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The Hidden Face of Doktor Lydia von Sklaverei 2

by Den Sethos

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© Copyright 2007 - Den Sethos - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; latex; slave; straitjacket; bodymod; toys; rel/nc; X

Barbara arrives at the Rubber Clinic where she will be modified and trained to become the perfect lesbian slave. The first few chapters do not contain much sex scenes because they are more focused on Barbara's modification. However, there will be more sex scenes after these chapters (lesbian and machine).

Preliminary remarks: - This is the continuation of my other story 'The Hidden Face of Doctor Lydia von Sklaverei'. - As before, I would appreciate suggestions about the continuation of this story. Even if I have the plan of this story, I may be able to squeeze a few ideas in the plot. Anyway, there will be a third part in this story. - IMPORTANT: There are not many sex-scenes in the first eight chapters. They are focused on Barbara's body modifications. If you are looking for simple sex-scenes, sorry. However the following chapters are more oriented towards sex with lesbian training and fetish sex. There will also be much more sex-scenes in the third part of the story. I wish you enjoy the reading.

Part Two - The Rubber Clinic

Chapter 1: Arrival and Interview

Barbara woke suddenly up. One second, she was lost in whiteness, the next one, she was wide awake. She opened her eyes to see the ceiling of a corridor going by. This ceiling was painted in white with white neon. Barbara tried to see where she exactly was. Her last memory was of being sedated in an ambulance driving her towards an unknown fate. She tried to turn her head but her head was held down on the gurney where she was lying by a wide leather strap. Her limbs were similarly secured, her arms alongside her body by hospital-style straps, her legs strapped together on the gurney. She still wore the ring-gag.

Barbara turned her gaze towards the head of her gurney. A muscular nurse, dressed in a gleaming latex uniform was pulling her gurney. Barbara tested her bonds, but they were sturdy, and did not have any slack. Her little test did not go unnoticed. The nurse, still pulling her, turned her head and said her voice full of disdain, "So our dear little pet-to-be is coming back to the world of the living. Your Mistress will have a very good time when she takes you back. We will train you thoroughly. I've already booked your lesbian training. I will be the one who will teach you the delicacies of lesbian love-making and I must confess I really look forward to it. But first, you will have to endure a few procedures. But the pleasure to explain you all doesn't reside in me. Doctor Herrscherin will tell what you need to know. Ah! Here we are!"

The nurse had stopped in front of an office-door. There was a golden plate on the door reading: 'Doctor Herrscherin, Chief of Staff, Chief Dominatrix' The nurse wheeled Barbara's gurney through the door stopping near a comfortable-looking leather chair. The nurse undid Barbara's bonds and showed her the chair, obviously wanting Barbara to sit in it. Barbara tried to stand up but her knees, still weak from their long immobility, gave way. However, the nurse seemed prepared for it, because she caught Barbara in the middle of her fall and deposited her in the chair. The nurse straightened up and went to wheel the gurney out of the office.

Before exiting however, she stopped and turning to Barbara told her, "The doctor will be here shortly. In the meantime, don't do anything rash. And, by the way my name is Nurse Sandra. You will not be submitted to your lesbian training immediately but I will see you around." After these words, she left the office. Barbara heard the lock being operated, thus her trapping in the office.

Once the door was closed, Barbara's hands flew to her face. She reached behind her head, intending to remove her gag. To her dismay, she quickly found it was impossible for her, due to a small padlock preventing the release of the buckle. Barbara, aware she was not going anywhere, took the opportunity to examine the room. It was extremely well furnished not so much in quantity as in quality. A desk was standing before a window, situated opposite to the door, she had just used. Sun flowed through the window. Barbara estimated it was the beginning of the afternoon. The desk was seemingly made from oak and the items on it were all expensive-looking. Behind the desk, a leather chair was clearly intended for the occupant of this office. There were several drawers along the walls, and two leather chairs, one of which she occupied, in the middle of the room. The whole seemed to tell the visitor, I am a powerful person and you are my inferior.

As Barbara was wondering what kind of person could have such an office, the door behind her opened. Whirling around, she saw two nurses also clad in the latex uniform Sandra wore enter, followed by an impressive woman, dressed in a knee-length leather skirt, a silk skirt and a leather jacket. She was about a meter and eighty centimetres high with long black hair and an aristocratic face. This woman went straight to the desk, went around it and sat down in the chair behind it. The two nurses remained by the door, obviously standing guard. The woman studied Barbara for half a minute, opened a file resting on her desk and after two minutes reading, lifted her gaze from the file. She then spoke.

"So, you are the new pet Lydia has sent us for training. You seem to have inspired her! She has requested a very unusual program for you. Body and behaviour modifications, lesbian training, fetish training. We do not often see them used on a single slave. You will have a very interesting time among us. But we are not here to chat about your future. You have been brought here to be trained as a lesbian sex-slave. There are a few rules you will have to conform to if you do not want to suffer some unpleasantness."

