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House Sitting

by Steff

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I live in a mountain town in the middle of nowhere USA. It is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone and the most exciting things in this town are the high school football games, bingo, karaoke and when the occasional new person moves in. I am a freshman going to the community college working at the family owned leather working shop. I had been working there since I was 5 and now that I was 20 I had gotten really good. In addition to being good at my job I was also trusted by everyone. I didn’t mind because I made as much money house sitting for people going out of town and leaving for the winter that I made working at the leather shop.

It was late summer and the big news was the football team had a “Super Team” and naturally the whole town was rooting for them and following all the games. I really wasn’t into football so I was the only one in town that noticed when the Simmons moved into the largest house around. Since the house was right on my way to work I drove up the 2 mile driveway to say hi. As I rounded the last bend I noticed a moving truck leaving and smaller rental moving truck being unloaded. I got out of the car just as a guy trying to move a dolly with too many boxes on it.

I ran over and stabilized the load just before it fell all the way over. I took the top 2 boxes off since they were not too heavy and said, “Let me help you with those.”

“Thanks for your help. I though the load was done for,” he replied. I followed him into the house and then to dumb waiter elevator. I waited until he took the boxes.

“Thanks again for your help. I am William Simmons.”

I shook his hand and said, “I am Alyssa, Alyssa Morgan. I live just down the road, was heading home from work and wanted to say hi.” We chatted for a few minutes then I went home.

A couple of days later when I was at work Mr. Simmons came into the shop. “Alyssa. I am glad to see you.” We chatted for a couple minutes before he bought some leather oil and then left.

Just like it was predicted the school football team was destroying the other teams they played. That is why I was asked to house sit for the Simmons on Friday night. Since the store closed early that day I showed up a few minutes early to their house. When I knocked a very attractive black haired woman answered the door. “You must be Alyssa,” she said.

“That is what my father keeps calling me,” I replied.

She snickered and said, “I am Melissa, Bill’s wife.” She let me inside and into the kitchen. She told me there was nothing interesting or different about the house. They just want some to let the puppy out every few hours. Like everyone else in the town they were going to the game even though it was just a 2 hour drive.

The Simmons left and like any normal house sitter I got up and started to look around. The place massive, the entire first floor was a common area room; a sitting room, dining room, multi-media room, game room and kitchen. The basement was locked so I could not snoop down there. The upstairs had 3 normal bedrooms, the Master suite, a computer room and a library.

All the doors upstairs were opened and in the Master bedroom I noticed something shiny and leather on the floor. I picked it up and noticed it was a leather monoglove armbinder. I looked it over and realized by the label that it was one that I had made for a regular internet customer. Without really thinking about it I went to my car got my kit, oiled and treated the inside of the armbinder since it was a little worn from use. When I was done I hung it up and left the room.

By the time the Simmons returned home I had forgotten about the armbinder and just left without mentioning it. The next week Melissa came into the shop. She looked around until there was no one around and the came over to talk. “Did you pick-up the thing that was on the floor Friday?” she asked.

Blushing and lowering my head, “Yes I was snooping. I did pick it up.”

“Why didn’t you say anything about it?”

“By the time you got home I had forgotten about it,” I replied.

“Thank you for not making a big deal about it,” Melissa said. “I don’t want people in the town to think we are freaks.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. We have the same problem here making the stuff. That is why that side of the business is all online,” I said.

“It was made here?”

“Yes and I am the one that made it,” I said. “Out of habit I checked the label and it was my number.”

“Well thanks again.” She walked out. I didn’t see her for about a week when she came into the shop. “I know it is short notice but can you house sit for the rest of the week until Monday?”

“Sure. Is everything ok?” I asked. She said it was. I made arraignments to stop by after work and get the house key. When I got there I found out that William had a work trip and Melissa was going to visit family. They told me to make myself at home and that the refrigerator was full. A week in this house, without parents, a fully stocked frigde and a spending allowance, I was going to enjoy this. The first thing I did was watch a movie in the multimedia and let me tell you it was awesome. The sound and picture was better than the movie theater.

After the movie I went to snoop some more. When I was in the Master suite I admired the massive 4 poster bed and knew where I was sleeping tonight. I opened up a cabinet and found a TV and several DVD’s. Next I opened one dresser and it was William’s stuff and the other on was Melissa’s. The nightstands had a lot of keys and several remote controls. Melissa’s closet was fun. She had tons of sexy outfits and after looking at a few I discovered we were the same size. Like every normal woman I started to try on the clothes. They all fit me perfectly.

After a few hours of trying on clothes I went to the other closet to find a full body mirror. I was shocked when I opened it. It was larger than my bedroom at home and found more of Melissa’s clothes. The part that shocked me was everything in here was leather and latex. I entered and started looking at all the stuff. Several of the outfits looked really sexy. Most of them were slutty or just not appropriate to wear outside at all. I had seen several of the leather outfits before; in fact I had made some of them. The latex stuff was really interesting because I had only seen a little bit of latex things online and never touched or seen them in person.

