva so exposed and vulnerable, her pink bum hole and the wary expression on her face, surrounded by the tight inflated rubber. Jo, behind her black mask, spoke first.

“So, you’re the brave copper who came to save us. I’ve got to admire what you went through, just to find us. But you are in a fine pickle now, aren’t you? Stay, or go, only two options.” Marj then said.

“John said you took over two hours in the creature, that’s almost inhuman, he was right, you are a natural, and you’re made for this game.” 

“Maybe, but I feel a real prat like this. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” 

“Course not, that’s why we’re here. Anyway we don’t get to talk much so we might babble on! And we might as well eat while we are here, let’s grab some of that food and champagne now, girls.” 

They leapt like jackals at the plentiful food, each helping Lara and Michelle as they were still mittened. Jo lifted a bottle to Dee’s lips and she drank heartily, the bubbles going up her nose and she giggled. It was like a very strange party. 

“Okay, about what they said, how much of it is true? Are you really all right?”

“Depends on what you mean by all right.” Lara chuckled. “We are well fed, fit, looked after, pampered you could almost say. And we are going to be rich in, well between two years and two years three months time. Which means you will have them to yourself for nine months, if we choose to take the money and run. Look, thanks for coming to look for us, you made a big sacrifice, but we don’t want to be saved.” The others nodded in agreement, and Michelle spoke. 

“Look, tonight was just one example of the antics they get up to. John was right; we get pain, discomfort, disorientation and….well, lots and lots of sex. There are times when you want out, but the money is a hell of an incentive, and frankly it’s not just the money, we get some fun out of it too.”

“Just suppose….they don’t release you in three years, they keep you in bondage forever, and then, I don’t know dump you, have you thought of that?” There was silence for a second, then Jo spoke.

“Well…it is a risk of course, but we were all prepared to take it. Perverts and fetishists they may be, but I for one think they are honest ones. Be honest Dee, do they seem like crazy white slave traders to you, or just some kinky rich folks having a good time?” Dee thought on this for a while as the others looked at her, while guzzling the champagne. To Dee, there really was only one answer.

“The latter, I think.” The others nodded vigorously. “I didn’t want to insult you with the question, please understand, I agree, I think they are people who are having a hell of a lot of seriously perverted fun. I just wanted to know if you had thought it through.” 

“Don’t worry, we have thought it through. None of us had great jobs anyway, unlike you Dee; you at least have an option out there. Our lives were pretty mundane, and well, this is certainly not mundane. So the bottom line Dee is, we’re in for the haul.” Dee thought on this and then smiled slightly.

“Tell me; tell me how you see the five of them. I’ve, well, I’ve been with all of them, you’ve seen two of my episodes.” 

“Yeah,” Jo laughed,” and you are great Dee; frankly we’d love you to come and join our merry band here. You’re a star, there’s no jealousy here, we’re all a team and well a fifth, and a great fifth like you would….well to be frank, take some of the heat off us!” The others laughed.

“Well thanks, I think. But I have to know about them a bit more first. What about Joan for instance.” It was Michelle who answered.

“Joan likes the whip all right, you’re all decked out like a horse, in rubber and livery, and she loves to whip you faster and faster, still the reward is you get to go to bed with her, and she really knows how a woman’s body works, mine anyway. She’s not a lesbian but she sure knows which buttons to push.” 

“Anna’s an odd one,” said Jo, “all this infantilism yet she too can be a sweetie, she is funny and bright, but with a mean streak too. Have you been in her adoration pants at night? If you give her a good licking she will give you a very nice reward!”

“Yes I know.” Said Dee and the others chuckled. Lara spoke now.

“Kurt is the old gent, only not so old, he’s a sentimentalist; theatre, dinner, but cross him like Marj did tonight then prepare yourself for some trouble. Now Tom likes to completely control a woman, he loves to turn us into mannequins, alive inside but incapable of any movement. We’ll tell you now; he’ll already have a cast of you and he’ll make mannequins of you out of plastic, with rubber inside, and then he stuffs you in them. The mannequin opens out into two halves, quite like this suit, and he crams you into this identical effigy of yourself and locks you in. And I’m not finished yet; there are two small nose holes and a gag to keep you quiet and tiny holes to see out of. Marj spent a day, a day, in a shop window in London a couple of weeks ago, in a small fetish store a friend of his owns. So there she was, all decked out in rubber dress and highwayman mask and no one passing by knows Marj is trapped inside.” 

