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The Island Part 2

by BishopFan

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© Copyright 2007 - BishopFan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf+; D/s; latex; bond; catsuit; corset; mum; wrap; bagged; mermaid; toys; cons; X

The Island - Part Two

With small steps we enter the great room of the lodge, and the 18 bidders greet Madame L with great respect. She nods acceptance, but does not speak until she has tied off my leash to a ring on the auction block. After formally greeting each guest, she inspects the other slave units already on display.

Slave unit C is dressed in a shiny silver latex catsuit and privacy hood, which complement the shine on the heavy metal neck/wrists stock and matching ankle spreader she is wearing. Two vertical poles connect the ends of the neck stock with the ends of the ankle spreader, effectively enclosing her in a picture frame. A third vertical pole rises from the center of the ankle spreader into her crotch, discreetly covered for the time being by a red latex miniskirt.

Madame knows that a bit of mystery in a woman can increase interest in her, and for the moment nobody but she and her dresser knows if the dildo within her is plain or knobbed, round or square or hexagonal. After the sale the two outer poles will be temporarily removed so that she and her buyer can walk to their cabin for the weekend, and as she moves her feet back and forth she will be reminded of the shape of the dildo gyrating back and forth within her.

Slave unit D is dressed in a robin’s egg blue full-body mermaid suit with a magnificent tail, which also has an attached open-face hood with long blonde hair over a blue weekend privacy hood. The arms end in miniature tail fins, the fingers encased in five holes set in solid blocks of soft rubber. The rear zipper is locked at the back of her head, with the lock hidden by the wig, but there is no way she could work it even if it weren’t locked.
Because the tail is rather tight upon her legs, a long rubber divider attached to the tail fin separates the legs to protect her ankles and knees from chafing if her owner chooses to have her swim in the outdoor swimming pool, or model in the in-cabin hot tub.

The divider happens to end eight inches inside her vagina, and moves in and out as she flexes her hips and knees. I suspect that, sitting up as she is while strapped into a motorized wheelchair for the convenience of her buyer, the divider has reached its maximum penetration. She will get some relief during the auction when she is suspended upside down by her tail like a marlin to be photographed with her buyer as the “catch of the day,” but the relief is a mixed blessing.

Slave unit E is dressed in the same cock-and-balls slipper as I am, but in a sheathless catsuit with a zippered crotch, and encased in a form-fitting stainless steel cage shaped like his body with no more than a quarter-inch clearance all around. The front and back of the cage are hinged together at the feet, and once closed are secured with a dozen well-tightened set screws. The buyer is provided with a complimentary power drill to open up the set screws if he or she chooses to do so, assistance in moving the slave unit to the cabin, and a mandatory instruction course in the safe use of the multiple power hoists that can lift the cage horizontally, vertically or inverted. For the moment he hangs upright, a mere six inches from the floor, swaying gently.

The face, crotch and anus are covered with smaller hinged covers for feeding, access and elimination, and with this slave unit the buyer may request that the wearer remain within the cage for the full three days, subject to the requirement that the lodge nurse be granted access to the slave unit for one half hour twice a day to supervise catheterizations and enemas. Otherwise, all buyers are granted complete privacy within their cabin for their three-night stay, though of course they are welcome to parade their slave about the island as they choose. For the purposes of the auction the steel codpiece is open and the suit is unzipped a bit so that the rubber filled cock is at full salute, which I know from experience is much more comfortable than having it folded upwards and locked within the tight steel cage.

Slave unit F is currently entertaining our guests by writhing on the floor like a snake, mummified from neck to toe in shiny red plastic tape. The tape is quite resilient, and returns to its original flawless shape when she pauses to catch her breath for her finale. After balancing on her butt in a sharp “V,” she drops her head to the floor and then bends her knees so that only her two great toes are on the floor. She then lifts her midsection high in the air and balances on the top of her head and the two great toes, holding this position for almost 15 seconds before inevitably toppling over.

On this cue two “off-duty” slaves come out and slide her, feet first, into a black latex inflatable mummy bag. Of course, the internal sleeves are not needed for this ride, but there is always tomorrow. The back of the bag is zipped up with her privacy hood showing through the open-faced hood of the mummy bag, but these are quickly covered by an inflatable hood with an inflatable pump gag in it. The mummy bag, then the hood, and then the pump gag are vigorously inflated. The rigid balloon is then placed, horizontally, in a canvas carrying sling with reinforced handles. If one of the gentlemen purchases her he is welcome to carry her back to his cabin via the sling, though if one of the ladies is the lucky buyer the two “off-duty” slaves will provide transport services.

The elevator door opens, and the piece de resistance for the evening, the Olson twins, Sherri and Terri, are escorted towards the stage. Their bright red latex catsuits highlight their 42-22-34 figures, which can be corseted down to 18 inches if desired, but are not this evening. Their knee-high red patent boots have only four-inch heels, to accommodate their difficulty in walking.

The difficulty is created by the metal double fiddle they are entrapped in, facing each other with their wrists up through holes in the middle of the fiddle. Their hands are enclosed in inflatable red ball mittens, which are actually a convenience to them as it allows them to relax their arms and let the inflated balls bear the weight of the arms. Madame knows that many slaves are kept within their sales configuration until next morning’s mandatory bathroom break, and likes to take good care of Her slaves.

Their heads are encased in a red latex inflatable double helmet, with Perspex eye covers and a breathing tube connecting the mouth of one helmet with the mouth of the other helmet. From the audience it looks as though they can only breathe each other’s exhaust air, which would of course quickly lead to asphyxiation. In reality their actual breathing is accomplished through air tubes leading to the tops of the helmets, but from a distance the effect is stunning and guaranteed to increase the bidding.

Their crotches are encased in matching steel chastity belts, with numerous hinged D-rings which can be padlocked or chained together in various configurations at the buyer’s whim, and at the moment are connected by a three-foot chain from sex to sex. Nevertheless they do a graceful sidestep up onto the stage, and finish with a flourish by circling around each other two or three times. Within the extreme limits of the fiddle, they bow to the audience and to each other.

The Olson twins are not actually identical twins, though when dressed in street clothes you cannot tell them apart. Each is more beautiful than the other. Sherri is the dominant one within the pair, and quite narcissistic, and long ago became enamored with the idea of making love to herself. She searched for and found her ideal soul mate, and seduced Terri into complete submission. She then arranged for a series of body modification surgeries, starting with Terri’s face and 42-inch boobs for the both of them.

Terri even had two lower ribs removed so that he could get his waist down to 22 inches, but was relieved that Sherri allowed him to keep his cock and balls. She finds them useful at times, but keeps them under steel lock and key the rest of the time. They are working at the Island to help pay for the surgeries, and Terri’s full-body electrolysis which is nearly finished. In all the years they have been participating in Madame’s sales, not one buyer has ever complained at being shortchanged one “girl” in the auction. They have even had a few repeat buyers.

Now that the cast is complete, Madame L prepares to read The Rules.

End of Part Two


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