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For Services Rendered

by Andy Latex

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© Copyright 2010 - Andy Latex - Used by permission

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She looked at the envelope and took a deep breath. Her fingers trembled as she slid it open and eased the contents out. For a moment she held the gold and red embossed card in her fingers and dared not to look, then with a bead of sweat on her brow she did. The words were clear and simple… her heart stopped.

She slumped down in her chrome and leather chair and looked about her office. The office she had dreamt of all those years, the office she had been entitled to for so long, the office she had done so much to gain, but as she gazed down at the card in her hand, she wished it all away.


"Thank you Penny, you can remove the coffee cups".

"Yes Ms Caine".

The beautiful woman, moved round the large boardroom table quickly gathering up the now empty cups.

"Penny is such a dear, I don’t know what I would do without her, there seems to be nothing she does not know"

"Is there anything else you need Ms Caine?". She asked balancing the cups neatly on the tray.

"No thank you Penny, I will buzz if I do. You may leave".

Penelope Jenkins drew the door closed behind her and for a long moment fought the desire to kick it with the toe of her polished high heel. "Penny is such a dear, I don’t know what I would do without her, I don’t believe there is anything she does not know". God she hated her bosses patronising tone. Penelope knew what she would do without Ms Amanda Caine, she would be sitting in that seat and that would be her office. It should have been, after all the years she had given the firm, 17 years as executive secretary, 5 before that as junior secretary. She knew the business inside out, but then just as she was about to take her rightful place, the firm was taken over. Her friends were axed and cuts made. She very nearly felt the chop herself, but it was felt with her long service and huge knowledge she should be kept on. She had been relieved and most grateful a first, partly for the confidence shown in her but also for the fact that she had her life savings and future pension tied into the firm. However that gratitude was short lived, for it was not her name that went up on the exec office door, but that of a new comer from the Mother Company. Ms Amanda Caine, 25 years old, 5’ 11" in her polished heels, immaculate blonde hair, immaculate make up, immaculate style, Immaculate… well you get the picture. Not that Penelope was intimidated by appearance, not at all, indeed for her 42 years she was still a stunningly beautiful woman, and in fact she could pass for a stunningly beautiful woman of 32. Her long limbs were still toned, her stomach flat and her skin clear, but it was he hair witch stood out. It was deep brown and, when not tied back for work, flowed in natural waves about her shoulders. No, Penelope was not intimidated by the younger woman, she was just pissed off with finding herself after all those years, as her PA.

She took a moment to calm herself, she was after all a professional then with her head held high walked passed the line of typists and clerks, all were younger than her and all, at that moment higher up the company ladder than her.

A few minutes later, having washed the china cups up she returned to her desk to find a young man carrying a long crimson plastic dress bag,

"Can I help you?", Penelope asked.

"Hi yes this is for", The young man looked at the delivery note, "Amanda Canine?"

"Caine, yes ok I’ll take it, thank you", Penelope signed the offered document and took the smooth bag. Then, with one eye on the departing delivery mans bottom, placed it behind her and returned to the tasks at hand.

As the last of Ms Caine’s visitors left her office, Penelope looked at her tiny watch, still another hour to go. She sighed. She clicked onto the internal connection between her and her bosses’ office.

"Ms Caine?"

"Yes Penny?"

"You have 2 messages from Mr. Santanna and one from Co-tech".

"Oh bother I thought I had got rid of them",

"Oh and you have a delivery, I think it is a dress".

There was no reply and before Penelope had time to restate the message, her boss was at her side.

"Oh wonderful", Amanda said stepping behind her and taking up the gleaming bag. "I trust you have not opened it Penny dear."

Penelope shook her head, "No Ms Caine", she replied. Before adding, "I’m not stupid you know, I do know what I am doing" in her mind.

"Excellent, Is my car back from the garage yet?"

"No Ms Caine".

"Oh bother, never mind, you have your car here don’t you Penny?"

"Um yes".

"Good, you can run me home,". She turned and taking the bag disappeared into her office, only to emerge moments later with her coat and brief case.

"But I still need to close the Thomas book", Penelope said looking at her screen, but to her surprise her boss merely waved her protests away.

"No Penny I need to get home now".

Penny had been to her bosses’ home on many occasions, since becoming her PA she had also been required to act as her unpaid driver, should she need to go to an airport or be picked up from a business dinner.

They barely spoke on the 30-minute trip and soon Penelope’s little red Peugeot, pulled up into her drive. Ms Caine swiftly unclipped her seat belt and, without a word of thanks, slipped from the car and walked to her door.

Penelope shook her head and mumbled her displeasure under her breath, but then just as she was about to reach over and close the passenger door Ms Caine turned back.

"Bring my dress in Penny and take it upstairs to my dressing room".

The beautiful PA’s jaw dropped and again she mumbled her annoyance, but knowing any protest would be pointless, especially as her boss had already vanished inside, she reached into the rear of the car and drew the gleaming bag out.

Locking her car behind her she approached the door, Ms Caine, directed her upstairs, "It’s the second on the left at the top, hang it in its bag on the wardrobe".

Again, to Penelope, the word please was absent from her bosses instructions and so without reply she did as requested.

The carpet was deep and new, it was the first time she had actually been inside the house and as she had imagined it was cool, clean and ordered. It also showed no sign of another resident. Penelope smiled, "No one else would put up with her either", she thought.

The second door on the left revealed a well lit dressing room, bathed in the warm evening light. Wardrobes lined one side and a large vanity, laid out with the most expensive brands of cosmetics sat to the other. She breathed in the perfumed air. "I should be living in a place like this by now".

Not wanting to torment herself, Penelope placed the hook of the dress bag on the wardrobe rail and turned away. For a moment she paused, then stepped on. Then stopped. She looked back at the gleaming bag and before she thought about what she was doing returned to it and gently eased the zipper down, realising, to Penelope’s surprise, a strong smell of rubber!.

Surprised she stepped back. For some reason her heart began to pound, it was almost as if she had accidentally awaken the bags contents and if she moved it would cry out and expose her. But the moment passed and, despite her sensible brains demands for her to leave, curiosity took over from panic.

Penelope reached out, and her fingers drifted over the shiny bag. She pressed it and a second burst of rubber scented air drifted into the air. Her heart raced and she felt her mouth dry. Again her fingers drifted over the smooth surface but this time, and ignoring her minds protest, they closed on the zipper and slowly drew it down.

The air within the bag now billowed out and in the rooms sunny light its contents were revealed. Penelope gasped, it was a gleaming black dress and yes, it was made of rubber. She had see many pictures of girls in rubber dresses, I fact there had been a lot in the Sunday press about the model Kelly brook in a rubber dress. But to her the idea of wearing such a material was so alien as to be unthinkable, perhaps if she were 20 years younger, she might have felt different. Tentatively, her inquisitive fingers brushed the smooth material, it seemed to ripple and flow between them, almost as if it was liquid. Penelope shook her head, no she had worn some wild fashions in her youth, but she would never have gone this far out.

