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Jessica Darling Chapter 20: Hippity Hoppity

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; maid; bond; gummi; costume; display; tease; climax; cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 19


Chapter 20: Hippity Hoppity

Jessica awoke to once again find herself in more comfortable surroundings of opulent bedroom quarters. Again, she was nude save for her ever-present cuffs and collar, covered in the soft linen sheets of the massive four-poster bed. And again, the assigned domestic bathed and dressed the investigator in accordance with the assigned ritual of the morning. Jessica had long ago realized that Brulée’s standard routine was one of punishment and then pampering for her subjects, with the exception of Taffy. That situation, obviously, was well beyond the standard role of Dominant and submissive at this stage. The situation between the two ex-lovers had become a battle of egos, with Brulée holding the upper hand in both role and self-evaluated worth. Taffy was overmatched and outgunned.

Jessica made small talk with the domestic, who was dressed in a deep purple version of the gummi French maid’s outfit which was de rigueur for Brulée’s house. And again, the domestic dutifully told Jessica what she could and deferred items she could not answer to ‘Madame Brulée’. All of which no longer frustrated or annoyed Jessica. Instead she had resigned herself to the limitations of the environment and began to simply interact with the maids and domestics and assistants around the house and grounds as she would her own staff at home.

While being dressed in her day's uniform, Jessica learned that her currently assigned maid's name was 'Ava' and she had come to be in Brulée's employ by way of a catering company that had been hired by Brulée to help with a large party a few years ago. Brulée offered Ava a 'position' after the girl had the misfortune of dropping a large tray of rather intricate chocolate candies. "Madame was kind enough to offer me a chance to pay off the debt of the chocolates by offering me employ in her household." was the way Ava explained it as she slathered the clear glue necessary for fitting the semi-transparent and black fishnet gummi stockings to Jessica's legs.

Jessica knew what to do without being asked by her maid, and carefully sat down so the process of fitting the stockings and then heating them with the heat gun to shrink-wrap them to her feet and legs.

By the end of the familiar process, Jessica had been dressed in an seamless, obsidian black gummi bunny uniform, complete with the semi-transparent fishnet gummi stockings, black wrist gloves that appeared wet even after Ava assured her they were indeed completely dry, and matching liquid black ears secured on top of her head. The only departure from the 'normal' bunny uniform, aside from the material itself, was the fact that there was no bottom to the suit. Instead of a normal bodysuit, this version consisted only of an upper corset which created the required cleavage. The entire lower half of Jessica's torso, from the waist down, was completely naked and open. Jessica was about to ask about the tail when she felt a dollop of some substance placed on top of the cleft of her ass and something pressed down onto it. Ava asked Jessica to remain still as she completed the preparations by carefully placing her Mistress's hair in a delicate French braid.

Once everything had been completed, the maid attempted to quickly lead Jessica over to the full-length mirrors but the freshly-minted bunnygirl could only shuffle across the dressing room on feet and lower legs which were perched on spike heeled ankle-length ballet boots. For all her experience wearing similar shoes during her sexual activities, Jessica had precious little time actually walking in them. Her experience in ‘wearing’ boots like those she had been fitted with amounted to little more than time to and from wherever her Dominant led her before being bound and teased. She never had much of an opportunity to become as comfortable even wearing ballet heels as she was her normal footwear, much less walking around in ones like she now cautiously teetered around the room on.

Once stable, she could barely tear herself away from the sight of herself in her gummi bunny uniform. Ava quickly motioned for Jessica to turn around, which Jessica promptly did, and proudly wiggle the large, fluffy tail perched on top of her ass, which due to the heels, was now prominently featured. Jessica continued to scan up and down her body, taking in every curve, every ebb and flow of herself, fully accentuated by the tightness and color of the costume that had been picked for her.

"Not everyone can wear that outfit Mistress..." Ava commented as Jessica caught the maid's bright smile in the mirror; "It's tightness and color can only be worn by those with perfect figures and proportions."

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Jessica smiled slightly at the complement, still attempting to get her balance down in the tortuous footwear that Brulée had mandated for her. It was with great appreciation that she accepted the gentle input of the maid on how to properly 'walk' in her footwear. "The key Mistress..." Ava instructed; "is to take very small steps and not to try to walk as you normally would." Ava demonstrated by promptly mimicking a shuffling, stuttering motion that showed Jessica to take steps only a few centimeters at a time. It was with great relief to Jessica that one of the ways she maintained her 'fighting' figure was by continuing the ballet training she had been forced to begin as a young girl. She had long enjoyed the shape and refinement the work had brought to her legs, and was certainly more enjoyable exercise, in Jessica's opinion, than the traditional health club offerings. Heather had commented a few times that she thought it made Jessica's legs a little too 'taut', but Jessica always reminded her that her line of work had different physical requirements then Heather's.

