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It's Going to be a Long Evening

by Tom H

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© Copyright 2009 - Tom H - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; vacbed; toys; caught; M/f; F/m; tease; climax; cons; X

I was coming home from work after a long day at work and I was looking forward to going home and seeing my girl and just kick back and relax. As I approach the front door I hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner running. I open the door and I hear the motor running and I yell.."Honey, I am home" and I didn't give it much thought figuring she'll come down after she is done upstairs. I go to the fridge to get out a cold one and I noticed the sound of the vacuum cleaner but I didnt hear anything being moved around upstairs and I thought it was rather odd.

But then I remembered that she had a surprise for me when I got home from work and it just now dawned on me that today was our 6 month aniversary since we first started dating. Damn and I didn't remember to get her anything.

I walked up the stairs to say hello and I was further puzzled by no movement of a vacuum cleaner that I would typically hear. I said "Hello" and again no response. As I rounded the corner and open the door and on our bed I see her inside in some sort of device with her hips thrusting up and down and muffled moaning sounds emitting from the air tube that is sticking out the top sheet and as I take in the scene in our bedroom and I look down and noticed the vacuum cleaner.

As my eyes focus in on her helpless body I eye her up and down watching her hips buck up and down in rhythm as I watch her pelvic thrusts up and down I am turned on by the scene of her body helplessly trapped hearing her heavy breathing. It sounds like she is having a good time in there. As I get a closer look I notice on the night stand an order form and a box from Kink and I pick up the form: 1 blue latex vacuum bed.

As I hear her grunting more and more.. moaning loudly. I am so turned on by the sight of her in there. It looks like this was the gift for me. I slid my hands up her thighs. Up and down. I figured she must had known I was already here even though I don't think she could see out through the blue latex. I look down her legs spread wide and her hips grinding against the latex I ran my hand between her legs and felt a buzzing sensation.

Mmmmm what a kinky girl I am going with.. and I didn't even know it...... I pressed down on the vibrator seeing her thrust hard against my hand shuddering to an orgasm arms thrusting against the pull of the skin tight blue latex. As I look at her blue latex body I noticed the beads of sweat forming on the inside blue latex. She must have been in here for awhile. I slide my hands up over her tummy.... chest.... circling giving her nipples a playfull pinch.... tracing her helpless body.

All the sudden the vacuum cleaner shuts off. I guess it must have been on a timer perhaps or it overheated... probably the latter since I didn't see a timer anywhere. I see her pressing against the now loose blue latex as I see her reach for the zippered opening. Unzipping it and getting out of the vacuum bed.

She says to me, "Honey did you enjoy the show. I can tell by your bulge down there", playfully grabbing my crotch. "This is my gift for us since you never know what to get me".

"Gift for 'Us'?"

"Yea honey. You probably figured out from the notice on the nightstand its a vacuumbed. I bought it from "" website the other day. I saw a clip of a vacuumbed in action on Youtube and I said that would fun to give that a whirl. I wanted you to see it in action when you got home which is why I had already set it up and been in it all this time for you to see me in it all nicely shrink wrapped in blue latex. Isn't blue your favorite color?" she grins.

"You know I love the color blue dear".

"Well..." as she clears her throat, grinning wide again, "Well..." lifting up the top blue latex sheet. "Get in honey" smiling from ear to ear. "But first.. I want you nude honey. I want to see you shrink wrapped alive in blue skin tight latex..... Strip!!" she exclaimed.

Mmmm without a moments hesitation I did what she wanted and stripped since I hadn't gotten her a gift for our anniversary I figured in for a penny in for a pound. I walk over to where she was still holding up the top latex sheet, I climb inside the vacuumbed's zippered opening.

I exclaim "Its kind of dark in here," having jokingly. As I wrap my lips around the air tube taking it in my mouth. I spread my legs adjusting myself.

"Are you ready in there honey?" she says.

I nod "Yes" as I hear her turn on vacuum. I glance down looking at my hard on pointed up at me as the suction takes hold of my body... legs... thighs... chest... arms... as I look up at the ceiling as my face is shrink wrapped in blue latex except for the air tube sticking out of my mouth.

"Are you ok in there honey?" I hear her voice faintly. "My, my , my..." as I hear her voice faintly over the vacuum's motor, as I feel her rubbing my member through the skin tight latex. She says matter of factly, "He looks happy and hard in there" rubbing slowly over my latex trapped member as I arch my hips, feeling her every caress, sooo turned on... shuddering.

"Not yet honey" she says. "We're just getting started and I wouldnt want you to squirt yet" as I feel her stroke my inner thighs through the blue latex.. slowly then faster. Over and over again she caresses me all over my helpless latex body.

"Time to saddle up cowboy I want to ride you" She exclaims over the dull sound of the vacuum. I feel her straddle my thighs squeezing tightly as her hands roam over my latex trapped body as I thrust my hips against my latex prison.

"Its going to be a long evening" I think to myself.



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