Then her mind clicked into place. She smiled to herself, perfect Ms Amanda Caine had a kinky secret

"I don’t think it will be worth you coming into the office tomorrow".

Penelope jumped at the sound of her boss’s voice. "Amand… Ms Caine!"

"After all it is Friday and as you won’t be returning there is little point. I will clear your desk and sent you the contents".

"I am so sorry Ms Caine the zipper got caught in my jack… i was not deliberately snooping".

"Yes you were". Amanda Caine entered the room and brushing her now ex PA aside, gently slipped the dress back into its polished cocoon.

"But Ms Caine, It was a mistake please, you can’t…"

"Atempting to steal from your superior, that is Gross misconduct. So I very much think I can Penny". Ms Caine looked at Penelope with a cruelly triumphant smile, "don’t worry… I won’t miss you".

"Please Ms Caine", I know it was wrong and I promise not to tell, no one cares what anyone wears in their private life".

"I care that you know."

Penelope panicked the look in her bosses eyes was one of cold disdain. "But all I have is in the firm, if… if I am fired I would lose it all".

"All the more to share between your superiors Penny", Ms Caine smiled and in a cold tone added "now if you would please leave my house".

"And my name is Penelope". Penelope Jenkins said as the door closed in her face, She waited for a moment unsure of what to do next, then slowly turned to her car. "It’s Penelope". She signed

Shaking like a leaf, she had sat for a long time outside Ms Caines house. But later in the dark of her own flat the realisation of her position hit her with a wave of tears. Her home, her car, her pension her life were tied up in the firm and now… it was all gone.

Beautiful, intelligent, calm Penelope Jenkins began to sob. "What have I done".

Penelope did not go to bed at her usual time, there would be no point, sleep would have been the last thing on her mind. She just sat at her window, watching the lights of the aeroplanes as they passed in and out of the near by airport.

She felt a touch on her leg and looking down, she smiled for the first time that evening. "I’ve still got you though, haven’t I Galore". She picked the mottled tabby cat up and placed it in her lap, her fingers stroking through the fine hair making her beloved cat purr. "I’ll always have you".

Another long range jet drifted over head and Penelope began to drift. Then with a start she was awake. She jumped and the cat rushed from her lap as the shrill cry of the telephone filled the night air.

Stumbling into the hall of he flat, she flicked the light. For a moment she just blinked then her eyes focused on her watch "2.34", she mumbled. "Who the hell?". She picked up the flashing phone.


Penelope shook her head in shock, "Ms… Ms Caine?".

"I am so sorry, I hope I did not wake you?".

"Well actually yes", She half lied, not wanting to let on her true state of unrest.

"Oh dear, well I could not wait, I just had to apologise to you for how I behaved. I was wrong and I hope you will forgive me".

Penelope remained silent for a moment, there were many more things she would have expected to hear before an Amanda Caine apology. Her cat singing light opera was one for a start! But after the shock a smile drifted onto her lips. "Um… yes Ms Caine, I do… If you except mine".

"Of cause I do, I don’t know what I was thinking. Look it is late, please go back to bed and we will talk when you collect me in the morning".

"Thank you Ms Caine". Penelope said as the phone clicked.


Amanda Caine smiled as Penelope stepped from her car. "Good morning, Ms Caine".

"And good morning to you Penny", she reached out and took her PA’s hand in hers, "I am so glad you came, do come in, I have coffee ready".

The pair sat in the sunny kitchen and sipped their drinks. Penelope explained she had not slept until after the phone call and Ms Caine replied she wanted to call earlier but did not have the nerve and that what she had said about not knowing what she would do without her was true.

Penelope, placed her cup aside and thanked her again, "I would like to apologise once more for snooping Ms Caine it was very unprofessional of me and very dishonest".

"Not at all, Penny, I understand. You were just curious", she smiled and patted her PA’s hand, "Come, I want to show you".

She stood and without a word led her out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"No No Ms Caine, please it’s fine really".

Once more at the top of the stairs, Ms Caine led Penelope into the dressing room. The dress, which had caused all the trouble now, hung from the wardrobe rail.

Ms Caine smiled. "All over a silly dress, please", she said beckoning her nervous PA to touch the shimmering garment".

"No please Ms Caine, it is fine".

"No Penny I insist", she took the hem of the dress and offered it to her beautiful guests touch.

Timidly Penelope took it and deep inside her stomach turned. God it felt awful, it felt weird, rippley, smooth and slippery. Why would anyone wear such an outfit, by its very nature it must be hot and tight and that aroma, it was so much stronger now, any woman wearing an outfit of rubber would have to surrender to it, for no perfume could ever disguise it.

She looked at Ms Caine, who smiled strangely "What do you think Penny?".

The tactful PA, nodded, "its… it’s very unusual".

"Yes it is", Amanda Caine said running her fingers across its surface, "It is tight, and warm, slippery and smooth. It holds and caresses and speaks in soft rustles and sensual creaks… you do like it?".

Penelope looked into her bosses eyes, she knew this was no time to argue, "Um yes it is very nice, but please Ms Caine you do not have to explain yourself to me".

"Oh my dear, I now I do not need to explain myself to you", Amanda Caine laughed softly, "I just wanted you to know how it is going to feel".

For a moment Penelope did not hear her bosses words, but as the cool younger woman turned away they sunk in. "I’m sorry Ms Caine, how it is going to feel?".

"Why yes dear, It’s all right, I know you are dying to try it, so I have laid out an outfit for you" she gestured to a hitherto unseen pool of gleaming latex with lay across the deep chair beneath the window.

Penelope tensed and stepped back. "No, no please Ms Caine, it is very nice of you but, really I Could not, think of it".

"Nonsense, it is not a problem, the outfit is quite conservative, very much like your usual office attire".

 Penelope felt a shiver race down her spine, "For the office?" she half gasped. "Oh no please Ms Caine, as I said it is very nice of you to understand, but really I can’t".

"I understand, it is a shock, it would be so uncomfortable for a woman of your age to wear a sexy Latex outfit to work, can you imagine how everyone would whisper and point, It would be so humiliating". She smiled and patted her PA’s hand "I am sorry, it was silly of me".

"Not at all, Ms Caine, but thank you again".

"You are welcome. But it is a pity", she stepped back from the laid out latex and smiled, "But I guess I shall be looking for a new PA after all".

Penelope’s eyes widened and her heart pounded. "Ms Caine?".

The younger woman came closer. "A shame, I mean I know now how much your job means to you, to your home and future, but still, if you will not do this one simple thing to please your employer, well, then perhaps there really is no future for you with the company". She saw Penelope’s eyes widen in terror and dart passed her to the outfit, then to the dress on the rail and finally back to her.

"Please Ms Caine", Penelope’s voice trembled, "I’ll do anything, but please not this".

Amanda Caine gazed into the older woman’s eyes with a cool look of knowing triumph. Then gently she reached out and began to unbutton Penelope's blouse. "Don’t worry Penny", she purred, "I think you are going to look amazing in Latex, but I just hope everyone else in the office will agree".

