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Jessica Darling Chapter 23: Tanning Booth

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; shave; bond; susp; spray; coated; hobble; tease; climax; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 22


Chapter 23: Tanning Booth

Ava lead Jessica back to her Mistress's assigned quarters and 'prepared' for her dinner appointment with Brulée.

One of the things Jessica had developed a curiosity for in her time with the 'Madame', as Ava referred to her, was the incredible creativity demonstrated in the various types of outfits that could be constructed from the materials in Brulée's possession and the amazing way they made her look once applied to her body. She again admitted to herself that regardless of the madwoman who had created them, she did have a flair for the most incredible fetish outfits she had ever seen in her life. She still marveled at the absolute skin-tight white suit she 'wore' when she first woke up in Brulée's fetish factory, recalling each time how perfectly it flowed with her skin and curves. With each subsequent 'dressing', Jessica had come to relish the moment before the unveiling with all the impatience of a child the morning of her birthday. Each outfit had become presents to her, reminders of how she adored the tight fit of latex and rubber and leather, and how wonderful the 'right' outfit could make her feel. And Brulée had upped the ante with her creations, the materials, and how they fit in ways that no other outfit or piece of clothing in her expansive closet at home; gummi, latex, leather, rubber, or other, could ever fit. Even her collection of custom-made corsets and skirts failed to capture the allure of the outfits Jessica had been fitted with, or more accurately; had applied to her.

“Ava, you've got to give me some kind of hint...” Jessica jokingly pestered the maid as the pair had worked their way back to Jessica's assigned quarters in Brulée's private wing, only to be rebuffed each and every time with a wicked smile and a wry; “I promise you Mistress that you will be quite satisfied once we are done.”

“That’s what all the maids say Ava...” Jessica mockingly pouted.

“If I may Mistress, I do not believe that the staff has failed you with regards to that...” Ava giggled in response as she led her Mistress through the bedroom and into the large bathroom where she asked Jessica to wait while she placed a small stool in the large bathtub before prompting her Mistress to disrobe and sit down on top of it.

Jessica did as asked and placed the borrowed labcoat onto the coat rack standing by the tub that normally was used to hold the guest's bathrobe, before she settled down onto the plastic seat.

Ava returned with what appeared to be a small bottle, setting it down onto the rim before stepping into the tub to sit on the side of the tub, facing Jessica. “Please place your right foot up here Mistress...” Ava patted the end rim of the tub in front of Jessica, which had a rolled up towel on top of it to cushion the back of Jessica's ankle, and she did as asked and lifted her leg up and placed her foot over the cushion as her maid retrieved the small can from next to her and squirted a small amount of foam into her hand.

Jessica smiled as her latex-uniformed maid smoothed the foam over and around her outstretched leg, enjoying the feeling of the soft preheated foam being applied against her skin. Her smile turned to a soft sigh as Ava smoothed the white foam down her calf, coating the lower portion of her leg from knee to ankle in a moderately thick coating. A second puff of foam was then slowly applied to Jessica's thigh, causing a soft sign to escape as the maid gently smoothed the creamy lather over Jessica's inner thigh until the layer just bordered her pussy. Jessica closed her eyes and relaxed in the moment as Ava began to carefully shave her leg from thigh to ankle, the impeccably trained maid passing her hand over the just shaved skin to check for any remaining stubble which might require another pass of the perfectly sharp straight razor.

Jessica giggled as the maid commented on how patient the Mistress would have to be as; “My Mistress has very long legs which may take the rest of the evening to care for...” Ava elaborated in a mocked tone of annoyance.

Once Ava had finished completely removing every streak of foam from Jessica's leg, it was rinsed with warm water before the maid stepped over to the opposite side of the tub and repeated the sensually relaxing process on the remaining limb.

Jessica recalled when Antonia first arrived at her winery estate, the newly acquired maid insisted on performing this service at least every two days, and always before her Mistress was to meet with an important client or attend a special function. Jessica protested for months before finally beginning to not only accept but gladly look forward to this intimate pampering. The degree of comfort she had accepted with Ava surprised and shocked Jessica; prior to this moment she would never have trusted anyone other than Antonia to perform this service with a straight razor. Normally, Jessica would only allow waxing whenever she required 'maintenance' while on travel away from her estate.

