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Jessica Darling Chapter 21: Let's Make a Deal

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; shower; nude; cuffs; outdoors; tease; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 20


Chapter 21: Let's Make a Deal

"Mistress?" The question broke Jessica's reminiscing, returning her to reality, pulling her back from the short mental retreat she had taken and reminding her of what remained to be accomplished.

"Just admiring the view Ava...” Jessica returned as she boxed up her daydreaming and filed it away for another rainy day.

"The view is indeed beguiling Mistress.” The dutiful maid agreed before motioning for Jessica with a wave of her hand, white polished fingernails catching the sunlight as they beckoned her to follow along.

There in the center of the deck was Brulée, laying nude save for the sunglasses shielding her eyes from the sunlight. Jessica had not seen her nemesis naked prior to now, and couldn't help but take inventory of the woman's form. Although Brulée was in her late forties as near as anyone could tell, she was in excellent physical shape for a woman of that age.

"Either she has excellent genetics or an excellent plastic surgeon...” Jessica whispered barely loud enough for Ava to hear.

"Yes Mistress. Madame does appear younger than she actually is.” the maid replied before lowering the volume of her voice and softly adding; "Most of us on her personal staff believe she has had several procedures.”

"A woman as vain as Brulée would have to have some work done...” Jessica thought, but didn't vocalize as she continued to survey the nude proprietress of this fetishist's candyland.

She noted that Brulée did at least keep in shape as her legs were taut, her thighs were firm, and she possessed the flat stomach of a woman who worked out but not enough to acquire the highly defined abdominals seen in fitness models; all things that cosmetic surgery usually won’t fix no matter how wealthy the patient. Jessica decided after her visual inspection that if Brulée had any 'augmentation' it would be her breasts as they did not appear to sag or droop as she would expect for a woman of the Madame's estimated years. But if they were enhanced, the procedure was done by a very skilled plastic surgeon as Jessica couldn't yet see any flaws in the work. Working in the celebrity arena as Jessica did, she prided herself on being able to determine not only who had work done, but also even by whom. As with any artist, surgeons have their own unique styles, particularly when it comes to breasts.

Jessica continued her physical inspection of the Madame, trying to find any clue as to the woman’s age. The typical evidence of age would have been the neck where the skin loses elasticity and starts to stretch and sag as women age, leading to what is normally referred to as a 'turkey neck'. But, there was no such evidence on Brulée. Again, not an impossible task for a skilled plastic surgeon but one that required a deft touch to make look as natural as what Brulée possessed. Even Brulée's face which had been the only uncovered flesh Jessica had the opportunity to study in detail prior to now, appeared younger than the Madame’s chronological age would suggest.

It was at this moment that Jessica noticed the strange fact that no one feature of Brulée's body stood out. In all the time Jessica had been aware of her attraction to women, she had learned that most woman have a single feature that stands out when you first saw them, both clothed and nude. With Lady Alexandra it was her soft face and soulful brown eyes which first attracted Jessica when they met in a club. Later, it was the Dominatrix's long legs and tight ass which Jessica had been drawn to when she first saw her nude approaching her while she was laying on the floor of her bedroom in a devious ball-tie. With Heather it was her voluptuous figure and light brown skin that Jessica first noticed both when she first rescued her, and when she saw her lounging nude in the hot tub on the deck behind Jessica's master bedroom.

Yet, with Brulée, it was as if each piece and part of the woman had been carefully 'manufactured' to balance out the others; as if every 'component' had been crafted to be insignificant on its own, but when coupled together with the other parts would create an attractive woman, and, after several minutes of scanning Jessica did begrudgingly admit to herself that Brulée indeed was an attractive woman despite this rather curious and odd lack of physical 'personality'.

Finally, after several minutes of waiting, the Madame lifted her head and looked over at the two nude women standing by the doorway.

"Ah! Jessica! Please come and join me!" Brulée smiled and waved her over with an outstretched arm and hand.

Ava motioned for Jessica to walk to Brulée, before the maid dutifully followed a few steps behind her assigned Mistress.

Jessica surveyed the massive veranda which she was now walking out on; Her bare feet were met with each step by rich Italian marble tiles with each step forward. The veranda itself appeared to be built on top of the floor beneath it, and extended for several dozen meters to the end of the house before it appeared to turn the corner and continue around. Various topiaries were scattered around the deck, most snugged up against the 1.5 meter stone wall which guarded the edge of the space, the dark grey of the stone providing a complementing contrast to the white and grey veined marble floor.

And true to Brulée's fetish-themed decorating style there were the requisite statues of models in various erotic poses scattered about, all simulating their moments of sexual frenzy. Jessica wouldn't get close enough to any of them in her short trip to Brulée's lounge to determine if these were live models encased in Madame's white chocolate plaster or if they were simply castings taken from molds of the models as had been done with Bobbi Brennan.