She stopped and looked at Barbara's face. Barbara was staring at her. Had she not been gagged, she would have been speechless anyway. Her words meant nothing to her. Surely, slavery did not exist anymore in civilized countries, not to mention sex-slavery. And then looking at the doctor's face, it became clear to Barbara, that she really meant it.

As she was sitting transfixed, the doctor went on. "The first rule is obedience. You will always obey any clinic-staff and particularly your trainers. Any resistance will result in punishment. The second rule is attention. Even if you do not disobey a direct order, any lack of assiduity will be also punished. The third rule would be silence, but since you will be gagged most of your time here, you won't have many opportunities to speak. You will now be washed. You will then be given an injection. This injection will stop the genetic drift occurring after cellular divisions. In fact it will stop the ageing process. You will afterwards be taken to your cell. I will have the pleasure to see you because I will supervise your body-modifications. The first step will take place tomorrow. Have a good night." She motioned to the nurses who came forward, grabbed Barbara under her armpits and lifting her from her chair, whisked her through a corridor.

Chapter 2: Shower and Injection

The two nurses had a firm grip on Barbara's arm. She was too shocked anyway by what she had just heard to put up a fight. She just let herself be pulled by her captors along white-tiled corridors. After a few minutes walk, the nurses stopped before a white door with a plate reading 'Showers' on it. She was dragged inside. It was a vast shower room with a booth in a corner. The nurses then proceeded undressing her. First, her corset-dress was removed. After those long hours with her waist compressed in it, Barbara barely noticed the difference. She had accustomed herself to the pressure on her mid-riff. Then were fitted her shoes, stockings and gloves taken off. The nurses produced a key to unlock the small padlock on her shoes, giving Barbara the feeling that this padlock was standard within the walls of this Clinic.

Finally, they unlocked Barbara's gag, who flexed her jaw, relieved to be able to close her mouth at last. Once she was naked, the nurses put wide iron cuffs on her wrists and ankles. They then made her stand in a shower booth with rings embedded in the floor. There was also a horizontal metal bar, about one meter and a half long and two meters above the floor, welded at the lower end of another bar which was embedded in the ceiling. The two bars were shaped like an inverted T. The nurses attached Barbara's ankle-cuffs to two rings on the floor which were separated by a meter and a half. Her legs were now spread allowing easy access to her nether holes. They attached her wrist-cuffs to the ends of the horizontal bar. Her arms were spread just above her head, keeping them out of the way.

One of the nurses took a hose lying nearby and began to spray her with it. The water was cool but not icy, and Barbara quickly relaxed. She had expected a blast of icy water. The nurse holding the hose stopped spraying her after a few minutes. They then took sponges and began to scrub her. It was clinically done as if they were washing a patient in a hospital and not a captive about to become a sex-slave. They rinsed her and one of them left the room. While she was away, the other nurse took a bucket and placed it underneath Barbara. She took a tiny gasmask with a built-un canister and put it on Barbara's face. Stepping back, she said, "This gas will cause your sphincters to loosen. You are going to piss and shit even if you don't feel like it."

Barbara, her face burning with shame, soon felt a trickle of warm liquid flowing along her leg and heard squelching noises as faecal matter fell into the bucket. The nurse removed the gasmask took the hose and washed Barbara again. As she was finishing this task, the other nurse returned with a gurney. The gurney had hospital-straps on it, clearly awaiting Barbara. Barbara, however, was determined not to let herself be so easily handled this time. As the nurses finished undoing her cuffs, she lunged for the door. But, slamming into it, she discovered it was locked. Slightly dazed by the shock, she slumped on the floor. The nurses picked her up and laid her down on the gurney, strapping her on it at the same time.

While they were proceeding, Barbara tried to plea with them. "Please, let me go! I will disappear and all you will have to say is that I knocked you down! Please!"

One of the nurses snapped back angrily: "Shut up, silly girl! Were you to escape while in our custody, we would end up as slaves ourselves! And I don't fancy having to lick pussies till the end of time! So shut up or the gag goes back in!" Barbara, taking the threat seriously, fell silent.

Once she was secured on her gurney, the nurses wheeled her out of the shower room, into a nearby room named, according to the plate on the door, the Injection Room. There, another female doctor, examined her briefly and took a blood sample. She then analysed it and, standing up, said, "You're perfectly healthy, young pet. No illness, no drugs." Turning to the nurses, she went on, "I will make the injection now. Hook her up." The nurses immediately obeyed and put an IV in her.

The doctor came back carrying an IV bag. "This injection will prevent the ageing process and increase your healing capacities. In fact, nothing short of a deadly wound will kill you. Your immune system will be so effective that you will never be ill again. You will also never have cancer. It also means you will be your Mistress' slave forever. There is a sedative mixed with the product so you will sleep while it changes your body-chemistry. When you wake up, you will be ready for your training." She then hooked the bag to the IV line. Barbara struggled against her bonds, but the sedative quickly took effect and she fell asleep. When Barbara awoke again, she saw she was still in the Injection Room. Noticing she was awake, the doctor leaned above her and checked her eyes with a small lamp. Seeming satisfied, she motioned to the two nurses who were standing in a corner. They moved forwards and one of them told Barbara: "Time to get you to your cell." They wheeled Barbara's gurney out of the Injection Room.

