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From Lab Rat to Slave 11

by Edrubber

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Storycodes: M+ff; M+m; captives; slaves; rubber; hoods; dungeon; force; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

story continued from part ten

Chapter 11

The work load was tremendous. We where working 14 to 16 hours a day and we had to make thousands of dollars in payments to expedite the permits and inspectors but, money was no object. I was confronted with a serious parking problem and visited the neighbor in our back yard that had a 10 acre back yard He agreed to sell 8 acres at 3.5 mil. I ended up getting for 1.7 mil. I contracted to build a 15 foot high sound proof wall all around the property and had the architect and engineer work together on maximizing parking and low lighting so as to not disturb the neighborhood with cars in and out all hours of day and night. I was particularly happy when all the dungeon equipment was stored at a warehouse I found and had it secured with alarms and cameras.

Jacky and I slept together naked body to body and played with each others breasts and butts but that was as far as we ever needed to go. The bastard was staying for a month because he was refurbishing a building he bought and was transforming into a surgical hospital for transgender. I had to sleep with him and was getting fucked every night some nights twice once in each hole. I told him that Jacky was getting stress because she hadn’t had any for a very long time and asked him if he would take her for a few nights.

He said he would not because she was not going to cut it like me and he did not want to insult and hurt her feelings. In my thoughts I envisioned sleeping all night in peace by myself when he no longer had a dick..

Jacky and I had a much better living situation but as soon as we went to our bedroom at night, the door was locked from the outside and the alarm turned on. We were served good meals and every time we had to go out to a meeting or contractor 2 handlers would go with us, the driver and an extra handler that always stayed close. I considered when in any public place, look for a policeman and yell and accuse the handler of sexual advancement and abuse, and once away from him in the hands of protective custody reveal the entire chain of slavery.

Unfortunately, the arm of the law and the hand of justice is very slow and open to a point that until an investigation got started specially outside the country, he would find a way to kill me or get me back to the dungeon in Europe..

With out being sure that I could have control of my bank account, I was up polluted waters with out means of propulsion. Our freedom became dependant on cutting the head of the snake. It was totally against my belief, principals, and religious convictions to kill a human being. I had to find a way to change the human being as that being had changed me with out my consent.

Thom asked me to visit the ongoing hospital project to get my assessment and opinion of it. I continued in a position that prohibited me from saying no to him. I was still a slave. I and Jacky were ready to go in the morning when a handler grabbed Jacky by the arm and told her he was taking her back to the room and she was to strip and get into the stilettos and poncho because she was going to entertain Miguel and his partner. There was nothing I could do but worry all day about how they would abuse her.

Thom was at city hall trying to get the permits for his surgical hospital but he left Dr. Jensen an anesthesiologist to spend the day with me touring the facility and answering all my questions. He showed me the reception and registration which immediately started me thinking that possibly any hospital had to have an emergency room and attend to critical patients until stabilized by federal law.

I would need to check with the attorney but I was farseeing permit problems for Thom at city hall. He had a 25 room facility with 4 beds to a room total of 100 patients The fast image I made in my mind was use two of the rooms one for emergency and one for the holding the patients until they where transferred to other hospitals.

The Doctor showed me the different cylinders of gases and different knock out pills and liquid form to be injected or taken orally. He had syringes already filled with anesthetics ready for use at least a couple of hundredth of them and since the handler stayed outside the door I took one and hid it between my breasts inside my bra. Typical human error and I took advantage. At the time I was thinking of a handler if the need or opportunity ever presented itself. It was late afternoon he was showing me the e.k.g. when Thom came in and told me that next week on the city council depositions he wanted me to be there with his two attorneys as staff. All I said was Yes Sir.

He asked me what I saw that could be a problem or could be done better. I answered; We need to speak with your attorneys regarding the emergency room. I fully explained my views on emergency. Also the parking is way under the standards for a volume of possibly 60 to 80 average usages dally. You should be looking to park 100 vehicles at least.

We returned to the mansion and I found a hiding place for the syringe. I went back out to the dining room and joined Thom when the handler came towards us and informed Thom that the two having sex with Jacky almost killed her by suffocation and he had to do C.P.R. to revive her.

They complained that they were not done and we should have another bitch for them. Thom went to the room they were occupying and I was worried that he might offer me to those idiots. But Thom came out and about 15 minutes latter the two said their good by and left. A handler came in half carrying Jacky on the way to the room, I asked Thom if I could go attend to her and he said no, you need to get in my room and strip and put on a rubber hood. Get a condom ready and lube your hole.

It looked as if I was going to be hungry again tonight. When the son of a bitch started he would have the stamina of a steam locomotive. I was very concerned about Jacky and imagined that they shoved their dicks down her throat and blocked her breathing to a point of passing out. He had me lay on my belly on the rubber covered bed then got a rubber covered pillow and placed it under my belly to push my ass up then slowly put on the condom lubed his entire dick got in between my legs and shoved his dick in my ass with one hard push.

