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Hell in a Cell

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; concert; drug; capture; latex; catsuits; vacuum; cell; bond; cuffs; chains; hoods; cbt; insert; breathplay; torment; electro; cons/nc; XX

James slowly started to regain consciousness as he come back to the real world. His vision was blurry and his mind was hazy as he struggled to see clearly. The area he was in was pitch black with only a couple of red lights in the corners of the room. He tried moving his arms and legs and found he was unable to do so. He tried to speak and not only did his jaw remain still, but he couldn't hear a thing. It was like he had said nothing at all. His body felt compressed and squeezed by an unknown force. He also had an odd smell filling his nose each time he breathed in. He wanted to know what the hell was going on. What had happened to him last night?

He was having a great time an a local music club as a heavy metal band played on stage. The lead singer was a stunning and kept looking at him as she screamed into the microphone. He loved the way she looked as she jumped around the stage like a mad hatter. She was wearing some shiny black leggings and a leather corset that covered her body. She was also wearing a leather dog collar and black gloves that worked their way down her arms to her shoulders. She was as hot as hell as her long black hair rocked around her. He couldn't see her face very well, thanks to the endless flashing lights and other people in the crowed. He was a little bit drunk and wanted this hot girl in his bed tonight, so after they finished he went over to her. They talked for a short while and then they left the club in each others arms. She had asked him back to her place and after a couple of drinks and a good laugh, they had gone to bed. Oddly his brain was at a blank as to what happened in the bedroom.

He kept thinking about what may have happened for the next 5 minutes until his brain remembered what the odd smell was. He was not looking for the answer to that question and found it distracting at first. But slowly it worked it's way into the centre of his thinking. The odd smell was latex, 100% it was latex. Now why could he smell latex? And could that have anything to do with the night before. He remembered her outfit from last night, it was black and shiny. It could have been latex and she could have a latex fetish. Fetish was a word that made him uneasy. He had seen a number of different fetishes on the television and in books over the last few years. They all looked odd and wierd. Not something he wanted to be a part of and was starting to hope he had not had sex with this girl now. She was likely to be a nutter and he needed to get far away from her.

James hated odd people and wished the world was a more normal place. He had no idea how right he was about this girl. But he had no hope in hell of escaping her latex bondage cell. She had mixed drugs into his drinks and had got the cold concrete bondage cell ready. She waited for him to finish his 4th drink of the night, before leading him to the cell. The second she opened the door to his new home, he tried to run away. The image of the room was burnt into his wide open eyes. He struggled to put one leg in front of the other as the drugs started to hit him. He used the wall to aid himself as he tried to make it to the front door. His legs had start to fold over and his eyes had started to close.

He was fighting to stay awake as she softly smiled at him. His body was becoming numb and his vision had left him in the dark. Soft moans broke free from his lips as his mouth lost the ability to talk. He was now breathing heavily on the floor as the last bit of life left his body. He was out cold and just a couple of steps from the exit he so wanted. She removed his street clothes and dragged his into the concrete cell. Once inside she forced him into a tight rubber bondage suit. The suit covered every inch of his body in the warm latex. The only part of his body not covered by the rubber was his dick. The rubber suit was already well lubed and had been shinned. The rubber suit was squeezing into his body as she added a very special outer layer.

It was a rubber vacuum suit. The suit was a little bit bigger then his bondage suit and covered his whole body, from the neck down. His dick went into a glass cage and torture device. She closed and locked the zip at the back of the suit and started the vacuum. She had lubed the inside of the vacuum suit so the rubber did not stick together. The vacuum slowly enclosed his body in a very tight grip as the air was sucked out. The now vice like suit was being emptied of air at an alarming rate. The rubber suit folded itself around his hands and feet. It pressed itself against his rubber covered body and made breathing hard work. 

