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Jessica Darling 9: Can I Get a Little Help?

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bdsm; spank; oral; tease; mast; toys; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 8

Chapter 9: Can I Get a Little Help?

Jessica had helped Heather back to her quarters and directed Heather's maid to draw a warm bath while Jessica's maid was assigned the task of fetching something for her to eat and drink. As near as Jessica could determine, Heather hadn't had anything to eat or drink in several hours. Jessica then went to her quarters to retrieve the small toolkit from her 'black bag'. Jessica had attempted to remove the silver cuffs and collar from around Heather's limbs and neck but had been unsuccessful. "I will inform Madame's assistants that they need to remove the appliances." Jessica's maid commented to her before she left for refreshments.

Jessica wanted to get at least one of those mysterious bands in her possession so she could more closely study it. During her closer examination of them as they took Heather back up to her quarters, Jessica noticed that there was only the slightest hint of a seam, so perfectly they had been crafted. And no amount of pulling seemed to be able to break that seal. They had appeared flexible and fairly compliant when they were attached to her friend, Jessica couldn't figure out why they couldn't be removed just as easily. She had to hurry if she was going to get one of those bands off her friend before the maid managed to return with one of the assistants. Then suddenly, an opportunity dawned on Jessica... “If she went to go get one of the assistants then she must have a key to the studio floor...” Jessica now had a means to get access to the studio and the mysterious 'secret' areas contained within. She just had to come up with a plan to get the key from her maid.

She tried to move as quickly as she dared through the hallway between hers and Heather's quarters but running in her heeled boots was out of the question as the noise it would make would certainly alert everyone in the floors under her that something was amiss. So it was taking far longer than she would prefer to get to her quarters, to her bag, and then locate the little multi-purpose toolkit she always took with her on cases. It contained several small tools, both normal and electronic, that Jessica had found came in handy numerous times. She absentmindedly opened the kit and took a quick inventory of the tools and began to rummage through the pockets on her bag to see if there was anything else worth taking.

“Ticktock Jessica... Ticktock... get your god-damned ass moving!” Jessica's mind screamed. She was in a race and she was losing precious seconds. She'd have to go with the toolkit and hope it had whatever she might need, as she zipped her bag closed once again and took off back down towards the finish line that was Heather's bath suite.

Jessica returned, with her toolkit hidden down her blouse, to find Heather standing in the tub as her maid ran a soapy sponge over her body. Jessica gazed at her friend with an odd mix of satisfaction and disappointment: Satisfaction to see Heather apparently none-the-worse for wear, disappointment to see that an assistant had already beaten Jessica in removing the silver devices as Heather was as nude as she had been before the session began.

Jessica kicked herself mentally for wasting those seconds earlier and went over to the bench by the window and sat down to watch her friend carefully. But nothing seemed to be at issue, Heather was physically tired and complained of sore muscles which her maid dutifully massaged until Heather directed her to stop. But, knowing Heather as she did, Jessica suspected that most of the complaints of sore muscles was more a ploy to get a little massaging from the attractive maid than to actually 'work out the kinks' as Heather had put it. “Well, at least she seems to be getting back to 'normal'” Jessica thought to herself.

The bath helped to relax both of them as Jessica sloughed off the concern she had been carrying since watching Brulée's assistants fit that balloon into Heather's mouth. Jessica's maid had long since returned with some refreshments, consisting of a series of platters with fresh fruit, small sandwiches, and some 'treats from Madame's factory'. She also brought a magnum of champagne which Heather's maid had mentioned was Mistress Heather's favorite beverage. Heather could only smile and shrug her shoulders as Jessica rolled her eyes at the comment.

And then as if on cue, their tasks for the moment completed, both maids made their curtsied exit from the bath suite leaving Jessica and Heather alone to discuss the events of the past few hours.

"It was the most intense and rewarding session I've ever had." Heather explained to Jessica. “I'm serious, I've been in a lot of tough video shoots, photo sessions, live performances...” Heather paused to take a sip of champagne, “But I've never been pushed as hard as that before."

"It couldn't have been too comfortable up on that hunk of marble." Jessica noted before taking a sip from her own glass. "I don't know how you held out that long."

"It wasn't that Jessica..." Heather paused... "That was uncomfortable, but not intense. I mean...” Heather was obviously struggling to describe the feelings and sensations to Jessica. “I don't know how to explain it except that once that stuff had begun to set I couldn't move a muscle. And between the hands touching me and being totally bound once that stuff set, I got so aroused. And I couldn't do a damn thing about it at all! Jessica! That was the hardest part. First I was bound by the need to stay perfectly still while they coated me and that goop set. Then, once it set, I could move even when I tried.”

