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Kate's Going to Sea 3: Missed Duties

by Druid5

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story continued from part two

Part 3: Missed Duties

Kate walked around the backstage nervous, it was time for her to be out in the club without the support of her very close friend Becky. She recalled last time when Mark a past work colleague had found her, she had been trussed up suspended just above the crowd, only a small latex thong to cover her crotch. She had been terrified her old work friends and family back home would find out what she did now. They just thought she worked as entertainment crew on a cruise ship. True enough as long as that included semi naked performances of bondage and encasement for guests on a cruise ship for sexual experiences. Kate was waiting for her boyfriend and team member Simon who would be helping her in and out of her toys. Tonight she was trying out something new. The team had been busy in the workshops and had built a plastic pole sphere. From the hooks a model could be attached in a spread eagle position inside. Once attached it wouldn't matter how the ball rotated, the model would be held immobilised.

Simon and a couple of helpers walked the sphere round, Kate's nerves were making her shake. In the ‘corners’ four clips waited to be attached to the soft cuffs that Kate was already locked into. Around her middle a heavy metal chastity belt had been added. Simon had been sly and blindfolded her when he put it on her, he was placing in position when Kate had felt a slimy pressing on her pussy lips, without warning a small shape was pushing up into her, more than that, the same had happened behind, a small dildo pressed up into her arse. He had been quick to lock the chastity belt leaving Kate no means of shifting either no matter how hard she clenched. They weren't large but when she walked she could feel them move inside.

The sphere was rolled over to her and she could see two more hooks on the sides of the other pipes, these were different to the test set up in the workshop. Kate walked over and bent under the poles, she was met with a deep pressure as her anal probe dug in. The three circles were a plastic pipe with metal inside for strength, at the moment they had it tilted so they could hook up her wrists. The cuffs were soft lined with black fur, it meant that they wouldn't bite into her skin as her body moved. One by one the cuffs were attached with three strong metal d clips to either side, Kate was now stood with her arms up and wide apart. From the side's a couple of chains were brought over and linked up to her chastity belt, Kate guessed another set would eventually come from behind and to the side so that each side of her hips was held diagonally and tight. Kate welcomed the extra support, it would be a lot less stress on her wrists and ankles.

Simon began to slowly roll the ball backwards, as he did Kate’s wrists were raised up towards the ball's highest point. She tried to keep herself steady on her toes but eventually her wrists took up all the strain and she was lifted into the air a short distance. The chains from the front corners to her chastity belt gave a little help but Kate was supported mainly by her wrists, it had been awhile since she had done this kind of suspension and she was finding it hard, the boys quickly attached the remaining chains to her belt and then tightened them all, her wrists relieved to have extra support. They then took her ankles and spread them to hook onto their own attachments. Kate was now spread eagle and tied completely to the ball's motion. Simon rolled her backwards, first the belt took up her weight before it was reapplied to her ankles and she was tipped upside down.

Being a sphere, it was so easy to move and Kate was unable to do anything about its course. Simon left her with her head angled backwards then gave one of the others the job of holding her still. From a pocket he pulled out a large silicone ball gag, Kate opened her mouth and her tongue was forced back into her mouth to accept the ball. He tightened the strap then moved out of view. He reappeared with a small plastic ball pump. Kate recognised it as a ball for inflatable gags etc but she wasn't wearing one. He bent down between her legs. She cursed, he couldn't have, she'd have noticed surely, but then she had put in on in a blindfold. Sure enough her fears came true. In her arse her anal plug began to gently increase in size, he had used inflatable dildos.

Simon kept pumping, he could feel Kate trying to clench her buttocks, but it was too deep for that to help. He waited for the tell tale sign on her face that she was at her limit before taking the pump off the tube and taping it to the belt. Kate felt like her arse was ready to pop open, she was just glad he stopped when he did or this would be a scary night. As her backside settled down with its new plug, Kate began to feel her vaginal insert begin to swell, clearly Simon was going to make sure she was well padded inside, this one he pumped up quicker, loving Kate’s face as torment and lust merged into one expression. Once more he removed the pump and secured the tube to her belt. Kate was now ready for the floor. The boys rolled her around a little loving the way her tits rolled around with her body, hanging in all directions. They were now longing for when Becky was inside and her larger tits truly flew around.

