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Janet's latex selfbondage3

by Rawn

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Day 3

Waking was a challenge for the imprisoned girl; she fought the sleep from her head.  Hot and sweaty again the tiny blonde struggled to free her self.  She knew she would have to take a break now from being entirely covered in latex.  The heat build up inside the suits made moving her arms difficult and she found it none to easy releasing herself again from imprisonment.  Hooking a finger in the ring on the inside of the straight jacket Janet worked it down.  Once freed from her latex and leather cocoon she answered the call of nature and then showered.

After cleaning herself, her blonde hair hanging down her back she cleaned up her clothes and stowed them away.  Still naked she padded around the house resetting VCRs and cameras.  It was now seven o’clock time for some breakfast and then onto her make her next bondage video.  She knew how much Randy was going to enjoy viewing these.  That made her wet again and she took time to satisfy herself. 

Leaving the kitchen a mess from breakfast Janet re-wet her hair.  In the spare room set up for bondage she wrapped heavy padded cuffs on her ankles and attached them to a rope and pulley system set up suspension.  With some effort the tiny woman pulled her self to swing free of the floor.  She wrapped the rope around her legs and torso to keep herself in the air.  Retrieving a hairbrush strategically placed in reach she brushed her golden hair.  Working upside down she realized was not very easy.  You had to adjust your thinking.  With her hair brushed she picked up a leather thong also placed with in easy reach and braided it into her hair.  This took more time than she had thought it would and by the time she was done her head was swimming for being upside down for so long.  Releasing the wrappings of rope she lowered herself down.  Resting for a moment she collected her head and set out for her room where she dressed for the next stage. 

Not wanting to be without any latex against her skin she drew out of her stash panties, corset and stockings.  She reinserted a dildo into her wet pussy, pulled up the high waisted panties picked up what seemed to be a salt shaker and dumped some of its contents into the panties.  Immediately she started itching.  She worked quickly now and laced the corset tight over top and poured more of the contents into the stocking before rolling them up her firm legs.  Determined to win the war she re-laced the high ballet boots onto her legs.

She was wiggling and rubbing herself constantly now as the powder did its work.  She shackled her ankles together added a loose fitting black latex blouse a heavy leather skirt locking a heavy belt around her waist.  She forced a rubber bit between her teeth, buckled and locked the harness holding it tightly in place.  This piece of equipment had blindfold attached to it blocking out all light.  This she knew would be the biggest stumbling block to her freedom.  Working behind her back she tied the leather thong to a ring in the belt and drew her head back.  She added a posture collar locking it as well. 

Trying to work quickly through the itch she dumped more powder down her blouse covering her tits and shook some down each arm.  The itch was incredible her toes were even driving her crazy.  Already it was too late to free herself from this torture.  Each lock meant an eternity of itch.  Locking a chain to the front of the collar and ran it through a ring in the front of the waist belt she fumbled a lock into place locking her wrist to it.  This did two things it kept her hands from scratching but still allowed her to do the cleaning still to be done. 

She did a wild dance for the cameras gyrating and twisting.  No relief was to be found from the powders devious work.  Her orgasm came upon her unexpectedly and rocked her to her knees.  Try as she might to rub herself the heavy leather skirt thwarted all efforts.  Wriggling around on the floor she tried to no avail to easy the itching.  Janet began thinking this would drive her nuts.  Randy would come home to find a babbling idiot on his hands.  She struggled to her feet and tried to rub her back against the doorjamb but her head being pulled back by the tether interfered with that.  She couldn’t raise her hands to scratch at her tits because the collar and tether stopped that.  She screamed in frustration through the rubber bit biting deep into her mouth. 

The itch didn’t seem to be abating and Janet realized the latex clothing was keeping its activity alive.  “Oh God “ she thought, “What have I done to myself.  “  She tried to stand on one foot a shake the other in hopes of relieving the itch.  She screamed again.  Another orgasm rocked her and she staggered against a wall.  The camera was recording all of her movements and even her screams.  Randy was in for a real treat from this session. 

Tears of frustration streaked down her face as the self-inflicted torture continued.  Her mind a mess Janet tried to remember the next step.  As she fought control of her body she realized she had not taken the buckets out of the freezer.  This realization only added to her frenzy.  She was going mad she couldn’t think straight.  How long could she live like this?  For the first time she was truly scared.  Panic fueled her imagination; the itch kept her from concentrating.

