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Heavy Rubber Movies

by In Full Attire

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© Copyright 2012 - In Full Attire - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; latex; catsuit; bodybag; gag; gasmask; encase; cocoon; entrap; breathplay; voy; video; cons/nc; XX

Mary Michelin was a 28 year old freelancer journalist, who had not succeeded much lately with her career. It seemed that she could not find interesting topics for her writing and no editor was interested to publish her stories. She had decided to solve this problem by interviewing some far-out movie makers. One to start with was a mysterious latex movie producer, Salomon X. She thought that such an interview would be a hot item to be sold to Hustler or maybe Playboy. She had succeeded to have an appointment with this mysterious Salomon X at a film studio.

“So you are interested in the erotic movie business? Sure you can have an interview”, said Salomon when Mary arrived to the studio. “But what is your current knowledge of this business? Any experiences? Have you ever worn any latex garments? I insist that you should try some latex garments yourself first before we can start the interview. So you can yourself experience what latex and rubber is all about…”

“But, I don’t mind to know it…” Mary tried to reject his requirements.

“I insist. No latex? - no interview…. You decide. Please let my assistant help you. She is really helpful and friendly!” Salomon encouraged her. “And it is even-handed, because I’m also in disguise, ok?” Salomon was wearing a black ski mask, which covered all his face but his eyes. He wanted to keep his identity hidden for several reasons. “So we will have a masquerade here…” he laughed, “Hope that you don’t mind that our camera man will record the interview. Maybe you can also utilize some parts of it in your interview?” he added to a hesitant Mary who was already being led by the assistant to the back room.

After fifteen minutes Mary returned to the office, now fully dress in a full black latex catsuit with an attached hood and gloves. She looked very embarrassed and she blushed when standing at the door.

“Oh my! Wow, you have a great figure and style”, said Salomon.

Mary looked dubious and walked insecurely to sit down in the arm chair. A camera man was already in the room and started to document the interview. Mary took her notebook to start the interview with this fetish porno producer. Her gloved hands make it a bit clumsy to take notes with pen and paper. She tried not to look at the camera, she felt a bit embarrassed for this shady interview.

Salomon smiled generously, “Well where do we start, my dear? Maybe I can open this issue by showing you some scenes from our newest production? It is a story of a beautiful sexy lady, who met two guys in a local bar. They ask her to do some rubber modeling for them and she agrees with them. However, after seeing the setting in the studio she changes her mind. She is no more cooperative at all, she refuses everything, she won’t do a thing, not even to dress in a rubber catsuit. But these guys know what they want and since she is already there they won’t hesitate a minute to make her do what they want. Actually they force her to wear a catsuit. The outfit is similar to the one you wear now. All the gloves, hood and so on…. By the way, how does the catsuit feel? Is it getting warmer and more cozy, eh?”

Mary blushed again and were embarrassed, trying just to stare on her notes. “Well, this does feel strange” she mumbled.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was opened wide. “Here comes the Sub!” shouted one of four guys who carried in a black round-shaped case. Its length was maybe two meters and also other dimensions were similar to a standard coffin. All four men also wore black ski masks, which made Mary a little suspicious.

“Oh my, is it already finished and ready to use? Wow! OK guys, thanks! Put it on the floor here. It is so damned heavy” Salomon was excited and walked around the object. “Well, this is absolutely great that I can now show you also this device! It is our newest design, a rubber cocoon. Originally we called it the Tire Cocoon because it is constructed of the same industrial rubber as car tires. The walls are of same structure as in tires, but it is thicker. But guys nicknamed it ‘the Sub’, because it is looks like a nuclear submarine which is covered with black rubber. It is very heavy, more than one hundred kilos. What do you think?“ Salomon walked around the device and the cameraman continued to record their discussion.

Mary looked amazed and also a bit embarrassed “Oh, its enormous! Goosh, it smells so much rubber here now! But what is it for? It it some kind of container or stowage?”

“Hehee!” Salomon laughed. “This is an item of heavy rubber for ultimate latex sessions. When a person steps inside this air-tight cocoon – there is a long industrial zipper under a lid on the back side – he will be totally isolated there from the world outside. We guarantee that no other isolation product in the market compares to this experience. And its sound-proof properties are excellent.”

“I see… So the person inside is meditating in there or what?” Mary bent down to look it more closely. “So the head of the person will be around here in this part isn’t it?” she asked and stroked cautiously the rubber surface. “But how long he can stay there? You said that it is air-tight. I can’t see any opening for breathing or so?”

“Look at here” said Salomon and pointed to the crown of the cocoon. “Here are several tiny air ducts from the top of the Sub. They provide the air supply to the sla…. eh the person. The embedded ducts are retracted in the rubber wall. You can see only several small openings here, they are pretty invisible, eh?”