Chapter 3: Outburst and Pacifying

The nurses led Barbara's gurney into an elevator. The elevator was large enough for four gurneys to enter. The nurses pressed a button at the bottom of the control-panel. When the elevator's doors opened, they rolled Barbara's gurney along a corridor. This corridor had many doors on its sides. After fifty meters, the nurses stopped before one of those doors and wheeled Barbara inside. The room was nothing more than a padded cell. The floor, walls and even ceiling were padded with rubber. Even the door was covered with the rubber padding. One of the nurses released Barbara who glanced towards the door, seeking an escape way. But the second nurse was standing in the doorway, clearly to prevent what Barbara had in mind.

Before taking her leave, a nurse turned to Barbara and told her: "Since you are scheduled for surgery tomorrow, you will not be fed tonight. However, the injection you received contained nutrients and a chemical which will prevent the feeling of hunger. Nurses will come to prepare you tomorrow morning. You are to be silent. Be noisy, and we will have to implement unpleasant measures."

Upon those words, she turned around and left, followed by the other nurse. Barbara, was stood in the middle of the room, fuming. Determined not to give them an easy task, she began to scream at the top of her lungs. She slammed her fists on the door, even if she knew it was a wasted effort due to the padding. After a couple of minutes, the door opened, letting a female doctor enter. She was dressed in a doctors coat and scrubs made of latex. Her face was hidden by a surgical mask also made of latex.

"So! You have decided to make a tantrum. I am afraid I can't tolerate this in this ward. I give you a warning. Go on with your racket and I will make sure you stay very calm until tomorrow morning. Do you agree to calm yourself or do I have to act?"

Barbara eyed her up defiantly and only replied, "Fuck you."

The doctor snapped contemptuously back, "That my dear, will be your role during your training." Turning to the nurse standing guard at the door, she added, "Get a Pacifying Straitjacket and introduce her to its delights." She turned and left the cell.

The nurse came in followed by another one. They grabbed Barbara by her arms and pulled her out of the cell. Barbara resumed screaming. As she opened her mouth after catching her breath, a nurse shoved a ball-gag into her mouth and buckled it quickly. The nurses dragged a struggling Barbara along the corridor. They entered a room which contained numerous of rubber straitjackets and rubber hobble skirts. The doctor had preceded them in the room and as the nurses overpowered Barbara, she retrieved a straitjacket from a nearby rack and began to open it. It was made of black rubber, closed in the back through several buckles. The arms also buckled in the back. At the crotch, two metallic nubs were positioned where her asshole and clitoris would be and a small metallic dildo where her pussy would be.

Once Barbara was pinned on the ground, unable to move, the doctor handed the straitjacket to a nurse who began to squeeze Barbara into it. First her arms were passed in the sleeves. Then, the straitjacket itself was wrapped around her body. The nurses buckled it shut behind her and crisscrossing Barbara's arms under her breasts, they strapped them in her back too. They then buckled the crotch area, stuffing the dildo inside Barbara's pussy and making sure the metallic nubs were touching their targets. They finished by buckling Barbara's legs inside a hobble skirt. Barbara tested her bondage and found it relentless.

The doctor watched her squirm on the floor and, snarling, said, "Now let me explain why this is called a Pacifying Straitjacket. There are some electronic chips inside the rubber. We will activate them when you are back in your cell. If you struggle, you will pull on the buckles. This will trigger electric shocks that will go through the nubs and the dildo. That will be an unpleasant experience to say the least. On the contrary, if you relax and surrender, after thirty seconds, the nubs will massage their targets and the dildo will lightly vibrate. This will not be sufficient to make you come, but it will be enough to give you some pleasure. Oh! And one more thing. If the straitjacket begins to stimulate you, if you trigger the shocks, they will be more powerful and obviously more unpleasant."

After a sign from the doctor, the two nurses lifted Barbara and carried her back to her cell. Before leaving, a nurse fumbled in the back of the straitjacket, obviously activating the chips. Once the door was closed, Barbara resumed her struggles. But she stopped only seconds later. She had just received a shock. It was not really painful but it was unpleasant. The electricity went right through her sphincter, her clit and her pussy. Her sphincter contracted harshly. It left a cramp which disappeared after a few seconds. Not wanting to feel it again, Barbara relaxed. After thirty seconds, Barbara felt the nubs and dildo come alive. The nubs were massaging her anus and clit, while the dildo vibrated gently. Barbara, remembering the doctor's words, settled in the position and fell asleep shortly afterwards, still stimulated by the straitjacket.

Chapter 4: Preparation and Breast Surgery

Barbara awoke the next morning still trapped in her straitjacket. The nubs and dildo were still stimulating her gently. Remembering the effects of her struggles, she remained still. A few minutes later, the door opened. A nurse came into her cell. She turned Barbara's Pacifying Straitjacket off. She then undid Barbara's hobble skirt, but left the straitjacket on. She clipped a leash on a ring at the collar of the straitjacket and helped Barbara to her feet. Tugging on the leash, she led Barbara out of the cell and into a nearby shower-room.

