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Katja The Toy at The House of Lust

by Katja The Toy

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© Copyright 2017 - Katja The Toy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; gloves; corset; boots; breasts; fondle; toys; mast; climax; cons; X


Bored and batteries

Katja is bored. And as usual, boredom leads her to the darker side of internet. Lately, there’s been plenty of time to get bored - her first proper job as a Software Engineer lasted barely a year before the company started to “Optimize its operations”, which, translated to English, means, of course “haggle for more work, lay off half of the software designers”. And as one of the youngest - both by experience and also her age, 23 years - Katja was among the first ones to get the boot.

Katja had been happy with her work, the pay was if not excessive but very much adequate to support her normal daily routines plus all the free time activities - sports, music and her rather freshly discovered feature on herself, love of latex and other fetish clothing and wicked toys.

One of her… Well, for the lack of a better word, one of her fucks about a year ago, a girl of her age had bought herself a black latex catsuit for some photoshoot but never really thought of anything else of the garment; Katja asked to try it on once since they closely match on the size - about 160 tall, sporty but curvy - except for Katja’s all natural triple-H boobs that got squashed inside the standard-sized suit but that didn’t stop her from falling in love with the weird stretchy and tight-hugging material. The relationship didn’t evolve further but her taste on latex did and Katja started to use her leftover “play money” for select garments, finally culminating in starting to order her gear made-to-measure. It meant higher costs but thanks to her figure and her knock-out knockers, it really was worth it.

Katja’s boobs had started to develop and burst off all the scales in her early teens, which certainly wasn’t easy growing up with. Her mum was very supportive though and the specialist doctor told her about her options, firstly about the correct exercise to support her back and develop muscles to carry the extra weight and to train the posture, secondly about the possibility of a reduction surgery once her bosom stops growing. When it finally did stop, around the age of 18, she had developed a love for sports and exercise leading to straight and self-confident posture and core muscles strong enough to keep her gigantic boobs gravity-defyingly perky, upright and bouncy, like two perfectly round globes hovering freely over her flat stomach, narrow waist and full hips - she was probably biased to rate her own juggs compared to surgically enhanced ones but at least based on the ones she had seen so far, her organic mounds not only looked far more natural but also felt like real - thus she also had discovered the joys of fondling herself while masturbating. With all this thought she had decided to postpone any surgical operations until her dimensions would become un...bra-able. Indeed, all of her mates hate the engineer puns.

So, what is better than surfing porn sites? Surfing porn sites while wearing a made-to-measure transparent latex catsuit, transparent latex hood, black elbow-length latex gloves, a tight corset and knee boots with a 13 cm heel and toys with fresh batteries next to her laptop. The only problem being, Katja needs her hands for typing but fondling herself takes the full attention when she finds something kinky and hot to watch while humping.

Again she googles for another keywords and runs into some links she hasn’t noticed before - “House of Lust” and at “Location” it says her home town! What the frack is this?

Bedazzled Katja clicks on the link and -- Holy Hookers, Batman, it’s a kinky porn cave right at her home town!

Well, not really a cave, the pictures show the big palace-like mansion not far from downtown area that’s been under renovation for God knows how long -- she remembers an article in local paper speculating about the excessive renovations but no actual facts about the future of the facility nor knowledge about the ownership.

The site rolls out about the “Discreet, First-rate Services” The House offers, providing both Doms and subs for guests to enjoy while their stay in the luxuriously equipped rooms, including all the services you’d expect in a 5-star class hotel. The pictures, then again, show anything but, with doll-looking but obviously real humans dressed in full latex gear, bound and gagged and engaged in all kinds of kinky play thinkable. To Katja the site looks like horny, slutty latex whores stating how classy they are, all the while she imagines herself as one of the unrecognizable rubber dolls in the pictures. In fact, looking at the pictures has clearly made her really horny and wet again, so she grabs her motorized dildo and puts it where it belongs while groping her boobs with her free hand. In just 1 minute she is once again moaning and roaring so loud the neighbours are again going to cast weird looks on her when she goes out for mail…

Uhhh that REALLY felt yummy - again. Can you overdose on orgasms? Hm dunno. Focusing on the web site again, Katja notices something on the menu: “Career Opportunities - Cum and get paid for having a blast!” Oh they are hiring! “Register, log in and book a complimentary and non-obligating introductory meeting with The Lady of The House!”

Well blimey, in for a penny - she is, after all, unemployed, single with no family, with friends that could be described more as acquaintances and a deteriorating financial situation. She isn’t really in a pickle, yet - her salary-based unemployment allowance is still on a good level and she’s got her savings, her parents passing away in a car accident left her a nest egg for a rainy day, but at this rate it’s never going to get better. The market has been overheating and software houses are extremely careful on hiring new faces, especially someone like Katja with less experience - even though she has a notable CV to present despite her young age.

Katja suspects due to her highly aroused state she might be biased to make big decisions on her life right there but it would just be an introductory visit - clearly not like they are going to strap her down to the bed immediately! Which wouldn’t be that bad either. *Cough*. Having explained it out all pinky and smooth to herself, Katja registers on the site, creates a profile with a pseudonym, since they don’t require actual personal information, then proceeds to fill in some personal preferences - Dom/sub? Hmmm, Katja has absolutely no idea of what’s and how’s of Dom’s duties, she has always pictured herself as the bound maid who blunders on the job and then gets… “corrected”, so yeah definitely “sub”.

“Straight, bi, bi-curious, gay?” That’s easier! As a teen Katja had her experiences with the male species and even though feeling just okay, there was something missing - until at one beer-infused student party she ended up snogging and then later going down with a cute brunette girl and getting her most mind boggling orgasm ever before that - no, make that four… or five, and after that evening, she only dated girls. There’s been offers, more than enough - which guy doesn’t go crazy about anime-sized boobs and a curvy figure? Well, luckily there’s been plenty of girls who also go crazy…

Katja finishes the questionnaire and is offered few alternate dates for the meeting, closest being next week, Monday. She makes a fuss about prominently checking her empty calendar, then accepts the invitation.

*Ping!* You got mail!

Katja checks the address she used on registering to the site: “Hello! You have an appointment with Mistress Emma scheduled on…”

Mistress Emma! I say! Katja slithers on her chair nervously, grinding her latex cheeks onto the seat, knowing she can’t sit still and calm for the few days in between but will end up going in sane while waiting. Probably in the time being she will find out, if one really can overdose on orgasms. Hm, better start the scientific study without delay… *BzzZZZ*

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