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Ella's Vacation Chapter 1

by William

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© Copyright 2001 - William - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; kidnap; bond; bagged; crate; packaged; hum; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter One
Part One - Pick Up & Delivery

"Elly, Elly are you with me?" The question had shocked her out of her thoughts, again she wondered if she really knew what the hell she was doing, she smiled and looked at the man addressing her.

"I'm sorry I was lost in my own thoughts." She apologized with a smile. Her name was Elaine actually. A spelling she had never really liked, most people called her Elly, but a few of her closer friends called her Ella.

"Well," the man continued, "Your payment will be expected day after tomorrow, and you can expect it to begin any time within the next month. You have arranged for at least two months away from work and everything else right?"

"Yes, I am a freelance photographer and my last job finished yesterday, so I won't be missed by work. And my family and friends are used to my long trips on business so that is no problem. But I am only signed up to stay three weeks, why do I need two months free?"

It was an odd question but not given the context of the conversation at hand, Ella had registered for a dream vacation, well a dream for some.

"You see to make it a surprise we will be taking you sometime within the next month or so, and you have to have at least three weeks free following that time. To be honest they probably won't start you for about at least two weeks."

Ella was glad for the information even though she wasn't even supposed to get that much warning. "I understand, you said "they", you aren't involved."

He smiled, "No, I just take care of the business end of things. There is one man, the owner of the Mansion, and his four female assistants. I am married, and truthfully I am not really cut out for that end of things. I just make sure the papers are in order and payment has been received."

Payment indeed, Ella had paid a handsome sum to be put through this coming adventure. She shivered at the thought of what was to come, at some time in the next month she was to be abducted, and taken to this mysterious Mansion. There she would spend three weeks as a captive being punished for the slightest transgression, and simply for the amusement of her captors. She was getting very horny thinking about it, now the papers had been signed she was committed.

"Have a nice 'vacation'." He said with a smirk, she blushed a little ashamed that this stranger knew some of her darkest secrets. He had been there when the "toy maker" had taken all of her pertinent measurements, and there had been a lot of them. So many she couldn't even begin to imagine what some of them were for, she would soon find out she thought. With these delicious thoughts running through her head she went home.

She arrived home and decided to get some sleep, tomorrow was another day after all. She thought she would get her last minute house work done just in case they grabbed her early. She wasn't sure if she was more afraid or excited, these strangers were going to take her, and do terrible things to her. She would be exposed, probed, punished and she would have no say in it. Bondage was a given, as was being trapped in the fetish clothing she loved so much. She masturbated herself to several wonderful orgasms, her fingers dancing over her tight rubber panties thinking about various nasty things that could be happening to her as early as tomorrow night.

In the middle of her third or fourth orgasm a flashlight beam exploded into her dark bedroom. Someone had been there the whole time, watching her. Humiliation and fear surged through her as she leapt off the bed. Was it them? But the agent had said they wouldn't arrive for at least two weeks, and how did they get into her house. She stood there trembling, as a large hand grabbed her, she tried to fight. After all she wasn't some weakling, she was a bit over 5'6", and kept in good shape. But the shadowy figure loomed over her, over 6 feet tall and had very broad shoulders.

The arm that wrapped around her waist was thick and solid as a large tree limb lifted her easily and put her back on the bed. She felt very helpless against this large intruder, she was laying here in nothing but tight rubber panties, half blind from the flashlight in her eyes, and was still a little wobbly from her masturbations just minutes earlier. She twisted and tried to fight, but it was hopeless. Her hands were pulled behind her and bound with a rubber strap, and her kicking squirming feet were also quickly strapped together. For about the 50th time she thought of screaming her head off, but she lived miles from her nearest neighbor, after all that kind of privacy was nice if you wanted to enjoy an outdoor hot-tub in rubber gear, besides she still wasn't even sure she wanted to escape, her options were soon to run out.

A large ball gag was thrust into her mouth, and she groaned around it as it was tightly secured in back. Ella was getting hornier by the second, she rubbed her thighs together to try to come again, she blushed. Here this stranger was looking her over and all she could think of was coming again and again. A thick latex posture collar was strapped around her neck, it wasn't tight enough to choke, but it gripped very firmly. It fitted her perfectly, as though made for her, and then she remembered those extensive measurements they had taken.