For this night Kate would be paired with the newest girl, Sarah came out of the changing area and was hugging her semi naked body. Sarah had been paired up with the experienced Laura, but like Becky it was her free night, so Sarah and Kate would be together. Sarah was stick thin, the opposite of Becky, she had a nice deep tan, even deeper than Kate had achieved since leaving the office. Her chest was flatter than Kate’s but the nipples were quite perky, the latex failing to hide the fact they were stood on end, her hips were like a true models, rising into a thin waist. She had soft brown hair cut short, dressed right she would be a real Tomboy, but with the latex hugging her curves she was definitely a fit feminine specimen.

The guys rolled out a second sphere and repeated the setup for Sarah. The only difference was Sarah wasn't filled with dildos in her chastity belt, Simon not wanting to put her under too much strain in her first week. He did however place one of the small remote vibrators in-between her belt and her clit, he gave the buttons a quick test and Sarah's eyes told Kate that she was loving the feeling, while being nervous at the same time. Kate could sympathise with that one. Simon pulled out another remote control and suddenly Kate’s dildos began to throb inside her, being so full the feelings were very powerful. The girls were allowed to become wet between the legs but the toys were turned off before they could come to climax.

The crowd were thrilled when Simon rolled the two girls out onto the stage, Kate wished she had Sarah's haircut now, her own ponytails were flapping around and if she turned too quick they whipped her back and breasts. A metal frame was brought up, it reminded Kate of one of the child's aides at a bowling alley, a flat top, steep downward ramp then a short flick at the bottom. The crowd parted and revealed a group of ten girls all bound in inflatable dresses with a flared bottom, their arms were in sleeves built inside while their legs had been bent up at the knees. Built in panels held the girls off the floor. Kate could see each was gagged and stared straight at the new development in their situation. 10 pin shapes, 2 balls, one ramp, it was not going to end well for the skittles.

A couple of patrons were invited up to the stage and together they pushed Sarah's ball up to the top of the ramp. With one big push they sent her spinning cartwheel style straight towards the girls. The ball hit the group with a fair bit of force and several were knocked over. Those on the ground were contorting, their faces tensed up as they had an electrode pad on each butt cheek and breast. Now on the floor they were being given powerful shocks, the ones upright still being slowly vibrated in their clits. Sarah was rolled off into the crowd, her own vibrator set to the number of pins knocked down. A number of men were rolling her around enjoying the power they had over her.

Kate watched as a couple from the crowd walked up onto stage, they looked to be a young couple deep in flirtive mood and eager to try the inventive activities. Simon prompted the pair to have a quick feel of the ball, or in this case Kate, the lad was straight into feel her tits and weigh them up, the girl was a little jealous and had noticed the small pipes under the chastity belt. She knew Kate was probably full to bursting with rubber plugs, she began to press in on Kate’s body around the edge of the crotch where the belt went between her legs. Being so widely spread, Kate was open to the prodding adding additional pressure, the girl was clearly amused by the reactions on Kate’s face, a few more prods and both declared the ball was good to use. They each took one side of Kate's cage and with Simon’s help she began to rise. Up she went until the ball slipped over the edge and came to rest at the top.

The lad stepped back and the girl asked Simon to help her rotate the ball. Together they turned it until Kate was facing them, her back to the audience and skittles. Kate knew what would happen and sure enough when the girl gave her one big push, her whole body began backwards somersaulting. The weight constantly flipping from hands to feet, inside her dildos were being pressed in different directions with each spin causing her to writhe in discomfort. She was upside down facing the pins when she hit the first one, she was jerked away as her cage rolled over the encased girls, one by one they were knocked flying. Each one treated to a jolt of electricity along their pads as they tipped, while for each that fell Kate’s dildos powered up. The couple had a good aim and of the ten, only one was left standing, leaving Kate being drilled by extreme vibrations.

She continued to roll along into the crowd, close by Sarah was being groped by several onlookers. People gathered round Kate, from her extra height in the ball she could see over the top and could see Simon and his team watching closely, but the crowd were gentle, they felt up and down her legs, they rotated the ball so she was on her back, her crotch protected by the belt her arse cheeks were prime places to feel her flesh. Kate was deep into an orgasm by this point, the vibrations rippling through her. A tiny amount of her juices managed to make it round the chastity belt, combined with the drool from being gagged, her body and the floor were getting wetter. Inside her vagina Kate felt the pace of the dildos slacken off, she knew someone was putting the encased girls back upright to ease their suffering. As each one was positioned, Kate lost more power to her holes. Finally the buzzing stopped, she was tipped over and with head up again she could see Sarah being rolled to the stage.

