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Eisanna's Fantasy

by Eisanna Maria

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© Copyright 2007 - Eisanna Maria - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; hood; strapon; bond; susp; bdsm; captive; enslave; breathplay; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons/nc; XXX

Eisanna Maria: This is my first attempt at writing a real personal fantasy of mine. Flames are not welcome they could melt the dildo or latex:(


I am on the second floor of my house in my room, my long blonde hair in a tight pony tail high on my head. I wear a long, blood-red robe, and a slave kneels at my feet in position number three. He has laid out the latex catsuit, the widows-peaked hood, the strap-on cock and four-foot long tail, like a single-tail whip, that is part of my garb tonight. I dismiss him and he scurries from the room, hastened by a kick in the buttocks as he goes.

I don the clothes, feeling the latex clinging form-fitting to my body. Hands in fingernailed gloves, part of the catsuit; the whippy tail; the thick, long, pointed cock. I pull my ponytail through the hair tube of the widows peak hood put on spiked 5" heels and apply dramatic eyeliner and lipstick.

I walk down the hall to my salon with long, purposeful strides, kick open the door and step within. My victim hangs horizontally suspended in a black sleep sack, completely cocooned and awaiting my attentions. I wrap long-nailed fingers around the chain of the hoist and pause, regarding myself in the mirror. Sleek, alien, long-nailed fingers in latex bodysuit, spiked heels... I revel in my power and look forward to using this victim as the meat that he is. He is no one whose needs I must tend to; he is here for my own pleasure only.

I lower the chain hoist, dropping his head first like a bat, until his face is even with my crotch. I unzip the sack, exposing his head, and awaken him with a stream of my hot urine in his mouth. I zip the sack back up then and move my attentions to the nipple zippers, opening them and gaining access to his chest. I sink my fingernails into his nipples until they are swollen and red - then I lean over and bite into him, clamping down hard with my eyetooth until I bite through and the nipple is pierced. I take a permanent piercing and push it through the bloody hole. Then to the other nipple, and the same treatment there. I zip the sack up then, and finish lowering it to the floor, finally unzipping and unbuckling the sleep sack in its entirely.

I stand with my heeled foot on either side of my victims sweaty, urine and tear-stained face. I raise one foot and put the steely spiked heel into his mouth. "Suck it," I tell him. "Suck it like you'll suck my cock, and do it good, or I'll perforate your throat with it."

He complies, and when I tire of that, I dump him out onto the floor. I put him on a bondage board and strap him tightly down, then pull him by the hair behind me, lowering him down the stairs to the first floor, then down to the basement cell where his torture will continue. I deposit him in the cell on the pristine mosaic tiles of the floor. There is nothing here but the tiles, a steel-clad hose in the wall, a drain in the floor. And suspension bands which I slip beneath his ass - his tight ass, which I had spotted weeks before I had kidnapped him, one of the requirements for the one who would be my meat this night.

I hoist him into the air, so his ass is higher than his head, and his head is near crotch height to me. This way the blood will rush to his head and it will be more difficult for him to breath or fight. I walk around to his head, spit on my hand, and stroke my latex cock with the wetness.

"You're going to take this cock for me," I tell him. "I'm going to fuck you with it how I want, until I come."

I shove it down his throat then, not caring that he can't breath, not caring that he gags and is near vomiting. That is why the hose is on the wall, so I can hose myself off. In a moment things will be clean again, what matter his inconvenience or discomfort? I pump my cock into his mouth and lean forward, hands around his neck, feeling the cock slide in and out of his throat. I lean forward, feeling the fit of the specially built cock against my clit, aware of my pussy juices inside the catsuit, knowing I will fuck him like this until I am close to coming. I lean further, and take one bloody nipple between my teeth and bite and suck on it, until my hips are convulsing against his face and I stop suddenly, pulling away. I am so close...

I pull out, hose myself off from his vomit and saliva, and come around to his ass, wet and glistening in my latex. Then I shove it into him with no regard for his comfort; he groans and thrashes against the hurt of it, but he is here only for my pleasure, not his own. I grab his cock and balls with my sharp nails, holding onto them not as organs but as the horn on a western saddle when one is riding, using the grip to guide him on and off of my cock. I fuck him then, relentlessly, until I come, long and hard, and finally pull myself out of him.

I see his state of arousal, and shake my head. "Your genitals have to be punished now, for I see that you have an erection." And I whip them fiercely with my tail which is the same size and strength of a single tail whip.

The pain is so severe as he writhes upside down that his cock begins to shrivel. I then grab microscopic medical tubing and slide it down his cock. Placing my heeled feet again to either side of his ears, I face between his legs. Pushing the tubing home, I tell him, "I'm going to drain you of your cum by catheterizing your seminal glad. You're not going to cum, you see. I will not permit you to have any pleasure, you are just meat to me..."

To be continued. ....

Ms Eisanna Maria // // 415-206-1100


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