Without her sight the tiny blonde did not know that her wild dance was spinning her closer and closer to the bedroom door.  Although the room was well away from the stairs she would be lost in her own house.  Once the effects of the powder wore off it would take her time to find her way to the stairs.  Janet could not even think that far ahead.  The itch drove her wild and another orgasm shook her sending her bouncing off another wall.  This sent her reeling across the hallway and she stumbled unknowingly into the bondage room. 

Helplessness, panic and the itch drove the hapless woman through multiple orgasms.  Janet was drenched with sweat when she realized the itching was finally abating.  With no idea now of where she was upstairs she got her feet under her and stumbled around the room searching for a way out.  There were eight bedrooms upstairs.  Each room was laid out virtually the same and each had its own bathroom.  As well as there being a large bathroom for guests who weren’t stay over. Slowly painfully, blind, exhausted the creature of self-torture worked her way around.  Feeling her way from one room to the next in search of the stair.  Not knowing when she might find the top step kept her from trying to rush.  She hadn’t even considered how she was going to free herself once she was able to descend the steps. 

Even with the care she was taking it came a surprise when her foot found nothing to stand on and she had to catch herself against the railing to keep from plunging head first down.  Inching her way forward still fearful of falling she made her way down the steps.  Her skin that had been subjected to the powder still burned but not as annoyingly as before.  With more confidence now Janet aimed toward the freezer.  She still had no idea how she was going to retrieve the buckets from it.  They seldom used the freezer and most of the time it was empty or almost empty consequently the buckets were on the floor of the appliance. 

As the itch eased so had the panic, and bound and helpless as she was Janet calmed herself.  She knew if necessary she could last quite a few days this way.  She would be able to get water into her system.  It wouldn’t be fun but knew she could do it if she had to.  There was a three piece bath on the main floor and if need be she would turn the shower on and put her face in front of the stream and soak water up that way.  Her hands weren’t useless either.  She could find and open cans of food, even if she had to pour them out on the floor her tongue could reach around the bit to trap food and draw it into her mouth. 

As she dealt with her fear of starving she started forming an idea of how to reach the buckets.  First she went to the broom closet and found a broom.  One that she could twist the handle free from the head.  Then she headed for the bondage bedroom again.  She needed some things from it to enable her escape.  Still exhausted from her orgasms and panic she forced her self to work slowly and deliberately.  Ascending the staircase again she decided that she needed rest more than anything at the moment. No longer panicked she struggled to her room and lay down on the bed.  Having to lie on her side because of the strict pull on her hair she slept. 

When the helpless blonde woke she found herself sore and stiff.  The strictures of her bondage kept her from working out the kinks adequately to relieve the ache. Remembering what her mission had been she struggled from the bed.  She had to tip the chest over to get what she needed.  She found a roll of tape and a hook.  Stumbling down the hall and stairs she wound her way to the freezer.  Retrieving the broom handle she taped the hook to the end of it fashioning a type of fishing rod. Taking a deep breath she fumbled the rod to dip it into the open freezer.  She worked through her sobs of frustration and again fear for hours hooking one pail after another. Claiming with each unsuccessful try that she was done with tying herself up.  Once she was free she would edit the tapes and be done with this dangerous game. With each successful try tears of joy rolled down from under the eye covers. 

Once she had counted the pails from the freezer she sank down to her knees and cried.  Her head hurt from the constant pull of the tether.  Her back ached because of the arch that same tether caused her to do.   Her feet screamed for mercy the boots had won again.  Janet calmed herself and settled in to wait for the ice to melt and that would be a number of hours yet.

Suddenly she became alert and she knew what she could do.  She gathered as many pails into her hands as she could.  Laden down Janet stumbled, her feet shooting red needles up her calves; to the kitchen sink.  She set each bucket into the sink and even though stretching pulled terribly on her hair she reached out and found the tap.  Turning it on she ran hot water over the pails filling each one.  With the hot water cascading over the pails she returned to her stash. Filling the second sink she maneuvered the tap to spray over them.  She kept alternating between sinks resting the pull on her hair as she allowed the water to pour in for a moment before alternating it back to the last sink.