Over the night both girls were sent down the ramp many times, though after the first few times, their journey off the ramp had drool and pussy juices flying in different directions. Each time they collided with the pins they were put through orgasm after orgasm. The height of the evening was when Kate was sent into the pack of pins as a strike. Her holes buzzed like a drill, the dildos seeming to be moving further up into her. Her climax had her grunting through the gag, her grin at the sides of it was relaxed and in the moment. Back on the stage the ramp was removed and both spheres brought together. Several volunteers were called up and they each took up a bottle of baby oil. Hands began to rub both girls down, the oil giving both a shiny slick look, they covered every inch of their bodies which glowed to the spotlights, their breast like headlamps.

Once coated the boys began to undo the ankle cuffs and chains on the chastity belts. Both girls were left once more hanging completely by their wrists. From backstage a clear rubber sack was produced, a short hose was attached and the ball began to inflate. Simon walked over to Sarah and despite protests he removed the lock holding her into her belt, she was clearly not wanting to get completely naked before a crowd yet. With the bolt gone the belt sprung loose and Simon had to hold her waist to prevent her weight dropping onto her wrists in one moment, instead he slowly released his grip, she clearly wasn't used to being suspended. Sarah hung from her wrists trying to keep still and reduce the strain.

Kate realised just how lucky she was that Simon had helped prepare her body for the torments and positions it was being put through. The number of times she had been hung from her wrists on the door frame. Once he had had her naked in a frog tie tied onto the back of the bedroom door. Kate's friend had popped by to see her and to collect a dvd she was borrowing, Simon had directed her to the bedroom. Her own friend had swung the door and Kate round into the corner of the wall, after a quick chat with Simon she then left slamming the door to make sure it caught the latch. Kate had been petrified at being found tied like that, though it was the start of more risky adventuring prior to the ship.

More oil was rubbed into Sarah's now exposed crotch and arse, Sarah was trying to hold still but she was getting so aroused by the movements. Finally when all the team had finished, they unstrapped her ankles and left her to swing freely. Simon now turned on Kate, she knew that fiendish look. First her leg cuffs were unclipped from the corners, instead of being released though, they were slowly raised forcing her into a painful splits. A key was produced and she felt her chastity belt unlocked. Slowly Simon lowered the belt round her hips, her weight balanced by hands and feet. As the crotch was unsealed her vaginal insert was trying to push itself free, inside she really needed to push the anal plug out too but it was far larger than the front. Simon rubbed oil over and into her vagina, the massaging help relax her tense muscles enough for the black rubber balloon to slip out, all her juices flowing out into a puddle.

Simon threw her first balloon away to the stage back to be cleared up. The second plug was much tougher, using the tube to tug and coach it, Simon was trying to help Kate, her body was desperate to be rid of it now and her muscles were bearing down on it, at last the edge of it could be seen, Kate's ball was rotated to give the crowd a good view, tense moments were rewarded by the soft plunk as her hole dilated enough for it to pop out with some force. Kate's arse still felt full and her opening was sore and she could swear she felt a breeze entering her widened passage. With both holes empty her legs were unclipped and she was able to hang limp from her wrists.

By this time the large inflatable rubber ball was pumped up, the clear rubber a great addition to the confining ball. Both spheres were placed either side of the zip entry. The girl's legs were raised and pulled over into the opening. Their oiled bodies slid effortlessly into the inner cavity. Gradually both spheres rotated the pair towards the ball, their legs bending into a kneeling position, with space limited they had to allow each other’s legs to pass between their own, knees coming close to each other's crotch. Simon's team pulled the legs back until the girls rested on the knees straight down, legs folded into stumps. With extra space they could lower them further in. Kate could feel her feet against her arse as it slid into the opening, inside it was getting slippery as oil wiped over its surface. Sinking deeper both girls were being pressed into each other, their breasts began to touch.

