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Just Rewards

by Coated

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© Copyright 2013 - Coated - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; latex; catsuit; sealed; transform; succubi; wings; hooves; reluct/cons; X

Angela awoke with a start. "Where am I? What is this place?" she asked herself with alarm. Panic was mixing with confusion as she tried to recall her most recent actions, but all was a muddle. She dimly recalled driving along the coast towards her cottage up north, but nothing afterwards. What had become of her? 

The room was dark gray; the walls, floors, everything appeared to be made of polished granite. She was lying on a slab of the same material in the center of the room. There was a dim illumination, but she could not make out the source. Her body was covered from the waist down with a dark sheet. 

As she sat up, Angela made another unexpected observation - she was naked. "Where the heck are my clothes!?" she fumed, losing some of her fear. She didn't appear injured, and there had been no rain that day to soak her, so it looked like someone was having a cheap thrill on her nickel. Irritated at all this, she crumpled the sheet in her clenched hand. That's when she noticed something odd about it. The sheet was made of rubber.

Curiosity was starting to take over. Who had brought her here? And how did they know? For years, Angela had been a closet latex fetishist. Ever since her college boyfriend had bought her a rubber skirt as a birthday present the stretchy material had taken hold of her senses and never let go.

What began as a fashion statement slowly grew over the years, to the point that now, in her early 30s, Angela had amassed a sizable collection of outfits and toys that threatened to overflow the wardrobe in her bedroom. But she only wore them to private parties, or in her own house, and only a very few people knew her secret. So how had she ended up here, naked in a strange room except for a rubber sheet?

The air was a bit cool, so she wrapped the sheet around her like a shawl as she stood up next to the stone cube. No sooner had she done so than the granite bed disappeared into the floor without a sound. Angela stood at the center of the empty room, wondering what lay in store for her. She shivered more from worry than from the chill.

Something was lowered from the darkness above her. She gave out a shriek - it was a headless body! Or, was it? Looking closer, she could see that it was too flat to be a person, too flat and too shiny. Her eyes widened in surprise - it was a latex catsuit! Seeming hanging in the air without support, the outfit had attached gloves and feet, and seemed to be made from a single piece of latex. There were no seams or blemishes anywhere. It also appeared to be her size.

Angela touched one of its legs, and immediately it fell into her hands, free of whatever force had held it up. She turned it around to look at the back. There was a slit where the zipper should be, travelling from the neck to halfway down the back, but no zipper. She frowned; whoever made this went to a lot of trouble, so why leave out such an essential part? Then she shivered a bit more in the chill air and thought, "To heck with it, I need to get dressed."

She dropped the sheet and fed one leg, then the other into the opening of the suit. "Whoever was doing all this", she thought, "at least they were kind enough to lube the inside for me." Her limbs slid in with ease. Soon she had worked it over her waist and was sliding her arms into the sleeves. Practiced hands worked the shoulders in place, then clenched and opened their fingers to work the gloves on properly.

"Wow, a perfect fit", she said aloud with admiration. Now she knew, the person behind this little scenario was close to her, someone who knew her very well. An old boyfriend, perhaps? How else could they have a suit made to fit so well?

"Glad you like it", said a voice behind her.

Angela spun around in shocked surprise to face a smiling stranger, a woman she had never met before but who seemed vaguely familiar. She was young, but her shoulder-length hair was a brilliant white. The gown she wore was like something Angela used to see in the pictures at church, and was also bright white, so much that it seemed to be glowing.

"Here, let me help you with that", said the young woman, as she waved her hand towards Angela.

The suit seemed to come to life as it grew tighter and tighter. The slit in the back closed up without a blemish as the latex adhered to and filled every portion of her body's exterior. In moments, the suit changed from a rubber garment to a second skin; Angela looked naked, as if she had been painted from the neck down to her feet in black liquid latex. 

She looked up at the stranger, who was still smiling pleasantly at her. "I... I...What's happening to me? Who are you? Why am I here!?"

"Well, these days people call me Samantha, or just Sam. And you, dear Angela, are here to prepare for your just rewards. Don't you remember?" With that, Sam waved her hand again, and Angela remembered. Driving up the coast road. The big truck coming towards her in the other lane. The blown tire. The rig swerving into her lane. Then a moment of pain and noise; then, nothing. 

Angela sat down hard on the cold stone floor. A long moment passed in silence before she barely managed a whisper, "I'm dead?"

