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Grants Pass Walk

by Latexcheeks

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© Copyright 2005 - Latexcheeks - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; latex; enema; catsuit; corset; hobble; toys; outdoors; caught; cons; X

It’s getting dark now, almost time to begin.  I look out the door of my room.  It is open a small fraction and I am hidden in the shadow of the dark room.  I see no one in the immediate field of my vision.  I turn my head from side to side in an effort to view the entire area.  My peripheral vision is reduced a bit.  But I am ahead of myself in this tale…

The motel room is typical for a small town, on the end of a single story row of rooms.  The door opens onto the parking lot.  A small pool is opposite the lot from the building, surrounded by a fence and a patch of grass.  There are two entrances into the lot on either side of the pool.  The left entrance is the office side; an awning covers the drive that passes next to the double glass doors into the small reception area.

Beyond the parking lot is the street, a fairly busy business route for the Interstate that bypassed the town decades ago.  To the left is a restaurant on a busy corner as one leaves the parking lot.  A traffic signal controls the flow at this corner.  To the right is a long block of small businesses, a drug store, a pawn shop, an appliance store, a book store and a sizable chain five and dime store that can still be found in small towns at the next corner.  Again, the corner has a traffic light.

I’ve driven the route twice during the day to get a feel for the challenge.  It seems so easy.  Turn right from the parking lot to the corner, cross the street then right for three blocks, just two intersections to cross, then right for a block and right again for the three blocks along the parallel street back to the first street and right, past the restaurant, into the parking lot.  I’ve identified possible spots to rest and to slip into shadow.  I identified the long stretches of sidewalk that will expose me and wonder why I am so willing to do this thing. 

Once I reach the corner, I realize I need to cross the street since the best concealment is among the huge oak trees lining the opposite side.  In their shadows I will find security.  This is a three block long stretch that quickly shifts from the commercial atmosphere of the main street into older residential homes.  There is two and three tenths of a mile between the street corners.  The first corner is a four-way stop.  I will have to cross the street and continue to the second corner.  This corner crosses a busy street and I’ll have to watch for a gap in traffic.  The oaks continue thankfully to the next street, the one I plan to walk down to the next block.  I don’t cross but turn to the right on this street.  This block is short, like the first one but there are no trees to cover me.  One consolation is the street is dark except at the corners.  No streets lights line this street.

The next turn takes me on that long return stretch of three blocks, a little over one half mile of sidewalk.  The trees peter out about halfway down the third block as it approaches the restaurant and the traffic signal.  There is an alley that passes behind the restaurant and serves the back of the motel.  I could cheat and cut through that alley, if needed, but then I’d fail my task.  I plan to walk as boldly as possible right past the restaurant, turn right at the light and move as quickly as I can to the motel parking lot and the security of the room.  The plan seems so simple.  It’s just a mere walk that is at least one-mile long on a quiet small town street.  But what is simple about a public stroll dressed in rubber?

Where does this story begin?  Do I tell you of my roots in discovering latex?  No I shall save that for another time.  Suffice to say that I am the personal property of a Rubber Mistress in England.  I am her rubber slut and I live to receive the weekly instructions on what I will do for her.  I write reports on every task and send occasional photos to demonstrate my sincerity.

I have been on business travel for a few weeks by the time this task is sent to me.  It is a task to occupy my weekend and amuse my Mistress as I again show my love for her in my absolute rubber submission.

The week day tasks are, by necessity, easy.  They usually involve wearing rubber underwear with dildos under my working clothing.  Occasionally I have to put on something to lock the undies in place… a latex leotard or sleeveless catsuit is the usual choice.  This occasional addition enhances my desire and horniness.  Typically, Mistress allows some extra latex at home and games to relieve my lust before bed.  This week has been latex free, punishment for some unknown infraction.  Mistress didn’t say what the reason but I’ve obey and on Friday the weekend instructions arrive.  Now I think I understand the reason for the abstinence…

Dear rubber slut,

You will prepare yourself as follows:

On Friday afternoon, you will cleanse your insides completely.  I hope you’ve obeyed the eating plan since Tuesday.

