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by Dorian

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© Copyright 2009 - Dorian - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; wrap; vacbed; encase; tease; breathplay; ice; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

John is so in.

It's John's 18th birthday and he is about to receive what his mistress has referred to as his "initiation into manhood and the service of his mistress."

The mistress in question, Sandra is a twenty-five-year-old who has recently warmed to the idea of being a cougar since she and John expressed mutual feelings for each other about three months ago. They had met a while before that and through a series of fortuitous circumstances, discovered that they shared a strong interest in bondage, domination, and the wide world of fetishes.

When they began "dating" they agreed to wait until John turned eighteen before they became sexual with each other, at which time he would take on his role as Sandra's bondage slave. Sandra had suggested the waiting period both for obvious age reasons and also as an interesting way for John to show his submission to her.

At the moment, John is being led by a leash into Sandra's basement, an area of her house that he has never been allowed into until now. As he sees the playroom for the first time, he is humbled by the amount of bondage and fetish gear and his cock swells in his male chastity device, unable to gain an erection.

Sandra shakes him from his reverie with a light pull on his leash and a command to kneel before her. Sandra's attire is indicative of mummification, one of her many fetishes. Her torso is wrapped in black plastic from just above her breasts to the middle of her thighs, creating a sort of shrink-wrap mini-dress. Her arms are wrapped from her palms up past her elbows, giving the look of shiny, black opera gloves. John looks up longingly at her dominant figure, awe-struck by the way the tight wrap squeezes her waist, accentuates her sexy, curvy hips, and gleams erotically in the dim basement lighting. John himself has been wrapped in plastic from his shoulders down to his hips, locking his arms solidly to his sides. Other than their respective wrappings, the two are completely naked.

"You know what the future holds for you if you give yourself to me as my slave," Sandra began with a dominant tone, "you know what kinds of things I like and you know that I will often torture you with disregard for your own comfort or pleasure. With all the things I will do to you though, good or bad, you know that I will always love you and cherish you for your willingness to suffer for my pleasure. If you're ready to enter into your new world of submission to me, then you may worship my feet to show your consent and devotion to your mistress."

John didn't need to think, he had been sure of his decision for a long time, and as he leaned down to lavish kisses on her feet, Sandra gave a soft purr and a wicked smile. "Good, then let's get you ready for your first night of sexual usefulness," she said with purpose in her voice, before removing her slave's chastity device.

Sandra led him over to what John instantly recognized as a vacbed and ordered him to crawl inside. With little difficulty, he was soon laying inside on his back and Sandra was sealing the bed shut. John then felt hands pulling at his penis and he realized it was being pulled through a sheath in the latex, exposing it outside of the vacbed. As he looked around to examine his surroundings, he noticed that there seemed to be a similar sheath near his face and before he knew it, Sandra was pulling his head out just as she had done with his penis.

"Get comfortable," Sandra said, waiting only a moment before turning the vacuum on and trapping her boy between the two sheets of latex. Once John's body was helplessly vacuum-packed in the bed, Sandra turned the vacuum off and stood over her prey triumphantly. "This vacbed is from a company called Kink Engineering, it has a function that keeps any air from escaping, meaning that I can keep you vacuum-sealed like this for as long as I want, without the aid of the vacuum."

John struggled futilely for a moment to test his mistress's claim and found that he was indeed trapped by the latex's silent grip. As he felt the erotic rush of helplessness, his cock began to swell and was soon standing at attention in the center of the vacbed.

"That's one," Sandra said with an evil grin, before continuing, "in honor of your eighteenth birthday, I am going to see to it that you get hard 18 times before... maybe... letting you have your first orgasm as a submissive." John became a bit scared as he heard his fate, and he wondered worriedly if he would be able to survive 18 erections without any relief. Sandra picked some ice cubes out of a refrigerator in the corner of the room and began rubbing them over John's exposed hard-on. With a shiver, his erection subsided and Sandra took the ice away. "Now only seventeen more to go and you'll get the possibility of an orgasm," she giggled.

Sandra stepped back and sat in a comfortable-looking chair. "Mmm you look awfully hot all vacuum-packed and helpless like that," she said as her hands drifted up to her breasts. She licked her lips and squeezed her tits through their black plastic wrappings. Purring softly, she never took her eyes off of her slave as her hand made it's way down to her crotch, reached under her plastic skirt, and rubbed gently at her sex.

Soon John was reacting to the show his mistress was putting on and his erection returned, throbbing and pleading for attention atop his latex-wrapped body. Sandra moaned and pleasured herself a while longer before, showing a good bit of self-control, she stopped and went to retrieve another handful of ice from the freezer. John shivered and whimpered as his arousal was once again interrupted by the ice-cold touch of his mistress's hands.

