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The Iron Maiden

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: D/s; latex; encased; enema; breathplay; cbt; cons; X

In the middle of the room stood a sinister black figure.  Slave 9 was pushed toward it and told to examine it carefully.  It was made from metal, painted black.  It had the detailed shape of a man, only the penis was missing; instead there was a round opening, lined with black rubber.  At several places including the mouth there were air-hose connections and at the anus a rubber tube protruded.

“Open it,” he was told. 

He saw that there were several latches, running down the right side.  He opened them one by one and swung the back half open; the front section stood rigidly on a platform.  Inside, the entire form was lined with black rubber, smooth except for a limp gag at the mouth and a wicked looking greased dildo at the anus.

“Step in and take the gag into your mouth.” 

Slave 9 stepped onto the platform, pushed his body into the forward shell and put his mouth around the gag.  He felt hands pulling his rubbered penis and balls through the opening.  A minute later the rear shell was slowly closed and he felt the dildo being pushed deep into his anus.  Then he heard the latches click shut, one by one.

The metal form was not very tight, he actually could wiggle a bit.  Perhaps it had been made for a larger man, he thought.  But then he heard a hissing sound and the rubber lining started to expand, as did the gag in his mouth and the rubber lining around his scrotum.  When the hissing finally stopped the pressure against his body was enormous, his private parts were held firmly outside the form and the gag in his mouth was huge.  But he found he could breathe through it, though breathing took effort.

Nothing happened for the next few minutes.  Slave 9 couldn’t see or hear anything and his senses were overwhelmed by the pressure of the rubber against his entire body.  Then he felt water flowing into his anus.  'What an elaborate way to give someone an enema,' he thought.

Then hands squeezed his penis and balls. 

Then again nothing for several minutes. 

The water pressure in his intestines grew until it became painful.  Then the flow stopped and a mouth (he thought) enveloped his penis while two hands massaged his balls.  He moaned into his gag and suddenly his air was cut off. 

Moaning, grunting and screaming, he had a massive orgasm.

The hands let go of his balls and the mouth gave his penis one last suck.  A minute later the water rushed out of his intestines and all was quiet. 

Slave 9 stood there, suspended in rubber, unable to see or hear and he could no longer feel the pressure.  All his senses had been cut off.  He went into a trance and lost all sense of time.

Briefly he felt hands on his penis, testing it.  The hands came back a long while later, stroking his penis, massaging his balls.  At first the action was gentle, then squeezing, pulling, twisting and stroking became harder and harder, until it was painful.  At last he had another massive orgasm and the hands stopped.

He went into a trance once more.  All his senses were cut off; he was in complete darkness, could not hear anything or hear anything, except that occasionally, what seemed hours apart, his penis was squeezed briefly.

Then he felt two pairs of hands.  Clamps were attached, one to his balls, the other to the penis.  Both were tightened slowly.  The pain was almost unbearable; he screamed into his rubber gag.  Then the tightening stopped and he felt the tip of his penis being stroked gently for a long time. 

When he was close to an orgasm again, his air was cut off.

Almost immediately he had a third orgasm and passed out.

When Slave 9 came to, he was in his cell again, on his rubber bed, secured inside a rubber bag.




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