Once the shaving of her Mistress’ legs was complete; Ava retrieved the bottle from the rim of the tub next to Jessica and poured a small amount of what appeared to be lotion into her hand. Jessica slowly raised first one, then the other leg up into the air to allow Ava to slowly slather the warm substance over her recently shaved limbs. Jessica didn't intend to ask what the purpose was, she was content simply to enjoy the soft attentions of her maid but, as if sensing the question, Ava dutifully informed her that the lotion was a combination moisturizer and depilatory which would ensure that her legs were as smooth as possible. Jessica slowly ran her hands down the entire length of her right leg and back as a teasing reward to the concerned maid before adding a smile and a wink of reassurance indicating her appreciation for the masterful job she had performed.

Jessica was then led to a towel-covered padded table and asked to lay down, facing up at the ceiling. Jessica fully understood this part of the grooming process and immediately complied by positioning herself for better access.

“I see my Mistress is used to being waxed...” Ava giggled as she retrieved a container of warm wax from the table next to Jessica. She politely cautioned her Mistress that the wax may be a little hot before she applied it to Jessica's groin.

Jessica sighed slightly when the wax hit her nether regions. It was a routine she practiced routinely, again with her Antonia, at least once a week to ensure that ‘My Mistress is presentable’ as Antonia explained it.

“Now this may hurt a little Mistress…” Jessica could almost swear that it was her own beloved domestic and not Ava saying the words.

Jessica smiled in acknowledgment as she steeled herself before Ava ripped the cloth away along with whatever few blond hairs remained in her crotch. Jessica mentally thanked Antonia for never allowing her 'personal upkeep' from getting out of control, always making sure she was groomed in all areas of appearance. It made life easier to have regular waxing instead of every once in a while as the hairs which did reappear grew thinner and lighter over time as the repeated trauma of being physically ripped out of their follicles further stunted their development with each subsequent application. The only blonde patch remaining was dutifully kept trimmed by Antonia into a thin strip of blond; “Just to show that this is the Mistress's true coloring” Jessica's loyal servant would typically giggle.

The waxing process was applied to the rest of Jessica's sex before she was asked to lie on her stomach and the warm wax was gently smeared through the crack of her ass before being covered with more cloth strips. Jessica grunted softly when Ava quickly pulled the first strip away, denuding that section of Jessica's cleft, leaving it completely smooth and bare.

“A few more strips Mistress and then some more lotion to sooth your skin...” The maid murmured softly before she removed the remaining strips in quick succession. True to her word, she applied more of the warm lotion to the recently waxed regions, but Jessica wasn't sure which provided the soothing; the lotion or the sensation of Ava's lubricated latex-gloved hand teasing her pussy before moving on to rub more lotion up and down the entire cleft of Jessica's ass. A soft inhale rushed past Jessica’s lips as the maid paused ever so slightly to tease her Mistress's little starfish. She squirmed slightly on the table as Ava finished smoothing the lotion into her irritated skin, knowing that her maid was deliberately teasing her but not minding the softly applied intimate attention, only minding when it was withdrawn as Ava gently placed her hand on Jessica's ass and informed her that she had finished and that it was time to get dressed for the evening.

Jessica took Ava's offered latex hand and hopped off the table to follow her to a tiled alcove in the bathroom before she was prompted to step in. Jessica shot a quizzical look at the dedicated servant before withdrawing it as she realized that it represented a lack of trust in the woman that shouldn't exist after everything she had been given by the girl. Nevertheless, a reassuring; “Don't worry Mistress...” was whispered into Jessica's ear as she stepped into the tiled enclosure, followed by the maiden.

Once in the alcove, Jessica’s dutiful fetish maiden positioned Jessica into the center of the space and onto a small pair of tiled wedge-shaped ramps that approximated the incline created by a set of 5” heels and ensured that Jessica's feet were perfectly centered on each ramp before continuing with her preparations.

“These will make sure that my Mistress is not uncomfortable when I put on her shoes. The material you are about to be dressed in can be somewhat stiff and I would not want you to be uncomfortable this evening.” The maid explained without even taking notice of Jessica's confused expression. It must not have been an uncommon question Jessica assumed as Ava continued busying herself with positioning her Mistress into the proper stance.