As the last of the air was taken from the rubber suit, it become almost solid. The rubber crushed into James's latex covered body as the vacuum completed it's work. The way the suit wrapped around his body made it look like he had flaps. They outlined the whole rim of the suit from his neck to his toes. It helped make the suit airtight and it hid the opening to undo the vacuum. Now the bondage suits had been completed it was time to add a collar and a couple of hoods to the mix.

The first hood covered his head completely apart from four small holes for him to breath through and see out of. The thick rubber bondage hood also had padding around his eyes and ears. The hood had a build in penis gag which filled James's mouth and made speaking impossible. The gag controlled his teeth, tongue and jaw. She laced the hood closed and placed a padlock at the base of the hood to stop it from coming off. The holes around his eyes allowed him some light and vision. But he could only see a small dot of colour against the darkness of the hood.

She then placed the second bondage hood over his rubber head. This one looked like a cross between a diving mask and space helmet. The back part of the hood was rubber with a web of straps running across it. A zip could be seen running down the back of the hood. The front of the mask was see through glass from top to bottom and side to side. In the centre on the inside was a rubber face mask with a number of tubes coming from it. The tubes exited the mask near the chin and worked their way around the right side of the hood, just below the ear. The rubber face mask would cover his mouth and nose.

The tube would give him air from a controlled supply. She squeezed the hood over his head and closed the zip, then she pulled the straps tightly around his head. She when added the neck long leather collar to his outfit. The collar would stop him from moving his neck more than a couple of inches in any direction. It was gripping his neck in a tight embrace as she locked it shut. Now that her new subject was suited and booted it was time to put it in some bondage.

She already had 10 leather cuffs with heavy chains ready for him. She also had a spreader bar for his ankles and knees. The concrete cell had a web of eye hooks on both the floor and ceiling. From which long heavy metal chains had been rolled into a circle like a snake. She also had some large metal belts waiting for him as well. First she placed a leather cuff on each of his ankles and closed them as tightly as she could. She then locked the spread bar to the ankles cuffs to kept his legs wide apart. She then locked the spread bar and cuffs to the floor by using two of the eye hooks and accompanying chains. She pulled the chains until they had no give left in them. His ankles had now been bound to the floor and they would be followed by his knees.

Placing two more of the leather cuffs round his knees and linking a smaller spread bar between them, she restrained his lower legs. She once again chained them to the floor and padlocked everything shut. With James unconscious and folded over at the stomach, it was getting challenging to work on him. So she added two cuffs to his wrists and elbows and grabbed a couple of chains from the eye hooks on the ceiling. And started to put them together above his head. She may have been around 6ft, but it was hard to reach his stretched out hands. She did it by standing on the spreader bar between his knees and climbing up his body. With him acting as a footstool, she connected the chains to the cuffs and pulled them tightly closed. His arms now hang lifelessly above his head. With another layer of bondage around his elbows.

She was careful not to rip the rubber vacuum suit on her way down and checked it over the second her feet hit the ground. She was smiling at her helpless victim as she wrapped three large metal belts around his body. The belts squeezed the air from his body as she padlocked them closed. She then joined them to the floor and ceiling using the chains. The rubber vacuum suit was folding over the metal belt as she add a chain to his collar. It would keep his head pointing towards the ground. She then added the last set of cuffs to his upper legs and locked them to the ceiling with chains.

He was now completely bound and anchored to both the ceiling and floor. The cuffs and belt cut into him and the rubber suits added almost painful pressure. He would never escape from his new home. She still needed to set up the toy covering his dick. But she wanted him to wake up first. She wheeled over a large metal table with two levels. On both levels, she had placed a mountain of machinery with tubes and wires running all over the place. She joined up the tubes from his breathing mask to a machine on the top level. It would now control his breathing.

She had done it. Now she just needed him to woke up and live out a real nightmare. So she turned off the lights, locked the door and waited.