Penelope Jenkins froze, her eyes moistened, her lips quivered, her only protest, a plaintive "No", was softly signed, but she did not step away and her blouse came loose.

As instructed Penelope Jenkins waited 5 minutes after Ms Caines arrival to enter the office. It was the longest 5 minutes of her life, longer than the 40 minutes she had sat as Ms Caine had re-applied her make-up to emphasise her eyes and full lips, or the 20 minutes it had taken her hair to be unpinned and arranged to tumble across her shoulders. It felt longer than the hour it had taken to squeeze her powdered body into the black stockings, knee length black pencil skirt, burgundy blouse, waist clinching bodice and terrifying 5 inch stiletto heels, which formed her stunning outfit. It even felt longer than the 15 minutes it had taken to polish it, transforming the latex from a dull shimmer to a deep liquid gloss.

No it was the longest 5 minutes of her life. But as she eased back the gleaming cuff of her blouse to check her watch she wished it would go on forever. But he time had come.

She stepped from her car in the underground car park and, unseen, entered the elevator. She paused for a moment then taking a breath and pressed the express button, that would take her to the office.

Penelope felt her stomach sink and the elevator rise.

Floor 5, she took a breath, but her body still trembled,

Floor 9, she swallowed hard, but her heart still raced,

Floor 14, she looked into the mirror and signed,

Floor 16. The elevator stopped.

She waited, she smoothed her skirt, straightened her back, clutched her bag and held her head up. She knew what little confidence she still possessed was all she had to see her though..

In the instant her dagger like heels touched the pale green carpet, the office she knew so well, went from a buzz, to a hum and then to a hush and to say heads had turned would have been the understatement of all time, they nearly unscrewed themselves.

But Penelope held her head up and as she passed each workstation she greeted her open-mouthed colleagues with a bright, "Good morning", in the best imitation of her unusual calm voice she could find. Yet despite her calm exterior, deep inside she was quickly turning to liquid. She could feel her astonished and startled colleagues follow her every movement, there eyes mesmerised by the gleaming latex as it creased and stretched across her hips and thigh with every step. Steps which, thanks to the impossible tightness of her skirt and her needle like high heels had now been transformed into a sexy hip swaying wiggle.

As she moved through the near silent office she saw Ms Caine looking out of her office, she was smiling and emerged just as Penelope reached her desk.

"Go… good morning Ms Caine", she said.

"Good morning Penny", the younger woman, dressed in a stylish and chic business suit said. Before adding in a shocked tone, "Oh my what an outfit".

The blushing PA, nodded, "Thank you Ms Caine, I… I felt like a change".

"It certainly is that", She reached out her hand, "May I?".

Penelope took a breath, she was deliberately keeping her on display. "Please do", she offered her sleeve to her bosses touch. Who took it in mock surprise.

"Oh my it’s… Oh it’s", she looked deep into the trembling woman’s eyes, "Oh what do you call it?".

Penelope took a breath and fought to be calm. "Latex, Ms Caine".

"Yes, yes Latex, it’s rubber yes".

"Yes Ms Caine".

"Oh do turn around". She spoke her words in a friendly tone but the look in her eyes was pure cruelty. Penelope obeyed and slowly pirouetted before her boss, "Oh my it is so tight and slick. It looks amazing".

"Th.. thank you Ms Caine".

The younger beauty felt a tingle of sexual excitement from being so cruel. She looked deep into Penelope’s eyes. "Do you like wearing Latex Penny?"

Penelope Jenkins, shivered and she felt the latex ripple with her, she also knew everyone in the room was listening, she took a breath and remembering the words she had been instructed to say, sighed.. "Yes Ms Caine I love to wear latex".

Amanda Caine let Penelope’s words hang in the office air, then smiling at her control over her PA. Said, "Well, to be honest, I think wearing rubber is very odd indeed and I don’t think I should like it myself", she turned away from the stunned woman, before calmly adding over her shoulder, "The green account needs closing".

Penelope Jenkins spent the morning in a haze of shame and humiliation, bending to use the photocopier would never be the same again. She knew she was the talk of the office, hell she was the talk of the entire building and thanks to things like twitter and the like, probably of the entire world, But she still had her work to do. This she did to the best of her ability. Visitors were shown in, coffee made and notes taken, but despite her best efforts, her every action and movement was accompanied by the inescapable rustle and creak of latex and by mid morning she could feel the moisture, trapped beneath the tight latex begin to trickle down her spine.

She placed the completed file in the main tray and smiled as the blushing, young man from accounts took it away. " Thank you Andy".

She looked up at the clock, 12.30 nearly lunch time, Not that that would be any less humiliating.

The intercom broke her thoughts, "Ms Caine".

"Come in here Penny".

Penelope stood and smoothing her skirt knocked and entered. "Yes Ms Caine"

"Close the door Penny", she beckoned her gleaming PA to sit. "You must be hot?"

"Yes Ms Caine, It feels very wet inside my blouse".

"Oh cause it does". She sat back in her chrome and leather chair. "It was my intention to leave you in your new outfit all day, but it appears that is not to be possible".

Penelope did not know haw to answer, if she expressed sadness, Ms Caine would accuse her of lying and if she told the truth she would take it as an insult. She merely nodded.

"Don’t try to look disappointed Penny", Ms Caine sighed. "Now, I take it you have no plans for this weekend?".

"Well… yes I"

"Cancel them, they are not important". As she spoke she ran her fingers over a piece of paper, its heading embossed with red and gold lettering. "A few days ago I was invited to a very select dinner party this weekend and as appearances are important. I require you to drive me".

"I understand Ms Caine. In my car or yours?".

"Not in yours I can assure you, no in the Merc",. Amanda Caine laughed. "Now I trust there are no outstanding files for this afternoon".

"Um no Ms Caine, you have one meeting at 4 o’clock". Penelope said checking her ever-present notebook.

"Excellent, that could not be better. It gives us 3 hours".

"Please Ms Caine", Penelope took a breath frightened of the reply she might receive to her next question, "Time for what?".

"Why to get you out of your new outfit and into something a little more appropriate".


Ms Caine smiled, "Penny, as much as I adore you in your office attire, it is not quite right for my chauffeur".

Penelope had been relieved when Ms Caine had directed the car though a side turning and down into a discreet underground car park. Even if she was to endure the looks of the outfitters at least she would not have to be seen in the broad light of day in the street and once in a more nondescript outfit her day of shame would be over.

The plain door, boasted a small brass plaque baring the word HONOUR.. Ms Caine pressed the buzzer and smiled to her unwilling companion, who took a deep calming breath.

The door buzzed open and with a hand on Penelope’s back guided the older woman inside. Amanda Caine smiled as she felt Penelope tense and tremble, as the older woman’s head once more instantly filled with the unmistakable aroma of warm rubber. "Just like coming home darling", she purred

"But I thought, I was to be your… ".

