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Installation 3: Jellybaby

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2008 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; encase; jelly; display; mast; toys; cons; X

Installation 3: Jellybaby

Suzie squinted in an effort to see through the tinted lenses covering her eye sockets. It was dark outside her tank, only vague shadowy forms roamed to and fro across her field of vision. She tried to move her right arm. There was a little give but her arm sprang back into place, horizontal to her body which resided at an angle of forty five degrees with her head up above her dangling feet.

Within the jelly like substance within which she was suspended she felt safe and sound. She couldn't hear the hubbub going on around outside of her gelatine filled tank. Carlos and Valentina had assured her that this installation would not be up for very long, perhaps a few hours at most. They had made sure that she hadn't any desire to visit the toilet because she wouldn't be able to.

The gallery lights shone up from underneath the enormous tank. In addition there were lights at the sides and up above mounted on a gantry.

Within the giant cube of jelly, the black figure barely moved. It was quite a fat figure, more like a giant Jelly baby especially with its inane grin, huge round eyes, round head, fat fingers and hands and blob like feet. A stubby limbed pudgy baby.

The gelatine was crystal clear and the figure as black and glossy as ebony.

Unless viewed very closely the casual observer would not have seen the two transparent tubes that broke the surface at the top of the container and sucked in clean air. The tank was not quite filled and had a lid fitted with an air filter and a temperature control device. If you listened very carefully you might hear the sound of breathing, in and out, and feel the air moving in one tube and out the other.

Suzie was relishing being suspended in gelatine. In her rubber-inflated suit she was feeling good.

Carlos and Valentina had paid her well for this one-day modelling job as the centrepiece of their latest installation, "Jelly baby".

She was in a twin skinned inflated suit. She had on a one piece white latex catsuit, with socks, gloves, moulded breast cups, and built-in hood with eye, nose and mouth holes. She had admired her body in the suit and smoothed her hands over the curves of her hips, bottom, belly and breasts. She took in all the curves of her white outline. The catsuit was also fitted with a built in dildo and tiny raised rubber nodules where her clitoris was. She was zipped in from the crown of her head to the top of her bottom.

On top of this was a thick rubber suit, transparent tubes emerging from the painted face of the mask that had large eyes and a soppy grin painted on it. She didn't see the face, only the mouthpiece with attached breathing tube and those that were pressed into her quivering nostrils. The suit was zipped up and then pumped up.

She was then lowered into a half-filled glass tank and the rest of the gelatine poured on top of her, pressing the inner suit and outer suit tighter on to her lithe, fit body.

She thought about the money. Two hundred pounds a day plus expenses, whenever she was actually employed and a thousand pound monthly retainer for the duration of the holiday just for being available.

'This was money for old rope!' she thought.

Ok, so the first assignment had been strange but not without its benefits. This wasn't so bad either as it would only be for the opening times of the gallery itself. The owner, Sabine Von Braun seemed like such a lovely woman, very kind and considerate indeed. Carlos and Valentina were their usual lovely selves as well. In fact they had helped her into the suits and the tank and checked that everything was working correctly.

Suzie squirmed in the suit as she remembered the pressure all around her skin, the sensitivity of her pale white skin as the latex suits as she was helped into the suits, the cheeks on her bottom clenching and unclenching as she tightly gripped the intruder in her moist vagina. Her body tingled all over. She flexed her fingers and toes. She tried bringing her legs together, slowly but couldn't because of the girth of her inflated thighs.

The artists were a lovely couple, he dark and swarthy, she pale and tall. A real contrast of physical types but strangely mentally in tune with one another.

She felt her nipples grow erect and harden beneath the layers of latex. She rubbed her groin against the studded interior of her white catsuit. She felt mildly intoxicated and started rubbing herself a little harder and faster, her grip on the dildo became more intense as it now churned inside her. Her eyes started to glaze over and her breath became more shallow and noisy.

Within the tank the jelly started to wobble in sympathy the vibrations setting up a wave which harmonised with the thrusting of her crotch.

Within her suspension she too was wobbling, her bottom and pert breasts jiggling with the pleasure of her small but concentrated movement. She was becoming more agitated, her eyes bulging with anticipation and lust. Her muscles began to tense, neck, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, fingers, toes, thrust, thrust, thrust, the dildo squeezed thinner and thinner with the strength of her vaginal muscles and then a snort, grunt, exhale emerged from the small tubes poking through the surface of the vibrating jelly.

An hour later a slumbering jelly baby was lifted from the tank.

A sweaty, grinning, wobbly woman attempted to walk to the shower but collapsed on the floor giggling.



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