Jessica's mind began to wander...

“And it that's when I really started to get hot. The stuff was so smooth and creamy, and it felt incredible! I can't tell you what it felt like Jessica, but it was like the more they put on me the hornier I got. After a while it was like all I wanted to have someone touch me... It was incredible to be so close, so ready to be toyed with but not being able to finish it. I can't begin to tell you how many times I could have cum just if someone had touched my clit."

Jessica sat there next to the tub, hearing her friend's words but not truly listening. The more Heather explained her sensations of being slathered and cocooned with that rubbery substance, the more Jessica's mind drifted back to the scene several hours earlier. Jessica could feel the tension in her sex build as she ran through the imagery of Heather being coated in creamy rubber by ten latex-covered hands. It wasn't long before Jessica's fantasies had taken over and placed herself in Heather's buttery peril.

"Jessica? Are you alright?" Heather's hand on her leather-clad thigh tore Jessica away from her mental encasement and dragged her back into the reality of Heather's guest quarters deep inside Brulée's estate.

"Huh? Yeah, yeah. I'm fine Heather. I was just..." Jessica's voice dropped off as she failed to retrieve a believable lie.

Heather giggled and splashed some water in Jessica's direction “Lier, you haven't heard a word I've said. You're over there off in your own little world. And if I couldn't see that little spot between your legs I'd say you were simply tired instead of horny. Now I can see why you like being restrained so much.”

Jessica turned three different shades of red as she looked down and realized that her wetness had finally soaked through her g-string and begun to show through her leather pants. And even though her friend had seen Jessica in various states of 'need' and knew of her sexual preferences, this was the first time that Jessica had ever exhibited this type of response in Heather's presence merely the thought of being encased in some substance. Nobody, save for her recently departed Lady Alexandra, knew of that very secret fantasy.

“Hey... it's OK...” Heather noticed Jessica's unusual discomfort “I'm getting worked up again just thinking about it. It was really some intense stuff.”

“Yeah... It was something to watch...” Jessica smirked before she took another sip of champagne. 'Something to watch' Jessica couldn't help but let the panorama of her friend's experience unfold once again in her mind, watching the details of every inch of Heather being covered, then swaddled, in that rigid rubbery pod.

“And you know...” Heather repositioned herself in the tub so she was now looking directly at Jessica, “I'd love to do it again. How about you and I telling Brulée that we want to do a statue together. Not for display, but just as a 'keepsake'.”

Jessica about choked on her drink the moment her friend suggested it.

“What? Come on Jessica, it'd be fun! And you'd have something to put in that big empty reception area in your house.”

“You're just being silly Heather.” Jessica began to snicker.

“Oh come on, it's not like I'm saying we'd do something weird or anything. I'm not saying we'd be doing some sort of '69' with big rubber dildos or anything...” Heather flicked water at Jessica. “Something 'classical' like that stuff she has in her gallery downstairs. You know, like that Rodent stuff you were talking about.” Heather finished her last sentence by taking on a hard backwoods accent, trying to sound as hillbilly as possible.

“Rodin, Heather. Not rodent...” Jessica had broken out in a full laugh at her friend's deliberate cultural gaff. Jessica's mind flashed back to the last time she did something 'artistic' with Heather, last fall when the grapes were being brought in and Heather had asked why they didn't stomp the grapes at Jessica's winery; and how at Heather's urging, the two of them ended up knee-deep in a large cask stomping red grapes wearing nothing but their panties. That was until Heather started to flick grape juice and skins at Jessica, which led to a wrestling match in the cask which ultimately ended up in the two friends having incredibly passionate sex right there in the mess. Jessica then had those grapes processed and bottled as a very special vintage that very few outside of Jessica and Heather knew about. In a tribute to the two of them, Jessica had it labeled 'Leather and Latex – 2004 Special Reserve' and it was never served to anyone except Jessica or Heather.

“What are you thinking about?” Heather asked as she noticed a smirk cross Jessica's face, which for the first time since they left on this trip genuinely made Jessica look happy.

“Just about that time we made a little wine.” Came the reply.

“Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Wish you played like that more often...” Heather's words trailed off. She had already made her point to Jessica while they were on the plane and now that Jessica was laughing again she didn't mean to bring up old news. “I'm sorry Jessica... I didn't...” Heather decided that she was finished with her bath and, after letting the stopper out, stepped out of the tub.