He certainly was not a gentle man. For some reason my body was extremely sensitive this day and having this large intrusion deep inside my rectum was furnishing waves of constant pleasure that alleviated my normal concentration and reasoning replacing it with carnal fervor. I was in sexual bliss and wanted to massage that rod of pleasure, my rectal and abdominal muscles were activated like never before and the more they moved the more pleasure I was realizing. In my case whether penetrated rectal or vaginal, I enjoyed equally because my organs where placed between the two apertures reason why I was unique in several instances above others of either sex. My sexual experiences and pleasures where vastly augmented and highly above the ordinary.

I was hoping that he not only push it in further but also put his arms around me and hug me tight enough to interfere with my breathing. He seemed to feel my body’s extra needs and reacted in the typical male manner by pumping deep and vociferously while at the same time putting his arms around me and while crossing them in a way of forcefully squishing each breast and nipple. My special reactions kicked in however, it would have the vibrating and ejaculate effect of a male discharge followed by a female long and extensive orgasm.

I was sure that with all the reactions the bastard was given a sexual experience that even as used as he was, he never had before in his life.

He came with the longest and most amount of sperm I ever remember him have. He jerked and continued reacting almost as me. He eventually lay completely relaxed on my back and kept massaging my breasts and kissing the back of my rubberized head while breathing as if he just ran ten miles.

He stayed where he was because he was well aware that there would be extra benefits. It took me at least 30 minutes to calm down at which point he got off me and laid next to me with his hands behind his head and said; you are by far the most pleasurable exciting best fuck in two continents that I know of, are you doing this because you figured a way of doing it? Or is this an uncontrollable reaction?

I answered; mostly uncontrollable but a combination of both.

He said; you will no longer be a slave but you will not fuck anyone else but me. If you can get your kicks with Jacky it’s o.k. and if you get an artificial fuck while I am away it will be o.k. but no other men will ever fuck you as long as I am alive. And I will continue to have you under constant supervision. If any men tries to touch you or make advances you will not allowed it and have the handler take charge. I made contact with a BDSM club in Ft. Lauderdale that has a fully equipped dungeon and if necessary, you can be accommodated for special punishment so guide yourself accordingly.

You are very intelligent and extremely efficient so I am counting on you to help me with both projects. I will have to leave to Europe tomorrow and you will head the appeal to the county with the attorneys. I will make sure that you will be recognized at the hospital as manager with powers of making decisions but I will need for you to check with me on the larger ones. See if you can purchase the property adjacent to the hospital for building extension and parking. I am going to fuck you a couple of times tonight then you may go to sleep with your girl friend. I said ; thank you Sir.

To my surprise they had installed the motor and chains with sling in the ceiling of this room to sample it and make comments. I was going to be the lab rat for this gadget. I just got out of the bed and stood next to it while he lowered the chains and set a wide leather belt to it and wrist and ankle cuffs .

The belt was tightened around my waist then my wrists above my head to the chain coming from the motor the 2 chains about 4 feet long coming from the main chain to my ankles putting me in a sitting position swinging in the air.

He laid in the bed put a new condom slowly lubed it then with a remote started lowering me until I was touching his dick with my pussy. He kept lowering by bumping the button and make my pussy swallow his dick jerking all the way until he was completely inside of me. He pressed another button and the chain started to move up and down and me with it. My body was moving about 2 inches up and down on his dick with me facing the feet of the bed.

He discovering the remote and I was jumping on it fast then very slow then up 2or3 inches and down to sit all the way for a few seconds there were many different settings to play with and to me it was not very preferable because it was not embracing me with macho power but, I was not there to enjoy, I was there to give joy when I enjoyed it was a bonus. I just hoped that he would not make me put his dick in my mouth, for some reason I did not develop any sexual pleasure for giving blow jobs, to the contrary I hated especially if not covered with a condom. Jacky seemed to enjoy oral sex. To each his own. He ejaculated 5 times before deciding to call it a night at 3 a.m.

I went to our room and got under the rubber sheet with Jacky’s warm body.

She woke up and hugged me and wrote on my chest how close she came to dying and we should put them on the list of vengeance. I agreed, kissed her and we went back to sleep.

She got up at 6 a.m. and woke me up but I told her I went to sleep at 330a.m. and would not be getting up until 10 a.m. She asked me what she should do until then, I told her to get back in bed until then, and she did.

We got up at 10 went to the shower in our rubber ponchos because we did not have robes, and Jacky asked if we needed to have enemas and I said; no, we now have a different position and job. It’s a little late but I am going to try to have a meeting with the attorneys.

The morning handler came over to us and said; you two scum did not take your enemas get those ponchos off and get in there and wait until I get the large enema plugs. I started saying that he did not get the memo but, before I could say it he slapped me on the face so hard that I fell then he said; no one gave you permission to speak scum get on your knees and look to the floor you are spending the day in the dungeon in a lot of pain.

He then looked at Jacky and said and why aren’t you on your knees scum? Your going down as well. I was trying to recuperate from the slap and thinking; where has this guy been? He doesn’t know we no longer have a dungeon?

