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Innocently Incarcerated & Transformed

by Edruber

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Storycodes: M+/m; drug; kidnap; captive; prison; bodymod; fem; latex; catsuit; display; enhance; enslave; cons/reluct; X

Part One

Chapter 1

I could not understand how I could be on my way to a correctional facility with out a conviction or trial. But the truth is, I did not have to understand. I was taken and on the way of being transformed into a money sex machine.

As a young 22 year old I was not the picture of masculinity but, I had green eyes a very smooth skin scarce body hair and a larger then usual butt, hips and breasts which I always hid with oversize clothing. I was not gay, it just happened to be the consequences of hormones in the milk when I was growing up. I always had excuses from participating in gym activities and sports when in school because of the possibility of being exposed. I had medical treatment however the problem was only partially corrected and I was told that was as far as I was going to be helped.

As an orphan I was much of a loner and was afraid to make acquaintances with fear of being humiliated should anyone discover my secret. Finally the loneliness got the best of me and I decide that I was what I was and it was time to start living with others whatever the consequences. It came to me that the way of getting to mingle would be start frequenting a bar where people go to feel better and tell others there problems. I always wore suits and ties and it was time to change so... I went shopping and got some sporty slacks, nice modern t shirts and loafers.

As I walked the street on the way to the bar I picket, I noticed people looking at me strangely but I shrugged it off thinking I was subconsciously making something out of nothing. As I walked in the place, it was noisy, smelled of liqueur and again I had a feeling of eyes on me. I sat at a stool at the bar and ordered a ginger ale. A young tall strong type that I had noticed following me on my way here came in and directly sat next to me. I was somewhat nervous but, that’s what I was here for, companionship. He was very friendly and sparked up a conversation of the usual sort of thing; do you come here often, where are your from etc…

He was friendly and pleasant and I enjoyed his company, he offered to buy me a drink which I thankfully accepted. It was getting late and I told him I had to get going because of early work tomorrow. Of course we had introduced ourselves earlier and Dan asked me if I would be interested in coming over to his place day after tomorrow the coming Saturday. I accepted and was very happy with the invitation and the fact that I had finally made a friend and told him I would be there. Saturday finally came I got back into the slacks and t shirt since that was the up to date outfit I had. I drove about 45 minutes to the suburbs and finally arrived at the address he gave me and was surprised that it was a house completely isolated at the end of a cul-de-sac. The garage was open and I saw the back of a van and next to it a Cady convertible.

I rang the bell and Dan opened the door with a smile and invited me in.

He asked me to follow him and we walked through the living room, dining room and hallway with the kitchen on the left and a door which led to a stairway going down to a basement with a good size swimming pool, a sauna and showers. Dan introduced me to two men, executive looking probably in their late forties as his working partners. After polite chit chat Don was already wearing a small tight fitting swimming suit told his friends they where welcome to change in the bedroom upstairs, and asked me if I had brought a swimming suit with me. I told him I did not expect to be in a pool so, No.

He replied no problem, here you can wear this and handed me a jockey type swimming suit and as I held it I noticed that it was made of a very smooth material and on closer inspection I recognized it as shiny black latex. I told Dan that I really was not in the mood for swimming but I would be glad to just watch. He smiling said, "I will not hear of that we are all going to have a good time in the pool, the sauna and afterwards a good meal. Hurry up go change I am getting a good wine to start things going".

I was very skeptical and worried about my appearance however I decided that I am what I am and I am going to enjoy this friendship and the afternoon. Since they all went upstairs, I went into the shower area got completely naked and squeezed the latex suit which barely covered my rear. I folded my clothes and placed the pile in a corner of the pool area after which I sat in one of the lounge chairs and waited for the rest of the group. I sat there with my arms crossed in front of my obvious somewhat abnormally larger then usual breasts trying in vain to hide them already regretting having accepted being here in this predicament. The two man came back and to my surprise where wearing the same type of suit as mine made of black shiny rubber. As they got around to sit in the loungers next to mine their eyes where totally on me, my breasts and my round ass.

They seemed mesmerized and I just turned tree shades of red and possibly purple. In the middle of all the awkwardness, Dan came down in the same type of latex suit showing of a large tight package in front due to the slimness of the material and carrying a tray with glasses and a bottle of red wine. He also kept staring at me with a kind of frozen smile in his face.