“It's OK Heather. I know you didn't mean anything by it.” Jessica smiled as she handed Heather a warm towel from the rack. She watched Heather wrap the towel around her before she walked behind her and softly whispered in Heather's ear; “But I do intend to have at least a little fun tonight.” Which brought a wicked smile to Heather's lips, at least until Jessica told her that Heather wasn't to be her playmate this night.

After making sure that Heather was alright and that her maid had put her to bed, Jessica made her way back to her quarters to find her maid dutifully waiting for her. This maid, the same one that had been with her since she and Heather arrived, was about to serve of two of Jessica's purposes this evening. Based on their tour, Jessica was certain that anything related to Cardinalli's disappearance would have to be located somewhere in Brulée's underground studio complex. She only needed to find a way to get down there as covertly as possible. Which led to the second purpose Jessica had planned. Jessica knew she would have to take advantage of a clear situation to acquire the means to do so when it presented itself. And her young, nubile, redheaded maid represented just such a situation. The fact that the girl was attractive, submissive, and that Jessica needed some measure of sexual release to quench her quaking pussy, made the situation all the more advantageous.

Jessica made her way into the dressing room, and sat down on a chair with her maid taking her position beside her.

Then as with any well trained domestic, she quickly went to work undressing her assigned Mistress. Jessica felt certain that the girl had noticed Jessica's wet crotch, as she noticed a few soft caresses across her body as the maid removed Jessica's clothes and put them away for cleaning. After Jessica had been stripped nude, and finished her bedtime preparations, she padded to the large bed with her dutiful maid following close behind. After the bed had been turned down and the maid placed the step stool in front of her Mistress' feet, Jessica turned to the girl and softly smiled at her.

A quizzical look crossed the maid's face. She responded as she had been trained: "Is there something else my Mistress requires?"

Jessica closed the short distance between her and the girl and dug into the lust that had been building inside her. "Yes, there is something I require..." Jessica was standing directly in front of the latex maid and draped her arms around her "require very badly..." Jessica punctuated her statement with a nip of the maid's earlobe.

"But... Mistress... I'm not allowed..."

A slow, light, draw of her Jessica's tongue down the full length of the maid's neck to the shoulder cut off the maid's protest. "You've been assigned to serve me haven't you?" Jessica mumbled as her tongue retraced it's previous course.

"Yes... Mistress..." came the hushed reply.

"Then serve me..." Jessica licked before she slowly spun the quaking maid around until she faced away from the investigator. Jessica felt her servant's feeble struggles cease as the girl's body shuddered when Jessica ran her hands down her slick latex exterior.


"Did I tell you to talk?" Jessica drew upon her own private life to further subdue the moaning redhead in her clutches.

"No Mistress..." The maid's reply was barely audible between the moans and sighs as Jessica's hands and lips continued their manipulation.

"What have you been instructed to do?" Jessica drew her hands down to the hem on the maid's latex uniform skirt and raised it up so she could press her instructions home.

"s...s...serve you my M... m...mistress." The quiver in her voice matched the tremors that raced through her body as Jessica toyed with her.

"That's my good girl..." Jessica whispered as she hooked the maid's dress, slid it over her shoulders, and then let it drop to the floor. Jessica used her body to gently nudge the defrocked servant closer to the massive bed in the center of the room as she continued to whisper instructions into the shaking girl's ear: "Please me and I will reward you like the good girl you are..." which Jessica followed with a soft nip and tug at the girl's earlobe, "Disappoint me... and you will be punished..." Jessica punctuated her warning by grabbing the maid's hair in her hand and pulling back as hard as she thought the girl could withstand before Jessica threw her onto the bed face first.

"Now lay still until I tell you to move!" Jessica commanded the helpless girl as she padded back over to the pile, that moments earlier had been the maid's dress and apron, lying on the floor. "Tsk... tsk... tsk... and already you've disappointed me." Jessica smiled as she bent over and gathered up the discarded latex.

Jessica's smile carried a double meaning as she glanced over at her servant, who was obediently following her Mistress' command and laying face down on the bed. Heather didn't mind seeing the nubile young redhead, clad only in her latex gloves, latex stockings, and heels.

As Jessica gathered up the maid's uniform, she surreptitiously rummaged through the various pockets on the front of the apron until she located what she needed much more than sexual release. "mmmm... yes... I know how to punish a young girl like you..." Jessica giggled as she pulled the key card from the right front pocket and quickly palmed it before she carefully draped the uniform over the back of the high-backed chair in the corner of the room.

