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Janet's latex selfbondage4

by Rawn

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Janet's Latex Selfbondage - Part 3 by Rawn
Day 4

When she awoke it was late morning, she felt rested and satisfied.  She pulled on a latex nightgown and slipped into a pair of high heels.  “Bathroom privileges first” she thought,  “Then breaky.”  Clicking down the hallway Janet refreshed herself and headed for the kitchen.  Along the way she collected the used tapes from the various VCRs, reloaded them and reset the timers.  She also picked up her diary. 

Day 4: 
Janet read the instructions and went about carrying them out.  First she removed a large pail from the fringe’s freezer and set it on the kitchen table.  Then she went out to the shed and retrieved a number of flat steel bars.  These were made of spring steel and flexible back and forth but not from side to side.   With these in hand she headed off to the bondage bedroom.  There she hunted down a number of rolls of duct tape. Randy had never used duct tape on her and she wanted to surprise him with this video. 

She striped naked and taking a deep breath started wrapping the tape around herself covering as much as she could.  When she reached her crotch she inserted a large dildo folded her pussy lips over the end and taped it firmly into position.  “Man is that gonna hurt later” she muttered out load knowing the tape was very reluctant to release itself. 

She had once again locked her feet into the painful ballet boots.  She had fitted a steel rod down inside each boot on the inside and outside of her legs.  Then she taped the spring steel in place against her legs.  Now she wrapped tape around her spread legs and then cinched it creating a stiff hobble that would not allow her to close her legs.  Next she added more steel up each side, which she tacked into place with strips of tape.  She repeated this process with more steel on either side of her spine and up her breastbone. 

With a roll over the leg of the still hanging horse she freed one end.  This end she stuck to her torso and began turning in place winding the tape tight against the steel pulling it in to shape her waist.  With each turn she moved the roll a little higher until she ran out. Then she did the same with the next roll till she had covered herself to her underarms.  The silver tape flattened her tits against her chest this renewed the pain from the wires from the day before.  Prior to taping her arms she tucked her hair under another Speedo and wrapped her head leaving openings for her nose and eyes but she covered her mouth. 

Then ripping off pieces of tape she carefully laid them against her throat until she was satisfied it was stiff enough and covering her shoulders.  The next part was difficult wrapping ones own arms into submission was not the easiest thing.  Janet tore pieces off and again tacked the steel rods to her arms into the hollows of her elbows.  This allowed for her to bend her arms if only slightly.  For this next step she had to be very ingenious.  She readjusted the horse to hang with one set of legs parallel to the floor then fitting another roll of tape over the end she freed its end and attached it to one wrist. 

Although the horse swung around she was able to accomplish her objective.  That was to wrap her arms together into a sort of single sleeve of silver tape.  She kept wrapping until the roll was finished.  That way she didn’t need to try and rip it off.  The silver tape wrapped to the ends of her fingers.

Satisfied she tested her bonds and found she could not easily move.  The steel running up her legs and sides hampered her bending over or bending her legs.  That meant she had to walk, if that is what is was called; stiff legged. The steel rod on her arms kept her from removing the tape from her mouth and having it run to the ends of her fingers meant she would not easily free herself. 

It was uncomfortable and pulled at her every move.  She soon found that the duct tape proved to be extremely hot.  Excitement built again in her nest, as she looked herself over.  A bizarre creature of silver.  Janet struggled her way towards the stairway.  Each step pulled at her pussy and worked the dildo inside her.  Navigating the stairs proved dangerous as she found that she could not step down due to the tape, hobble and steel rods. 

First she tried hopping that didn’t work.  Inn the end she had to shuffle to the edge of each step and drop to the next.  She found that by hooking her hands into the rail she could control the drop and progress got easier.  Back on the main floor she shuffled to the kitchen.  The bucket holding the scissors had not thawed enough to allow access so she propped herself against the wall and waited. 

The tiny woman realized the old adage of a watched pot never boils was just as true for waiting on a frozen pot to thaw.  As she waited she thought she could feel the tape trying to suck itself into her skin.  At that thought she shuddered, it was going to be very painful and time-consuming getting out of this mess.  Janet thrilled at the thought and again tried to rock herself to orgasm. 

