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Institute for Complete Rubber Immersion

by Jane D'oh

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; bond; prison; nurse; mittens; breathplay; drysuit; cons; XX

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My dressing assistant removed her charming snake from my chest and took it away. When she returned I soon realized why she had been chosen for the job. From the rack of drysuits along a wall she removed a 'Thor' made by Northern Diver and carried it towards me as though it were a light summer dress. The suit is the heaviest of the heavy suits made. I would have struggled just to get it off the rack and drag it clumsily for a few feet. I'd never worn one, having been totally impressed with the heft of the Gates Pro HD1500 but these are at least half again the weight of those. The Californian held it aloft with one arm and undid its huge stiff zipper which ran along the length of the shoulders in the back. "Raise your legs, 123," she ordered.

I set my doubly rubbered bum upon the stool and complied, balancing myself by grasping its edge on either side. Somehow (she must have had a lot of practice) my dresser was able to guide my legs into the cavernous suit until my feet pushed into the snug attached boots. She helped me stand and insert one arm at a time into the heavy sleeves. My hands passed through the internal wrist seals and plopped into the big black rubber mittens that had been permanently attached. Then I saw it for the first time. My jaw would have dropped had not the hood of the Aquala been holding it snugly in place.

Encircling the neck seal was a shiny metal ring perhaps a foot in diameter. It was an inch across and almost as deep. I noticed that it was actually two rings attached to each other with countless screws around the perimeter, securing them tightly together. I had done my homework and it could only serve one purpose. Today I was to be tested in more ways than one.

For a fleeting instant I almost resisted as my dressing assistant moved to insert my head through the ring and rubber neck seal. My heart was racing like never before, pounding violently in my chest. She pulled the suit over me and my head pushed through. The ominous oversized necklace now rested gently, albeit heavily on my shoulders, thankfully out of my field of vision.

Our Nurse was standing beside me looking at her phone with concern, "Your heart-rate is almost off the chart 123, are you okay?" she asked, staring into my eyes. I swallowed and tried to control my voice to reassure her that I was just a little excited. I didn't want either of them to know how terrified I actually was. I willed myself to calm down and reminded myself that I would never be in any real danger, especially with the Nurse on hand. She looked at her device again and seemed relieved as it displayed my pulse slowly returning to a more acceptable level. "I think she's afraid of hard hats," chimed in the Californian as she deftly tugged the heavy zipper across my back until it snapped securely shut. She made a point of showing me the lanyard which had detached from the zipper, before casually tossing it on a shelf. A faint whimper issued from deep within me.

My fear merged with my desire as I watched the lanyard fly to the shelf and land. I imagined my triply-rubbered mitten hands trying vainly to extricate myself from the heavy suits. When my dresser turned away I reached for my groin and managed to stimulate myself further despite the obvious encumbrances. I watched as she removed a massive weight-belt from a wall. The belt itself was five inches wide with very large buckling hardware. It also had shoulder straps of perhaps two inches. I'd worn one several times before but never with more than four of the heavy leaden weights which are attached via the double row of holes that encircle it. They each weigh eight pounds and I counted eight of them as the red rubber woman approached, seemingly unaware of her burden.

"If you would remove your hand from your twat 123, we can add this lovely accessory to your ensemble," she teased, apparently enjoying her work today. I obeyed and raised my arms to accommodate as she set the shoulder straps in place and transferred the massive load to my already burdened body. Without the stool's helping support I think I would have collapsed. The woman snugged the giant belt around my waist and connected the heavy buckle. A padlock fitted nicely through the adjoining pieces of hardware and she snapped it shut, ensuring the belt and the suits under it would remain in place. I groaned as the depths of my immersion swallowed me further.