Jessica stopped a few feet away from the still reclining Brulée, taking the opportunity to more closely survey the nude Madame for telltale signs of surgical corrections, as well as to take in the sight of the woman who only a short while before had so thoroughly and expertly toyed, vibrated, and fucked her to repeated orgasm. For a brief moment, Jessica considered that in another place and situation she could be attracted to this woman.

That thought was quickly deleted as Ava returned, pushing a plush cushioned lounge in between Jessica and Brulée, and placing a thick Egyptian cotton towel the entire length of the lounge before returning to stand by her assigned Mistress's side. A rapid series of pats of the Madame's hand to the lounge beckoned Jessica to sit herself down. Jessica shot a quick glance to her maid, which was met with an affirmative nod, convincing her to do as Brulée indicated and slowly settle down on the lounge and stretch naked body out in the warm sun.

"So...” Brulée started once Jessica had situated herself on her lounge and retrieved a drink from the dutiful Ava. "I hope you've been giving my previous offer some further consideration since I first forwarded it.”

"Mmmm...” Jessica responded as best she could with a mouth full of water.

"And I hope I've made my position a little clearer to you my crumpet....” Brulée continued.

"I should think you have...” Jessica parried as she closed her eyes and let the sun begin to warm her body.

"And I expect you have an answer for me then...” Brulée pressed, not being drawn into a verbal fencing match as she was when Brulée and Jessica first met.

"You will. In due time...” Jessica cut to the chase.

Brulée sat up and stared at the reclining, relaxing, naked Jessica and prepared to launch a verbal assault when Jessica dropped a bombshell of her own: "After all, I'm rather enjoying your 'hospitality' Madame Brulée so I'm not in any hurry to make any decisions about any future ‘business’ we might conduct together.”

Jessica sensed the confusion coursing throughout Brulée's mind at that moment. The woman was used to everyone she had surrounded herself with to providing her a 'yes' or 'no' answer, as most dominant women do. Jessica had thrown a wrench into her mental process by offering Brulée a definite 'maybe'.

Jessica attempted to drive the confusion further into Brulée’s mind: "I have to say that this has to be one of my most enjoyable business trips ever. You've given me a lot to think about Madame Brulée.”

Brulée, unsure of how to proceed, sat back on her lounge and, with the flick of her hand, ordered another martini from Ava.

Jessica simply continued to lay there with a slight smirk on her face. She had Brulée, regardless of what the middle-aged hack of an artist thought, Jessica had Brulée. She remembered what her first Dominant had instructed her when Jessica first began to enter the realm of the Dominant/submissive relationship; "An experience Dominant never loses control of the submissive. If the submissive doesn't answer the Mistress's question, the submissive will be punished and asked the question again.” Jessica learned that lesson via a hard spanking when she answered her Dominant’s question with a most inappropriate "I don't know". Brulée just got by on bluster, money, and fear. She didn't have the slightest clue how to demand obedience through any other method.

After several moments, Jessica broke the silence that permeated the veranda; "And we have much to negotiate...”

Brulée almost choked on her martini as the words resonated in her ears. "Negotiate???" She finally managed to spit out.

Jessica responded before Brulée could begin any tirade, she had control of the situation and wanted to make her point to Brulée before the woman’s irrational bluster made her less rational. "Yes... negotiate....” Jessica took a quick sip of water before continuing; "The way I see it, you came after me for a reason. You HAD to have me. And why is that? Because I'm the best at what I do, you said so yourself. And since you have to surround yourself with the best of everything, including employees, you aren't willing to just let me walk out of here if I say 'no'. So, I figure that if I've got to stay, I might as well be happy in my stay.” Jessica paused as Ava refilled her glass; "It's just business you understand Madame. A girl's got to take care of herself.”

Jessica knew she was pushing her luck, and half expected Brulée to fly off the handle and have her dragged off to some part of her underground lair and tormented again, the thought of which didn't bother Jessica nearly as much as it first did.

"Very well my crumpet, I'll indulge you for the moment...” Brulée finally gave in with a dismissing wave of her hand; "Just what do you think you need to 'negotiate' with me...”

"Oh… nothing major for the moment Madame Brulée. I just want to make sure my friend Heather is also enjoying the same 'hospitality' that I'm being afforded at the moment. I'd prefer not to find out she's locked up in some dark corner of your underground facility.” Jessica was genuinely concerned that this indeed was how Heather was being kept; "As a show of good faith on your part you understand. After all, she is my friend.”

She also knew that she was supposed to see Heather during this meeting anyway, based on what Ava had said, so it was throwing Brulée an easy victory. Which is what Jessica fully wanted in order to make the twisted fetish confectioner feel she had the advantage whenever negotiating with her.

"Why of course my dear! You can see her right now as a matter of fact.” Brulée chuckled as she took the bait and swallowed it as quickly as the martinis she was drinking; "I believe she is enjoying herself downstairs in my private spa as we speak! I can assure you that she's being quite pampered during her stay with us.”