His hand took hold of the ring in the front of the collar and stood her up. He took a hanging plant down and secured the ring in her collar to it with a length of chain, he tightened the chain until she was on her toes, and then locked it in place. He also locked to collar in place.

"This little trip you're going to take is happening now, and it can be very pleasant (as he says this his rough hand is roaming over her rubber panties bringing here to the point of orgasm), or unbelievably unpleasant (he stops stroking and with one hand pinches her left nipple, and with the other gives her hair a firm pull). If you behave, I won't promise you anything, if you don't I will promise to make it my personal goal to see you suffer for it. Which will it be, nod if you will behave."

Slowly she nodded, at least as much as the collar allowed. She looked into his eyes, and saw torture there. But underneath there was a twinkle of humor and compassion. Ella felt safe, well sort of safe, as safe as she could almost completely naked, helplessly bound and gagged and on the edge of pleading for an orgasm.

The strap holding her wrists was removed and replaced with a single glove, it went up to her shoulders, and was secured with straps that crisscrossed above her breasts. It was laced tight, overly tight in her opinion, not that he was asking. A heavy zipper closed the laces under a flap and was locked in place, finally four straps, one at the wrists, one just below and another above the elbows, and the last one just below her shoulders. The straps all closed with locks, and all seemed to make the glove that much tighter.

As she gasped and struggled, he turned back to the large suitcase that was sitting on the floor. When he turned back she groaned, he was holding a rubber corset, it looked far too narrow she thought, and it certainly felt too narrow as he put it on her. She gasped through her nose is it got tight, unbearably tight. Her breasts are left exposed above the corset, something that is quickly remedied by him, the bra looks at least one size to small. It is made of latex and is soooo tight. It has holes and her nipples swell through them aching and burning from her breasts being forced into such a tight bondage bra. He steps around in front of her. "Enjoying yourself?" he asks with a smirk.

His right hand cupped the back of her head, while his left trailed slowly over her body, pinching and stroking her nipples, his right hand twined into her curly brown hair. She moaned and shook, he forced her to look into his eyes, as his hand reached her panties her eyes began to roll back. A firm tug of her hair and a quiet, menacing whisper, "Look at me", brought her back to attention. Then she heard footsteps. A woman walked in, she was tall, and walking on incredibly high heels. She was dressed in a full rubber catsuit, black. It went well with her long black hair. At that moment Ella came, hard. Grinding against his hand squealing into her gag. Shame flashed through her and she blushed from her hair to her chest, now this woman had stood there and looked her in the eye as she had been made, no I guess allowed would be a better term for it, to come.

She was unsteady, but his arm helped her regain her balance quickly enough. "What is taking so long?" the woman asked.

"She decided not to go easy, so things got a bit more complicated. Is her shipping case ready downstairs?"

"Ready and waiting. And you owe me twenty bucks, I told you she would chicken out."

"I know, I know. I am certain she wants it though, she just wants it to be 'forceful'. Still a bet is a bet, and I am gonna have to make her pay for it." he replied motioning towards Ella with his thumb.

"I'll be down with her in a couple of minutes. Go get the car ready, and bring me the bag, I forgot it in the back."

He turned back to her and Ella moaned, this was it all right. And it looked as though she was already in trouble. He reached down and unstrapped her ankles, and proceeded to roll latex stockings up her legs. They were tight, what wasn't she thought ruefully, and came almost to her crotch. After putting those on he pulled her panties down. She moaned, now she felt more exposed then ever, she wasn't sure what he would do next, but she was pretty sure she knew where he would do it.

He stood in front of her rubbing something onto a fairly large butt plug. She groaned and tried to get away as it slid into her, it felt so good, and yet so nasty. He stood in front of her and showed her an odd looking vibrator. It was actually smaller than the plug in her ass was, and had a flared out base. It also had odd small ridges everywhere, she was intrigued.

"The base will cover your labia and clit, and vibrate them quite nicely," he explained as she shuddered at the thought, "that would make you come nice and hard quite a few times I think, BUT these little ridges are pressure sensors. Allow me to demonstrate." He pressed a switch at the base, it began to vibrate wildly, when he gently squeezed the ridges it stopped. She looked at him pleadingly, she immediately understood the significance of it.