At this point their arms were released and both girls slumped in relief. Simon gave them time to get feeling back into the fingers, he got a second bucket, this time slippery lube, he tipped half of it all round the girls and some down between them. The slick goop gathered round Kate’s leg sliding down her arse crack and down her crotch, she began to move her body round loving the way it slid along the rubber. She brought her arms in close and dipped them in the pool of lube. Ducking down into the ball she began to rub it all over Sarah's body, Sarah shuddered at the touch, she had been focusing on the crowd, now Kate was holding her complete attention, especially when she began rubbing her clit, Sarah brought her own hands and gingerly began to rub lube over Kate’s breasts, she wasn't very comfortable feeling another woman's intimate areas, but she was very quickly picking up confidence.

Neither girl paid much attention when their gags were removed, several giggles erupted from Kate as Sarah's hands tickled her. Another tube was offered to the pair, a small tube with two openings would be able to feed air to both, they clamped their teeth round and their lips met. To hold it in place, a thin rubber strap extended round both heads pulling them together, their kiss now locked in place. The pair settled in as Simon began to pull the white zipper along the opening. Kate could hear the zip and the world began to become muffled as her head was passed over by the zip. Simon left a small gap above Kate’s arse, she lurched as a second batch of lube was added into the ball down her back, she pressed herself into Sarah's body as the new cold lube gloopped down between her legs. Above her the zip was sealed and pressed into a stopper to prevent opening, a small lock completing the seal.

The girls sloshed around in their confinement, their bodies sliding along each other. It wasn't obvious at first but when the lube levels began to rise and they were losing extra space it was clear the ball was being inflated some more, the sides pressed in and became harder. It was almost impossible to separate their bodies when the air was stopped. The crowd could see them trying to move round each other, their hands rubbing all over their sensitive skin. Kate's clit was getting a good working, Sarah clearly excited about exploring this new fantasy. Without warning Kate found herself on her back, Sarah pressed down ontop, the lube rose over her mouth and entered her nose, she had to make sure she wasn't breathing through her nose.

Sarah's hand, slippery with lube pushed into Kate’s pussy, her senses went crazy as she was fisted by mistake. The crowd were able to see every action the girls made, Simon rolled the ball to the edge of the stage where people tried to crowd surf it for as long as possible. Kate and Sarah were spun round, the lube giving it the feel of a washing machine. Among the movements the girls were held in their embrace, they both ran fingers in and out of their holes, they drove each other to a powerful climax before they began again. When they were finally dropped it was a nice soft impact, barely a touch from inside.

As the girls continued to roll round and spasm to orgasmic feelings, the patrons began pushing the ball round the room, some tried to sit or lay over the top pushing the girls closer in together. They were not gentle, enjoying the sight of the girls thrashing round. When they were upside down there was little to stop them being knocked sideways, the lube over the nose bubbling when either forgot to breath out through their mouth. The ball kept people entertained for a while but new performers were being brought out bound in full metal harnesses, their hands bound behind their backs. The new group attracted the crowd away from the ball, it was pushed over into a corner to be out of the way. Kate and Sarah were left upright just enjoying each other, they had no idea what was outside, they were just focused on the rubbing between their legs.

The only use for them later on was when a couple decided to make out in the club. The leggy swede woman was pressed against the ball, legs spread wide, her man began to thrust into her hard, Kate and Sarah had worn themselves out and now we're wrapped up in each other's arms. The thrusting was pressing Kate’s body in towards Sarah's, their tits bouncing across each other. They could feel the rocking increase in pace before it jerked and the guy filled her with his cum. The couple gathered themselves up before dismounting, the outside hadn't been lubed up so as the woman dragged herself off, Kate and Sarah were rolled upside down. Their heads deep in the still slimy lube, Sarah panicked a little when they didn't roll over again, they weren't strapped down so they had slid down as far as the inflated sides allowed.

Kate massaged her backside slowly and calmly to help ease the tension. She began to understand what an abandoned toy feels like on the bedroom floor, she was so happy when Simon took pity on them. They were rolled quickly up the stage and into the back. One of the float pools had been left empty, the ball was placed on the side. The pools were completely smooth sided slopes, a small cover acting as a plug. Simon began to unzip the sideways opening and a wave of lube sloshed into the tub. Opening it further found two arses, in all the rolling the girls had ended up turned round inside. It was like a fish market, two writhing bodies flopped out of the ball in a second wash of lube. Still embracing the girls slid to the bottom in one lump before they began to unfold limbs, slowly and carefully two distinct girl's coated in lube become apparent.

