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From Lab Rat to Slave 10

by Edrubber

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Storycodes: M+/ff; D/s; postop; captives; slaves; cell; latex; poncho; bond; enemas; building; plans; oral; sex; climax; reluct/nc; X

story continued from part nine

Chapter Ten

When I got back to the cell, Jacky was on the bed sleeping and the bowl on the table was empty.

I tried not to disturb her, sat at the table and began to separate the project by priorities. The first concern that I was intent in pursuing was if they had contracted an engineer for all the work involved and I needed to get in contact with him before we started. For some reason the plans in the laptop did not include the contact and name of the engineering company or the architect.

I had no choice but to call the Bastard and ask him for this information. He informed me that this project had to be kept as secretively as possible and he contracted a well known builder that was adept to the rubber fetish and could be trusted. I asked the bastard if I could have his contact to consult on what was about to happen tomorrow. He asked me what reason I had to be so insistent. I said; this is an over 50 year old structure and just quickly looking over the changes and additions to it, one must be sure that the integrity of the structure will be sound enough to support it. In view of all the permits that will be required, there must be engineering and architectural companies involved. I noticed that the plans call for carpeting in most parts and in view of the activities to be performed, carpets may be a definite health hazard. We might wish to contemplate marble floors which would add to the weight introduced into this old foundation.

The bastard told me he would get back to me with in the hour and I should continue writing in my ideas. While waiting I googled the style and size of the Jacuzzi and to my surprise found out that the company listed to start supplying them entered chapter seven bankruptcy. Of course I made a note of it. I also made a note to question the contractor of when and what was going to be done to the common spa which was old and outdated and there was no mention of it in the plans. Jacky woke up, looked around and jumped off the bed and got into a kneeling position with her eyes down. I said; Mistress Jacky, from now on the only person you must show slave reverence is the Master. Please come sit next to me so that we may start working together. And another thing Mistress Jacky, The master told me that since we are going to be working and locked together, we are allowed to have gay sex as a matter of fact he encouraged.

As I finished saying it I coughed and cleared my mouth with my hand and hopped she understood not comment on it. It worked. Jacky got up and we shared the only chair in the cell. The Bastard came back on and informed me that the builder and his assistant, who also was a rubberiest, were coming with in 2 hours for a meeting and afterwards they had been granted to take both me and Jacky to the dungeon and enjoy both of us in what ever way they wished. In view of this development I told Jacky that we would stay in our ponchos for the meeting.

Jacky lowered her eyes and answered Yes Mistress. We where beginning to learn a new unspoken language. She in fact answered I got it.

It was evident that this was going to be difficult to say the least, managing such program would require maximum concentration and mixing degradation with it, would only damage the proceedings, but my problem was that I needed to be successful and bring the club to fruition in order to gain the headway into penetrating the nucleus to eventually destroy it. I was hopping to postpone the workers for a couple of days to firm up my position as comptroller.

I e-mailed the bastard asking if he wished to be present at our meeting via internet. He confirmed yes. I wanted him to be aware of all the inapt fractures so that he would realize how urgent and necessary it was to put me in charge as it was programmed and stop with the mental and humiliating games. I was determine that he would pay and this club was going to burn to the ground but first we needed to build it.

The two large tall builders arrived, and they where 190 lbs 6to 6 2” tall Latin appearance and when they saw us in those ponchos and stilettos smiled maliciously and came at us already squeezing Jacky’s breasts and the other had his hand under my poncho grabbing my ass cheeks. I said; Sirs; I respectfully would like to suggest that we sit at the table and discuss our business first with Master Thom’s presence via internet and adjourn to entertainment afterwards.

We moved to the dining room and sat at the table, I got the bastard on the internet and we started our meeting. I started by introducing myself as Gene and Jacky and asked him who the engineer in this project was and also the architect and where the permits were posted because I did not see them.

The builder Mr. Miguel, answered that this was going to be an unusual type of refurbishing that could not become public therefore there would be no permits. I asked what exactly was unusual about remodeling bedrooms and bathrooms flooring etc.. He referred to the dungeon. I said; would it not be advantageous to remove all the items in the dungeon until the building is finished? I continued ; Mr. Miguel, let me explain; as I looked over the plans I noticed that it called for carpets and it comes to mind that the activities that will be enjoyed with in will be of a nature that may produce human fluids that could contaminate such carpets and cause a health hazard. Mr. Miguel answered that it would be no problem substituting carpets with marble flooring it was just a matter of cost and choosing the marble.

I said; respectfully Mister Miguel this structure is over 50 years old closer to 60 and codes have changed drastically since. How can we be assured that the foundation is adequate for such large addition of weight? Miguel answered; Ahh don’t worry this foundation is solid. I asked on what basis you make this statement. He said: I guarantee it. I answered; should we have a tragedy in the future involving 20 or 30 of the wealthiest people in the world will you be able to guarantee it then?