"That's right, you cannot come without contracting your muscles, and when they contract hard enough it shuts off for about 2 minutes. Just long enough for you to calm down somewhat. Then it starts again."

Ella struggled as he slid it into her, babbling behind her gag. "Please no, don't do this to me. This is more than I bargained for, stop, please." Of course it came out only as muffled mumbling, not that he would have stopped anyway. It was in no escaping it now. He pulled her panties back on her and then ran a crotch strap from the back of her corset to the front and secured it tightly.

He lifted her right foot and laced it into a ballet boot, it was quickly followed by one on her other foot. The boots came to mid thigh and made walking difficult to say the least. He secured to hobbling straps to her thighs, closely joined together it was now impossible to walk at more than a crawling pace. As if she could have run in the boots anyway, she thought.

He picked up one last item from the case, a pair of nipple clips. He clipped her and secured the chain between them to a short lead. "Make sure you keep up," he warned. He led her down the hall, as fast as she could go. When they reached the stairs, he simply wrapped an arm around here and carried her down. At the bottom of the stairs awaited the woman. She had laid out a confinement bag, and it looked way too small for Ella to fit in. Next to it was the "shipping crate", it was shaped similar to a coffin, it was open and Ella could see inside there where fastening points and an air hose.

She turned her head as her gag was removed. She worked her jaw for a few seconds before a new, larger plug was thrust in, it was part of the hood now being placed over her head. She found she could breathe easily through the gag, indeed she soon had to as the hood had no other holes in it. It cut off all sight, and the built in ear plugs were backed with thick latex pads and cut out all sounds. Ella was lowered to the floor, and her legs were placed in a tight hobble skirt, which was tightened until she couldn't budge her legs an inch. Finally the bag, it was indeed very small for her, but her captors were very patient and strong enough to stretch the rubber a long way. The breath tube on her gag was the only thing that extended from the bag.

"Damn," he said, "I forgot to take off the clips. Those will drive her nuts with the bag rubbing them up and down." he smiled, "I love it when I do that."

"I remember," the woman replied, she reached down and rubbed one of her nipples at the memory. They secured the zipper of the bag, and then the multiple locking straps up and down its length. He lifted her into the box, and then quickly secured her in place and connected the air hose.
"Well that's that, let get her home." the woman said.

"I almost forgot the vibrators." he said, he reached into his pocket and removed a small remote and pressed to buttons on it. They heard as the closed the lid an almost inaudible wail of frustration as vibrators stopped Ella just short of an orgasm.

"Damn, I think she is in for a loooong ride."

Ella's Vacation Part Two - Arrival

Ella laid in the confines of her shipping crate, she was wearing a hobble skirt, single glove, tight corset, crotch high stockings, toe boots, bondage bra, and a discipline hood. All made out of rubber, and all locked on. In addition to these items she was enclosed in a far too small confinement bag, secured shut with seven locking straps. As if the torment of the bondage items, clothes and isolation of the hood and bag were not enough she was also wearing a set of nipples clips and a pair of vibrating plugs. The one in her cunt was special, it had a flared base that also stimulated her labia and clit, it also had sensors and when it was squeezed to tightly it would shut off for a couple of minutes.

Ella was trying desperately not to tense up as her orgasm began building again, she strained and tried to arch her back, but the bondage was too complete. She could see nothing, and hear nothing. All she could feel was the intense pressure and confinement of her latex prison along with the bite of the clips, and the frustration of the plugs. She was so close, but at the last second she had to tense and a split second before she came it shut off. Moans of passion and desperation became cries of frustration and denied ecstasy. Ella sobbed, she had gone through this cycle at least a dozen times, time had lost all meaning to her, all that existed was the confinement, the stimulation, and her unending sexual torment. She felt it would never end, and the worst part was that every time she got so close she hoped that she could make it, only to be denied again and again.

The ride seemed to go one forever, up front they listened to her muffled cries, and the creak of her restraints as she fought against them, they had a small microphone mounted in the box so they could hear on the intercom up front.

"She certainly seems to be enjoying herself," the woman observed, "very vocal."

"So were you last time," he replied with a grin.

She got a wistful smile on her face, "That was your fault, you were being very cruel."

"If you think that was bad wait till you see what I am going to do to her. I have a feeling she is going to love it."