Mary looked at Salomon unbelievingly and frowned her forehead. “I can’t understand this anyway… Who would want to be there inside? The person must experience it as very constricting and isn't it uncomfortable to stay there?”

“Well… it depends, I will tell you more a bit later”, Salomon glanced other four guys and they all were trying to hide their amusement.

“Ok guys, thanks for your help. I call you later, but stay on stand-by.” The four men left the office but the camera man remained in the room and kept recording the interview. “But where were we? Lets concentrate to the new movie…. So it is about rubber bondage. The guys enforce the girl to dress in latex and that was not enough, they also gag her and put her into a latex body bag. It contains inner sleeves for legs and arms, so she is helpless when the back zipper is closed. These actors really know how to do it, you will see it. And of course the actress is doing her best to resist their nasty plans..!”

“Would you like to have a peek of some scenes of the movie? Tell me what you think” Salomon pressed the play button of the player and suddenly the screen was filled with a close take of an actress in black latex. Mary was really shocked to see how what a heavy rubber movie was like. Mary stared the screen to witness some violent scenes when the actress was dominated by several male actors. They forced her into a black catsuit, just like Solomon narrated. Then one guy pushed a pump-gag into her mouth despite her loud protests but they just did it… At the same time Mary was startled to notice that the camera man was still in the room and discretely kept on documented her.

After few minutes Mary spoke. “Where do you find these female actors for your movies? I must say that this actress is really convincing. Oh my god, I would really believe that she is absolutely reluctant to be captivated in that body bag. How she can be so convincing and struggling vigorously against the guys? Her emotional gestures and all that screaming… how she can look so authentically shocked?” Mary looked pale and upset.

“Do you often need to stop filming a bondage scene because the actress just can’t take it? Those huge gags and all that bondage stuff must feel horrible? Those tricks must feel stressful?” Mary started to feel anxious and unwell to watch this repulsive movie. The male actors held tightly the squirming actress while she was helplessly grunting and clearly tried to push the gag away. Her wide open eyes very scared…

“No, our actresses are high quality professionals. They don’t have any problems, not with even the most extreme bondage,” grinned Salomon.

Mary did not feel like watching this movie anymore. She got more and more upset. On the screen the guys held the actress’s arms firmly enforcing her legs into a black rubber bag, which was lifted up and then also her arms were forced into the sack. Then they lifted it higher up to her neck, then her head was also pushed into the hood and the attached gasmask was set on her face. She was vigorously writhing but the zipper of the bag was closed up to her crown.

There she was in the bondage sack, gagged behind a gasmask glued tightly against her face. A camera shot recorded her face… then the scene was zoomed to show a detailed view of her eyes behind the lenses. They were horror-stricken, staring. Her frantic breathing was clearly audible, accompanied with grunts suppressed by the gag when she protested being captured. Mary was more and more troubled to see all this. The actress looked so desperate, trying to shake her head as if denying her treatment but the thick rubber hood constrained her gestures. Then men put her lying on the floor and bound her body with half a dozen rubber straps. Mary jumped up to stop the movie. Her eyes were blazing.

“Why this woman is acting in your movie? Is she paid so well? Do you really pay her so well? Or are you just exploiting her? Is that really what you do? That can’t be just excellent acting, all that despair and anxiety!” Suddenly Mary became aware of the camera man who still kept on filming her from various angles. “Stop that filming. Right now.. or I…!”

“Aw, come on,” interrupted Salomon who was sitting in an arm chair. “I don’t exploit her, really. She was ready, willing and able to take the role, no problem. I’ll tell you more about it. But you stopped the movie all too early…. You missed the great final scene. It is really cool… “ He reached to continue the movie, but Mary stopped him “No, I don’t want to watch it anymore!”.

“Well, well… OK” Salomon replied. “But maybe you like to know what they did to her? After binding her with rubber straps they connected her gas mask with a system of bubble bottles. There the air intake goes through one bottle and exhaled air goes out via another bottle. So she became totally isolated from the world outside. Not isolated only by her rubber outfit but also isolated by liquid, where her inspiration and expiration was forced to pass through water zone. ”

“Stop your nasty stories! They make me sick! This is really awful. How she can take so big gag in her mouth? It must feel horrible! How did you succeed to make her agree with such treatment? Are you blackmailing her or what it is?!”

