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Free Fall

by Lee

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© Copyright 2007 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; susp; toys; cons; X

“I have a new bondage for you.” I am into bondage, well we both are. My husband is a tech freak. If you can think about it he can build it. Couple that to the fact his brother is a stunt man, well anything goes.

So when he whispered that in my ear, Well I was more than willing. We went into the bedroom and he had my custom dive suit laid out. It’s not really a dive suit. But it is made out of the same material. It has booties and a built in corset that once you lace it up,  you zip flaps over the laces. The hands are fingered so I have complete coverage from my neck to my toes.

He helped me get into the suit. It takes talcum powder and lots of time to smooth out the skin. When we reached the top of my thighs he stopped and reached into the drawer of goodies and brought out the Little Devils. He had them custom made. Matching dildos for my ass and pussy. The dildo for the pussy has a raised protusion at the base that has dimples. It positions itself right against my clit. It has small numbs that drive me nuts.

He did at least lube them up before sliding them into position. OOOOOhhhhhhhmmmm.  I had to suck in a breath when he pushed them home. He started working the suit over my hips. As the neoprene pulled up between my legs it pressed on the little darlings and I had to catch my breath. He grabbed the remote and set them on tease. These little devils are love child’s. They vibrate, get larger or smaller, provide little shocks and can even squirt. All by remote control. Or you can use several programmed routines. And they run for a while.

We worked my arms down to the gloves and smoothed everything up to the shoulders. At this point he started to lace up the corset. The corset part ran from the tops of my hips to just under my 38 C’s. He backed me into a lace puller he build and started it up. Wow! I looked at him. He smiled and finally stopped the puller. This is tighter than normal. “Sorry I got carried away”, was his comment. “Lets see, ok that’s in an extra inch” That’s 4 inches smaller that my normal waist size. I gave him a dirty look and he just smiled at me.

Once I caught my breath it did feel good. After tying off the laces he zipped the panels up covering all of the laces. Now come the boots. I told him to get the black pair with the 4-inch heel, They are lace up, come up to my knee, and they do look sexy. He laced them for me then stood back a second to look at me. Here I am covered in black rubber from my toes to about 3 inches up my neck.

What’s next. I saw him pull out one of my hoods, it was the leather one. Now this is one of his ideas. The hood laces up the back, it has openings for my mouth, nose, and eyes. In the top there is a hole to pull my hair through before you start to lace. It leaves about a two-foot ponytail. I have long hair. Now this hood is cool. It has a set of lens where the eyes are. They kind of look like Spider Man eyes. He can adjust the darkness of the lenses by remote control. He said something about a welders hood. Whatever. He can also listen to me, and talk to me some how. When he talks geek I fain interest and smile.

When he had the lens and other holes positioned he started lacing it up. Now I love the pressure that the leather gives me on my face. It intensifies the bondage experience.  Ever got any while you’re laced up in a leather hood? Once down to my neck he wrapped the hoods strap around my neck over the neoprene and pulled the two buckles snug, not to tight. Click Click. I know that sound. He put a lock on each buckle.

Next came the leather wrist cuffs. He put them on and again put locks on the buckles. I know what I’m going to be doing for a while. He helped me outside and into the barn. We have hoists, pulleys and other contraptions that make for some interesting days, and nights.

I stood in front of the tilt table and he turned me away from him.  First came a two-inch wide strap that went around my chest right above my tits. It has double-d rings in front, and back. I like them tight and he didn’t disappoint me. He grabbed my right hand and pulled it around and up my back to the strap and clipped the snaffle on to the d-ring. He did the same to my left hand. So my hands were pulled up my back in the reverse prayer position. Both palms were together. The cuffs were designed to be strapped together, this kept me from trying to get to the snaffles.

Another two-inch strap went around my waist. He didn’t disappoint me here either. This strap had a one-inch strap attached to the front in the center. Can you guess where that one went. Down the front across the crotch it went and he buckled it to the center back of the waist strap. As he pulled the strap tight, O Shit.  OOoohhhhh. That forced the dildos deep into me. I almost went to my knees. The little devils had been going all this time and I almost came right there. Crap he turned them off. “Not just yet. I just want you worked up.”