Time stood still.  Frustrated and hot she suffered.  Every now and again she attempted to free herself without the use of the scissors and was denied.  She flexed her muscles and shuffled around the house bored, hot and tortured by the pinch of her silver imprisonment.  Moving around helped bring her closer to climax so she shambled stiff legged. 

Red fingernails peeked out from the end of her fetters as she attempted to reach the scissors.  Spreading her fingers as much as the tape allowed she slid the grip between them.  “Great” she thought “Now what do I do?”   She managed to wedge the handle between a door and its frame.  It did not allow for much but she managed to snag the scissors on the tape and slice a little rip in it.  From that she forced her fingers apart and tore it open a little more. 

Once one side of her hands was free she started working on the other side.  That done she was able to reverse the scissors and start cut up the length of her arms.  She continued fighting the tape tearing at it slowly freeing her arms.  With her arms free she started tearing at the remaining tape on her arms then at the tape around her head.  Her nose stung from having to pant through it.  Her long blonde hair tumbled out from beneath the bath cap. 

The rest of her release was tedious and painful.  With squeals of pain and curses she finally freed herself and scrambled to the shower to scrub off the tape residue.  Water cascaded over her sensitive skin washing away the soreness of the tape.  She fingered herself to another orgasm then turned off the flow and stepped out.  After toweling dry she powdered herself to help get rid of any stickiness remaining.

It was getting late by the time she had redressed in a latex outfit of black bra, panties garter, stocking, skirt, bright red blouse and the black ballet ankle boots.  Randy had used them as punishment once on her and it had been.  Janet had sworn she would win that battle.  Although her legs and feet were in pain it was getting more manageable.  Even unfettered it was hard to balance properly in these things.  She made herself a light dinner and cleaned up.  Looking at the time she decided that sleep was best.  Tomorrow would be another busy day. 

Still reluctant to sleep unfettered she bound her ankles with leather straps and locked them together.  A wide leather belt cinched her knees; another wider one cinched her waist.  These both were locked into place and they had rings attached to them for further bondage if needed.  She locked a short chain to her knee belt then fitted a blindfold gag harness around her delicate face, locking it tight.  Blinded she fumbled with the rest of her restraints.  Elbow cuffs, which she locked to either side of her waist belt, and then wrist cuffs, which she locked together and to the chain from her knees.  As she settled down for the night she wondered to herself if Randy would catch on.

The tiny blonde dropped into such a deep sleep she again did not move through out the night.  Waking once more refreshed Janet fingered herself through her latex skirt and panties.  She decided that she could afford to languish in this spot for a time and continued long after her orgasm to play with herself.  After her third climax she decided that she needed to get her day going. 

Struggling her still bound body upright she shuffled to the door.  Once again she had purposely left the keys out of easy reach and had to make her way to the kitchen for freedom.  As she crept down the stairs she realized that her feet were not protesting the achingly high boots as much.  Each step no longer caused her to cringe.  In the kitchen began the frustrating chore of finding the key to this lock and so on. 

Day 5

“Day 5” she read and restudied her next assignment.  This would be the longest session, as she would lock her self up and have to await Randy’s return.  She had slipped the keys to the special locks into his luggage.  A letter explaining that she was going to tie herself up the night before he came back and would need those keys to get free so he better not be late.  This wasn’t entirely true as Randy wasn’t due back till Sunday night and this was only Friday. 

After cleaning the kitchen she readied herself.  She did not eat a breakfast this morning but again opted for the nutrition pills and vitamins.  As with the first day she drained a full enema bag into her bum.   Following it with a large butt plug, which she held firmly in place by a wide leather strap, attached to a heavy waist belt.  Then she set about readying the rest of the gear she would need for this adventure. 