"I’d like to see my friend Heather. Just to know she’s alright and enjoying Madame’s hospitality." Jessica murmured after being rebuffed on every other inquiry into the goings on in the household. It was with great surprise when the maid replied:

"But of course Mistress! I have been instructed to take you to her once Madame has had an opportunity to discuss more important matters with you!"

"You will?" Jessica couldn't keep the words from escaping.

"Yes Mistress!" replied the gummi domestic as she smiled at Jessica. "Madame Brulée has instructed me to give you anything you desire once she has finished meeting with you."

Jessica knew what the substance of this 'meeting' would be, and knew that it had to go better than the last time she and Brulée met to discuss the subject. Her mind began attempting to concoct her strategy for working the conversation to her advantage, hopefully to better control the outcome this time around. She was so lost in thought and intoxicated with the beautiful sensuality of the outfit she had been glued into that she didn't notice Ava leave and then return with a two-foot length of silver chain until the maid began to attach them to her wrist cuffs.

"Madame wants to make sure that my Mistress is properly outfitted before I bring you to her." Ava smiled as she attached one end to Jessica's left wrist.

"That doesn't look like steel chain..." Jessica murmured curiously.

"It isn't." The maid replied as she snapped the remaining free end of the chain to Jessica's right wrist; "It is platinum."

"Platinum?" Jessica barely contained her amazement. "It must have cost a fortune for a chain that thick and long to be cast in platinum..."

"Yes Mistress. I know it did. I have been instructed that this chain is only to be used on Madame's very special pets. I have been punished in the past for not keeping it highly polished and locked away in Madame's safe."

The bunnygirl tested the chain by snapping her arms apart sharply, knowing it wouldn't break but instead to enjoy the gleam of the precious metal in the bright lights of the dressing room.

"It is a great honor for me to serve you Mistress..." Ava stated as she stood a metre in front of Jessica and performed a deep, well-practiced curtsy; "Madame instructed me to give you the best I had to offer, and now that your dressing is complete, I hope I have done so."

"Ava... you've done very, very well. I'm sure Madame will approve." the newest, sexiest bunnygirl in the household smiled as she motioned for Ava to take her hand.

"I hope so Mistress, for you are the most beautiful Mistress I've been asked to serve." Ava replied as she began to lead Jessica the Bunnygirl in a shuffling procession to her meeting with Brulée.

As their two-person procession moved through the hallway leading to where Brulée had scheduled their meeting to take place, the bunnygirl couldn't help but notice how the normally busy house staff seemed to stop and watch the brief parade as it came past the various rooms and alcoves.

"They are all admiring you Mistress" Ava stated proudly as if she could sense her Mistress's thoughts as she led the bunnygirl past the myriad maids assigned to maintain Brulée's inner sanctum.

The bunnygirl found herself striving to hold her head higher, providing a visual response to her maid's support in by the well-trained response of a submissive who is being told she is performing her duties to the Mistress's satisfaction. It was difficult though, maintaining her posture, pose, and motion as her body was constrained by the tight gummi material which had been glued and sealed onto her legs and torso.

She could feel the lust build in her crotch as she continued to notice the spectators in her peripheral vision, her pride at being the object of such clear admiration getting the better of her. She had determined that regardless of the outcome of her dealings with Brulée, she would have to somehow acquire the ability to replicate these costumes and materials Brulée had been enveloping her with. She imagined that she put on quite a show from the rear, with the shuffling gait she had to employ causing a quaint little wiggle of her fluffy tail to be visible to anyone who cared to watch her parade down the long hallway.

"How are your legs Mistress?" Ava's question came softly.

"They're getting a little sore. I'll be alright for a little longer." the shuffling bunnygirl replied. Her legs had begun to tire several minutes earlier but her welling fantasies had dulled the pain. She once again thanked her ballet training for the endurance to get to this point, but even then no ballet dancer remained 'Sur les pointes', literally 'on the pointes', for an entire performance. She knew her legs would throb after this effort, and hoped she would be afforded the same long massage from her maid as she usually received from Antonia after a particularly tough workout.