It still took time but it was definitely faster than waiting and it gave her something to do.  Finally she could feel that cold water was running from the tap and turned off the flow of water.  Tired frustrated and in need once again of bathroom privileges she searched each pail finding her plan had worked.  The pails had thawed and she could retrieve the keys.  As she emptied each pail she of the precious keys she would slowly pour the water out being careful to feel for any errant keys she might have missed.  Every key she found was put into one empty pail. Satisfied with her search she took up the pail and headed stumbling and blind to the center of the kitchen where she sank to her knees.  Now came the tedious task of fitting the right keys to the right locks.  The first she decided was to free her hands. This took the longest; as once they were free she was able to remove the blindfold.  Then things moved along at an easy rate and soon she was free of bonds. 

Janet removed the boots but otherwise remained dressed as she was.  Hurrying to the bathroom she pulled a leg of the panties aside and pee'd.  Realizing she was famished she padded back to the kitchen.  Her ordeal had lasted for eleven hours. As she cleaned the kitchen and set out her dinner her confidence returned.  She enjoyed the weight of the heavy leather skirt and soon her thoughts returned to the next step. 

For the next step she needed a workhorse from the shed.  First though she needed to freeze selected keys into ice cubes.  She tied a measured length of string to each key.  Then dropped each key into its individual slots.  To each of these she also added another piece of string.  The string tied to the keys provided the escape the piece just frozen into each block was so she could anchor the keys out of reach till each cube melted.  At that time the key would swing down within reach of her fettered hands. 

Sliding her aching feet into a pair of high heeled pumps and went to retrieve the sawhorse.  Along with the horse she brought a piece of foam rubber she had found.  It would be perfect as padding on the horse.  The idea for this had come from surfing the Internet along with the idea about using ice to hamper her escapes.  She folded the foam and measured where she needed to make a hole.  With a razor knife she cut a hole and fitted a long strap on cock through it.  Then with duct tape she wrapped the foam into place on the horse.  The dildo stuck straight up from the horse. 

Armed with a pair of pliers and screw rings she anchored one into the base of each leg of the horse and two into each end of the cross bar.  Maneuvering the horse beneath a ceiling hook she went to prepare the rest of this scene.  Again she checked and reset the VCRs in the room and turned off all the others, as the bondage room was the only one used for this stage.  She took a quick check on her “keycubes” as she had come to think of them.  They weren’t frozen yet but it would not be long so the determined woman went about with her preparations.  She tied a sturdy rope from a hook near the ceiling opposite the horse to a center ring on the horse and repeated that with the other end pulling the rope tight enough to lift the horse six or seven inches from the floor.  It immediately wanted to tip over but Janet set a wooden chair beside it to steady it.  From the hook in the ceiling already hung a rope and pulley.

For the next phase the little blonde needed to change clothes. First she emptied her bladder and forced a little poop out she didn’t really want the call of nature attacking while she was still bound again.  In her bedroom she checked that the camera was on and the VCR was recording.  She lubricated a large butt plug and inserted it gently into her still sore bum and slipped into a pair of unique rubber panties.  They were made of very heavy rubber, high waisted that laced tight from crotch to waist.  The other difference about them were the rings embedded front and back it also had a sheath that would allow a penis or dildo to be inserted into her pussy. 

Next she wrapped her torso in a sinister looking leather corset.  Nipple holes had been cut into the bra part and tiny gold wires had been set around the openings.  These immediately made their presence know.  Janet jumped as the tiny wires poked at her breasts.  Next she rolled Latex stocking up her legs and attached them to the garters of the painful corset.  Not accepting defeat she once again laced her tortured feet into the ankle high ballet boots and locked them on, then drew on the shoulder length latex gloves.

Her preparations had taken almost three hours and the keys were now ready for distribution.  With stepladder in hand she measured where and how to hang each key.  First she would measure where the key had to be for her to reach it.  Then with thumbtacks she would secure it to the ceiling.  The second string was to hang it out of reach till the ice melted for this to she used a thumbtack.  She had used a cupcake-baking pan to make the ice cubes in order to ensure a decent internment of bondage. 

That done, she set out the final stages of the scene.  She took a thin rope and attached it to a hook to in the ceiling to the front of where she would be sitting.  And tied it loosely to the horse with in reach.  Between it and the hook she had attached elastic, the reason would become apparent as she continued on.  She consulted her diary.  Satisfied her preparation was correct she buckled and locked a ball gag deep into her mouth.  To this again she added the posture collar also locking it tight.  The keys to these items were not frozen in water this time instead she had left them mixed into the pile of keys on the kitchen table as well as the keys to her torturous boots. 