After looking through the stuff I just had to try some of it on. I started with some of the leather outfits. They were awesome looking and fit perfectly. Mellissa and I were the exact same size and everything fit me perfectly. After spending a couple hours trying on a few leather outfits I decided to get some sleep and play more in the morning before work.

I was disappointed in the morning to find out that I slept past my first alarm and didn’t have time to try out clothes before work. What can I say? That bed in the master suite was some comfortable and I just didn’t wake up. Work was slow so I got to look online for information on the wear and care of latex. When I got off work I stopped and picked up a pizza on the way back to the Simmons’ home. After eating I found myself inside the walk-in closet full of sexy and kinky clothes.

Since I had spent yesterday playing with the leather stuff I decided to try out the latex. There was a dresser separating the sections and on top of it was a large bottle of talc powder. I was glad because my research said that the powder was all but essential for putting on latex. I decided to start with a red tube dress that went from about the middle of my breasts down to just below my ass. The talc worked well and I got the dress on without much trouble. The latex was cold at first but soon warmed up. What felt the most interesting was the tightness. There was a constant pressure as it gently squeezed me. I was disappointed because there were powder fingerprints all over the dress. I had remembered reading about latex polishing so I went into the dresser looking for some.

The top drawer was filled with different kinds of lubes, condoms, clips and the polishing stuff I was looking for. As I polished the dress I was shocked at how it seemed like not only didn’t the latex diminished the sensitivity on my skin but it seemed to heighten it. After I finished polishing the dress I looked in the mirror and was impressed with the look. I decided that I would wear the dress out to the city Friday night. When I put away the polish I decided to see what else was here. The next 2 drawers were full of latex panties and the last drawer had latex bras. I examined the panties in the second drawer and besides being made of latex and sexy they seemed normal enough. The third drawer’s panties were an entirely different story. There were crotchless ones, ones with build in condoms for one or both holes and panties with attached dildos and vibrators. The bras were just as interesting. Some of them were not full cupped, some had small holes were the nipples go, some had no cups but were just designed to hold the breast at the base and some of them had hard nipple covers.

I decided to try out a pair of panties that had a dildo. I found a pair that matched the dress I was wearing and put it on after I lubed the dildo up. Like everything else the panties fitted me perfectly and the dildo felt good. When I started walking around something inside the dildo moved. The feeling felt good and soon got me worked up sexually. When I left the closet I noticed a spare set of house keys hanging near the door but I did not worry about them. I looked through the rest of the closet and found all kinds of items I wanted to try out. I also found LOTS of bondage stuff. I found cuffs, collars, hoods, harness, armbinders, hobble skirts and items I didn’t recognize.

By the time I was finished in the closet I was really horny so laid down on the bed and played with myself until I came. The orgasm was really intense and long. When I recovered from the orgasm I was exhausted and fell asleep. My alarm woke me up and I yelped in surprise when I sat up because I had forgotten about the dildo still inside me. I decided to get myself off one more time before work and before I took off the latex. This orgasm was not as intense as the one from the night before but it was a good way to start the day.

Work unfortunately was a zoo because of a large shipment, lots of internet orders and my dad and brother were sick so I was the only one there. I didn’t get home until late so all I did was eat and go to sleep. Friday again I was the only one there but without the shipment work it was more manageable. I didn’t get out early enough to drive to the city so I decided to just hang around the house.

I got to the house, showered and then went to decide what I wanted to wear. This time I picked out a blue latex catsuit that had attached gloves and closed feet. After powdering myself and the suit I wiggled myself into it and zipped it closed. The suit felt awesome. I was squeezed all over and my skin felt extra sensitive. Polishing the suit felt even better; in fact I had an orgasm from just that. The orgasm was thankfully a small one but since it was a surprise it dropped me to my knees.

When I recovered I decided to check out the computer upstairs. It was not password protected so I got right in. There were several programs I didn’t recognize so I just looked in the movie folder. There were several bondage movies and then a whole section of movies with just dates. When I watched one of the dated movies it was the Simmons. Melissa was tied up and Bill was doing all kinds of things to her. I watch the whole movie and when it was over I just had to watch more. I decide to pick one that was dated after they moved in here. I watched 2 of the four and by the end of the second one I was so horny that I rubbed myself until I came three times without even talking off or unzipping the catsuit.

I woke up late Saturday morning. I called the shop, telling them I will be in soon and then got cleaned up. Saturday is another full day of work. I got fast food on the way home and then after I ate I gave all the latex I had worn a good cleaning. Once it is hung up I grab a latex thong leotard, crotch high tights and shoulder high opera gloves. Once the latex is on and polished I decide to watch another Simmons’ home movie.

