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House of Slime 2

by Jack130

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© Copyright 2017 - Jack130 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; party; latex; catsuit; hood; heels; room; dildoes; deep-throat; suck; cum; challenge; swallow; tube; slime; immersed; outdoors; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2

What a start to the night, tongues licking clean of the cum from my latex clad body and then hands massaging me everywhere…... How could it get any better, but I hoped it could and would. As the last hand and finger left my body, I wobbled over to the bar for a glass of champers, my head already buzzing with excitement.

I could feel the room’s eyes on me, both men and women, knowing how damned sexy I looked clad head to toe in my new shiny pink latex catsuit, gloves and hood. And I towered above most party guests, the 10 inch calf boots really helping.

My hood restrictions prevented the glass reaching my mouth, so I grabbed a straw and sucked the golden liquid down my throat. It had an odd salty taste to it, but I guess they just mixed it with some other cocktail mixer. Although a thought did cross my mind, but who cares, I just wanted to indulge.

“So have you taken a walk around my villa yet”, asked the owner David. Who I recognised from previous get togethers, albeit on less grander scale. David and Sheila’s parties were always the highlight of the year for everyone. But they did take a lot of work getting invited to.

But here I was and I wasn’t going to miss a thing.

“No, I’m a newbie “, I said. .” But the place looks cool, I love the latex additions”, having noticed on the walk into their villa, the array of latex cushions and beds, padded latex mattresses, wall harnesses, cuffs, chains and a whole table full of deviant sexual devices.

David stoked my latex arm, which sent shudders through my wet vagina. “I”ll warn you though, all newbies tend to get lost a little and take the wrong door to the wrong room. But you never come out without a smile on your face”,

“Do you want a tour or shall I leave you to enjoy the experience as you go?” Said the handsome David.

“For now, I’m happy to explore’, I said. “See where it takes me”.

“Ok, have fun”, David said with a twinkle in his eye. And I guess the bulge in his latex trousers gave me the idea he quite fancied me. I promised myself I will be back to hunt him down and give myself a treat once I’d investigated the large villa for myself. The thought of taking his hard cock in my gloved latex hands and feeding it down my throat was making me wet as I thought it.

So off I tottered, taking careful steps, so as not to fall over on these 10 inchers. I knew I could make men’s heads turn, simply by walking like a model, long legs striding over the other, my perk latex bottom wiggling as I went. After a few corridors, poking my head in various doors, containing latex clad party goers in various positions of depravity, I came to a door with another warning sign.

‘Enter at your own risk’.

“Well, what the fuck” I whispered inside my latex hood. Time to push the boundaries and see where this party takes me. So I turned the handle and stepped inside. This time, the room was small, clad in latex padding, with one wall mounted with various plastic dildos in varying length and girth.

The owner obviously liked his signs and directions, which were placed above the row of dildos.
Stating’ This is a test of your deep throating skills’.

The room was filled with cameras, shooting from every conceivable angle. With images sent throughout the villa for party guests to place their wagers on. Although I only figured that there was a pretty good chance I was being watched. Which turned out to be most of the party guests taking a break from their activities, to watch.

The sign had these rules below.

Deep throat each dildo until fake cum shoots out. Drink every last drop down.

You fail if you can’t deep throat each dildo, smallest to largest, in order from 1 to 5. You fail if you don’t drink down every last drop of fake cum You fail if you use your hands. You fail if the time limit of 15 minutes elapses FAILURE MEANS EVICTION FROM THE HOUSE

Oh my god, what have I done. I could deep throat a little , having done it for various boyfriends in the past, but looking at all 5 dildos, sticking out of the wall, this was going to take some doing. Would it hurt and how much fake cum do I have to drink?

Then a buzzer sounded and the 15 minute clock started ticking down.

Well, better get my deep throating skills to work then, I couldn’t bear the thought of the disgrace of this newbie being evicted. Not at my first invitation, when I hoped many more would be forthcoming.

I had to kneel down on my legs, to get to the right level of the dildos with my ankle calf boots sticking out behind me. I edged towards the first and smallest dildo, avoiding grabbing the rubber cock and sucking it through the hole in my hood, into my wet gaping mouth, as I began to slip the 4 inch dildo in and out of my mouth. I rested my gloved hands on my knees and got to work. Although couldn’t resist massaging my hips and legs, the latex sensation made me feel so damned horny.

The first dildo was easy, at 4 inches long, it was hardly touching my throat. And at 30 seconds, a small shot of cum shot down my throat. More than a man’s eruption, but nothing shocking,

Then I slipped the next 6 inch dildo into my throat. It slipped through the latex hooded mouth hole easily and down into my mouth. Again, no problems as I sucked it down, about 1 inch slipping down my throat. And 1 minute later, fake cum shot down my throat. Some came into my mouth, but I managed to drink it all down.