"it is not much further Mistress." Ava's voice softly providing encouragement; "just a to the end of this hallway and then the next room. I am very proud of you Mistress, you are displaying far better than Mistress, excuse me, 'Taffy' ever displayed."

Jessica the bunnygirl smiled slightly at the reminder that regardless of the warm, wet sensations building in her sex, she was nothing more than a captive being 'displayed' at Brulée's whim as if a slave to a twisted fetish queen.

The sound of the procession shuffling along changed distinctly as it reached the carpeted office complex at the end of the hall, as it moved through the large oak doors which were staffed by two striking redhead latex doorwomen dressed in matching red latex waistcoats, black fitted latex vests which barely contained their large breasts, tight black latex leggings, and black spike-heeled knee-high boots which appeared to be custom fitted to their lower legs. After opening the large, heavy doors, each doorwoman bowed in unison to the passing maid and bunnygirl before closing the doors tightly once the parade had passed them by.

Again the bunnygirl looked around in amazement at the various collections of rare paintings, some genuine masterpieces, displayed interspersed with several of Brulée's 'works'. There was what appeared to be another statue of Bobbi Brennan, along with a second copy of 'Model Behaviour', and suspended from the ceiling of the massive room; a new one of Heather in a tight ball-tie created in translucent red candy.

"Cherry... I bet..." Jessica the bunnygirl murmured as they passed under the hanging effigy of her best friend into an adjoining antechamber.

"Madame asked me to seat you here and make sure I brought you whatever refreshments you desire." Ava stated as she bid the, by now weak legged, bunnygirl to sit down on a rich black leather lounge and stretch her rubbery legs out.

"I'd really like a little champagne right now..." Jessica replied, silently cursing Heather's getting her hooked on her own vintage.

"Of course Mistress! If I may suggest, I have a bottle of your latest vintage already chilled to the correct temperature." Ava offered and then delivered after an affirmative nod from her bunnygirl Mistress.

Ava remained with her Mistress, mostly to keep the bunnygirl awake and refresh her drink, until Brulée finally appeared with her usual pomp and bluster by venting her disgust with a model who decided to create a rather difficult 'session' with the Madame.

"Goddamn fuckin' supermodels and their 'me me me'!" Brulée punctuated her sudden presence by slamming her latex labcoat down onto the cherry wood table before skulking over to a mirror to pull her hair back from her face and fix into a hastily thrown together bun. "Ava! I thought I told you to make your Mistress comfortable! Take those shoes off her feet and make her comfortable!"

"Yes Madame!" Ava promptly replied as she simultaneously reached for the laces binding the ballet boots to her bunnygirl.

"Anyway..." Brulée continued without moving her gaze from her reflection; "damn models and their 'but I don't like this pose, I don't like that lighting' as if they have any substantive talent anywhere in their vacuous heads..."

Jessica the bunnygirl flexed her left foot to work out the stiffness created by the ballet boots as Ava quickly loosened the laces on the remaining boot. Once free, the bunnygirl repeated the process with her right foot before stretching her long legs by leaning back on the lounge and raising each leg in the air and pointing her toes towards the ceiling. As she returned them to the leather covered lounge, Ava intercepted them by sliding underneath them to place them across her lap to begin gently massaging them.

Brulée continued her tirade by stalking towards the large desk off to the side of the room all the while cursing her luck with arrogant, uncooperative supermodels... "Just once I'd love to get a model who just does what she's told to do. Instead I end up with these stupid fucking twits that just have to 'interject' their 'thoughts' into the artistic process."

The bunnygirl didn't hear much of anything Brulée was yammering about, instead choosing to close her eyes and enjoy the sensations of her maid massaging her tired legs while sipping her own champagne. She didn't even flinch as her maid's hand gently brushed against her pussy as the gummi servant worked out the various knots in the bunnygirl's upper thighs. It wasn't until the gentle brushes turned into a soft fingering that Jessica decided to again open her eyes, which were greeted by a quick wink from the attentive domestic. A slight smile was the only response the the bunnygirl offered as she settled back down and again closed her eyes to tune out Brulée's continuing rants.

Finally, after checking her various emails and phone messages, Brulée walked over to the resting Jessica and dismissed her assigned maid by directing her to wait outside until called.

"So my dear..." Brulée finally began after the maid vacated the room and shut the door behind her; "I hope Ava has been treating you well..."

"Quite well, she's very attentive to one's needs." The still relaxed bunnygirl responded, not bothering to open her eyes.