"My chauffeurs, yes… oh did I not explain, you see my dinner party is with people who share similar tastes to mine". She giggled at her own pleasure and at Penelope’s clear horror. "and I can assure you Penny, there is no better place to find, just the right outfit".

But poor Penelope had no time to dwell on her increasingly helpless plight.

"Good Morning Ms Caine, It is so nice to see you again". Dressed in a very tight shiny bright blue latex uniform style dress the young assistant greeted Amanda Caine like an old friend and moments later a second, older lady, dressed rather conservatively in a simple white blouse and short black leather skirt appeared and offered her hand in welcome

"It is so nice to see you again", she said, "I trust the items we sent you were appropriate?".

"Oh they were perfect as ever, Thank you Fiona".

"I am so happy. Now what can we do for you today".

Penelope felt Ms Caines hand on her back and she stepped forward. "This is my PA, Penny".

The nervous woman, as cool as she could, offered her hand. It was take in turn by each of the ladies. "Pleasure to meet you".

"And to meet, you", the older lady said, with a true smile, "may I say that is a wonderful outfit"

Penelope bit her lip, "Thank you, Ms Caine selected it".

"She does have superb taste".

"Thank you Fiona, but today I need your advice". Ms Caine stroked her hand down Penelope’s spine, making her tremble, "Penny is acting as my driver for this weekend and I am in need of something appropriate".

The older ladies face lights up at the request, "A chauffeurs uniform how exciting, of course please come through."

The pair were guided upstairs and Penelope was surprised to find herself in a second, bright, spotlighted showroom. The small space was dominated by 3 life like mannequins, one dressed in a full latex catsuit, the next in a stunning set of pale peach lingerie and the third in the very outfit Amanda Caine had imagined.

Penelope’s stomach hit the floor.

"I think this is what you are looking for", the younger woman said, "it is a very popular design and comes complete with jacket, pants, boots, belt, gloves and of course.. cap. Made entirely of premium latex rubber its is fully bonded with no stitching, which creates a perfectly smooth line. The jacket closes with a single zipper and whilst the pants have no real closing as such, there is a secret zipper which runs between the buttocks should nature call. The boots have steel heels so they are very strong and you can have a height of up to 6 inches, others are available but, well they are a little tricky to drive in".

"Oh that is gorgeous", Amanda Caine said running a hand gently down one smooth latexed thigh, before looking across at the wide eyed Penelope. "It's so soft, it's perfect".

Penelope stepped back. Surely not.

"Isn’t it", the older lady says smiling at the older visitor. "Now if you would like to try it, I’m sure we have one in a size for you,".

"Thank you", Ms Caine said, her hand now idly cupping one of the mannequin’s buttocks. "Very much"

"Excellent" the older assistant clapped her hands, "But first and I am sure you will understand, due to the nature of our outfits, I would ask you Ms Penny to go with Rebecca and take a quick shower. As I am sure you are aware, it is so tricky to slip into latex if one is a little… sticky".

Ms Caine laughed, "Of course we do Fiona, that is quite all right, isn’t it Penny".

The controlled and calm Penelope shivered inside and slowly nodded, "Yes Ms Caine".

"If you give your outfit to me I will clean and dust it for you", the younger assistant smiled slipping her hand into Penelope’s and leading her from the room.

As the pair disappeared, the remaining assistant stepped to Amanda’s side, a smile on her lips, "She is quite stunning", she said, "I trust she is more than a little… unwilling to follow your desires".

 Amanda giggled, "You very much could say that".

There was a pause, then in an unnecessary whispered tone the assistant said, "Are you specifically interested in a latex uniform or are you interested in something a little … special?".

Conflicted emotions flowed through Penelope’s body, she was so relieved to be out of that clinging latex outfit, yet terrified at what was about to befall her. She was happy to feel free to stretch, yet embarrassed to be naked but for a fresh dusting of talcum. She was confused and uncertain and beneath it all was the knowledge that she truly was a condemned woman facing a humiliating fate.

Her thoughts were broken by a small hand reaching around the door, in it was a short towelling robe. "Ms Penny?",

"Ah Penny", Fiona, the older assistant said, taking the woman’s hand, "I imagine that feels better".

"Yes thank you". Penelope glanced at her boss, who smiled coolly.

"Wonderful, shall we", Once more she directed the small group up a small flight of stairs, a task made easier this time for Penelope, thanks to the absence of her tight skirt and high heels.

As with the other showroom the next room was filled with stunning outfits, there were mannequins in blue nurses outfits, Black maids dresses, even one dressed in shocking pink babies dress, covered in ribbons and bows. However it was to the rear of the room that Penny was led.

There before her stood another mannequin dressed in the same sexy chauffeur’s uniform as before, only this one seamed even shinier and smoother than the other. Almost as if it were fashioned from black glass, its surface reflected the rooms’ lights from every curve of the feminine form.

Penelope shivered.

"This Penny…", Fiona said, stroking the freshly talced woman’s hand over the gleaming model, "… is pure unlined PVC plastic".

"Oh my", Penny said, as her fingers was lead over the mannequins thigh, "It is so smooth and so tight, it looks like it is melted or painted on".

"You are almost right with melted on". Fiona smiled with a hidden pride, Whilst glancing to the watching Amanda. "Melted on is the best description, for once the outfit is on, the wearers body heat causes the PVC to warm and in consequence shrink, forming this very tight fit. The hotter you get the tighter it stretches".

Fiona stepped back leaving Penny to her thoughts, "I once sold a similar outfit to a French lady for her driver back home in St Tropez. She sent me a photo of the girl wearing it. She was absolutely stunning long red hair, green eyes, full red lips, but the outfit, well in that heat it really did look as if she were dipped in liquid plastic it was so tight, every detail of her body was on show and I do mean every detail",

There was a long pause as both Amanda and her helpless PA took in the idea of literally being shrink wrapped into an outfit. The thought fills Penny with dread, but the smile that forms on Amanda’s lips says it all.

Penelope Jenkins panted softly as the button closed the smooth cool plastic about her slim waist, it has taken five agonising minutes for both Fiona and her assistant to gently ease the thin vinyl up her shapely legs. At first it had been easy, but once the black plastic found her thighs it had become very clear that the pants were truly made to measure. For as the cool material rose up Penelope’s legs and enfolded her pert bum in its glossy embrace, it was clear the outfit would not fit onto her and that she would have to fit into it.

But fit they eventually do, stretching over Penelope’s thighs and hips without crease or wrinkle, Whilst at the same time moulding her pert buttocks into perfect twin globes of mirrored glass, so smooth they reflect Fiona’s fingertips as they glide over there flawless surface before traversing the deep valley between.

Penelope lets out a soft sigh.

