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Jessica Darling Chapter 22: Heather Goes Nuts!

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; FF/ff; D/s; bath; emerse; goo; sticky; nude; tease; climax; shower; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 21


Chapter 22: Heather Goes Nuts!

Sure enough, turning the corner Jessica spotted Heather semi-submerged in a large tub of what appeared to be peanut butter. The only part of her visible above the surface was her head with her hair bundled up and pinned like a topknot. Jessica could tell Heather was conscious given the slow, side-to-side movements that her friend's head made; indicating some form of motion was being hidden underneath the substance.

"Heather?" Jessica laughed as she reached the side of the massive porcelain tub. "What the hell are you sitting in?"

Heather's eyes slowly opened and looked up as she sat up slightly, the very tops of her coated breasts creating two large islands in a sea of thick goo. "Jessica! God am I glad to see you! I've missed you!"

Jessica looked around before pulling a chair over to her gooey friend to sit down beside the tub.

"If you'll excuse me Mistress, I must assist in the preparations for dinner...” Ava apologized to Jessica; "Do you require anything before I take my leave of you?"

Jessica looked around and noticed a full bottle of wine sitting in a cooler and some extra glasses sitting on a table next to Heather before she granted the maid permission to leave; "No, I think we've got everything we need."

"Thank you Mistress. If there is anything you or Mistress Heather require, the spa staff will be of immediate assistance.” The servant waived her hand to a keypad on the side of the tub; "Just press this yellow button and the maiden on duty will see to your every need.” Ava curtsied, turned, and then quickly made her way back around the corner and out of sight.

Jessica stood up and removed the labcoat she had borrowed from Brulée, carefully placing it on the table next to the empty neighboring tub before retrieving a large rolled up towel, and after placing it on the edge of Heather's tub, sat down on it to chat with her friend.

"Now then...” Jessica started as she sat up slightly to adjust the towel underneath her before settling back down again; "what the hell is that stuff?"

"It's peanut butter! Or something close to it. Brulée explained it to me but I didn't quite understand what the fuck she was saying. You know me, science is not my thing.” Heather giggled as she lifted both arms out of the muck and wiggled her fingers at Jessica. "You look surprised! Didn't you know that this is very good for the skin? The oils help to leave it very soft and smooth! Or at least that's what Madame Brulée said".

"Ummm... ok... it looks.... 'interesting'" Jessica concluded as her friend slowly lifted a leg out of the peanut butter, watching as first her toes and then her foot emerge and then pull away from the surface bringing the rest of Heather's shapely lower leg with it. All that could be brought out from the tub was the lower leg to her knee, so deep was the tub Heather was seated in.

"Ooofff...” Heather grunted as she fought the suction the thick material created, struggling to lift her leg out of the buttery mass; "It feels wonderful Jessica! They pump it into the tub while it’s warm so it’s nice and warm and soft when you sit down into it. It’s so smooth and soft. I almost came when I sat down in it! I told her that next time I want to be laying in the tub before they fill it so I can feel it flowing all over me...” Heather punctuated her last sentence by slowly rubbing her hands over her breasts, gently tugging on her erect nipples.

Jessica couldn't help herself and giggled at Heather as her friend again submerged her leg and foot in the tan ooze and slowly wiggled herself back down into the substance. She’d heard of mud baths, clay baths, hot sand baths, milk baths, even chocolate baths, but this was the first she'd ever heard of a 'peanut-butter' bath. Looking at the surface of the stuff Jessica did notice a light oily sheen in the areas that Heather had not recently disturbed and guessed that those were the oils that naturally occurred in peanuts and must be what Brulée claimed would soften and moisturize the skin. She did admit that her curiosity was raised as she watched Heather continue to squirm slowly in the buttery goop.

"Heather...” Jessica finally pulled herself closer to interrupt her friend's bath; "how are you, I mean... aside from 'moisturized' and lubricated?" Jessica finished the sentence with a quick wink, having seen Heather's earlier slow wiggling before.

Heather sat up slightly and then tried to twist herself in the tub until she could sit directly in front of her dearest Jessica. After a few moments of effort, she had managed to extricate her arms and breasts from the tub of sandwich spread and laid her forearms and hands on the rim of the tub. "Well... I guess I'm ok... At least I think I am anyway... I don't really know..."

"What do you mean you guess?" Jessica pressed, fearing that Heather had been drugged or worse.

"Guess because I don't know! That's what I mean by 'guess' Jessica! And you think I'm dense sometimes...” Heather finished her response by rolling her big brown eyes upwards.