They made to climb out but slid back down, Simon laughed, he had hadn't realised it was too deep for them to reach the very top of the pool, they were helpless, even when Kate tried to push Sarah out she just slid the other way. He gathered up the breathing tube they had spat out and ignored Kate’s pleading. Instead he tossed in a wand vibrator and walked off. Kate and Sarah tried to get out again but each time they ended up tangled at the bottom of the pool. Kate gave in and sat with her legs wide open, she caressed the bottom of Sarah's legs before pulling her in, it was hard with such slippery limbs but she gathered them up and placed Sarah's feet either side of her neck, she pulled Sarah's hips until their crotches met. Sarah was offering no resistance, back in the ball she couldn't have backed away, here she chose not to. Kate picked up the wand and began to rub it into their joined clits, both girls were soon groaning and heaving with muscle spasms as they came several times. The last was a strong climax for both and they laid back in their slippery pool and closed their eyes happy and content.

* * *

Kate awoke to Becky’s prodding, Kate could feel herself wrapped in a towel for modesty, her body clear of any of last's night's evidence. Becky had seen some of the pics the Simon had taken that night and the girls laughed and discussed the various positions and experience. Around them there was an excited buzz, it was the equivalent of excursion day. Naturally there was little need or possible stops for a ship like this, so instead it found small islands or patches of warm shallows for off ship activities. Last time it was Kate’s day off, she had been so glad when she had found out Becky had been buried in sand naked with only her head stuck out, she had been a living part of a sand sculpture, the sand had been made into a seat with her head at the edge. It formed a sand bar serving drinks, every time someone sat down Becky was positioned to give the customer a good suck or lick. There had been a whole row of girls just forced to suck off anyone who sat down. Becky had been more traumatised by being naked, all that sand was hard to remove from two holes where the compacting had formed two large plugs of it. Becky had struggled to stay sat down that night at tea. Kate and Simon had done their best to help her, but as everyone knows sand is very hard to get rid of.

This time tomorrow both girls were down to join the groups, but it was a water day this time. The ship had an inflatable jetty and pontoons that were tethered on, people were lowered up and down in various ways, the excursion boat's provided the main route winched up and down, the more adventurous using a slide at the side of the ship, a long wide inflatable slide right into the water. Nearby the cargo bays were opened with stairs down to the jetty for the less confident and for those coming back on board. the ship would be spending three days here and everyone was heading to the water.

Becky and Kate had planned to sunbathe in the morning to relax for the afternoon preparations. They got changed into their bikinis and headed to the deck. They watched as early teams were already in the water, there were all manner of things. People were in zorbs racing over the water, there were girls trapped in clear latex catsuits inflated and being used as floats. People were bound with rope to rubber rings. Tonight would be fun whatever Simon had planned. With everyone off ship they decided to be bold and choose a spot on a middle deck to bathe. They stripped off to prevent tan lines and rubbed each other down with suncream, making sure their more vulnerable parts were well treated, they settled down for a nice quiet few hours. Kate was so tired she just fell asleep, Becky however was just gently relaxing, it was Becky that noticed the two were being shaded from the sun.

She lifted her head and was ready to send any watchers away with a sharp comment when a gag was forced into her mouth and tied off. Her hands and legs were grabbed and she was lifted off the lounger. She was tipped upright and forced up against one of the poles. She could feel a plastic film being wrapped around her legs, the hands holding her head prevented her from seeing who was doing this. The plastic film was quickly spun round and round wrapping her legs to the pole, the hands holding them released her and she tested the binds, she couldn't move at all. Worse the bindings were getting higher, she tried to call to Kate, but after all the evening's activities she was wiped out, and not much noise was getting through her gag. The wrap reached her hips and was stopped, instead the perpetrators forced her hands onto the previous layer of plastic. A few layers were added over her eyes blinding her head to the pole, this allowed the assailants to work on her top half without her seeing them.