Brulée reached over and picked up a glass of champagne and leaned back on the couch a few feet away from Jessica. "Oh yes, she's one of my best maids. I only assign her to my special guests."

"Oh... so I'm a 'special guest' now am I?" The words came from Jessica's mouth with little effort. She didn't even bother to lift her head from the back of the lounge to see Brulée's response, she had learned her well enough to predict her tormentor's response of forced surprise.

"But of course my dear crumpet! You've become quite special to me my dear girl!" Brulée replied after a swig of golden bubbling alcohol.

"Predicable..." The relaxed bunnygirl thought to herself. "Equal and opposite reactions my dear 'Madame Brulée'" Jessica thought to herself. For all the time Brulée had invested in learning about Jessica and her desires, the reclining bunnygirl had managed to learn as much of Brulée's basic personality in the short time she had been her 'guest'. Enough to begin to predict the fetish queen's next moves.

"After all, would I have invested so much time and effort in demonstrating my facilities and capabilities to you otherwise?" Brulée continued after another sip.

'Here it comes...' Jessica thought to herself, still refusing to lift her head from the soft leather which rested against it.

Brulée, having finished guzzling down the remaining drops of Jessica's champagne, stood up and slowly sauntered over to the still reclining gummi bunnygirl before slowly settling down before she began to lightly stroke Jessica's fishnet-clad legs.

"And I've so enjoyed catering to you my crumpet..." Brulée giggled lightly as her hand gently caressed Jessica's leg, slowly working it's way up towards the bare, uncovered thigh which picked where the glued gummi stocking left off.

The bunnygirl continued to lay there, the focus of attention once again, as the demented fetish confectioner continued to play with her, taunt her again with the promise of a gentle caress, before replacing it with hard bondage and torment. The only reply Jessica made was a slight shift of her body and subtle spreading of her legs.

"Mmmmm.... I see you're less 'timid' now my tidbit..." Brulée purred as her hand continued it's slow, deliberate march towards the junction of the bunny's inner thighs. "Good. I was so hoping you would be more 'compliant' and easy to work with this time my sweet."

Jessica's only response was a soft sigh as Brulée's fingers reached her wet pussy, which had been swelling with desire from the moment she was led on the grand procession down the hallway towards this moment.

"Oh yes my crumpet... Very nice..." Brulée whispered as her fingers slid easily into the bunnygirl's sex, releasing a torrent of liquid sex and desire which squirted out over her hand and onto the leather beneath the gummi bunny.

The object of Brulée's attention would only respond by tilting her hips upwards into the Madame's hand, begging her to grind it into the bunnygirl's throbbing clit.

"I see..." was Brulée's response, spoken in concert with an application of greater pressure against Jessica's pussy, driving her fingers deeper into her gummi-coated plaything's sex. "I'm glad you see things my way now..."

Brulée shifted herself next to the still seated bunnygirl sprawled out on the lounge, who responded by sliding over to offer her tormentor a place next to her. Brulée accepted the offer by gently drawing her hand over Jessica's black corseted breasts before drawing it back down to between her playmate's legs again, smiling as it was met with an explosion of gyrations and heavy moaning.

It wasn't long before the compliant bunnygirl was situated herself on Brulée's lap, seated between her legs, her own legs spread wide as her persecutor worked over Jessica's pussy with one hand and her breast with the other, spraying her hot juices over the lounge as she climaxed again and again and again. Throughout this, her oppressor never talked except to whisper gentle words of encouragement into her playmate's ear.

"Oh yes... that's it my sweet... cum for me..." was usually all it took before Jessica released another wave of ecstasy before letting her hips fall back to the wet leather to quiver and shudder in post-orgasm aftershocks. She would be allowed to rest until the aftershocks faded before the process was begun anew, repeating the phases of build-up, climax, relax until the bunnygirl lost count. Before long the bunnygirl was draped over the width of a nearby wooden table, each limb firmly secured by licorice ropes to the four table legs, as the Madame buried a vibrator deep into her ass while continuing to skillfully finger her pussy and clit until the latter vibrated like a rattlesnake signaling its intent to strike. The bunnygirl did nothing but cum for the Madame over and over and over again until, finally, she was untied and allowed to rest on one of the large couches on the periphery of the room.

The exhausted Jessica woke to the sensation of a warm cloth being applied to her legs and slowly stirred to see Ava kneeling by beside her, dipping a washcloth into a basin of warm soapy water before wringing it out and continuing to clean her Mistress.