They drove on into the night, they drove for almost three hours. Ella could barely remember her own name when they arrived, all she could think of was her desperate need to come. Even after 3 hours her terrible need drove her to fight and struggle in her bondage, all it did was make things worse. Her struggles made her feel her helplessness to the core, the straining made the feel of the rubber that much more intense and personal.

Her crate was removed and carried inside the large house. Anyone would have noticed that the house was located many miles from anything, a more astute observer would have noted the high privacy wall surrounding the large estate and the thick wooden gate almost as high as the 15 foot wall, and the fact that there weren't even any roads near by . Of course Ella was not in a position to notice any of this, but she did know by the rough ride over the last while that they were well off the beaten path.

Once inside, her bag was removed from the crate and stood upright. She leaned against the large form of her male captor and moaned loudly. She pleaded for mercy wordlessly, and as the vibrator cut her short again her pleas took on a decidely more panicked note. With a smile he took out the remote and touched another button. This one shut off the pressure sensor, and then he began rubbing his hands all over her helpless rubber encased form. Ella began to come over and over again. She could feel his rough caress through the rubber, making her come even harder. He cut off her air tube for a breathless few seconds, and she came again. Ella saw stars in her dark world. And then she saw nothing.

He caught her limp body in his arms and lifted her onto a nearby table and quickly stripped her naked. She was sleeping soundly, having passed out from the power of her orgasm after being teased for so long.

"Why don't you go see to our other guests, I will take her to her room."

The woman nodded her head and went off, he picked Ella up and carried her upstairs.

When Ella awoke she was sitting down. She took a sharp breath through her nose and took stock of her situation. She couldn't move, she wiggled experimentally and mentally reproduced how she had been secured. The chair was rigid, probably metal, and padded, most likely rubber she thought with a slight smile. She was strapped down at her wrists, above and below her elbows, and again just below her shoulders. Her arms were completely secured to the arms of the chair. She was now dressed in a thin catsuit that was beyond skintight, she could feel on open patch over her nipples, just big enough for the tips to jut out, hard as rocks. The catsuit had a built in corset and bra, both overly tight. There was a strap running around a posture collar holding her head up, and she was hooded. Another large strap was cinched down over her waist. She wiggled her leg to see how well it was tied down, she felt straps at the ankle, above and below the knee, and at the upper thigh, all tight. The plugs and clips were gone, the only movement she could accomplish was a the little head movement allowed by the collar, and to wiggle her fingers.

She relaxed, things weren't too bad at least for the time being. She thought back on her earlier situation and began to day dream about things her new Master and Mistresses were going to do to her. He was handsome, and so strong, and the Mistress she had seen was sooo sexy, and kind of mean looking. Ella tried to stop thinking about it, and she also tried to ignore the seductive situation she found herself in now. She was so helpless, and the only things she could smell or feel was the tight rubber all around her. 

As she relaxed she realized this was a different hood, she could hear much better in this one. As she strained to get some information from her ears she heard a muffled groaning and squealing accompanied by a buzzing sound. Ella began to get worried, was she next? Was this some twisted preview of what they were going to do to her? She flinched as her blindfold was removed, across the room was a sight that took her breath away. Her Master was standing next to her, as he had just removed her blindfold, and across the room a different Mistress was punishing a slave, and oh what a terrible punishment it was.

The slave was a petite redhead, Ella could tell the color of her hair by the long ponytail that was hanging out of the back of her hood. She was suspended upside down, her arms bound together above her head, and her legs fastened wide apart. The tortured moans Ella had heard were coming from her. She had a wonderful tight little body, small very firm breasts stood proudly from her chest, the hard pointed nipples were encased in clips that were attached to small weights. She was barely five feet tall if that. Her legs were encased in high rubber stocking and thigh ballet boots, they were shackled to chains that held them wide apart to a circular frame. She wore a crushing corset around her waist. Her arms and head were covered in some kind of weird combination binder and hood, so the nothing of her was visible from just above her breast on up.

She flinched and squirmed and the Mistress tormented her. An ice cube in one hand, and a small spiked pinwheel in the other. She was using the pinwheel lightly, and it left no marks, but the redhead flinched where ever it touched her. It must have been hell. Her attention was quickly drawn back as he drew a feather teasingly across her burning nipples. She looked up at him and saw he held a feather in one hand and a vibrating massager in the other.