A new layer of plastic wrapped round her chest just under her swaying breasts, the plastic wound round her torso then round both arms, a few more circles and the binds completely held her arms at her sides. She was now fully helpless. The plastic was wound round her torso wrapping above her breasts and rising up her neck, she could feel them undoing the gag in her mouth, she tried to call out but this was clearly expected, the moment the ball was removed, a wad of rubber was pushed into her mouth forcing her tongue down once more, finally all the wrap from her face and neck was gathered up and forced over her lips leaving it across the inside of her open mouth.

Becky was now free to open her eyes though she didn't really want to now. But she gently opened them to be greeted by the support team led by Simon. Becky slumped, of course she'd forgotten the rotas had changed, she and Kate were down for helping wash and clean all the latex and ropes used on the evening's performances. The rotas gave most jobs to the supports, but the few jobs the performers had were therefore expected to be done on time and with no excuses. Anyone trying to get out of duties were given to the others to chastise. And now she was bound naked to a pole on what later would be a popular walkway. She deserved everything they planned on doing, but she saw them moving over to Kate, Becky hadn't told her the rota changed so it was hardly her fault. But with her mouth so full she could hardly explain this.

Instead she had to watch as the guys began to feed the wrap round the bottom of the sun lounger, they worked gently and slow but making sure the wrap was tight. They knelt and passed the large industrial roll under and over to each other. Kate remained asleep, it took a lot to wake her up at the best of times. Becky watched her friends body slowly become encased under layers of plastic. The layers were tight enough that they would only need a few to keep Kate sealed in, leaving the film quite see through. Becky would have to wait for Kate’s revenge now as well. The guys had reached Kate’s hands, as she hadn't woken so far they risked lifting each hand to wrap It into a fist, no matter what Kate did when she woke she would never poke through the layers now. The hands were place at her side and once more they began to wrap her. Her torso disappeared up to her breasts before they moved up to just above them like they had for Becky. The short mounds stood proud of her chest and it's plastic coating, a HD view compared to her skin under the wrap.

Becky couldn't tilt her head but assumed her own breasts were happily stood out for any passerby. When they got to her neck they stopped and began to work down from the top of the lounger, they secured Kate’s head in place down to her forehead at stepped back to enjoy their work. Before they wrapped her a gag, they wanted her awake, mainly so she couldn't suffocate accidentally. Simon was the lucky one, he lifted up a small bucket of water and let a small trickle fall onto Kate’s exposed breasts, the water was cold but even the shock only brought her out of her deep sleep. Simon began to squeeze her now very erect nipples in his fingers, the breasts covered in goose pimples after their soaking.

Kate was still groggy as she tried to move her hand to swat whatever was irritating her nipples, when her hands couldn't move she tried to lift her head to investigate. Becky watched as Simon bunched up Kate’s latex bikini set, Becky could guess now what the rubber in her own mouth was. Kate was struggling to move as she opened her eyes, it was a confusing situation, her body was warming up in the sun, but she could feel something was preventing any heat escaping, except for her chest, her breasts were freezing and felt wet. As she cracked open her eyelids she could see several of Simon’s team stood round, she made to call out to them but Simon chose that moment to push her underwear into her mouth. The rubber slid onto her tongue and pushed under it, she tried to push it out but Simon’s thumb held it in place. A thick roll of plastic film crossed her view as it came round her open mouth, Simon bunched it in his hand and it replaced his thumb holding the gag in place. A few layers extra and her binds were completed.

Kate groaned into her gag pleading, it was a sunny day and the plastic was already making her sweat. From the side she could hear Becky’s muffled yelps telling her that they were both bound and vulnerable. She screamed as a sharp pain erupted in her left nipple, Simon had it between the tips of a cattle prod. Next her right nipple was shocked. Kate's pulse raced as she braced herself now fully awake. The team all brought out similar cattle prods, Becky’s wonderful orbs were soon covered in small marks as they were shocked repeatedly. Both girls were abused all over their chests, but eventually the boys were satisfied and headed off to get some drinks, they would be back to check on the girls later. For good measure the cattle prods were left next to the pair in a bucket, a small sign for anyone passing said the pair needed punishing for neglected duties.