…eating plan my foot… Mistress had me find a local health store and feed on nothing but those nutrition shakes for three days.  Then she had me get laxative from the local pharmacy on Thursday and take enough to endure I would be completely empty by Friday afternoon. I proceed to administer a warm enema as instructed and discovered little to nothing was inside.  I expect that but the cleansing does pick out a few stuck strands of stuff. You will put on your inflatable dildo panties.  Pump both dildos up until you are completely full, then pump them four more time before closing off the valves.   Now I’m aching and I feel the press of the intruders against my insides.  It’s delicious. Pull on one of your pussy sheath panties.  Insert a vibrator in the sheath.  Turn the vibe on low.  Pull on a leotard.  Make sure the vibe is nestled against your clit.  If necessary secure the sheath to the dildo panties in some way.   So I used a little rubber cement to make sure the vibe didn’t shift. Pull on your shoulder length gloves and stockings.
Put on one of your long neck hoods with eyes, nose and mouth openings.  Us your short breathing tubes in the nose holes.
Pull on your bicycle shorts and your tee shirt.  Make certain the neck of the hood is under the shirt.   I run my rubberized fingers over my rubbery body and shiver with anticipation.  My nipples press against the hot rubber and I kneed one with my finger and moan. Put on your blue catsuit.
Add a second hood of your choice, but make sure it has mouth and eye opening and the breathing tubes are lined up.
Put on a second pair of gloves.
Put on you black catsuit with the back zipper.
Put on your thigh high stiletto boots
Now put on your corset.  Bring your waist down to 20 inches and lock the corset. By now I am breathing hard in my rubbery entrapment and the instructions continue.  The buzzing vibe is arousing me totally and each time I bend the two inflated monsters shift and press inside me and I shudder in a mini-orgasm.  I’ve learned to avoid the totally collapsing explosion from these movements, knowing that surrender later will be more intoxicating. Put on a third pair of gloves. I pull on another pair of shiny black gloves and feel the additional rubber gripping my fingers…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Gag yourself with the breathe through gag.
Insert a breathing tube and add your cigarette hole hood.  
Put on your Israeli Gasmask. Pull on your dry suit hood… understand the dry suit hood is thick black rubber with a neck skirt and a slightly smaller face opening than a typical open face hood.  It covers the gasmask straps in a way that makes it impossible to easily remove the mask without removing the hood first. Put on your black hobble dress.  Make certain the hood skirt is under the collar. I slowly work the hobble dress with its long sleeves and high collar over my well rubberized body.  The cool latex of the dress warms and molds itself to my curves. Lock the dress collar. I lock the collar sealing me into this outfit until such time as I unlock the locks.  SO much for getting the gasmask off during the walk.  The effort would be so extreme that the attention from that would be almost worse than just hiding as best as I can and taking my chances. Place the keys to the locks into an envelope.  Leave the envelope on your room desk.
Wait until dark then take a walk of at least one mile duration.  Return to your room and go to bed whilst still fully dressed.  You may wear a leather coat over the dress but this will result in a punishment for the rest of the weekend.  
Write down your adventure and e-mail me in the morning and await additional instructions. Now I’m thinking that if I wear the coat, I am still in the gasmask and glints of shiny rubber show below the knees, hands and of course my head.  Do I risk the unknown punishment to make me only a little less conspicuous.  I’ve surveyed the route and except for two places I can remain safely hidden from traffic in shadows of trees or doorways to stores.  I can time my crossings by watching traffic and waiting for a clear gap.  Two of the streets are one-way so that makes the gap watch easier. I compromise.  I wear my waist-length black PVC coat since it is raining.  I pick up my room key and my ID, just in case, and put them inside a convenience pocket in the dress.  I steel myself as I survey the parking lot.  The first challenge is to reach the street and around the corner to the first store unseen or at least only seen as a vague shadow.  

The swimming pool has hedges to block its view from the street.  I can reach those then easily survey the street for a gap in traffic to make for the first business doorway.  Fortunately Grants Pass is one of those places that closes up at 6:00.  The businesses are dark.  I take one last look into the parking lot.  The lot is in low light from street lights.  I figure any car passing will not recognize my dresses condition.  There are no pedestrians visible so I step out and pull the door closed.

I begin to ease along the side of my car.  I feel those intruders inside me and the buzzing vibe has me in a frenzied state.  A car is slowing and the turn signal on…SHIT!  It’s turning into the motel!  I drop behind my car and the sudden movement pushes the intruders hard together and deep inside me.  I explode in my first real orgasm of the night!  I shudder behind my car as the lights sweep above my head and the exploding cum washes over me.  I grunt into the gag as I am consumed by the rubber!