This movie has Melissa strapped bent over a padded bench and Bill fucks her for over an hour with his cock a few times and several different dildos and vibrators. After the movie I play with myself until I came then I watched the last one. This one is Melissa explaining how she is going to try out a new toy. She is naked as she is filming this. She opens one of the computer programs sets the program to start automatically and run at random for 45 minutes. She then goes to the closet, gets the spare key ring and enters the basement using one of the keys on the ring. She puts the camera on a tripod pointing at a chair that is covered in metal straps. She sits down and closed each strap. When she is finished each arm and leg have three straps, there are two on her chest, one around her neck and one around her forehead. There was then movement under the chair but the camera was not at a good angle to see. After a few minutes she was moaning as an orgasm washed over her.

After I again get myself off I grab the keys and head to the basement. The keys are able to unlock the door and I am able to get inside. I see the chair she was sitting on and I notice a dildo attached to a machine and I knew why she had her orgasms. Looking around the rest of the basement I see a modern dungeon for sex. There are a few different machines and their names match the program folder I didn’t recognize. A machine in the middle catches my attention because I have no idea what it does so I go upstairs to find out.

When I open the program I find out that the machine will hold the victum and fuck all three of her holes. It will also use suction cups to massage and tease her breasts. There are options for aphrodisiacs to be used and pumps to try to suck milk from the victim's breasts. There are settings for duration of the session, intensity of the activity and the tightness of the restraints. I decide that I am going to try it out tomorrow since I didn’t have to work I would try it out then. I removed the gloves and tights but sleep wearing the latex leotard.

After a night of sexual dreams I play with myself until I cum and then go get breakfast. When I am done eating I go upstairs and get ready. I removed the leotard, clean it and hang it dry. I decide to wear a full catsuit that had openings for each breast, opened crotch, attached hood with opened mouth and eyes covered with colored lenses. I re-read the directions to make sure I understood everything then I set the machine for 45 minutes, and everything else for medium. Once the computer is set I went downstairs to the basement and got started.

I lay back down on a small padded table. The table is shaped to be comfortable so a long time on the machine will not be a bad thing. I put my legs into clamps for securing them. The clamps close automatically. My legs are now spread wide and bent at the knees. Next I close the clamp around my waist. This one locks but also tightens up. My waist is squeezed tightly until I cannot move it at all. I reach up and grab the breast suction cup and slide my breasts into them. The suction instantly grabs my breasts and they are sucked all the way inside. The pressure doesn’t hurt but I yelp in surprise. I then lower my head and close the clamps around my neck and head. Lastly I reach my arms under the bench and into the clamps there. The clamps close tightly around my arms locking me fully onto the machine.

Almost immediately after I lock my arms into the machine a dildo automatically enters my mouth. Once my mouth is stuffed a warm slimy dildo begins to slide into my ass. The pressure is constant and slow so there is no pain. Lastly my pussy is also filled with a dildo of its own. The dildos start to move in and out of their respective holes slowly fucking me. After about 5 or 6 cycles they stop for about a minute then all hell breaks loose.

The first thing that happens are the dildo in my ass and pussy start to fuck me with long slow strokes and they begin to vibrate. This continues for a few minutes then they speed up and my clit is sucked into a small suction tube that vibrates the whole thing. My world exploded with pleasure as I am rocked by the largest orgasm of my life. My whole body is like a large pleasure source. The waves of pleasure slam into me and I was lost in them. The pleasure was my whole existence and I didn’t want it to end. Finally the activity between my legs ended but the dildo in my mouth started so fuck me. As it moved in and out of my mouth a sweet tasting liquid was being secreted from it. The liquid tasted like a sports drink so I eagerly sucked on the dildo.

Despite being tired from the wonderful orgasm I just had I was eager for more. As if the machine had read my mind the activity started again. This time in addition to the long strokes going into my pussy and ass my breasts started to get sucked on. This time the vibrations were not as strong so the machine just kept ramping my excitement up. After what felt like a long time the orgasm washed over me. This orgasm was intense and just kept rolling over me. When it stopped the vibrations increased and I was sent straight to another on that was just at intense. I had 4 back to back orgasm by the time the machine stopped to give me a break.

Just like the last time when I was given a break the dildo in my mouth started and again it secreted a liquid. This one tasted differently but I still sucked it down. I was so lost during the last orgasms that I had not noticed that my mouth was opened wider and the gag felt differently. Once I had drank the liquid I felt refreshed and ready for another round. However the dildo in my mouth was removed totally but my mouth was still held opened. I opened my eyes in time to see Mr. Simmons shove his cock into my mouth.