Jessica sat staring at Heather in a manner that her friend had learned from the first day they met meant that Jessica was not kidding around and needed serious answers.

"Jessica! Seriously! I don't know how to answer the question... I mean I don't like being used like that...” Heather's voice trailed off.

"But...” Jessica prompted.

"But...” Heather continued; "I guess I kind of..."

"Kind of what?" Jessica pushed further.

"Well... kind of enjoy it...” Heather sheepishly whispered the words as a slight blush formed on her cheeks as she looked down to keep from looking Jessica in the eye.

"Enjoy it???!!!" Jessica's eyes widened at the suggestion, less in protest to Heather's admission rather than in response to the building conclusion that had been forming in Jessica's own mind with each subsequent trial that Brulée had put her through.

"Yes! God Jessica! I don't know....” Heather replied with an embarrassed giggle; "I mean, I don't like being used by anyone for any reason... you know what I mean Jessica, used without being told what's going to be done...” Heather had to clarify her concept of being 'entertainment' considering her chosen profession. "But it was so exciting!"

"Heather...” Jessica calmly countered; "You were part of a fucking circus, literally a fucking circus. You're nothing more to Brulée than just one of several occupants in the clown car.” Jessica sat there, thinking about what her friend was trying to explain, trying to reconcile it with her own emotions and fantasies.

"Jessica...” Heather reached out with a peanut-butter coated hand and placed it in Jessica's; "You know what I do for a living, and that I enjoy being the center of attention when sex is involved. This is the first time I've ever been asked to perform as nobody but myself. Each and every time I'm on set or on stage, I'm some 'character' that's been written into a movie, or having to act like 'Heather Jensen – Porn Star'. I’m always someone else's, some director’s or some writer’s idea of 'Heather Jensen'. The ‘Heather Jensen’ who's told what to do and how to sit and where to look as some guy or chick is shoving something either in my pussy or my mouth or my ass. I never get to just be 'me'. Never."

Jessica felt her friend's slimy hand tightening its grip as Heather finished; "This is the first time anyone has ever wanted me to just be me. All I have to do is just sit back and enjoy myself, not play a fucking character.”

Jessica stifled a laugh when she recalled Heather’s notorious difficulties in learning the few lines in most of her movies as Heather continued: “Even at that party, all I had to was stand there while Brulée did whatever she wanted. If she wanted me to cum during that party, she ramped up the vibrators and I came. If she wanted to tease me, she dialed them down for a while. I didn't have to do anything but sit there and let it roll through me. And if I didn't want to climax right then and there, Brulée would just keep working me until I did.” Heather looked away from Jessica's blue eyes for a moment before finishing her thought; "It was kinda fun! I get to be the rewarded without having to work or do anything!"

Jessica's brow furrowed as she thought about that prospect.

"But I'm not like you...” Heather sheepishly murmured, not wanting to hurt her friend's feelings; "It’s fun, but I'm not into the whole bondage and humiliation thing."

"I... never said you were...” Jessica softly stammered as she stared quizzically at the close friend she had long ago accepted responsibility for keeping safe from the various bad people in the world who would want to take advantage of the naïve and trusting young woman.

"Don't get me wrong Jessica, I didn't mind the experience, I loved it! It was incredible to not be in control of myself at all! Now I see why you seem to enjoy it so much. And staying here, being pampered, catered to, waited on... It's kinda nice.” Heather looked down with a pseudo pout before she finished her thought with a laughed; "But I'm not getting paid for being ‘entertainment’..."

Jessica sat back with a laughed "WHAT???" while she put her peanut-butter slimed hand to her forehead, leaving a streak of tan butter across it.

"Jessica...” Heather laughed back; "I'm serious! I'm being used for entertainment, paraded in front of Brulée and her guests and made to perform, and I'm not being paid for it! At home, I'd get good money for what I’m doing here... In fact when we get home I'm going to have to get you to help me make some movies like this. I bet people would pay good bucks for DVDs of what I've been doing here... Hell! I know you'd buy the entire set..."

Jessica just sat there laughing and shaking her head as Heather pointed out the rationale for wanting to leave. She couldn't understand Heather's logic as not having to do with being kidnapped or held against her will, it could be a mild instance of Stockholm syndrome for all she knew, but at least she didn't want to stay so the porn-starlet’s reasoning didn't really matter.