The door slams shut.  I wait a moment before peaking over the fender and see the fellow fumbling at one of the rooms about four doors way.  He opens his door and then slam!  I compose myself and glance around to make sure things are clear and again stand and hobble toward the safety of the hedges.  I reach the hedges and drop between them and the pool fence.  The shifting dildos and vibe send a shallow orgasmic pulse through me.  I breathe hard into the mask and glance at my watch.  Fifteen minutes have passed since I left the room and I am only 100 feet out!  At this rate, It’ll be dawn before I finish the task!.  I crawl along the edge of the hedge to the sidewalk and steel a glance up the street.  It’s one-way so only cars will come from the left.  I see the nearest car sitting at a traffic signal two blocks away.  I can make the first business vestibule with little trouble if I go NOW!.  

I stand quickly and grunt as the toys again thrust.  I steady myself and begin the torturously slow hobble to the safety of the door.  I’m sure that from this distance, my dress is unrecognizable to the cars one block away.  But they are coming and I am hobbling staying close to the wall and then slip into the safety of the shadow.  The car passes seconds later.  I sort of look through the front window edge and wait as five car go by.  Finally the coast is clear.  I ease to the right side of the opening and check for pedestrians… none.  I hobble to the next business and can make it to the last one before the corner as there are no cars close.  

I’m now at the street corner I have to cross.  I need thirty seconds to get across the two lane street.  It’s a two-way street but little traveled.  I wait for the two cars from the right to pass by then there is one coming up from the left.  I wait and now one is coming from behind.  I wait.  The buzzing vibe keeps me aroused and alert.  Sweat is rolling down my inner suit.  My breathing whooshes in and out as I wait and stew in my rubber world.  Finally I can cross and I walk to the far side of the street and the safety shadows of the trees.

This part is easy.  I can move along the sidewalk with impunity of discovery since I can duck behind one of the massive trees easily.  The trees shade the street lights, though the fall leaves are just beginning to drop.  Well, I said easy but for hobbling along with two massively inflated things inside and a buzzing toy against the clit.  Ha!  You try this some time.  I make about fifty yard then the urge to cum washes over me.  I slip to a tree and hold on as the rolling wave of ecstasy carries me to another world!  My breathing hard, the lenses of the gasmask are fogging a little.  I start to move on.  I’m at the first cross street.  I check for traffic and hobble across the street.  Now I’m completely among tidy little houses.  They all have small front porches and porch lights are on at many of the doors.

I hobble along but now I see a shadow coming toward me from the end of the block.  There’s someone coming.  I can make out the shape of the bundled figure.  The person seems to be walking a dog.  Oh GAWD, now what to do?  I slip behind a tree and watch as they approach.  I’m one cooked rubber girl now!  Slowly the figure appears as an older man and his dog.  He’s letting the dog do pretty much as he pleases.  I keep stealing a glance as they approach.  I hope to ease slowly around the tree as they pass.  But that dog.  He’s sure to hear me, smell me and want to check me out.  They are now here.  I’m holding my breath as the dog comes toward my tree.  The man stops.

“Ok, Freddie.  I can’t see how you can go again but make it fast,” the man says.

The dog now is sniffing at my toes.  He looks up at me.  He barks, then growls a little.

“What is it Freddie?  You found a squirrel?”

I’m frozen to the tree.

The dog is quite agitated now and barking as he sniffs.  He seems confused by the rubber smell.

“Damnit Freddie, we have to get going!”

 My breath is hushed.  I am frozen in time.

“Come on Freddie, I have to go too!”  

The dog is jerked from my feet as the man impatiently tugs at him.  The dog is dragged a bit as it tries to get back to me before finally giving one last growl and bark.

I fall against the tree in relief and the third big cum of the night rips through me… 


I hug the tree and wonder how my grunts and shaking cannot be heard by the man just down the street.  I see the dog look back at me.  I just smile behind my mask as the final wave of passion eases.  I’m exhausted, exhilarated, consumed, engulfed, surrendered and surrounded to rubber!  I’m so alive!