“My god Missy,” he said as he thrust his cock all the way into my mouth. “You just couldn’t wait to try this out without me.” He pulled out and then shoved his cock back into my mouth a few more times. “I figured you would try something like this so I had the computer message me if the machine was activated.” Again he fucked my face a few more time before he continued. “Since it looks like Alyssa is at work I have you all to myself for about 4 hours. Also since you are a bad girl and you came without permission you will get the whole machine. I do however like the catsuit choice you made.”

This time he didn’t stop, he kept sliding his cock through the ring keeping my mouth opened. I don’t know why but I was getting excite and eager to suck his cock so I did. I did the best I could around the ring. After a few minutes he groaned really loudly and shot his load down my throat. I had no choice so I swallowed. Once he was done he pulled out of my mouth and before I could catch my breath the machine's dildo was slide back into my mouth. After a couple strokes it again gave me something to drink.

“Now my love,” Bill said. “I am going to turn on then breast pumps. According to the doctor the drug the machine injected into your nipples during the last orgasm sequence should start to work some. Before I let you go I will make you watch as I drink your own breast milk.” I started to wiggle and struggle but he just laughed and continued. “You did this to yourself so enjoy it. By the way when this is all over you have to tell my how the energy aphrodisiac drink tastes.”

Then like he said my breast started to get sucked on regularly however as horny as I was I didn’t care. After a few minutes the dildos in my pussy and ass started again. The vibrators were really intense and I came really quickly. I was rocked by another long series or orgasms before the vibrator in my pussy pulled out leaving me an empty feeling. The feeling didn’t last long before Bill shoved his cock in to replace the dildo. He fucked me through 2 more orgasms before she shot his load. Right when he pulled out the dildo was slid into place inside me. He then went around in front of me, removed the dildo out of my mouth and stuck his cock back in it. I was so horny and worked up I didn’t even try to stop him.

For the next few hours Mr. Simmons repeated the process and even fucked my ass a few times. After countless orgasms and constant milking of my breasts he finally stopped but not before he made sure all my holes were stuffed by the machine.

“Well love the Viagra has worn off and you have tired me out,” he said as he walked around in front of me.

After he drank something that looked like milk he continued, “This is really good. I think I have some more ideas to do to you.”

The machine turned on and this time my pussy, ass and clit were assaulted by really powerful vibrations and an electric shock. The vibrators in my crotch also started to rotate. In no time I was screaming as a powerful orgasm slammed into me. Again my whole existence was nothing more than pure carnal pleasure. This orgasm continued for a long time then all the activity stopped.

I was barely in my right mind enough to her “BILL!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?”

It was Mrs. Simmons. Bill looked to her then back to me and up to her. “O SHIT!” he said. He turned to me, removed the dildo from my mouth and the ring gag.

“Alyssa? Are you ok?” she asked.

After taking a few deep breaths I said, “That was an awesome ride.”

There was a moment of silence before both of them just started to laugh. Melissa walked to me, told Bill to leave and started to release me. Once I was released since I could barely stand on my own she stripped and helped me into a shower I had not noticed in the basement. During the shower I told what happened and how he thought I was her. She told me she was not mad at me and she actually was eager to hear details. She laid me in a bed in the basement and I was asleep before she even covered me up.

When I woke my breasts hurt and they looked bigger than normal. Melissa looked up from the book she was reading. “How are you doing?”

“Besides my breasts hurting I feel good.” I replied. “Whatever was in the stuff I drank kept me going and I think that is why I am not sore.”

“Good. Your breasts hurt because they are full of milk,” she said. “Bill is really sorry and I think he is afraid to come down and see you. We both got home earlier than expected. He is also worried about a lawsuit”

“Tell him I am good. In fact I had a great time…” I stopped in mid-sentence when she mentioned lawsuit. “LAWSUIT? Why?”

She laughed at me saying “Not from us but from you silly. By all rights he did rape you.”

I was shocked because I had not thought of it like that. “Well,” I said in my best evil sounding voice. “I could be talked out of it… if… I was permitted to return and play some more. Also I would love to try out more of your clothes.”

Again she laughed at me and said, “Something could be worked out about coming over and playing. The clothes are a different matter. You see I have always wanted a sex slave, slut, sub or whatever you want to call it. I will give you free reign of my leather and latex closet however every time you wear something of mine I get you as my own for double the length of time you wear my clothes.” She paused for a minute and then continued, “Of course if you being my toy does not work out then we can come up with something.”

“So let me get this straight,” I replied. “I can come over and play in the basement whenever I want. I can wear anything I want out of your leather and latex collection but if I do I have be your play toy for double the time. All I have to do is agree not to sue Mr. Simmons for fucking my brains out and forcing the best orgasms I have had onto me?” I offered her my hand and said, “as long as I get to keep my house sitter job for you, you have a deal.”

“GOOD!” she said as she shook my hand. “Now let’s get your breasts taken care of. I want to taste for myself if you breast milk is as good as Bill says it is.”

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