James slowly started to regain consciousness as he come back to the real world. His vision was blurry and his mind was hazy as he struggled to see clearly. The area he was in was pitch black with only a couple of red lights in the corners of the room. He tried moving his arms and legs and found he was unable to do so. He tried to speak and not only did his jaw remain still, but he couldn't hear a thing. It was like he had said nothing at all. His body feel compressed and squeezed by an unknown force. He also had an odd smell filling his nose each time he breathed in.

The memories from last night come crashing back to James as he become fully aware of what happen. He was no longer dead to the world and started struggling for movement. He found almost nothing more and if it did, it was only an inch or two. He was in bondage and he hated bondage. He could only see through a pin hole, he could not speak and he was completely deaf. This was serious bondage. He had no idea about his new mistress entering his concrete tomb, until she started playing around with his new penis toy.

Because of the technically placed holes in his rubber suits, she could remove the cage and add some fun toys. She could do everything without deflating the vacuum suit. The suits also acted as a cock ring and kept blood trapped in his penis. Which meant the second she removed the cage (the only thing keeping his cock safe) His dick was rock hard and pointing skyward. She was smiling away to herself as her dreams of having an unwilling slave to torture. His dick would be her play thing for as long as she wanted.

She had a long steel pole in her hand ready. Lube was dripping from in and onto the floor as she moved it into position. The pole was the same size as his piss hole and would be hell to insert. The lube would help her push it all the way in. Adding some lube to the tip of his penis, she started drilling it into him. He started to breath as quickly as he could and the chains started to rattle as he tried to break them. Inch by inch the steel pole worked it's way down the small hole. She was playing with him as it reached the end of his manhood. She quickly added a clear plastic strap at the base of his cock and another just below the tip.

The metal pole had a ring on the top of it. The two plastic straps had four smaller rings, one on each side. She linked four metal chains to the top ring and then vertically linked them to the rings on the straps. Each chain was tighten to an almost penis bending level. She then added four shock pads to the shaft of his dick and started working on the balls. She was going to use a vice like device to crush his worthless balls. Two black plastic squares where placed above and below his balls. She then added four screws to each of the corners and started closing them. For the first minute he felt nothing and then pure pain shot from his balls. The vice had them in it's grasp. She was loving his reaction as she locked the cage back onto the suit.

She flicked a switch and the cage begin to empty of air. She was making another vacuum, but his time his manhood was the target. The air quickly disappeared from the cage as his cock was stretched out even more. She then turned the e-slim on and set the levels to low. She would work her way up the volume. She also wanted to give him something new to smell. The odor from rubber tubing, must be getting boring by now. So she added a new tube into a free port on the breath control machine. The tube had a rubber dildo at the end of it.

The breath control machine had a computer operated pump and two re-breather bags. The tube connecting to his face mask was right next to the bags as was the new dildo tube. The pump filled the bags with air every 60 seconds. But in the time before that happened he would be breathing air out of the rubber bags. He would now also be taking in air from her rubber dildo. Which would be placed deep inside one of her holes.

She unzipped her red rubber catsuit at the crotch and let her pussy and ass come out. She then rubbed some lube on the dildo and slid it into her wet pussy. She had spent the night masturbating herself to sleep and had not showered all day. She played with the e-slim as he struggled for dirty air. She could see him trying to break the cuffs and chains by pulling them. She could hear soft moans from his bondage hoods. She then slid the dildo into her perfect ass.

Her other hand was playing with her pussy as she felt him sucking air through the tube. Her heart was racing as the dildo was compressing and expanding with each grasp of air he took. She turned the e-slim to maximum and started kissing the dildo. She was playing with it as he continued to breath in and out. Using her hands and mouth, she pretend it was a real cock. She lined herself up with his eyes holes and give him a show. Not that he enjoyed it as he was shocked endlessly.

* * *

James was meant to be meeting his parents for his birthday meal at 6pm. After trying to call him and sending a river of text messages, they got nervous. They checked his Facebook and asked his close friends if they had seen him. No one had any idea where he was. They went to his flat to his if he was in, but no ones was home. So they called the police and they started looking into it.

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