I check the street and make my way into the next block.  The buzzing is nothing now.  I’m set to finish the task.  I reach the third corner, the one I turn on.  I cross the empty street.  I glance at the watch… it’s after 10:00!  I’ve been on this walk for over three hours.  Sweat is collecting at my feet and ankles.  I’m breathing hard, grunting as the thing inside shift and clinching the gag as I feel an urge to cum.

Now I’m at the next turn.  I start down the street and there is a car coming.  It’s right on me as I crush against a tree.  Suddenly the tree is a dark shadow as light bathes it.  I’m in the shadow… GAWD, now what?  The car seems to stop and the light pans left to right along the walk.  It must be a cop.  He must have seen me and is wondering where I went or why I might be hiding.  This is all I need now.  I’m thinking and holding my breath.  The car slowly moves up the street but the light keeps brushing my tree.  I slowly ease around the trunk keeping its protective cover between me and the probing light.  It’s an eternity but only a minute or two and the patrol car moves on, spotlight still sweeping trees and sidewalk.  He is finally up on the next block and I sigh in relief and the overwhelming fear of my near miss rips out of me as an monstrously explosive orgasm.  It start deep inside me and erupts with the fire of volcanic flame!  I’m shaking uncontrollably as the thing rises, falls and rises again.  My body is taken to a state beyond Shangri LA as I lean against the tree and grip its rough bark.  


The rising tide drives my aching body to frenzied rapture and I slide down the tree to the ground.  I sit in a daze for minutes as the ripping ravaging rubberized cum passes from me.

I try to stand and am dizzy from my tortured pleasures.  I slip into the haze again.  This time I see the coming car.  It’s the cop again.  He’s slowly moving along the street.  I crawl around the tree just as he is near enough to possibly make out my dark mass at the base of the tree.  The spot again hit the ground where moments before I sat sprawled.  I hold my breath as the car moves along the street.  This time he guns the engine and moves out quickly.

I stagger to my feet and begin the final stretch of this terror/ecstasy of a walk.  I reach the first corner and survey the street.  No one seems to be out. I glance at the watch and see it’s after midnight!  This is taking way too long.  I start to hobble across the street and two blocks up a car pulls from the side of the street.  It’s the cop.  I can’t do a thing but continue steadily across as the car is a block away, then half a block as I reach the curb.  I slip into the shadows but continue to walk.  I figure the cop will spotlight my back but maybe won’t think too much of the shiny black clad person from the back.  At least the hoods and gasmask are hidden from this vantage and just walking along might not seem too odd, especially walking so slowly.  I stop and lean against a tree, not quite hidden from the spot but just “resting”.  The light sweeps over my spot and returns to place me square in its glow.

“Are you all right?” Asks an unknown voice from the dark behind the light.

I nod and wave.

“You sure?”

I wave again and begin to hobble down the sidewalk.

“Do you need a ride?”

I shake my head, “No.”  Then I point to a house about four doors away.

“Be careful.”

The cop car turns left as my heart is beating in my throat.  I stagger as the relief washes through in the form of … you know it …a slowly building cum.  This one I ride on weak knees and gasping breath as I balance against the next tree down the street.  AHHHHHHHH, I groan into the mask.  My free hand rubs my hot breast hard, kneading my rubbery nipple as best I can.  I squeeze my legs together, milking the inflated monsters inside me and wish this ordeal to end and never end.

Oddly, the time I’ve been out has one slight reward.  The restaurant is closed and when I make the final corner, I can use its entrance to hide as I survey the street for cars.  Nothing, Not a car in sight.  I boldly hobble to the corner and make my way to the parking lot entrance.  The motel office is closed as well.  This is easy.  I hobble through the lot to my door and am in the room.  The ease of that last one hundred yards is almost anticlimactic, pardon the pun.

I’m exhausted.  I’m spent.  My body is numb and aches.  I fall on the bed fully dressed and don’t give a shit when I wake.  I did remember to hang out the “Do Not Disturb” sign before I collapsed.

That’s my report, Mistress.  I await your determination for the rest of the weekend.


Monday morning the buzz about town was the kinky interloper that was seen on several surveillance cameras in the part of town near the “Best Western” motel.  I’d forgotten about those little pieces of technology that would never miss anything near the protected premises.

The rest of the weekend is for another time.

To be continued…


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