He helped me lean back on the table and lowered it where I was laying down. Straps went on my upper thighs, above and below my knees and some heavy ones around my ankles. Again all with locks. It just adds to the helpless feeling. “I’m going to darken the lenses now.”  And with that they went black. I felt him put something up to my lips and I knew it was one of the ball gags.  “It’s Red” I heard him say as he worked it in my mouth and cinched it tight. Now imagine. Black rubber cat suit, black leather hood, black boots and a red ball gag. Just the thought of how I must look sent chills through me.

Once he had the gag as tight as he wanted it. I felt movement. Ok he’s rolling the table. I figured he was moving me over to one of the lift cables. Sure enough we stopped and I felt him lift my legs and fiddle with something. When he let go of my legs they would not go back to the table. “Here we go,”

He started to tilt the table head end down. At the same time my feet started to lift up. He had started the little devils back up. And they were on auto random. MMMM mmmmmm. Oh Boy. One more thing about the dildos. They have sensors in them that can tell when you’re about to cum. And the damn things will back off. MMMMmmmm. I bounced to a stop. Wondered what was next.

The hood has a d-ring in the top. I felt him clip a strap up to it. As he pulled my head back I was effectively looking straight down. That is if I could see out the lenses. He buckled that strap to the one my hands were hooked to, Click there goes another lock. I felt the wench start pulling me up. Then the little devils kicked it up a notch.OOOOOohhhhhhhhhhh damn that felt good. MMM, mmmmmmm! Dammnnnnn!

I was in bliss. AAAAHhhhhAAAAhhhhh! Shit they backed off. Here they come again. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh! Those little devils almost had meeeeeeeee. Shit, I was just about to and they almost stopped. A shock came from both of the dildos at the same time. I felt my body bounce against the cable. They started to get mmmmMMMMMore intense, AAhhh, Damn it they wouldn’t stay Anywhere long enough to let mmmmmeeeeeeeee have mmmmmmmyyyyyy big one, Ah Ah UUgggggghh. My body shook.

Sun hit my eyes as the lens cleared up. What what the fuck, I blinked, no this can’t be. I must BBBbbbeeeeeeee, OOhhh UUUuuuuhhhhh. OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT! I was up in the air. Wwwwaaayyyy up in the air. UUUuuuuuuhhhhh. The devils started to gggggeeeeettttttt more intense. When the butt buddy inflated AAahh AAAhhhh OOOOooooohhhh thattttttttt feels goooooooddd. I focused on the ground. Oh My, Oh Shit, I AM FALLINGGGGgggggg. At that moment the little devils kicked into over drive. SSSSSSshhhhhhIIIiiiTTTTTT!

Here comes the the the ttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeeee ground rushing towards me and the, the, the, the, vibrators were about to CcCCCCCaaaaaarrrrrryyyyyy MMMMMMmeeeeeee  OOOOVVVVVVVveeeeeerrrr the EEEEEddddddddddggggggeeeeeee! I was CCCcooooommmmming and thought IIIIIIIIII was going to ddddddiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee. I got the Bbbbbbbiiiigggg OOOooooonnnnne! AAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I strained against the bonds. UUUUUhhhhhhh.

AAAAAgggggggain  AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh My God I’m, seeing stars. My orgasms were coming in rapid fire, one right after another. The ground was clooooossssssing fast. The little devils were going off like a jazz band. They were shocking me, inflating till IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiii thought I would AAAAAaahhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPpppppplit. The closer the ground got the faster the orgasms came. I knew sommmmmmmeeeeeeeething was wrong yet I didn’t care. The waves came thrrrrrrrrrooooough me  AAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhh. Shit a monster tug pulled on my legs. But the ground was still getting closer. I thought well at least I will GGGGgggggoooooo OOOOOOooooooouuuuuuuuuutttttttttt with a BBBBbbbaaannnnnngggggggg! SSSSShhhhhhiiiiiiitttt.

I was having orgasm after orgasm. I was screaming into the gag like it would do any good. The little devils finally slowed down and as my body stopped convulsing I noticed Dammmmmmmmmnnnnn I wasn’t dead. I could see the ground. It was about 2ft away frommmmmm me. Holy SSSSSSSSSSShit! The little devils slowed, AAAhhhh Shit, well almost. DDDDaaaaammmmmnn.