After adding two charming five pound ankle bracelets to my outfit, the Californian disappeared again. I indicated to our Nurse that I would like to try to stand up and see if I could support myself and she joined me to assist. Cautiously I pushed up and away from the stool and stood erect, pleasantly surprised by my success. It was difficult of course but I soon felt fairly confident, slowly raising one heavy leg or the other slightly to adjust my balance. Happily the shoulder straps were padded which seemed to help distribute their burden and prevent discomfort. Nurse came in front of me and smiled approvingly, then helped me find the stool once again: the minute or two of independence having begun to take its toll on my resources.

My dresser returned with another snake in tow. Actually, three snakes intertwined with one another. My heart leapt anew as I realized the moment was imminent for my ultimate test. I knew from my studies that one of them was my air supply, one my communications feed and the other a backup air supply. She handed the terminus of the creatures to me and I watched as she made a bee-line for the shelf of diving helmets across the room. I'd been transfixed by them each and every time I came to Level 10 but had yet to even see one up close let alone experience the claustrophobic reality of being within one. Reaching up she removed a gleaming black and chrome Kirby Morgan from the high shelf and soon stood before me. Placing it upon my lap she relieved me of her triply headed snake and had me hold the object of my fear and desire for the first time. I cradled its thirty some pound form tightly against myself with my big rubber mittens, like a beautiful but dangerous animal that had yet to be tamed.

"Breathe, 123!" Our Nurse alerted me to the fact that I was literally breathless. I took several long deep breaths and tried to calm myself as the Californian attached her creatures to the helmet. The beauty of its design and the quality of construction screamed out from my lap and I felt my libido rise yet again. I moaned softly and pulled it tightly against me, pushing its padded collar against my groin as my dresser completed her task. Finally, something gave way within myself and I was able to cross a threshold. I wanted to be inside this beast. The fear was still present but it had been overcome by my desire and lust. The nightmare had transformed into a fantasy.

Suddenly the Nurse was before me, smiling kindly as if she knew what had occured. She was holding a small glass vessel with a big red teat, filled with bubble-gum pink goo. It was like a gift for conquering my fears. "You're going to need some extra energy today 123, may I tempt you?"


Sometime during my first night in the padded white cell of Level 8 I was awakened by the fullness of my bladder. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Somehow the blackness of the room seemed deeper than the normal blackness of the hood of my sleeping sack on Sub Level 2. I waved a spherical hand in front of my big ball head and saw nothing. Idly I considered trying to find my feeding phallus but that might take a while and I wanted to go back to sleep. I didn't want to ruin the comfy warmth of my new suit but had no alternative but to relieve myself on the spot. It wouldn't be the first time I've had to do so and no one troubles themselves over it. Rubber is so impermeable and easy to clean that it's not an issue if the suit is watertight.

I let go, waiting for the warm pee to invade my space and slowly cool, making my rest more uncomfortable as the hours drew on. I was very full and it took quite a while but when I had finished it was as though it hadn't happened. I couldn't sense any change whatsoever within my confines. Somehow it had all been magically whisked away from me, never making contact with my skin. I didn't feel as though I was catheterized, that's a subtle presence I'm familiar with. Some design function of the suit beyond my understanding had intervened to protect me and my good night's rest. Soon I was dozing off again, enchanted with my new world.

When I awoke the first hint of dawn arced across the horizon atop the far wall. I lay peacefully and waited as my new home slowly shifted from black to grey to pure soft white. I had slept well but for the one interruption and could tell that I'd had at least eight hours, probably more. I looked towards the very centre of the room and couldn't at first see the object of my desire. Somehow I didn't fear its disappearance and as the Earth slowly rotated the smooth white shaft materialized, standing stark upright just where I had reluctantly left its quivering rubber fullness the day before. I held a rigged debate within myself, briefly considering the option of skipping breakfast but the outcome was already decided. What else was there to do in here?

After the sunrise was complete I started off. I could sense the added liquid moving about within my suit or suits but couldn't feel it directly. It seemed to take forever to reach my goal and I made a note to myself to attempt standing and walking sometime later in the day. The slick white rod waited for me patiently and as I finally arrived it gleamed invitingly in the morning light. Like a great white Beluga approaching a helpless Arctic Cod I lunged, devouring it whole.

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