Jessica slowly padded her way back to her unwitting victim, deliberately taking a circuitous route that took her past her black leather handbag by the night table. It took only the briefest of moments for Jessica to deposit her ill-gotten gain before she was on her quarry one more time.

"Get up and stand in front of me!" Jessica commanded her servant.

The maid quickly obeyed her Mistress' command.

"I see that we've not been taught how to properly care for our uniform." Jessica started to instruct as she began to pace around the submissive girl. "Your Mistress should never have to pick up after her servant... Don't you agree?"

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress." The still trembling girl meekly replied before she bowed her head in admission of her guilt.

"I didn't ask for an apology!!! Did I?" Then, utilizing a move that had been used on her several times in her past, Jessica once again took maid's long silky mane into her talons and pulled the poor girl's head back hard, forcing her to look directly at the ceiling in the room as Jessica hissed her displeasure through her clenched teeth.

Jessica didn't wait for a response as she pulled the disobedient servant over to her bed as if the girl's hair were a leash. Then, in one single motion, Jessica spun the girl around and then threw her face down over the edge of the bed. Jessica felt her lust build as she surveyed her prey as it dangled over the edge of the bed before she leveled a hard, well-placed strike onto the girl's soft backside.

"This is what you deserve for disappointing me!" Jessica continued to hiss as she landed slap after slap against the maid's ass, alternating sides, striking as hard as Jessica thought the girl could stand. "You WILL learn to keep my room tidy! You WILL learn to appreciate the fine things your Mistress gives you!"

The maid, between blows always responded to Jessica's admonition with the same two words... "Yes Mistress..." But never once did the maid complain or cry out. She took every blow Jessica leveled against her and never wavered in her commitment to her assigned Mistress. As the blows mounted in number, the poor girl began to bite her lower lip after each agreement with her Mistress' point, until finally the agreements became nothing more than soft moans.

Finally, Jessica called off her strikes and directed the girl to once again stand in front of her. Jessica again slowly paced around her, examining her again from head to toe, noting three changes in the maid's status from before. Tears had welled up in her eyes, both from the punishment as well as from the recognition of her failure to please her Mistress. The cheeks on both sides of her pert ass were now bright red from the penalty her Mistress had exacted at the price for her failure. And finally, a light trickle of moisture had started to flow down between the girl's legs. This more than anything else attracted Jessica's attention. It was something she had seen before, the only time she ever punished Antonia in the same manner.

Jessica ran her fingers between the girl's smooth inner thighs, collected a sample on her fingers, and then presented it to the trembling servant. Her question of: "And what is this my dear?" was answered only by the the poor girl blushing in embarrassment. It was only after Jessica threatened more punishment for the girl's blatent disrespect for not answering her Mistress' question did the answer come verbally.

"It's... my... 'dew' Mistress." the girl murmured.

"Hmmmm... really... you didn't urinate on yourself did you..." Jessica asked the question but she already knew the answer. Jessica could feel the same trickle down her own thighs begin as she watched this sweet girl, who had been simply unfortunate enough to be assigned to assist Jessica this week, quiver.

"No Mistress!" Came the prompt reply to Jessica's interrogation. The maid closed her eyes as Jessica worked her way around to take her position behind the maid, fearing another round of punishment. Fearing not because of the pain she would again endure, fearing because of what might happen if her Mistress continued.

"Then show me." Jessica commanded as she slid her fingers down between the girl's legs.

Dutifully, the maid slid her feet apart, opening up her thighs for her Mistress, allowing the Mistress open access to her.

Jessica slowly ran her fingers around and between the maid's lips, feeling the girl's moisture work it's way between her fingers, making them slicker, slipperier, adding to the sensations Jessica knew the girl was feeling. Jessica's own pussy had joined the girl's, keeping pace in unison with the maid's building passion with metronomic precision.

Jessica slowly pushed her fingers into the girl's inner sanctum, relishing how soft and warm it was. Jessica always enjoyed playing with her lover's pussy. She enjoyed the feel of them, relishing the contrast between the cold, hard, exterior of some of her own previous Mistresses and their soft, warm, interior. She slowly moved her fingers inside the girl, feeling the wetness squirt out past them and flow down her hand. A soft moan that escaped from the impaled maid's mouth told Jessica all she needed to hear before she withdrew herself and took her position in front of the girl again.