"Yes, Angela, you've crossed over. Welcome to the Afterlife."

"So, you're an angel?"

Samantha's smile became a bit sheepish. "Well, yes and no. Let's just say I'm on probation for the moment."

"This isn't exactly what I had expected. You know." Angela said, motioning about her to the empty room.

"Oh, this", said Sam with a shrug. "This is just a way station, a place to prepare you for your place in the Hereafter."

"And this?" she asked, motioning towards her new latex skin.

"All part of the process. In fact, we've only just begun. Time to make a few more changes." Sam then walked up to Angela and deftly reached behind her. When she held up her closed hand, there was a huge mass of dark red hair hanging from it. Angela looked at it for a moment, puzzled, then raised her own hands to her scalp as her eyes almost bugged out of her head. Her hair was gone! Samantha had taken her hair without so much as a twinge of pain, and left her completely bald. She was too flustered for words, just staring at the angel in silence.

"Trust me, I had to do it. It would only get in the way", the angel said as she twirled the hair about a few times before tossing it into the shadows. "Now, come over here and let's take the next step."

Sam took Angela by the hand and lead her over to a place where a stone high-backed chair had risen out of the floor, facing one of the walls. She motioned for her to sit. With a bit of hesitation, Angela sat down. Two sets of holes appeared in the wall, one level with her knees, the other her hands. The chair started moving towards the wall.

"Lift your feet, Angela, and put them in the bottom pair of holes. Let them slide in. Then lean forward and put your hands in the other holes. Now!" Samantha's voice had taken a bit of an edge to it, her gaze piercing. Angela meekly complied, her submissive streak getting the best of her.

The chair continued moving until it made contact with the wall. Angela's legs were in their holes up to her knees, her hands almost to the elbow. She could feel places at the ends for her fingers.

But no sooner did the chair come to rest than the ends of the holes tightened around her limbs, trapping her. Her legs and arms inside went afire with a feeling like thousands of pins and needles were being inserted. It seemed to last forever, and she screamed out for mercy. 

The pain finally abated; the holes opened up and the chair moved away from the wall. Angela sat back in exhaustion, her legs dangling, arms dropped to her sides. After catching her breath, she sat up and looked at her hands.

The fingers were longer, slender, and slightly curved, the nails sharp and curved like claws. They didn't quite look like hands anymore. They almost looked like the talons of some bird. 

But it was her feet that made her sit up and shriek. They had been replaced, by hooves.

Angela looked up at Samantha in horror. The guide was looking down at her with a cruel smile. "Like them? I designed them myself."

Angela was getting a better idea where she was.

"Oh, no. No, I can't be here. This can't be happening. Noooo!" Her last words turning into a pitiful wail as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Samantha came closer and held her hands gently. "Don't be so sad, Angela. There's a lot more in store for you. The best is yet to come!" she said, laughing as she gripped Angela's wrists and pulled her out of the chair. 

Angela stood unsteadily on her hooves, shaking uncontrollably. Panic was rapidly setting in. What had she possibly done to deserve this? Her life hadn't been perfect, but she had never broken the law or hurt anyone. She looked down at the changes made to her now rubberized body. This couldn't be punishment for liking latex, could it? That's insane! Since when did wearing unusual clothing become an unpardonable act?

Her thoughts were cut short when something swooped down from the ceiling and landed on her back. The force of the impact knocked her to her hands and knees as the unknown assailant gripped her with a fierce tightness. Her shoulder blades erupted in a searing pain that made her screech out in a voice she had never used before. 

The pain subsided, but the weight remained. Angela forced herself upon her knees and looked at her reflection in the polished wall. From her back now grew an immense set of reptilian wings made of black rubber, easily ten feet across. Her body had been transformed into that of a demon, a latex-coated succubus.

"Nice touch, don't you think?" Samantha walked into her view. "They really work. In time, you'll be able to fly with them. But you can play with them later. Right now, I have to add the finishing touches to your new look."

"Finishing touches?" thought Angela. "What more could she possibly do to me? I mean, she's changed every part of my body. Everything but... oh, no."

Angela looked up to see a gleefully grinning Samantha pull something out of the sleeve of her robe. It was an open-faced latex hood. With horns.

It took a split second for Samantha to lean forward and thrust the hood over Angela's head.

