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Installation 7: Carcass

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; encase; susp; display; transport; enema; toys; cons; X

Installation 7: Carcass - Animal, mineral or vegetable


"It's frozen so it shouldn't decay for quite a while." Said Valentina admiring their handiwork.

"Yeah but even so we're only keep it here on show for a few days." Said Carlos turning to Sabine.

"It looks so real, hanging there from that meat hook, surrounded by all those other animal bodies," Sabine said rubbing her hands together to keep them warm.

"Those others are real but that one," said Valentina pointing to the largest in the middle, "isn't all genuine. Parts of it are real. We took a real one and then added other parts to make it larger. It has a glass panel built in on one side so that you could view the contents. Let me show you."

All three walked further into the cold storage room.

"See. It has a huge bag made of rubber inside." Said Carlos, peering in.

"There's something inside it. Moving about," squealed Sabine excitedly.

"Ah, you think there is. It's just a remote controlled device that randomly moves every now and then. It's a dummy with hydraulically operated limbs."

"Oh," she said disappointedly, turning away and walking out of the large room, avoiding the other carcasses swaying around.

Carlos and Valentina followed her out, smiling at each other.

Once outside the door was closed keeping the cold in and the warmth of summer out.

"We can keep an eye on things once the door closed though," said Carlos.

"Yes. We've fitted small cameras and measuring devices in there. Let me show you," said Valentina taking Sabine by the hand and leading her over to console. "See," she said indicating the dials, displays and television monitors.

"Oh. Yeah. There is someone in it!" Sabine exclaimed.

"Um that's a trick as well Sabine. That's some footage we had made to look like the thing contains a person ready to emerge fully formed in the world." Said Carlos smoothly.

"Oh well. Never mind. You got me all excited. Show me the other exhibits then," sighed Sabine.

The three of them walked around the vast interior of the disused warehouse. Their footsteps echoing around the eerie emptiness of the building. There were only two other exhibits, a very large marrow which was filled with a huge plastic bag containing vegetables, labelled, "Vegetable", and a large cube, again filled with a bag but which contained a computer screen, base unit and keyboard. This was made of shiny steel and was labelled, "Mineral". Both exhibits had glass panels so that the interior could be viewed. The other exhibit was called, "Animal".

"What does it all mean, exactly?" Asked Sabine with a puzzled look on her face.

"Well," the two of them said together, trying to keep a straight face.

"It's the three basic forms." Valentina continued, always better at keeping a straight face than Carlos and a better liar, "The basic forms that the contents of the planet can be broken down into and still be viewed by people. At the end of the exhibition we're going to spilt them open and film it. This will show the birth of new areas of thought for the twenty first century. Computing, use of biotechnology from vegetables such as genetically altered plants and the genetic altering of animals to be geared towards food production. You know the basic concerns of people in the next millennium, genetics, biology, food production and computers. All have and will have a big impact on our lives."

"I see." said Sabine, an opaque look on her face. "Yes, of course," nodding her head, "If I had thought a little harder. Um. Yeah." She trailed off.

"Shall we go and have dinner?" asked Carlos.

Suzie attempted to stretch her long limbs but was unable to. There was enough space within her rubber confinement in which to assume the foetal position. The constant movement had ceased about an hour ago, rocking her from side to side in the liquid in which she swam. It was dark but that was because the lenses in the eyepieces were tinted. She remembered that what she was contained within had been manhandled and jostled twice.

She breathed deeply through her rubber-plugged nostrils and expelled the air through her rubber filled mouth. She felt the balloons from the tube in her anus and tried to imagine what it looked like sticking horribly out of her arse like a growth. Her tight vagina was filled with a dildo that was inflated at the moment. Its grooved sides made her aware of its presence. She had grown accustomed to the catheter in her urethra.

Her clitoris was gently being rubbed, for the time being, by a little stainless steel nodule whilst her nipples were encased in little rubber teats which could squeeze, rotate and manipulate her nipples. She was encased in a double thickness latex suit that had a warm layer of air in the rubber sandwich. She felt quite content in her warm rubber womb.

"Ah, the trucks arrived Carlos," shouted Valentina across the huge expanse of their studio.

"Ok, darling," replied Carlos rushing over to open the loading bay doors.

The outer doors were opened and then the doors on the back of the refrigerated truck. Inside it was huge but empty, cold air streaming into the warmth of the studio. Two men in overalls had come in through the front entrance and helped Carlos to load the meat wagon with the various exhibits, slabs of meat which were placed on the meat hooks hanging from the ceiling of the trucks interior.

Two square boxes were also loaded into the gaping maw of the vehicle. Then the huge carcass of some long extinct creature was manhandled into the frozen wastes of the lorry's interior.

Carlos and Valentina watched as the doors of the truck were closed on their exhibits.

They watched it drive away, a look of concern on their faces.

"I do hope they arrive all right." Said Valentina.