Barbara was still mollified by her night in the Pacifying Straitjacket. She let herself be handled by the nurse, who showered and her wastes eliminated like the previous day. However, at the end of the shower, she left the room; leaving Barbara cuffed spread in the shower. When the nurse turned up again, she was wheeling a gurney, on top of which a bundle of rubber was lying. The nurse unfolded it. It looked like a tube made of rubber. While one end was closed, the other end had a narrow opening. There was another opening not far from the opened end. There were laces running all along the tube. The nurse undid Barbara's cuffs, and led her to the gurney. She put the rubber tube on the floor, the opened end turned upwards. She then had Barbara step into the opening. When Barbara stood with her feet in the opening, the nurse began to wrap the tube upwards around Barbara.

Barbara waited passively, aware that she was going nowhere with her legs stuck in that rubber sheath. When the rubber sheath came at the waist, the nurse took hold of Barbara's hands and forced them into separate sheaths inside the tube. When the tube arrived at breasts-level, Barbara's orbs were slipped through the opening on the side of the tube. Finally, the nurse forced Barbara's hair into a rubber cap, before pulling the tube over her head so that the opening at the top left only her face free. The nurse then tightened the laces which were now running along Barbara's dorsal spine. She also forced a ring-gag into Barbara's mouth, buckling it at the back of Barbara's head.

Once she was through, Barbara looked like a huge rubber sausage, with only her breasts and her face visible. The nurse left the room again and returned one minute later with two other nurses. They carried Barbara to the gurney, lifted her and laid her on top of it. They then used wide leather straps dangling from the sides to strap Barbara even more securely. The nurses wheeled Barbara out of the shower-room into the elevator. The elevator sank deeper below the ground. When it stopped, the nurses wheeled Barbara's gurney through a long corridor, into what looked like an Operation Room. The nurses un-strapped Barbara from her gurney and, lifting her, deposited her on the operating table, where they strapped her once again. There were straps at ankle, knee and waist level. There were more straps above and below Barbara's breasts and one across her forehead. The nurses then left the room.

Several minutes passed. Barbara was beginning to wonder if they had forgotten they had a prisoner strapped on an operating table. But suddenly, a masked face appeared in her visual field. The person wore surgical robes, a surgical cap and a surgical mask but they were all made of rubber. The masked person spoke. "So, Barbara. I think you remember me from yesterday. I am Doctor Herrscherin. The purpose of this operation is to give a satisfying cleavage. Your breasts are very nice, but they are not big enough for Lydia's tastes. You will be awake during the first part of the operation, but we will have to put you under while we inject the enhancer into your breasts. The first part is stimulation through vacuum-cups. This will make your nipples harden and become erect, which will make the second part much easier because the needle needs to enter through the nipple. So, the harder and bigger, the better."

After these words, she went out of Barbara's visual field. Since Barbara's head was clamped down by a leather strap, she could not lift her head to see what was done to her. She could only feel what was done. She soon felt a hand resting on one of her breasts. The hand gently pinched the nipple and put a circular rubber ring around it. A light vacuum was applied, sticking the rubber cup on the breast. The same was done to her other breast. When both cups were stuck on their target, the vacuum increased, first lightly and then much harder. Just when pain was about to appear, the suction receded, only to return when Barbara had relaxed slightly. The same happened several times. Barbara could feel a mild arousal building. She began to moan through her gag.

The Doctor's face came back into view. "Your nipples are fully erect now. Have a nice sleep." Her hand put a small rubber mask over her nose and mouth. The gas-mask had a small built-in dildo that slid directly into Barbara's mouth. Anaesthetic gas began to flow into Barbara's nose and mouth. Within seconds, she was unconscious.

When Barbara woke up, the first thing she felt was a dull pain coming from her breasts. She was lying in a hospital bed. She was strapped in her bed at the ankles, waist and wrists. Doctor Herrsherin came into view. "You will be pleased to hear the operation was a success. You are now the proud owner of two splendid D-cup breasts."

Those words said, she turned around and disappeared from view. Barbara strained to see if she said the truth. Casting a glance downward, she saw her breasts, covered with bandages. As she was struggling to have a better look, a nurse came by and told her: "It's not good to strain like this after an operation. I'm afraid you have to go to sleep again." As Barbara opened her mouth to protest, the nurse clasped her hand over Barbara's mouth and using her other hand started an already inserted IV. As Barbara drifted off to sleep, she heard the nurse tell her: "When you will wake up, your breasts will be fully healed, thanks to the injection we gave you when you arrived. Your real training will then begin."

Chapter 5: Breasts Training

Barbara came back to herself, still bound in her hospital bed. But, she immediately sensed a difference. Her chest did not hurt anymore. Lifting her head from the pillow, she looked down. The bandages that had been hiding her breasts were gone. Her breasts were much bigger than in her memory. As she was admiring them, a voice coming from her left startled her. "They are wonderful, aren't they? The serum we injected into them is marvellous. They are now big enough to fit in a D-cup. We could off course have made them bigger, but since your Mistress wants to show you off, we could not make them ridiculously big. Anyway, we can make them grow at will, now that the serum has been pumped into you. With just another IV injection we can make them dramatically grow. I think Lydia will love humiliating you with that special feature."

