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Into Your Birthday Suit...!

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2011 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; hog sack; hood; enclosed; tease; torment; collar; bdsm; crop; cons/reluct; X

"Happy birthday darling!"

I unwrapped the rather heavy package left at the end of the bed, "hope you like it" came from the bathroom.

The paper fell away revealing a thick plastic bag, I unwrapped this, and to my surprise, a large pile of heavy thick shiny rubber poured through my hands into my lap. It felt so smooth, so so smooth and soft.

"Well what do you think?"

"What is it?" I asked.

She grabbed the super shiny pile, shook it out and there and behold she held up a suit, a very shiny rubber suit, but with a difference.

"...and guess what birthday boy, you are going in it now!"

I looked at her questioningly, "Its quite simple, its your turn to play slave, i've had enough of the chains and cuffs, its your turn or no more games, understand?"

I think she meant it, she laid the strange suit out on the bed, "Now you lay down on your front on top and I'll put you in". I followed her instructions, I was still dressed in my ddpvc hooded suit, "You can keep that on, nice and warm heh!"

I lay face down on the rubber, immediately feeling and smelling its delicious aroma, in front of me the hood beckoned, I could see the gag, no eye holes, two small nose holes, it bode well?

While I was digesting the hood, I felt her fold both my legs in half like a crouch position, and folded the soft rubber around my knees forming a type of glove, my arms followed suit, bent at the elbows, hands to my chest, again the soft folds covered. The sudden zip from under and around my crutch was swift and she tugged it up my back sealing my legs and arms into their stunted prison. I was suddenly extremely aware of my predicament. My arms and legs were now all but useless, without a word, she now pulled my already pvc'd head back, I had no way of resisting, and roughly pulled the thick rubber hood into my face, the large gag forcing itself against my lips, I tried to resist, she pinched my arse really hard, my yelp was enough to allow her to slide the gag into my open mouth, it was huge. I shook my head but all I got was the final zipping of the hood together up to the top of my head, I was now plunged into darkness, totally gagged, unable to move, my breathing was slightly restricted through the small holes near my nostrils, air the suddenly flowed in through the gag, so it was a plugged breath through, that did not bode so well!

I felt her climb off the bed leaving me face down, struggling a bit for air.

"Well how does that feel, your new hog sack looks very nice on, better you than me, me thinks, I hope you like it, no complaints?" I tried to grunt, difficult, "Good, then lets turn you over and see you struggle!"

I felt her lift me under my half arms and litterly tip me onto my back.

I could move a little, I now know how a hedgehog feels on its back, I tried to right myself but could only wiggle about a bit, arms or half arms flapping likewise my now widely spread and very precariously bound half legs flapping uselessly, her hand gently rubbed at my now very widely exposed crutch area.

I heard her giggle a bit, "Does that feel nice, my little pet, my little pervert, know you know how I feel when I'm totally at your mercy, oh boy are you going to suffer now tee hee". A wicked giggle, a long gentle rub on my now very alert willy " back in a little while, enjoy rubber boy, get used to it, you 're going to need to".

I heard the bedroom door open and then shut.......... I strained to hear........ through the thick shiny rubber......... silence..........

I strained to hear any movement or sound, but the pounding of my heart beat rang loudly in my head, a sudden panic came over me, I couldn't breath properly, I started to hyperventilate, and struggled, really struggled, trying to stretch the rubber enought to..... do what? But I tried anyway, very little give, I tried to roll over, sit up, stretch my arms, I couldn't do anything, pathetic, useless, I slumped back still, panting into the gag, grunting a very sad high pitch mmmmmmm.

"Excellent!" she had been there all the time, "a good performance, and definite confirmation of your inescapable predicament". A further gentle rubbing on the scrote just made things worse/better/worse, she pulled me upright back into squatting position, she ran her hands all over my totally entrapped body, then worse, I felt, heard the thick collar fix around my neck and the click of a padlock.

"Now you are totally my slave, I'm going to chain you to the bed", I heard the chain rattle and the tell tale click of the lock, "and to give you something to think about birthday boy", the gentle push from behind toppled me back onto my front, I had no control, face into pillow with a slight bounce, I moaned again, her hand skimmed my now shiny arse, the sharp sting of the crop came as a complete shock and surprise, followed by five more strokes in quick succession, I heard as each stroke bit home "Happy birthday to you!" thwak "happy birthday to you"... thwak "happy birthday dear rubber slave....." very hard thwak "happy birthday toooo you........." thwak.

I was now sobbing uncontrollably within my rubber prison, still struggling, stretching, uselessly.

"Was that nice, how about this?" She pushed something between my face down splade legs, instantly the vibrator buzzed furiously, I tried but couldn't resist the sudden erotic urge, I wanted to escape, but no I didn't, suddenly this pain and bondage had taken a truly remarkable lustful twist, instead of struggling, I was now humping the vibrator, deperate for orgasmic release and yes... yes.......

The vibrator abruptly stopped, I was lifted up and tipped back onto my back, stewing in almost orgasmic frustration, "You are going to have to earn one of those.......... the chain will stop you from falling off the bed if you struggle too much, shout if you need anything............"

A pathetic wave of my stunted arms and legs offered little way of resistance as she again departed, I think...............

to be continued

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