I was so embarrassed that the only thing I could think of was to get up and excuse myself with a story that I was not feeling well and would prefer to go home and rest. Dan put the tray down and said, "Absolutely not, whatever you need to get better we have here and besides I don’t want you to be alone if your not feeling well". He poured a glass of wine handed to me and said, "this will make you feel better". I sat back down and took a gulp of the wine and since I never drink alcohol beverages started to get dizzy and before I could say or do anything, the world went black.

Chapter 2

I was sleeping very comfortably it felt great, I did not want to wake up, but something was disturbing me and would keep persisting until finally I woke up. As I opened my eyes, I found myself in the back seat of a van, directly in front of me there was a steel mesh division between me the front of the van and the driver. The windows where also covered with steel mesh, outside the terrain was leveled and there where miles and miles of some kind of plantation.

When I looked at myself, I was dressed in an orange overall and I was handcuffed to the seat. I started yelling to the driver to stop the van and tell me what was going on to which he replied, "Shut the fuck up or I’l gag you for the rest of the trip".

I decided to wait until we got to our destination where I was certain I could straighten this all out. I don’t know how long we where driving because I did not have a watch but, finally after what seemed like an hour we arrived at our destination and to my astonishing surprise, we enter through the gates of a Texas Correctional Institution. As the van came to a stop, I was set loose from the seat and told to get in the back of a line of about twenty other guys.

The guy in front of me asked what you in for? And I replied, "I have no idea I don’t belong here I did not do anything".

He laughing said, "There isn’t anybody in this entire penitentiary that is guilty and belongs here so, welcome to the injustice!"

Some officer yelled out "NO TALKING, now listen up when I call your name answer here". and he started calling names and I figured this would be my chance for getting out of here because naturally they would not have my name on that list. I was stunned when he called out EDWARD WAGNER.

When he was finished the line started moving inside of a long wide hallway with doors on both sides, I was about to pass one of the doors, it opened and I was pushed in by myself and the door closed behind me. The room was completely covered in white tile and an abundance of equipment some medical, some I could not recognize, it even had chains hanging from the ceiling. An officer grabbed me by the arm and directed me to a small desk where there was a man dressed as a doctor with the white coat and stethoscope hanging from his neck.

He gave me the order to take off the overall and the socks and shoes in short to get completely naked since I had nothing under the overall. I started to tell him about the big mix-up when the officer came in front of me, told me to shut up and he in turn opened the front of my overall by simply ripping of the buttons and yanking it down to my feet. I was now naked in front of both of them.

The officer opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, "Well now! Aren’t you the best money maker I ever seen in here".

The doctor told me to walk over to a seat next to the desk and sit down. I lost my cool, I just could not take it anymore and started going into a fit yelling "NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO ME , I DON’T BELONG HERE.I DIDN’T COMMIT ANY CRIME , I WAS NOT CONVICTED BY A COURT OF JUSTICE GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT".

The officer grabbed me by the arm, twisted behind my back, placed handcuffs on my wrists, and walked me over under one of the hanging chains attached my handcuffs to it and pressed a button on a control that raised my arms above my head to a point that I almost had to lift my feet. The Dr. came in front of me, started massaging my breasts with both hands and said, "Every con comes in here with some story, we are use to it, so give it up and not another word from you unless your are asked a question. Now then, we don’t know what you where convicted of, nor do we care. All your record here shows you will be here 8 to 10. Every men in here has to work in whatever they are best suited for. There are mechanics working in the motor pool, there are maintenance men working on our air conditioners and so on".

"You are here to do what you are made for and you are here to satisfy the rich cons sexually, that’s what you are suited for and that is what you are going to be, The Warden is counting on you being a high price bitch. We are going to fix you up, train you and if you do not cooperate we will find ways to make you hurt real bad without damaging the merchandize like, yanking your teeth one by one slowly without anesthetic, you don’t need teeth for blow jobs am I making all this clear to you?"

"Lucky for you the Warden has this thing about disease and aids so, all sex is safe, they have to wear condoms even for blow jobs, there is no gross stuff permitted and it is strictly supervised. The warden wants to make you last and produce as long as possible".

He then walked over to a medicine cabinet and spent about fifteen minutes preparing two long injections, then he returned and injected part in my right breast, then the rest in my left breast saying, "These are nice but, they should be a little bigger!" Then he moved behind me and injected the second injection in my right ass cheek and the rest in the left. He commented, "They are beautiful but they can be a little wider. This is a combination of hormones and, besides altering your form, they will also make you very sensitive to being touched and horny for a nice large dick".

