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House of Slime

by Jack130

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© Copyright 2017 - Jack130 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; party; invite; latex; catsuit; hood; heels; gloves; booth; bond; restraints; neckbrace; tube; insert; slime; swallow; immersed; F+/f; oral; climax; cons; X

Part 1

Finally, my invite arrived in this morning's post. At last, I was finally accepted into the group of friends and invited to the Latex summer ball.

Each year there's a different theme and as I scrolled down the invite card, this year's party was titled 'House of Slime Special'. To be honest, I was perfectly happy to be wearing latex to a party full of latex loving like-minded people. But the slime special had me intrigued.

So I phoned Jessie to ask her what it was all about. “Hey Jessie, so I finally got invited to join to girls at the summer ball, but what's this theme about?“

“Well, you”ll just have to get all togged up and get yourself to the venue; you know where it is don't you?”

“Sure, it's the last white house at the end of Forest Lane, long driveway, private gated entrance, but they lay on limousines for everyone, don't they? ”

“And the owners of the house will know who you are”, said Jessie. “You're on the list and will be expected. All newbies are welcomed and looked after. From limousine pick up to home time”.

“Ok, can't wait, see you Saturday night”.

So I rang off and headed into the office to get ordering. Hoping that whichever outfit I ordered, it would arrive in time for the house of slime summer bash.

2 weeks later, a package landed at my door, I signed and raced off to open it up. Talk about last minute, the party was tonight, and the box arrived this afternoon, with little time to test it out or anything.

Being slightly nervous of the party and not knowing everyone that I would bump into, I had decided upon secrecy and a hood to cover my face. Well, not just any old mask and not any old hood either.

As I opened out the tissue paper, there sat my bright pink latex outfit, quite odd and dull looking for now, but that would soon change, once I got shining up.  And shining I would have to get on with, as the party loomed ever nearer and my taxi would be here in a few hours' time.

So I got to work, massaging the latex shine into the outfit, inside all the legs and arms and hoods… everywhere, to make it easier to wear and shinier to look at. So I finally slipped into it, the pink catsuit slipped over my ankles, over my legs and waist. Smoothing the pink material as I went. Finally pulling it over my shoulder and arms and zipping up the collar to my neckline.

The hood came on next, I had tied my hair into a tight bow behind my head. It slipped on as well as the catsuit. All that was exposed of my face was my eyes, 2 nostril holes and reinforced round mouth piece. Not a soul would know it was me…. Unless you could tell from my eye colour.

My shiny red lips were pouting through the mouth piece, which I hoped would entice a hot throbbing cock at some point in the evening.

To finish off the look, I slipped on the arm length gloves and 10 inch high black ankle boots. Suddenly I went form a 5’8” averaged height woman, to 6’8” latex goddess… clad in shiny pink latex. Head to toe.

My mobile phone went off and I tip toed over carefully, answering “hello, lucy speaking”

“Your summer ball limousine waits outside madam; shall I walk you to the car?”

“I'm fine, coming now,” I said to the driver. Luckily, the party had their own drivers and limousines, to avoid any embarrassment of ordering one yourself. I had done this a few times before and had to get used to the look on the taxi drivers face. Sometimes with horniness, other times contempt. I guess it depended upon everyone's open-mindedness. Or not, which had sometimes been the case. 

So out I tottered into the dark evening, shiny black Mack on, hidden behind my blonde wig…. I don't think any neighbours saw me.  And in I got, with black screen providing me with privacy and a glass of champers there to sip.

So 2 glasses later, a 30 minute drive, we drove up the driveway, with butterflies in my stomach, but tinged with excitement and longing to be liked. The driver opened my car door, and out I got, carefully getting my balance, before heading inside.

The front door was open, but the corridor was empty and dark. Only fluorescent back ground lights lit the way. So I tottered on down the only way visible. I was still unable to hear any music or chatter, which seemed odd. I then came to a double door, thinking this must be it, security and sound kept to a minimum to avoid nosy neighbours, may be?

As I entered the room, there stood a box. Like a telephone booth, but black sides and a door, nothing else, only a sign to say “enter”. Of course, I was intrigued and thought the way would reveal itself. As I got in, the door closed silently behind me, hand grips were sign posted for me where to hold and where to place my booted feet.

Suddenly straps popped out, as if by magic and bound me in place. I'm not sure how, but they gripped me tightly in place. Another grip secured my neck, restricting me from any movement…. And the fluorescent light from above shone my pink latex off magnificently, knowing how amazing I looked, but I also had the feeling of being watched.

I'm sure pin hole cameras provided someone with a view of my whole body. Obviously a newbie thing, initiation test may be, I told myself.  I guess out of nerves and to try and keep things calm…

Then my neck brace tilted me backwards, with a sign visible now from above, stating “do not let one drop go to waste”.

And then a mixture of slime was poured into my hooded mouth, and I had no option but to drink as much as I could. My mouth was full of the fluid, and I kept drinking it down for all I was worth.

Then a tube entered me from behind, as my catsuit zip opened and the tube entered my asshole. And my ass was slowly filled with more slime. I didn't know how I could stop any falling or going to waste, all I could do was let myself be filled up. I keep my asshole gripped tight.

And then one drop fell to the floor, I hadn't tightened my ass tight enough. Just one drop and the red light came on and sign stating “you have failed”….

Ok…. So what could I do, it's almost as if I was set up to fail; give me my telling off and let me join the party…

But then the box started to fill with slime, as it poured over my head from above… my ankle boots were covered first, then the levels worked their way up higher. I was worried then, as I started to drink as much slime from above as I could. Slurping it thru my hood now, as the levels got higher and above my breasts, slowing to my neck line and finally mouth…

I was slurping and drinking buckets of slime now, breathing through my nose and drinking cup full after cup full. As my body was covered head to toe in slime.

Just as I thought all was lost, now holding my breath as the slime covered me head to toe, seconds away from thinking what a way to die, when the drain opened up and the slime oozed out through the hole at the base….

My pink shiny catsuit was ruined, replaced with shiny gooey cum coloured slime, my god, that had to be man-made slime; it couldn't have been cum could it? It did taste salty. But I know slime can have salt added to make it taste similar…

And out I stepped, the straps holding me in fell away, the door opened, and out I stepped to applause of latex clad, high heeled, masked, hooded perverts just like me…

Jessie came up to me and said, “Well hello newbie, I hope you enjoyed the cum slime welcome, now time for all us girls to clean you up. I hope you will show some appreciation to the guys later, they've been wanking for 2 weeks now, to give you that welcome.”

I was then surrounded by latex clad women, who began to lick and drink all the cum off my body. They didn't waste a drop, licking and kissing each other. I found women's tongues stuck down my throat, up my ass, licking my pussy lips, you name it, I had tongues and mouths everywhere.

They were all over all of my body, as I stood there, legs shaking, as an orgasm raced through my latex clad body. What a start to the night.

Jessie asked me “So, welcome Lucy. Your treat as a newcomer is over, go and have some fun. Enjoy the party; drinks are over there in the corner. Explore the rooms on offer. You'll find more rooms of slime, rooms for every fetish. Just don't get lost. I hope that sexy hooded mouth gets the biggest cock it deserves”.

“You're one of us now; you can then look forward to the Winter Ball, House of Honey”.

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