Doctor Herrscherin was standing next to Barbara's bed, carefully watching her reaction. Barbara was simply too stunned by her speech to react. The Doctor went on. "Since you are awake we will now feed you and begin your breasts training. I am sure you will enjoy yourself."

A nurse came forward and took a complete gasmask from a nearby tray. The gasmask covered her entire head, with goggles at the front where her eyes would be. This gasmask had a special feature. There was a baby's feeding bottle fixed at the front. Once the nurse fitted the mask on her, Barbara understood why. There was a hose protruding in front of her mouth with a teat at the end. The nurse explained the feeding process to her. "This mask has a system of valves. If you do not suck the nipple, you will get no air. If you suck it, you will get air but you will have to swallow the liquid in the bottle since you cannot spit. The liquid will provide you all nutrients you need. It is also laced with chemicals that will heighten your sexual drive. Enjoy your meal!"

Barbara felt the nipple being forced into her month. She tried to avoid sucking on it, but as the nurse had told her she could not breathe. She resigned herself to suck the nipple. The liquid was sweet. It tasted somewhat like honey. The bottle was soon empty. The feeding mask was removed. The nurse then released Barbara from her bed. She cuffed Barbara's hands in front of her, put a hobble chain between her ankles and attached a leash to the chain between her handcuffs. She then led Barbara out of the Recovery Room into the elevator. It took them two floors higher.

Barbara was then led out of the elevator and into a room with a plate reading Vacuum Training Room. At the center of the room stood a dentist chair with numerous straps. There were rubber cups dangling from a device fixed to the ceiling directly above the chair. Barbara was made to sit in the chair. Her restraints were removed but she was immediately strapped to the chair at the ankles, knees, waist, above and below her breasts, throat and forehead. Her arms were strapped to the armrests at the wrist and elbow.

Totally immobilised, Barbara could only watch as the nurse began to massage her breasts. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Her breasts had not only been enhanced in size, they had also been enhanced in sensitiveness. She could feel how each finger kneaded her flesh. She was soon moaning. Her lust seemed to get the better of her and it was with some regrets, she watched the nurse retreat. But it was not over. The nurse fixed two of the cups from the machine above her to her nipples. She then turned the machine on. A vacuum immediately began to build. Her already erect nipples were sucked inside the cup where they were massaged through a constant shift in suction. In the meantime, the nurse resumed her massage, concentrating on the breasts themselves, letting the machine do the trick for the nipples. Barbara was soon panting. The increased sensitiveness of her breasts was slowly driving her to an orgasm. After five minutes treatment, Barbara came. However the nurse did not stop after her orgasm. She went on even while Barbara recovered from her orgasm and Barbara came after just a few more minutes. It went on like this for hours. Barbara could not even count her orgasms anymore. She was ravaged. The orgasms did not even lessen her arousal. Eventually, she passed out.

Chapter 6: Preparation and Cunt Surgery

Barbara woke up to find herself back in a cell. She had not been fitted with a straitjacket but she was so sore from her training that she could not even think about rising to her feet. So, when two nurses came in and carried her out of the room into a shower room, she let herself be handled. They showered her and her wastes were eliminated. Afterwards, one of the nurses left the room and went back with a gurney and a bundle of rubber. "Time to get you prepared for your surgery, pet."

This new suit was different from the last. Her legs were fitted in separate stockings attached to the upper part of the suit. This upper part was partially opened at the back to allow Barbara to slide her torso into it. Her arms were once again slid into sheath at the sides of the suit. The hood covered her head but left her face visible. This suit restrained Barbara because her arms were trapped along her body but it also made her extremely vulnerable because there was a cut-out at the bottom of the upper part that left her crotch naked.

The nurses lifted Barbara onto the gurney and wheeled her once again into an OR. There, Barbara was put on the table. Her upper body was strapped to the table at the waist, throat and forehead. Her legs were strapped into stirrups, spreading them widely. Her pussy and clitoris were now totally exposed. Doctor Herrscherin's voice rose from Barbara's left. "So, pet. You are here for your second surgical procedure. We will take care of your clit and cunt. We will not put you under this time because the injections are not as deep as the last. But before we go on, we will have to shave your cunt. Your hairs will not be permanently removed because your Mistress enjoys playing with her pet's pussy-fur."

A nurse came between Barbara's thigh and applied shaving cream to her bush. Then, she took a razor and delicately trimmed Barbara's bush. Barbara did not move, fully aware that any movement could end up with a dreadful cut. After a few minutes, it was over. Barbara relaxed. But she tensed again when a rubber-gloved hand began to rub her clit. "Just to make you erect. It will be easier to take aim."

After a few seconds, the hand retreated. "Good! We will now proceed. Sorry, but you will have to be gagged."