The regular handler that was keeping me under surveillance came and I told him to stop this idiot and tell him who the Mistress of the mansion was. He told the guy to go to his room and wait for him. I said no,no,no, this scum just slapped my face so hard I fell to the ground so apparently he did not get the memo you tell this idiot who are the Mistresses of the mansion now in front of me and then I expect an apology.

The handler told him what I requested and also made him apologize which he did with his grinding teeth. At last tell him we no longer have a dungeon. The handler said; I am sorry Mistress but we do have a dungeon. I said that’s impossible I rented a warehouse and everything moved there who has been monitoring the warehouse cameras?

He said; well Mistress that’s just it, they set it all up in the warehouse and now that is where the dungeon is. I asked whose idea was it to do that? He said; him pointing to the idiot, then added he was the dungeon worker. I asked; is there anybody in the dungeon now? He said yes Mistress we are training 3 slaves there now. I asked where did you get 3 slaves? They where drugged and in the streets, we cured them.

I said; we have a permit to store furniture there if someone finds out and the place is raided this club is finished who gave permition for this? He said the Master was overseas and I wanted to surprise him. I told the handler; to secure the idiot in cuffs and wait for a decision. I went to the room and got the lap top and rang Thom telling him the whole story and the danger we where in and that I would have to go there and make sure to close that dungeon and see what to do with the so call slaves. But this idiot could not continue here he needed to be returned.

Thom said he was sending the jet back and to have them all on board and he would give them all duties in the research clinic.

I asked the handler how many handlers we had here, he said 6 besides the two of them I said get 4 of them and leave the idiot here and make sure he is contained he is now dangerous. The other two handlers took the idiot and the 6 of us went to the warehouse.

When we got there the first one was on the cross in rubber from his head to his toe with the enema butt plug the pee and the stomach tube. We got him cleared from the storage gear then took the rubber off and found a gay candidate for transgender. The second one was tied to a bench in rubber head and all with a dildo fucking machine pumping his ass. We stopped it and carefully retracted from his ass which was very swollen and irritated unstrapped him from the bench and took the rubber off finding a rash through out his body and another candidate for Thom.

The third one was hanging by the head harness also in storage and with the same rash. We got them shorts and t shirts and then while the handlers dismantled the equipment and piled everything like storage furniture keeping the obvious hidden under everything, I had a talk with the boys and they convinced me that they enjoyed the treatment of the dungeon and wished they could get transgender surgery.

Well the problem was almost solved. We just needed to put them on the jet and send them as a present to the bastard. The next day we where told the jet was already fueled and ready to return, we put all of them in the panel van and pull right up to the plane on the patio delivering all 4 pieces of cargo. After the plane was out of sight we returned to the mansion this time was a much shorter drive because we went to the West Palm Beach Airport.

Jacky, the handler and I had to sit on the floor of the van which reminded us of not too long ago. As soon as we arrived at the mansion, I buzzed the bastard and told him the cargo was on the way and what kind of cargo. He seemed pleased. He said; you had a long night, get back to the room and go make love to your girl friend. Take the rest of the day off. Jacky moved over to me like a cat in heat, and kissed me in the mouth as he watched.

He said; I wonder why watching two woman making love turns me on, by the way, by the time the club opens I will have 3 beautiful fucking machines like you to perform. It will be the most famous sex spot of the world, whenever possible send me more. Don’t make plans for tomorrow because the Dr. is going to need you all day for some tests he will be running. From what he tells me you are going to enjoy them,, By…

Before going back to our room I decided to go down to the Dr’s lab and see if I could get some idea of what he had in mind for tomorrow, because I was worried that some day clandestine research such as these criminals where performing could get out of hand.

His lab was down below next to where the dungeon used to be. As I walked in I saw him working with a large dentist type chair only much better upholstered in rubber with wires coming from it into a consol and the bottom of the chair had motors, mechanical arms, water houses, drain houses, and a large configuration of electronics. I could not avoid noticing a series of dildos in different sizes and plug also in different sizes. They where all connected to mechanical arms.

I was received very well and respectfully by the Dr. but at the same moment he told me that I was the Mistress of the house outside of his lab however as far he was concern I was a slave under his absolute control to be used as he saw fit. He then explained that he was working on a research to cure hepatitis and other diseases which involved a balance of hormones and certain D.N.A materials that could even control aging.

He told me that tomorrow he was going to extract a larger then usual amount of perspiration from me and I had a very unique pre orgasmic fluid that was composed of both female and male

And he was going to need a good amount of it so I was going to be on a physical and visual hypnotic state most of the day. You will be here tomorrow at 9 a.m. and if you’re not prompt, the boys have orders to restrain you and bring you here at which time I will punish you in a way that you cannot imagine.

Find out all about the devilish rubber chair the Dr, devised and it’s powers. Don’t miss the next episode of Lab Rat Slave Episode 12 By Edrubber

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