“Yeah, it was a bit freaky at first, but you know after a while I got a little excited about it.” Marj giggled and Jo continued the theme. 

“That’s the bizarre thing, here…you think all this stuff is so weird, and it is, and sometimes painful…but you just get a buzz anyway!” And Dee was getting to know exactly what she meant. She too was getting a big buzz from a lot of it. And then she asked about John.

“I think he is the most sadistic and also the most compassionate, he’s a real conundrum. He can electrocute you to unconsciousness and bring you back tenderly. That creature of his, I don’t know how you stood two hours. You really impressed him; he’s got a real thing for you Dee. I’d love to see him in that machine, just give me ten minutes on those dials!” And the others laughed and Dee thought, yes, I’d like him in the creature too….and maybe it would be worth it all just for that pleasure! Michelle spoke.

“Very soon you learn to be non-judgmental here, sex with a man or a woman, pain or pleasure, you take it all with an even temperament. There’s no right or wrong here, Dee. You try and enjoy each day as much as you can.” 

“Tell me about the eyelets and the rings.” It was Marj who replied. 

“Well once you sign on, that’s done straight away. Joan is really good; she uses a local anaesthetic on nipples and vulva but the septum, yes, that did hurt. The eyelet in the nose is a big one and can take big rings, but it’s hard to get an anaesthetic there. If I don’t stay I will get them all removed, except the nipples, I quite like them now.” The others nodded in agreement.

“But what’s it like when they…lace up your…ring your vulva…close it up.” It was Jo, behind the mask, who answered.

“That is a bit strange all right, but there is no real pain. It kind of looks funny though. It’s no big deal really. I have been stitched up for three days before; they caught me masturbating, so they soon put a stop to that! You can pee all right, you just can’t get at your clit, and it’s a pretty clever design I have to admit.” Dee was a bit surprised at the answer, but after all they had been through maybe it wasn’t such a big deal.

“They clipped my hair down to a half inch. I loved my hair, red and thick, but now it is gone. Are you all bald?” Lara answered.

“Afraid so, Dee, they’ll want it all off. It heightens the senses and it’s much better being bald when you have to wear so many masks and hoods. You’ll get used to it really quickly. You’ll see we all have the same collar and cuffs and on our ankles too. They are on for the duration, they’re soldered on. They each have our name on them and actually they are quite comfortable as they have a padded rubber inside. They squirt skin cream under them to keep the skin in good shape and we haven’t had any problems. If we do I guess they will just cut them off and treat us, no big deal.” 

“It’s weird when you go out in public, you’re in bondage, wearing rubber, probably plugged back and front, and one of them has a remote that can send you crazy in about a minute, and you have the wig on of course, and no one notices a thing, no one suspects anything. And even though we have the slave bands on, with the rings and our names in gold on them, no one blinks an eye; they just think its some kind of heavy duty jewellery – which it is! They like the bands, they are so easy to subdue us with, you just need a small snap ring and bingo we’re a powerless. And being out in public somehow, I don’t know about you three,” she glanced at the others, “but I get a buzz too. You are part of the charade, in fact the centre of it and you are revelling in the game as well.” The others all nodded in agreement. 

“What about…sex, I mean plain sex.” 

“Vanilla you mean? Well not really, we have cock and pussy, sucking and anal sex, and all the usual stuff going into every hole; you saw what went on earlier, but it is always with a bondage or fetish theme. You’re stretched out or hung up, or dressed as a horse or a baby, or you are getting a real good spanking. I’ll own up for one here, there’s nothing I haven’t really disliked. The anal was a bit of a stretch at first – if you see what I mean,” Jo laughed, “but I have always been a bit liberated. Remember Dee, we don’t judge - just do it and get some pleasure out of it!”

“What about the travel?”

“You make it sound like the army! Wear rubber, be a sex slave to a bunch of millionaires and see the world! Yes, we do travel quite a lot. They have houses or flats all over the place. But the mode of travel can leave a bit to be desired.” Jo smiled ruefully.

“I’ve been in a rubber lined and inflated steamer trunk for at least eight hours, on the way to France. And then I’ve been encased in a metal tube surrounded by foam rubber.” Said Marj. Michelle continued.

“I’ve been in a wooden container dressed in rubber and a gasmask and hidden in a truck, surrounded by about a hundred others.” 

“I’ve been tied up and gagged, disguised as an Arab woman complete with the full head dress and walked straight through customs, I wouldn’t want to do that again, I was shitting myself.”