He then told the officer to roll over a contraption that was a combination of operating table and gyno chair upside down. I was released from the chains and tied to this thing belly down with my ass sticking up very vulnerable. He then got a gadget from the cabinet that was two small metal shallow round plates with a thin strap that went around my chest and the plates covering my nipples.

Once he tighten the strap he pushed a button that connected to the plates, and they started vibrating causing a strange but great feeling of sexual arousal through my nipples. He went back to the cabinet and came back with another injection and while injecting in my ass cheek, told me that it was a relaxant because he was going to start dilating my sphincter so that I would be able to take the big dicks up my ass, and I was now going to get cleaned with several enemas.

At this point the plates over my nipples were driving me nuts, I was confused but actually wishing for something getting in my ass. I started complaining of not being gay and this was not possible and, I was cut short by a bladder gag stuffed in my mouth and then pumped up to almost dislocating my jaw. I then felt a finger poking in my ass hole lubricating it all the way in as far as his finger would go. By now the relaxant was taken full effect and it actually felt good. The finger came out and after a few minutes something else was being forced in my hole, it must have been larger then the finger because I felt a tremendous pain as it went in for at least 5 minutes then it got better but, it felt as it I had a light pole up my ass.

He pumped a balloon inside to hold it in place and then another balloon on the outside. I had no idea what was happening since there was no way I could turn my head. I felt some movement in the tube up my ass and suddenly the warm water gushing in. The tube up in me had entrance water flow and discharge that went directly to a sewer pipe in the floor so it did not have to be removed for me to discharge the fluid. I suffered through at least 6 large painful enemas before he was satisfied that I was clean. The contraption started moving into a vertical position and I was left there for about half hour to drain all possible fluid.

I felt the straps coming loose while the tube was removed and my gag, I was helped up and guided by the officer to the shower and told to spray the mist of a can he gave me all over my body and not miss any part , and after 10 minutes I could turn the shower on and wash myself real good. I sprayed the stuff as told but after about 3 or 4 minutes my entire body started burning like it was on fire, I ran to the shower and turned the water on but no water came out. I guess they did not trust me. After suffering for what seemed hours the water came gushing out and I was happily relieved from the burning.

I finished, turned the water of and the officer handed me a towel and as I looked at myself I had no hair left in my entire body. After I came out he handed me a container of baby powder and told me to powder my whole body, as I started by putting the powder on, he started massaging the powder all over my back staying a long time around my ass and afterwards my breasts that were already becoming very sensitive and I could swear a little larger. He brought out a tight fitting latex outfit that went from my neck to just above the knees, with long sleeves and a zipper in the crack of my ass.

A rubber mask was forced over my head and face with holes for eyes, nose and mouth, next a pair of high heels boots that came just above the knees .Last a pair of latex gloves. The officer guided me to the door and as we walked he explained that this was a long walk through the teirs for advertising purposes so that the biding could start for tomorrow’s afternoon appointments. As I was walking around the room to get use to walking on high heels, the most wonderful feeling came over me, my nipples were rubbing against the rubber and exciting that crazy feeling again. As I moved the rubber moved in many places and it felt like a thousand fingers massaging me I should have been furious but, I was turned on to the max, I was even wishing I had that large tube up my ass. All the drugs and hormones did the trick I was transformed.

As we started the long walk, the whistling cat calls and gestures just did not stop. "Hey bitch come over here and blow me", "Hey hoar come over here and sit on my dick". Every once in a while someone would make a gesture to the officer and he would push me against the bars and hands would come out and grab my ass, squeeze it, push fingers against my ass hole, grab my tits and squeeze them, squeeze and play with my nipples. Free samples I suppose.

We did this for about 3 hours and finally returned to the clinic. I was helped taken out of the rubber outfit and was taken to a small room adjacent to the clinic which turned out to be very comfortable, a good bed with fresh linens. A small table and chair and of all things a nice large T.V. set. I was told that whenever I was not working I had to remain in the nude and from now on any clothing I would be permitted to wear would be made of rubber.

He told me to bend over the bed on my stomach and as he was lubricating my ass hole he started to push a plug into me very slowly and after it was all the way in he made me get into a pair of tight leather shorts at the legs downed to just above my knees and a belt at the waist which he locked with a metal lock and told me that during the night he was coming to change the plug for a larger one and now go to sleep. He closed the door and that was the only reminder of being in prison, the door was made of heavy metal with a small sliding door viewing window open only from the outside. As I laid down at first the pain was strong and I could not find a comfortable position but after a while the pain subsided and I started to love the feeling inside and finally fell asleep.

End of chapter two

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