“This is odd...” Jessica commented with a measure of apprehension in her voice as she watched her latex-clad maiden, taking note that the 'ramps' she was now perched on appeared to slide along tracks inserted into the tile floor itself as if they were designed to slide apart or closer together. She assumed that this was meant to be a dressing 'station' of some type, but couldn't quite fathom the rationale for the mechanical tracks.

Ava completed the 'preparations' by making a final close examination of the nude Jessica, looking for surface imperfections that might interfere with the final effect the clothing was intended to have, at one point retrieving the razor from the shelf next to the monstrous bathtub and using it to neatly trim Jessica's underarms to smooth a few small patches of unwanted stubble. Once this was finished, the latex maiden made one final all around inspection before stepping out of the stall, taking up a position just outside the entranceway.

A wry smile appeared on the maid's face as she pressed a small wall switch which was immediately followed by the soft whir of electric motors. Jessica twitched as she felt four strong robotic arms suddenly attach themselves to her wrist and ankle cuffs, locking her into position in the alcove. Her maid’s guidance to remain relaxed echoed off the tiled walls in the stall as two more arms appeared each with a spray attachment on their ends, in front of Jessica.

“What the hell is going on!?” Jessica questioned, her voice raising to an alerted volume as the two arms began to spray a caramel-colored material over her toes, working their way up both feet, and then up each ankle.

“I am getting you dressed Mistress...” came Ava's reply as the spraying arms continued working their way up from Jessica's heels to begin spraying her calves and shins, moving around her lower legs in a tandem 360-degree field.

Jessica's mind raced as it replayed the earlier scene of Cardinalli’s chocolate encasement as the arms attached to her ankles pulled her legs apart to provide the spraying arms with access to her inner calves and knees. Her heart rate and concern both began to climb as the sprayers continued their path upwards towards her inner thighs after they had both sprayed the more easily accessed lower portions of her legs.

She dropped her head to watch the guns spray her inner thighs with the warm brown material before she closed her eyes and shuddered slightly when the arms sprayed over her most sensitive areas. Jessica's clit shook as a single gun swung upwards and slowly sprayed her pussy, sealing it shut with a layer of the substance. The second spray arm was hardly stationary during this time, for while its partner was coating Jessica's inner thighs and sex, it continued on its preprogrammed path and began to cover her ass, beginning the process by slightly altering the spray volume and type in order to lay a bead of warm candy up the cleft of Jessica's ass as if it were applying caulking to seal a tub surround. Once this bead had been laid, the sprayer readjusted back to its original setting and quickly applied a coat over and around the rest of Jessica's posterior. Jessica's alarm and concern had momentarily been replaced my shivers of excitement and enjoyment as the arms continued enclosing her body in a warm caramel coating.

The second gun, having completed sealing Jessica’s ass with a gooey coat of caramel rejoined its partner, which was moving up the front of Jessica’s body, in perfect lock-step by mirroring the same process on Jessica's back. Together, they coated her completely in the rubbery goo before the mechanical arms attached to her wrist cuffs pulled Jessica's arms until they were spread up and away from her body. This allowed the twin spray guns to continue upwards, applying an even coat to Jessica's underarms, ensuring no skin remained uncovered by the caramel paint. Jessica inhaled slightly as the arm in front of her coated her breasts and nipples in the substance that she assumed was meant to serve as her clothing for the foreseeable future.

The erotic pleasure that Jessica took in being liberally covered with warm caramel by the robotic sprayers suddenly ended as they moved up towards her neck and face. The flashbacks to Cardinalli’s near fatal encounter with Brulée caused Jessica to begin struggling against the manipulating arms, which responded by tightening their hold on Jessica; stretching her limbs taut.

“Is this it?” Jessica couldn’t help but think as the twin sprayers moved across her shoulders, continuing into a spiral around her neck, spraying a coating of the material under her bright silver collar to help seal it to her ‘outfit’. Jessica closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable spraying to continue upwards to begin sealing her face.

She waited in anticipation of the final step of the process to seal her face in a coat of suffocating tan candy for what seemed like an eternity before she felt dual fuller, heavier, sprays begin to work their way down to her shoulders and upper arms.

