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Jessica Darling 8: Hot and Buttered Heather

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2009 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; latex; maids; collar; cuffs; mould; encase; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 7

Chapter 8: Hot and Buttered Heather

"So, has Miss Brulée told you anything about what she wants me to do?" Heather inquired with all the energy of a teen-aged girl dating the hottest boy in the school just before heading out on her first date alone with him.

"Oh, I'm certain Madame has something special in mind for you Mistress Heather. Madame instructed me to prepare you in a manner befitting a more classical work." The stylist commented as she continued brushing and tweaking Heather's long brunette locks.

"Classical? You mean like those statues downstairs?" Heather giggled, as she thought back to Brulée's adaptation of David.

"Yes Mistress Heather, I do believe that is what Madame intended."

"Well I hope she doesn't think I need 'enhancements' or anything. I mean, its an honor to pose for her but I'd like it to be all me in the statue." Heather commented as the stylist finished French-braiding Heather's hair before starting on her makeup.

The makeup was kept light, only enough to highlight Heather's natural facial structure and features. With that task complete, the stylist then turned her attention to ensuring that every single piece of jewelry Heather had either placed on, or attached to her naked body was removed. This accounted not only for the various rings on Heather's ears, fingers, and toes; but also for the ones in both nipples, and her bellybutton. Nor did Heather didn't appear to mind when the stylist softly removed the small platinum ring Jessica had given her as a birthday present last year from her clit.

Once this task had been completed and Heather's body rechecked for every detail outlined by Brulée, the stylist dismissed herself and returned Heather to the care of her now familiar servant who held out a knee-length satin robe for Heather to fold around her nude form.

"My Mistress looks wonderful! You are ready now!" Heather's servant exclaimed as she led Heather by the hand out to the massive studio where Brulée, several other women dressed in what appeared to resemble an apron/labcoat combination, and Jessica waited.

Jessica walked to her friend and whispered into her ear; "You look beautiful Heather! I love your hair that way." as Heather smiled at the complement and continued padding barefoot behind her assistant towards the center of the studio which was dominated by a large marble boulder prodded into place several days beforehand.

Jessica noted the numerous latex-clad assistants in the room and wondered why Brulée, the master artist, required so many. Jessica had been to countless modeling and video shoots before, including several with Heather, so it wasn't the number of assistants that aroused Jessica's curiosity but the fact that they were all clad in white latex catsuits. In fact, the closest thing Jessica had ever seen to this display was on location during one of Heather's medical fetish movies where all the bit-players in the scene were dressed as latex nurses, complete with the same white latex gloves which Brulée's assistants appeared to have.

"Ah! Our subject has arrived!" Brulée exclaimed as Heather reached the center of the studio, her servant positioning her directly in front of the marble stone. "Let's have a look at you my sweet!" Brulée directed.

Heather removed her satin robe and handed it to her servant who then excused herself and walked to the very back of the studio, out of the way.

"Mmmm.... nice.... very nice...." Brulée murmured as she directed Heather to slowly turn around several times so she could examine the porn starlet's nude form

"Excellent! My instructions were followed precisely! You are ready for me!" Brulée approved. Then with a flick of her wrist she motioned for her assistants to begin preparing Heather for her pose.

Jessica's reflexes went into high alert as four servants quickly moved towards Heather with a fifth following directly behind pushing a small stainless-steel cart. She noticed Heather's expression suddenly change to confusion, indicating to Jessica that this was something that even Heather had not experienced before at a session. It was this look which prompted Jessica to speak out.

"Excuse me... what's going on? What are those women doing? Isn't someone going to tell us what she's going to be posing for? What's on that cart?" Jessica fired off in rapid succession.

"Oh, my dear Miss Darling!" Brulée dismissed Jessica with in an exasperated tone. "Nothing to worry about, it is just part of the preparation for the pose! I understand that this may not be what either of you is used to. But, like all great artists, I have my own idiosyncrasies that must be followed. Once my assistants are finished preparing our tasty Heather there, I will explain the pose." Brulée informed the entire room with all the conceited manner of an artistic master, regardless of whether Jessica felt it deserved or not.

The assistants began removing several silver cuffs from the cart which had been placed beside the group and directed Heather to extend her limbs out one by one so they could be placed on her wrists and ankles. Jessica noticed they appeared to be the very same cuffs as the house staff wore, complete with rings for attaching restraints. The final piece, a matching polished silver posture, collar was snapped around Heather's neck after which the lead assistant nodded to the Madame that everything was fitted and ready.