Next came the military style jacket. Wide shouldered, with deep lapels and augmented with navel style insignia on shoulders and cuffs. It fitted without struggle until Fiona pulled the gleaming buttons together. This drew the stretching creaking PVC together to form another tightly perfect fit, the cut of the jacket moulding and presenting her naturally impressive cleavage into a stunning deep valley of creamy flesh. Penelope looked in the mirror as she was slowly consumed within the clinging uniform of gloss black. The knee high boots, which added another 5 inches to her height thanks to there needle like heels, were next, these were slipped on and closed with a long zipper. After this came the gloves, tight and slim they moulded about Penelope’s hands and fingers before disappearing up beneath the jacket sleeves. The cool PVC was unlike anything the trembling woman had ever felt before, the smooth material clinging in a way which made her previous rubber outfit seam loose. For where Latex stretched willingly to fit her body, this Plastic film moulded her body to fit it.

A final hand stroked down Penelope’s spine a final caress and Fiona stepped back. "How does that feel, Penny".

The PVC enclosed beauty did not reply, she did not know any words to describe it. She merely looked across to where Amanda now rose from her seat, the outfit’s finishing touch, in her hand.

Approaching she let her eyes roll over her new Chauffeur, her smile said it all.

"Perfect. It is superb Fiona".Amanda gestured for her to walk.

Penelope said nothing, yet as silent as she was, the clinging living PVC was not, each breath she drew and every move she made, the glossy PVC creaked and rustled, snapped and stuck, as it stretched about her body. Then after but a few moments she was suddenly aware of a new sensation, a tightening about her bottom and thighs, which makes her stop and bend.

"What is it Penny?" Amanda asked with a light tone in her voice, her eye devouring the gleaming figure before her.

"Its so tight". She whispered, "Oh its clinging so tight".

Amanda smiled at Fiona, "Don’t be silly Penny you look gorgeous". She purred, letting her fingers slowly trace the now clearly moulded cleft between her seat cheeks, "Just gorgeous. Thank you Fiona, We’ll take it".

"Thank you Ms Caine. An excellent choice, Shall we wrap it?".

Penelope’s heart stopped, she looked over her shoulder and Ms Caine looked back, cool and calm, staring at her, reading her mind. Penelope Jenkins, skilled and experienced communicator, was now reduced to a silent plea for mercy. For the humiliation of her office attire, would be nothing to being seen in such a ultra kinky outfit as she was in now. But Penelope could read Amanda’s mind too, her eyes were afire, her cheek rosy with delight.

"No that will be fine we will wear it", She slipped the cap onto Penelope’s head, "I still have my 4 o’clock,. Don’t I Penny dear."

Poor Penelope was right, the humiliation of being seen in such a kinky outfit was beyond belief and Amanda intended to milk every minute of it. For instead of using the rear entrance to the shop, she insisted on taking the long route, via the main street and down round the corner to the car park.

"You’ll have to get used to being seen sooner or later Penny dear", Ms Caine said at the door, "so you may as well start today".

The instant Penelope stepped from the ‘safety’ of the shop, she had felt a hundred pairs of eyes turn to stare at her glossy PVC bound figure. She felt them follow her every hip swaying, bottom wiggling step as she walked up the now very busy street, towards the safety of the car. It was torture, But the walk to the car was also torture in another way, for with every hip wiggling step in those new needle heeled boots, the PVC stretched and rubbed between her seat cheeks and caressed her most intimate opening in the most, startling of fashions. Oh my god! She was getting turned on!

Finally, after what felt like a lifetime and with her heart pounding in her chest, Penelope was holding the car door open for Amanda to enter. She smiled as she slowly slipped into the passenger seat. "Well done Penny",

Penelope felt the stretchy plastic skin, tighten even further, between her legs and bottom, as she slipped into the ‘Safety’ of the car and wriggled into position behind the wheel, the heels made finding the peddles difficult and she thanked god it was automatic.

"Ms Caine, these heels will make it very hard for me to drive". She whispered, knowing any protest was pointless.

"Nonsense Penny, you will be fine, now get comfortable and don’t panic".

The cars engine came to life and after a few moments getting the feel of her right foot pivoting on its dagger like heel between brake and throttle, she pulled out..

For a few moments, concentrating on driving in those high heels, Penelope forgot she was sealed in tight PVC, but as her foot drifted between brake and accelerator she became aware of the smooth material sawing gently between her thighs. She sighed.

Amanda smiled, she could imagine what her companion was feeling, but she was in no mood to offer comfort and silently she placed her hand on Penelope’s smoothly sheathed left thigh..

"Concentrate, Penny".

Concentrate?? How was she supposed to concentrate with her bosses hand, slowly stroking up and down her ultra smooth PVC sealed thigh.

"Please Ms Caine", she whispered. In a half plea for mercy.

"Shhhh Penny, concentrate on your driving", Amanda said asher hand slid lower. Penelope shivered...

Finally as if by some miracle, The car pulled up outside the gleaming office buildings.

"Well done Penny" Amanda smiled as her hand slipped away from where it had come to rest between Penelope’s thighs. "Now please, let me out".

Immediately the trebling woman is once more, bathed in the attention of the entire street. Then after a brief moment to compose herself atop her heels, Penelope moved round to the passenger door and offered her hand. Amanda Caine, cool and calm stepped with perfect grace from the car, as if she were a movie star.

"Thank you Penny", she says openly patting her gleaming bottom. "Wait here, beside the car".

The poor woman was stunned, "Please Ms Caine could I not wait inside the car?".

Her boss gazed at her with cool contempt, "No, may not. It is customary for a chauffeurs to wait beside her car, awaiting her employers return", she stroked a finger down Penelopes arm, "and if she does not, she may find herself subject to… discipline".

Penelope felt her stomach knot. She had never been so on display before, for that is what she was, on display, on show for the entire city to see and although she kept her eyes coyly lowered, she could feel the looks from everyone who passed, every head turned and stared at her. She heard whispered words as they passed.

"Is that leather or what", one said.

"Fuck she is horny", declared another.

Whilst a group of school lads loudly announced, "I would not mind a ride in that… and the car is pretty sexy too".

She felt her cheeks glow with shame. At one point she even noticed a large black limo slowly pass by, the darkened window lowered slightly, for its passenger to dwell on your embarrassment.

The sight of a sleek Mercedes, is enough to attract any eye but when it is accompanied by the stunning figure of a beautiful woman, dressed in an even more highly polished black PVC Chauffeurs uniform those eyes nearly explode with astonishment.

That was the sight that greeted the eye outside, the Fullerton –Silk offices that evening., But what those wandering eyes could not see was the effect the warm summer evening sun was having on the skin-tight PVC. To those who glanced or even stared it was as tight as can be, but to poor Penelope Jenkins, it was becoming tighter and tighter with every passing second, squeezing her body, moulding it into an even more stunning beauty.

Time seemed to slow and Penelope could not tell how long she had stood beside that car before Amanda returned, But when she did Penelope felt relief like she had never felt before, but it was short lived, for the instant she turned to open the door, the now drum tight PVC snaps about her sex like a rubber band making her visibly wobble and release an audible gasp of surprise. Amanda Caine stopped and looked into Penelope's cloudy eyes.

She smiled and lowered her eyes down her PA’s stunning body, to where the womans sex had become clearly moulded in cuntracting plastic..