Jessica stifled a derogatory snort as Brulée used the word 'stay', as if this was some 4-star resort in which Jessica, Heather, Bobbi Brennan, Linda Cardinalli, and who knows whomever else, were being held captive rather than this demented woman's bizzaro candy factory. In the back of her mind, Jessica did admit that it would make an interesting resort catering to a certain fetish clientèle if Brulée wasn't so twisted that she couldn't see the opportunity. "Under the right owner...” Jessica thought to herself.

"So what else do you wish to discuss my crumpet?" Brulée interrupted Jessica's last thought.

"Hmmmm...” Jessica played her next card; "Well Madame Brulée, I suppose we need to consider compensation. After all, I would be doing some very 'dirty' work for you, work that puts me in significant risk. I may be the best, but even I can get caught.” Jessica knew that her last comment would temper the concept of 'compensation' in Brulée's mind. If she was as arrogant and vain as Jessica had come to assume, Brulée's concept of 'compensation' was simply being graced by her presence.

"Well, that is very true my tasty morsel...” Brulée laughed; "You were caught quite easily by my security. But I doubt seriously that my competitors are as careful or thorough in their security preparations as I am. And if I recall your history, you have never been known to have been caught.”

"Nevertheless Madame, word is out about your ruthless business approach and I would guarantee you that your competitors are making preparations.” Jessica countered.

"Mmmm... perhaps...” Brulée considered before concluding; "I will think about the issue of compensation and what I think represents a fair reward for you.” Brulée sat up on her lounge and accepted Ava's hand to assist her to her feet, "Now if you'll excuse me my little pastry, I must attend to other matters in my empire. Ava will take you to your friend now.”

Jessica turned her head and watched Brulée, still nude, walk down the veranda and out of sight before she rose to her feet to go find Heather.

Ava led Jessica back through the long hallway towards the study from whence they came as it was the access point to Brulée's private spa below. As they reached the room, Jessica noticed Brulée's labcoat, still crumpled up on the wooden table upon which the Madame had thrown it. Jessica commented to her nude maid; "Ava, I'm cold. Coming in from the veranda to the air conditioning has me a little chilled.”

"My apologies Mistress! I will retrieve a light covering for you at once.” The maid prepared to scurry off on her mission before Jessica stopped her.

"Ava, there's a coat right here on the table. That will work fine. We're only going downstairs if I remember what Madame said.” Jessica pointed out.

"Mistress… that is Madame’s labcoat. I can quickly retrieve something better for you...” Ava offered.

"But I'm cold now and I think it will be just fine for where we are going.” Jessica replied, adding a tone of annoyance to her voice.

The maid stood, visibly torn between ensuring the comfort of her assigned Mistress and her duties to provide the best for her which was not represented by the crumpled coat on the table.

"Fine. I'll get it myself then...” Jessica settled the discussion as she took a step towards the table and coat, which had the desired effect on the maid.

"No Mistress, please, let me...” the domestic quickly moved to intercept Jessica and lifted the coat from the table and, after returning to Jessica, held it open for her to step into.

The coat was too long in both the sleeves and the length, obviously the coat had been tailored for the taller Madame, but Jessica quickly rolled up the sleeves and assured Ava that although the coat reached her mid-calves, it was not too long to walk in. Ava didn't seem too convinced, but led Jessica on to the elevator that led down to the Brulée's private spa where Heather supposedly was waiting as Jessica stuffed her hands into both side pockets of the coat.

The elevator door opened onto a large room filled with several different types of exercise equipment: Weights, mats for aerobics or yoga, stationary bikes, cross-country machines, and treadmills all were quickly identified by Jessica as the moved through the room. Each bank of equipment had a paired bank of television monitors in front of them, obviously for Brulée to keep track of what was going on in the world as she worked out, assuming she actually did and didn’t rely solely on plastic surgery for her trim shape.

The pair continued past what appeared to be a set of sauna chambers and whirlpool baths, moving through a tiled area with shower stalls, before they reached a set of double French doors to an adjoining room.

"You friend is relaxing in here Mistress...” Ava smiled before she pulled both handles down and pushed the two doors open and motioned Jessica to follow her into the room.

It was obvious to Jessica that Brulée's private spa was situated directly beneath the veranda above, as the outer 'walls' consisted of floor to ceiling windows that looked out on the same scenery as the hallway and veranda above. Positioned in front of the windows were a set of large empty porcelain tubs, set into large rectangular pedestals of tile. The floor itself was consisted indoor/outdoor carpeting with pathways of tiled sections that led from each large tub to shower alcoves on the inner wall. Jessica recognized the tubs and layout as similar to various spas she had visited before, particularly the one where she first met her dutiful Antonia. The tubs were obviously meant to be filled with some substance, mud or clay, for soaking.

As they moved closer to the end of the first set of tubs, Jessica noticed the wall shunt off to the left indicating a corner, and began to hear the familiar refrains of Heather's favorite musical group floating through the facility.


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