Next she added nipple clamps, the type that tightened when pulled on so she could not pull away from them.  Between them hung a short chain.  She replenished the batteries in her remote intermittent vibrator and taped it to the rope tied to the horse and switched it on.  To the collar she hung a short chain down her back and attached her wrist cuffs to it.  The key to the cuffs was suspended from the ceiling in ice to fall when melted to where she could reach it. 

Already she was drooling from the ball gag and spit was dripping onto her chest.  A feeling she really disliked.  Setting the stepladder beside the horse she climbed it and impaled herself on the cock jutting up from the horse.  With a short coil of rope she threaded it through the rings of the panties and tied herself down to the horse.  Now she could barely rock back and forth.  She smirked to herself. Just as she had envisioned it would be.  Then as best as she could she reached down and locked her ankles to the rings in the legs of the horse.  Even though her legs were bent she could not move off the dildo due to the ropes from the panties. 

Not finished yet she untied the rope from the horse in front of her and tied it to the chain swinging between her breasts from the clips and pulled it taught.  The vibrator buzzed and shook the rope sending a cascade of pain through her breasts only from the clips attached but also the elastic allowed for exaggeration of the movement and the wires protruding from the corset.  This was going to be a long night she decided.  She reached up and found the rope and pulley dangling from the ceiling.  This she attached to the collar at back locking it in place and pulled on the free end till it pulled snug.  Working behind her back she fastened it to a ring knotting it several times to ensure it would not come free.

Finally she knocked the stepladder away that she had been using for balance once and a while.  This movement caused her to swing back and forth pulling at her neck and creating all manner of pain in her breasts.  All during her preparations the dildo buzzed and stopped distracting her from her duties.  Lastly she worked her wrists into the cuffs.  These were high on her back and would keep her fingers from reaching any of the rope work. 

The bondage room had mirrors running along each wall and Janet was forced to watch herself as she swung helplessly in her bondage.  Though racked by the pain in her breasts and added to it with each movement.  The blonde girl still tried to satisfy her lust. Wiggling and trying to rock back and forth on her cock.  She found that if she moved a certain way she could indeed induce orgasms at the cost of pain in her tender tits. 

Janet was tired and the forced immobility she found herself dozing between shocks of pain from the vibrator.  This presented another problem as the horse still wanted to roll over and she found she needed to control the roll with her neck.  That in turn increased the pain in her breasts.  Although she could see the ice cubes dangling from different spots in the ceiling it looked as if they weren’t melting.  Minutes dragged by as Janet watched herself bound and in pain build to another painful orgasm. She rocked and in turn caused herself to swing.  This caused the rope to pull on her neck and the other on her breasts.  The vibrator buzzed and she jumped in renewed pain this caused her to swing yet more.  The cascade effect continued as she swung this caused the battery pack to the dildo to swing, which increased the pull on the clamps pinching her nipples.  The vibrator buzzed to life again. She jumped and still trying to rock to another orgasm continued the never-ending cycle of orgasm and pain. 

Delirious in pain and sexual fervor the tortured woman barely realized the key banging against her gloved hand.  She tried to grab it; this caused movement, which caused pain, which again in turn caused more movement and sexual buildup.  Janet schooled her thoughts and timed her movements to coincide with the swing of the key.  Painful as that was she managed to capture the key in her right hand. Sweat mixed with the saliva dripping from her face to her chest.  Disgust of her condition mixed within her emotions as she toiled to fit the key in place.  Pain ripped through her breasts as she fought with her bonds.  At times her movements choked her and she had to take a break let the movement settle down.  It was the pain that drove her on though. She had to get free.  Tears once again rolled down her cheeks and the lock clicked open freeing her hands.

It proved more painful to release herself than she had thought it would.  She had not realized that her tits had been drawn so far through the openings of the corset. Although she had steeled herself for the pain of releasing the clamp she had not imagined the pain it would cause when her tits tried to retreat through the holes.  Those tiny little wires now poked into her tender flesh drawing tiny beads of blood.  Still needing to hold herself upright by her neck she shuddered and cried out in pain her hands flying up in a vain attempt to soothe her breasts. 