"Oh Penny, I am so sorry, I did not realise, of cause the sun", she said in mock horror "It’s so tight, it must be so… hot".

Penelope gasped as Amanda stroked her hand down her body and let one fingertip come to rest on the tip of her now clearly visible sex. "You may not like PVC", she whispered, "but it clearly likes you", her finger tip softly pressed the vinyl coating and instantly Penelopes eyes widened and her lips parted.

"Oh no!", Penelope's glorious agony escaped her glossed lips in a startled gasp, but as Ms Caine's fingertip continues to softly scratch her helpless womanhood, it turned to a soft plea. "Please stop,".

"Why? Don’t you like it Penny? ".


"Please Ms Caine, Every one can… can see", She gasped, blood pounding in her ears.

Scratch scratch

"I know… exciting isn’t it". Her cruel boss whispered, not breaking her touch scratch..scratch..scratch

"Please" Penelope begged, "Ms Caine, Please no".

A smile curled on Amanda’s glossed lips, a smile of triumph and delight at witnessing her employee’s helpless surrender.

And surrender she did, for there in the warm summer sun, under the gaze of every passing stranger and by the hand of her cruel boss, Penelope Jenkins, drew in her breath, closed her eyes and to her utter humiliation, came.

Amanda Caine smiled and she slipped her fingers back up Penelopes body, she could feel her body vibrating within its PVC prison. "I am going to have so much fun with you aren’t I Penny. But I think you have had enough fun for one day", her eyes sparkled, she drew closer and breathed in to Penelopes ear, "But there is always tomorrow!"


Poor Penelope Jenkins had laid in her bath for 2 hours, but still the aroma of latex clung to her sleek body. It had been a day to end all days, her body burned with shame and humiliation, her mind raced with the emotions of her surrender. She gazed about the flat, at her possessions and life. Was it worth it, was it worth such shame.


The drive to the estate took well over an hour, but in the warm summer sun, it was a perfect evening for a drive. Or rather it was for Amanda Caine, for in the rear of the Mercedes the air conditioning kept her nicely cool, despite her shimmering ball gown of gleaming black latex. Penelope on the other hand had not been afforded such luxury, She had been in her skintight PVC uniform for nearly 3 hours, the last of which she had spent being thoroughly polished from tip to toe with liquid enamel, this had left her outfit, shining like glass, reflective as a mirror and as tight as hell.

The Estate was out beyond London and they arrived in front of the large ornate house with a few other guests. Everyone was dressed to perfection in gleaming outfits of Glossy latex.

Penelope slid from the seat and opened the rear door for Ms Caine and as she did she felt all eyes turn to her. She blushed deeply.

"You should be used to that, by now", Amanda Caine said, slipping passed, with a sly smile.

The red faced PA watched her employer glide up the steps. She had to admit she did have a stunning figure and the clinging black latex gown did nothing to hide it. She was greeted at the top of the steps by a stunning woman maybe a few years older than Penelope, dressed in a classic riding outfit of jacket, jompers and boots, however, outfits such as those were not often made from gleaming latex. The pair exchanged greetings and for a moment they held a private discussion before looking back at Penelope. She felt her cheeks redden and looked away.

Moments later, after Amanda and a number of other guests, had vanished inside, Penelope felt a presence behind her, she turned to be met by a very beautiful lady In her mid 30s, she was tall slim with an lovely figure highlighted by a slim fitting wine red latex gown. Her immaculately styled red hair complimented her deep green eyes, eyes which were wide and gazed at Penelope with astonished admiration. Penelope smiled back.

"Oh I’m so sorry", she said smiling, "I did not mean to stare, its just that… well you are quite a stunning sight".

"That’s quite alright Madam", Penelope replied, "It happens all the time"

"Oh I’m quite sure, but", she paused, "Is that… plastic?"

"Its called PVC, yes like plastic".

"Oh my, it must get very hot…PVC?". Again there was an embarrassed pause, "may I?". Her fingertips hovered close to Penelope’s arm. She smiled and her fingertips slid over the freshly polished surface. "Oh my. That is odd… But as I say, you do look lovely in it".

"Thank you".

"I must confess, this is my first time at one of the Countesses dinners, I have only met her once before and I might add, the first and hopefully last time I will ever have to wear Latex."

"You don’t like it?", Penelope said, sensing a kindred spirit.

"Can’t say I do no, a bit tight and hot, but it was on the invitation, so… here I am".

Penelope smiled, "Well may I say you do look amazing".

"That is very kind of you, Thank you, My name is Claudia". She reached out her gloved hand.

"Penny… Penelope". The two greeted each other.

"Well Penelope I hope to see you later".

"Have a nice evening Ms".

She watched with a smile as the charming lady walked away.

Two hours drifted by and the summer sun was setting when, from behind her Penelope heard the sound of footsteps on the gravel.

She turned to find herself looking at the stunningly beautiful woman, dressed in the riding outfit. Her features a masterpiece of make up, ornate, heavy, yet completely stunning. As she came closer each movement caused the tight latex to glisten and shine. She paused and looked Penelope up and down then in a soft yet commanding tone said. "Come with me Penelope Jenkins".


The gathering of guests was not huge, there were maybe 15 or so, all female and all, to Amanda’s eyes very beautiful. She had waited a long time to be invited into this group, this collection of women had more power than anyone really knew and now at last she was amongst them.

The conversation between the guests was about everyday things, about work, pleasure, fashion, it covered the 4 corners of the world, yet, despite the charming and very sensual company, it was the countesses art collection that Amanda Caine so desperately wanted to see and in particular her secret gallery and now that moment had come.

"Ladies. Shall we adjourn to the gallery, before dinner", the countess offered.

As their host led them through the stunning house, a buzz of excitement went round the group, Amanda took a deep breath, trying to still her pounding heart. This was it.

They passed down a long carpeted hallway, through the wide glass doors and into the long ornate gallery, its polished marble floor and luxurious decor a perfect compliment for its stunning contents.

Amanda gasped and her body tingled. The countesses’ collection did not disappoint.

The elegant well lit, gallery was lined down both sides with what, to anyone other visitor, would have been little more than stunningly detailed statues of beautiful woman, carved from a strange gleaming and highly polished material. However to the trembling Amanda and her companions, they were far more, for this was the countess’s secret gallery, her gallery of living latex dolls.

Amanda had heard whispers and stories. Tales of the countesses secret pleasures and of her power to transform the living into helpless, statue dolls, of gleaming latex. It had been her knowledge of this secret passion, she had used to gain her invitation in to this hallowed group, for Amanda Caine had a sacrifice to offer at the countesses feet. Her beautiful PA, Penelope Jenkins.

Stunned into silence Amanda moved about the bizarre and sensual collection, each feminine figure, bound into a pose of submission and surrender, was moulded with an astonishing detail. Eyes, lips, fingernails, even hair and the dimples of soft cheeks, were exquisitely highlighted with a shocking perfection, the deeply polished latex of their skins reflecting the rooms lights, like the sun on a still lake.