"Now, let's see you again with your new jewelry!" Brulée commanded Heather to again pose and slowly twirl around, and as before Brulée nodded her approval.

Jessica was struck by how the cuffs and collar reflected the light of the studio in their mirror-polished finish, which made them appear completely seamless. Jessica had similar sets of cuffs and collars in her possession, which she used both as ‘special occasion’ jewelry as well as during her sexual activities. Jessica’s favorite set had been a given to her as a gift and were done in bright silver with crystal accents placed in rows around them. She enjoyed wearing that set to various fetish parties, and although they were very high quality and were custom made to Jessica’s measurements, even they weren't completely seamless. Jessica was about to question how Heather's new 'jewelry' was constructed and attached when Brulée's voice boomed throughout the room.

"Excellent my dear, you look scrumptious!" Brulée had begun to walk towards Heather as she discussed her 'goal' for the session: "My dear, you are fortunate to be ideally suited for an effort I've wanted to do for some time now. It’s a modern interpretation of a 'classic' of history, a classic of Greek mythology." Brulée stopped only a few feet in front of Heather before she divulged her secret plan. "You, my sweet, will be performing as Andromeda!"

"You mean that cheesy sci-fi TV show?" Heather replied with a quizzical look.

"No you ditz!" Jessica laughed from her position on the periphery of the studio. "She means Andromeda from classic Greek mythology." Jessica shook her head as her friend's lack of education in the classics before synopsizing the story for the room:

"Andromeda was the princess of Ethiopia, the daughter of Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia had a massive ego and was stupid enough to brag that she was more beautiful than anyone, the Nereids. The Nereids, or sea-nymphs, were kind helpful members of Poseidon's - he was the God of the Sea, Heather -realm often helping sailors in distress. Well, the Nereids got rather pissed off. And so did their master Poseidon. So to avenge the insult to his nymphs, Poseidon sent a sea monster to ravage the Ethiopian coast. Hearing of this looming disaster Cepheus, the King of Ethiopia, consulted the oracle of Jupiter for advice on how to avert this punishment for his wife's vanity. The oracle told Cepheus that Poseidon could only be satisfied if Cepheus sacrificed his daughter Andromeda to the monster. So, to avert the disaster and save his people, Andromeda was chained to a rock on the Ethiopian coast and left fully exposed to the approaching monster. Geez Heather! What did you do during High School?" Jessica concluded.

"A most detailed and accurate, if uninspiring, retelling of the Andromeda story for us Miss Darling!" Brulée applauded as Heather stuck her tongue out at her friend. "That is the exact effort I am striving for this afternoon. Our dear Heather here will be laid out on this marble crag I had brought in just for this piece and then she will be molded for my needs."

"But won't that mean she'll need chains or something to attach to those cuffs?" Jessica inquired.

"Ordinarily… yes." Brulée muttered as she directed Heather's placement on the marble palisade, "But for this piece I'm going to add those once the statue is finished for a less monochrome statement."

"And what will my piece be called?" Heather grunted as Brulée's assistants pushed and pulled her in multiple directions at the same time across the marble's ragged surface.

Brulée didn't answer; instead she focused her attention on the placement of every part of Heather's body with orders shouted out to her assistants who scrambled over the rocky backdrop to move Heather's various pieces in accordance with their Madame's wishes. Then, once the gross placement of the model had been completed, Brulée directed the second phase of the process to be accomplished.

This required an assistant to retrieve what appeared to be a thin balloon attached to a standard hardware store-issue caulking gun and climb the 6" ladder that had been placed next to the marble height so she could be level with Heather's face.
"Now my dear we have one more preparation to take care of." Brulée instructed.

"What's that? Wait... What are you doing??? WAIT!!!" Heather squeaked as a small outcropping dug into the small of her back. Jessica again rose from her perch on a stool on the periphery just in case her friend needed to get out of her position quickly.

"Please be calm my dear, this is just a little molding compound for the inside of your mouth." Brulée replied with a tone that made Jessica feel less than comfortable.

"Why do you need a mold of the inside of her mouth?" Jessica demanded.

"My dear Miss Darling… If you insist on continuing to interrupt my process I will have to ask you to leave." Brulée responded after taking a deep breath.

"If you don't tell me what you intend to do to my friend up there, you won't have a model because I'll be taking her out of here by force if I need to." Jessica began to fume at Brulée. Jessica knew that she could easily dispatch Brulée, despite the near 6" difference in their heights.

