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Institute for Complete Rubber Immersion

by Jane D'oh

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; prison; scuba; hood; mask; mittens; inflatable; suit; toys; mast; messy; cons; X

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My pink day-suit hugged me. My vacuum-sealed Aquala squeezed me. Massive Thor enveloped me whole. The extreme weight of my accessories pushing me towards the Earth were powerless to stop my flight to the heavens. Within the otherworldly diving helmet I'd reached yet another level of heavy rubber immersion. I'd all but forgotten that I had ever had another life before entering the Institute.

A familiar voice startled me. I scanned the room through the thick glass but my assistant and the Nurse had vanished, leaving me unattended. "Earth to 123, can you hear me?"

I grunted once in the affirmative, the hoods and breathing mask making vocalization difficult. It slowly dawned upon me that the voice of the ethereal Warden 10 was coming through my com-link.

"Good girl, it's time for your exam," she announced. "The tablet is on the stool. You are to remain standing throughout the test. There is a time limit and the program will lock down once it's reached," she continued, her voice eliciting her delightful form in my mind's eye. "Good luck," she added sincerely and I heard a quiet 'click' as she severed our connection.

Eager to begin I jumped to my feet and hurried towards the tablet. Not. I couldn't get up. The bench being but half the height of the stool made all the difference. I wasn't able to push myself high enough with my arms and my legs weren't strong enough on their own. I tried three times but merely succeeded in tiring myself. My breathing was heavy and my face felt flushed inside the helmet. I remembered my training and my big mitten found the handle to the right of my head and turned it for a few seconds, releasing cool fresh air over my face and reinvigorating me. I needed to think quickly. Crawling was out of the question, I'd be worse off then now. I doubted the Californian or our Nurse would be returning soon, this was all probably a planned part of my test. Think, think: failure is not an option. I need leverage.

I knew there were hooks on the wall behind me, but they and the gear hanging from them were well out of reach. Suddenly my second day in the white padded cell popped into my mind. It was the first and only time that I was upright during those many weeks. I pushed myself as far up as I could with my arms and then leant back into the wall, holding that position with my legs. By shifting from shoulder to shoulder I was able to make slow progress in my attempted ascent, careful not to ease the pressure too much and lose what I had gained. It was quite a strain but actually became easier as I gained height and leverage. At last I made one final thrust and found myself upright. Darwin would have been proud.

After a brief moment to compose myself I set about my task. Each heavy step worked upon my libido, my extreme heavy rubber bondage minus the bonds stimulating me further away from the task at hand. Yet my motivation prevailed without contest. I wanted nothing more than to complete the examination to the approval of my superiors if I could manage it. When I picked up the tablet with my thrice-rubbered mitten hands I began to have doubts. The first question lay before me and five possible answers glowed below it: I simply needed to apply a small bit of pressure to the correct one. I reckoned there was enough space on the screen for my big thumb to choose 'a' or 'e' but feared that any attempt at b, c, or d could easily go astray. I knew right away that the correct choice was 'c' yet couldn't risk an attempt lest I inadvertently hit an adjoining letter. I could all but hear a mechanical clock ticking as my time dwindled away.

As quickly as I could safely manage I set the tablet back on the stool and strode towards the shelf where my dressing assistant had tossed Thor's lanyard. It was a stretch but I was just able to reach it. Examining it I smiled, "Yes, this should work." There may have been better solutions to my dilemma but I had no time to consider them. On one end of the implement was a rounded piece of metal whereby it was attached to the zipper on my back. I was able to hold my new tool in such a way that I could tap the screen more accurately, but it wasn't going to be easy.

I approached the tablet and leaned in close, carefully aiming at the target 'c' option. My big rubber mitten did its best to block my view but with some contorting I honed in and tapped. Success! The next question appeared and the answer jumped into my well-trained brain. I gently pressed 'b' and continued. My concentration was as all-encompassing as my outfit as I proceeded through the examination. My awkward position half crouched over the stool was taking its toll on my body but my mind was unaware of it as I strove to succeed and please Warden 10 and my other captors. Perhaps twenty minutes passed and just as I was about to confirm that mild nitrogen narcosis can occur in depths as shallow as ten metres the question disappeared, replaced by a simple message: "Your time is up".


After completing my circuit around the padded cell I let myself fall in the direction of my reward. Soon I was upon her again, sucking pink goo voraciously. It may seem odd to refer to a phallus in the feminine gender but she was nurturing me like a mother's breast. Once I'd temporarily sated my desire I rolled over on my back, let out a wee burp and peed myself contentedly, smiling inwardly at my strange situation.

Idly I wondered how much liquid my suit or suits could hold and how the ever increasing volume would affect things over time. Mostly I just zoned out, lazing in the afterglow of a well-earned lunch. I didn't have any plans for the rest of my day other than crawling to a wall to lean up against, not wanting to spend too much time horizontally before sunset. My libido was rampant again, but I had no way to even begin to appease it.

A few hours later a thought occurred. I had caught myself yet again unconsciously reaching for my special place with a big white rubber ball and yet again falling far short of the intended target. I groaned softly in disappointment and fantasized of an alternative universe in which my captors had been kind enough to install a remote controlled dildo inside me before locking me into my Michelin Man suit. They could activate it whenever and however often they chose, driving me close to or well over the edge at their merciless whim. Alas, all I could feel between my legs was an acute emptiness. I gazed vaguely towards the only object in the room and longed to feel it inside me, filling the void.

It felt like an 'eureka' moment and I dragged myself towards the big white phallus with passionate zeal, covering the distance in record time to determine if I had just had a breakthrough or was simply deluding myself. Putting my theory to the test proved frustratingly difficult however, due the limitation of my vision and the bulbous suit itself. I could see neither the arrow nor the quiver, and bumbled about like a blind archer for some time before at last hitting the bullseye. The sleek white shaft slipped through a membrane similar to that covering my mouth and penetrated me pleasantly, bringing a surge of thoughts and emotions. My two days of pent up lust bubbled over as I tried to push deeper but had to settle for just a few inches of joy, my big thighs preventing more. It was more than enough though and I rode my cellmate passionately, albeit with a hint of caution lest it escape my grasp and require another blind search. Despite the lack of clitoral stimulus I was soon well on my way.

As I neared completion my inert partner unexpectedly came to life. I could feel it pushing upwards, probing me more deeply. She seemed to throb as though lifeblood surged within her. I was in no mood to contemplate what was happening however and merely tried to synchronize my thrusts with my now-willing lover. Soon we were in harmony and I rode the wave up and then over the crest, squealing with release as my collaborator exploded in tandem. It was almost painful as an unnaturally strong stream flooded my rubber-lined interior. I rolled over and off the phallus, watching in amazement as great gobs of milk-white gunk spew forth from its head, arching high in the air. Then, as though sensing my disembarkment it really came to life. Twirling and thrusting perversely the white phallus unleashed the Mother of all loads. Splashing off the ceiling and walls of the entire cell the thick goop slowly dripped to the padded floor as yet more spewed forth, adding to the bizarre decor. After perhaps three or four minutes the pace slowed and I watched as the last little spurt drooled quietly down the slick white shaft's side. The show was over.

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