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Institute for Complete Rubber Immersion

by Jane D'oh

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© Copyright 2021 - Jane D'oh - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; prison; denial; cocoon; clinic; sendep; cons; XX

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Our Nurse smiled and pushed the big red teat of the bottle to my open lips. Promiscuously she said nothing for a time, sliding the smooth rubber around the circumference of my mouth and teasing me. She made a show of almost removing it before finally shoving the ultimate pacifier fully home and saying simply "suck". I obliged, just as I had the very first time in the back of the van when I met her ages before. "Suck harder!" she had said when my initial efforts failed to yield a drop of the pink goo. There was no need for such exhortations on this occasion, my practiced lips and tongue devoured the large red nipple, squeezing its vital contents deep within me. My groin tingled as I simultaneously pushed the diving helmet against it and continued my feeding, the weight of my ensemble slowly seeming to lessen as my strength and sexual desire grew.

The little glass bottle soon sparkled as though it had never been used, every molecule of the magical viscous substance having been infused into my cells. I was in Heaven, staring as my black rubber mittens caressed the shining mass of the Kirby Morgan in my lap. All my previous fears had been thoroughly transmuted into lust. My dressing assistant had to tear it from my grasp, laughing as I tried to hold on. "Come sit on the end of the bench here 123, and we'll finish you up." The massive weight of my outfit and accessories was unchanged but I was able to follow her and sit without much trouble, although the landing was a little less than ladylike. 

Without further ado she carefully held the heavy helmet over me and began to lower it. It was a tight fit as my doubly hooded head squeezed past the padded rubber lining of the neck and plopped into place. I was in! The internal breathing mask fit comfortably over my nose and mouth and I was respirating normally on demand. I felt the Californian aligning the metal ring of my necklace with its mate on the helmet and snapping the hardware together, sealing my fate. She held a large padlock within my limited range of vision and then I felt it joining the mechanism at the back of my neck, locking me into my fantasy indefinitely. I groaned happily, relishing the claustrophobic embrace of my heavy new companion. Ironically the model was one of the 'SL' line of Kirby Morgans, ie: weighs over thirty pounds. Mathematics was the farthest thing from my mind at that moment but I had done some quick calculations and my total ensemble must have scaled in at close to a hundred pounds.

The Nurse appeared before me again, smiling but questioning. I raised a big black rubber mitten and gave the traditional thumbs-up. I was more than good, I was giddy. The enormity of my total immersion engulfed me like giant wave and I tingled from head to toe on the verge of climax, but rested on the crest not quite going over. I sat like that for an unknown time, lost in the great Ocean of perfection as the tides ebbed and flowed.


Day two in the white rubber sanitorium continued. After a large breakfast I crawled to a wall and propped my back against it with my bulbous legs splayed out in front of me. Occasionally I would unthinkingly reach for my groin with a big ball hand only to be thwarted, far from the goal. If I used most of my strength to bend at the elbows and press my orbed hands to my chest I could just get a hint of stimulation from my frustrated nipples buried deep within the bulky suit. I would sigh softly and gaze about the featureless room.

I thought back to a time from my childhood. It might have been fourth grade, and a school trip was scheduled. These were rare and welcome occasions to escape the prison-like monotony of the classroom. It didn't matter what the destination was as long as we were released for a time from within the never changing walls of pedantry. On this day we were to visit the local Police Station. I recall not the bus trip, the sight of the building, my classmates or the accompanying teachers...not a Police Officer, nothing. Just one moment has remained in my memory from that entire day: a brief glimpse inside a padded cell. It utterly captivated me for reasons I didn't understand myself at the time. Somehow I knew however that I mustn't tell anyone else of my feelings. The vision has stayed with me all these years and now here I am. What goes around comes around I suppose.

Before lunch I dragged myself to the corner opposite my 'bed'. After a brief recoup from the exertion I began my attempt to stand. After a few false starts I found myself slowly rising. Bending my legs as much as possible I pushed my back into the corner while pressing my weight upwards with my arms. I was able to inch higher by leveraging my shoulders back and forth against either wall. When I was high enough that my balled hands rose above the floor and could no longer assist, my progress all but stopped. I was tempted to give up but I willed myself on and managed to gain a few more precious inches until I felt the equilibrium begin to shift in my favour and my legs were soon beneath me at last.

I was quite pleased with myself and soon recovered from the effort. I was surprised by the lack of tactile input the move from horizontal to vertical had produced. I expected my feet to be under strain since they were pointing straight down inside their large white orbs but there was no noticeable difference. I seemed to be floating in the same weightless void as before. 

I assumed balancing would be difficult so I decided that my first steps would be along a wall which I could use for support. Cautiously I began my journey, trying to ensure that I was leaning slightly towards it, such that I could right myself with a soft push. Obviously if I started to fall in the opposite direction I had no way to stop my descent. Slowly but surely, one baby-step at a time I became more proficient with my newborn gait. When I reached the next corner I paused for a rest, idly looking towards my lunch date in the centre of the cell. I considered cancelling our appointment but decided that I deserved a reward for mastering a new skill. I would complete one circuit and then feast. Perhaps tomorrow I would do several laps or even attempt a journey across the room without support. The possibilities were endless.

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