“Once they passed me off as a deaf mute. I had a gag locked inside my mouth and my teeth screwed shut; that was freaky. Believe me they are very inventive.” 

“Do you ever get any rest time?”

“Oh yes, lots of it. Sometimes I am looking forward to being rubberised and fucked again. They all have jobs or businesses to run, so a lot of time can be spent in your room, wherever you are staying. Most of the houses have rooms, cells really, where you stay, you can read, watch videos and TV. Of course most of the movies and books are fetish stuff anyway. So you can get plenty of time on your own, and anyway when you get back to the weird stuff, you’re ready for it, in fact sometimes you are looking forward to it, believe it or not.” And Dee did reflect on that, and she was right, Dee admitted that she was champing to get to see “number five.” Marj continued. 

“The whole operation of being transformed into their slave will take about an hour, I suppose and everything will be done at once. There’s no going back then. Joan does the piercing and eyeleting; and John the soldering and shining. The others help out, they have a great old time – while you are strapped down and thinking about changing your mind. But don’t Dee. You will have local anaesthetics and it is not so bad. Once you’re ringed, pierced and collared and cuffed, oh yes and for you, shaved, your new life begins and you can write off any memories of the past. The present is all you live here.” 

“So, if I say no, I don’t want to be their rubber plaything, for three years. They release me and I don’t hear from them again? Sounds doubtful.”

“Well, none of us turned them down so we don’t know for sure, but they are really organised. Kathy will disappear and surface somewhere else, you would have trouble trailing this lot, and anyway why trail us; we’re here because we want to be, Dee. Course they wouldn’t believe that, who would? The bottom line is you wouldn’t pin anything on them, so don’t waste your time.” 

“And if I stay….King and his team are going to be mightily pissed off at my disappearance.” 

“Maybe more surprised I’d say, but there is no trail. They only have two addresses and turning over them will reveal nothing. You’ll just be another missing person, Dee and I hate to say this but in six, no three months you’ll be forgotten. That’s the sad truth of it. They may try a bit harder for a smart, beautiful copper like you, but soon other crimes will take precedence. It’s a sad fact.” 

And Dee knew that this was so true. There would be a month of hard looking and then the trail would get colder and colder and then she would be a dim memory. 

“They’ll give you some time to think about it. But we should have some fun as well, eh?” Lara said mischievously, kneeling at Dee’s feet, cute in her rubber romper suit. Her head was opposite Dee’s shaven pussy. Dee seemed nice and warm in the rubber suit, but her exposed pussy and arse well, needed some attention, Lara thought, and eyed the others. They were all on the same page very quickly! As Jo gave another drink to Dee, Lara’s mouth was already on Dee’s tender vulva, while Michelle had moved behind her and was licking between her arse cheeks. They probably thought they would be punished anyway so they thought they might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. 

“Mmmm Dee, you are so sweet and tasty.” Said Lara as her tongue pushed into Dee and sought out her clit. Dee started to moan, and Michelle said from behind. 

“Will someone keep her quiet, she’ll shout the house down and they will return before we have had our fun, either use that facepiece gag or you Jo, do what you do so well.” Jo needed no encouragement, and leaned into the small aperture encasing Dee’s face and clamped her mouth over hers. Poor Dee was now being assaulted from three points by real experts. Jo was a wonderful soft wet kisser, and Dee felt it so strange kissing this woman with the tight black mask with pinholes for eyes, she wanted to know what she looked like, but that, Dee figured, would have to wait for another day, if there was to be another day – that was the question. Then as if by silent sign, they all changed positions, and now Dee was kissing Marj, whose tongue was much more active, and Lara was at her rear and Jo had her clit gently gripped between her teeth. Dee came with a shout, muffled by Marj’s mouth clamped over hers. Lara took a break and as the other three assaulted her in the most wonderful way, Lara whispered. 

“Stay with us Dee, you’re a real prize, you will be so wasted out there. We really don’t want you to go.” Dee shuddered again as Michelle was at her groin and Jo had a finger, then two up her rear. 

“Stay with us, you will have some major fun, and pain and discomfort too, I will not lie to you.”

“You’re only saying that because you want me to take the heat off you!” Said Dee as Marj took a break. Jo smiled.

“True, partly anyway, but don’t you get it Dee? You’re made for this. You’re better than any of us and you have only started.” The four girls now formed a group in front of Dee. Lara spoke.

“I think I can hear them come back now, so think hard Dee, do you want to give up all this naughtiness for just three years, and go back to your life before?” 