The bastard interrupted and said; Mr Miguel let’s postpone the beginning of work for a couple of days so that I may form some conclusion of how we will proceed. Then he told me to keep him on the internet until he and I had a chance to discuss it. He addressed back to Miguel and asked his forgiveness but he needed to have a long conference with the girls and he promised Miguel to give him access to the girls in the very near future. We all got up to say our goodbye’s and Miguel while shaking my hand with his left hand put his right arm around me and went under the rubber and fully massaged my ass. Instead of resenting it, I got turned on by it and was sorry they did not get a chance to fuck us.

After they left, the bastard said; you made perfect sense and I am glad you found all this out now. I was under the impression that when we contracted Miguel he would have contracted the proper people and would comply with the state and county laws. I am incline to go along with your suggestion in transferring the dungeon equipment and having a normal reconstruction until the time comes to install the appropriate equipment. I will get back to you on this tomorrow until then both of you keep working in going over everything. I am going to suspend lock up time for you both. Just use the cell to sleep in for now. And he closed.

I could hardly hold it back and as I looked over to Jacky I noticed she was just as me, about to bust. One more step towards victory.

I called the handler and asked him to get; drawing paper and drawing tools plus note books and pencils or pens. He asked where he would be able to get that. I said try Office Depot and if they don’t have it they will be able to tell you where to get it. I need this urgently. He walked out mumbling ( fucking cunt bossy bitch) I thought to myself * you little shit, you are on my list to eventually end up in the dungeon with a 5 gallon enema for an hour.*

The buzzer announced that there was someone in the internet. When I opened it was the bastard announcing that he was getting on the jet and coming to Florida but the two of us should continue planning and making notes. We got so involved that the time just flew away and it was 7 p.m. when a young woman we had not seen yet came into the room wearing white overalls and white cook’s hat fell to her knees with her head down and referring to me as Mistress asked for permission to speak. I said; granted, she went on I am your humble slave the cook Mistress and wish to know what both Mistresses would like for dinner. I told her to stand and said two steaks medium, baked potato, peas in butter, coffee and apple pie. She said; very good Mistress and left. I made believed I was uncrossing my legs under the table and lightly kicked Jacky’s leg. She was looking at the top of the table at the time and just moved her fingers in a gesture of not knowing what to do with them.

We had our food and it was the first decent meal I had since waking up from the coma. There was no doubt in my mind that it was a thank you present from the bastard.

We went back to work and around 10 p.m. decided to go back to the cell to sleep. I was surprised that as soon as we walked into the cell, someone locked the door. I brushed my teeth and removed the boots and the poncho unfolded the rubber top sheet got under it and made motion for Jacky to get under it with me. She did the same as me and got under it coming close to my body. I kissed her in the mouth while writing with my finger that I had a plan but it would take time, and never speak not even in bed because we might have implanted bugs. She readily confirmed and asked me for the next step, I wrote we will see tomorrow. Let’s kiss and make it look good.

We started kissing and caressing each others body and I have to confess I was excited and sexually motivated but, fully realized that this was as far as it could go. Caressing her soft body brought back vivid memories of when I had sex with her man to woman. I had a feeling that he knew she had been my girl and encouraged our lesbian sex. If some day Jacky ever found out, after all that we been through together, I would think she would accept it because I never stopped loving her as a person and would always continue to love her.

We slept hugging each other and woke up in the area of 5.30 a.m. at 6a.m. the door opened and we where escorted to the dungeon where we where both tied to benches and given several large enemas after which we went to the shower and when we returned to the cell there was a small bowl of oatmeal and a small cup of coffee. After finishing it we got into the boots and the poncho and proceeded to the dining room to continue the work and wait for the bastard. We needed to go over to the rooms again to confirm some doubts but decided not to because of the bastard. He arrived at 6.45 p.m. and we both went down to our knees and lowered our eyes to the ground. He told us both to stand and ordered us to take the boots and poncho off, get into his bed which had been prepared in one of the bedrooms and stay there until he showered. He came out of the bathroom naked, went over to his brief case, took out a packet of many condoms and a container of lube, placed it on the night stand then separated 2 condoms from the packet and gave one to each of us. He told Jacky to lay between his legs and suck him after placing the condom and told me to lay belly down with my ass at his right hand reach.

Jacky was sucking with all she was worth and I was caressing his chest occasionally his nipples and his abdomen. Every so often he would smack my ass a few times and continue massage the cheeks. He came after a long 45 minutes of Jacky’s efforts because he kept stopping her to prolong the act.

He told us both to stay where we where and continue doing what we were doing. Jacky continued sucking and I the caresses. We were going to be working many hours tonight. She kept sucking for another 35 to 40 minutes and he came again after which he pushed her aside. He got up from the bed and got a cigarette lighted and went out totally naked. About 20 minutes later he came back with a rubber straight jacket and rubber straps very familiar to me. He told me to stand up and turn with my back to him then from behind he fitted the straight jacket on me nice and tight. He gave Jacky the order to get of the bed and kneel on the floor at the foot of it. He made me lay on the bed turned away from him and placed the belt around our waist. He ordered Jacky to come in between us and fit a condom on his dick and lube it.