Digging through the bondage and latex chest she pulled out all manner of things. Finally she could stand the cramping from the enema nt longer and still in her ballet boots stilted her way to the bathroom.  The trick would be removing the butt plug with out making a mess all over herself and the bathroom.  Although the latex could easily be washed she still did not want shit flying and splashing around the room.  Getting the plug out was not the problem she had learned to relax her pincher muscle but being able to hold the water works back would be the fun part.  The tiny woman loosened and removed the belts.  Her body rebelled and wanted to rid itself of everything inside it.  She fought to control those muscles. 

Slowly she relaxed her ass and allowed the plug to start its retreat.  With one hand she steadied its progress and every thing seemed to go as she planned.  In keeping with the rest of her calamities just when she figured it was safe to let go everything else did too.  The toilet bowl exploded as the plug shot past her hand to splash violently into the cold water.  When the cold water hit her she jumped unprepared and a spray of dirty water ricocheted off the side of the bowl. 

Janet quickly re-aimed the stream and suffered the consequences of her actions.  Water splashed against her white skin and soon enough she was empty.  Reluctantly she scooped out the plug and re-seated herself. She knew for the next little while each movement would be rewarded with the necessity to relieve more of the enema.  When she knew that she could finally start cleaning up she wiped herself and flushed the toilet.  First she stepped under the shower to clean herself.  Then she retrieved disinfectants and rags she polished down the bathroom and once again stepped into the shower. 

During her cleanup she was forced to seat herself a number of times.  Little streams of water continued to work their way out.  Satisfied she could continue on with the next and final phase she left the bathroom.  “Well that was an experience” she mused to herself.  Entering the bondage bedroom she removed the ballet boots and dried them off. 

This next stage was not so much dangerous as it was demanding.  She would be bound for the next two and a half days with very limited movement.  Her nutriment would come in the form of pills and water.  Janet greased another larger butt plug and inserted it.  Again she threaded the catheter inside herself and then inserted two golden balls.  These she had learned about from the Internet as well.  They were called “Ben Wa Balls” and were a constant source of sexual stimulation.  She attached the catheter to the bag making sure it was closed. 

The next item was made of metal and lined with latex.  Randy had had this made for her.  A man had come to the house while she was serving some sort of lost bet.  Randy had made her stand naked in front of him while he took an infinite number of measurements.  All of them were near and around her shaved pussy.  Waist. Hips from this spot to that between her legs.  Janet had never been so embarrassed in her whole life, but the man went on without even a grin or word. 
After he had finished he left without ever acknowledging she was human.  Try as she might her husband would not tell her what it was for.  Randy finally had to spank her to make her stop questioning him.  Not that Janet minded the spanking that much but she knew the next one would really hurt. 

A package arrived about two months later.  The tiny blonde had forgotten about the curious man with the tape measure.  Randy presented her with it that night.  Janet immediately wanted to know how it worked.  She found out, her husband put it on her and she was stuck in it for two weeks.  It did allow bathroom privileges but little else.  It was a retooling of an ancient garment worn by women of some centuries earlier. 

A chastity belt, but this one was different.  Instead of being just stiff metal Randy had the sides made of a chain mail that allowed her hips to move but still covered them.  It did have some rather sturdy metal between her legs.  That too had been modified to allow her to pee but as she soon found out stopped her from getting her fingers near enough to do any good.  The latex had also been a brainstorm of her husbands.  He had had it made in such a way that he could inflate the latex thus creating pressure inside the garment.  It also forced any thing in her cavities deeper and that meant she could not use them to get off either. 

Janet stepped into the device.  As she drew it up her hips she remembered she needed to do something else first.  She detached the catheter from the bag and threaded it through a small metal pipe.  This she fitted in a slot in the crotch of the belt.  It allowed the hose to still empty her bladder and not be pinched closed by the latex once inflated.  After confirming all was right she snapped the belt closed.  At this point she could not remover the belt as it had built in locks and Randy had the keys.