The five “owners” returned and the girls obediently left Dee and resumed their places near the couches. With no ceremony they were returned to their previous bondage. The women were very obedient, Jo opened her mouth and John crammed the ring gag into it, then pulled back and strapped her elbows, slipped her hands into the single mitt and drew the chain through the ring in her anal plug, between her legs and clipped it to her labial ring. Lara was quickly gagged with the dummy and re-bonneted. Michelle had the red ball gag returned to her open mouth and her hands were drawn back and chained to her posture collar. Marj, the lucky one, so far, was simply cuffed, but then Kurt, as if in an after thought pushed a large cock gag into her resisting mouth and drew the rubber strap over her bald head for a nice tight fit. 

Tom watched all this in quiet amusement, his middle finger gently rubbing between Dee’s rear cheeks and against her anal sphincter. The girls now watched in silence as the other four approached Dee, who was now very much the centre of attention. It was Anna who spoke first.

“Well, I see the girls have been giving you their full attentions.” She grinned as she rubbed her finger up Dee’s vulva and inspected the secretions. “I hope you had time to have your questions answered.”

“Yes, I think so, but of course I don’t know if they were telling the whole story, but that is a risk I have to take.”

“I don’t know what else we can do to convince you, Dee. You are a good detective, and you can carry on being a good detective….or you can join our merry band of perverts. You know what we want, we want you to make us a nice even ten, where none of the poor masters will be without a slave to play with – five on five, an endless variety.” They waited and Dee, wet and slippery in her rubber cocoon, her face now pink and damp, licked her lips and replied.

“Well, don’t expect me to feel too sorry for a master without a slave to play with. I’m a good copper and I’m proud of what I have done, I found these women and no one else would have, of course I ended up like them – rubberised and powerless - so maybe that is a blot on my copy book. But no one else would have gone through what I did. The last ten days have been very traumatic for me, I’ve been subjected to incredible….experiences, not all pleasant…..sometimes I have been very sore and very tired after a “session” but……here’s the rub….for the most part they were amazing experiences. Taking three years out of a person’s life is tough, no friends, colleagues, but I consider myself to be a tough cookie, and I’ve decided to……sign on.”

There was a huge sigh of relief, not only from the five masters but also a muted nodding from the four gagged slaves! It was John who spoke first; he seemed the happiest of them all.

“Dee, Dee, welcome, I won’t say there won’t be times when you may regret this, when we push you through a particular exercise or punishment but, we guarantee that your next three years will be…mind blowing.” He pecked her on the nose and she felt his finger at her vulva, she started to shiver in anticipation. It was Joan who spoke.

“I hate to break up this love fest but we have some work to do on our new “slave” here, some lengthy and indeed painful work, so shall we get on?” Joan had emphasised the word slave on purpose and it brought the group back to reality, and Dee! John spoke again. 

“Yes, absolutely, now Tom has something for you to sign and then we will start the body modifications, which will take a while and then after that as a kind of reward, we have a sort of initiation ceremony for you.” Dee looked a bit worried at this.

“You explained all the rings and piercing but I don’t recall the ceremony bit.” 

“No need to worry Dee, you will be the centre of all our attentions. And I am sure you will enjoy it.” To her relief the rubber suit was deflated and the back of the suit of armour opened. After she extricated herself, Anna towelled her dry, she was soaking wet, her short hair matted to her skull. At the hall table was a one page contract. She skimmed the contents….one million pounds…account number…not to be opened until…Dee to provide….entertainment services, Dee chuckled at that. She signed; she didn’t see the five names at the bottom. It was really a bit of a farce, if they really wanted they could do anything with her they chose to, even dispose of her, make her disappear along with the contract. But somehow, as the others did, she seemed to trust them. They then all signed and the paper was placed in an envelope and sealed with a pretty wax compound. Tom said.

“This goes to my lawyer, to be opened three years from tomorrow. We may be weird Dee, but we are people of honour.” Dee nodded, and somehow believed him, she was resigned to her fate, and she was ready. They stood back proudly, viewing their new “acquisition”. Dee was nervous still, but becoming just a little excited. Joan took Dee’s hand.

“Now we must get started, there’s a lot to do, we must do it now before you change your mind.”

“I’m not going….”

“Easy Dee, just a little joke, okay, now come on.” She led Dee downstairs, Dee absolutely naked among them, but not really embarrassed at all. The others followed, leaving the four girls gagged and silent as before, watching Dee walk off to her new life. 

story continues in Chapter 7


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