I felt hubby’s hands on me, he spun meeeeeeeee around. My head dropped as he unhooked the strap to my head.  As I turned back around My tremors were Oh, Shit. AAAhhhhhhh. What was I thinking. Oh yea, I felt the table bump into me. My legs started down while the table tilted me back level. OOooohhh Man. As he unhooked the cable to my legs I was ssssssttttttill having after shocks. I saw us roll back into the back doors of the barn. AAAAAhhhhh Shit! I wanted to tell him to turn them offffffffffffffff! Well mabbbbbbbbbbyyy not. Damn!

 Out of the corner of my eyes I saw him take the remote. What’s he ddddDDDDDDDOOOOONNNNNnAAAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhh. OOoooooohhhhhhhhh, SSshhhiiiittttt, Then the little devils suddenly stopped. It didn’t matter, I wwwwaas still havinggg Damn! OhhhOhh. I finally could go more than 10 seconds without having an after shock. He just had to have that last minute torture. “Are you ready to get out?’ he asked. I nodded my head yes.

It took about 20 minutes to get me out of everything. We have a shower stall in the barn and we both GGoottt into it, Damn. He was behind me. I could feel his little devil as he pushed it between my legs right against my crotch. He was soaping me down. As he reached down to wash my pussy he flicked a finger against my clit. SSshhhhiiiitttt. I grabbed the soap and told him that’s enough.We rinsed off and he helped me out and put a robe around me, got one for himself and gave me a bottle of water. We started to the house and I said wait a minute. Show me what you did.

We went to the back door and I liked to have died. One of his brothers lives next to us and is a rigger. Well, he builds bridges. He keeps all of his equipment in his field next to our barn between jobs. One of his tall cranes was swung over the fence to the edge of our barn. I looked up and asked, how high. “ 300ft” was the answer. Shit. How did you? “ Well Joe was in town and I talked him into using some of his stunt gear.” “He helped me set it up while you were out with the girls yesterday.”

Then I saw our 5-ton truck. It had some kind of frame on it.  It had a spool of cable in the center and was bolted to the bed. Joe is a stunt man. “This is the thing they use when they fall, well jump off a building in the movies. It stops you before you go splat.” As he said that I dropped my robe to the ground, his came off too We started for the house butt ass naked. As we were playing grab ass, he reached down an sweep me up into his arms,  I reached down and grabbed hold.  That made him move a little faster. We didn’t stop till we got all the way to the bedroom.

He put me on the bed. As he laid down next to me on his back I crawled on top of him and stretched myself out across his body. “Want to see the video of your drop?” He asked. We’ll watch it later, I reached for the handcuff that stays attached to the corners of our bed. Now it’s your turn as I closed the cuff and reached for the other one. Once it was around his other wrist I got out of the bed and reached for the strap attached to the beed post. I put the cuff on its end around his ankle and worked the ratchet till I saw his arms stretch . I did the same to the other leg. He was stretched out spread eagle. I gave both straps another pull and saw his dick pulse and a drop of cream showed at the tip.

I climbed up on to the bed and. I licked the tip and felt a pulse in it. I took the tip into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. You could hear him gasp for air. I slowly took more and more into my mouth till there was no more. I let him fuck me in my mouth for a couple of times and sat up. “AAuuuuggggghhh.” He said. Don’t stop”

I leaned over and gave him a kiss. I sat up again and played with his nipples. I raised up on my knees to straddled him with his dick just touching my lips. He raised up trying to penetrate me but I teased him several times before I let him penetrate me and slid down on his shaft. When I finally lowered myself slowly onto him I was moving real slow. As I lowered onto him my body jumped from a mini orgasm.

I pressed all the way down. I loved the sensation of him filling me, every heartbeat caused a pulse that echoed through me. I started to rock back and forth. Grind him into me.  I looked in his eyes and saw him want me. Was it love or lust? I think both.

I started to pump him, Up and down slowly at first. I ran my hands across his chest. Pushing on his body to force me onto him, harder, faster, We were getting more violent now. I was panting he was panting. You could hear our bodies slapping as we came together. I could feel the heat growing inside me. Growing in him.

He was straining against the bonds to meet me as I drove myself down to him. I through my head back, and there it was. We came together, I didn’t stop, it seemed like an eternity. As I collapsed on his chest, I kept him inside of me.  We laid there till our breathing slowed. I took my hands and ran them along his arms. We looked into each others eyes and as we kissed I was thinking what was I going to do to him to get even.



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