“Oh, no, no no… So many questions, my friend…. I’m very pleased to hear that the acting is so convincing. The actress is the one who does the magnificent acting. But I also as a producer and director of this movie have found effective solutions which make this all possible. This movie is a brand new one, not even published yet. Actually, these scenes were shot today, a couple hours ago. By the way… I think that that women is still here… in the studio I guess…”

“What?” Mary almost jumped up. “Really?! She is still here? I would like to hear her own views and opinions! How did she recover from that stressful experience? Why did she act in this kind of movie? With her enormous talents she could be in Hollywood!”

“No”, Salomon interrupted her “You can’t interview her because of copyright issues… As least you need a permission from her agent…”

“Come on! I think that this is very important” Mary almost yelled. “And where is your assistant? I want to undress out of this stupid latex dress, it's so hot. I don’t want to wear this dress anymore, I want meet that actress and wear my own clothes!”

“Wait a minute,” said Salomon and stepped in front of Mary. “I think that she is right now busy with the movie scenes. But since you are so very, very eager to know more… I will show you something…”

Salomon opened a curtain in the wall of office and revealed a window to the movie studio. Mary looked through the glass and she was shocked to see precisely the same latex figure as in the movie! It was like a reproduction of the final scene of the movie, the latex clad actress lying on the floor bound with straps. And just like Salomon just told her, tubes connected the gas mask with transparent bubbling bottles. The bound figure squirmed laboriously, being restricted by the straps and the outfit. In the studio there was also a camera man and he was just filming the rubber slave. Salomon pressed a button which opened a connection to the studio.

“Hi Joe, you are still filming there? How is it going?”

“Hi Mr Producer. Well, this is fine, I'm just film some close-up takes of her. She has been here now more than two hours so I think that a glimpse of her eyes is worth filming, even through the steamy lenses of her gas mask, hehhe!” The camera man bent down to the gas mask covered head. “By the way, I think that she's trying to say something, listen to this!” Joe put a microphone close to the actress face. They heard how valves of the gas mask were clicking hastily, the rubber hoses were hissing and two bubble bottles were sparkling vigorously accompanied with some muffled grunts behind the gas mask.

“Well, well, it seems that our lovely film star is still busy with the equipment” laughed Salomon.

Mary was thunderstruck. “Oh my Lord! Is she still there and being victimized? She is still bound on the floor! Two hours! How she can take it? Are you sure that she is ok? In a bondage setting you should use safe words, don’t you? So she has not asked to be freed? Why?!”

“Come, come Mary. This is serious bondage.” Salomon commented with a slightly irritated tone. “No safe words here. Remember that she is gagged, so she couldn’t gasp out a single word. Or even show a gesture as a safe word. Nobody could when bound in that kind of outfit. But that is how our heavy rubber scene goes! She just has to stay and take all the stuff there is to come. There are no U-turns in this project for actresses. Even if a session is a very long one. And everything is filmed carefully with our cameras. Our movie audience are impatiently waiting to see these acts, where the slave seems to be authentically forced to take all the stuff and treatment. With a very intensive reluctance, of course. The more she struggles and protests the better movie it will be!”

Mary had been frozen when listening him, but now she started to express irritation. “But that is immoral and unjustified, really and…”

Salomon interrupted her, “To be honest, our clientele is not much interested in rubber slave movies if the attitude of the actresses to latex bondage is neutral. Or even worse, some actors are more than eager to get rubberized. They open their mouth willingly to be gagged. All that overt compliance is harmful, it is not exciting to our clientele at all! Actually the cooperation makes the film really suck, it is not a genuine bondage scene. Our audience appreciates scenes where the slaves are really terrified, in genuine despair and preferable also in panic and alarm.”

Now Mary got really upset and her voice started to sound hysterical. “This is criminal! How you can do that film making against her will! I’m sure that police will stop your projects! You will be jailed for that.”

Salomon grabbed her both hands “Come, come. You have a bad attitude problem. You should also be in the right mood for this. Boys!” Two hooded guys jumped in and they grabbed Mary’s arms. The camera man had been recording all this scene and he seemed to be doing that even further. Also the other camera man came in from the studio to join this movie making.

“Hey baby, lets make this scene to be your breakthrough as a rubber bondage queen!” Salomon took a black gag and forced it into Mary’s mouth. The guys held both her arms tightly, so she could only shake her head and she tried to protest verbally but the gag muffled her very effectively.

“You Mary are too nosy with your interviews and you don’t understand the essence of heavy rubber. You jeopardize our new business with your attitude problem. So I think that you need a lesson to learn what is the wonderful world of heavy rubber. I’m sure that if you have some personal experience, then you will be more liberal.”