Yet despite her closeness to the statues, she could not imagine how they had been created. Had the helpless women been, painted with their latex coatings. Perhaps it had been sprayed onto them as someone might spray a car or maybe they had been slowly dipped into a vat of glossy latex, submerged only to re surface as these perfect works of sensual art. Amanda Caine, shivered inside, she was in heaven as she imagined how her helpless Penny would look.

"They are quite stunning", A beautiful blonde of no more than 20, said coming up beside her.

"Yes they are", Amanda replied, not taking her eyes from the nearest statue of a girl seemingly bound into a kneeling position, her beautiful face, upturned in ecstasy. "Yes they are".

The Countess took great pleasure in leading the group about her collection. Explaining the origin of each stunning piece. At one point she called for silence and the hum of the group lowered. For a moment there was silence, but in that silence the gathered women could hear the soft, sensual creak of latex, as the smooth material stretched over imprisoned breasts with each desperately shallow breath.

Amanda trembled, "Oh my god", she thought, "It must be so hot, so sweaty, to be so enclosed. So helpless and alone, smothered in heat and moisture with nothing but the sound of there own breathing and the creak of latex, to let them know they were still alive", Amanda shuddered, but then she thought of Penelope and her cruel smile returned. .

The Countess then stepped away from the group and turned to them.

"I think you will agree, it is a superb collection", she said, "Indeed ladies, after this evening I believe, thanks to one of my guests, I shall have a new addition to my gallery, a very special addition". Amanda felt a sexual tingle of excitement as the countess’s eyes fell on her.

There was a pause then with a stroke of her hand she gestured for the side door to open. Heads turned, Amanda’s heart pounded, a tremble of excitement fluttered her latex gown. But as the figures’ silhouetted in the door entered, her thrill turned to shock. There between two of the countesses latex uniformed maids stood Penelope, but this was not the bound and helpless Penelope she had been expecting. This Penelope was quite stunning.

Her face was a rich sheen of fresh make up, glossed lips, dark eyes and her hair, no longer free, was now tied into a single pony tail by a ribbon of crimson latex. It was the same crimson latex that moulded to her body from throat to ankle. Or rather, partly moulded about her, For the dress she now wore was literally just two outside halves held together, by a webbing of laces, to leave the body between naked.

"Ladies", the countess said, "this is Penelope, this evenings beneficiary".

Amanda stepped closer, a look of shock now on her face. "What’s going on?"

The countess’s stepped through the group to take Penelope’s hand. "Six weeks ago Ms Penelope Jenkins, came before us and requested our help, she has explained her sad situation and we have listened".

"No, this is wrong", Amanda said, "I brought her here, for you".

"On the contrary, Ms Caine", the Countess said, "It is you who has been brought before us".

"I knew you could not resist humiliating me", Penelope said, her voice strong and calm, "and if it is any comfort for you, yes you did humiliate me, you humiliated me more than I could ever have imagine. You humiliated me in front of my work colleagues, in front of strangers and worse of all, in the street by making me cum like a common slut" A buzz of disgust went round the room. "But now I know, every moment was worth it".

"But how, how?".

"As you said Amanda, there is nothing I do not know about the company, but I also know much more, especially about your private life", Penelope allowed herself a smile, " All I had to do was find out how to use it".

"No I will not have this, she is my employ… ", Suddenly Amanda’s legs began to wobble and she stumbled back.

"Don’t worry" the countess said as her two maids moved to hold her up, "It is only a muscle relaxant in your wine, just to make things easier, don’t worry I can assure you Ms Caine, you will be wide awake, through out the entire evening."

"N… NO". Amanda cried, as the girls took her weight, "No please no!"

"Shall we dine ladies", The countess said calmly, leading the group away.

"No, please Penelope, please".

For a moment, her bosses desperate cries nearly touched Penelope’s heart, but then she looked at the statues of the girls sealed in there latex prisons and imagined that Amanda had planned that very fate for her, that by the end of that evening she to would have been transformed into another gleaming latex work of art.

Penelope Jenkins looked at Amanda, at her pleading eyes and turned away.

As The countess led the group back through the wide hallways and back into the dinning room, Amanda’s pleas slowly vanished into silence.


"Are you not eating Penelope", One of the guests said.

Penelope looked at her half eaten dinner, "It was very nice, but… "

"I understand dear". The woman smiled and returned to her conversation. It was then Penelope noticed she was seated few chairs down from the lady she had met in the car park. She looked across at her and smiled. The lady did not return it. She did not look angry, or happy, indeed she did not have any really discernible expression at all, just a distant nervous gaze. She too did not eat, perhaps, thought Penelope, her first visit to the countesses home had effected her in the same way.

Three courses passed and as the last was cleared away, one of the maids whispered in their host ear, the countess’s face lit up. "Excellent, Ladies I have a treat, before dessert", she stood and smoothed her sleek gown. "Please".

The table stood and with an excited murmur followed. They were not taken back to the gallery but along the main hallway and down a flight of chrome and glass stairs, which led into a brilliantly light white tiled room.

"Ladies welcome to my little studio", The countess said with clear pride, "Some of you have been her before but, However I have never been in a position to show any of you a work in progress".

With a wave of her hand a side room, behind a glass wall, lit up. The group was beckoned over and looked into a second white room, There was a buzz of excitement, all that was apart from Penelope, who just stared.

"Well", continued the countess, "I am delighted to say that I am lucky enough to be able to show you the first stages of my new piece, please come".

Inside the room, Amanda Caine lay on a shiny chrome table, her entire body from toe to throat sealed in a skin tight catsuit of glistening brilliant red latex. Her image reflected in the mirrored ceiling above for her to see. She looked around the gathering women and found Penelope. Who looked away unable to meet her gaze.

"As you can see, Ms Caine is already in the first part of her new skin".

"Latex?" one of the over eager guests said.

"Quite correct, Ms Dane, this is an ultra fine Latex skin, very strong and durable, please ladies do touch".

Amanda let out a plaintive murmur as several of the group let their fingers slide over her encased body.

"That is so smooth,"

"So fine"

"Its very sleek, is it glazed?"

"No not yet, the glazing process takes place over a few days, but I think the girls may have given her a little polish before we arrived to freshen her up". The countess looked to the two maids who now stood to the back of the room. "As you can see, the skin is very tight, however as tight as this is, it is clearly not any where near tight enough, if you please ladies". The group stood back and the countess, moved behind the table, and taking a slim tube moved to the prone figure, gently she eased Amanda’s thighs apart and to the gathered groups surprise revealed a tiny valve at the tip of her latex sheathed pussy. Deftly she slipped the valve and tube together.

"Now ladies gather round, please place your hands gently on Ms Caines body", she looked at Penelope who was trying to hide at the back, and beckoned her in. "Remember this is for you Penelope", She took her hand and placed it on Amanda’s left breast.

Penelope’s fingers barely rested on her bosses’ body, but she could still feel her trembling and despite her best efforts to ignore it, she knew Amanda was looking straight at her.