"That is Sabrina, she was very naughty, she tried to escape. I caught her well before she even got to the wall. As punishment we extended her 'vacation' by two weeks, and began punishing her. I think she did it on purpose myself. We did this to her all day yesterday, and then she spent the night in an enclosure box. Now we do it all over again today. That ring can rotate, we change her orientation every so often. Makes the clips pinch differently, and makes her disoriented. She also has been well coated with this," he held up a jar filled with some sort of salve, "allow me to demonstrate."

He reached down and unzipped the crotch of her catsuit. Then he coated his hand with the ointment. As he rubbed it in Ella moaned and squirmed if felt great, she was getting very horny again. It was thoroughly rubbed everywhere from front to back, inside and out. When he stopped she was panting and trying to come. As he zipped up the catsuit it started to get warm, and then hot. As Ella struggled it began to tickle.

"This stuff takes about two hours to wear off on its own, we have kept Sabrina 'coated' for two days. We haven't let her come, though she admits to having orgasms last night in her box."

It didn't hurt, but god did it make her ache. She needed to come like never before, and this was going to last two hours? She couldn't imagine the hell Sabrina was experiencing right now. As she looked at her the Mistress drew out another long tortured cry. Sabrina must have really been loud for her to hear it so clearly through the hood and gag. Under that hood Sabrina was in a state of deepest submission. She would do ANYTHING, if only they would stop the torture. But this of course was what she had wanted when she tried to escape. He had warned her, and she had dared them to do the worst they could. She thought she was probably in love with him, he was everything she wanted. As she screamed into her gag desperately she thought, maybe he was even more.

"This is your roomy Ella, and you will undergo similar treatment if you disobey or try to escape. I think to start you off though a few hours of isolation and humiliation will do." She was quickly untied, and led out of them room. She was led into another room down the hall. Inside was a camera, a computer, and a bondage frame. He stripped her naked and made her stand in front of the camera, legs spread wide, and her arms behind her head. She was forced to recite her name and how she had come to be here. Then he made her get dressed in front of the camera, long rubber stockings, a corset, opera length gloves, and a chastity belt with front and rear plugs with wires leading away from them.

He placed her on the frame and strapped her tightly in place, it was a St. Andrews Cross. And X shaped frame with three straps for each arm and leg that all locked shut. Another strap was drawn across her corseted waist, and then he drew a strap across her chest that had two breast cups. He fitted them on her, they were predictably too small to fit her breasts inside, but that didn't stop him from trying. They cups felt odd inside but it was nothing Ella could place, the cups also, ominously had wires leading away from them. He stepped to the computer and hit a switch, and instantly the vibrators roared to life, the cups also vibrated and shifted and felt like a thousand rubber fingers playing with her tits. Almost instantly she came. He shut the system down.

"Look at the camera." he ordered, "And tell them how much you liked that."

Blushing deeply she looked into the lens and said, "Yes Master, I loved it, please do it again." She burned, she wondered how many people would see this, would he sell copies of the tape? The thought of hundreds of people watching her enslavement turned her on to no end. He placed something on her throat, and then stepped back and produced a large rubber sheet and vacuum pump from the closet.

"This computer is a more precise version of the vibrator you have already met. it won't ever stop completely but it knows when to slow down. That thing on your throat is a microphone, it will pick up all your little moans and cries. I find that the sound really makes the video come alive. I am going to use this sheet to seal you to the cross then I will start the computer. I would love to stay and watch but I have to attend to Sabrina. I have a six hour tape in here, the computer is set to make you come every 90 minutes or so, but the last 30 minutes it is set to bring you off as many time as possible. Oh, and those plugs and that bra will also be secreting that wonderful little cream that is burning away in your belly."

"God no, please. I'm sorry I resisted, I was afraid." Ella begged, she wasn't sure if she would be greatly relieved if he relented or disappointed.

"This isn't punishment Ella, this is just part of your stay here. Don't worry though, I will get around to punishing you for resisting."

He quickly hooded her, and then placed the sheet over the cross. It was specially designed and fitted over the cross and Ella tightly. After sealing it in place he turned on the pump, and instantly Ella felt as though she was part of the cross. Some bizarre statue made of latex and suffering. Ella squealed into her gag as the computer came to life.

Her Master smiled as he walked from the room to see about the other wayward slave.


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