Instantly it tightened, molding itself to her skin, leaving no trace where it met the neckline of the suit. Angela watched her reflection as her ears reappeared, then became longer and pointed. The scalp under the horns burned as they became one with her skull, then lengthened and curved almost a foot in length.

Only her face remained unchanged. "Just one more step to go, and you'll be ready. Here, have a look at your new face." From the other sleeve of her robe Samantha produced a mask of black latex. The face was beautiful, angular and cruel, with sharp features and a cold expression. It was the face of a demon.

Samantha knelt down in front of Angela and wiped her tears from her cheeks. She then leaned forward and kissed her, long and deep. When she drew back, she smiled gently at her charge and looked into her eyes. "Any last words?"

All Angela could say was, "Why?"

Samantha grinned. "Easy. Because you're perfect for the job." And with that, she raised the mask.

It almost seemed to leap forward as if magnetized, and sealed itself completely to Angela's face. Her cries were muffled by the covering, and stopped completely as a part of it forced its way into her mouth and sealed it off. She thrashed about and raised her clawed hands to her face in a vain attempt to rip it off, but it was already too late. It melded to her as the other items had done. It was her face now. 

She lowered her hands and once again looked at herself in the polished stone. Only, she couldn't see herself there. Staring back at her was a creature of nightmare, a figure of polished ebony with the body of a beautiful woman, the hooves and claws of a beast, and demonic wings. She looked into her own despairing eyes, all she could recognize of her old self, but as she watched they began to glow a fiery red.

How long she knelt there, staring at the wall, she couldn't say. Eventually, Samantha came over and, taking her hand, helped her to stand up. Her expression was serene, her smile of compassion and pride.

"There, you're finished. That wasn't so bad now, was it? And look at you. You're beautiful! Why, you might be my best one yet! Come on, its time to meet the others."

An opening appeared in the wall, and Samantha walked towards it, beckoning for Angela to follow. Of all that had happened to her, this was the moment that Angela dreaded most; for once she stepped through that portal, she would meet her final judgement. With unsteady legs, she forced herself to walk towards it, then through and into... a beautiful summer day. 

They stood on a ledge halfway up a rocky hill, overlooking a grassy field that seemed to go on for miles. Here and there she could see patches of trees in small groves, undulating in a slight breeze. Birds and small animals made their way here and there.

The newborn succubus turned to see a genuinely happy Samantha looking at her. The angel finally broke the silence.

"Welcome to Heaven."

Angela stood stock still, completely in shock. She hadn't expected this!

The angel looked out over the fields. "Surprised? Come on, Angela, you never did so much as steal a pen from the post office. Why shouldn't you be here? As for your new look. well, remember I said I was on probation? One of the tasks given to me was to create some new aspects of Heaven, to reflect the changes on Earth. Seems that we were getting some new arrivals that had some rather... unusual ideas about what constituted a pleasant time in Eternity. Lately, its fetishists, rubberists mostly. So I decided to create a place for them here, a little corner of Heaven just for them." 

"And that's where you come in, Angela. I needed a few supervisors for the more extreme arrivals, overseers who could discipline them in the ways that made them happy. I have a few already in place, but when you arrived I knew I had hit pay dirt. Your passion for rubber and bondage made you perfect for the job." 

"That's the place over there. Look", she said, pointing to a castle-like mansion atop a hill on the other side of the field. Angela looked closely, and could see several shapes hovering above the building. Others like her, latex succubi. They seemed to be waiting for her arrival. 

Samantha came up behind Angela and wrapped her arms around her, kneading her rubberized breasts and pinching the nipples until they stood erect. Angela's knees buckled, but she was held aloft by the angel's grasp as she moaned softly through her mask. She listened as the angel whispered in her ear.

"Of course, I am in charge at all times, so you'll do as I tell you. Disobey me, and you'll spend a little time in the bonds of discipline yourself. Be a good girl, do as I tell you exactly and without fail, and you might spend a lot more time in there. How does that sound to you, my demon, my slave? 

Angela could only moan more loudly and nod her head with vigor. Samantha laughed lightly and kissed her ear, dancing her tongue inside a second. "I'll bet you're curious, my pet, how I got put on probation in the first place." Angela nodded again. "Well, I had this assignment first. In fact, it's the cause of my probation. Seemed I got too wrapped up in my work." 

With that, Samantha produced a pair of iron cuffs attached to a chain. Angela held out her arms as her new owner clasped them to her wrists and lead her to her just reward.


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