A hand pinched Barbara's nose who opened her mouth to breath. A bit-gag was then inserted and buckled to two straps fixed to the table. The hand returned to her clit but this time, it pinched the bud, holding it firmly. Barbara felt a syringe being driven in the sensitive flesh of her clit. She tried to scream but her gag muffled her attempt. She felt a liquid enter her flesh. After a few seconds, the flow stopped and the needle withdrew. Then, her right pussy lip was grabbed. A new syringe was inserted and the agony returned. Barbara thought she would pass out. After her right pussy lip, her left one was similarly treated. The nurses un-strapped her from the table and lifted her back onto the gurney. They wheeled Barbara into a nearby Recovery Room, where they strapped her again on a hospital bed.

Doctor Herrscherin came a few minutes later. "You will spend the day here. You will be fed and tomorrow, we will demonstrate the new special features of your cunt and clit." Barbara spend the day dreading the next day, her crotch still throbbing from the injections, her musings only interrupted when the nurse came to fit her with her feeding mask.

Chapter 7: Pussy Training

The following morning came much too quickly for Barbara's taste. A nurse came, freed her from her restraints and took her to a shower room. After the shower, Barbara was taken to a room called 'Pussy Training Room'. The only piece of furniture in this room was a gynaecological table standing in the middle. Barbara was strapped on this table. Her wrists were cuffed at either side of her body and leather straps at the waist, below the breasts, at the throat and forehead were used to maintain her immobile. Her legs were strapped in stirrups protruding from the end of the table. The table was short enough to allow complete access to her crotch.

After a few minutes, the door opened and six strangely-clad women were led into the room. Three of them were nurses. The others wore a leather harness made of crisscrossing straps. There was a wide horizontal strap at the waist, two narrower ones above and below the breasts, all of them circling completely the body of the wearer. A wide vertical strap was fixed to the horizontal ones. It went from the waist-strap upwards to the highest horizontal strap where it divided into two shoulder straps that rejoined the horizontal strap in the back. The vertical strap also went downwards from the waist strap, covering the crotch and going up the back. The women also wore a ring-gag and high-heeled boots. Their wrists were secured in their backs by leather cuffs fixed to the waist-strap. They were collared and were led by a leash fixed to this collar.

One was led towards Barbara's crotch. The others were pulled towards Barbara's breasts. The nurses stood behind their charges and briskly ordered: "Get to work!" The three women leaned. The ones at Barbara's breasts put their mouth over Barbara's nipples. Their tongues began playing with them. Barbara, knowing the effect it would have on her now super-sensitive breasts braced herself. At the same time, the woman at Barbara's crotch put her mouth over Barbara's pussy. Her tongue began to lick Barbara's outer lips. Barbara whimpered. Her pussy was now much more sensitive than before. She could almost feel every asperity on the woman's tongue.

As Barbara began to get used to the feeling of having her pussy licked, the woman shifted tactics. Her tongue slid inside Barbara's pussy. It came as a shock for Barbara. Despite herself, she moaned. The combined attentions of the three women began eroding her resilience. Her arousal was mounting higher. As she resigned herself to the unavoidable orgasm, the final blow landed. The woman eating her pussy withdrew from her snatch and attacked her clit. Caught unaware, Barbara screamed into her gag. The sensation was overwhelming. When she had fucked a man, it had never come anywhere near this. She was now positively mad with arousal.

She tried to wiggle her hips and get even more stimulation on her clit. The woman, understanding what she wanted, complied. She licked harder. After a few seconds, Barbara came. The women went on for two hours, during which Barbara had about twenty orgasms. When the nurses pulled the women from her and untied her, she was totally delirious. She let herself be washed, fed and led to her cell. Before leaving her for the night, the nurse turned to Barbara and said: "Tomorrow, you will have your last surgery, at least for the time being. Afterwards, you will have behaviour modification therapies and lesbian training sessions. Sleep tight!"

Chapter 8: Preparation and Anal Surgery

Barbara awoke slowly. She was thoroughly spent by her previous day. After some time, the door of her cell opened and a nurse stepped in. She handcuffed Barbara and led her to the shower-room next to her cell. There, she washed Barbara as usual. Once she was done, she left the room, coming back a few minutes later, with a bundle of rubber clothing. She unfolded it, revealing a suit like the one Barbara had worn for her pussy surgery. She quickly dressed Barbara and led her to an OR. She then strapped Barbara face-down on the table, fitted Barbara's legs in inverted stirrups and inclined the table, so that Barbara's ass was higher than her head. After those preparations, she left the room. Barbara did not have to wait for long.

Doctor Herrscherin soon came into the room and went to the head of the table. She leaned and spoke to Barbara. "This is the last part of your modifications. We will inject a substance into your anal ring that will cause it to swell and form a tight ring at the entrance of your back passage. Its sensitiveness will also be greatly increased. I think you will find anal sex quite satisfying after this little operation. We will also make an injection in your anus itself. It will then produce a liquid looking very much like pussy juice. This will solve any lubricant problem you might have had."