There were a number of people heading back on board for refreshments, they soon passed the pair and each stopped to investigate. First they played with the exposed breasts, the girls had to endure gropers, suckling, prodding and even slapping before they inevitably turned to electric shocks. Kate couldn't understand why Simon was being so cruel, Becky on the other hand was full of remorse for Kate’s torment, she only hoped Kate would be forgiving, after all she had Simon’s teaching to use for getting her own back, and Simon would be happy to lend a hand. The girls were both wrapped in plastic in full sun and were beginning to overheat, the plastic was soaked on the inside and a small puddle of sweat was building around Becky’s feet, Kate was less fortunate, being laid down, her sweat could only pool round her back.

From round the corner a slim figure appeared carrying two drinks, as the figures short hair entered view Kate recognised Sarah's smile, she offered a straw to her lips and passed it through the gag. Kate drank up the water greedily, while Kate drank Sarah passed her finger over the helpless form, she sat leaning on Kate waiting for the drink to empty. She had seen the pair from an upper deck and came to help ease the torment. After Kate finished the drink she was surprised when Sarah leaned over and kissed her lip round the plastic. She walked over to Becky to repeat the process, she was able to rest the cup on her breast, the other ripe for Sarah to fondle. Sarah had had a sudden awakening during her night with Kate and found herself free to do what she pleased to satisfy her growing arousal. Both encased girls were glad of the drink and even happier when Sarah took the vicious cattle prods with her, even if she couldn't resist seeing how Becky’s large tit bounced with the shock of a prod.

Kate and Becky were alone again for a while, they continued to be abused at random intervals and sweat away in silence the rest of the time. Becky's pool round her feet expanded rapidly after one guy had rubbed her down all over, as he rubbed around her crotch she was getting turned on, but at the same time she lost control of herself and a wave of pee had followed, the guy had laughed so hard he nearly did the same. He had then sat straddling Kate’s crotch, with one hand he rubbed up and down over her pressed clit while he massaged his erect penis with the other, Kate had been getting quite close to an orgasm when the guy spewed his load out over her chest, leaving his cum to dry in the sun the guy simply headed off leaving Kate part way to her own climax and being forced to go without.

The sun was getting lower in the sky when Simon and the others returned, with them they had a small 2 wheel trolley, the kind that had to be tilted back to push. It was Becky who was able to see what the trolley had on it. Held on by bungee cords was a woman who had had her limbs bound, each arm had been folded completely at the elbow doubling back, the same with her legs. It looked like she had had the limbs amputated to stumps. Each limb was held by a bright sheath of bright pink tape, another piece covered her mouth. As they closed in she could make out the features of the same girl from earlier, Sarah had obviously been caught making the girls punishment easier, not something that they took lightly. Closer in Becky could see that Sarah had been filled with vibrators in both her holes, more bright tape holding them in place. Finally between her spread legs a piece of metal cupped round to her crotch, behind the metal carried on up her arse crack and up behind her head. From the top a rope was threaded through.

The trolley was pushed to the side of Kate's head, close by was a pulley for when canopies were put out on the deck. A quick climb and one of the men got the rope pushed into the metal spool, with the excess dropped to the ground the rest unhooked the trolley from Sarah's harness. With a strong pull Sarah began to rise up and out over Kate’s head, her taped cunt rubbed the top of Kate's nose before she was raised higher and higher. When she was a few feet up the rope was tied off and she was left to hang. The vibrations were making her shake, the tape held the toys in, but it wasn't a full seal. As Sarah's pussy began to drip, her juices fell straight onto Kate’s face. And with her mouth held open with plastic wrap, all those drips that hit rolled straight down her gag and into her throat.

Becky had been ignored up till now, but the boys had plans for her. First they cut down from waist height, through the plastic and removed it. Becky was able to move her legs a little before hands took hold of them. Her torso remained stuck however preventing any escape. From a small bag one of the men pulled out one of the long term bondage aids, an adult nappy. Becky was not happy and tried to kick her legs free, all she managed to do was tip her arse away from the pole, the ideal position for the team's plans. Becky was treated to a little lube up her anal passage before a thin tube was gently pushed up, a large enema bag was connected and Becky began to feel something entering her passage, it felt slower than water, she had had plenty of those, this was warm and smooth but much thicker than water. The bag continued to empty and Becky’s arse was getting full, her insides were trying to expel the new addition but the tube was held in place.