"Oh no my little servant. You have to earn it first." Jessica teased the poor girl, licking the juice from her fingers as is she had returned to her childhood and was relishing her favorite ice cream in the middle of the hottest day of the summer. "Every good servant knows their Mistress always 'cums' first."

Jessica climbed onto the bed and laid back, her legs spread and dangling over the edge. It only took a few moments before she felt the first soft kiss of her girl against her inner thighs. Jessica inhaled as she felt the lightest touch of her servant's tongue against her pussy, before it pushed its way into her and began to softly tease Jessica's nub. Jessica began to slowly buck against her servant's attention and smear her hot, slick, juices over the little redhead's face. Both Mistress and maid began to increase the force of their attention on each other in a content, Jessica wanting to savor, her maid wanting to satisfy. The maid was young, and enthusiastic, but not experienced enough to know exactly how to extract the most pleasure from her Mistress, but it didn't make much of a difference to Jessica. So much tension had built up inside her that if a more experienced woman had taken on the assignment of bringing Jessica off, it would have been done within the first 5 minutes of effort. And Jessica wanted to enjoy this. After having denied herself earlier, she wanted to finally enjoy something on this trip.

It wasn't long before Jessica had wrapped her long legs around the attentive maid, and held her in place as she continued her efforts to bring her Mistress to completion. Jessica drifted off into her fantasy realm as the maid's efforts began to home in on her limit. Jessica thought back to what Heather had told her about the sensations she felt during her being coated, about how strangely compelling her forced immobility had been, about how she had wanted to cum but couldn't. Jessica watched again her friend being coated, watched the latex hands smooth the butter over her naked body, ensuring it covered every crack and crevice. Then some part of Jessica's mind forced Jessica to switch places.

A sudden thrust of Jessica's hips, a sudden onrush of hot fluids, and a muffled scream of ecstasy buried into a hastily-grabbed pillow told the maid that she had done as she had been instructed. In one last gentle touch the maid softly played with Jessica's sopping pussy before she lightly kissed her way up Jessica's stomach, pausing long enough to kiss and lick each nipple, finally coming to rest next to her Mistress, who's body was relishing the aftershocks of bliss still racing through it.

After several minutes, Jessica looked at the girl and her glazed face and smiled at her and then reached over and lightly stroked her long red hair.

The maid smiled in return, it was the first time she'd been asked by a Mistress to perform this trusted duty and she was genuinely pleased that she had made Jessica happy... "Thank you Mistress."

Jessica did as she had promised; before she released the maid from her attention, the girl had been rewarded more than 7 times, each time from a different approach and a different action. The largest had been when Jessica took the nubile maid over her knees and, after burying Jessica's favorite vibrator deep inside the redhead's tight sex, fucked her with it while randomly planting hard swats to the girl's ass. By the end of the session the maid had thoroughly soaked Jessica's hand, face, wing-backed chair, the rug in front of the fireplace, and one windowsill. Jessica knew that if her plan was successful, and if it was determined that it was this young maid who had failed in her duty to the house to keep her access key secured, this poor girl would punished severely. Unconsciously, Jessica felt a need to pay the girl in advance for what might befall her later if Brulée or Taffy found out it was her card that Jessica had somehow pilfered and leveraged to gain access to those 'secret' areas locked away underground.

Jessica worked quickly and retrieved the small magnetic card reader from her black bag, plugged it in the nearest outlet and then into her laptop. She had used the machine before to copy everything from similar security cards to hotel room keys and credit cards, so it was a simple matter to read the maid's access card, rip it's codes into her computer and then burn them onto a blank key card Jessica pulled from her handbag. Jessica smiled at Brulée's supreme confidence in her security measures at the perimeter of her estate and the ability of those measures to keep out any threats. Brulée made the classic blunder when developing security measures; she had failed to add redundancy in case the primary measures failed. “It's almost too easy” Jessica snickered to herself. “Now I just have to figure out how to get down to the gallery without being noticed.”

Having tested her counterfeit card though her own card reader and confident that it would indeed operate in place of the real article, Jessica packed up her equipment, placed the newly-minted counterfeit card in her handbag, and then placed the maid's original card under the pillow Jessica laid her head on when she climbed back into bed. She would need the card close by in the morning when she would attempt to return it to her servant. Hopefully, nobody would be any wiser partly because of the damage it would do to her plan but also because of the slight pangs of guilt Jessica felt for having used the poor girl. Almost as quickly as she laid her head down on the pillow, Jessica fell asleep. relaxed and satisfied, still with visions of Heather's encasement flitting though her head.



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