She retreated towards Barbara's ass and began to massage Barbara's ass-cheeks. She then took a syringe containing a clear liquid and inserted it inside Barbara's back passage. She used it to inject the liquid into the walls of Barbara's anus. Then, she changed her target and injected the contents of another syringe inside Barbara's anal ring. Through the process, Barbara had been screaming behind her gag. When the pain stopped, Barbara went on screaming. She thrashed in her bonds, hoping to get free from this nightmare. But a hand began to rub her pussy and clit. The stimulation soon had Barbara moaning in arousal. The doctor came back to Barbara's head and said: "You are now truly a slave. All your erogenous zones have been modified to allow you to orgasm through stimulation of one of them. You are now truly a slave to your own lust. It will be this lust that will allow us to tame you. You will spend the night in the Recovery area to give the chemicals time to modify you fully and then we will begin your fetish training with a little aroma-conditioning therapy."

Barbara was taken to the Recovery Room where she spent the night shifting on her bed, dreading the next day. Even if she did not like the realization, she could feel how all the modifications could contribute to turn her into a sex-slave.

Chapter 9: Aroma Conditioning

The following morning, a nurse came into the room and freed Barbara. She took her to a shower-room where she washed Barbara and eliminated her wastes. Barbara discovered that, due to the modification of her anus, the simple flow of her body wastes caused her to become aroused. Once Barbara was clean enough, the nurse left the room. She returned thirty seconds later with rubber clothing. The first item was a rubber straitjacket with one special feature. The straitjacket did not have a crotch strap. The mid-section was shaped like a skirt that flared out in a complete circle. This way, even if her arms were secured like in a normal straitjacket, her ass and pussy were still completely accessible.

The next items were thigh-high high-heeled black rubber boots. Another item was a waist-cincher that prevented any removal of the straitjacket by slipping it over the head. The last item was a wide leather collar that forced Barbara's head up. The nurse clipped a leash to Barbara's collar and led her to another room. At the center of the room, stood a rubber-covered dentist-chair. Barbara was made to sit in this chair. Her arms were released, only to be strapped to the armrests at the wrist and above the elbow. Furthermore, the straps at the end of the sleeves were fixed to a buckle under the armrest, forcing Barbara's hands to remain immobile. Straps were added at the ankles, knees, waist and neck.

Next, a heavy gasmask was placed on her head. It covered her whole head and went down to the collar of her straitjacket. The gasmask had an internal mask that covered her mouth and nose. There was a thin dildo-gag that slid into her mouth when the mask was fitted. Barbara was then left alone for a few minutes. She tested her bonds. They effectively prevented any movement except wiggling her feet inside their boots.

Two rubber-clad women entered the room. They wore long black surgical dresses, gloves and high-heels. Their faces were hidden by rubber surgical masks. One of them lit an overhead lamp, while the other wheeled a cart closer to Barbara. On the cart was a machine that looked like a respirator with several jars. "You have been brought here to be subjected to aroma conditioning. It means that when we are done with you, you will have a specific reaction when you smell a determined odour. For now, we will train you with only two odours: leather and rubber. Rubber will cause a mild arousal and leather will make your mouth drool and your pussy wet."

The nurse pressed a button under Barbara's seat. Barbara felt two dildos rise from the seat and enter her holes. The nurse fixed a hose to Barbara's gasmask. The dildo inside her mouth began to expand. Soon her tongue was trapped under the invader. The machine on the cart was turned on. Barbara held her breath but after a minute, she took a deep breath. The odour of leather hit her. Next thing she knew, the dildo in her pussy was vibrating inside her. It did not vibrate strongly enough to make her come, even with her enhanced sensitiveness. But it was largely enough to arouse her. Then, she felt something odd. The dildo in her mouth was sending light electric shocks into her tongue. There was also a hole at the center of the dildo that was aspirating the excess saliva. The shocks caused Barbara's salivary glands to produce saliva that was then sucked into the dildo.

After a few minutes, the odour disappeared. Barbara slowly regained her calm. Then, a new odour assaulted her nose. It was rubber. The dildos in her nether holes began to vibrate. Once again, it was not enough to make her come but arousal was unavoidable. Again, after a few minutes, the odour receded. Barbara calmed down. And then, another odour appeared. After a few minutes, the odour disappeared again. But it was just the beginning of her aroma training. She was subjected many times to both odours. At the end of the day, her brain was making the connection between odours and their specific stimulation. Barbara did not know it, but this aroma training would play a great role in her lesbian training. At the end of the day, the nurse came back, freed Barbara from her chair and took her to her cell.

Chapter 10: Lesbian Training

The next day, Barbara was taken from her cell, showered as usual. She was then dressed in the same garments as the previous day. The nurse took her again to the room with the dentist-chair. Barbara was strapped in the chair like the previous day. However, no gasmask was placed on her face. This time, a rubber prosthetic cunt was placed a few millimetres above her mouth. The two aroma therapy nurses came into the room. One of them approached Barbara. "The process will be a little different today. You will not be trained to react to a specific odour but to a taste. You will have to lick the prosthesis in front of you. There are sensors inside this prosthesis that will determine if you proceed correctly. If you don't, an electrode will administer a shock to your clitoris. Though, if you lick correctly, your ass will be stimulated. At the end of the day, your brain will connect the taste of rubber with anal arousal. Moreover, it will give an extensive training in pussy-licking. Also, if you simply refuse to lick the prosthesis, your clit will be shocked. Enjoy yourself."