Once empty the bag was removed along with the tube. Becky's tight arse hole was now working against her, with the tube gone, her hole had closed up sealing in its contents, a single piece of tape was then put on to further hold it. She twisted and bent as much as her bonds would allow but she couldn't force the liquid out. Next the guys unfolded the nappy and her legs were pulled wide, they slid the wad up and got it nice and tight into her crotch, the sides were folded up and sealed closed. Becky was still fighting but the nappy was now firmly in place. A new roll of wrap was produced and they rewrapped her legs, this time they went up as far as the nappy and then wrapped above it. Now she was encased with her fabric pad and tits on show.

Above her pole they dropped a tube similar to her enema hose, this one went out of sight, the closest end however was placed into the middle of her gag. Held by the plastic it could let it's liquid contents directly into her mouth, she would have no choice but to swallow when her mouth got full as her tongue was stuck and couldn't spit. A slow stream of orange liquid steadily trickled through the straw, at first it just tasted of squash, but after a while Becky could taste the slight addition of something medicinal. The boys had put a barrel on the ledge above, filled with juice it would keep topping up Becky’s bladder until she had no choice but to use her nappy. The chemical taste was a powder used to help patients empty their bladders before surgery, it would prevent her body from storing up the juice instead going straight to her bladder. They had seen she had pissed herself earlier and wanted to enhance the humiliation. Laughing they left the trio to their fun.

Kate was forced to lay and watch Sarah's orgasms, with no stimuli she was getting wet herself but couldn't act on it, it was driving her mad, especially as Sarah was currently a fountain of cum as she was hit by wave after wave of powerful vibrations right in her clit. Each drop covering Kate’s face. Sarah was out of the world and had stopped noticing how tired her limbs were getting while bent double. And watching the pair was Becky, trussed to her pole she too couldn't get off on what she was watching, worse was the rapidly filling feeling in her bladder, she was trying to hold it, she couldn't be found with a full nappy of pee. But holding it was more difficult and she kept thinking about the chemical taste, and the pressure in her arsehole had changed, it felt less and less like an enema and more like a solid mass now. But that too put extra force on her bladder. More guests were starting to use the deck to get to some of the evening clubs and performances, though the trio were popular indeed. They couldn't help but have a feel of the exposed breasts of Kate and Becky. One group on a stag do found them and were happy to use the display, three used Kate as a seat, one using his hand to stroke her crotch between his legs, the others were investigating Becky. They could see the tube and nappy and guessed what should happen. But rubbing the plastic coating of the pad they could tell it was empty, the sweat on her face showing how hard she was straining to hold it in.

One lad began rubbing her crotch through the nappy while the other began to press and rub her stomach. Becky groaned, her eyes pleading with them to stop. Instead it drove them to press harder, to rub quicker. The rewards of their efforts came quickly, the one at her crotch could feel warmth in his hand and he pointed out the growing weight in his hand, Becky felt a tear roll down her cheek as she gave in, below a flood poured out into the material. It could hold a huge amount in its gel layers, expanding trying to keep her dry. But a small trickle still slid down between her legs, the lads took turns pushing on the massive bulge in her crotch, as the gel settled the mass seeped up behind her and around her arse, for now it was holding everything in, but any more would just spill out next time. Becky closed her eyes, this was a step beyond what she did on a normal evening, that was just fun, this was humiliation at its highest. The lads left her to hang quietly but returned a couple of times, the first they brought a tiny inflated paddling pool and slipped the edge under her feet, inflated it would add to her torment by catching her fluids and leaving her stood in them. They also opened up the valve more so that Becky was constantly having to gulp down the liquid in her mouth, coupled with the chemical working on her, she was becoming quite consistent with the flow from her legs.

Simon found the girls in quite a state after they had been left out all night. Sarah was hanging limp, her orgasms had worn her away to nothing, Kate was begging for relief, to be able to finally get the orgasm she had been building to all night, Simon had chuckled as she began to rub herself the moment she was free. As for Becky, she had got through the whole barrel and was now asleep tears down her face stood in a pool of her own making. After this Simon could guarantee that none of them would miss their duties again, especially Becky, they still had the wonderful job of coaxing the silicon rubber mix that had cast her anal passage out, he hoped it would come out in one go to place on the wall in the backstage areas as evidence of why not to forget duties.

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