The tension level in the studio increased as the two strong-willed women, one attempting to protect her artwork the other her friend, engaged in a glaring contest.

"Jessica!!!!" Heather finally declared the winner. "Let her keep going! I'm fine!"

"Heather..." Jessica began to argue.

"Jessica!!! I said I'm FINE!!!!" Heather cut her friend off before Jessica could continue further.

"There, you see Miss Darling; she's a professional and knows to do what the artist requires." Brulée reinforced Heather's view. "Besides, this is merely to enable me to create a piece for the statue that I cannot create at this stage." Brulée turned back towards Heather and continued; “You see my dear, the pose I have in mind will require you to hold your mouth open. My vision of this myth is that Andromeda was ready to enjoy her fate at the hands of the monster, that she wanted the beast to take her. Thus, if my statue does not reflect the part anticipation of Andromeda, it will be an artistic failure. So, this merely fills your sweet mouth with a molding compound that will serve to both provide me with a positive mold from which I will cast a negative to place in the final piece, but also to keep the molding compound I intend to use from going down your throat. I will leave it in place once it sets and has hardened sufficiently to prevent you from changing the timbre of your mouth."

"So you'll use this ‘molding compound’?" Heather asked.

"Yes my dear. I've found it to be the best way for me to acquire the details that I need. Then I make subtle revisions as needed to the cast piece." Brulée confirmed as she motioned to her assistant to insert the balloon into Heather's mouth and begin pumping it full of the compound.

"mmmmph..." Would be the only sound Heather would be able to mutter for the rest of the session as the compound set, locking her mouth into a Brulée-directed expression as if she were in the precise moment of penetration by an unseen lover. Clear tubes were then placed and glued into each of Heather's nostrils to provide her with plenty of breathing air while she was coated.

Finally, with everything in place to the artist's demanding standards, Brulée directed the assistants to begin with the molding process.

"Now hold still my dear, nothing to worry about only this will get a little 'messy'" the assistant positioned above Heather's head reassured her before carefully dumping two handfuls of the strange-looking compound over Heather's head while the other three assistants simultaneously dumped more molding compound on the nude porn starlet's feet, breasts and thighs and began spreading it over her.

Jessica had seen molding compound before in various colors; blue, green, pink, light gray, even purple. This was the first time she'd seen it in a light tan color.

"What is that stuff?" Jessica whispered to Heather's maid.

"That's a special molding compound Madame invented Mistress." The maid replied.

"I know its some type of molding compound, but what specifically is it made of? I've seen something like that somewhere before." Jessica pressed the maid for further detail.

"Why don't you come up here and watch from closer Miss Darling." Brulée motioned to Jessica before the maid could continue.

Jessica, torn between wanting to stay close to Heather in case something caused her to panic and wanting more information on Brulée's curious material moved to Brulée's side and watched the process in detail.

"That, Miss Darling, is a special compound that I invented expressly for this purpose. It is thicker, smoother, stronger, and records much greater detail than commercial products." Brulée elaborated on the maid's effort.

"It looks familiar. Like I've seen it somewhere before." Jessica murmured as Brulée's assistants continued the process of dumping/spreading/smoothing over every centimeter of Heather's exposed skin, in what struck Jessica as a rather sensuous display as the latex-clad assistants gradually coated the porn star.

"Why, I would think so Miss Darling. With you being American, I would expect that you had the precursor to this compound as a child in sandwiches." Brulée snickered.

"Peanut Butter!" The reference to sandwiches completed the association in Jessica's mind. "That looks just like peanut butter!"

"Yes, but the key qualifier to your understanding is 'looks like'. This is a highly modified variant of the base organic compound, which had its beginnings in the remarkable peanut. I am sure you are vaguely aware of the contribution of your country's own George Washington Carver to discovering some of the hundreds of uses for the peanut beyond a simple food staple?" Brulée's tone dropped almost into that of mentor to an apprentice as she explained the basis behind the compound being slathered onto Jessica's friend.

"I seem to remember something about that from my schooldays, but the details are escaping me at the moment." Jessica admitted. "But, I seem to recall something about being able to make plastics from them."

"Exactly Miss Darling! Exactly!" Brulée replied with a show of mock-applause. "I've taken the step further. That material your tasty friend up there is being covered with will dry to a very rubbery, flexible pod in a matter of minutes. Much more stable and flexible than alginate, which is also dervied from an organic base in seaweed. Once this coat has set my assistants will add a second, slightly thicker coat and then we'll let that set."