Mary eyes were blazing hostile emotions to Salomon who kept on teasing her. “As you are a special guest, we will provide you a special opportunity to test the Ultimate Sub. Nobody has tried it before, not even that actress, who is now busy with her bubble bottles…”

“I bet that you won’t ever forget this experience in the Sub. Its inner walls are upholstered with an inner rubber tube and what adds a nice inflatable bondage effect for the person captured inside. So you will learn a lot of heavy rubber today, heheh”.

Mary squirmed violently but the guys held tight grip. “Ok guys, lets first put Mary in the latex bag for the Sub.” They grabbed Mary from all four limbs and lifted her up. “So, as an appetizer you will get into a latex body bag. It is just like in the movie you just saw, its inner sleeves will captivate you tightly”.

“Let’s see if your opinions will change when you have some experience yourself.” Mary’s legs were pushed into the rubber bag, then both arms forced into inner sleeves and in a second the hood with an attached gas mask engulfed her head. Up went the zipper to the crown of her head and she was done!

“Have a look, guys. This valve is our own construction”, Salomon pointed to the metallic adapter valve on the gas mask covering Mary’s face. “It fits to the counterpart in the Sub. All of the slave’s expired respiration will be used to fill the inner tube of the cocoon.”

“OK , let’s place her into the Sub.” The men lifted Mary into the huge cocoon. She was squirming and grunting to protest her treatment and wheezed vigorously when she realized what was to come. “Adjust her to lay here on her stomach”. They placed her in the Sub.

“Hey Jeff, the adapter of the gasmask will fit the breathing socket in the Sub” instructed Salomon, “Just press the back of her head down until it clicks”.

“Ok, here it goes” responded Jeff and pressed her head down. Simultaneously Mary’s puffs and agitated grunts became almost inaudible and were replaced by muted hiss of air flowing into the inner tube.

“OK, now she breathes air through the ducts of the Sub. All expired air will remain in the Sub.” They secured some straps to keep her in right position. “When we close the Sub no hissing or grunting can be heard. Let’s zip it up and inset the edges of the rubber walls together. That will be an air-tight closure”.

After closing the heavy duty zipper they closed the lid by fitting the rubber lap to the groove on the other side which formed a snug seam. Finally they shut a dozen metal latches which secured the closing. “She is right now really shocked and in terror. During the first moments a bondage slave usually tries to shout, scream or grunt. But then the slave will give up and submit to the situation”. Salomon gave a pat on the Sub. “The valves and thick wall of the Sub will completely mute the slave because all the expired air goes into the inner tube. Nothing comes out. A really evil feature for the slave is the gradually intensifying bondage by the increasing pressure in the inner tube. So a slave will actually be clinched more and more tightly by her own expiration”. Salomon pushed the Sub gently, “Well Mary, soon you will know what it feels to be imprisoned in a car tire! There you will be literally under pressure! What do you say, eh?” They all laughed loudly.

“Soon the inner tube is full and the final pressure level is achieved. Then pressure relief valves will start to let superfluous air leak smoothly out through tiny ducts. Movement of the person inside is impossible, there is space only for breathing when the inner tube is filled. But for an external inspection the Sub is totally lifeless. It is silent and still like a statue. However, there is a anxious slave trapped inside! Only a very detailed inspection would reveal that there is both intake air and exhaust air flowing smoothly through the tiny ducts”.

Jeff bent down to put his ear against the rubber wall. “Total silence here now” he commented.

“Yeah. So the thick walls and breathing system guarantees that is no sounds outside - but a lot of moans inside, hehehe!” replied Salomon.

“But we can monitor the distress of the slave if desired. There is a built-in microphone in the inner tube.” Salomon pointed to a tiny connector on the Sub’s wall. “You just plug a wire here and connect it to a loud speaker. You can hear all muffled puffs and grunts by the slave inside.”

Salomon looked at his watch, “The permanent staff of the studio will return here in few hours so we have to leave this crime scene. I rented this studio just for this afternoon and I paid it in cash so they can’t trace us. This type of method to produce bondage movies may be a bit too hot for them.” Salomon looked around to get an overview of the studio. “Let’s leave these reluctant bondage queens intact to be found. We must abandon the bondage equipment after all, but that is not a problem, we have a large supply of heavy rubber to be used in next movies. And we have lots of excellent material now because of these imprisoned ladies.”

Salomon gave a pat to Mary’s cocoon. “I hope that Mary is learning right now how to enjoy her first ride in the Sub. This current session may be a lengthy one for her. I bet that studio people are totally occupied when they find the other actress on the floor with her bubbling bottles. So it may take quite a while before someone will realize that there is also another a rubber slave in the same room – being hidden in the Sub! If Mary is not lucky she may have to overnight in the Sub, being squeezed between the tire and its inner tube. Mary is not a Michelin Man, but she is a real Michelin Lady. Hehehe!”



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