From there the conversation regressed into fits of laughter and giggling, interspersed with snickers and the occasional snort. It finally collapsed completely when Heather attempted to point out the swath of peanut butter Jessica had inadvertently smeared across her own forehead. When Jessica couldn't understand the spastic signaling Heather was using to communicate the situation with, Heather finally flicked her hand at the giggling investigator and accidentally flung a wad of peanut butter to flop over onto Jessica's jiggling cleavage. Jessica dropped her jaw in mock offense and leaned over to scoop up a dollop of the warm goo to fling at her friend, who had retreated to the end of the tub.

"Oh... I'm soooo scared...” Heather mocked as Jessica shook her finger at her, admonishing her for the mess she had made; "What are you going to do? I'm already covered in the stuff. You're not.” Heather punctuated her flippant dismissal of the threat Jessica posed with a preemptive strike of her own, flinging a larger dollop of peanut butter which struck Jessica square on the shoulder, drawing the retaliatory strike from Jessica which was blocked by Heather's raised arms.

The conversation finally ended in a series of shrieks, squeals, and screams as both Heather and Jessica embarked on a policy of MAD, throwing peanut butter at each other until finally Heather grabbed her adversary's arms as she reached with both hands for the ammunition to create a double-handed blockbuster to drop on Heather's head, and pulled Jessica into the tub with her. Both sides paused as Jessica, sprawled half in and half out of the large tub of peanut mud looked up at Heather with a look of genuine shock as her arms up to her shoulders were embedded in the peanut butter, the front of her torso enveloped. Only her legs remained draped outside the tub, which slowly began to change as they slowly slid across the edge of the tub, which had been made slick with debris from the battle, inexorably into the light tan muck, forcing Jessica to quickly pull them underneath her or risk falling head first into the mess.

Jessica managed to get both legs under her and settled down into the sucking peanut butter bath, shuddering slightly as the soft, creamy butter parted as her pussy cleaved it. The two coated women sat there for a moment or two before Jessica lifted herself out of the muck onto her knees and leaned towards the mock cowering Heather, who raised her hands in defense, catching the approaching Jessica hand in hand to halt her attack. Unfortunately this only managed to force Heather deeper into the ooze as Jessica began to apply her body weight against the porn starlet, pushing her further down the porcelain of the tub until the she had sunk up to her chin in the warm peanut butter.

"Ok ok ok!" Heather squealed as Jessica began to apply further pressure; "Ok... You win!... Jessica!!!"

Jessica continued her pressure, a wicked grin on her face as she watched Heather's chin slide under the surface, her lower lip quickly edging ever closer to joining it.

"Auggh! Jessica!!! STOP!!!" Heather continued to plead, finishing off her wail with a loud "EEEK!!!" as the rising tide of peanut butter reached her bottom lip.

Jessica accepted Heather's surrender by releasing her grip on her almost fully submerged friend's hands, and placing her arms to each side, lowered herself down until their noses, and then lips, softly touched. A light touch was followed by a longer kiss, which in turn was followed by more passionate ones until the two women were rubbing and smearing the tan butter all over each other’s bodies, Heather taking great pleasure in making sure the remaining clean areas of Jessica were covered. The sensual, soft massaging quickly progressed into more direct actions as Heather pushed herself into Jessica and as she was vigorously French kissing her, moved her submerged hand between Jessica's legs and began to fondle and tease her sex. After that, it didn't take long before both women were grinding themselves into each other and the ooze surrounding them, making the tub one large morass of peanut butter and sexual frenzy. The smooth peanut butter substance served as additional lubrication while their bodies slid across, over, and into one another as each climaxed numerous times causing ripples of energy to run throughout the ooze enveloping them. Before the last orgasm shook through the tub, both women had been completely covered in a coating of light tan peanut butter up to the last strand of hair on both their heads.

As the waves of passion and lust subsided, Heather collapsed against the inclined back of the tub quickly followed by Jessica; who collapsed back into her, her back against Heather's breasts as Heather wrapped her arms around her and whispered into her ear; "Nice to see my playful Jessica is back....” which was followed by one final nip to Jessica's earlobe. The two continued to lay there, in the muck and ooze, until Ava appeared by the side of the tub to retrieve them and get them cleaned up for dinner.

Heather prepared to flick a wad of peanut butter at the maid, who had been dressed in a rather unusual French maid's outfit consisting of a mix of transparent and black latex-like materials with the transparent pieces 'covering' her breasts and crotch, before Jessica quickly reached up and grabbed her friend's hand and pulled it back to its position on Jessica's right breast.