The nurse leaned and pushed a button under the seat. Barbara felt a dildo rise from the seat into her asshole. She also felt a cold metal nub press against her clit. Barbara remained totally still. She refused such a degrading task. However, after about thirty seconds inactivity, she felt a shock to her clit. The shock was not painful but it was uncomfortable. Barbara tried to ignore it. But it resumed with ever increasing frequency. After five minutes, Barbara surrendered. She extended her tongue and touched the rubber cunt. The shocks went on. Barbara resigned herself. She began to lick the prosthesis. The shocks stopped at once. Barbara, encouraged, licked harder. She then felt the dildo in her ass come alive. The sensations were unlike anything she had ever felt in her ass. It felt like being stimulated in her pussy. The stimulation was not strong enough to elicit an orgasm but it was largely enough to arouse Barbara.

She licked harder, concentrating her efforts on the folds of the lips. Then, she shifted to the rubber clit. The vibrations became stronger. They were still not enough to allow an orgasm but they aroused Barbara further. The taste of rubber impregnated Barbara's tongue. All she could taste was rubber. Slowly, the odour of the prosthesis permeated into Barbara's nostrils. The odour produced its conditioned effect: Barbara became even more aroused. This was the last blow. Barbara came. But she stopped licking the prosthesis. Thirty seconds later, a shock to her clitoris shook her out of her bliss. She resumed licking the rubber cunt at once. Soon, she was moaning in arousal but she tried to prevent herself from coming, knowing it would cause a shock.

It went on like this for the whole day, only interrupted at noon when the nurses stopped the machine and allowed Barbara to drink and rest a little. At the end of the day, Barbara was taken back to her cell. The following morning, Barbara was taken to the shower where she was washed as usual. She was then taken to a room with a huge bed at the centre. Barbara was led to the bed. She was collared and a chain was extended between her collar and the head of the bed. Barbara was told to lie on the bed and wait. A few minutes later, a woman entered into the room. It was the nurse that had taken charge of Barbara on her first day at the clinic. Barbara remembered she was called Sandra. The nurse was dressed in a knee-length black leather dress. The nurse grinned and said: "Surprised? Why, you shouldn't be. I told you I would take care of your lesbian training."

She came to the bed and climbed on it. She took Barbara's face in her hands and French-kissed Barbara. Barbara was first disgusted but she felt strangely aroused. And then, she understood why. The sheets were made of rubber! The odour had the desired effect: Barbara was becoming increasingly aroused. She was soon returning the kiss. In her mind, she was deeply ashamed. She was not a lesbian and she let this woman take advantage of her. But a wicked little voice at the back of her mind was telling her that she liked what has happening. The attentions of this woman were arousing her and it was not only the odour.

Barbara was struggling inside her mind, torn between her arousal and years of heterosexual relationships. And then as abruptly as it had begun, her dilemma disappeared. She was aroused by this woman. In fact, she had never been so aroused by anybody. As she was coming to this conclusion, Sandra broke the kiss. She slid her dress over her head and told Barbara: "Time to show what you've learned."

She laid back on the dress and tugged on Barbara's collar-chain. Barbara obediently kneeled between her legs and put her mouth over Sandra's snatch. And then, she smelled the odour. The odour of leather, left on her skin by the dress Sandra had just discarded. Instantly, Barbara's mouth began to drool. She began to lick the proffered pussy, sending extremely pleasurable sensations through Sandra. Soon, Sandra gave a low cry and gripping the back of Barbara's head, pushed her face into her snatch. Barbara licked harder. Sandra came a few seconds later.

Sandra laid a few minutes quietly to recover. Then, she climbed down from the bed and retrieved a strap-on dildo from a hidden drawer under the bed. She buckled it on, climbed back on the bed and laid back down. She then ordered Barbara to suck the dildo. Barbara went to the task. She sucked the length of the shaft, as she had done with a few boyfriends. After a few minutes, Barbara felt her ass tingle. Then it hit her. She was sucking a rubber dildo. The taste caused her ass to become aroused. Sandra told her to stop and to get down on all fours. Barbara knew what came next, but somehow, it did not bother her. Once she was in position, Sandra kneeled behind her. She began to pump in and out of Barbara's ass with the strap-on. Barbara could feel every bump on the rubber shaft. Soon, she came too. Sandra stopped fucking her ass.

She kissed Barbara again and told her: "Tomorrow, you will be assigned to the nurses' rest room. There you will have to lick pussy all day. But I will come see you."

Barbara was taken back to her cell. She spent the remainder of the day trying to grasp what had changed in her life. She had been kidnapped, rapped by a mutant fucking-machine, modified according to the desires of an evil Doctor and converted into a lesbian. But all this meant nothing. For the first time in her life, she looked forward to the next day. In fact, she could not imagine going back to her former life. Slavery was now the only life she could accept.



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