Moving created a torrent of red-hot pokers throughout her breasts.  She whimpered as she struggled to release her neck.  Holding onto the neck rope for balance she contorted her body to reach the ankle locks as those keys now swung with in reach.  That drove the wires deeper into her soft globes.  She wondered how she was to get this fierce damning device off with out shredding her tender flesh.  Freeing one ankle she traded hands holding her upright and stretched down to release her other ankle.  This caused the wires to probe in a new direction.  She screamed as she fought to control herself.  She knew she could easily end up hanging upside down and that although not disastrous would equally hamper her abilities to free herself. 

As with in keeping with her situation her hand slipped from the rope and she teetered to hang upside down.  The violent motion caused extreme pain throughout her ravaged body as she twisted to keep from smashing her head on the floor.  Angry now more than anything only gurgling sounds filtered out from behind the ball gag as she swore up a storm.  This really interfered with her reaching that final key.  Twisting and grunting she managed to grab hold of it and pull it free from the ceiling sending an unbelievable amount of pain ripping through her impaled tits.

She found another challenge now, with being upside down the saliva started running up her nose.  This really grossed her out and she fought to keep her stomach under control.  All she needed now was to try vomiting with the gag in.  To further impede her freedom the weight of her body pulling on the ropes had tightened them, which made untying the knots extremely difficult. She found by locking her legs around the legs of the horse she could pull her weight enough to relieve some pressure from the ropes. Her latex fingers urgently worked at the knots slowly winning free the ropes.  With the ropes free a new problem occurred she had to try and hold her self-parallel to the horse because of the posture collar.  With one arm pushing against the floor to balance her she released her legs from their hold and dropped to the floor.

The cock popped out of her and she screamed again as the landing pushed and bounced her tits on their wire skewers.  She lay panting trying to control the pain. Even in that breathing pain raced through her.  As the pain settled to a constant throb she contemplated her next move.  It would be so easy to just lay here and wait for Randy to come home to help her out of this painful corset. Delicately she rolled to her side and gained her feet.  That too proved more painful than she was prepared for.  Her feet had literally had enough and cramped as she put weight on them.  She screamed in renewed pain and crumpled to the floor.  There was nothing she could do to escape the pain and lay still curled in a ball for a long time before renewing her efforts. 

At last she felt she could with stand the pain a rolled this time to her hands and knees.  In this manner crawling she made her way to the kitchen to dig through the mount of keys awaiting her on the table.  She pulled herself into a chair and worked at releasing her feet first.  They were still trying to cramp and she needed to relieve at least some of the pain in her body.  She felt she could do no further damage to her breast as each movement renewed the gold wires probing into her tender tortured breasts and although she was not getting used to the torture she was able to bear the pain. 

Sitting on a chair she pulled her free feet one at a time onto her lap and kneaded the cramps out of them. She freed her neck and found the key to her gag and thankfully removed it from her mouth.  Satisfied with the recovery of her feet she headed back to the bondage room.  While rubbing her feet she had an idea of how to free herself from the corset. Walking into the room she released the rope attached to the nipple clamps and retied it to a hook about five feet from the floor.  Then with trembling hands she reattached the clamps to her tender nipples and backed away.  This drew her nipples out through the holes again and also drew the wires out of her breasts.  The harder she pulled the more the needles sprang free of her tits.  Then she loosened the lacing of the corset and carefully removed it over the clamps.

With gentle caresses she explored and rubbed her ample tits easing some of the pain still coursing through them. Although it was after two in the morning she decide a hot relaxing bath was in order.  While the tub filled with hot steaming water Janet finished stripping.  Before climbing in she added scented oil under the running tap and let its aroma fill her nostrils.  She sank to her neck luxuriating in the two-man tub.  The hot water stung the tiny holes left from the corset and even in that she rejoiced.

Occasionally she reached forward and added more hot water to the filling tub.  It was nearly an hour later when she, feeling refreshed; stepped out of the tub and toweled herself dry.  She fingered her shaved pussy as she made her way to the bed.  A good old-fashioned dildo fucking was in order she thought.  Automatically she reset the tapes and started recording. Lying on her back pussy facing the camera she reached over and picked up a large black dildo.  Her pussy leaked juices and she eased the dildo in and out of her self-pushing it further each time.  Soon she was bucking wildly against her thrusts and came with an earsplitting scream arching backwards high into the air.  She grunted and slumped back to the bed.  Languishing in the after glow she drifted exhausted into sleep.

The Story continues in Day 4

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