The 8 inch dildo again slipped into my hooded mouth, and as slipped down, bulging a good 4 inches in my throat, the sensation felt pretty horny. I gobbled and throated it for all my worth, seeing the clock ticking down past 5 minutes now…. I throated it for what felt like minutes and then warm fake cum shot down my throat, hitting my stomach like a hose pipe. It took all my efforts to not gag and I kept the dildo pumping away into my throat….

Then the 12 inch dildo, which was going to be difficult. It only just fitted through my hooded mouth piece, but with the lubrication of the previous dildo and cum, I was soon taking it deep into my throat. A good 8 inches slipped down my throat. It took all my efforts not to hold on with my hands. I locked my hands behind me and bobbed my head back and forth, the dildo slipping in and out now, then I could feel the fake cum shooting out and I forced my head back onto it, forcing the dildo deep into me as shot after shot of fake cum went deep.. I drank and drank for all I was worth and finally it slipped out, all 12 inches, as I licked the end to make sure I didn’t waste or drop any.

I couldn’t believe that, I’d never deep throated 12 inches, plastic or real. But I had no time to sit around being all pleased with myself, the clock was ticking. I had 5 minutes left and the biggest dildo I had ever laid eyes on. A whopping 18 inches. I didn’t even know they made them this long.

I was so tired now; it was taking a lot of effort to deep throat and breathe. It felt like I had ran a marathon. With another to go. So with the clock ticking down and not wanting to be evicted, I got started on the dildo.

The first few inches slipped into the hole in my hood easily, past my lips. The first 4 inches slipped to the back of my throat. And I slowly eased, inch by inch, the rest into my throat. 5 inches, 6 inches, soon 8 and 10 inches, and 11 & 12 inches , I felt really full, 4 inches in my mouth and 8 inches being forced down my throat.

But I could stop, I kept bobbing my head forward, easing 13, then 14 inches, at 15 inches my eyes were wide on stalks, I kept pushing through the pain barrier, forcing 16, 17, then finally 18 inches of dildo down my throat. I just bobbed back and forth, pushing the last 17 and 18 inches in and out, my eyes had tears streaming down with the dildo hitting the pits of my stomach…

So deep, I thought it was going to pop out of my asshole….

The clock was ticking, but nothing came out, 14 minutes, and still I bobbed. Then 14 minutes 20 seconds, I was breathing through my noses, but struggling and totally out of breath, I managed to get to 14 minutes 59 seconds and thought that was it, I was going to fail.

Then suddenly the 15 minutes and 1 second had past and fake cum gushed into my throat, deep into my stomach, with what felt like gallon after gallon of fake cum. My belly was full to bursting, I almost looked pregnant with the amount of fake cum that had been pumped into me….

To be honest, I didn’t know if I had failed, but I let the 18 inch dildo slowly slip out of my mouth, inch by 18 inch of plastic cock slipping out of my throat. Then I collapsed. Hitting the floor in a crumpled shattered mess of latex.

My throat was sore, I felt like I could be sick, and still I hadn’t been fucked as promised. Just used and tested. May be that was a newbies life? Surely just the one second over the time limit hadn’t been noticed, surely not? And how would I know?

Then a click sounded, and the rear door to the room opened slightly. I got up, hobbled over to the door and slid out through a meter wide tube. So tired and over come with emotions, I didn’t really know where my 10 inch heels were taking me, legs wobbling, stomach bursting, I was suddenly falling head first into a Jacuzzi filled with yet more fake cum. I felt like I was going to drown, but I fumbled and got my breath. Realising I was now outside.

Was this it then, was failure that close, 1 second, and I was kicked out? And where do I go now, dressed head to toe in latex, the highest of heels, hooded with only my eyes and mouth visible, hands clad in latex gloves and now covered head to toe in gooey fake cum?

I guess home then, but I felt gutted, rejected. And damned annoyed, I felt my friends had let me down. And the embarrassment of walking home dressed like this. I would be mocked throughout town.

And then to my relief a limousine appeared, the door opened, inviting me inside. As I sat on the seat not caring if I made a mess, there sat an envelope on the seat. I fumbled it open, dripping fake cum all over it, but manage to read the typed statement.

‘Well done, not all newbies get this far. And very few deep throat a full 18 inch dildo, never mind drinking every last drop.
All newbies leave at this point, few are invited back. You are now cordially invited to this winter latex ball – anal challenge.

‘Wow’ I said, ‘fucking yes’. I guess Newbies never get to enjoy the whole evening then. Roll on winter time, is all I say….

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