"Be still my sweet!" Brulée scolded as Heather squirmed when one of the assistants began coating her pussy with the material, pushing into her slightly to ensure that every detail was captured for Madame's sculpture. The pose Brulée had created demanded this area of Heather's body be exquisite in its nuance as Heather had been placed in a loose spreadeagled position, arms above her head and legs spread wide as if inviting Poseidon's beast into her.

Jessica watched as her friend was gently coated, from head to toe in the creamy tan compound by the Brulée's assistants. The entire process had taken on an erotic tone as Heather, attempting to stay in the pose Brulée had demanded of her, squirmed against the hands spreading the soft material over her. Jessica briefly fantasized of being in Heather's place, feeling five sets of latex hands softly coat her while remaining bound not by ropes or chains but only by her own need to satisfy her Mistress' decree.

"Incredible to watch isn't it?" Brulée broke the silence. "How art takes on a mind of its own."

"I'm... not sure what you mean." Jessica, the fantasy playing in her mind broken, stumbled.

"Just look at the scene as it unfolds my dear Miss Darling. Your friend, who you were convinced was in significant discomfort just a short time ago, has now become quite comfortable in her situation and has relaxed and allowed the situation to take control of her. Her own carnal desires will enhance the final outcome of the statue as her body responds and gives in to them, letting them continue to build inside her. That is precisely what will show though in the final piece. Her own personal lust expressing the wanton desire my Andromeda has for what Poseidon has in store for her."

Jessica had difficulty sitting still the rest of the session, the physical imagery provided by the ongoing processing of Heather into Andromeda and the mental imagery provided by Brulée of Andromeda relishing her punishment, wishing for it to come, impatiently anticipating its arrival. Jessica's mind raced with images not of Heather but of herself stripped nude, chained helpless, pussy dripping, clit quivering, as she called out and begged her tormentor to punish her. Brulée's announcement that the moment of Heather's release had arrived was met with a mixture of relief and disappointment deep inside Jessica.

Heather had long since stopped resembling a nude female, much less one representing the most beautiful porn star in the industry, having instead become a massive dollop of peanut butter-colored rubber slapped against the inclined side of an unhewn white marble pyramid. "This is the part I really love." Brulée whispered to Jessica as the assistants began carefully prodding the rubber pod away from its purchase on the rock.

"Aren't they going to rip it?" Jessica asked Brulée in the same hushed volume as if the two of them were ensconced in some art gallery as a masterpiece was brought in and removed from its shipping crate.

"No my dear, that was the exact reason I invented this compound. Alginate requires some measure of support before it can become a useful casting mold. In larger sculptures, this becomes somewhat prohibitive as the mold becomes unwieldy. My 'Molding Butter' solves that problem by setting to the tensile strength of heavy rubber." Brulée ended her private conversation when she completed Jessica's illumination when she increased her volume, concluding her sentence with the ominous warning: "And if they were to tear this mold, they are well aware of the consequences each and every one of them will suffer."

The initial seal was broken with the audible sound of rubber pulling away from the surface and Heather's bare feet emerged first. The rest of her body, coated in a sheen of perspiration, followed in slow succession as Brulée's assistants paused at the slightest hint of resistance.

"Like unveiling the sculpture itself." Brulée murmured under her breath as her hand unconsciously slid towards her inner thigh.

Jessica didn't notice. She too was entranced by the sight of Heather as she slowly emerged from her rubbery grotto, but for very different reasons than Brulée.

It wasn't until the assistants reached Heather's face that Jessica noticed that she and Brulée had begun to breathe in unison, as if they both had the same response to the exhibition as it reached its climax. Jessica shook her head quickly, as she tried to clear the cobwebs of fantasy from her mind and regain her focus on the reality of ensuring her dear friend's safety.

"Ah... yes... and we are finished Miss Darling..." Brulée sighed as the assistants finally pulled Heather free from the voluntary confinement she had enjoyed for a few brief hours.

Jessica trotted over to her friend and clambered up the marble edifice as quickly as she could in her heels while the assistants carefully brought the mold down and removed it from the studio.

"I'm fine Jessica" Heather wearily replied to Jessica's obvious first question. "Just a little sore from laying on this damn rock for so long. It would have been nice to have had some padding or something."

Jessica helped Heather down and draped the satin robe her maid returned over Heather's shoulders as they began to exit the studio. "So, how was it?" Jessica whispered quietly into her friend's ear.

"It was incredible Jessica. I've never experienced anything like it." Heather's response only served to further fuel the desire that had begun to build in the cabin of Brulée's private jet.



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