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Institute for Complete Rubber Immersion

by Jane D'oh

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; prison; catsuit; hood; mask; mittens; scuba; breathplay; messy; cons; X

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Once the test on Level 10 timed out I immediately turned and made my way back to the shelf from which I had procured the helpful lanyard. As I raised my arm to replace it a dull thump penetrated the layers of my isolation. I turned and saw that my dressing assistant and the Nurse had returned. The Californian was speaking rapidly as she strode towards me but not a word of it penetrated my helmet and hoods. She brusquely took the lanyard from my big black rubber mitten. Her voice was louder now but still beyond my comprehension. Our Nurse handed her a phone, pointing to the screen. Soon the lively monologue of my assistant was assaulting my ears through the communications link.

"What on Earth are you doing 123?" she asked. "You will be punished severely for this affront to my hard work. Imagine, thinking you could escape from your rightful position!" she concluded. I could tell from her tone that she was acting and had probably been watching me on a video feed for the duration of my test, knowing full well what the lanyard was doing in my possession. Yet I also knew that her promise of punishment was no charade.

She led me back to the centre of the room and bade me to stand still. The duress of my exam was taking its toll and I longed to rest but that was not in the cards that the Californian was dealing. My situation wasn't helped when she procured and handed me a large black scuba tank with an attached harness. Nor was it improved when my air supply was suddenly cut off as she disengaged her intertwined snakes from my helmet, leaving me deaf and breathless. My dressing assistant didn't seem to be in any particular hurry as she relieved me of the tank and mounted it on my back. Perhaps my supposed 'affront to her hard work' had lessened her motivation. Thankfully before long my new life source was connected to my helmet and I inhaled greedily as she snugged the various straps around my body securing it in place. My mind boggled to think what the readout would be were I to step onto a weight scale now. I wobbled slightly as I watched her type something on the pad then hand it to me. "Present this to Warden 10 in the antechamber."

Amused as globs of white gunk dripped languidly from the ceiling and walls, covering the floor and myself I lolled in the aftermath of my first tryst in the white room. I wondered idly if my partner would revert to Elixir production when I returned to her for dinner but I had no real doubts. Although there were no visible cameras in the room I knew I was being monitored somehow, perhaps by a very small device in the ceiling at a point where four of the padded rubber tiles met. Regardless, my world had changed and the added sensory input had been more than welcome. My plan for the future was simple: do nothing until dinner-time, then feed, rest and sleep.

Days and days passed. The white gunk made travel so difficult that I limited my excursions to one trip to and from my sleeping corner each morning and night. My days were spent entirely in the vicinity of my cell mate: either sucking her endless supply of pink elixir or humping her to completion, after which she would dutifully add some more lubricant to room, keeping it well gunked.

My suit had grown heavier and larger as time slipped on. Somehow it seemed to distribute my discharge evenly throughout its white rubber confines, as though gravity were in abeyance having lost its power within it. I feared that if I grew too large around my target areas I might lose access to my beloved phallus, but it never seemed to be an issue.

One morning I awoke with a start from a disturbing dream. I could recall nothing of the details, just an unpleasant emotional hangover remained. I was disoriented at first and couldn't remember where I was, though clearly I wasn't in my own cell. As I tried to think back and figure out how I came to be in this place a powerful vision presented itself: I was with the Nurse in our last moments together. As she applied the black rubber anesthesia mask to my face she spoke as clearly as if she were here with me now, "Your fate is in your own hands, prisoner."

My vision was both liberating and terrifying. I realized that it was in my power to end the indeterminate stay in the white padded rubber room yet had no idea how to do so. As I embarked on the long journey towards breakfast I pondered the possibilities. Forward momentum in my circumstances would be difficult enough without the copious wads of white jism that coated every square inch of my cell. As it was, the trip was frustrating and seemingly endless, though it never ceased to arouse my libido.

As the incomparable warm glow of the Elixir coated my throat, belly and mind the thought occurred that I had extremely limited options of effecting an escape. Any ideas of physically breaking free were laughable: I could barely move about in my bulbous rubber suit and even if I could somehow remove it I'd still be inside the doorless and windowless sanitorium. No, the answer must lie within. My days consisted of feeding, sleeping, having sex and of them might hold the key to my fettered asylum. I wasn't really sleeping any more than before my arrival so that wasn't it. Making love with my engorged white shaft of a roommate certainly wasn't something the ICRI would frown upon. Daydreaming seems inevitable given the circumstances. There could only be one thing: my diet.

I hadn't thought to even consider that indulging in the Elixir more than the usually prescribed once a day on Level 4 would be an issue but suddenly it felt like perhaps it was the most important thing of all. I resolved to limit myself to the standard menu of the Institute and felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I hadn't even realized it but my conscience had been troubled by my overindulgence for some time. I had justified it to myself saying that I was in special circumstances and deserved a special diet but saw now that I had erred.

After the lights dimmed that evening and I rested my pneumatic head on the padded gunk-lined floor of my sleeping corner I felt better than I had in many days. Even if my decision didn't result in an imminent release from solitary, I knew it to be the right one.

My elephantine body was transported out of the dressing room and down the hallway by sheer strength of will. I was at the very end of my energy reserves but the thought of not completing my final task was inadmissible.

When the ineffable vision that is Warden 10 finally entered my limited range of view she was rising from her desk and smiling gloriously. I presented her with the tablet but she discarded it without a glance. Her eyes told me that she already knew the results of my exam and that she was pleased. She looked heavenward and I watched as her expression altered. A strange and subtle smile enveloped her countenance and as her gaze returned to mine I knew unquestionably that I had come closer to Zero. Hesitating ever so slightly she raised the perfect fingertips of her right hand to her perfect mouth where they briefly embraced. Then swivelling her delicate wrist she blew me a kiss that sent me back to the dressing room and onwards upon my journey.

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