Jessica glanced down and watched as the spray arm continued to work back across her breasts with its mirrored twin moving in parallel across her upper back, coating both sides of her light tan body in another coat of caramel by spewing forth a thicker spray of the warm substance. The entire time the arms controlling Jessica's movements, as if she were a living marionette, adjusted to provide the sprayers with full access to every millimeter of her body.

Jessica, having relaxed slightly as the arms had retreated from her face, was beginning to again enjoy her dual torment of restraint and being liberally coated in the warm, wet, cloying caramel. Jessica's body shuddered once again as the spray was applied over her ass and sex, before proceeding down each leg. She moaned softly as the sprayers finally reached her feet and coated them in another thick warm coat of the soft goo. The entire process repeated itself one more time, running up the length of her body and back again, leaving Jessica in a perfect form-fitting dark tan suit of drying caramel from the top of her neck to the tips of each toe. With the exception of her completely uncovered face and her heavy breathing, Jessica resembled a nude statue cast in a perfectly deep bronze hue.

Purring softly as she felt the caramel drying, tightening, constricting her further, it became obvious to Jessica as to why she had been placed on the parallel tiled ramps. As the caramel continued to dry, it became more and more constrictive and restraining. Any movement in one direction or the other was responded to with an equal, opposite force. It was obvious to Jessica that Brulée preferred being able to see every apex, every curve, every nook, and every cranny of Jessica's tone body. She began to suspect Brulée had played out her creative ideas with dressing her, as she couldn't understand what the difference between this catsuit and her first marshmallow-white one was, aside from the material. It was at this point when the arms, instead of releasing, pushed her legs together that the detective began to become ‘educated’ on the differences between the two suits.

The twin spray arms repositioned themselves between Jessica’s legs and simultaneously shot a thick bead of caramel along both front and rear seams formed by the joined legs from the knees up to the crotch, effectively gluing them together with caramel caulking. The arms then reset their mechanical nozzles and resumed spraying her body from the knees upwards, moving around in tandem, front to back, front to back, working their way up her legs from knee to waist and back down again. After this process had run several times, Jessica understood the effect; the arms were carefully crafting a hobble skirt of caramel by first gluing her legs together with the thick bead of material, and then spraying enough caramel over her to hide the seam created by her legs being caramel-welded together.

Throughout this elaborate dressing process, Jessica caught glimpses of Ava scanning up and down her caramel body in barely veiled appreciation of the work in progress, noting the maid’s smile of approval as the spray arms moved away, leaving Jessica in the alcove wearing a curve-hugging bronze hobble skirt from her knees to her waist, the rest of her body nude save for a matching coloration of the caramel second-skin.

The lack of activity in the dressing alcove didn't last long as the spraying arms again whirred into action and moved to begin applying the finishing touches to Jessica's dinner attire by again shifting their nozzle configuration until they were able to begin applying small, thin beads of semi-cooled caramel across her upper body, forming detailed patterns, decorating Jessica's torso as a pastry chef would an expensive wedding cake.

Jessica's nipples strained against the tightening bodysuit of drying caramel as Ava rolled a floor-length mirror to the alcove opening to give her Mistress a glimpse of the work in progress as the decorative arms moved around and along her breasts, allowing Jessica to see that the decorative effort was slowly taking on the effect of a highly detailed brocaded bustier constructed entirely of caramel. Her sealed pussy twitched as much as the constraining caramel would allow as she surveyed the sight of her body being transformed into the intricately detailed statue of a bronzed fetish goddess. Jessica tried to wiggle her toes, all ten of which had long since been glued to each other into form-fitted bronzed socks which barely showed the slightest hint of the human feet encased within.

Jessica’s eyes widened as a sudden vibration deep within her sex quickly coaxed a small climax from her encased sex. She quickly made eye contact with Ava to ask what was going on, only to have the playful maid smile and wink at her before commenting; “Madame Brulée granted me permission to keep you 'entertained' during the long dressing process.”

The final touches to Jessica’s evening ‘attire’ were applied by the computer-controlled sprayers as they completed assembling an exquisitely detailed lace choker of fine caramel lines around Jessica's neck before retreating, along with their restraining brethren, back into their storage holds located around the alcove's tiled walls. Ava moved in as the arms finished their retreat and, bringing a padded stool with her, and after placing it behind her newly minted bronze Aphrodite bid her to sit as best she could.