With the handling of the condom he regained his erection and it went totally into my ass hole to the hilt. He stopped and just rested with it inside I just followed his apparent direction and stayed absolutely immobile. He seemed to have taken a nap and eventually started pumping for a few minutes and when I was about to go into high gear, he stopped and turned on his back with me now laying on top of him he told me to open my legs and told Jacky to get on the bed and suck my pussy. Jacky without hesitation got her mouth on my pussy and stuck her tongue as deep as it would go and that was the switch that got me started and had the bastard coming in just 15 to 20 minutes for the fourth time.

Jacky continued until given the order by the bastard to stop but stay there. He started softening but with my after shocks he remained hard. He must have been wasted and fell asleep leaving both of us in limbo. He slept for about two hours then woke up and ordered Jacky to resume her sucking. Of course with in minutes I started my gyrations and vibrations but this time he took a good 40 minutes to come. I was amazed that he still had anything left in his testicles. He told Jacky to stop and go back to the cell. He turned sideways and slept again and this time I followed suite lying sideways with him inside. I was having occasional aftershocks but he was out.

I woke up with him undoing the belt then undoing the buckles on the straight jacket told me to go get ready for the day but both of us needed to get in regular clothes because we might have to go out. I walked out working on getting out of the jacket. The door to the cell was already open so I assumed it was past 6 a.m. I met up with Jacky in the shower and told her that the orders where to get dressed in regular clothing because we were going out. I looked in her eyes and noticed smiling. After our enemas and shower we got dressed and when getting to the dining room to meet him he was already having breakfast and to our surprise there where settings and a modest breakfast for us.

We toured the rooms, the spa, the garages and the dungeon to begin our plans. Thom told us we had a meeting at the builder’s office in Coral Gables, we got in a sedan with the little shit driving and got on our way. Thom asked me if we should look for another contractor in view of the fact that Miguel was so obscured on the important points that I had found just hours of being shown the job. I said that I needed to have more information on Miguel before making a decision. If at all possible it would be preferable to continue with Miguel because he knows the real purpose of the club and could cause future problems.

John said ; Yes my very thoughts, I chose him not only because of his sexual propensities but for recommends from work performance, I think now that we are getting him straighten out all we have to do is keep on top of the whole thing and make sure everybody is doing all with in the law. I am going to depend totally on you to manage this, but that does not mean you are loose, unfortunately I cannot trust you. I will have you constantly monitored but you will be the project manager and Jacky will be your assistant I am moving you two in a room and give you some privileges but one demerit and you both go back home to the dungeon to suffer like you could never imagine.

Do you understand? I answered; yes I do. (Thinking fuck you and the Master shit) He was very aware of my meaning but to rebut, asked Jacky if She was alright with being assistant to her boyfriend? She very calmly answered Yes Master I am. He looked at her some what surprised and asked; You know that Gene was your boyfriend? She said; Yes master. He asked; how long have you known? She answered since the night she and I got drunk at the Bahia Mar hotel we slept on the boat that she had just received and during the night I was sick from all the drinking and went looking for her for support she left the cabin door unlocked and when I went in she was naked on the bed and I saw her penis and I would have recognized that dick anywhere. He asked; and you never confronted her? She said; it did not seem pertinent since it was obvious all the damage was irreversible. My mouth was open and I could hardly believe it. Thom asked; are you two now finally lovers? She answered I love her with all my heart and I always will but she is a woman now and needs to be loved by a man and for that matter so do I. hhun Master.

He said; you two are now officially in charge of the house so we can drop the Master and just use Sir. To the staff you will both be the Mistresses in charge.

We arrived at Miguel’s plush office, he received us in an over friendly manner, offered us caffee cubano and we all sat around in a large meeting room with a long large table and 8 chairs. Miguel started by apologizing for having understood the wrong way about getting the job done with out official knowledge. Thom said; the drawings you presented where very professional we were under the impression that it was an architect that drew them. He answered it was an architect Cuban friend of mine that has no license here in the States. I asked; do you presently work with an engineering company? He answered yes Connelly and Brands engineering Inc. they are located near by if you wish to go I will try to make an appointment now. Thom said; yes that will be good. Miguel told his secretary to make it happen. I said we can take the present drawings but will have to have a license firm or license individual redraw them in order to apply for permits. Miguel agreed and said he would have the architect visit us at the mansion maybe tomorrow because he is from Brevard County. Thom said; I won’t be there but Ms. Gene is the project manager and she will take care of it. I need to see written estimates before any contract is signed. I will document Ms. Gene to be authorized to sign them after I approve them of course. I said; of course Sir.

It was the end of the first quarter the score was 17 to zip for us; 2 touch downs and a field gold. He was handing his dick on a silver platter.

So much is coming on the next episode

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