Sandra discarded the ice and took a few moments to drag her hands over her captive's body, feeling all his shiny smooth contours through the latex and fully appreciating how sensual and inviting his body had become since being squeezed and encased in the vacbed. The playful touch of her exploratory fingers was coaxing another erection from John's cock, but after a few more minutes of petting, out came the ice cubes to cool things down again.

"That's three, and it's only been about a half-hour," Sandra said in mock sympathy, "at this rate, you'll have eighteen in no time!" John whimpered slightly, but he didn't complain; he was determined to live up to whatever torturous expectations his mistress had for him.

"Aw you poor thing, maybe I should be a bit more of a hands-on mistress," Sandra cooed teasingly as she slowly coiled her fingers around her slave's penis. John groaned as his mistress squeezed him and she soon took his dick inside her warm, wet mouth and began working him up to another hard-on. The gentle sucking and licking at his genitals made John feel that he would do anything for even the tiniest orgasm.

As much as he wished for it though, it didn't surprise him in the least when Sandra began easing up on him and with a wet pop, pulled her soft lips off of his cock, which was now stiff and bobbing in a vain plea for relief. Soon the ice returned and John was plunged once more into the cycle of teasing and frustration. Three times more Sandra teased her vacuum-packed boy toy until his cock was stiff and begging for the mercy of an orgasm, only to deny him release again with her cruel, icy touch.

"You know, even after you've had eighteen stiffies, it's still up to your mistress as to whether to give you release or not," Sandra said coyly, "so I bet you'd like to better your chances wouldn't you?" John nodded quickly. "Well then it would be in your best interests to put that tongue of yours to some good use... how about it?" John nodded again, much to Sandra's delight. Smiling seductively, she crawled onto the vacbed and kneeled down, straddling John's face with her back toward his feet. "I think you know what to do here," she said, lowering her pussy over her slave's face slowly.

The scent of his mistress's desire was strong and John eagerly began lapping at her lovehole, resulting in an almost instant flow of her warm juices. In no time at all, Sandra was moaning loudly and John began pushing his tongue inside her as far as he could. "You've got a pretty good tongue there, slave," Sandra gasped. "I may not even have to go through the trouble to train you," she continued with a breathless giggle.

Sandra gave a quick glance over her shoulder and, sure enough, her slave's cock was once again stiff and throbbing. She smiled at the effect her scent must be having on him and, with a quick gasp and a long moan, she lowered herself fully onto her slave's face.

For a moment John tried to keep licking at his mistress, but with her weight resting solidly on his face and her pussy completely smothering him, he quickly realized that he needed air and began to struggle beneath her. Sandra felt her slave's helpless body twist and struggle as he suffocated, but the latex encasing him held tight and his struggles only aroused her more. As her orgasm drew closer, Sandra began grinding her sensitive clit over her slave's nose. Her moans came long and loud until she suddenly went silent and her entire body clenched and shivered in ecstacy.

Between his desperate need for air and the pressure of Sandra's thighs squeezing his head in an orgasmic vice-grip, John thought he was mere seconds from passing out, but his mistress finally rolled off of him and collapsed in a heap next to the vacbed.

Although the intense breath play and the thrill of being practically enveloped by his mistress's lovenest had left John's cock still pulsing and rock hard, Sandra once more got a handful of ice and chilled his penis down to size, still determined to continue with her torturesome game.

"All right slave," Sandra said, still rather warm in her afterglow, "now that I've gotten a bit of use out of you, I think I'll indulge myself in a little mummification." John watched as she picked a six-inch wide roll of plastic wrap from her shelves of bondage toys and strolled sensually toward his unforgiving latex prison. "Of course, with your body sealed in that vacbed I'll settle for mummifying your head for now," Sandra said as she began covering her slave's mouth in the strong, clear plastic.

As she swathed her poor captive's head in layer upon layer, she looked over and smiled to see that the added enclosure was having the desired effect and John's cock was beginning to swell once more. Soon, John was unable to even open his eyes under the tight wrapping and Sandra tore the plastic off of the roll, standing back to admire her slave's pitiful state. "You're getting more helpless by the minute aren't you, my little pet," Sandra cooed, "you're blind, gagged, mummified and vacuum-packed in tight latex, just to please me."

John suddenly felt the familiar chill of ice on his genitals, though this time he didn't see it coming. "That's nine, slave," Sandra whispered in his ear, "you may be glad that you're already halfway there, but your tortures are only going to get more devious from here." Sandra let slip a sadistic giggle at her slave's frustrated moans.

As he felt his erection slip away for the ninth time of the night, John's frustration peaked and he began to writhe and pull against the tight, unyielding vacuum seal that entrapped him. However, as his struggles subsided, he knew that there was no escape and that he was doomed to suffer whatever evils his mistress decided to visit upon him before he even had a chance for sweet relief.



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