Jessica strained against the tightened layers of caramel, attempting to bend sufficiently to sit and rest. Her effort was further complicated by the refusal of her enclosed feet to bend more than a few millimeters in any direction, leaving her in a perpetual state of standing on her tiptoes; her heels never less than 12 centimeters from the floor. The dutiful Ava assisted as best she could, moving either Jessica or the stool from one position to another to help her struggling Mistress sit. Finally, after Ava had managed to wedge the stool directly behind Jessica's carameled ass, she put both hands firmly on Jessica's shoulders and pulled down as hard as she could as Jessica finally managed to bend enough to sit.

“The material needs to be worked in order to become more flexible Mistress” the smiling latex maid commented as Jessica settled onto the stool. The process of putting on the required footwear, in this case a pair of peep-toed 5” pumps in a matching caramel colour was made significantly easier by the semi straight-legged position the caramel hosiery forced their wearer into. Ava explained the next activity as she knelt down at her Mistress's feet and began to slather a warm caramel paste onto the soles of both feet to; “make sure your shoes fit perfectly Mistress.”

“You mean to glue them to my feet...” Jessica replied with a slight snicker. She knew that nothing that Brulée dressed anyone in ever came off on its own accord. A smile on Ava's face provided all the confirmation Jessica needed before the maid carefully slid first the right, and then Jessica's left foot into the demanded pumps, pressing them firmly against the caramel paste to ensure a firm fitting. It took a few moments before Ava stood directly in front of Jessica, and holding her hands outstretched towards her Mistress, assisted Jessica to her feet.

It then became a slow, deliberate procession from Jessica's quarters to Brulée's private dining room, the pace dictated by the inflexible caramel outfit, which loosened minimally with each meter traveled despite Ava's assurances to the contrary. This time there was no audience to admire the passing bronze Jessica; only the two women, maiden and Mistress, working their way to dinner.

Brulée's private dining room was as opulently and unusually decorated as the rest of the 'private' portion of her residence, an odd mixture of styles that could only occur as the result of someone with a distinct fetish lifestyle having the financial wealth to create it. Strewn about the walls were large portraits of various women in fetish dress; rubber, latex, gummi, lack, were all represented on some wall in the large room. Several of Brulée's favourite creations, albeit in miniaturized form, were prominently displayed along with small plaques that provided the admirer with the name of the piece, the 'model', and the material used to create the original full-size statue.

“Madame is particularly fond of this one Mistress...” Ava whispered into Jessica's ear as Jessica stood in front of a small replica of a statue of a somewhat well-endowed woman, likely a model from one of the popular European men's magazines or one wanting to become just such a model. The statuette was of the model bound, spread-eagle, in a large rectangular frame. The woman was emerging from a rectangular block of solid black such that only the front half of her, from her feet to the top of her head was visible, the black substance forming a perfectly glass-smooth covering that made her appear to be completely vacuum sealed by the material into the frame. Her mouth was gagged with a rather large ball, the look on her face subtly denoting unfulfilled desire, as she visibly strained against the cuffs that stretched her limbs taut and held them firmly against the sides of the frame.

“Madame took her inspiration from a popular movie where an actor was encased in a metallic material for preservation.” The maid completed the background for Jessica.

“I can see Madame's 'interpretation' is somewhat different...” Jessica stated the obvious, drawing a quickly stifled giggle from her companion. Ava had never experienced Madame's displeasure for anyone, much less the house staff, negatively critiquing Madame’s works but she had watched the processing of those who did. One such punishment session included a petite redheaded servant who had been seduced by the very woman she had been assigned to serve now.

Jessica bent down for a closer look, her keen eye noticing a line from the bottom of the frame which led to the junction of the model's legs. Under closer examination, Jessica noted that the woman was impaled on a rod of some type, the end of which likely terminated in what Jessica could imagine was a rather large phallus, the top 90% of which disappeared into the woman's crotch. It became clear that the look of dissatisfaction on the woman's face was the result of her being firmly bound as she had been working herself against the massive dildo, working herself to orgasm when whatever material she had been embedded in hardened. The sudden understanding of the peril the woman who 'modeled' for this piece found herself in, quickly led Jessica to wonder of her own reaction to being thusly bound which created a small twitch of interest from her own pussy.