"I’m glad you enjoyed yourself with Madame…" her maid's voice focused the now stretching bunnygirl’s attention on her dutiful servant.

"Oh, I did… ugh… I did." was Jessica’s reply as she continued to stretch out her arms and legs. And she wasn’t lying; Brulée knew her way around a woman, that much she was willing to grant her captor.

The maid continued to apply the soapy water to her Mistress' legs, dabbing the sexual aftermath of cum and juices from the bunnygirl.

"It might be easier if I stood up you know..." Jessica offered.

Ava smiled as she again dipped the cloth into the basin beside her; "If I may Mistress, Madame has a shower where we might freshen you up before Madame renews her discussions with you."

"Renews? I thought she 'said' everything she intended to say..." the bunnygirl snorted as she sat upright on the couch before being helped to her feet by her maid.

"Not quite Mistress. Madame has instructed me to offer you the opportunity to clean up before I am to escort you downstairs to conclude your business with her." the maid stated in a tone that implied an insistence on the matter. This was additionally reinforced by the maid leading her bunnygirl Mistress towards a door in a far off corner of the massive room, without any confirmation from her charge that this was indeed where she wished to go.

Jessica didn't protest, she knew that it was not only irrelevant but also not in line with her own wishes, as the domestic pulled a hidden switch which caused the door to slide aside revealing a small (by Brulée's standards anyway) tiled bathroom with a glass enclosed shower stall complete with multiple shower heads all arranged at varying levels.

The bunnygirl stepped into the stall as her maid motioned, and centered herself in the circle of shower heads as the door closed behind her. A sharp 'eep' flew from her lips as the combination of both force and chilly temperature of liquid exploded against her.

"I'm sorry Mistress, I should have let it run for a moment or two before having you step into the stall..." Ava's voice floated over the din of the shower.

Jessica turned to see the maid stepping into the stall, securing the door behind her. "Ummm... I can take a shower by myself... I think..."

"Yes Mistress, but you will need help removing your uniform. You may have forgotten that it is glued to your body Mistress, and may require some effort in removing." Came the all-too-logical response.

Jessica looked down at her hands and corset, and noticed the shine and consistency of the material had changed since she first stepped into the stall, before the liquid had begun to bombard her from all sides. It was then that she noticed a slight chemical smell to the 'water' which was bathing the both of them, and noticed the same effect taking place to Ava's uniform.

Ava understood the quizzical look and confirmed her Mistress' suspicion: "A compound is added to the water to help break down the glue and material before being washed off the body Mistress. Again I am sorry, I was not told that this is the first time you've been awake while you've been undressed. Do not worry, the solvent is gentle to the skin, and non-toxic."

"But your uniform is melting too..." Jessica pointed out as the maid continued to rub and pull on the loosening pieces of the bunnygirl outfit.

"Yes Mistress. But Madame has assured me that I am approved to be out of uniform." Ava giggled as she pulled a large strip of material from Jessica's back before attacking another piece of the quickly dissolving gooey black substance.

"I did like this outfit..." Jessica said in a semi-serious pout as she picked the remnants of melted bunny ears from her hair. The tail which had managed to entrance the various house staff was they watched her parade past them earlier had long since fallen off and been unceremoniously kicked over to the far periphery of the circular shower stall. The incredibly intricate translucent and black fishnet stockings had begun to sag, small chunks of them falling to the tiled floor to be further dissolved and washed down the drain.

"I did too Mistress. As I said earlier, not everyone has the silhouette to wear Madame's bunnygirl uniform. It takes a fit and well proportioned woman to carry it as well as my Mistress did." Ava affirmed with a giggle as she turned Jessica around again to pick at the various stubborn gummi pieces that remained glued to her partner before kneeling on the tile floor to work on removing the rest of the melting stockings that remained.

It took several more minutes of pulling, rubbing, and pinching before Jessica was deemed 'defrocked' by the maid, who then took several minutes of her own removing the remnants of her uniform, refusing all efforts by her Mistress to assist her: "No Mistress, I can manage" being her consistent response.

Soon both women were standing, nude save for their silver cuffs and collars, in the center of the shower before Ava took opened the door to the stall and walked out, shutting the door again behind her. Jessica stood alone for a few moments before Ava returned.

"Now I will make sure you are clean." she told Jessica as the nude maid retrieved a fresh bathsoap from an alcove and lathered it up in her hand.

Jessica noted that the fragrance of the water had shifted, which was again confirmed by the maid now rubbing her lather-coated hands down Jessica's wet form; "That is fresh water now Mistress, I turned off the valve adding the solvent since it is no longer needed."