"Penny… please", Amanda whispered. The soft voice took Penelope by surprise and her hand rose.

"Ah, what a treat, a voice just in time. It’s all right, she won’t bite", The countess smiled, placing Penelope’s hand again, on Amanda’s breast.

"Penelope, please no", Amanda signed. But, now it was Penelope who trembled.

With everyone waiting expectantly the countess looked to the maids, who nodded a silent acknowledgement.

"Now ladies. The secret".

There was a low hum, a hiss and moments later the group could hear the soft sensual sound of stretching latex. A gasp went round the gather ladies.

"Oh my god its, shrinking".

"Vacuum sealing", the countess said, looking at Penelope.

But she was not looking at her, she was looking straight into Amanda’s wide, startled eyes, where the true horror of her situation was clearly revealed. She trembled, but shocked by what was happening, could not remove her hand as the latex began to move beneath it.

"Oh God", Amanda gasped, "Oh god NO, NO, Noooooo".

But not everyone was in shock. All the other woman looked on in absolute delight as the stretching sound grew and grew and as the sound grew so did the detail the latex revealed. Fingernails became clearly visible, the navel, with all its intricacy became perfectly defined, as did every curve and muscle of Amanda’s perfect body.

Penelope half lifted her hand as she felt Amanda’s nipple becoming a perfect latex peak, she half stepped back but found the countesses hand resting on her lace crossed bottom, keeping her at the table.

"Penny… it’s so tight, pl… please", Amandas voice was becoming weeker and more desperate, but it still sounded like a storm in Penelopes head.

"Oh my God", Penelope thought "What have I done".

 She watched as Amanda’s body began to tense, her breath coming in short desperate pants as contacting film, sort out every crease and dimple of her body. Then her eyes fluttered and rolled and suddenly the humming died.

For a long moment there was a silence broken only by the sound of fingers on latex, It was a sound that reminded Penelope of childhood, of games played with brightly coloured balloons, but this was no game.

Softly a whispered hum of voices grew in praise of the sight before them, but the countess had one last, treat. She calmed the whispers and moved down to the tube at Amanda’s now fully defined pussy. Then with a smile and a delicate touch she slipped the tube free. There was no hiss of air, just a pop and Amanda let out a startled gasp of ecstasy, for as the valve was freed it popped deep up into her gleaming sex, to mould like lovers lips about her clitty.

Penelope gasped and stepped back, she shook her head in dismay, this was too much, much too much. "I’m sorry, Amanda", she whispered, "Oh god!, I’m so sorry".

No one but the countess noticed Penelope’s dismay and she just smiled. "Ladies", she held out a small bag of gleaming latex and shook it out until it formed a head sized hood, "Finishing touches. The hood is pre lined with an adhesive, this once bonded to Ms Caines head, will allow fine breathing holes to be added, without the vacuum being broken".

She offered the hood to one of the maids who took It with a strange reverence.

"No not my head! No, no", Amanda gasped as the hood was passed across her vision, "No no more Penelope, please, I’m sorry".

But no help came and as the group watched, the maid calmly stretched the hood down and over Amanda’s head and face, turning her words into a sickeningly muffled mumble. The maid fumbled and smoothed the neck of the hood and that of the suit neatly together and then with delicate ease ran a bead of adhesive between the two and smoothed them into one seamless skin.

The countesses smiled at Penelope’s confusion, her touch on the woman’s trembling arm made her jump. "Don’t forget Penelope". She whispered. "This is what you wanted",

Penelope looked at her, tears in her eyes, "I’m so sorry", she whispered.

The countess squeezed the naked flesh of Penelope’s bottom and allowed one of her fingers to slide between her creamy cheeks . She smiled. "Too late".

The countess turned and addressed the group. "Ladies as much as I would love you to witness the next stage. I think we all know what delights await us upstairs".

The ladies looked as one and as one said, "Dessert".

As the group dispersed, the countess held kept a controlling hand on Penelope’s bottom, she turned to the maids, who had already connected the thin tube to the valve at Amanda’s left ear. She nodded.

Penelope did not look, but as the hum and the sickening sound of stretching latex once more filled the room, Amanda’s voice returned in one last desperate cry,

"Penelope, Penelope, please.. please. no no I’m sorry, I’m sorrrryyy… pleassss", Amanda’s voice died and left nothing but the sickening sound of stretching latex.

The hum stopped. There was silence now but for the sound of Penelope’s heart pounding in her ears. Then despite her horror she looked back. Her stomach rushed to her throat and she gasped. Amanda’s beautiful face, her eyes, her nose, her full lips, were perfectly moulded in glossy red latex.

She had been turned into a living doll.

As she was guided back up stairs, Penelope struggled to control her stomach and her tears. They rejoined the group who were sitting at the dining table, an excited chatter all about. In the centre of the table replacing the candles and wineglasses, was a large silver dome, covering a matching salver. The countess smiled and squeezed Penelope’s bum, "Dessert" she whispered, she directed Penelope back to her seat, and took her place at the head of the table.

"Ladies, this has been a wonderful evening and I thank you all for attending", there was a hum of thanks at there hosts words, "But as each of these evening draws to a close we save a special treat for last…… Dessert".

With that, she gestured for the serving maids to raise the dome. An instant gasped hum of delight filled the room. But Penelope did not gasp in delight, she gasped in utter shock. For a long moment her stunned eyes were locked on the salver but then unbelievingly they flicked to the now empty seat, 2 chairs down. The nice woman no longer sat there, for Claudia, the pleasant lady with the kind words, now lay upon the silver salver, her beautiful naked body, coated in a thick glaze of glistening honey. She was to be their dessert!

"Ladies, I am sure we have never had such a beautiful dessert set before as this. I think we should thank my chef". The countess purred. There was a hum of delight and agreement, punctuated by was a small ripple of applause. "Thanks to us here, Miss Claudia Monroe’s boutique flourishes and her fortune grows, but as our code demands. Payment must be made for services rendered".

With that she reached over and placed her fingertips into Claudia’s, glistening honey coated pussy. She pressed softly making the living dessert arch her back and release a deep startled moan and as a cascade of ripened Cherries flowed from her pussy onto the salver The countess smiled straight at the wide eyed Penelope, and repeated, "Payment must be made. For services rendered",


Time had passed, No one knew where Amanda Caine had gone, she had left emails and letter detailing her embezzlement from the firm and that she intended to disappear, but no one had found her and in her absence there had been only one woman the company could turn to.

She looked at the envelope and took a deep breath. Her fingers trembled as she slid it open and eased the contents out. For a moment she held the gold and red embossed card in her fingers and dared not to look, then with a bead of sweat on her brow she did. The words were clear and simple… her heart stopped.

Penelope Jenkins, slumped down in her chrome and leather chair and looked about her office, the office she had dreamt of all those years, the office she had been entitled to for so long, the office she had done so much to gain, but as she gazed down at the card in her hand, she wished it all away.

Ms Penelope Jenkins.

 Payment due,

For services rendered.

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