“I believe she was looking to establish herself Mistress, and was one of the Madame's first commercial successes in her artistic endeavors.” Ava began as if performing the well rehearsed duties of a tour guide before the two moved on to the next item in Brulée’s personal fetish museum as they made their way to the dining area where the museum's curator and principal contributor waited.

Each item represented some milestone of significance to Brulée, either in the acceptance of her 'artwork' or in the material she had developed to further her creative choices. The last piece Ava introduced Jessica to consisted of a well-known bondage and fetish model, well-known to Jessica anyway, who 'left the business' a little over a year ago and had not been seen since. The full-sized replica of the girl was there in exacting detail, her nude body held in an especially difficult position that only well-experienced bondage models would enjoy by a combination of chains and various cuffs located at strategic points around her body, resulting in a suspended frog-tie. The model had been 'dipped' in what Ava described as the 'prototype formulation' of the glaze that Brulée would eventually use to create the finely detailed moulds for some of her most recent works.

Although the material was familiar to Jessica, there were two major differences between this work and the coating Jessica had seen Bobbi Brennan coated with; this version of the material had a deep red hue to it, and the material appeared to have dried solidly as it dripped from the model after she had been withdrawn from the dunking vat. The entire effect reminded Jessica of when she was young and watched a demonstration of making candles by dipping a wick into a pot of melted wax, each dip adding more wax until the maker decided the candle was complete. Even back then, Jessica recalled something inside her being fascinated by the imagery of the wax dripping off the withdrawn candle, each drip taking longer to slide down the candlestick as the wax cooled until eventually a few droplets remained solidified around the base.

“Something touches you Mistress?” Ava softly questioned as Jessica stood reminiscing.

Jessica smiled slightly as the memories receded; “She looks like she's been dipped in wax, not glaze...” She had not thought of that long ago scene for years, even though she had long recognized that moment as the beginning of her enjoyment of several fetishes. She had engaged in wax play on more occasions than she could count, one particular session resulted in her entire body from the neck down being covered in a coating of wax almost a centimeter thick before her Dominant brought Jessica to orgasm with the positioning of a Hitachi wand to her still wax-encrusted pussy.

“As this was the first formulation of the glaze you're familiar with, there were obviously a few things that still needed to be worked out before I perfected it.” Brulée's voice flowed from several feet behind the tourist and tour guide, growing closer as the Madame moved towards the two-woman tour group. “As you can see, the glaze didn't dry completely smooth, so small imperfections in the surface built up with each subsequent dip. I wasn't very satisfied with the result, however a rather wealthy collector had, shall we say, a ‘desire’ to see this particular woman dipped in wax so I was able to make success from this imperfect result and sold the original of this work for a rather large fee. With that funding I was able to perfect my glaze formula and parlay this sale into what you have recently experienced.”

Brulée's lecture fell on deaf ears as Jessica fell back into her mental fantasy realm, wondering how she would fare being bound in the same manner and dipped not in glaze, but in hot red wax. The thoughts quickly turned to imagining the sensations she would experience as she was dipped over and over and over again, until she became nothing more than a massive red decorative candlestick to be lit whenever her Mistress saw fit to utilize her. Jessica could imagine herself coated in wax, being hoisted to hang from the rafters of her own dining room as a candelabra lighting one of her own dinner parties. If she had been able to through the multiple layers of binding caramel, Jessica would have softly stroked herself as her mind crafted the images of each dip into an imagined vat of wax.

It took a whispered; “Penny for your thoughts my little pastry...” served to Jessica's ear by the fetish Madame to pull the caramel-clad woman from her reverie.

“Madame Brulée, I believe you know what I'm thinking...” Jessica didn't see the point in denying the obvious to the woman who had already demonstrated what she knew about Jessica's sexual desires and fantasies, to the point of deliberately fulfilling several of them.

Brulée simply smiled and acknowledged the concession with a soft nip to the base of Jessica's neck, sampling her caramel coating as if she was a child preparing to consume a caramel apple at the county fair.


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