"We'll follow in the car," answered Carlos. They clasped each other's hand, squeezing gently. The premises were locked up and they left to follow the frozen meat lorry.

Inside the swaying carcass, Suzie felt content. She enjoyed the gentle movement of her small home. She thought back to the experience of being dressed in the outfit, the double skinned catuit. All the wires and tubes were gathered together to from one giant umbilical like tube that was plugged into exhibits power supply. She had a regulated air intake, food intake and regulated exhaust outtakes, bodily fluids and expelled air. All facets of her existence were measured and monitored.

Her ears had been plugged as were her nostrils, mouth, anus, vagina and urethra, all in contact with rubber. She drifted off to sleep, convinced that she was reliving her pre birth existence. She awoke when she felt the unnatural movements of the slabs of meat being unloaded from the truck and then hung up in the cold store room of the warehouse. Within the carcass was a power supply for all the electronic and other gubbins associated with the running of her environment.

Susie felt a stirring somewhere in her relaxed body. She couldn't quite pin point it. She felt divorced from the body she knew so intimately and whose urges and rhythms she knew so well. She felt her stomach being filled with some kind of liquid. She couldn't taste it all. All she knew was that her belly was filling up with nourishing food. Then she felt movement in her bowels as liquid was being pumped into her via her anus. It was an enema. It felt warm and quite exciting. She could feel herself filling up from the bottom of her torso now.

A wave of euphoria passed through her body followed by a calm mellowness. She was starting to feel high, relaxed, in touch with herself. It was the cannabis resin that had been mixed in with warm solution that was now flowing around her colon. She felt so relaxed and calm.

Her body was being invaded again by more sensations. The nipple stimulators had started working, rotating and alternatively squeezing, slowly, very slowly. She felt her nipples getting harder. The little stimulators started to now pull on her nipples. Her nipples were getting very hard now, sensitive, as solid as hat pegs. She was aroused, eyes blinking beneath the coloured lenses, sighing into her rubber gag.

The gag in her mouth started to expand, to fill her exquisite mouth with rubber, coating the inside with nothing but rubber. She breathed out through her rubber-plugged nostrils, a little unevenly. Now her body was being bombarded but this time with something different. The dildo in her vagina was slowly rotating, a little half turn every second or so. The stimulator pressed to her clitoris started revolving, rubbing it gently then reversed round the other way. It was no longer cold to the touch. Her clitoris was beginning to become engorged. Even her anus, already filled with the enema apparatus was being vibrated, slowly, throbbing gently.

The symphony of stimulation started up in earnest now. The contents of the enema were racing around her body, altering her state of mind. The little stimulators were pulling, twisting, squeezing her very sensitive nipples, She moaned as best she could given that her mouth was full of the expanded rubber gag. Her vagina was getting moist, now wet, gripping the vibrating device buried within. It pulsed, twisted, thrust in then out, contracted and expanded driving her to blissful distraction.

The nerves in her anus were being equally stimulated as the device twisted round, plunging deep then withdrawing, expanding and then contracting, stimulating her sphincter as well. She felt so large and distended in her stomach and bowels and colon. Her bladder wanted to explode, it was filled with all the liquid she had consumed. She didn't know what to concentrate on. She couldn't. All her nerves were being stimulated, her orifices and bodily functions were being overloaded with sensations. It was all so overwhelming. Everything was out of her control.

The devices inside her and outside of her were fulfilling their function in life. Twisting, turning, pulling, thrusting, withdrawing, squeezing, contracting, expanding, driving their helpless victim to the edge of the biggest, craziest orgasm in her already varied life. All the stimulators doing their utmost to bring about her to orgasm. Her nipples were tweaked in every direction. Her clitoris rubbed till it felt it was on fire and filled with all her blood. Vagina and anus thoroughly penetrated and skewered.

With the help of the cannabis and liquid swilling about in her stomach, her expanded abdomen, the full feeling in her bladder and her rubber stuffed mouth, she exploded. Eyes popping, voice screaming, muscles tense, tendons stretched fingers and toes clenched, vaginal and anal muscles contracting, she came. She let fly a flood of urine and shit, evacuating her bowels and bladder completely, something she had never done before.

She panted and groaned and screamed. But no one could hear her. Or see her.

Except the cameras.

The exhibition had been up for a week. Carlos and Valentina had kept a close eye on their exhibits, especially the star of the show. She was fine. No deterioration and in fine health.

The exhibits were taken down and transported back to their studio in the back of the meat truck they had arrived in.

The other carcasses were sold on to a butcher.

The two cubes were sold to a wealthy buyer the next week.

That night with Carlos and Valentina in protective rubber white outfits, which made them resemble Doctors, they cut open the carcass. A hole large enough for a head to emerge from. Fluid poured out onto the tiled floor. Suzie's smooth latex covered head emerged first. She pushed against the opening clearing her shoulders.

Valentina and Carlos helped her emerge from the rubber womb.

The rest of her body slid out into the waiting arms of the artists, looking like proud parents at the birth of a new person.



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