"Heather... that's not how a Mistress treats her maid. She's performing her assigned task as directed by the Madame and no doubt would be severely punished once Brulée noticed that her uniform was soiled.” Jessica quietly admonished Heather before moving to extricate herself from the gooey muck.

It took some pushing from Heather on her back before Jessica finally managed to pull free from the suction with a loud "shhhhlooorp" and stand up in the tub. Even standing, the peanut butter still managed to reach just above her knees as she struggled to turn towards Heather, and after taking Heather's hands in her own, pull Heather up from her reclined position until both women stood next to each other while large blobs of peanut butter slid down their torsos and fell back into the tub. Before they climbed out, Heather and Jessica worked to squeegee as much of the goop off each other, using their hands as scraping devices, before sitting down at the foot of the tub and continuing the process with their legs and feet. Finally, when it appeared that the maximum amount of peanut butter had been removed they stepped out onto the tiled pathway next to the tub and carefully shuffled their way towards the designated shower alcove, dollops of creamy tan goop every few feet interspersed with their messy footprints, where a member of the spa staff was testing the warmth of the water she was spraying from what looked like an ordinary garden nozzle.

"Please Mistresses, step in and Anna will ensure you get clean.” Ava instructed as she took up position next to the yellow latex-bikini clad, hose-wielding Anna.

Heather and Jessica took up a position at the far end of the shower alcove and followed the various instructions offered by the spa's maiden as she sprayed them down with the specific combination of hot water and liquid soap she had programmed to help in removing the peanut butter and oil from their skin. Both maids giggled as the two messy Mistresses complied with the 'suggestion' that standing bent over and legs spread would allow the spray to 'penetrate' the hard-to-reach areas, causing some rather appreciative thanks from Heather as Anna played the soapy spray across her groin. Jessica in turn had to slap Heather's hand away from her several times as the porn star took advantage of Anna's suggestion that they help each other rinse off to quickly slip a finger into Jessica's pussy.

Once the two women's bodies had returned to their natural colors, Anna turned off the hose and delivered a small basket of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners for her patrons to use to complete their showers before she returned to standing just outside the alcove and activated the shower nozzles in the ceiling, causing water to rain down on the alcove's occupants.

It took several applications of shampoo to finally rinse all the peanut butter out of their hair, which drew a giggled comment from Anna that her patrons usually don't end up completely covered but she had not seen anyone enjoy their baths as completely as Heather and Jessica clearly had. Both women helped wash each other's hair, making sure every last bit of the goop had been removed before then completing a final rinse in the warm deluge of soft water. Immediately after the shower had stopped, Ava and Anna in unison appeared in the alcove with large, thick, warm bath sheets, wrapping them around their Mistresses before leading them to the anteroom to finish toweling off and drying their hair. As Ava was preparing to dress Jessica in a large terrycloth robe before escorting her back to her quarters for dressing, Jessica stopped her and softly instructed her retrieve the labcoat she had left sitting by the tub. "I've grown attached to it and it's very comfortable...” was Jessica's offered explanation. Ava, finding no conflict with any instructions previously given by Madame Brulée, did as her Mistress asked and retrieved and returned the coat, helping Jessica into it before leading her back towards her quarters.

The last comment made before leaving the spa facility was a giggled; "We're sorry for the mess Ava... But it was very 'relaxing'...” offered by Jessica as they passed the now thoroughly trashed tub, which had peanut butter draped, spread, slapped, and otherwise plastered over and around it for several feet.

The latex-uniformed Ava laughed; "I'm very pleased the Mistresses were able to so completely 'relax' while in my care..."

As the three women, Jessica, Heather and Ava, reached the entrance doors to the spa they were met by another maid clad in a far-less revealing version of Ava's maid's uniform. The new maid curtsied formally and informed the trio that she had been assigned to escort Mistress Heather to her quarters and manage her preparations for dinner.

"You mean Heather and I are not in the same quarters?" Jessica quickly questioned.

"No Mistress...” Came the new maid's explanation; "you are returning to the quarters you were both in as of this morning. Madame gave no instructions for you to be in the same quarters. That would be most inappropriate as the two Mistresses have different clothing requirements."

"I think that means my tits are bigger than yours...” Heather giggled as she turned and, opening her terrycloth robe wide, flashed Jessica.

Jessica briefly considered protesting, but quickly realized it would be pointless as Brulée's instructions overrode any demand she could make. A quick touch of Heather's hand to hers and a smiled "I'll be ok...” ended the discussion and the two 'guests' were once again led to their separate locations.


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