Attaching the fill hose from the electric pump she flicks on the power button and immediately felt the belt tighten forcing the plug in her bum deeper.  Air pumped in forcing her waist in.  The chain mail bulged out slightly as it accommodated the latex. This put pressure on her hips, bum and around her tummy but still allowed her to walk without too much interference.  She removed the fill hose and closed the cap on the fill valve.   The fill valve built into the crotch; could retreat into the air bag at this point and be covered over.  This she did and added the tiny padlock, which would prevent her from releasing any air.  From the padlock she hung her pee bag. 

Then came an equally devious looking bra of rubber.  It had tiny tube in the center of it for her nipples to fill.  The base of it had a roll of rubber formed into a circle.  This roll was smaller than the circumference of her breast and would make them bulge over its edge inside the bra.  She carefully fitted a nipple into the tube and picked up what appeared to be a breast pump.  Holding it over the nipple filled tube she attached the hose from the pump after moving the hose to a different connection. 

Janet took a deep breath and powered the pump.  Immediately the pump started sucking the air out of the tube drawing her nipple deeper inside it.  As her tender nub slid past the end the tube rolled down pinching the skin below the nipple trapping it.  The rolled tube acted like an elastic band.  She repeated the procedure with the other breast. Having completed that part of the task she set the bra in place and reached behind to hook it together.  When she pulled the ends toward each other the rolls near her chest constricted, forcing her breast deeper into the cups ensuring her nipples would not find their way free.

Next she rolled latex stockings up her smooth legs.  Over these she added the thigh high ballet boots and laced them tight.  Janet watched as her nipples started to enlarge because of their constrictors.  Then she pulled on a heavy leather corset dress of blood red.  As she slid her arms into place she fed the long catheter hose down one arm to stick out the end.  The dress covered her from knees to her chin. She pulled on an odd looking hood, it gave her the appearance of having a muzzle.  The muzzle had corrugated hoses running into a large can.  From this can she could breathe and also drink. In order to drink she would have to add whatever she wanted to the can and drink its contents down to breathe again.  Janet had planned for this and when needed would add her mixture of nutrition and vitamins to it. 

The goggles were designed in such a way that once the hood was zippered she would not be able to see forward with both eyes.  Latex cones had been fitted to the inside of the eyeholes and this funneled her vision.  Adjusting the hose to her mouth and setting the eyeholes properly she zippered it tight.  Starting at the bottom of the dress she covered the tops of her boots and laced up.  When she was done she could not remove either the boots or the hood with out first undoing the dress.  To stop that from happening she folded the covers over the lacing and added the tiny padlocks. 

The final phase for this scene included cuffs for her wrists.  These cuffs were attached by a short bar between them from the center of the bar was another bar that could be attached to whatever the Master wanted.  For this scenario she attached the center bar to the front of her collar this would ensure she could not remove the hood.  This would keep her hands at least two feet away from her head it also stopped her from reaching anything else important on her body.  The cuffs were self-locking and all she needed to do was slip her wrists into place a push against something solid to close them. 

Janet had learned about the cuffs by accident.  An accident that had kept her cuffed for almost three days.  Randy had been away on business again.  She had locked them to a collar she was wearing and then closed them around her wrists.  Only to discover she could not release them herself, once locked they needed a key to open them.  It had been very stressful three days.  The helpless woman had had to eat like a dog from a bowl and cleaning her self was no fun either.  Fortunately she had been wearing a loose fitting latex dress and high-heeled boots.   The tiny woman’s husband had punished her for being so careless but that’s another story.

Secured in her bondage Janet set out collecting all the cassette tapes and bringing them back to the livingroom.  There she would spend the majority of her time editing tapes.  Of course she would be replenishing the tapes in that rooms recorders throughout the following days. 

Everything worked as she had planned the BenWa balls kept her constantly on edge.  The clothing performed as predicted, the bra irritated her tender nipples she could feel them enlarging.  The butt plug was uncomfortable and at times painful adding to her excitement.  The helmet proved to be a challenge with her wrist locked together as well did the catheter but she managed.  The dress did its job of hampering her movements.  It was not so stiff that she could not sit but it was infinitely more comfortable to stand or lay down.  That is how she lived the next two and a half days waiting for her wonderful husband to come rescue her.


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