Not that the explanation mattered, for Jessica had retreated back into a zone of bliss as Ava's expert hands at once bathed and caressed her. This was something she had not done with Antonia, rather it was something reserved for her alone by her lovers or Dominant, only to be granted on special occasions or after a particularly satisfying performance on her part. She closed her eyes as the maid's fingers gently cleaned between her legs, careful not to tease her Mistress, but to ensure that every millimeter of Jessica had been thoroughly washed from the tips of each toe to every hair on her head.

And truth be told, the most heavenly sensation Jessica felt the entire time Brulée's domestic bathed her was when she returned with a bath stool and, after sitting Jessica down in the middle of the multi-directional sprays, carefully washed her hair. Jessica had always found it relaxing whenever she had her hair washed at the salon, on occasion even falling asleep in the chair, but this was more than relaxing; it was more sensual than relaxing.

In fact, by the time Jessica was released from the shower she had begun to feel her engine powering her sex spool up once again as if being released from the constraining bunnygirl attire had also released any remaining constraints on her sexual appetite.

"My Mistress mustn't get so worked up so soon after her shower..." Ava's voice focused Jessica's attention on the light dew that was forming on her pussy lips as the domestic continued to dab between them with a dry towel.

Jessica only answered with a slight smile...

Ava worked quickly to dry Jessica's hair, after gently scolding her Mistress for not properly taking care of her beautiful blonde locks before she ran some conditioner through Jessica's mane to help "keep it moisturized and without tangles" as she explained it. Jessica was a little curious about the lack of time spent on primping her hair, Brulée always seemed to prefer the various playthings in her manor to be fully prepared at all times.

"Ava?" Jessica finally asked the question; "Are you just going to leave my hair pinned up on top of my head?"

"Yes Mistress, Madame instructed me to bring you to her directly after you were properly bathed and presentable." The nude maid explained while quickly applying makeup to Jessica's face.

"And nude?" Jessica continued.

"That is my understanding as well Mistress. Madame provided no instructions or materials for your dress." The maid continued as she carefully applied the eye shadow.

Jessica sat patiently as the domestic continued with various primping and preening activities; trimming, filing, painting finger and toenails, and ensuring Jessica's pubic hair had been neatly trimmed to a small blonde patch. Every now and then during the efforts, Jessica would admire Ava's body with it's medium size tits, narrow hips, small heart-shaped ass, and thin legs. She even giggled lightly when Ava's reflection in the large mirror in front of her caught Jessica staring at her ass and returned her Mistress' admiration with a wink of one of her soft green eyes. Of all the things Brulée had done that she needed to be hated and despised for, Jessica did give the woman credit for bringing her playfulness back out again.

"And now Mistress, if you will please come with me..." Ava stood back and offered her hand to help Jessica out of the chair before leading her out of the bathroom and leading her by the hand out to her 'meeting' with Brulée.

Jessica followed her maid out of the room where she had originally been scheduled to meet with Brulée, and down a private hallway that obviously was on the outer walls of the house as the entire right hand side of it was nothing more than pane after pane of floor to ceiling length windows, which allowed the entire hallway to be bathed in bright sunlight as the two nude women padded their way towards the doors on the other end. She still wasn't quite sure what the point of her being nude was, if it was meant to embarrass or humiliate her it wasn't going to work. "Hell, she's had me displayed nude, spread, as 'entertainment'..." She thought to herself; "How embarrassed does she think I'll be just standing around naked?" In fact, if Brulée had done the homework Jessica already knew she had done, Brulée would know that Jessica would on occasion walk the rows of the winery grounds nude on particularly beautiful days or evenings.

She thought about that as she stopped to gaze out one of the hallway windows at the pastoral scenery outside, remembering when life had been a little simpler and Jessica could 'afford' – how she mentally justified it – to just drop her work and hop onto her motorcycle and ride out to some of the remote locations on her winery estate where she would strip out of her leathers and take long walks nude. She snickered as she recalled the time she got caught in a sudden rainstorm and ended up slipping and sliding, nude, into a large pool of mud at the base of one of the terraces, remembering how the sensations of the rain and warm mud worked her against her until she ended up masturbating until she had climaxed several times, the last as the rain ended and left her exhausted and laying in a foot or two of thick mud. It had been a while since Jessica had made the time to simply enjoy herself and what she had in her life. And by some twisted quirk of fate, Brulée had reminded her of that despite her true intentions.



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